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tv   The Story With Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  October 4, 2022 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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a busy two hours here. >> sandra: and i was going to pop the big board up, the rally continues, big two-day game and tomorrow the opec decision on oil production and output, how much will they cut, will they cut, we'll be watching that. thanks for joining us, everyone. i'm sandra smith. >> john: and i'm john roberts. could be deeper to fill up your car. the story with martha starts right >> martha: thanks, john and sandra. election day five weeks away. bret baier is here. also here today, joe concha and general jack keane. also congressman lee zelden. joe biden speaks out on 2024. north korea sends the japanese in to shelters and a dad in a hotel for parents weekend is shot dead in the lobby.
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unbelievable story. but first, the race for control of the united states congress. the battle comes down to netting five house seats and one senate seat. that's what the gop hopes to do in five weeks. the four yellow states on our senate fox power rankings map. these are the biggest ones to watch. they are arizona where democrat mark kelly's lead over blake masters is now at six. in georgia, five points separate raphael warnock and republican herschel walker who is facing a controversy today. and in nevada, republican adam laxalt's lead over katherine masto well within the margin of error. he was with us yesterday. in pennsylvania, democrat john fetterman's lead is now to six points over dr. mehmet oz. that race is where we get started today with correspondent
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bryan llenas. hi, brian. >> the last poll you mentioned, "usa today"'s suffolk university poll. it not only shows a narrowing of the lead over dr. oz but shows the number of voters that view fetterman unfavorably has skyrocketed almost 17 points since june. now, this jives with our fox news polling which shows fetter man's lead has dropped from 11 points in july to four points now. it's not just the polling that is tightening. it seems the fund-raising gap is narrowing, too. dr. oz raised $17.2 million in the third quarter from july to september. that includes $7 million of his own money. that is higher than the 5.5 million oz raised in the second quarter. the numbers suggest the relentless attack ads as fetter man being soft on crime working. fetter man says he will
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decriminal all drugs. felterman's camp says he still doesn't support that. the police union supports dr. oz. >> they endorsed me because they don't feel supported by their lieutenant governor. they're concerned if they're going to run towards the danger and they're at risk for being criticized for doing it undermining the efforts to doing it and the laws keep changing so they don't feel protected. >> the fetterman's camp hammers dr. oz on his authenticity. this ads moms him as a tv doctor scam artist that isn't from pennsylvania. this has been a very negative and personal race. the first and only debate about the actual issues is three weeks from today on october 25. >> that will be a big night. thanks, brian. great to have you with us today. with that, we bring in bret baier, executive editor of" special report."
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good to see you, bret. today is tuesday. we're five weeks away from huge mid-term coverage event. let's start with pennsylvania here. because it's very interesting. dr. oz has not held back. he's out there a lot. fetterman has been criticized for not being out there as much. that debate between the two of them will be a very consequential night. what do you make of this race right now? >> it's closing. every poll has shown that oz has closed the gap. it's within the margin of error for most of the polls we're seeing. two, three. the latest one is six. if you look closely, there's a lot of movement towards oz in part because he's been hitting the crime issue and that has had some effect. fetterman has been out on the stump. his stump speech is about 12, 13 minutes long and not filled with a ton of substance. as we said before, he's not done a ton of interviews where he's pressed on some policy issues.
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that debate which has its own stipulations about how it's going to come forward with closed captioning, et cetera, will be fascinating to watch. late in the game since pennsylvania has been voting for some time. 28 states, martha, have already started voting for the mid-terms. >> martha: great point. with regard to holding the house, you can see both sides speaking as positively as they can at this point. they want to keep the fund-raising dollars coming in. we heard mitch mcconnell say that he thinks that ohio and pennsylvania and wisconsin are in his category on the gop side. here's nancy pelosi last night saying she believes democrats will hold the house. watch this. >> i believe that we will win the -- hold the house. we will hold the house -- [applause] -- by winning more seats. we won the 40 seats. then we lost some when trump was on the ballot. we lost some in the trump districts but we held enough seats to hold the house with him
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on the ballot. he's not on the ballot now. >> martha: is that wishful thinking on her part or is there a chance that that happens? >> most experts say it's wishful thinking. there's 30 toss-ups in our fox news power rankings of the house races. gop would only have to win 20% of those to win the house control. in most of these districts because as you mentioned redistricting, there's at least four or five seats that seem to go the gop way. that said, the abortion issue did factor in to some of these races. democrats picked up some points. so it's been a push and pull but right now the gop is still slated to pick up those seats and maybe she's just projecting what democrats may want to do. >> martha: could be. it always gets a little fierce and there's always an october surprise that drops in these
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races, this one came for herschel walker in a daily beast piece claiming a woman said he paid for her abortion in 2009 and that she has a check and a get-well card with his signature on it. here he is with sean hannity. watch this. >> they are claiming that five days later on september 17, you sent a $700 check. that you sent it in a get-well card. >> i haven't seen it. you know, i can tell you, i send out so many get-well, send out so much of anything. i can tell you right now, i never asked anyone to get an abortion, i never paid for an abortion. >> martha: so obviously he has made being pro life a big part of his campaign. his son has come out on instagram lashing out against him. what is the impact of all of this do you think, bret? >> it's tough to say. the republican party in georgia, the national republican party says they're standing with
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herschel walker. as you mentioned, he had a firmed push back and denial on sean's show last night. but clearly, this is an issue that his opponent, raphael warnock will probably jump on. both candidates have some past history with their families. yet the son coming out talking on twitter is another added element to this. so how does it play? boy, this is a race that is really tight. anything could sway it. this next debate is october 14 in savannah. that will be a big, big moment. >> martha: these will be big nights in these very close races. we'll watch closely. thanks, bret. good to see you. our democracy 2022 coverage continues with joe concha as he weighs in later this hour. and ian continues to lash out. this video shot yesterday in
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>> people are pulling up. everybody wants to help. it's very heart warming during these tragic events. in minutes and hours, a lot of people had their lives washed away. >> martha: so true. look at these images.just incredible in sanibel, florida. that's the sheriff of lee county. we spoke with him yesterday on
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"the story." hurricane ian caused so much devastation. looks like a bomb dropped in sanibel, florida. it's absolutely devastating. so almost a week later now, you can see some fires that are burning in some areas. there's dozens of deaths that have been confirmed across the state. crews have rescued almost 2,000 people. nearly half a million homes and businesses are still without power. nate foy live in anglewood, florida with the national guard as that stark contrast now of blue sky and total devastation that we see after these tragedies, nate. tell us what's going on where you are. >> martha, earlier today, we were at the press conference with the sheriff marceno. he's talked about the good he's seen in the community. he also told us about illegal immigrants being arrested for looting. we'll tell you about that in a second. first, right now. we're joined by the florida national guard.
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we're riding in this community in englewood. that's not the hardest hit. that's lee county, fort myers. we're in charlotte county. people here, their lives have been upended. that looks like a bedroom where the roof has been blown off. the right side of the roof gone, a lot of debris strewn around this neighborhood. people still out picking up the pieces. that's why the national guard is out today. we have tarps right here. we have food right here. and water for people that cannot reach the points of distribution. so we're here with sergeant kenny harris. thanks so much for taking the time to talk to us. 25 points of distribution for people impacted by the hurricane can pick up food and water. how many people in your experience can't get to the distribution sites? >> i have to say roughly 100 people in the past three to four days. >> 100 people. what are some of i guess the most emotional disturbing things that you've seen in your work trying to help these people get
12:16 pm
past this? >> i have to say i've seen homes completely torn apart. it's brings tears to my eyes to give back. >> you're from florida. you've experienced a lot of hurricanes. where does this rank? >> i'd say this is number 1. this is my first one to see the damage this bad. >> thanks very much for your time. thanks for all you do for our country and these people after this devastating event, this is the good here, martha. i mentioned the bad that sheriff carmine marceno faced. these two men are illegal immigrants that were caught stealing from a home that was badly damaged from hurricane ian in bonita springs. these two guys were stealing golf clubs, weights and alcohol. it's not the only case we're learning. back out here live, martha. lee county deputies say they arrested four illegal immigrants
12:17 pm
for looting. i asked the sheriff if there's more investigations. he said he did not. for the national guard, they'll be out here till 5:00 p.m. and back out here tomorrow. they need help. back to you, martha. >> martha: thanks, nate. give our thanks to sergeant harris for the great work that he and the national guard are doing. the governor and the sheriff made it pretty clear they will not tolerate looting. you will be arrested in the state of florida for that. we're seeing that happen, nate. sergeant harris, thanks very much as well. the brutal reality that is fort myers beach. it's so shocking to look at this. the damage goes on for miles and miles away and inland from the coast. steve harrigan has been looking at all of this in his close-up perspective. look at this car in a sinkhole
12:18 pm
on the road in arcadia, florida where we find steve harrigan. good afternoon, steve. >> martha, good afternoon. that's one of the very obvious challenges for the national guard and first responders here. parts of these roads are falling apart, being crushed by 20 inches of rain and flooding. some of the nearby rivers overtopping and the roads with limestone cannot take it. we've seen a number of cars abandoned by the side of the road. we have our drone up here as well. keep in mind, we're 50 miles inland and this is six days after the storm. despite that, there's still widespread flooding here, flooding only beginning to recede. a lot of the houses are isolated by the flooding. when you talk to people that see their homes wrecked or neighbors homes wrecked, they start to cry. here's a couple we talked to. >> i'm sad. you know, because i'm worried
12:19 pm
about a lot of things. i was in shock when i seen it. knowing all of these people lost their homes. we got ours. >> the only way in or out of part of this town is by boat. we've seen people making that commute on their own. they say they can't afford to leave their homes. so they're coming out by boat, getting milk, getting gasoline and diapers and going back in to those flooded homes. back to you. >> it goes on and on every day in that environment. it's just awful, steve. thank you very much, steve harrigan. bringing us the stories of the people on the ground in florida. in the larger world right now, we live in an environment where nearly all of our adversaries are flexing their muscles from putin in russia to iran and now north korea sends a long -- the longest range missile that they have ever sent soaring over japan, sending people there in
12:20 pm
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the clues are all around us... some things are too obvious to be a coincidence. ♪ >> martha: that is not a drill.
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those were air ride siren going off in tokyo as north korea fired a nuclear capable ballistic missile over japan. it has the range to reaching guam. it's north korea's longest ever weapons test in terms of the distance that it went. the u.s. and south korea, our ally, responding by launching bombing drills with fighter jets in the area. the white house called the missile test a dangerous and reckless decision. with that, we bring in general jack keane, former vice chief of staff of the army and fox news senior strategic analyst. good to have you with us. we have u.s. and south korea drills that have been ongoing. what do you make of this move by north korea? what are they trying to signal here? >> yeah, well, that's a great question in terms of what is he really up to. this represents actually the
12:25 pm
20th missile firing this year. five in the last ten days, martha. this is the most missiles kim jong-un has ever fired in one year. so it begs the question, what is he doing here? as always, he's clamoring for attention. he wants to get sanction relief and that has always been his foundational position. the second thing that is happening here is the leadership in south korea changed. i'm going to be very frank and direct about this. the previous leadership under president moon, many of my friends in the region who have prominent government positions in japan, taiwan, believed that president moon was in china's orbit and was seeking reconciliation more than he should have been with north korea despite all of the aggressiveness that they were displaying. this all went on through the
12:26 pm
trump administration as well. president yun who has taken over is not in that orbit with china whatsoever. that i have aligned themselves completely with the united states, back where we used to be a number of years ago. not only that, but they have returned to a full-up training regimen with the united states. every time that has been happening throughout this year, kim jong-un has been firing missiles. as we speak right now, there's an exercise with japan, united states and south korea an anti submarine warfare. a few days ago, a u.s. aircraft carrier was in south korea. it's not so much the vice president's presence but the fact that south korea is upgunning. that has always inflamed kim jong-un and his predecessor. those are the two reasons. he wants sanction relief,
12:27 pm
attention and also the exercise profile. the biden administration interesting enough is not bending over backwards with negotiations. they're taking a distance from this. they're not reacting to every missile firing with a lot of responsible rhetoric. i think they're stiffening the north koreans to be frank. >> martha: very interesting. thanks, general very much. always good to get your insight. general jack keane. we'll keep an eye on that situation to be sure, a volatile world we're in right now. thanks, general. so coming up, still ahead, stephen moore and republican candidate lee zeldin on the horrific murder of this long island dad that was shot and killed in the hotel lobby where he was visiting his son for parent's weekend. we'll be right back.
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>> martha: gas prices are creeping back up. the national average for regular jumping six cents in the past week to $3.80 a gallon. according to aaa, that's up 60 cents from a year ago. the white house still pointing out that it is below the all time high of $5 a gallon which we hit in june. >> thanks to this president's efforts, and his historic actions that he's taken, energy prices have declined sharply from their highs and american consumers are paying far less at the pump than they were several months ago. again, it's because of the historic steps that this president has taken. >> martha: with that, we bring in stephen moore, former adviser to president trump. good to have you with us. what is making the upward
12:33 pm
pressure on prices right now? >> well, first of all, it's almost laughable that the biden administration says they're taking these steps to lower gas prices. almost every step they have taken has to be reduce american supply. the first thing that joe biden did when he was president, he cancelled the keystone xl pipeline. so gas prices are rising again. i predict they'll go back up above $4 a gallon. you have a worldwide reduction in the supply. you saw what the saudis are now doing. they're going to cut back on production because they want the price back up to $4.50 a gallon. a new study that just came out yesterday at the committee to unleash prosperity. we estimate if we stuck with the trump pro america production oil and gas policies, we produces three more million bare as day. if you did that, by the way, we wouldn't have to deplete the strategic petroleum reserve, which as you know -- you've
12:34 pm
covered this. we're at the lowest level in the strategic petroleum reserve since 1984. >> martha: it's -- they're using it as a policy to increase supply. it's supposed to be an emergency valve just in case we can't get our hands on oil that we have the ability to tap into that. we have to put it back into the spi. but it appears -- i think that's the policy that karine jean-pierre is referring to when he said we brought prices down by tapping into that. >> they just announced earlier today that they're going to probably stop taking oil out of the strategic reserve because it's so low. the problem is you asked me why prices are going up. once you reduce that supply of oil out of the strategic reserve, that wills will push gas prices back up. it's not a pretty picture. it's self-inflicted wounds. we should produce all the oil and gas in north dakota,
12:35 pm
oklahoma, west virginia. we're not doing it. >> martha: it's interesting. when you look at that policy change, i wonder why when you don't come into office, everybody show me what is working what is not working, shows me with what aligns with what we said we would do. instead, they shut it down out of the gate. now they have an inflation problem that is burying down on them five weeks from election. >> don't forget, who are the biggest winners of shutting down american oil and gas? the russians, the saudis and the chinese. and the iranians. so we're playing into the hands of our enemy. when we have a president that has to prostrate to the saudis to ask them to increase, there's something wrong. why not go to texas and west virginia -- >> martha: the plea to the saudis didn't work. they might have loosened up a little by but now they're tightening back up. good to see you. >> thanks, martha. >> martha: elon musk is dropping his legal fight and offering to
12:36 pm
go ahead with the $44 billion deal to buy twitter. it comes two weeks before twitter's lawsuit to force him to seal that deal was set to go to trial. musk had accused twitter of underestimating the number of fake accounts on the site. now he says he's going through with this takeover if he gets the debt financing and the court dismisses this lawsuit. very interesting. and this is one of the most disturbing stories that we've heard in a long time, this is paul, father of three, married 27 years. he's now dead after being caught in crossfire in a hotel lobby on parent's weekend. it is just a sickening story that reflects the crime that is going on in so many places in this country. republican candidate for governor in new york lee zeldin with his response next.
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>> martha: dea agents in new york are warning parents of their worst nightmare weeks before halloween. they say there's been an uptick of rainbow fentanyl pills on the street made to look like candy. in manhattan, agents arrested a person trying to smuggle 15,000 colored pills laced with poisonous drugs inside lego boxes. for real. laura ingle has that story for us. hi, laura. >> this is very scary. the significant drug bust that happened last week is being called the largest seizure of fentanyl pills to date in new york city. all which were ready to be distributed to dealers on the streets. the usda new york division holding a press conference to
12:42 pm
announce the arrest of a suspect that was caught trafficking the bills in to the big apple. the 15,000 pills you mentioned were concealed in a big yellow lego box. officials with the dea urgently warning the public about the brightly colored pills known as rainbow fentanyl. some of which were printed with the letter m and the number 30 to resemble prescription pills. >> this is deliberate, calculated. it's treacherous deception to market rainbow fentanyl like candy. this is every parent's worst nightmare, especially in the month of october as halloween fast approaches. >> new york city special narcotics prosecutor bridget brennan says using happy colors to make a deadly drug seem fun and harmless is a low for the mexican cartels saying this is a straight up marketing strategy for a younger client base to
12:43 pm
increase profit and one that needs to be stopped. >> this is the cartel's way of attracting new customers of gaining new customer base, new markets and increasing what we call increasing addiction. by increasing addiction, they can increase their profit margin. >> this bust is part of the around the clock operation of new york's drug enforcement task force, which was able to seize half a million lethal pills in the last 15 weeks alone. it goes on, martha. >> martha: yes, with two moms today that lost their sons to fentanyl poisoning. they just want a much more national federal push against these drugs. it's incredible story. thanks very much, laura. good to have you here. >> thank you. >> martha: a random act of violence killing a father of three who was in town as many of us were last weekend to go to
12:44 pm
parent's weekend. near his son's college. law enforcement officials in poughkeepsie, new york say a homeless man with prior felony convictions got in to a fight in the hotel lobby and that's when the suspect pulled out a gun and started shooting and this poor dad of three got caught in the crossfire. he was shot in the chest and the torso. unbelievable what is going on. in a moment, we'll speak with republican lee zeldin. first, let's get the back story on this with correspondent alexis mcadams. hi, alexis. >> unbelievable and sad far this family. an innocent dad gunned down while visiting his son. it was supposed to be a nice weekend and ended in a tragedy. the shooting happened sunday morning poughkeepsie, new york in this marriott lobby. the gunman got into an argument with a hotel employee about the coffee. then he opened fire, spraying
12:45 pm
bullets around that room and killing a 53-year-old man from long island. court documents identify him as paul coots. he was an accountant on long island. he was shot twice, once in the chest. his murder shocked the maris college community while the campus was filled with families that came to visit. >> our hearts break and our prayers are extended to the family. it shattered in a peaceful sunday morning, shatter had with should have been the last day of celebration in and among our community. >> yeah, he was going to grab coffee and head home. you can see this police presence. they're responding to the hotel, walking inside. they went in the suspect's room and police found weapons and materials to make explosive devices. more charges could be filed. roy johnson jr. pulled the trigger in the lobby. he's facing second degree murder
12:46 pm
charges. the second suspect, devin taylor, faces criminal weapons charges. the men are listed as homeless in the police report, but the duchess county executive office says about an hour ago, they were not clients of social services, they were not placed at the hotel by the county but still a lot of questions. how long were they staying there. the duo has lengthy criminal records. they've both been convicted of felonies in the past. martha? >> martha: total disregard for human life and in the middle of what should have been a beautiful weekend for this family and caught in crossfire is the last thing this family would have worried about walking into that situation. alexis, thanks very much for that report. with that, we bring in republican new york gubernatorial candidate, lee zeldin. we invited kathy hochul's office on.
12:47 pm
they're in the middle of a big race. good to see you, sir. thanks for being here. seems like every day we hear this kind of headline what do you have to say about these two individuals and how you can create an unsafe environment in this kind of -- in a hotel on parent's weekend? >> that's right. it hits close to home. i'm a parent. my daughters just turned 16. we'll be going to a parent's weekend. i spoke to other parents including a couple others that have their kids at marist specifically. you're going about what should be a fun weekend visiting your son, your daughter. they're going through this important moment in your life, getting a cup of coffee and checking out of a hotel. next thing you know, your life has ended. this is happening time and again, day after day. i'm coming here to you today speaking to you from a wake for
12:48 pm
an emt that is just stabbed to death in an unprovoked attack a few days ago. allison russo. in speaking to allison's parents just now, it was all about how they want their streets to be safe. they were pointed out about how allison would have saved that mentally disturbed person if he was laying there on the floor. as we're mourning that loss, we hear about some steam fitter stabbed to death on an l train. so this is happening day after day. >> martha: let's put up the pictures of allison. we have the images. let's show them to everybody at home. what a tragedy. this woman, 61 years old, lieutenant allison russo elling. there's an image of her. when i saw her face on the cover of the paper here in new york, it broke my heart. obviously a hard-working woman who has protected so many people. stabbed to death in new york city. her parents confronted major
12:49 pm
adams yesterday, i believe. basically a witness to that confrontation said the confrontation was courteous but it was mostly her mom talking. they said make my city better, make my city better. according to this witness, stood there and said his response was flat according to this read-out. at the end he said some brief statements that were comforting and accepting of what was said to him. he was going to clean things up in this city, but it is -- we're far from there. >> yeah, no doubt. this is the reality right now. it's a combination of pro criminal laws that are getting passed by cashless bail. you have district attorneys refusing to do their job as we see stories coming from alvin brag and others. you have lacks judges releasing people back out on the streets. the prosecutor is asking for a bail. then you have an issue with mental health. people out on the streets. they feel like they're in
12:50 pm
control of our streets. as you point out, the original story in marist, why do you have convicted felons that are homeless there in that situation at all? >> martha: loaded up with guns and explosive. and how about the work that was kicked in the head on her way to the airport? she was on with bill hemmer this monday. the mental health issue is out of control. like i said, every day sadly there's a front page story. thank you very much, sir. good to see you, lee zeldin. gubernatorial candidate in the state of new york as we watch these tragedies unfold. our heart goes out to that family. i was at parent's weekend in college. last thing i thought about when i got coffee in the lobby. our hearts go out to them. thanks very much. good to see you. >> thank you. >> martha: so joe concha on the new speculation swirling about president biden's intention and
12:51 pm
what he has just said about the 2024 race. >> if al sharpton says it, it's -- look, here's what i can say. the president has said this himself. he intends to run in 2024. what should the future deliver? (music) progress... (music) ...innovation... (music) ...discovery? or simply stability... you shouldn't have to choose. (music) gold. your strategic advantage. (music) visit first psoriasis, then psoriatic arthritis. even walking was tough. i had to do something. i started cosentyx®. cosentyx can help you move, look, and feel better... by treating the multiple symptoms of psoriatic arthritis. don't use if you're allergic to cosentyx. before starting...get checked for tuberculosis.
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>> martha: president biden told al sharpton that he was going to run. the question has been evolving over recent weeks. >> yes, my plan is to run for re-election. >> his answer has been simple, which is yes, he's running for re-election. >> my intentions i sad to begin with is that i would run again. it's an intention. is it a firm decision? that i'd run again? that remains to be seen.
12:56 pm
>> martha: joe concha is from the hill and a fox news contributor. he's new book "come on, man" is out now. joe, good to see you. so karine jean-pierre says if al sharpton says it, it must be true. so what are your thoughts on how this is evolving? >> that's like saying if bernie madoff said it, i must be true. what is he going to say i'm not run something that would be a white flag of surrender before the mid terms. let's say he does run. he would have to campaign. he couldn't do it from the basement. he would have to run on his record, with inflation, crime spiralling out of control, the border crisis and the fentanyl killing american children, 300 people a day on average. he would have to defends himself on that. i don't know if it's up to joe biden in this point. abc news "washington post," 35% of democratic voters, a third, want him to run again for
12:57 pm
re-election. that is an extraordinarily low number. number 1, he's too old. number 2, his job performance. the number 1 issue in this country is inflation. so maybe he will see the writing on the wall and say boy, this is not lining up for me. if he were to win, he would be 86 years old at the end of his second term. you can see 79. imagine an 86-year-old. >> martha: it would have been wise for him to say a few months back, you know what? we're going to have an extraordinary four years and do a lot of great things and going to make sure that you have -- that there's a fantastic successor. i wonder what his approval numbers would look like if he said that. >> good point. >> martha: here's tim ryan talking about why he didn't invite joe biden on the trail. he's in a tight race for the
12:58 pm
senate with j.d. vance. watch. >> i'm guessing you're not inviting the president to join you any time soon. >> no. i'm not. i'm not inviting anybody. i think, you know, j.d. has to invite trump. he has to invite everybody to prop him up. you're in a race. stand on your own two feet. >> martha: you know, he's echoing something that we've seen quite a bit. >> appears to be no coat tails with this president. to openly say i don't want him coming here. remember when the president went to georgia to talk about voting rights. he and the vice president went down there in january. stacey abrams, that's her issue and she didn't want to be seen with this president. he's toxic. when you're on disapproval, that's not a winning message and a campaign ad to create for your opponent. >> martha: we're out of time. i would encourage to watch tucker's interview with tony bobulinski. it brings the questions about
12:59 pm
hunter biden back to light. that's in his interview tonight. must-see tv this evening. the tributes are pouring in to the first lady of country music. ♪ >> martha: wow. so much great video of her singing over the years. she was born a coal miner's daughter in kentucky, loretta lynn went on to make music history. the first woman named entertainer of the year by the country music association and the academy of country music. she won two grammys and former president obama awarded her the presidential medal of freedom back in 2013. carol king called her an inspiration. john rich telling fox that she was a "true original." and an embodiment of the
1:00 pm
american dream. her family says that loretta lynn died peacefully in her sleep today at her home in tennessee. she was 90 years old. what a life. so that's "the story" of this tuesday, october 4. the story goes on. thank you for being here with us today for this chapter. i look forward to seeing you tomorrow. have a great evening. see you then. >> neil: read i'm and leap. the dow joans closing up 826 points on top of yesterday's advance of 765 points. in case you're counting, that two-day advance is the single biggest we've seen going back to april of 2020. there's some news showing a slow down and that inflation right now could be getting curved maybe sooner than thought. this might be a leap of faith. what was not a leap of faith, a 180 on the par


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