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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  October 3, 2022 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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that somebody is accidentally walked through the shot of the big wall live on the air. >> did it help or hurt your segment? >> everybody noticed. >> i thought did you -- >> brian was wanting frontwards, sky wards and bank wards. >> bye, everyone. >> bill: good morning. gone without a trace. staggering number of migrants evading arrest at the u.s. border and the white house won't admit there is problem. hope you had a good weekend. dana has the day off. julie is back with us today. i'm bill hemmer. hello. >> julie: great to be here. happy to be with you guys at home on a monday. this is "america's newsroom."enter the border crisis is spiraling out of control. arrests are historic levels. the white house is singing a very different tune for almost two years now.
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>> we have a secure border. >> the border is secure. >> we have taken unprecedented action over the past year and a half to secure our border. >> the border remains closed. it is not open. we're turning away the majority of adults. >> we have a process in place to manage migrants at the border. >> bill: arrests are surging and so are the number of so-called gotaways. new numbers show nearly a million evaded detection since president biden took office. allowing so many to disappear into the u.s. and this is nothing new. >> julie: you're right. bill >> hundreds of these migrants crossing the rio grande in broad daylight. >> border patrol doesn't have enough agents to process the folks. the situation is completely deteriorating. >> migrants used a rope to cross the river some carrying infants. >> a free for all.
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if people can get across the river they can walk in. >> the bus pulling out now is full of unaccompanied children and young teenagers. >> julie: his relentless coverage at the southern border finally catching the attention of the white house. >> bill: you may have seen this. reporting several current and former white house and administration officials expressed increasing frustration with his on-air coverage. so from the southern border some 1700 miles to capitol hill our colleague went to washington to ask questions of those in charge of policy. >> julie: bill joins us now with the latest on your in-depth investigation. what did you learn? >> good morning to you. since president biden first took office, the number of illegal crossings, migrant deaths and known gotaways at our southern border have surged to record levels. we've been down there for a better part of a year and a half witnessing much of this chaos in person. now we're here in d.c. and we're
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pushing for some answers. >> 250,000 unaccompanied migrant children arrived at the border since president biden took office. some trafficked and some drowning in the river. any issue with that? is the border secure? do you agree that the border is secure? we'll let you go. chairman, one question. in your opinion is the border secure? >> i have to go give a speech. >> a quick question. is the border secure? >> answers about the border few and far between from some democrats on capitol hill. including the secretary of homeland security mayorkas. >> i'm bill with fox news. can you talk about the border? >> we sent this email to dhs notifying them we would be in d.c. and requesting an interview with the secretary. we received no response. so we went to him. >> a few moments of your time and then we'll let you go.
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reach out to your office and asked to talk to you last week and they blew us off. 900,000 gotaways. no comment, sir? >> only democrats from the state of texas, the front line of the border crisis, talked to us and they expressed concern about the border. >> this is unsustainable. it has been unsustainable for years. >> we have resources down there but we clearly need to be doing more. >> this is our administration, i'm a democrat. they need to understand they own it now. they own it now and they have to take the steps to correct this otherwise when are we going to see an end to this? >> we also put questions to democratic leadership. >> do you believe the border is secure? >> i believe that we have to have a secure border. and i think that we are trying to address. the president has a plan to address that. >> democrats have had majority control for two years and no significant progress on any immigration legislation in the
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senate. i asked chuck schumer why that is the case. >> republicans don't want to do immigration reform. even on something as simple as daca, which has the overwhelming support of the american people, republicans are blocking it. >> under republicans would amnesty of any kind for any group of migrants who came across ever be on the table. >> no amnesty. if nancy pelosi was no longer here there would be a lot of democrats feel free to vote for a secure border and work with us to have a real immigration reform. >> and minority leader mccarthy told me if republicans end up retaking the majority after the mid-terms and he becomes speaker they would not move to immediately try to impeach secretary mayorkas. he says a republican priority would be securing the border first. on day one they would push to repeal the hiring of 87,000 i.r.s. agents and instead focus on serving resources down to our
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southern border. >> bill: what's next on that, bill? did it give you the impression the current policy would change? >> well, both parties are obviously drawing that lines in the stand and standing behind them. chuck schumer saying republicans don't want to work with us. mccarthy says if nancy pelosi was gone we might be able to get something done. mccarthy told me is if americans want a change at the southern border they have to make a change politically. a republican priority would be to secure that border. the democrats say republicans don't want to work with them even on something like daca. we'll have to see what happens. >> bill: great reporting. nice to see you in washington, d.c. a bit of a different back drop for you, bill. marc thiessen joins us now. the answer is this is a policy done with intent for almost two years. >> yeah, let me start by saying if bill doesn't get an emmy for his reporting on this there is no justice in the world.
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the ambush at mayorkas's house is something out of 60 minutes in the 1980s and something like mall was would have done. he is an incredible reporter. 1 million gotaways, 4 million people who record number who have been encountered at the border. it's 5 million people crossing our border illegal in two years since biden took office. it is insane. if that's a secure border the way the biden administration says, i would hate to see what an open border looks like. it is really just out of control. >> julie: first of all, you know, let's talk about the democrats' response. in most cases sweeping amnesty is essentially what they are going to grant these immigrants, illegal immigrants already over the border, right, in our country. here is the problem. if we've got 1 million gotaways, how many of those are actually going to be granted amnesty down the road? that's more of an incentive for
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more to continue to illegally cross our borders into this country. >> you're 100% correct. here is the problem. nancy pelosi is -- i hate to say this -- nancy pelosi is right we do some kind of immigration reform. donald trump wanted to have immigration reform, too. you can't have any kind of immigration reform to expand the number of legal immigrants when we have the worst border crisis in american history going on. we need a secure border. right now we have one of the reasons why we have inflation is because we have the worst labor shortage in american history. 11 million unfilled job. half of american small businesses who say they can't find workers. so that's what's driving inflation. supply can't keep up with demand. if you don't have workers to fulfill supply prices go up. but the irony is biden is actually fueling the inflation by with his open borders by making it impossible to have any kind of immigration reform that
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brings in workers in an orderly fashion that we need for our economy. he is actually fueling the inflation with his open borders undermining his presidency. >> bill: let's talk politics. politically with mid-terms 40 days away how it plays, less than that. nbc did a poll on -- lot in east. they prefer democrats but the trend is in favor of republicans. i think to sum up what one person said, being down by 20 points is a lot better than being down by 40 points. if you look at these close elections and all these house races across the country and senate races as well, if you get a slight swing from latinos it could make a significant difference in control of the congress. >> a huge difference. the democrats make these fatal mistakes of assuming all hispanic americans look the same way at politics as they do. these are hispanic voters.
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they are u.s. citizens. by definition they follow the law. they don't necessarily like putting cutting the law. many, those who came from central america and mexico came here to get rid of the cartels and trans national criminal networks that are -- they don't like seeing them having free rein over our southern border. they are experiencing all the same things in inflation. they don't like the policies, either. they aren't just voting on race and immigration but their own pocket books and what is going on with their own families. they'll be as unhappy as everybody else is. >> latinos are very passionate about immigration, passionate about the economic disaster that we're currently in and, of course, crime. another thing that's affecting their communities greatly and
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hurting democrats. marc thiessen, thank you. >> bill: nice to see you. in florida hurricane ian, a long road to recovery there. some of the thousands of people that need shelter and power and food might be wondering if they will get the help they need after an eye-popping comment from the vice president about relief distribution. here she is on friday afternoon. roll this. >> it is our lowest income communities and communities of color that are most impacted by these extreme conditions. we have to address this in a way that is about giving resources based on equity. understanding that we fight for equality but also need to fight for equity. >> bill: that whole comment brought a lot of questions. here is one of them when she ignored a question about that later friday evening. >> clarify what you meant about equity for hurricane relief. >> bill: not much of an answer
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there. it will come up with more questions at the white house when the briefing gets underway a bit later today. >> julie: we'll stay tuned to that. >> bill: watch that. meanwhile back to florida. >> julie: the category 4 storm blamed for at least 50 deaths in florida alone. damage estimates already running into the tens of billions of dollars. rescue crews are working around the clock to get power up and running again. we have phil keating down in the ground at fort myers, florida, with the latest. >> good morning. yes, today the official death toll now tops 80 people. that per the state's medical examiner. half of them right here in super hard hit lee county where ian did a lot of damage, if not most of the damage. this is one of the 25 distribution sites set up by the national guard. people pulling up in their
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vehicles. they get one case of mres, meals ready to eat. they also get 2 or 3 cases of water and over at the big truck they get ice. 2 or 3 bags which is guard tells me has been the item most in demand. friday and saturday in particular were extremely busy with super long lines of cars and trucks to restock their dwindling supplies at home. the stuff they prepared prior to the storm. almost all of these people were living in a no electricity blackout since thursday or wednesday and desperately needing water and something to eat. the national guardsmen and women tell me they're glad to help. fox news flew yesterday over the worst of the destruction on the barrier islands by fort myers beach where 90% of the buildings are destroyed, if not just wiped flat. also sanibel island and pine island. all those islands no longer have
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bridge access for residents. the one that is usable is fort myers beach but local officials aren't letting residence get in and out at this point. the city manager in sanibel estimates the number of residents remaining on that island at this point, though, is now about under 100. it appears most pine island residents have evacuated before the storm or got out afterwards. one bridge to the mainland and so damaged it is closed. but a temporary bridge is being hurried liability this week. residents are simply thankful. >> it is good because they're bringing food and water, emergency supplies. but we really need the road into the island repaired so that we can drive in. right now we're coming on boats. >> so far the guard has handed out 400 cases of water, 350 pallets of food and 62 pallets of ice. power is coming back.
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95% of this county has been living without electricity since the storm came in wednesday now that number is 55% without power. so progress is being made. >> julie: yeah, good to see progress. phil keating. thank you. to they hose affected by the orc donate to the american red cross. visit red fox corporation has donated $1 million to the american red cross hurricane ian relief effort. >> bill: 15 past the hour now. white house struggling to tamp down inflation. new signs that high prices might be here to stay. we shall explain. >> julie: it is this year's most expensive governor's race. it could also be the most consequential. how a republican businessman tim michels plans to oust democrat tony evers. plus this. >> bill: oh, we got a good old
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>> julie: 125 people are dead after a stampede at an indonesian soccer match. fans seen here storming the field on saturday. police responded with tear gas setting off panic as people read for the exits. most victims were trampled or suffocated.
6:22 am
two police officers among the dead. fifa will investigate. >> bill: wow. back at home mid-terms a little more than a month away. one race to watch the marquee match-up for governor in the state of wisconsin. fox news power rankings show it is toss-up. democrat evers trying to win re-election challenged by a man by the name of tim michels. thank you for your time. want to go through as much as i can in the next four minutes. our poll that came out a week and a half ago, this is dead heat, right? evers and michels, 47-47. what is changing to make this race tighter? >> good morning. this is the most purple of purple states, wisconsin. a 50/50 state. this race is indicative of that standing that we have in wisconsin. if anybody is just tuning in right now and saying oh, there is a governor's race in wisconsin that's close, it is like tuning into a football game with a two-minute warning to
6:23 am
find out it's tied. we're excited. republicans the end to under poll in wisconsin. ron johnson was down by nine points six years ago and reelected. trump took wisconsin in 2016, 6 years ago down by 12 points. so the fact that we're statistically even in the polls, the last poll on friday had us up three points and we're excited about that. we're being outspent 2-1 by the democrats. they are trying very hard, putting all they have into this race to keep this incumbent seat for tony evers. tony evers, is a weak leader. all the people of wisconsin know that. he has failed the people of wisconsin from covid to kenosha. he stood by while kenosha burned. he has been a weak leader, a bad work ethic. people are ready for a change. a proven executive experience. >> bill: some issues here. i know your piece popped out there. back to the polling numbers
6:24 am
though. our viewers, his job performance is still pretty good. right below 50%. in another one based on support, he seems to be -- he seems to have more enthusiasm generally speaking in our polling that you have at the moment here. on the issues, i know crime is important to independent voters in wisconsin. i know just recently the parole commissioner john tait resigned. what was that all about? how does crime play in wisconsin when you are thinking about cities like milwaukee? >> well, crime is very important issue in wisconsin as it is all over america. and tony evers shockingly made a campaign pledge four years ago to cut in half the prison population here in wisconsin. he is well on his way to doing it. he has released 1,000 at the end of last year, 2021, he released nearly 900 convicted felons, 270
6:25 am
were convicted murderers and some of those were cop killers. perhaps the most shocking part 44 of them are child rapists now on the streets of wisconsin today. why tony evers and woke left liberals think that's a good idea is joined me and more importantly beyond belief of the people of wisconsin. they want to keep their families and property and themselves safe. i will be tough on crime. i spent 12 years on active duty as an army ranger and i wore a uniform so all the men and women in law enforcement will know that i back the blue. we will get tough on these catch and release d.a.s letting the bad guys on the street the next day. we'll have rule of law once again in wisconsin. it's a very important issue here. people are ready for the change. >> top issues for independents, inflation, crime and public education. abortion and protection of american democracy don't make it in the top three. you, however, have suggested
6:26 am
that the election two years ago was stolen. what is your view of that today? do you stand by that maybe comment that you were on record as saying? >> well, i will stick by my top three issues. tony evers, his top issues are abortion and guns. it is not of top concern to the people of wisconsin. election integrity is very important to the people of wisconsin. here we are 23 months after the 2020 election and people have questions. so do i. i will make sure i work with the legislature. we passed the bills. the bills that tony overers vetoed and make sure no one has questions about future elections. it is an american issue. whether you're democrat, republican or independent. we should all want to have full comfort that our elections are fair and honest. if we don't have fair and honest elections our entire constitutional systems crumbles down. >> bill: a debate in 12 days,
6:27 am
october 14th. the one and only where you and evers go head to helped. the most expensive governor's race in history. we're watching. tim michels, thank you for your time and we hope we get tony evers on our program. >> julie: president biden on the offensive. lashing out at critics of his $400 billion student debt hand-out. plus a dire warning to vladimir putin about nuclear weapons as russia loses ground to ukraine. we have reaction from retired general jack keane next. >> we will never respect their illegal annexation of ukraine territory. and nor will most of the international community. loan so? those loans are not cheap. neither are cash advances from your credit cards. call newday. you may not realize it, but one of the lowest cost ways to get money
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6:33 am
i know i'm being banged up by the republicans but bring it on. >> bill: that was on saturday. president biden slamming republicans for criticizing big spending after we learned his student loan hand-out is expected to run upwards of $400 billion plus and the inflation reduction act with a price of $700 billion which experts say will do little to curb any inflation. gas prices creeping back higher. global recession fears keep growing. edward lawrence at the white house with a full plate today. good morning. >> very full plate. good morning. opec will be looking at the oil prices and could cut production which could raise those gas prices. now the white house economic advisors are grasping for the low unemployment rate as well as saying they're creating a lot of jobs. 240,000 jobs above adding back from the pre-pandemic levels. inflation remains a serious undercurrent.
6:34 am
the first and second quarters both negative. the federal reserve predicting a slowing job market and rising unemployment rate. >> it will take some time for the full effect of tighter financial conditions to work through different sectors and bring inflation down. so monetary policy will need to be restrictive for some time to have confidence inflation is moving back to target. we're committed to avoiding going back pre maturely. >> the federal preserve chairman saying it could be two years of economic pain for americans. now europe is dealing with 10% inflation. the united kingdom made an about face on tax cuts. new prime minister wanted to cut taxes on any one making more than $167,000 a year. a public ground swell caused the government to abandon the plan leaving the top tax rate at 45%. many republicans in the united states are saying all of this is caused by president biden's energy policies. >> the people that i represent are not ready and they are not
6:35 am
willing to have washington begin to control their lives again over a manufactured crisis because this energy crisis that we're in right now is a manufactured crisis. >> no change in policies for the white house or the president. he is doubling down on his climate message. back to you. >> bill: see how it goes. edward lawrence beginning a new week at the white house. >> julie: moving on to ukraine. delivering yet another embarrassment to vladimir putin. retaking a key city in an eastern region putin claimed on friday that russia has annexed. this as former c.i.a. director da david petraeus is u.s. will destroy russian forces is he uses nuclear weapons. >> he is losing. the battlefield reality is
6:36 am
irreversible. over the last seven months president zelensky and ukraine have mobilized vastly better than has russia. >> julie: retired general jack keane, fox news senior strategic analyst joins us now. great to see you, general keane. if putin were to be bold and stupid enough to use nuclear weapons. the high probability the radiation from the strike would affect a member of the alliance that could be con trued as an attack against nato and fall under article five. with that said, how desperate is putin right now? >> well, he is pretty desperate because obviously he is losing this war. the things he is trying to do are not going to make a difference. he is annexing four regions inside the ukraine because he has lost so much territory he is trying to create a false narrative that he is gaining territory.
6:37 am
and he wants a political victory. that's very hollow because we know full well that the ukrainians are in all of those four territories and in two of them they are taking terrain and retaking territory as we speak. he is mobilizing supposedly 300,000 troops. but the fact is his military people are given a quota. they're going beyond reserves and forcibly conscripting soldiers. what he is putting together is a hodge podge of physically and medically unfit people and people not psychologically and emotionally prepared to go to ukraine and fight and potentially die for that fight. so those two problems -- those two issues aren't working very well for him. by the way, not a single country has recognized the annexation. and then to your point, he is using the threat of the use of nuclear weapons. but if he used a nuclear weapon
6:38 am
it almost guarantees that he loses decisively. the intent to use a nuclear weapon, julie, would be to force the ukrainians to surrender. and it ends the war. the you will min -- eliminating event. what result would come of that? the fact is ukrainians are not going to surrender under any circumstances and openly discussed the use of a nuclear weapon. russian forces can't fight on a nuclear radiated battlefield. so the fact is the united states and nato would respond not with nuclear weapons, not even with troops on the ground but they would attack with air power and missiles. we know where every organization that russia has on the battlefield is located. it would be devastating. it guarantees he loses.
6:39 am
that is the reality of what he is facing. >> julie: we only have 30 seconds left. petraeus said he hasn't discussed anything with national security advisor jake sullivan. the administration and officials claim this response has been frequently expressed to moscow. what can you read between the lines there? we have 15 seconds. >> i take the administration at face value. i have always had concern about this administration in terms of their spine and willingness to stand up and confront adversaries. they are telling us that they have told the russians the consequences would be catastrophic and underscore this, they have been specific about what those consequences are. that means they have told them, the united states and nato would respond militarily. and i will accept that premise. with some cautionary note.
6:40 am
>> julie: all right. general jack keane, thank you so much for talking to us. thanks for coming on. see you next time. >> great talking to you, julie. >> bill: 20 before the hour. a woman brutally attacked on a new york city subway may now lose an eye. this while her democratic council woman claims the assault was a quote one in a million event. jimmy failla looking at that coming up in a moment. something fishy going on at the tournament. the cheating scandal caught on camera. this is a no no. this is the plan to finally connect - with our family's heritage. - grandma! start your financial plan today. ♪
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>> julie: a cheating scandal rocking the world of competitive fishing. it happened at the end of the lake erie walleye trail tournament in ohio. yeah, i've gutted a fish before, never found anything looking like that. it was all caught on camera. garrett tenney with the details live from the chicago bureau. >> this was a pro- tournament with prize money around $30,000. it was up for grabs. two men blew their competition out of the water with a catch five pounds heavier than second place. that kind of weight difference surprised a lot of anglers there
6:46 am
friday considering that the pair's fish were smaller than a lot of others had caught that day. they all found out why, though, when the director of the lake erie walleye trail gave the fish a squeeze. felt something hard and took the unusual step of cutting them open to find 12 ounce metal balls stuffed inside padded by extra fish filets to keep them quiet. all you would hear bleeps from the crowd as they went off on the men. many have suspected these two men of cheating in other tournaments. they won hundreds of thousands of dollars in prizes in the last few years. local police and officers with the ohio department of natural resources are investigating the scandal. the pair could be facing criminal charges. >> julie: wow, all right. i guess i have seen it all now. garrett tenney, thank you.
6:47 am
>> new yorkers want to feel safe on our streets and subways. we saw the attack on the emt in queens, we need to fire district attorneys like alvin bragg who refuse to enforce the law and unapologetically back our men and women in blue. >> lee zeldin wants to be governor in new york. reaction to another brutal attack on the new york city subway. a man beating a woman within an inch of her life and she may lose vision in one of her eyes. the suspect was a homeless ex convict. here to talk about it jimmy failla. he was also convicted of beating his grandmother to death. >> julie: out on parole. >> nuts. he has no business any where in polite society. we've been talking about this for two years on and off the air. i walk to work every day now. not just because they tell me i need the enter says. i don't always feel like working
6:48 am
on my jab. if you follow the reaction to the politicians here in new york, because they are trying to downplay the significance of this type of crime because it is something that was very much perpetuated by their policies, okay? of having more empathy again and again and again for the law breaker instead of the law abideer. that's what we're living in now. this is disgusting. >> julie: subway attacks are up 43%. >> yes. >> julie: democratic lawmakers want to say it's a one in a million chance. we aren't talking about getting struck by lightning but crime every day. you don't hear half the crime. i know the cops there don't report on that every day. >> i hope the council woman who sent that isn't of sound mind. what kind of consolation to the woman about to lose her eye or the people thrown on train tracks. the crime is skyrocketing. it is the feeling that something
6:49 am
might go south and every second you are on the subway. to be clear, every second, every car that are you in now is there some kind of time traveler or wizard with no shoes on who might attack somebody and yes it doesn't always happen but that's no standard of living that any one should be on board with. >> the council woman is tiffany kabon. she is a supporter of defunding police and she is the one who said subway violence is a one in a million event. think again on that. >> that's insane. >> bill: there is a coast guard officer in florida working to save the lives of four people. and he got a call from the president, which is a cool thing to get. apparently he is not vaccinated and soon he will lose his job. can you say not fair? >> it's insane. i will start by saying it's nice to see the president talking to a living person for a change. that's always progress. but stick with me here. this underscores the insanity of the entire vacs vaccine
6:50 am
mandate? we are firing people protecting us from greater risks than covid. in this instance a hurricane. how many instances of violent crime are we losing cops in new york city who protect you from robbers, mugers, rapists and shooters. you won't call 911 and say send me a vaccinated cop? i'm in a pinch over here. it is stupid. >> julie: i get back to crime in democratic cities and mayors. in portland the mayor laughed at a concerned city at a city council meeting vocalizing the crime in the city, the homeless encampments and how it brings crime, drugs, the negativity that has arisen from that. and listen to the mayor when he actually laughs at a concerned citizen when she expresses how worried she is. >> angry and i'm sad and fed up. i'm so sick of having -- nothing
6:51 am
short of an emotion i can failure. admit the failure and start doing the right thing. you are destroying our beautiful city. please start being leaders. thank you. >>ha y, you made your point emphatically clear. >> julie: i'm not laughing. she is not laughing. she said i'm not laughing. i am one of the citizens. >> shame on him. portland is so woke you can't call them homeless. you have to call them free range now. give me a break. this is all the buy product of their policies. they incentivized homelessness. when you subsidize poverty you get more of it. it is not empathetic to have kids walk to school pass these things. >> julie: vice president kamala harris sparking major backlash for saying the white house would take equity into account while dividing up hurricane relief? how florida governor desantis is
6:52 am
responding. a high profile concussion case prompting the nfl to make some pretty big changes to its injury protocols. the announcement is reportedly just days away. clay travis on what that could look like next. no upfront costs at all. let us get your family security of cash in the bank. (vo) with verizon, you can now get a private 5g network. so you can do more than connect your business, you can make it even smarter. now ports can know where every piece of cargo is. and where it's going. (dock worker) right on time. (vo) robots can predict breakdowns and order their own replacement parts. (foreman) nice work. (vo) and retailers can get ahead of the fashion trend of the day
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they customize your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. contestants ready? go! only pay for what you need. jingle: liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. >> bill: big story here watch it now. nfl making sweeping changes to its concussion protocol. this player was on a streaker. four days earlier staggered while leaving the field after hitting his head on the turf. want to bring in clay travis founder of outkick. the union is pursuing this story in a significant way. my understanding they have spotters in the games to look out for people who might be suspect and make sure that if you are injured you get out of the game. it is also my belief that there are neutral observers assigned to each team at every game and
6:58 am
the neutral observers are supposed to consult with the doctors, the physicians for each team. so go back to the miami game a week ago which could be considered the original sin in this case. what did the observer on behalf of the league say to the team doctor to clear the quarterback to go in and play the second half? what was the protocol? what questions were asked? what was the observation? that's what the union is pursuing. let's start there. >> there is an investigation going on right now. thanks, bill, for having me. you are right, for people out there who don't know the back story, tagovailoa was in a game against the buffalo bills, appeared to take a hit that had him wobbly, came back into that game. then i believe you are a bengals fan if i remember, then with the whole world watching, they had a game against the cincinnati
6:59 am
bengals, the dolphins did, and tagovailoa took another hit. the way his body was reacting convinced everyone just on-site. none of us have medical training, oh my goodness, how did we end up here? i think that's kind of the question that the nfl and nfl players association are examining as they undertake this investigation into tagovailoa's health. there are three independent observers at every game. one of those observers, by the way, my understanding, has been fired as a result in theory of what happened to tua. the challenge you have, bill, talk to any player and when they came out of the game if it is a head-related issue they lie almost all the time to the coaches, to the examiners, to everyone and say yes, i can go
7:00 am
back in. the team doctors, teams are finally acknowledging that there is a conflict scenario sometimes for the team doctors because the players need to be on the field in order for the teams to win. but the team doctor has to okay that in some level, so he is kind of in a very delicate and difficult situation where there is clear conflict apparent. so the nfl acknowledged that head issues were and are a significant issue in the nfl in the wake of all the ct investigations and what not there. so they brought in these impartial observers. now, bill, i believe based on what happened to tua in the bills and bengals game and the c correlation between the two the nfl says our policy is not working. the players union is saying the same and they're trying to come up with a new form o


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