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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  October 4, 2022 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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minorities. this is racist, unmore than and originating on college campuses and tearing our country apart. >> todd: actual racism seems to be okay, no response for comment. thank you for your comments. the income hour of "fox and friends first" begins now. >> todd: we begin with this fox news alert, the death toll in florida rising to 78 people killed from hurricane ian as search and rescue efforts continue. people on the ground comparing the scene to a war zone with half a million people still without power. you're watching "fox and friends first" on tuesday morning, i'm todd piro. >> carley: i'm carley shimkus, fox news riding along with guard troops getting a look at their race against time to rescue
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thousands of people cut off from the mainland 6789 >> the only way to get there, air, helicopter or boat. you see semitrucks bringing supplies, we're moving as fast as we can, we are here to support as long as needed. >> carley: alexandria hoff joins us live from fort myers beach. what an experience. the pictures look like a bomb went off. what did you learn? >> alex: how complicated it has been to get to people in need, those in barrier islands that have been completely cut off. recovery operation or the operation to get to some form of state of recovery, 24 hours ongoing and quite impressive. latest numbers, 430,000 floridians still without power, down from 2.6 million and
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hardest hit places, though, they could be in the dark for weeks and months, some are anticipating. as number of those without power comes down, ian's death toll is rising. report of 78 deaths, 71 in florida, even survival plagued by trauma. a resident put it, it is the most horrible thing in the world really, like a war zone, i couldn't believe it. there is no possible way in the world i can recover and everything i worked for my whole life is gone. from the air, statement like that is best understood, look at wreckage of sanibel island decimated by hurricane ian, the only bridge washed away. we did accompany the national guard in the blackhawk helicopter on pine island, where we lageded. it is inaccessible by car.
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governor desantis says work has begun to build a temporary bridge there. he spoke about floridians. >> there is spirit of southwest florida, they are ready to bounce back. they need help. we are down there doing it, they have a lot of grit doing it. i was in a shelter meeting with women who are 85 and 90 years old who survived being in the islands and telling their stories. >> alexandria: the stories have stuck with me, the man we spoke to wft said he clung to a tree for three hours thinking he was the only survivor, until a man told me he survived four days with a broken hip before being taken to safety. remarkable the stories of survival. >> carley: thank you, we appreciate it. moving to this major story overseas. north korea launching long-range
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ballistic missile over japan for first time since 2017. five million residents taking shelter as sirens sound off across the island nation. [sirens sounding] >> carley: former cia station chief dan hofman says it was intimidation tactic by kim jong-un. >> he is looking for sanctions relief, that is one reason, he has to demonstrate his country is on war footing and has to blame south korea and japan and the united states for everything wrong with his country. >> carley: white house strongly condemning north korea launch calling it dangerous and reckless. >> todd: congressman jordan
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calling for alejandro mayorkas to be impeached. claiming mayorkas is not enforcing laws at the border. he says mayorkas deserves it for telling us how many times the border is secure. what are you talking about? there is not a rationally person who thinks the border is secure, numbers surge by 20% this fiscal year. here is congressman jordan, listen. >> they are giving the american people a false story that is not true. it is not true, they are no longer remain in mexico policy, stopped building the wall and they don't deport anyone. think of the message being sent to migrants, if you come to our country, you won't have to stay in mexico, there is no wall to get over and you will not be deportd and can go anywhere in
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the country. that is the message and they can keep saying that the border is secure, everyone with common sense and that is the american people, everyone knows that is not theis ca. >> todd: new york city mayor eric adams dismantling and relocating out of aoc's district. >> carley: who is calling the shots in new york city? we'll ask tomi lahren that very question coming up next.
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get started with fast speeds and advanced security together for $69.99 a month for 12 months. plus find out how to get up to a $650 prepaid card with a qualifying bundle. >> janice: it feels chilly if you live in the northeast, we have what is left of ian bringing rain and wind and cool temperatures. 46 in new york, 46 in chicago. cooler temperatures across the
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map, 77 in miami and for florida, next several days dry and warm conditions, good news for recovery effort. record cold highs in pennsylvania and maryland looks like dc flirting with the forecast, record cold temperatures partly because this area of low pressure, stubborn storm system offshore bringing in the moisture and the wind and cooler temperatures. we have flood advisories along the coast, lingering today, through wednesday, nothing to kick it out and hopefully by thursday, we'll start to see improving conditions. wind gusts 15 to 17 miles per hour, we will have flight delays in the north east. keep that in mind, coastal flood alerts from virginia to long island. looking at potential for showers and thunderstorms for the
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southwest. central u.s. looks good, florida, clear skies for much of the state and talk about the tropics, we're not done yet, couple disturbances out there, disturbance number one, there is current position moving south of puerto rico, 30% chance of development and this has a better chance to strengthen, this is number two, off the coast of africa and will continue to move north and east. -- sorry, north and west, over next five days, something to watch as we go through the next couple days. nothing imminent. we have to watch cold fronts that linger off the coast. this time of year, todd, some, cold not fros and area of low pressure off coast and gulf of mexico is turn tropical, continue to watch that. >> todd: i said something dumb about weather and you corrected me. >> janice: nothing is dumb when
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it comes to weather, happy to answer questions for you. >> todd: professor, janice dean. >> janice: not yet. >> todd: president biden visiting puerto rico to visit hurricane fiona, he made a head-scratching remark about connection to the island. welcome. >> we have a large puerto rico an population in delaware, i was raised with the purto rican population. >> here is reality of the situation, only .93% of delaware was puerto rico an when he was elected to the senate. >> tomi: nothing surprises me
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anymore, i think he was trying to make a nice statement, find relatability, it doesn't land well with the actual audience. each passing day we hear from the president, him saying hint r hunter biden is the smartest man he knows makes more sense to me. >> todd: you laugh and you cry, you realize he is leader of the free world and eric adams dismantling days after aoc, who represents that district spoke out. she said, i think we can get to a place with a better solution here. tomi, i thought sanctuary socialist aoc would welcome everyone with open arms to her district. what does it say mayor adams caved so quickly in the face of one tiny comflant from aoc?
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>> tomi: democrats love the idea of illegal immigrants and being in the shadows, when they are confronted and have toin spla the shelters and cities being overrun, they want to make the problem go away and tout what they do as solving humanitarian crisis. i agree, there is a humanitarian crisis going on at the border, where illegal immigrants are coming in. maybe we're getting to the point and i don't want to be overly optimistic, maybe democrats are looking at the biden administration and say we need a solution because we're being inundated and border cities and states are being inundated, everything sounds good until you have to deal with it in real life. aoc is finding that out, democratic mayors are finding out and i hope the biden
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administration will find it out, too. >> todd: mayor adams blaming flooding, i guess things don't dry in new york city. carol >> carley: and bussing migrants north using federal money and now saying it is humanitarian mission and there is a reform analyst who says the hypocrisy on display by democrats and coastal elites transporting illegal aliens is either perfectly fine or inhumane, depends who sends them and where they go. >> tomi: reports are suggesting democratic mayors are sending far more than abbott and desantis. as i said before, democrats love illegal immigrants just not when they have to welcome in illegal
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immigrants. i don't blame the democratic mayors for wanting to reallocate these people to other places, fact is it has to start at our southern border. democrats are quiet when the biden administration was flying illegal immigrants to like middle tennessee in midnight flights, i didn't hear complaining from them then, i guess the tune is changing now that they have to be confronted with it in broad daylight. >> carley: tomi lahren, thank you for joining us. google suppressed 20 million of their fundraising ehiv mails and they are ready to take the tech company to court. brooke singman has that exclusive next. >> todd: new allegation against hunter biden from his former business partner, watch this. >> they were shafting you without their knowledge? >> it was called fraud. >> hunter biden has not been
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indicted because of that? >> i am not aware. >> todd: joe concha here is respond about that next.
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>> carley: republican national committee says google surpressed election related emails just last week and it is a clear pattern of bias. >> todd: brooke singman got us the details, what is going on here? >> brooke: the rnc accusing google of marking emails as spam, including 358,000 "get out and vote" messages. rate dips to zero % end of each month. google marked three million rnc
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emails as spam before the number surged to 10 million each of the next two days. ronna mcdaniels says states are being systematically sent to spam and says "big tech bias is undermining democratic process and rnc is exploring options to put an end to the bias." google says it has nothing to do with party affiliation. stunning developments as one party partners to beat big tech partnership. chris frederick and eric muller started wifi money at the beginning of the pandemic. they say clients come to them hoping to thrive despite
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supregsz of conservative speech. frederick telling me they have come up with ways to beat cnnureship and allow businesses to excel. the company believes big tech made it more difficult for the average person to gain traction on social media. >> todd: it seems to go one way, brooke singman, thank you. hunter biden former business partner bobulinski breaking his silence accusing hunter of tampering with key documents. watch. >> hunter biden has not been indicted for that? >> i am not aware of that. >> they were shafting you? i don't see explanation, do you? >> i'm sure you can get comment from the biden family. >> they are not returning our calls. >> carley: joe concha, author of
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"come on man," joining us now. tony bobulinski spoke to tucker carlson and said joe biden is the big guy and now saying hunter changed documents and funneled millions into his own business, what do you make of this? >> joe: what is truly amazing, no other news organization will mention the name tony bobulinski, let alone what a former lieutenant of the navy is alleging. you see zero news organizations picked up what bobulinski told tucker carlson last night, that is called bias by omission and 11th commandment, thou shalt not report on anything hunter biden and what bobulinski alleged two years ago that 10% of profits from shady deals overseas went to the big guy, the big guy
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being joe biden and the question now when there is gop congress and looks more and more like that will happen after the midterm, if they take back the house, the sitting president of the united states, the question they will have, is he compromised by two countries that have been in the news lately, china and ukraine where the deals took place, see what happens. tony bobulinski doesn't seem to be booked anywhere else to talk these days, why is that? >> todd: watch that interview tonight 8 p.m. on tucker, full hour devoted to this. former president trump suing cnn for defam agsz for calling him a racist and comparing him to hitler. joe, your reaction when you learned about this suit? >> the trump lawsuit against cnn says the network application of the big lie has nazi connotation and it is not like that term has been ordered and said on the air
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a few times here and there by network anchors and reporters and correspondence, the big lie has been used reference to trump 7700 times since january 20 of 2021 on cnn. and they are urging network anchors not to use the term, but that plea has been ignored in some cases. if i were cnn, i would be concerned, the teenager from kentucky sued cnn for 275 million and they had to settle, see how that plays out. it's a big number for sure. >> carley: trump says he will file lawsuits against a large number of fake news media companies for lies, defamation and wrongdoing including as pertains to the big lie that
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they use so often in reference to their disinformation attack on presidential election of 2020. more lawsuits to come, joe. where do you think this goes? do you think this is worth the president's time? this seems it could be a hard lawsuit to win, what do you think? >> joe: these lawsuits are very difficult to win, you are right, you have to show damages in the situations and after the midterms, i would imagine you may be hearing from the president probably in january of 2023 whether he is running for president or not. i would imagine this lawsuit, if still going on, it focuses on the 2020 election and his allegations being stolen and any candidate is best served looking toward the future. let's fix problems if they exist, i think the american people are more interested in
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inflation, crime, border, education, looking forward is the better approach if you are running for president. >> carley: pick up your copy of "come on man," joe concha's new book. joe, thank you. >> joe: thanks, guys, see you tomorrow, enjoy the rain. >> carley: fox news alert, gas prices rising for second straight week issue hitting $3.80 this, mo. >> todd: opec has a big decision to make that could drive prices even higher and embarrass the white house, talking about that next. the new subway series menu. the greatest sandwich roster ever assembled. tony, the new outlaw's got double pepper jack and juicy steak.
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>> carley: the national gas price average hitting $3.80 now rising two weeks in a row and it could get worse as opec is considering slashing oil production tomorrow. president of the heritage foundation is joining me. dr. roberts, opec could cut production, if that does happen, could it increase gas prices? what do you think about all of this? >> it will absolutely increase gas prices, carley and there is no good time for that, obviously, think about the timing of this, not just
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relevant to the election, but for the everyday american thinking about winter. most americans are feeling touch of autumn and we see winter temperatures coming and what is going to happen as result of this decrease in oil production, gas prices will go up. we'll feel it at the pump and when heating our homes and the president and his party will feel it on election day. >> carley: president biden approval rating is falling, it was rising a couple months ago and now falling again, especially on issues voters think of most. 32% on how he's handled crime and inflation, 42% on how he's handling elections and voting, according to a monmouth poll. the same poll found half of all voters think the president is doing worse than they thought he
2:35 am
would. what does this mean for the midterm? >> they don't surprise me unfortunately, when numbers are that low on inflation and crime, it means everyday americans are feeling the pain of his incompetence. i don't rejoice in saying that, as you know, in a month, there will be elections for the u.s. house, u.s. senate and the president's party is in bad shape because ratings are so low. it is really important when conservative majority delivered in the house and looks like it will be in the senate that americans will demand of conservatives they pat on their back, there is republican majority and fix the problems the president and his party created. heritage foundation is proud to be an accountability partner as they come into power. >> carley: the pandemic and what we know, we know that dr. fauci
2:36 am
snashl institute of allergy and infectious diseases gave grant money to eagle health alliance, run by dr. peter dazach, who funneled the money to wuhan lab to study viruses. now we're learning in august of this year, fauci's organization awarded another $6$50,000,000 to eco, to study health alliances. there is lack of outrage over this occurring once again. >> just when you think you have heard it all, here is yet another chapter in the 21st century version of the novel. this is the precise problem that not only do we have this gain of function research continuing to happen, that alone in a vacuum would be a problem ethically,
2:37 am
but american taxpayers will spend several hundred thousand dollars funding this research and there is no out. at heritage, senator rand paul has been outspoken about this, it is crucial there is oversight on this problem. this kind of research, if wuhan is repeated, will result in another pandemic like covid-19. >> carley: great point about this being taxpayer money that goes to the same group that handed it over to the wuhan lab and ashley has a great piece, he says if this was nuclear weapon research that resulted in the death of 10 million and disruption of billions of lives we'd be on the street demanding answers. why aren't we now? i think that is a key question, dr. roberts. >> it is, the answer unfortunately issue the liberal ruling elite that control this
2:38 am
country and european countries and who, don't want us asking questions. you, me, u.s. senate, when we dare to ask the questions, we're deemed to be disorderly and it is important to come back to election time that people realize in this country and around the world, regular folks have had it with the elite telling us one thing and living according to other standards. the optimism, i think we are about to turn the corner and look forward to the future. >> carley: dr. roberts, thank you so much. >> thanks for having me. >> carley: president biden said the pandemic is over, why are service members being punished for refusing to get vaccinated? republicans want answers and cheryl casone has exclusive details next. >> todd: raising money for military nonprofits, our own
2:39 am
abby hornacek joins us with tim montana and others to preview today's event. don't go anywhere.
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>> todd: the united nations
2:43 am
urging the u.s. federal reserve to stop hiking the federal interest rate warning it could trigger a global recession. >> carley: cheryl casone has more, good morning. >> cheryl: fears over global recession has united nations calling on fed to pause the cycle, but the fed meeting in november and this morning three quarter of percent hike at that meeting, un report writing we have tools to calm inflation, but current course of action is hurting the most vulnerable, especially developing countries. recent survey found 91% of ceos believe their will be recession in the next 12 months and some ceos considering workforce reductions, roughly half ceos think whether they need to reduce workforce.
2:44 am
two quarters of negative gdp growth is traditional meaning of recession, meaning we entered one in summer because last week we got the second read on gdp, showing two quarters of negative growth. >> todd: and 91% of people saying that is a big number. big update on vaccine mandate of the soldier story we brought you yesterday. >> cheryl: vaccine mandates, army missed recruitment goals, miej rogers, ranking member for the republicans on the armed house services committee, writing to austin, pandemic restrictions have been lifted across the country, federal court have employment based vaccine mandates, armed forces are one of the few groups in the executive branch still subject to termination for failure to
2:45 am
take the vaccine. the u.s. army came up 15,000 short of the 2022 numbers, 25% and remember president biden in that interview said the pandemic was over. if it is over, maybe kill the mandates, just a thought. >> carley: you are speaking for a lot of people when you say that. when politics meets sports controversial, this is in washington. >> cheryl: washington state, a republican senate candidate in washington state getting sued by seattle seahawks for using their campaign, tiffany smiley game-day ad ran in september, this featured her veteran husband scotty smiley, purple heart recipient blinded in iraq, the seahawks honored him. >> i don't think it is a
2:46 am
coordinated attack against me, these issues are affecting washington families, i wouldn't be surprised if patty murray worked with these woke corporations to bring my ads down because they tell the truth about her failed policies. >> cheryl: the ad pointing out democratic policies exacerbated high food cost in her state. a lot of truth to that. her husband again, war hero, yet you guys go after that. >> carley: he is wearing a jersey, why they are trying to suher? >> cheryl: it was a split second. others have used the logo and they sent say anything. >> todd: serious story, let me say in joking context if the giants tried to sue me, i would counter sue for 44 years of pain
2:47 am
and you have issering. >> cheryl: you won on sunday, what are you talking about? >> todd: one game, 44 years. skeet shoot kicks off today at nashville gun club, proceeds go to military nonprofits. >> carley: fox nation host abby hornacek live to talk about this incredible event. love the overalls on tim right there, american flag overalls, can't beat it. this is an incredible event, tell us about it. >> yeah, tim is outdoing us with his outfit. this is an amazing event, this is third annual, you have raised a ton of money, tell us what you are doing today. >> sporting clay shoot, come around and there is a concert and barbecue, hang out with
2:48 am
troops, i heard there is a helicopter landing, about the most american event of all time, 100% of proceeds, no board we pay, important to give the money balk to special ops, taking active duty for fishing and hunting and memorial three, taking care of veteran families. >> i heard you are going to propel down from the helicopter. we have cory here, you represent the oergsz and are retired green beret, can you tell me about your experience going on deployment and now you are going on it? >> i would be gone for weeks at a time, had no time to prep for a hunt. now being a representative, i
2:49 am
give back and go on hunts with active duty that i served with sglchl what does it mean being at this event and seeing all the things tim has done for your organization? >> it is mind-boggling, you couldn't put it together without tim, he cares about the cause and the people and about veterans, it is incredible. >> tim, you have done so much for the military and multiple organizations, why do you focus on the men and women in uniform? >> i just like to give back, i am fortunate to do what i do for a living, driving around wearing overalls like this in the great efts country on earth because of the sacrifices they make. every year, give back to the folks. >> how did this start? you have a song "american threads," and this event is named after that song, tell me
2:50 am
about that. >> that song was a patriotic deal and the song started blowing up online, decided meeting with scott, trevor perdue, let's raise money. i want to know where the money is going and give a check back 100%. only guy that gets paid is the dude that hauls the port-a-pottys. >> he should get paid for sure. thank you for coming early, we'll have tim all day long and talk about the event throughout the day. >> third annual tim montana skeet shoot kicks off today, i believe last year it raised a quarter million dollars. thank you so much for joining us, have fun. >> thanks, guys. >> hold them longer. >> let you stretch out your mouth now. >> carley: national guard deploying to florida's barrier
2:51 am
island bringing supplies to stranded residents in the aftermath of hurricane ian. and greg steube has been helping on the ground and joins us next with update. >> todd: first brian kilmeade has what is coming up. >> brian: i will hold my smile and wonder why he can't do the tease, meanwhile, this story, united states and south korea conducting bombing drills in response to north korea's missile test. and national security council coordinator john kirby will be here live and tim montana, as you just saw, has annual skeet shoot for a cause, he'll be talking about that and stuart varney talk about rising gas prices he wished he didn't have to say, but the market did go up yesterday. and republican candidate sued after her husband wore a seahawks jersey in a campaign ad
2:52 am
even though he got his jersey from the seahawks themselves. leo terrell and lee carter will bring us ntsdz 2022 with five weeks to go. i urge you with nine minutes, you have nine minutes to put something on and get dressed. let's take a wide shot and finish up "fox and friends first."
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>> carley: president biden head to florida to assess the damage from hurricane ian as 78 people are now confirmed dead. >> todd: residents hit by the storm being warned they may be homeless for months. congressman steube joins us now. congressman can, that is a tough reality to hear your life upended just like that. how are the people in your district holding up. >> floridians are resilient. used to hurricanes but certainly
2:57 am
not what impacted my district in southwest florida. i was able to tour hardy county and charlotte county yesterday. and the devastation in arcadia, we still haven't gotten the floodwaters completely gone in homes yet. they are seeing the tops of mobile home trailers they didn't see a couple day days ago because the floodwaters were that high. we haven't been able to get into because the water has been so high. >> carley: i know i speak to you the day before it hit on wednesday before the storm came crashing down you said you represent the most elderly district in the country. there are a lot of vulnerable people in your district. how are they doing? is there any greater concern in your district than others because of that? >> there is. hopefully they heeded my calls and the calls of others. they were in those barrier coastal communities, barrier islands to evacuate. they were all very hard hit because of the storm surge.
2:58 am
in the northern part of my district it was north of the eye didn't have as much storm surge but obviously as you have seen pictures south of fort myers. storm surge. hopefully they heeded the evacuation calls. the priority on power is obviously hospitals first and then nursing homes and rehab facilities. a lot of those are back up. all of our hospitals are up. a lot of the nursing homes and rehab facilities are up. i still personally do not have power. we are at about half a million that still do not have power. that pales in comparison to the 2 million floridians that didn't have power when the storm hit. so everywhere you go in my district, you see a line truck, power company is trying to get out and get power to people. trying to get some semblance of life back. there are places in my district that will never be the same. certainly never look the same. >> that's the sad reality we are facing and you are facing, congressman. meantime, want to get your calls on this. fears growing that russian president vladimir putin will resort to nuclear weapons after
2:59 am
facing criticism from close allies and mounting losses on the battle field. how worried should the average american who is not necessarily locked into global politics but know nukes equal bad. how worried should average american be knowing what a trapped putin can do? >> he has been saying for month he was going to pull the trigger on tackle nukes and use that to bully nations not to help ukraine. i think a lot of countries have called his will bluff on that. i don't think he is stupid enough to do that because, if he does, he knows that nato allies around there and the other european countries along with the united states are going to respond. if you are launching tackle nukes on ukraine, there is going to be a response to that i don't think is he going to go that far. but i will say this. we need to be focused on america. we have given $65 billion to ukraine. why don't we focus on the floridians down here that have been catastrophically hurt by what just occurred with this hurricane and send some of that funding down here to americans
3:00 am
and not be focused on places like ukraine. >> carley: congressman greg steube, thank you for joining us this morning we are thinking about you and everybody in your district and across florida. >> keep us in your prayers. >> carley: we saw the images of sanibel island and it's like they said in complete disarray. thank you for joining us. >> todd: with that, "fox & friends" begins right now. bye-bye, everybody. ♪ ♪ >> long hard road to recovery from the devastation in it very early stages. >> death toll climbing to at least 78. >> estimates put the costs somewhere north of $100 billion. >> some spots look like a bomb went off. >> japan issued a warning to its citizens to take shelter after they detected a missile launch from north korea. >> just part of kim jong un strategy of nuclear extortion. this economy has tanked. >> dad visiting son. dead this morning caught in a crossfire of


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