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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  October 5, 2022 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>> that was a fast three hours. >> it really was. everyone, three hours with brian on the radio right after this. >> it will be exciting. >> see you tomorrow. >> bill: so much for the lower gas prices. the president's fuel strategy appears to be backfiring. experts warn it will get a whole lot worse as we say hello. good news to start, right? i'm bill hemmer live in new york. team is back together today. >> dana: i'm dana perino. this is "america's newsroom."enter these aren't the numbers the administration wanted. they might have been the ones they anticipated. the average price for a gallon of gas topping $3.83 nationwide. that's expected to keep going up. one of the driving factors is opec. >> bill: the mideast oil cartel
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plus russia meeting with allies in vienna and may announce up to 2 million barrels a day production cut. bad news for you and president biden. >> dana: the president visited saudi arabia this summer in hopes of convincing the kingdom to increase its oil output. that strategy now appears to have fallen flat. the white house is in damage control. >> when the president went to saudi arabia, he said i'm doing all i can to increase the supply for the united states of america, which i expect to happen. what happened? >> you know, his trip to the middle east was not about oil. it was about america's position. as i just mentioned, he took action these past several months. every day in the summer you saw prices tick down at the pump. >> bill: james freeman on deck with analysis. jacque heinrich is live at the white house where we begin this
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brand-new hour. good morning. >> good morning, bill. we're seeing the first reports of these cuts could be much deeper than expected between 1.5 and 2 million barrels per day. it is happening just as the white house is set to stop selling the country's strategic oil reserves this month, which would eliminate another million barrels per day from the global marketplace. the meeting is underway in vienna now. the announcement could come at any moment. despite considerable efforts from the white house to stop it. not least of them biden's fist bump with the saudi crown prince last summer that was not worth its price in political capital. top officials had no luck dissuading the saudis last month in a trip to the region. the white house reportedly asked the treasury secretary to tell finance ministers the impact would be disastrous for the global economy. >> we have to bear in mind we have no leverage with opec. the opec nations combined
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together are one of the top five holders of u.s. debt. we have no leverage. >> the timing is also terrible for the white house with the mid-terms a month away now oil industry heads say the administration is weighing a gas export ban and warned granholm in a letter yesterday it would backfire. banning or limiting the export of defined products would reduce domestic refining capacity, put upward pressure on consumer fuel prices and alienate u.s. allies during a time of war. they tell fox export ban would cause a net loss in us gdp and put americans out of work. america's national debt crossed the $31 trillion mark yesterday for the first time and this is happening as the fed is jacking up interest rates to combat record inflation. the president is set to meet with one of his biggest critics
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today, florida governor ron desantis, when he heads to the region to tour damage from hurricane ian, bill. >> bill: thanks. jacque heinrich from the north lawn. >> dana: james freeman assistant editorial page editor at the "wall street journal." you wrote another surge of greed in the biden era. rising gas prices bring back a favorite beltway excuse. what is it? >> it's big oil, green corporations, the problem that prices are rising is not any policy in washington, it is not about inflation or biden policy on energy production, it is about business people seeking advantage. >> dana: and it's interesting because i just had my assistant caroline pulled up for me to day. ron klain is retweeting a million tweets about gas prices going down in the past couple months, right? but then you have them taking credit for the fall in gas prices, watch here. >> i've been working to make
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sure that when the price of oil comes down the price at the pump comes down as well and comes down in realtime. >> we've seen gas prices go down for 14 weeks straight and that again is because of the work that this president is doing. >> dana: okay. so then is the opposite true? >> that's not according to the white house. it's a very clear line. when gas prices go down the president worked hard and now the problem is solved. when they go up as careen jon pierre explained yesterday there is a lot of nuance and it's putin, covid and all kinds of things the president doesn't control. in fact, this has a lot to do with the administration deciding they don't want to encourage u.s. energy production. here we are waiting for opec for the dictatorships in places like saudi arabia and russia and venezuela to decide whether we are going to have reasonable gasoline prices. >> bill: the truth is america knows it doesn't have to be this way. >> right.
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>> bill: two years ago we put ourselves in a position to avoid all this. jacque said the president will be in florida today on hurricane duty to bring a lot of comfort to floridians in the southwest coast. he will be with the florida governor ron desantis a day after al sharpton said biden intends to run in 2024. how do you see this meeting going today? >> a lot of political implications. this is an issue where we are a very divided polarized country now. one issue where there is an overwhelming bipartisan majority is around the opinion that president biden should not run for re-election. you see a lot of polls recently, democrats saying they don't want that. now, you know, we'll see how it goes. as we discussed, it is always dangerous when you get the president in a situation where he may be ad libing and speaking off the cuff. i think it's fingers crossed at the white house that there isn't an odd statement today while he
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is looking around the damage there. i would think trying to reflect a somber tone. >> dana: for the people of florida, this visit means a lot that the governor and president will work together to help them. for a lot of political analysts we'll read the tea leaves to see how they work together. an exchange yesterday the president made fun of the press for shouting questions. watch here. >> president biden: [inaudible] >> dana: i think it's great our american reporters are able to do that. >> seriously, like that was really true. only the american media asks questions of politicians. as we discussed, there is no constitutional requirement for him to talk to the press, to answer their questions. he doesn't have to. we the end to like transparency and presidents who are able to explain their policies, defend them in public. he has gone another route. it has a lot to do with why so
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many democrats are thinking maybe they need another candidate next time around. >> bill: he has referred to that in the past but it is an odd comment we can agree. >> fact check false by the way. >> bill: james freeman, "wall street journal." if you were watching last night in prime time the saga of hunter biden is unfolding. his former business partner claims the president's son and brother, jim biden, defrauded him. tony bobulinski talking again the alleged scheme cost him millions of dollars and involved deception by changing the name on a document. >> they removed oneida holdings and they replaced it with another business that hunter operated. he swapped out an entity he owned 20% of to a business where he owned 100% of, which is
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fraud. >> bill: bobulinski says the f.b.i., quote, altered history in the handling of hunter's laptop and the outcome of the election could have been different if the media did not censor it. the bidens expected to make billions of dollars based on this setup. the other thing he said is that the lack of curiosity on behalf of people all throughout the media is stunning. no one has contacted him. >> dana: the fact that the f.b.i. agent who recently retired, resigned, that he showed -- he had all the information and didn't do anything with it which is what the people that have been writing these stories suspected all along. more to come. two suspects charged in the deadly shooting of a father during the visit to his child at maris college in upstate new york are due in court friday. they have rap sheets a mile long.
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we have the details. >> this is a horrible story. this family is grieving now for this father who lost his life. according to local reports the gunman was already wanted on another charge, a key suspect in another murder in new york before investigators say he killed this innocent dad. this is roy johnson senior. he faces second degree murder charges now. according to local reports johnson junior was already wanted on drug and gun charges out of georgia and a key suspect in that new york murder case. but he walked free for months while on the run police say he killed the 54-year-old, a dad of three and a loving husband. he was gunned down while visiting his son as maris college in new york. it was supposed to be a nice family weekend on campus. it ended in tragedy for the family. the shooting was here on sunday morning in the lobby of the marriott. johnson got into an argument with a hotel employee about the coffee. then opened fire.
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he sprayed bullets around the room and killed coops who was down there about to check out. the family planning a funeral as neighbors are grieving. >> any one that meets him would love him. he is a great guy. his kids mean everything to him. >> here you can see heavily armed police responding to that hotel in new york. inside the suspect's room police found weapons and materials used to make explosives. more charges could be filed. the second suspect faces criminal weapons charges. they have lengthy criminal records, both convicted of felonies in the past. we reached out to the governor's office two days in a row for comments asking why the guy wasn't behind bars with that rap sheet. police tell they they were unaware this man had a warrant for his arrest until sunday after the murder. the last time they had contact with him was back in 2018.
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>> dana: alexis, thank you. >> bill: here it is now. the news out of vienna. opec plus which includes russia has decided to cut production of oil by 2 million barrels a day. now keep in mind that we've been releasing from the strategic petroleum reserve a million barrels a day to try to bring down the price of gasoline. this will have a significant impact. you have to wonder how much russia and vladimir putin is leading this charge on behalf of opec. >> dana: big news. also going to be big news for your wallets and gas prices out there. we'll bring you more on that. >> bill: mid-terms 33 days away thereabouts? i got it wrong yesterday. i think it's 33. crime is a driving issue in november including in this race in pennsylvania, dr. oz gaining ground on john fetterman. will that race be decided on public safety? >> suspected drug trafficker
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t- cook political report is joining fox news moving pennsylvania's senate race from lean democrat to toss-up. violent crime is becoming a major issue there. doctor oz promised to make the streets safer and hits his opponent for being soft on crime. watch here. >> in a town that he led for
6:19 am
many years, we continue to see high levels of violence. violent crime increased while he was there. >> he lies about my record on crime. the truth is that we in braddock, as mayor in a community with significant gun violence issues, i ran to be mayor for that reason. and for 51/2 years we stopped the killing. >> dana: bryan llenas joins us with the latest on this very close race. >> philadelphia and suburbs is a democrat stronghold. if dr. oz can cut into lieutenant governor john fetterman's margin of victory there it could be mean the difference between winning and losing. dr. oz is concentrating on record crime in philadelphia. the number of shooting and homicide youth victims age 18 years or younger has more than doubled since 2015. then there is this. >> you may have broken the law. they may have broken the law.
6:20 am
>> that's what john fetterman said after he chased down an unarmed innocent black man and held him at gun point. >> the supper pac affiliated with jewish coalition released new ads targeted to black voters. fetterman then the mayor of braddock armed with a shotgun tried to detain an unarmed black jogger. he said he heard gunshots and saw the man running and had nothing to do with race. crime and drugs are the second most important issue for pennsylvania's hispanic voters. the economy and inflation are first, abortion is fourth. that same poll found fetterman has a lead with hispanic voters. oz campaign hopes to win over voters over crime and -- >> dr. oz celebrated when roe v. wade fell and he called every abortion a murder.
6:21 am
and he also believes that the choice to decide belongs with him, not with women and their doctors. >> he seems to care more about the murderers than families of the victims. as evidenced by several cases. >> fetterman is holding two rallies in york and bucks county. >> dana: thank you for covering it today. >> bill: the news, dana. pain at the pump. soon to get more painful. opec will dramatically cut its oil production by 2 million barrels a day. mike sommers president of the american petroleum institute. good morning and thank you for coming back here. your initial reaction. they went for the 2 million. >> well, no one should be cheering this news, bill. i think this is bad news for american consumers. but the truth of the matter is that dependence on foreign countries for american oil and gas is a choice. it is a choice of this administration has made
6:22 am
repeatedly unfortunately with the policies that they have pursued so far. >> bill: do you believe -- this is inverted logic here -- that the left thinks higher gas prices will help their policies move forward faster? >> well, unfortunately that would be a tragedy if that's the way they think about this. the people most harmed by high gas prices are those that are at the lowest rungs of the poverty scale. we need to have a stable energy sources, stable energy sources that are from the united states to insure that we have reliable and affordable energy here at home. unfortunately right now the united states is about a million barrels of production down from where we were in 2019. that was a choice. there are policies being made right now in washington that are undermining american energy leadership. we can reverse those policies and api has a plan to do that.
6:23 am
and we're working with lawmakers right now, like-minded lawmakers who want to advance those policies and reverse some of the policies being put forward by this administration. the truth is -- >> bill: opec plus includes russia. who do you think is leading this parade, saudi arabia or putin? >> well, we should be very concerned about these countries that are trying to undermine american energy leadership and hurt american consumers. but the answer lies here at home. we have the resources here in the united states to develop right now. unfortunately this administration right now is talking about stopping development in the gulf of mexico. they aren't putting forward a new plan to do that. we're advancing policies that will develop these resources for american consumers. but again dependency on opec and other foreign countries for our energy is a choice. policymakers can reverse that choice if we do the right things.
6:24 am
>> bill: you won't get that under this administration. they've shown no inclination to do exactly that. you know that, right? >> well, unfortunately they're talking about things that would make the problem worse. right now they are talking about banning the export of refined products like gasoline, which would actually have the opposite effect of what they are intending to do, which is actually raise prices on consumers rather than cut prices for consumers during this very difficult time. and on the heels of this decision by opec. policymakers should be looking under our feet for the resources we have here at home. we can produce these products here. we can share these products throughout the world during a time of war. we have that choice. we can do it. >> bill: from your lips. mike sommers, thank you for your time from api. thank you for coming back with us, mike. we'll talk soon. >> dana: vladimir putin threatening to use the ultimate
6:25 am
weapon in his war against ukraine. how would the u.s. react if he does decide to go nuclear. national security council spokesman john kirby joins us next. going, going gone. aaron judge enters the record books, the yankees slugger. >> high fly ball, deep right, go, gone. he has done it! before starting...get checked for tuberculosis. an increased risk of infections some serious... and the lowered ability to fight them may occur. tell your doctor about an infection or symptoms... or if you've had a vaccine or plan to. tell your doctor if your crohn's disease symptoms... develop or worsen. serious allergic reactions may occur. watch me. ask your rheumatologist about cosentyx. >> tech: at safelite, we take care of vehicles with the latest technology. when my last customer discovered a crack
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>> dana: the fdny is set to give a promotion to ms. eling. she was killed in a random attack last week, stabbed to death near her station house. 24 years of service and sacrifice and ashley joins us live from long island where the ceremony is taking place today. >> hi there, the procession before her funeral will start here in 30 minutes at 10:00. funeral is set for 11:00 this
6:31 am
morning as the fdny and nypd are setting up for this all morning. she was the world trade center responder on 9/11 and stabbed 19 times in queens when she was grabbing food on duty. police say the attack was completely unprovoked and during the funeral service today she will be promoted to captain. the acting fire commissioner saying she was everything we look for in a leader. it is a sign of our deep respect and admiration for the selfless work she did throughout her career. the commissioner weighed in saying the attack was senseless on an on duty ems and a direct asolate on our society. here is how he described russ ing elling. >> she loved her family and the members she worked with at her station. she was considered the mother of that station. >> russo elling, mayor adams
6:32 am
will speak along with several other. she was the 1158th member of the fdny to die in the line of duty but the second to be murdered in the streets of new york city in the past five years. the 61-year-old had a heart of gold and she was that person who always wanted to make sure everybody got home safely. she was a mother and grandmother and she was just 6 to 7 months away from being able to retire. back to you. >> dana: thank you for that. we appreciate it. >> bill: wow. tough story there. meanwhile breaking news from overseas in vienna. opec plus is decreasing production by 2 million barrels a day. john kirby is with us now. good morning. hope you feel better from covid soon. want to get that negative test. it has been 21/2 months since president biden went to riyadh. was that trip a waste of time?
6:33 am
>> absolutely not, bill. we said at the time even before he left the trip was not about oil. it was about larger national strategic and national interest goals throughout the region to try to foster more integrated cooperative region. we said we would welcome an increase of production. there was a small increase of production after that trip. now they are adjusting back their numbers down a little bit here. opec plus has been saying and telling the word they're producing 31/2 million more barrels than they actually are. so in some ways this announced decrease really gets them back into more align with actual production. we haven't seen -- we haven't seen any dramatic shifts in the price of oil. still coming in at $90 a barrel. we have to see how it plays out over the long term. >> dana: the united states under president biden has been releasing a million barrels of oil per day from our emergency strategic petroleum reserve. that irked the saudis and probably putin as well.
6:34 am
putin is involved in this. is it in our national interest to be more independent when it comes to oil? we have the means to do so. will president biden reverse course and allow us to drill more? >> absolutely do agree that we need to be less dependent on opec plus and foreign producers of resources like oil. that's why the president did increase the draws from the strategic petroleum reserve to try to help stabilize this. it is a global market and why the president has issued more leases now for drilling here in the continental united states. that oil producing companies haven't taken advantage of fully. it is also why the president is working so hard on clean energy solutions. that's really the future. >> bill: well -- >> dana: got to get the permits, too. >> bill: in putin is leading the saudis and others to reduce
6:35 am
production he is sticking it to us. that's a problem for this administration and all americans who drive a car. meanwhile in ukraine putin is threatening nuclear weapons. from the "wall street journal." the nuclear threat is real and goes on to write mr. putin's army's are in retreat along much of ukraine. support at home looks threatened. the threat he poses to vital american interests and the threat he will use nuclear weapons in ukraine is real. how is this threat being taken at the white house? do you believe it's that real or do you believe it's just words? >> no, we take this seriously, bill. we have since the very beginning. i think you might recall you and i talking months ago not long into this invasion began where he started using this kind of rhetoric, very dangerous rhetoric about the potential use of nuclear weapons. we've taken it seriously since the very beginning. it is not the kind of thing we want to hear from the leader of
6:36 am
a modern nuclear power. we have been monitoring as best we can his nuclear posture to make whatever changes we have to do. thus far we have seen no indications that mr. putin has made a decision to use nuclear weapons of weapons of mass destruction inside ukraine and we have seen nothing that gives us pause to have to change our own strategic nuclear posture. so we're going to make sure we have the capabilities and readyness in place to defend our national security interests and those of our allies in europe against all threats. that's where we remain today. >> dana: one of those threats, the threat from putin, you have the tests from north korea, and you have iran continuing to try to get a nuclear weapon. that's a lot of risk for the american people. >> it is a lot of risk, dana, you are right. there are regimes out there pursuing capabilities or have at their disposal the capabilities that absolutely threaten our
6:37 am
national security and those of our allies and partners, which is why we're staying focused on this. you saw in the last couple of days in response to the north korean ballistic missile launch that went over the island of japan that we conducted some exercises, air exercises with our japanese counterparts and air exercises with south korean counterparts. we can protect the peninsula if it comes to bass. we won't allow iran to achieve the nuclear weapon. diplomacy doesn't appear to be working now. we aren't any closer to getting a deal with iran than we were a few months ago. that's unfortunate. but we still believe we need to have the capabilities in place in the region if diplomacy fails to defend ourselves and our allies. >> bill: the plate is full.
6:38 am
thank you for your time. a lot of instability out there. john kirby, thanks. come back soon. >> good to be with you. >> dana reads sports. >> dana: all rise for slugger aaron judge who hit his second home -- 62nd home run on tuesday night. watch this. >> high fly ball. it's gone, he has made history, he has done it. he has done it! 62. aaron judge is the american league single season home run leader, the king, case closed. >> dana: he broke the record of 61 previously held by roger maris playing for the yankees in 1961. the ball was caught by a rangers' fan. no word if it will be returned to judge. i will say that game was in texas and that reaction and that
6:39 am
outpouring of love and support and excitement for him was there. >> bill: thank goodness for the maris family. they have been going to the games for a month waiting for the records to be broken. then the whole country started paying attention. some people think that pitch last night was a little too obvious, just saying. watch it again and ask yourself. >> dana: he threw the game? >> bill: i didn't say that. it was on a platter. back to that in a moment. there is this first, check it out. >> you can be poisoned from the lightest amount. you can take like my brother did took one pill and he was dead. and that could be you. and you could leave your family. so just please think about that. >> bill: heart felt message from an actress after losing her brother to fentanyl. she joins us to share her story next hour. ten cities relocating.
6:40 am
a major revolution from new york city mayor eric adams criticizing his own party's border policy. tyrus in studio. all rise, we shall. >> dana: applause and everything. ♪ veteran homeowners, need cash? with the newday 100 loan, there are no upfront costs for appraisal or termite inspections. no upfront costs at all to get the cash you need. veterans get more at newday. ooh, the chewy app. clumping litter. salmon paté? we have enough to splurge on catnip toys! i feel so accomplished. pet me please!
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>> bill: big visit from the president in florida. search continues there as the death tolls rises to 75 in florida alone. many of the harder hit areas struggle to access food and water. steve harrigan is in arcadia, florida today with more. steve. >> one week in that struggle continues here in de soto county, 35,000 people still stuck in water that officials say will be around at least another week. trapped by 20 inches of rain. homes, cars, all disappearing underneath that water. no deaths reported here. but nearby lee county the sheriff said finally their emergency level calls are getting back to a normal level. >> we had over 3800 calls for service that were holding. welfare checks, call to 911, all the stuff that we could not get to during this catastrophic event and today we are back to
6:46 am
the normal flow of traffic, not holding calls because of my fellow brothers and sisters in law enforcement that have come from every where to help us. >> the national guard has set up distribution points for battled water, food as well as fuel. one point, we just talked to a couple by the side of the road. they said they were looking for their car, not because they didn't know where they parked it but because it has floated away somewhere and they don't know where. >> bill: tough stuff. arcadia, florida. >> we also need, as i said yesterday, the far right is doing the wrong thing and the far left is doing nothing. i mean, everyone needs to be in this game. these people who are saying that don't put folks here, don't put folks there. the silence, i don't believe the silence that i'm hearing. >> dana: new york city mayor eric adams is teeing off on his
6:47 am
own party progressives blaming the far left for doing nothing on the border surge after adams announced to relocate the migrants. i thought this was interesting. for all the complaining about what abbott and ducey and desantis did. now eric adams is making to similar comments that you hear cuellar saying i can't get the white house to return my calls. >> i think eric's come to jesuss moment when you look through the lenses, he was very dishonest and blaming abbott for all the influx when abbott was less than 5% of the immigrants that were coming in. so then he went to do the tent city and got backlash from his own party. so because again the unaffected love to tell the affected what to do and then when a fraction
6:48 am
of it shows up at your doorstep they are throwing their arms up and having a fit because he did the tent city. he thought it was a brilliant idea. he will blame everybody. he is stuck. >> bill: he said i don't believe the silence i'm hearing, the far left. imagine the border towns. talk about silence. they've been screaming for two years. >> a fraction of what's going on at the border and he can't believe it. he even has places to place them and able to make a tent city. the cities on the border don't have any room. >> bill: he said the flow in new york city is beyond our imagination. i think he was getting about 400 a day for a couple of days. there is no imagination needed when our reporters have the drones in the air on a daily basis. >> on average i think the number this morning or last night was 1400 that was apprehended at the border. >> dana: pull this up. border patrol chief ortiz saying
6:49 am
over the weekend 1400 migrants apprehended, five rescues, four gang members arrested. two firearms seized. over 300 pounds of meth, 2.75 pounds of fentanyl. great job. they are doing their best. >> that's one night. don't take a day off. don't get some rest fellows on the line. more will get through. you hear him having a fit because this is exactly the problem that we're seeing with politics is the unaffected get affected and they can't believe it. it is such a small percentage of what is actually going on. hopefully he will actually support what is going on at the border. >> bill: the tent city in the bronx was built for 15,000. i believe that's the number. it defies the imagination as to how large it could go unless this administration reverses policy. there is no signal right now
6:50 am
they will. >> you don't listen to what your neighbor is complaining about because you close your door. when the family is complaining about it and his side is complaining about it maybe the white house will start to listen. >> dana: aoc the congresswoman from that area complained as well raised her hand. there are so many issues she doesn't talk about, like the crime in new york. she doesn't talk about that? >> she doesn't talk about anything unless it affects her. there might be a shopping center or somewhere she likes to go obstructing her view. she has been probably the most inconsistent politician i have ever seen. she complains about how much she gets paid, she complains about her car's gas being too expensive. wants student loans paid. the most angry, affected first world problem politician i've ever seen. she doesn't want anything around her. fine if it's around everyone else. i'm glad i don't live in that district. >> bill: nice to see you. to be official it's 13,000 as of seven days ago. >> there you go.
6:51 am
shame on you. it was a good pitch, bill. no conspiracy theories. >> bill: the pitch? >> we solved that problem. let the world know he is a cincinnati red fan so he is bitter and angry. he doesn't want to see shine anywhere. shame on you. >> always a pleasure. good job on sports, dana. >> bill: 34 days before mid-terms. latest fox news power ranking shows the race is a toss-up. rick masters wants to be senator. small businesses are struggling to keep up with inflation. the cost of food and fuel rise, many forced to make a difficult decision. we'll talk with a restaurant owner about the decisions they're making as we speak coming up. ♪ ♪ you know how i feel ♪ (coughing)
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think he's posting about all that ancient roman coinage? no, he's seizing the moment with merrill. moving his money into his investment account in real time and that's... how you collect coins. your money never stops working for you with merrill, a bank of america company. >> dana: inflation taking its toll on small businesses from
6:57 am
the cost of food, gas and trying to get workers it is proving to be very difficult and becoming an unfamiliar reality that many owners are forced to cut corners or close for good. the owner of cafe raymond in pittsburgh, pennsylvania, is one of those owners who made the decision to close his business. our good friend wrote about our story the other day. i was moved by it. tell people what you have been going through. how long you have been in business and why you decided now is the time to wrap it up? >> hi, guys, i've been in business almost 16 years now and i just feel like i explained to selena, they just beat you down so much that i don't have the fight to fight them any more and try to stay open and hire people. it has been, you know, almost three years and i just don't have it in me any more at this point in my life. i have a passion for what i do
6:58 am
but i don't want to do it this way no more. >> dana: do you think that covid really made the difference for you here? >> well, yeah, covid and then it just changed the world as we know it. it changed the work ethic for everybody. a lot of young people. you just can't -- i pull my hair out. i can't hire anybody. it doesn't matter what you pay them for anything of the sort. anybody i do hire they quit in two days because they don't want to -- we're busy, you know. a lot of people think i'm not busy. i'm busier than we've ever been with a third of the staff. and there are times that i have to close down while we're open in prime business hours, i close for 20 minutes because we're out of plates, silverware, everything, coffee cups, and, you know, i clean the place now. i don't want to, it is just
6:59 am
overwhelming. i have a big restaurant. it seats almost 200. and we're local, we help the community. we do anything we can do and it is just -- just don't want to do it this way. >> dana: it feels like america's small businesses. government is not working for them but the system is not working and right now inflation plus the strange period where we can't find workers. you are not alone, mike. so many people are in your same shoes. what have you decided to do so we can wish you well? >> we're actually relocating out west to montana. my wife and my kids, we're all moving. i just looking somewhere else to start over and i know i'll be successful, but it's sad. i get upset when i talk about it because i got my life invested in this. but at this level it is not worth it.
7:00 am
it just goes upon deaf ears when you talk to people. it's overwhelming sometimes. >> dana: i can hear it and i know you are proud of that community there but you will be welcomed with open arms in montana, no doubt about that. we wish you continued success. thank you for coming on to share your story. >> yeah, thanks for having me. appreciate it. >> dana: take care, mike. southern border numbers keep getting worse. numbers setting new records as it weighs heavily on voter's minds ahead of the election. >> bill: good morning. welcome back. del rio sector reporting its busiest and deadliest year on record. more than 470,000 apprehensions, at least 260 migrant deaths. something that is not reported often. fox news getting exclusive ride along with the department of public safety in texas revealing how dangerous it is for mi


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