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tv   The Big Sunday Show  FOX News  October 2, 2022 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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them. >> all of them. i will take that. the festival runs through next sunday. a lot of hot air that warms your heart. >> that really is beautiful. look at that. you can go up in one of the balloons if you want. just amazing. best of luck. >> i love it. it makes me happy. bye-bye. ♪ >> hello, everyone. i am a nida vogel. welcome, everyone to the big sunday show. here is what is on tap tonight. >> as russia gets pushed back, could putin make good on his nuclear threats. >> lisa. >> another broken promise by the biden administration. how they quietly change their student loan forgiveness rules.
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that is not all they are walking back. >> jimmy pima crime is surging. the gop knows it. why can't democrats admit it? the excuse to ignore the crisis. >> hey. first. a fox news alert. cleanup continues after hurricane ian left historic damage. phil is in florida with the latest. how is it going there? >> well, it is utter destruction the cleanup efforts is weeks in the making. so much debris not only here in lee county which is probably the worst of the impact. charlotte county to the north and some down in collier, naples
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to the south. the dreams of sailing now over, headed to a junk keep. it is destroyed. all of those tall pulley cranes, well, those are shrimp boats. take a look at our drone flying above it. that and the area around it, you can see it it is an absolute disaster. every single trailer pushed in, diagnosed, smashed into each other. across the water is fort myers beach. 90% of all buildings, homes, vacation homes and businesses are destroyed. a lot of it just wiped flat. it will be a really tough recovery effort. the storm surge 12-15 feet. it really impacted not only here, but up and down the coast. search and rescue efforts do continue today.
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today is day four. looking for survivors in finding the unfortunate ones dad who refused to evacuate, despite the mandatory order and the warnings stay put on the barrier islands and that storm surge killed them. most of the victims were drowning. coming back with to the trailer park, all of these trailers just trashed and destroyed. we have george from connecticut that owns this one and seven others. he said they are all destroyed, all ruined and, of course, all of them were flooded with the storm surge. everything inside is simply not salvageable anymore. >> phil keating on the ground there. thank you for that birdseye look. one thing to see this destruction on tv, another thing to see it in person. thank you for giving us a look at that in that report. forty-four
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florida from this storm, as you heard phil say. you can donate by going to volunteer donate, people definitely need help at this time. i want to turn the topic now, some allies of vladimir putin are pushing russia to escalate its war in ukraine. a leader is urging moscow to use low-grade, low yield nuclear weapons as a russia army continues to retreat. congress has voiced its growing concerns about putin's threats. listen. >> i'm not in the risk of him detonating a nuclear devices zero, i think the risk is higher today than it was a month ago. >> i think we should believe our adversaries. putin has been saying this almost this entire year. very little response from this administration. president biden has said don't, don't, don't, as if that's
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enough to deter russia. catastrophic consequences without any details. anita: scary stuff. another voice in this conversation now. pope francis has pleaded with putin to end the violence in ukraine. let's take it up with the panel. this is interesting. pope francis told the usual crowd gathered there that he was abandoning his theme for the day to talk about this conflict. he urged for an immediate cease fire and then he said this. he made a direct appeal to foreign leaders. my appeal is directed above all to the president of the russian federation employing him to stop. also for the love of his people, the spiral of violence and death, on the other side, pained by the immense suffering of the ukrainian people following the aggression under god, i direct a similarly trusting appeal to the president of ukraine to be open
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to serious proposals of peace. pope francis definitely wading into politics here. speaking directly to these foreign leaders. a little bit unusual. raymond, i want to ask you. putin has set in the past he was a religious man. he says he believes in god. will he hear this message from the pope. will it have any influence on him at all? >> it is rather doubtful. it is the right message. so many of the ukrainian churches attach to that church have separated from the russian orthodox because as a pope says, the russian patriarch has become the altar boy of putin. i doubt if putin is listening to him. here is the deeper consideration. the pope should have not abandoned the more weight of his office. he should have done what he did back in march.
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pray for healing there. you cannot speak out of both sides of your miter on this one. you cannot condemn putin and at the same time remain silent of their number one supporter which is china. persecuting cardinal zen which is a freedom fighter and a zealot for religious freedom in china. now facing trial and will probably die in jail. the pope says nothing about the spiral of violence and danger in china. he needs to be consistent and be the global moral leader that the world needs right now. anita: but now there is talk of nuclear weapons. perhaps that is why he waited. president biden has said that he would go and preserve nato. let's take a listen to what president biden has said about defending nato. >> america is fully prepared with our nato allies to defend
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every single inch of nato territory. every single inch. mr. putin, don't misunderstand what i am saying. every inch. anita: okay. now there are calls for putin to use low yield nuclear weapons. jimmy, you have a good understanding of the american people. do you think that they understand that the threat is real? >> i want a war, but not this kind of war. let's back off the throttle a little bit. i don't think biden cares what is said at this point. biden gets walked back so often. you don't really get the perception that he is in charge. walked back saying a minor incursion would be one thing but a full-scale invasion would be another. he told us the sanctions were so powerful we would not see an invasion. when they happened he just
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started yelling about maga because he had no idea what to say. putin is listening to biden talk, yeah, that's great, kid, is your mom home, can you put her on the phone? the bottom line for all the sanctions and tough talk, putin is loaded right now. crushing the dollar. i think if we will frame this as we have domestically, the root of all economic evil, we should do more to end this conflict and tough talking to putin and sending moreover to zelensky. >> if the threat of nuclear war was not bad enough, a threat of the baltic sea exploding the pipeline, a lot of people wondering who did it. former national security advisor katie mcfarland on that. >> it is pretty simple. they had a bunch of reasons to do it. it was going down after its
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initial spike. by doing this, they shop the price of oil backup. what does that do? it makes russia rich again. it shows them that we can blow up these gas pipelines. what is next? fiber-optic cables. we can shutdown europeans communication system. you may not want to support ukraine. >> that is scary. i want you to react to that. she says it is russia, what do you say to that? >> why would they sabotage when they already control the flow of the supply. we already saw them haul exports they did the same thing via another pipeline to poland and bulgaria. why would they do that? biden on camera previously saying that if russia was to invade ukraine that they wouldn't. we also have secretary lincoln taking a victory lap more or
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less saying this is a tremendous way to reduce the pendant on russia. i think it is a problem with where we are today. i don't trust putin a war our administration. i don't trust biden. i don't trust the intel people that lie to us about russian collusion. this information on biden's laptop which was not. lying to us about russian collusion as well as russian bounties, this, that in the other. i don't understand why we would want to inch towards war. biden saying we will defend our nato allies. why do we want more? if you are not willing to send your son or daughter to fight a war with russia, why should someone else's -- why should someone else have to send their own kids? we have a country where the bidens have profited off a business there with her reason holdings. we have tens of millions of
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dollars flowing there with no accountability. none of it make sense to me. and a lot of questions, not a lot of answers, and my opinion. >> who to trust. coming up. crime is surging nationwide. gop voters are putting it front and center during the midterm spirit you may not believe how the radical left is trying to dodge the crisis. you've got to hear this coming up next. this is going to be great. taking the shawl off.
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♪ welcome back to the big sunday show. in philadelphia, district attorney claims its red states out of control. >> the reality is when you look at the jurisdictions, a devastating blow from the pandemic and there is absolutely no correlation between being progressive and traditional and the rate of crime. these states in the united states that have a rate of homicide that is 40% higher, our mega states. they are trumpet states. voting overwhelmingly because they want what they are doing.
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>> i think everyone is throwing the challenge flag. the issues most important to voters. approving laser focus on crime as our midterm message. larry krasner -- >> i have my shoulder pads. >> i may look like a linebacker. i'm not sure how this reads on tv. >> passing so well. is he auditioning for role in the white house. trying to pivot to trump when crime is soaring in his city. >> yeah, we know why he is doing this and who controls the cities who was in control of new york city and all of these when we see crime rise exponentially. it is these liberal d8 like he was just talking. they don't want to do it because
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we have a midterm election coming up. it has become a big issue. even looking at the state of pennsylvania, a massive issue. embracing radical ideas like releasing one third of prisoners. i think he wanted to release, i think people second-degree murder, you know, a variety of these things. hiring two convicted murderers for his campaign that were pardoned and now working for him i do think regarding the midterms more broadly, a lot of these are not capturing what is going on. talking about submerged voters and these voters that don't want to identify themselves to pollsters after biden labeled them enemies of the state. i think that the elections will go in the direction of republicans and what we are seeing in some of these polls that are probably garbage. >> very well said. you grew up in a blue city. larry krasner says voters want
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what he is giving the people of philadelphia. you were a kid and you played a game called cops and robbers. where the robbers the good guys. >> in new orleans -- lisa hit it. these cities, i mean, in my city, the majority black town, there is a recall movement and it was started by two african-americans. why? crime and her ridiculous spending and travel abroad. the crisis is in every city. cops whose hands are held, they cannot police properly. we have one in new york. one in new orleans. their marching orders are release the prisoners. left them timeout so they don't face a trial. recidivists criminals on the streets and they are never collected again and the police
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are afraid to do their jobs. this has to stop. one quick critique here. this is important. the republicans should have been far more open throated in their defense of the cities and the people saying i don't want to hear that. we will get das who are tough on crime and we will define deal, we will take the funds from your police departments unless you shape up and follow these rules. it is the only way this will change. the republicans are little too soft on this. the generic ballot, the democrats are getting closer and closer. that is a warning sign. >> here in new york we sat those famous walking tours. they are now called running tours because you are getting chased. i will have kevin mccarthy way in. >> i hear the frustration of the nation. where is the plan to change all
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of this? the commitment is exactly that? we commit to you. this is what will happen. from accountability to lowering inflation, to lowering your gas price to making your streets safe again. >> should raymond feel better now? >> absolutely not. go ahead. no coaching. [laughter] >> i'm not sure. >> get me out of here. [laughter] >> the commitment to america sounds great. we need more specifics. what are they doing to make the streets safer? i happen to live just outside of philadelphia now. i was looking forward to exploring the city. a great american city. i am very cautious because the crime is really bad. >> my family was going to vacation here this week about they decided to go somewhere
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safer like baghdad. it is a mess. >> that makes sense. coming up. a landmark ruling blaming social media for the tragic death of a teenager. forcing big tech to do more to protect our kids online. our discussion next. ♪
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welcome back to that big sunday show. a first of its kind ruling from a judge put social media directly at fault for the 2017 death of h teenager. ruling 14-year-old molly russells death was "an act of self-harm while suffering from depression and the negative effects of online content". the parent company of instagram at the center of the investigation released a statement apart "we are
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committed to ensuring that instagram is a positive experience for everyone, particularly teenagers, and we will carefully consider the corners. when he provides it. according to the london court, molly viewed content online that was "not safe". now, a lot of kids during the pandemic went online, found themselves online. here is the question. how dangerous is it to target them with this kind of content when they may be searching curiously for something else. >> i have so many mixed feelings and conflicting feelings on it. if i am searching something about my dog i get inundated with dog things. perhaps she was searching things and related to depression or self-harm and that is why she was getting inundated with things. i don't know. i don't know the details of
2:28 pm
this. i know suicide is the third leading death between 15 and 34 -year-olds. i know there been studies that link social depression. they have put big tech in the crosshairs. looking at things like section 230 treating them as publishers as well. i have conflicting feelings about this. the kid operating a chainsaw, you will provide that as well. i don't know, it is incredibly sad. i probably did not give any good answers. i have conflicting feelings about it. >> the corner in the case. >> my heart goes out to her parents. >> your heart breaks for this whole family. this is not a criminal proceeding, the wild west era of big tech is over. these kids and everyone, all of us, we are tossing cookies all
2:29 pm
over the web. they know who these kids are. do you believe these technology companies will control themselves? >> no. they come to washington once a year to get yelled at by congressman and then everyone goes out for $6500 luncheon they go home and nothing ever changes. my big frustration in this moment is with all the censorship we have seen from big tech, you cannot talk before the election about a laptop. you cannot say that the election was stolen. they can filter anything that they want. they have chosen to filter thanks from adults and the names of protecting may be a political ideology at election time. they are all willy-nilly firing out suicide videos to kids. social media is just really the root of all evil in our lives right now. you can follow me on twitter -- [laughter] >> it is horrible.
2:30 pm
i don't believe that they genuinely care. these are easier fixes and we are being told. >> they use their algorithms when they want. we know from studies, younger people are more susceptible to negative online messages than their elders. prince william sent this out, online safety and our children and young people need to be free what was it. anita, is it time for national guidelines or a code of practice for these tech companies? anita: you know what is most interesting, you know who is most strict -- >> jimmy and me. [laughter] anita: beside you guys, the owners and ceos of big tech. they limit their kids, what they are seeing and what they are doing. that is very interesting. as far as if it's time for code or guidelines, it's a bipartisan bill. marsha blackburn and richard blumenthal, i don't know.
2:31 pm
will it do anything? the genie is out of the bottle. maybe they can limit all kinds of things. maybe they can limit content that is unsafe for kids. i guess we will have to see. >> there needs to be some kind of guardrails for children. if we can stop people from posting that the vaccine is causing myocarditis in the key of the vaccine controversy, then we can certainly keep aggressive and horrible porn and destructive things like how to kill yourself away from kids. i'm sorry, they know who these kids are because of their searching appetites. >> i agree with that 100%. >> can you imagine how much information they get. you look at one thing and it is all you get. >> because they are tracking your habits, your behavior, your things, you are buying.
2:32 pm
this little girl was searching depression. they linked her -- sending her options. >> the biggest danger is it becomes the biggest bias machine. whatever your opinion happens to be at will link you to constant reinforcement. >> what if you are right? >> i hope that we have a bias for the innocence of our children. >> which we have to protect. who qualifies for the student loan forgiveness scheme. we noticed and we will tell you all about the flip-flop next.
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welcome back to the big sunday show. the white house review -- reverse. this comes as six states are suing the biden administration over its forgiveness program. joe biden is doubling down. >> we can afford to cancel $10,000 of student debt and 20,000 bucks if you had a pell grant. making under 125 grand. i don't want to hear word from those members of congress whose families got tens of thousands of dollars in several of millions of dollars in pandemic relief loan forgiveness. give me a break.
2:38 pm
come on. >> give me a break. come on. i think this is a mistake. ultimately you have more people mad that they wafted pay for other people getting terrible degrees that they will never be able to pay them off and the others receiving the benefits. >> it is a mistake. first of all, he does not have the executive authority to do this. just waving away this debt. the changing rules, that is an admission. these rules are contracting faster than army hammers dating pool. they are invoking something called the quiroz act. it was a 2003 act and it allows the secretary of education to waive a reform student aid programs.
2:39 pm
the federal government should be out of this entirely. i will not grind on the republicans today, but i will. they should be melting down these federal agencies. that is what they should be calling for. the education department is a classic example because this kind of mischief is what ensues when the president has so much dominion. some of that land has to contract for biden and so many others. anita: we need to get rid of so many agencies. how does it go over? >> just add them to the group of people that are mad. the ones that already paid their student loans back. a lot of very upset people. just back to the department of education for just a minute. the department of education is required under the law to collect the balance of these loans. the question is, does the
2:40 pm
president have the authority to override it. they say no in the biden administration says, yes, they do. >> pandemic over in its premised on the fact that there is a national emergency. jimmy, i say best one for you. there is another major reversal from emma kratz. a bill that would have limited how members of congress can trade the stock market. i wonder why. >> she is criticizing the failure to bring it up. >> you have to have the votes to bring it up. >> we don't go from one day to the next. i think that we should have legislation. >> her husband has been caught. the new york times also found that nearly 20% of members of congress reported trades and companies influenced by their committees. go on. we took a poll when we were passing a mass mashed potatoes.
2:41 pm
definitely does not want to see this thing from happening. every american thinks that this is a scam. making $170,000 a year. i don't know what is going on. how do we have 87,000 irs agents to look at my taxi driving receipts from 2012. they did not let them proxy vote 90,000 pages. you get up the night before. usually under a fake name. >> they are too busy vacationing in france and lying about -- all right. good discussion. stay with us. a major speedbump for the
2:42 pm
electric vehicle push. both california and new york want to ban all sales of gas powered cars by 2035. why one of the world's largest automaker says, yeah, not so fast. ♪
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beautiful shot of santa monica there. welcome back to the big sunday show. one of the world largest automakers just zapped the left push to transition to electric
2:47 pm
vehicles. california's rule two and sales of gas per vehicles by 2035, the president of toyota says "realistically speaking it seems rather difficult to really achieve them, but just like the fully autonomous cars that were all supposed to be driving by now, ev's are just going to take longer to become mainstream in the media would like us to believe". okay. we have the president of kyodo. the grandson of the founder of toyota. he may know a thing or two about cars, i think. he is saying i don't think we are ready to make this transition so quickly. he points to the impacts on the electrical grid. a lack of easy access to electricity. all kinds of issues there. now the governor of california, i am sorry, the governor of new york is following suit to the governor of california. when it comes to fighting climate change and supporting clean transportation we are
2:48 pm
putting the pedal to the metal. she wants to do the same thing. band gas powered cars. you were a taxidriver here in new york city. how does this work with taxis being electric? there is no place to even park in new york city. >> no, there is not. we were supposed to have flying cars i know according to the jetsons. there is no practical way to implement this. i wish our leaders would be honest about this. we have already seen green energy failed the state of california. we are not even fully removed. gavin newsom in a double fleece and they are icefishing over his shoulder. the idea that they are running in this direction always speaks to the fact that the democrats raise a lot of money off of green energy. is it sustainable? no.
2:49 pm
all of the green energy manufacturing. it is a scam. i don't begrudge anybody their electric vehicle. i consider it vegan is a on wheels. mike, nobody cares. i do not think there is any world where the taxi drivers would sign up for this. there is no way. you cannot do the mileage. most of these cars have a range of about 200 miles. in a taxi shift, if i'm off the road for an hour or two, understand, lunch driving in a taxi to turn a profit. you don't have those two hours nevermind you will probably get jumped at the pump. anita: okay. i've got it. making good points about the difficulties and lack of charging stations. in california we saw rules implemented. you cannot charge certain times of the day. >> right. they just shut down the charger.
2:50 pm
in florida, louisiana, we have to evacuate a hurricane, what do we do? do we bring extra batteries? put the kids in the trunk? >> you can out. the other thing, the price tag on these cars. $80,000 vehicles. most middle-class people cannot afford that. the very idea that we are breaking the middle class to do this in the name of protecting the environment, what charges the electrical grid? natural gas, coal, predominantly. i am sorry, that is a reality. you save nothing in this exchange. every time the federal government is mandating, infringing on your movement, infringing on your liberty. paired i think it is all on constitution, frankly. >> that brings up a good question for lisa. there are more questions, but, lisa, i have heard you talk so often.
2:51 pm
[laughter] >> just often. >> during the break she just talks. >> about the various reasons people move from state to state. is this another reason for people to move out of new york and california to other states where they don't have these rules imposing on their lives? >> it is certainly on the list. it does give them control. we will tell you when you can drive and when you can charge it. when you charge it, you have to have electricity, where does electricity come from? fossil fuels. it will lead to death and destruction. i interviewed a governor, talking about the polar vortex that hit so hard a while back. he said coal save the day. wind turbines were frozen. coal saved the day. they enacted these green policies. you have 70% inflation in august there. it leads to death and destruction. fossil fuels leads to a better
2:52 pm
life for all of us but i think that is their ultimate goal to bring devastation. it has to be. >> we actually do need elon musk to buy twitter and give us back free speech. they will revolt against electric cars and we can go back to gas. >> it makes sense, it is easy, tens of billions of dollars. >> who cares about the environment. look how cobalt and lithium is mind spirit look at the children in congo. >> it is such a scam. >> they are rapping me. stick around. the big four is coming up next.
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welcome back to the big sunday show. our pick for the stories everyone will be talking about this week. i will go first. a president turning 98 years old this week. no, it is not joe biden. jimmy carter. the longest living u.s. president in history. how about it. i do hope he partied like it was 1999 because inflation was a lot lower.
2:57 pm
he is back in charge. >> he feels back at home. >> yours is more important. >> you can see me live. i will be at the trail and expo center. tickets online. october 15 in ottumwa iowa. number five -- november 5 in las vegas. >> the picture with jimmy carter's wife in the bidens and they look like tiny little people. [laughter] okay. spending over 2500 -- [laughter] >> okay. 2555 days. in ohio shelter flipped the dog has finally found his forever home. seven years old. look at that little cutie patootie. >> i've questions about flips personality. he is adorable. he is wonderful.
2:58 pm
[laughter] >> the hurricane recovery underway in florida, all the hardship our friends there are enduring, our prayers are with you. breaking news i hope people will be talking about. playing every year since 1946 will be played next january 14 in orlando florida. an all-star game with the best college athlete playing before nfl and xxl scouts. it is called the tunnels to tower. dedicating $10 of every ticket to frank siller's incredible tunnels for tower. they do such important work for our vets and first responders. tickets go on sale next week. it will be a fantastic game for a great cause. you can help lift florida's economy at the same time. >> great breaking news. i've got a good one. a new study published this week says drinking two-three cups of
2:59 pm
coffee per day is linked to a longer life. >> i'm going to live a long time mild to moderate intake of ground instant and even decaf coffee on linked to significant reductions in mortality and cardiovascular disease including heart disease, cardiac failure and stroke. those that drink too-three cups lower their risk of death by 27%. >> i am going to live forever. >> i'm going to live a long time. >> what did they say about whiskey and coffee? i am asking for a friend. >> do espresso martinis count? [laughter] >> coffee will make you live forever. >> it's from the university of starbucks with help from the duncan institute. >> it will be retracted within a year. it is terrible. meat is good, meat is bad. >> the one thing i could not give up. i could not do my day without
3:00 pm
coffee. >> i am all in. look at me. come on. >> great to be with you this weekend. that does it for us. the fox report starts right now with john scott. stay tuned for him. ♪ >> the number of dead rises in the wake of hurricane en. recovery efforts are facing a new threat. good evening. this is the fox report. ♪ >> florida is taking its first steps on the long road to recovery. lingering power outages are a major problem. some neighborhoods being evacuated over concerns that high water could continue to


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