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tv   Hannity  FOX News  October 5, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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don't stop asking questions. pathetic. well, that's it for us tonight. sadly, we're out of time. we'll be back tonight and every night. have the best night a man that nobody messes with. sean thannity next. >> sorry. i forgot. joe biden. i was thinking as you were playing that -- let's go brandon. does he remember what people said at that time? you can't make this stuff up. tucker, thank you. welcome to hannity. tonight we begin in florida where hurricane recovery efforts are ongoing. earlier today biden made that special trip to the sunshine state where he was in fact caught on that hot mic saying exactly what we just told you. >> i was. >> no one was -- >> that's exactly right. >> such a tough guy, going to
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take him behind the school and beat him up. tough guy. but he falls over with the wind, going on air force one. nobody fs with the biden except for venezuela, saudi arabia, every other opec nation. we'll explain in detail. recently, biden got on his knees, hands and knees begging and pleading the saudi's crown prince to please produce more oil. he's been begging opec as well. the same crown prince in this case that biden openly refer to as a pariah, that he accused of torturing and murdering the journalist jamal kavhogghi. opec says they will be reducing oil production by a whopping 2 million barrels a day that will reduce supply and increase the price of the a barrel of oil. this is not only deeply humiliating for joe biden and the u.s., most importantly, it is painful to millions of
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americans. now, gas buddies, patrick is predicting opec's decision today will drive passes up to 15 to 30cents per gland. look at this, $5 in reno. $6.42 in california. that's average. $5.47 in oregon. $4.51 in arizona. and here we go again. this year alone, american families, they are shelling out a whopping $7,200 to cover cost associated all due to biden he is inflation, recognizeless spending -- wreckless spending. $7,200 per household. this is beyond devastating to the poor, the middle class and, of course, it's clobbering those people on fixed intcomes. but remember, nothing is ever biden's fault. he gets credit when grams go down -- gas prices go down, but he doesn't take the blame when they go back up.
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last week they were lashing out blaming oil companies, now they're saying that opec is colluding with mother russia. >> look, it's clear that opec is aligning with russia with today's announcement. and i'll leave it as that, as i just laid out. we're dealing with a time where we are, you know, the global market -- the global economy is responding to putin's war. >> that's the thing about exporting your energy needs. you cannot control what other countries do. joe biden caused all of these problems when he abandoned the energy independence policies that he inhgot from donald trumo now what's biden's response? get this. you're going to love this. he now plans to beg another anti-american country, a dictator, thug to get more oil and has a new proposals to lift
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sanctions on venuezuela. if there's a chance, it can help salvage a few seats for the democrats in the mid terms. this is insanity but it gets worse. today the white house announced another 10 million barrels of oil will be released from the strategic petroleum reserve despite promising to do the exact opposite only yesterday. watch. >> the strategic petroleum reserve, the runoff release that 1 million barrels a day ends at the end of this month. is there any conversations about releasing more oil from the strategic oil reserve? how is the president going to keep the supply up? >> we're not considering new releases, releases from the strategic petroleum reserve beyond the 180 million, which is you're talking about, that the president announced months ago. we don't have anything more to share. we're not going to be considering new releases. >> don't forgot.
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the petroleum reserve, that is intended for national emergencies. look at how much he is depleted, those reserves. it's for an emergency. biden has almost completely drained the supply. we are now at a 40 year low. it is not a national emergency, joe, that democrats are likely to lose an election so you artificially raise the world supply of oil in a lead up to an election to low the price to create a false perception that you've done something good. you're now creating a national security vulnerability because you're draining the very reserves before an election to reduce and lower prices. it's only a band-aid. i told you it was only a band-aid. and you will only do it to election day and then of course you're going to have to pay the piper. and yet grams continue -- gas prices continue rise. here's a new flashes to the white house. there's a clear-cut way of giving an answer to increase america's supply of oil, gas and
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bring down cost and it doesn't involve -- or lifting sanctions on venezuela or iran or emptying or petroleum reserves. right now american companies with american workers, they can produce more oil and gas right here in america 'cause we have hundreds and hundreds a years' worth of resources. all they need, joe, is your permission and commitment that you're not going to undercut them and a year from now after they invest hundreds of millions of dollars. so that's it. it's that simple. approve federal oil leases are at a four decade low. domestic drilling and exploration restrictions are at an all time high. and the u.s. oil and gas association, they just tweeted, quote, the white house has one option left and it is the one option they should have never turned away from in the first place, and that is the u.s.-based oil and gas industry. now, sadly, that option will require logic and common sense that doesn't seem to exist
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inside the climate alarmist cult for whatever reason. this cult, it gives democrats a free pass to import all from anywhere in the world so long as we don't produce it right here at home domestically and use american workers and give them high paying career jobs. that doesn't seem to make sense at all whatsoever. but remember, this is its same group of people that believe that every single weather event, if it's a hot day in the summer, if it's a hurricane during hurricane season, if it's snow in the winter, all of it is climate change. in fact, just today, biden proudly announced that hurricane ian settled the debates surrounding global warming once and for all. i can't believe it, but he said it. take a look. >> the reservoirs out west are down to almost zero. we're in a situation where the colorado river looks more like a stream. there's a lot going on. and i think the one thing this is finally ended is the discussion about whether or not there's climate change and we should doing something about it.
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>> how does that explain all the hurricanes in the 1920s, 30s, 40s? so think about it. joe biden is so deeply concerned with climate change that he now refuses to produce oil and gas in the u.s., instead will try to import it from venezuela. let me ask, does it impact mother earth if you import oil from venezuela, iran, saudi arabia, opec countries or russia? does it have the same impact on mother earth? this is a country, venezuela, that has almost zero environmental regulations, especially on massive gas powered oil tankers across the country. the biden white house is a disaster. i fear it's only going to get worse from here. joining us now from the fox business network, our friend charles payne is back with us. let's talk about the oil fiasco. is it really going to make venezuela rich again? we're going to reward this thug two bit dictator? we're going to make a deal with the iranians?
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>> absolutely. that's it. you know, and here's the crazy thing. you talk about environmentally poor track record of venezuela -- that's also some really heavy crude. it takes a lot of solar energy to refine it. it is so stupid, so dumb. it doesn't make sense on any level from a humanitarian point of view, from an economic point of view, from a geopolitical point of view, for the defense of safety of americans and the world in the western hemisphere, it doesn't check any of those boxes. in fact, it makes everyone single one of them absolutely worse. by the way, it's going to get a whole lot worse, sean. this conversation we're having right now, we're going to have another conversation similar to this a year from now, in two years from now, three years from now because the lack of investment in fossil fuels in this country is going to be cataclysmic to us. this whole notion that we're going to flip a switch, no pun attended and be on solar and wind in two or three years is mind boggling. it's wrong.
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everyone involved must know it's wrong. >> well, charles -- >> i'm reminded what's do think -- yeah. go ahead. >> you know, all these oil producing countries have one thing in common. they're facilitiy they're rich. they got to be looking at the u.s. and thinking we're pretty dumb because they're as aware as you and i are, that in fact, we have more natural resources than they do. if we ever became energy independent and take it not next level, which will be energy dominance and we provide all of western europe with all of their energy needs, wouldn't that make america rich also? >> it would. and it's secure and safe. here's the thing. it's not just america, right? in germany -- i used a schematic in 1974 where germany predicted overwhelmingly all of their power will be coming from nuclear power plants. of course, they scratched that.
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they built natural gas facilities. now they're trying to expedite them. it takes years to build them. it's the suicide that we are seeing by western nations -- again, general knew reflecting to this green utopia, but they're crushing the sternz. the big question mark in europe is how they're going to keep them warm in the winter? here's the thing. we were blessed. we have this under our feet at this very moment. a very few countries have as many reserves as we do, the technology that we have. fracking is a technology miracle. for anyone out there that thumb their nose or suggest oil is evil. i guarantee you, they don't go without an hour using an oil biproducts. if you think you're going to get to a green utopia, at least be smart about it.
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it's 20 years away, 30 years away, if it's ever possible at all. >> great to have you. thank you, my friend. >> now, we turn to a tweet from our colleague, our friends heraldo. he seems to think that governor detan cyst will -- see san tis will fill the wrath for sending a plane load of migrants to martha's vineyard. the polls say otherwise. the latest may poll showing ron desantis a commanding lead, including historical high support among florida's hispanic voters. these same voters also support ron desantis and his decision to relocate the volunteers to go -- that he sent to martha's vineyard. they volunteered to go. these voters also support the governor's tough on crime policies, including a recent arrest of illegal immigrants who are attempting to loot areas
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ravaged by hurricane ian. here now with reaction. he's the cohost of the new fox nation special, the doping of america. heraldo along with fox and friends cohost. all right. i'm going tell you what. i'm going to ask you tonight to put your money where your mouth is. every year -- it's my honor to donate to your charity. you name the price, you name the amount, and i will bet you that ron desantis will do dramatically better with hispanic voters in florida this election year n34 days, than he did in 2018. you tell me the amount of money you want to bet. charity to charity. >> well, we'll do the same thing we did last year, sean. i think that the charity should benefit regardless of who's right on who wins the governorship -- >> i donate to charity anyway. i'm talking about above and beyond what i do. >> you're a compassionate
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person. and i want to say hello to major also. >> hello. >> there are some points i have to make here. i don't think that there's a person in this country who doesn't think that what governor desantis did in sending those venezuelians to martha's vineyard was a political stunt. now, i don't mind -- >> but when the props are human beings, i mean, come on. >> excuse me. joe biden is doing it every single day, herald o. by the way, he's letting people in. he's not enforcing the law. aiding and abetting human trafficking, giving them prefer antial treatment. so don't lecture me about ron desantis sending 52 people to martha's vineyard and the people there got rid of those immigrants within 24 hours. so 52 people. so i don't think it's going to hurt them. >> there's no doubt that desantis is trying to play this
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to his political advantage. my goodness -- >> he's making a point. >> look at the press conference he had today about the looters, the illegal alien looters. >> which is -- >> which is five guys -- >> is it true or false? >> i want the governor desantis to crack down on anyone that was taking advantage of what's happening in florida. i think it's horrible. it's despicable. but on the other hand, you know, while a punk is a punk in terms of these criminals and what they did, would he have made such a fuss over these guys if they were not illegal aliens? >> heraldo, i find this amazing. joe biden -- and i'll throw this to pete. joe biden has allowed a record up to this point 2 million illegal immigrants into the country. he gives them prefer anti--al treatment. he transports them all over the country in the dark at night. and heraldo wants to focus on the 50 people that ron desantis sent to an sanctuary island call
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martha's vineyard mart. they volunteered to go, pete. all of them seem happy at the opportunity. >> they volunteered to go from a nonsanctuary state to a sanctuary state. my dear friends, you and others told us that donald trump would bleed support amongst hispanics because of his stances on illegal immigration. instead, they supported him in spades beyond what republicans had before. hispanic voters believe in rule of law and borders and equal justice. and what they see at our southern border is a complete abdication of a retreat on the belief that we are a nation state. so they support the idea that if you come to florida illegally and you want to volunteer to go to a sanctuary state, go right ahead. and, oh, by the way, if your first action coming into this country was breaking our laws, which illegals are doing, then why wouldn't you think your section or third action might be, hey, if i break another law, i won't have consequences. ron desantis is saying we
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believe in citizenship and laws in florida. and if you don't play by those rules, go somewhere else. >> ron desantis -- >> and martha's vineyard place. >> he is using human beings as personal propose -- you can't use people to make your political points in the way that they did that. >> they volunteered to go there, to one of the richest places in america where they say they embrace the illegals but they ship them off with the national guard as fast they can. because it never was about that. it was about a campaign slogan. ron desantis is -- >> i have no problem with that. >> he's a governor. >> i have no problem going after the politicians. i have no problem going after the politicians. but this is a real person. a flesh and blood person that you are using as a prop to go -- well, i got a great idea, says
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desantis where he goes on abbot's airplanes sending them -- he's so sharp elbow to make any kind of political gain. >> heraldo, you know if they're sent to the middle of the night do you know where they know where to go? >> all i know -- >> you have no idea. the biden administration is -- and you have no idea in the dead of night. because ron desantis does it one time in front of television cameras, now they're props. >> are they props? it may be wicked clever but it was a -- it was a stunt that used people in an exploitive way. and i think that the venezuelians in south florida will remember what he did with the venezuelians sending them to martha's vineyard. that's my prediction. >> what about the articles that came out that says that modero
6:19 pm
emptying his prisons and sending people to the border? does that bother you at all, heraldo? >> this group -- all i can say is what i -- does that report. >> does that bother you? >> this is not a swaggering bunch of of these thieves. this was men and women -- >> heraldo, you're ducking. does that report bother you. >> there has to be some decent see. >> is that desent. >> i was there. i've been in venezuela. i was there in 2002 in the -- i can condemn that. of course, i do. >> all right. >> i got to -- >> we're talking about exploitation of people for political gain. >> that's right. joe biden is exploiting the 2 million people he allowed in the
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country. that's right. all right. thank you both. >> coming up, with less than five weeks until the all important mid terms 34 days, we continue vetting the left radical candidates. ron johnson, j.d. vance will join us with the very latest on their campaign. straight ahead. ♪ age before beauty? why not both? visibly diminish wrinkled skin in just two days. new crepe corrector lotion only from gold bond. champion your skin.
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>> all right. more disturbing tonight regarding wisconsin candidate. democratic mandela barns who is refusing to apologize for mocking republican congressman steve scalise. remember he was shot on a crazed leftist on a virginia baseball field. he tweeted he was taking one for the team by standing up for gun rights. of course, these are sick and
6:25 pm
pretty despicable comments and only a small sample of the kind of extreme candidate mandela barns really is. now he's repeatedly attacked police and repeatedly defended left wing. this is a must win hold and senator ron johnson is continuing to gain more momentum as more and more is learned about barnes. and senator johnson joins us now. senator, great to see you. let's see. he wants to defund the police. he wants to open up the prisons. he believes that illegal immigrants should get instate tuition and driver's licenses opinion supports every part of the socialist green new deal, even was part of the radical working families party. he wants to get rid of the legislative fill busker, no restrictions on abortion. legalize marijuana. he logged more than ten tiles as many -- times as many hours for personal security. and of course, the steve scalise comments. i think you're a lucky man,
6:26 pm
senator, because you exposing that record means you will win the state of wisconsin. >> well, sean, you're right. he's a radical leftist, but he's hiding in sheep's clothing. of course, he's got the media that amplifying the lies he's telling about me. but you mention the security that he views the state patrol. over $600,000. 13.5 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. this is somebody who wants to defund police. he's hostile to law enforcement. and yet he's happy to use them as his personal chauffeur service all around the state. and out of state as well. so he's a hypocrite. he's a radical leftist. he needs to be defeted but i'm
6:27 pm
going to anying the resources. >> obviously, that's the case. are people of wisconsin fully aware of that record that i just outlined? in other words, do they know it? are they being told? is it coming out? will you have debates with him? >> i think there has been a shift in the polls because truth is getting out. he's pretty good at hiding. we're smoking the mountain. we're going to have a debate on friday and another one on thursday. he's starting to be interviewed, but, you know, sean i've done hundreds -- more than 100 interviews since he was a -- became the nominee. he had done until recently about four. he's in hiding. he doesn't want wisconsinians to know who he is. the ads he's running, he's buying milk. he's making a peanut butter sandwich. he doesn't talk about his hostility about law enforcement. he doesn't talk about the fact that he said the -- that he implies that our -- he won't and the news media here in wisconsin
6:28 pm
won't tell wisconsinians truth. that's why i need help from your viewers so we can get the truth out so he does not serve the u.s. senate. >> senator, this race is a must hold republicans are to have any chance of winning back the senate and having control, which is critical. and we appreciate you being with us and updating us. thank you. we'll have you back. >> now with just 34 days until all these all important midterm elections and they are really important. democrats in key swing states are all on defense. they're doing everything that they can do to re-write their record. and of course none of them want to be seen campaigning with joe biden. now listen to this spin from ohio democrat tim ryan about why biden won't be joining him on the campaign trail. see if you believe this. >> i'm guessing you're not inviting the president to join you here in the campaign trail anytime soon? >> no. i'm not. and i'm really not inviting anybody. like, i think, you know, jd has
6:29 pm
to invite trump, he's got to invite don jr. and lindsey graham, he's got to invite ron de desantis. look, brother, you're in a competition. you're in a race. stand on your own two feet. >> and of course tim ryan has been all in on the biden agenda. he's backed every major piece of legislation endorsed by biden. as a matter of fact, he's 100% in terms of biden support on issues. ryan wants to abolish the fili filibuster. he wants to ban gas powered cars by 2040. he voted for the xl keystone pipeline. he banned fracking. he called the criminal justice system the new jim crow and so much more. here with reaction, j.d. advance. your race just like ron johnson's. critical for the republican to take the senate. 34 days to go.
6:30 pm
his words about his radical views getting out? >> yeah. it's starting to get out, sean. look, you're exactly right. this is a guy who runs away from joe biden because even though he supports joe biden's policies 100%, and that's not an exaggeration, he knows that the people of hay -- ohio are too smart so he have to sprint away from the bgsz. sean, he's running an entire campaign of lying to the people of ohio about where he actually stands. he lies about defunding the police. he lice about supporting the open border. he lice about destroying the ohio energy economy. we need everything that we can get from your viewers from everybody else to help us tell the truth about tim ryan. 'cause when we tell the truth about tim ryan, we're going to win this race and big. i encourage everybody go to send whatever you can because this guy is trying to lie his way into the u.s. senate. if he suck seeds, he's going -- ske
6:31 pm
succeeds, he's going to continue the two years of radicalism that we've seen instead of helping us in ohio. that's why people have to go to and help us out. >> maybe one of the worst moment is senator chuck schumer is here and i want to make sure that he's my future boss and i got to suck up a little bit. you're right. it's not an exaggeration. he voted with biden 100% of the time. he's never gone against his own party. so on all of these issues from eliminating the filibuster, no restrictions on abortion, he's a climate alarmist cult member. he is the radical left, but is he portraying himself that way on the campaign trail or is he lying to the people of ohio? >> he's lying to the people of ohio, sean. you would think that this guy is a conservative republican based on his tv ads. he act like he's tough on china even though he's trying to destroy the american energy sector which is a critical point of fighting against china.
6:32 pm
he says he supports tough on border policy. he's never seen a piece of legislation, sean. he's just -- it's a crazy campaign strategy to effectively lie about every position you've ever had in order to win a senate seat. and it came out today, sean, that he's helping -- he's being funded -- if you're in ohio, you see a tv commercial. it's being funded by some of the companies that help caused the opioid problem. this is the kind of guy that tim ryan is. and if we want to stop him from getting into the senate, people have got to support me >> are there going to be debate? >> we're going to have debates. actually, our first debate is on monday n cleveland. he ran away from the debates a little bit. it looks like we finally got some agreement on some debates. look, i'm really looking forward to it because i'm going to stand
6:33 pm
on that stage and tell the people of ohio exactly what will his record is and how that record totally contradicts the person he pretends to be. across the country, sean, democrats know that we are wise not failures of democrat policies so they're trying to pretend to be something that they're not. but guarantee, when he says that chuck schumer is his boss, what he's saying is the people of ohio are not his boss. when i go to the senate, sean, the people of ohio are going to be my boss, not chuck schumer, not joe biden, not any political leader of any party. if you want to be a good senator, you got to stand for your own people. >> all right. jd vance, all important state of ohio. thank you for being with us. >> still ahead. we'll do the job of the media mob. we'll vet the candidates, turn our attention to all the important senate races in north carolina and pennsylvania. we'll check in with dr. oz. it's time to pay attention. we'll continue.
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>> all right. the trust fund brat from a hoodie, the guy that tries to look like a working guys with tattoos. john fetterman campaign is going bad to worse tonight. his poll voters are sinking avoters learn more and more about his really extreme record. probably the most extreme candidate the democrats are running this election season. and -- which we continue to show you night after night. it is up on the screen right now. john fetterman has an undeniably pro criminal record. last night on msnbc, he struggled with the basic softball question. take a look. >> and i suspect he ever will because he understands how extreme it is and he wants to lie and make sure people pretends that he doesn't have
6:39 pm
the exact same views as doug maistriaon is. >> don't forget how this ad is. he probably -- if we look at the record, there's been nobody running for office that ever supported the release of more murderers than john fetterman. take a look. >> news reports show he caught and killed a teenager to buy heroin against the concerns of the victim's family. john fetterman voted to set him free. as crime rages, he wants to take his radical voting record to the senate. pennsylvania can't afford fetterman. >> here with reaction, dr. mehmet. no restrictions on abortion, moratorium on fracking, he's released more murderers than any other senate candidate that we can find in the history of the country, supports groups like blm and the crips.
6:40 pm
that was new to me. wants taxpayers funded heroin injection sites. he wants to sue oil companies. support sanctuary cities and state. my favorite incident is he takes on an innocent african-american who did nothing wrong and which hases him down and puts a shotgun in his face and holds him there. and he won't debate until the last week of this campaign, but he wants closed caption -- a teleprompter. this is the guy that said in the primary that the people in pennsylvania deserve three debates, at least, so they can see the candidates together. what happened to that point of view? >> well, he's not holding that view closely to his heart these days. it's been tough wrestling him down to a partial debate, which we're hoping to do two weeks before the election. here's the deal. he's not answering questions from anybody. all the point you just made should require him to articulate some response. but he doesn't do that. he doesn't answer your questions
6:41 pm
on the campaign trail from voters, from the press. won't talk to me. the pittsburgh post gazette asked him to release his medical records. doesn't respond. the challenges around having more debates, having earlier debates, having longer debates, doesn't answer. here's the reality. as lieutenant governor he led an administration that offered crippling anti-energy and antibusiness policies. you pointed out a few of these but the rhetoric is crippling to our -- the energy industry. it's the hard to work industry when lieutenant governor is saying it's a stain on pennsylvania or we should have a moratorium on drilling. you pointed out that he want to prosecute energy executives for their doing their job. the u.s. exam better of commerce endorsed me because they know that john fetterman is not going to do good things for the working people of pennsylvania, independent of many of the other issues we can talk about. that's why if you're concern, then you should go, please go to
6:42 pm
dr. >> i want to get to the knitty gritty here. you started down this campaign double digits. you're now a point of him and closing quickly. it seems like the message is finally gotten out. it's amazing that the people of pennsylvania, that the media in your state, unfortunately, has not done a good job vetting him. they allowed him, like joe biden -- they allowed joe biden in 2w0 2020 to hide in his basement. he never answered tough questions. the rare interviews he's doing is on msnbc. he's not answering any questions from the mainstream media. when he makes an appearance, he might talk about for five minutes and let other people talk 30 minutes and walks off the stage without taking a question. how long is it going to be allowed to go on? we only got 34 days left. >> sean, i'm stunned it's still happening. i call on the media every day 'cause i do talk to the media,
6:43 pm
answer questions. yesterday i was getting the support of the fraternal order of police. they don't like john fetterman because they realize he's a present danger. and i had all the press there. the press -- and i asked what you're asking me. why aren't you asking these difficult questions? john fetterman at least clarify his stance on public safety. some of these issues on drugs are harmful to our young ones. he believes that we should decriminalize all drugs and have heroin injection sites. i was in north philly at a prayer vigil 'cause we got so many homicides that we're trying to come together to bring peace to the streets, of course, he doesn't show up. but he endorsed a program that oregon has already put forward with the decriminalization with drugs that result in a 50% increase in drug deaths and a 40% increase in homicides. this is what he wants for pennsylvania. and i say no way, please come to
6:44 pm
-- >> he's been a trust if you want brat. the hoodie, the tattoos. listen, there are real working people. he tries to portray himself as one. he's never had a real job in his life. he got a home from his family. he was supported by his parents all till he's 50. shows up he owns six homes. where did he get the money for it? 'cause he didn't work. and then he didn't pay taxes on them. but he wants to raise taxes for the people of pennsylvania. explain that one. we have about ten seconds. >> he hasn't paid his own taxes 67 times. i think the decision is clear here. we got to stay focus on the three big issues. >> and fet man release your medical records. stop hiding. anyway, dr. oz. thank you. >> we now head down to north carolina where republican senate candidate ted budd he is on the rise. he's gaining momentum and
6:45 pm
exposing the radical position of his opponent. beasley has a procriminal history on the bench. she also amplified the violent rioting in the summer of 2020. she has made it clear she is a sure vote for the democrats antipolice, defund, dismantle, no bail procrime agenda. as of now, he is in the thread and he joins us right now. north carolina republican senate and candidate. you're ahead in this race but it's closer than it should be. what i'm noticing is a trend, and that is that only now are people beginning to catch up with the radicalism of candidates that the democrats are running. do you think the people in north carolina are fully aware of her record? >> well, sean, most people out there aren't really political. they're just trying to make their lives work, especially what joe biden's done to them in
6:46 pm
the last two years. gas is more expensive. it's harder. it's cost $7,200 for an average family. and instead of supporting energy, she wants 87,000 more irs agents. she's antipolice, which is -- you know, she's voted -- or she supported defund the police movement. done fundraises are leaders that defund the police. law enforcement organization which have previously endorsed her when she was that leftist judge now says this is too much. now, they have supported me. the north carolina police troopers association, the north carolina fraternal order of police, all organizations, sean which once supported her, now they're supporting me. i'm grateful for their support. we got to win this in 34 days. i want to plead with you and your supporters out there, with your viewers. go to because without them, we can't win this.
6:47 pm
>> all right. well said, ted budd. you want to expand that lead? i think the more that people learn more about your opponent, the more support you'll get. appreciate you being with us. when we come back, another day another grab from biden. you're not going believe the latest hot mic moment. still ahead. [school bells] when pain says, “i'm here,” i say, “so are they.” ♪ aleve - who do you take it for?
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california, mountains, oceans, natural wonders, diverse and creative people. but when the out-of-state corporations behind prop 27 look at california, they see nothing but suckers. they wrote prop 27 to give themselves 90% of the profits from online sports betting in california. other states get much more. why is prop 27 such a suckers deal for california? because the corporations didn't write it for us. they wrote it for themselves.
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>> all right. your president joey had a bizarre exchange today telling a florida man that no one fs with the bidens. take a look. >> i was. >> to one fs with the bidens. >> you got that right. >> and you can't argue outside the house. >> that's exactly right. that's exactly right. >> that's exactly right.
6:52 pm
take a look at your screen. this is odd. ask yourself, why does biden always need a third microphone? what's joey doing there? anyway, here to try to answer that much more, adam could he row lea. in the beginning when i was talking about joe's being weak, frail and a cog advenitive mess i hit we hit a tipping point. let's take your part on yo's cognitive ability. >> well, jackie was top of mind, although what mind? >> that's the excuse, yes. >> i would rather -- what mind are we talking about? let's just approach it this way. and, you know, all jokes aside. nobody fs with a biden. he didn't say nobody fs with me. he said nobody fs with a biden like he is tony soprano.
6:53 pm
nobody fs with a biden. and then he says i have no idea what my son's dealings were, i have no idea what my brother's dealings were. so they're doing business in ukraine, in china, in russia and nobody fs with a biden, but i've never spoken to them about the business? that doesn't make sense. the same mind wouldn't arrive at the same place. >> saddam -- adam, we have pictures of joe and hunter and his foreign business partners. we know of 14 specific meetings he had with hunter's foreign business partners. you heard from tony bobulinksi on tucker last night. the guy -- he's -- they got him dead to rights, because he's being protected by the politicalized fbi and the weaponized doj. they're not touching him. why? >> yeah. nobody -- well, nobody would f with a corolla if i was surrounded by fbi agents,
6:54 pm
either. i mean, let's just put that on the record. >> that's on the record. >> i think bobulinksi is going to f with a biden at some point. i think it's going to come down to that. >> language aside -- >> yeah. >> but you -- you and i both know, there are crimes right there for our eyes to see in that laptop. what if the -- what if hunter's last name was trump? >> i mean, obviously if you do this application to the trump kids -- essentially, hunter is doing every single thing the media the trump kids of doing with no proof except for now we have the proof and the media's not interested at all. and neither is big tech. >> i heard you did an interview with gavin newsome and you just for him to shreds. is that true? >> yes. that is true. but that wasn't the intent of
6:55 pm
the interview. i just wanted to interview him and then he came in with his talking points and he started -- and i started challenging him and he wasn't prepared for that. and because we're in a podcast forum, he couldn't escape and so i destroyed him. >> that may be way more important than you think. we've invited gavin on the show. gavin won't come on this show. and i think -- and i'm predicting he's going to be the 2024 democratic presidential candidate. you agree or disagree? >> well, i live in california, so if this goes nationwide, then we're just going to have to move to hungary. >> god help us then. thank you. >> we'll take a quick break. more hannity right after this. icy hot pro. ♪ ice works fast... to freeze your pain and your doubt. ♪ heat makes it last. so you'll never sit this one out.
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>> sean: unfortunately that's all the time we have left this evening.
7:00 pm
thank you for being with us. please set your dvr three never miss an episode of "hannity" ever. check out, for the latest news and information you need. in the meantime let not your heart be troubled. we are throwing it to laura early. i'm told there's a reason. i don't know what it is. >> laura: we pride ourselves here at "the ingraham angle" for having a crack investigative team. that's what we do. we understand that you would made a claim a few nights ago, people remember, you have never had a mustache. you've had no mustache. >> sean: like bill clinton. i did not have sex with that woman. >> laura: let's not go there. "the ingraham angle" has uncovered several pieces of photographic evidence to indicate otherwise. this was in you were -- you were in your geraldo phase. this is when