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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  October 6, 2022 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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>> continue the 24/7 door-to-door search for survivors. floridians are still without power. president biden praises coast guard heroes for rescuing victims of the hurricane, but they will be fired because of its vaccine mandate. >> a lot of others are really good at it. we would like to keep our jobs. >> deferred action for childhood
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arrivals privacy. violates u.s. immigration law. >> although it appears those kids get to stay. >> protester ran onto the field has filed a police report in the nfl. the protester was laid out by the rams linebacker. attempting to make a statement. ♪ ♪ >> ainsley: there is a plane coming in. look. look. >> brian: do you know how hard i was to coordinate? that is the world's busiest airport. >> ainsley: atlanta. >> steve: exactly. >> brian: you need like another hour to get to it. have you ever taken a shuttle to the rental car? >> ainsley: it takes you like a mile away.
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right. you have to wait on the shuttle, get your luggage up there. >> steve: uber is much handier. they will meet you at the congress, drive you wherever you need to go, directly into traffic. because they are famous for that. >> ainsley: it's going to be 80 degrees. not a cloud in the sky if you're just one big, round, yellow ball called the son. >> steve: there was a plan a moment to go. >> ainsley: now you can see them because there are no cl clouds. >> brian: there is a nomogram now. get ready to let these people out of your 2 minutes after the top of the hour. >> ainsley: gas prices, as you know, on the rise. opec, they agreed to slash the oil production by 2 million barrels a day. that is going to be costly for all of us. >> brian: we agree that it is bad news for america. the biden administration has a
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plan. the plan is we will use sanctions on venezuela to get more supplied to the market. that dirty oil with a dirty regime. jacqui heinrich is live on the north lawn of the white house. yesterday at this time, we were talking about it could happen. now it is happening. what is the white house going to do? >> it happened even bigger than we first expected, steve. the massive cut from opec even have the u.s. oil and gas industry hopeful that we would turn to domestic production to meet the moment. the president of the u.s. oil and gas association tweeting this. "opec said now. the option is all but gone now. the white house have one option left. it is the one that they never should have turned away from in the first place. the u.s. oil and gas industry, life comes at you pretty fast." but "the wall street journal" this morning dashing those dreams. "u.s. eases venezuela, allowing
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chevron to pump oil." would deliver significant sanction release if the venezuelan president, whose government, by the way, the u.s. does not even officially recognize, resume talks with the opposition leaders to begin holding free and fair elections in 2024 if your national security council did not deny this. "as we previously made clear, we will review our sanctions policy is in response to steps to restore democracy in venezuela and alleviate the suffering of the venezuelan people." >> biden strategy, frankly, reaching out to dictatorship, venezuela, iran, 50 million barrels that they are trying to sell as part of the iran deal. and others. he just isn't working here now we have opec restricting supply. the think that is so frustrating to all of us, right here on the
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ground in the united states of america. >> no new plans to ramp up domestic production, again, reiterating that talking point we have heard before that u.s. oil and gas has not fully taken advantage of existing leases, but the white house is apparently going to continue selling the country's strategic as needed. despite him saying just one day prior and the briefing room that there were no plans to continue selling the country's reserves. after that announcement from opec, guys. >> steve: yesterday you had that guy with the drum. today you've got the guy with the blower. i've got a question for you. you traveled with the president to saudi arabia during the hottest month of the year, and he came back and got a deal. hey, let, they are going to give us an extra 100,000 barrels a day. what happened to the goodwill? >> that was him dropping the
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bucket. widely criticized for not being worth the political capital that was spent. that fist bump seen around the world, the president of the united states giving some political street credit, if you will, to the saudi crown prince. and they turn around and do not ramp up any production. instead, really kind of stick a thumb in the president tsai and say we are definitely not listening to you. >> steve: a thumb in the eye or a knife in the back. >> brian: so, jacqui, i don't know if you have a list of their or if you've memorized it, but do you have a list of all of the democratic reforms we have put in place in order to do business? >> i do not have that list. >> brian: you know why? they have done nothing but repress all their people and rob everybody of their will. >> yeah. >> brian: amazing. we do not recognize the government, and we asked our
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allies not to recognize that government. >> ainsley: thank you so much, jacqui. it's hard because he's begging, first of all, day one, he shuts down keystone pipeline. then asks opec not to cut production. now they hate us there. anti-american regime. now we have to go to them, begging them for more oil. >> steve: what has the white house been doing for the last month? the price of oil is going down, down. now they are faced with the reality that because they have not expanded u.s. production, the price is going to go about a politically inopportune time. one of their reasons the price went down was not because we expanded production. it was because it was so expensive, people could not afford to drive. unfortunately, that continues. because the demand has reduced, that is what a number of oil analysts feel is the reason that saudi arabia and russia decided to go ahead and reduce
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production, so that the price stays high. they don't care about us. they want to make as much money as possible. >> brian: saudi arabia and russia are getting tighter by the day, a strategic mistake for us. everyday we talk to iran about an iranian deal, that alienates all those countries that we made the abraham accords with. with venezuela, every dime we get to them to redevelop their infrastructure which is rotted, they use that against their people. what about human rights? this president tsai we shall do that with the previous administration. we care about human rights now. really? when was the last time you heard that they were making solar panels? when was the last time you heard about a communist regime dealing with us honestly? we alienated them. we told them we are done with you. therefore we have this influx of venezuelans coming to our border with nothing but the shirt on their back. we go back and start legitimizing their regime again.
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makes no sense. >> ainsley: how much is this going to make dumb i cost you and your family? driving up prices 15 to $0.30 per gallon. on average americans are spending an extra $7200 a year to cover biden spending and inflation. charles payne was on our show earlier, and he talks about what it means for the united states. >> from their vantage point, their argument is hey, china was off-line for a long time. their economy, central bankers around the world slowing down the economy is. they are saying we've got to kind of do this. we call it opec plus. this is a direct blow. more painful in the sense that we do have the ability to control a lot of the stuff, particularly when it comes to oil. this is very, very political. >> steve: guess what's going
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to happen. as soon as this election is over, regardless of how it comes out, the price is going to go up a dollar, maybe a dollar 50. we have nowhere else to turn. there is no plan b. they do not have the infrastructure to satisfy the demand, so it is going to take a long time, and it is the dirtiest oil's around, so mr. clean energy and renewables is a total hypocrite. you are dealing with the regime who has terrible oil. we've got the cleanest, highest standards in the world. but we will not allow them to make profits. >> ainsley: the supply is at a 40 year low. that is not good. it is only supposed to be used for national emergencies. we are using it just to drive prices down for the election. >> steve: to your earlier point about house joe biden came in, day one, pull the plug on the keystone pipeline. "the new york post" this morning on the op-ed page did an analysis.
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if the trump policies continue, the united states would be making between two and 3 milliol than we are that would make up for the shortfall. we would have 20 billion more cubic seed, which we are not doing, and the gdp would be $100 billion more. that would have -- all of that would have happened, and joe biden just comes in and says okay, where's the coffee machine? but instead, he was busy pulling the plug. >> brian: meanwhile, you know the vaccine policy of the military? if you don't get the vaccine, you are out. when you say i want a religious exemption, almost everybody got rejected. there's people like the police and nurses who have sued and are allowed to keep their job. i'm wondering if the army and navy can do the same thing, but as of now, if you don't get vaccinated, you are fired without benefits. and that is a problem because
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remember when joe biden wanted to salute the coast guard for saving countless lives heroically during this hurricane? this is how it sounded when he was thanking them. >> survival second-class technician. who described how difficult the decision is for people to leave everything and come to safety. i told him how proud of him i was. thank him for all of the work that they are doing to save lives. >> brian: and then i told him he's fired. >> steve: that would have been a good conversation for zach to have mentioned with the president when he was talking to him because the president asked if they needed any additional support that he could provide, and that would have been a perfect time. the president is calling, you are freaked out. you are not going to say hey, by the way, your policy is going to terminate me in 30 to 60 days. he did not say that, and i would not be surprised if joe biden did not know that. and perhaps still does not know
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that to this day because zach and my guy we had on the other day, chad, they save countless lives down there. and those heroes are going to get fired because of the government policy. >> ainsley: and everyone who needed their life saved on that, they did not ask are you vaccinated before you take me out of this water? are you vaccinated? >> steve: let me see your vaccine card. >> ainsley: the guy we interviewed, bad, he has served 18 years. >> brian: this is what he said last night. >> i do know that i would like to continue working this job, and it's a job that i'm really good at, and a lot of others are really good at. we were down there, all doing the same thing. and we would all like to keep our jobs. i believe that some people are trying, but right now a lot of what is happening, it is tied up
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in the court system, so it is just not happening fast enough for us to, you know, be safe from this before we get discharged. >> brian: unbelievable out a time in which the big story was missing by 25%, and most people that even want to go are too out of shape or unfit to even serve. we are kicking out people that we paid countless dollars to train you wanted to give up and decided to give the beginning of their career to the u.s. government. remember will cain talked about this when he was out at fort hood at the end of the summer? some of them get paid so little, they are told to go on food stamps. they are sacrificing in every single way, and now you're saying unless you get this vaccine that we invented a year and a half ago, you're fired. john kirby has no answer,
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although he thinks it's a good policy. >> we would rather not lose anybody, of course. we would rather not lose anybody from that perspective. to have them leave earlier than they wanted or we wanted them to you. it is a valid military requirement. >> no, it doesn't appear this is an experimental vaccine that just came off the shelf. it is not valid to risk our national security. you can talk sense into this white house. >> i was a military officer. that is what i am telling you, that vaccines are common. you cannot even join the military without thinking about a dozen or so to make sure that you are healthy so that you can contribute to the success and readiness. we don't want to lose anybody to the vaccine. >> steve: it will be interesting to see where these legal challenges go ultimately. >> brian: i don't know. are they lawyered up? >> steve: we heard him say that there are legal challenges. >> brian: staten island, i
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know this cop just sued to get his job back. he just got it back yesterday. so hopefully this could be a ripple effect across the cou country. >> steve: all right. it is 8:15 in the east. out west, there is a most disturbing story. >> ainsley: four california family members kidnapped at gunpoint. found that overnight. police confirming their worst fears after finding the bodies of an 8-month-old baby girl. her parents and her uncle. surveillance video from the family's video shows them walking them out in zip ties. the kidnapping suspect was hospitalized after trying to take his own life, following his arrest on tuesday. no motive into the situation has been released. new york's bravest saluting allison russo. the veteran first responder was stabbed to death in queens last
5:17 am
week during an unprovoked attack on her lunch break. her grieving father ripping the suspect during a eulogy, saying that man murdered my daughter, and she would be the first want to come to his aid if he ever needed help. she was such a beautiful person. he killed her and tore a hole in our hearts. also an emotional moment does the department handed her mother the helmet worn during the heroes 24 years of service. alec baldwin reaching a confidential settlement with the family of cinematographer helena hutchins nearly one year after the deadly movie set shooting. the deal which still -- and the civil suit against baldwin and others involved in the film. as part of the agreement, her husband will now serve as an executive producer on the movie, which will resume production in january. tv royalty was revealed on last night's tv theme song episode of
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"the masked singer." when the mummies were eliminated. ♪ ♪ >> the i can egg the shock as they reveal occurred. it was the brady bunch brothers. they led the crowd through a rendition of "sunshine day" from their brady bunch days. calling it possibly "the purest moment in the show's history." innocent fun. we love it. >> brian: they started getting big heads with her singing career. not so big because they were able to take the fake ads off. >> ainsley: that was a really good. now the girls need to do it. >> ca>> carley: exactly. >> ainsley: marsha, marsha, marsha.
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>> steve: thank you, carley. congratulations to you, ainsley. >> ainsley: i have so many people to thank. >> steve: number one "new york times" best seller. >> ainsley: they called to tell me that. they said we want to thank you so much. i said i owe it all to y'all. yesterday, "new york times" named us number one in the children's picture book category. that is all because of y'all. y'all supported this. sales were really great, so i am just so delighted that this book is going to get in the hands of your children. this is something my mom said was growing up, and now after suffering a stroke, she does not have much of a voice anymore. it is hard for her to communicate. she loves children. she was a teacher for 33 years. now her will live on through children. >> brian: hopefully i can stay there. >> ainsley: it would be so sweet. it is a creative way to stay
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there. it is all of the bookstores have it. amazon, walmart, target. >> steve: you it's a great book. congratulations. >> ainsley: i am so humbled. i love each and every one of you. and i just hope you enjoy the book. i am so glad that all of y'all were born. thanks to kathy ducey for helping me with the title. >> brian: 20 minutes after the hour, chinese message to elon musk. warning the billionaire will be "taught a lesson" over a series of tweets addressing russia's invasion of ukraine. really? douglas murray on the fight for free speech. intense burning sensation or an unbearable itch. this painful, blistering rash can disrupt your life for weeks. it could make your workday feel impossible.
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♪ ♪ >> ainsley: a member of china's state-controlled media now threatening elon musk on twitter after he tweeted his opinions about russia's invasion in ukraine. the global times former editor tweeting this. "elon musk has released his personality too much, and he believes too much and west freedom and freedom of speech. he will be taught a lesson." that threat proposing that ukraine give up crimea to russia as well as redoing the elections in the annex regions now under u.s. supervision. here to react as fox news contributor, douglas murray. >> good morning. >> ainsley: why has china inserting themselves into this issue? >> well, chinese state media affiliates are doing this all the time on twitter and other social media platforms. >> ainsley: same thing with nancy pelosi.
5:26 am
>> exactly. the communist party of china, they do this all the time. they are very threatening. they act sort of out right as propaganda. and one of the many ironies of it is that they do this very freely on platforms like twitter, which are forever kicking off ordinary, mainstream conservative opinion in america, but if you are a chinese state actor, you can do this as eli, certain threaten people, threaten elon musk, anyone. >> ainsley: what did he mean by "he will be taught a lesson?" >> what he seems to be referring to, this talk is very common from these guys. i think what he is sort of referring to, you believe in democracy and freedom too much, you are going to learn. that seems to me to be the underpinning of the threat. if you are going to learn that
5:27 am
this democracy that you talk about, it is also much hot air. it is very interesting because actually that is in play. we know that the only competitor or arrival of the u.s. and the 21st century is china. we know that they were rising ever since they joined wto 20 years ago. it has a totally opposite view of the world from america. from the west and democracy. does not feel he is in freedom in any way. it has a million concentration camps as we speak. i just think that we have all got to be aware of that and know that the future that they envision for us is absolute h hell. >> ainsley: coming up after the break, we will show you what happens when jana caldwell has two capitol hill to get answers on surging crime. >> we want to talk about the crime crisis can't >> i would think that you would have a
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♪ ♪ >> steve: all right. as violent crime surges around
5:32 am
the country, some democrats are looking to shed the d from the police. gianoo caldwell headed to washington. >> thank you for having me. since my brother christian was murdered in chicago, i have been out for justice for victims of violent crime. i spoke to members of congress on both sides of the aisle. here is what they had to say. ♪ ♪ >> i want to talk about the crime crisis. as a leader, i would think you would have a reaction on what's going on in the country. no reaction? i am here talking to members of congress about the crime crisis in america and what do they plan to do about it? on the first day that republicans are victorious in november, what will the commitment to america to do? >> on the first day, you're going to see that no longer will the voice of washington where the democrats control say
5:33 am
"defined in the police." it will say the opposite. >> the future that is built upon freedom and a government that is accountable. >> from portland to philadelphia, they get federal money. we will actually sit there and have the debate, do they deserve the federal money if they are not upholding the law? >> a lot of crime that's perpetrated, the majority is black on black. what do you think we can do about that as a community? how do we deal with this long-term? >> we have to get our kids educated. black men who cannot read and write, years later, crime is their only way out. they see nothing wrong with it. >> i think it's a misconception. everyone thinks that it happens in the urban areas. it is happening everywhere. just a week or so ago, a friend of mine was robbed and be not in a parking lot in broad daylight. >> we spoke to some republicans.
5:34 am
now we are going to speak with some democrats. hopefully if you'd >> let me state clearly and unequivocally that black lives matter. >> i want to talk about the crisis. setting up a meeting with your office to have a discussion. you are going to be busy? tomorrow? does that work? who should we reach out to any office, congressman? we want to talk about the crime crisis in america. >> that he is with which people acquire guns is still a big factor. >> crime is not out of control in our city. >> is mayor lori lightfoot doing a good job? >> i think she is doing a good job, and i think she will be mayor of the city of chicago. >> kim talks, he also think she
5:35 am
is doing good job? >> unequivocally, no doubt about it. >> violence is reprehensible. should be condemned, but it is not the overwhelming picture in new york. >> any reaction to the crime crisis? crime is up. you are a leader. i would think that you would have a reaction on what is going on in the country. >> yes, i support the defund movement. >> it is impacting students. >> while, our work on student debt cancellation is a direct response to what i would consider to be a policy of violence. >> you mention policy violence. i just want to follow up on t that. i just want to know, do you feel that the police should still be defunded? >> we need to completely dismantle the minneapolis police department. >> any reaction to rising crime in america? you supported the defund the police movement and on the rise in crime here do you have any reaction? any reaction?
5:36 am
no reaction? it impacts your citizens. ♪ ♪ >> steve: there she goes. >> and we reached out to monique presley's office to set up an interview. of course we got sidelined. this has never been about politics why me. this is about human life. if you're a democrat or republican, your life matters. you see what democrats have done, and you see they are completely silent, but republicans are offering solutions. this is what we will do if we take over the house, get the majority. those are the kinds of things that we should be hearing, democrats just say this is a real issue. this is what we are looking to do. they supported defunding the police, and it has led to a rise in crime. 77% of american see this as an issue. january in chicago, it was reported to that point, almost
5:37 am
300 kids were shot 16 and younger. we are losing people by the day. it has to end. >> ainsley: did they know who you work? i lost my brother, can y'all help? >> they did not even want to have a conversation. congressman danny davis, he agreed to have a conversation about what was going on in chicago, but none of the other democrats wanted to hear about it once i heard "crime crisis in america." >> brian: what he said is horrifying. that cam fox is doing a good job. he's been there about 50 years too long. gianno, thank you so much. >> ainsley: thank you. you did a great job of showing us what's happening. exactly. but after you watch that, you just realize they are just closing the door on the issue. they don't want to talk about it.
5:38 am
>> steve: they want to say what they can say on tv, and want to follow question comes, sorry if you're going to slam the door appeared to. >> ainsley: going to slam the door on someone who lost their brother and is asking for help. that is unbelievable. coming out, biden's crude awakening. cutting back on oil production. 2 million barrels a day. but the white house is turning now to venezuela instead of companies right here at home. senator john sam on the need to produce american energy. ♪ ♪ (vo) you can be well-dressed. (man) wahoooo! (vo) you can be well-groomed. or even well-spoken. (man) ooooooo. (vo) but there's just something about being well-adventured. (man) wahoooooo! (vo) adventure on a deeper level. discover more in the subaru forester wilderness. love. it's what makes subaru, subaru. subaru is the national park foundation's largest corporate donor.
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crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis. (bridget) now, i'm ready to be seen again. (vo) visit to find a t.e.d. eye specialist and to see bridget's before and after photos. ♪ ♪ >> brian: this morning americans face surging prices at the pump after opec's decision. meanwhile, the white house is denying reports that biden will ease sanctions on venezuela, although "the wall street journal" has got it in. helping venezuela, getting chevron some lessons is to start
5:43 am
again. >> yeah, amazing, brian. why can't they get licenses to companies in this country so we can start producing american energy? that is the whole essence of what this issue is about, the fact that this administration, when they took office, started an attack on american energy production. we were at a point where we were literally energy independent. we were exporting. we have now become dependent upon opec and other countries because of this administrations resistance and outright assault on american energy production. this is the price that america pay is when we are not willing to make the investment and have policies that support the encouragement of american energy production. >> brian: senator, one thing is pretty clear. the pricing is going to rock it up. something he said 48 hours he would not do, 24 hours later, he changes his mind.
5:44 am
cnn of all places reporting there is a degree of panic and spasms inside the white house. is he going to be allowed to circumvent or deal with a communist country, brutal dictator like maduro and upend u.s. foreign policy because he's concerned about his election fortunes? >> i think these guys, brian, they will sacrifice our national security, economic security to get a political win in november. they are that desperate fear that is what you are seeing in full display. pulling down strategic petroleum reserve to the lowest level since 1984, a reserve that is there for emergencies and using it for a political purpose is outrageous. but that is what we are looking at. that is what this administration has left us with. by not having an energy policy, not committing to you and all of the above american energy plan, we have dependence upon foreign sources, including dictators like venezuela and places in the
5:45 am
middle east. this is insanity, and i hope the american people rise up and say enough already because they are putting not only our energy security at risk for national security at risk. >> brian: 's weight as i can come if you don't like venezuela, which will take two years just to get 1.5 million barrels a day, they are also going to be going into the offshore gas field and start getting natural gas when we are the saudi arabia of natural gas, which is sinful. we can always do a deal with iran. really sanctions. allow them to put a million barrels on the oil markets. what would that do? >> well, i mean, i think any of these proposed solutions that they are talking about are just the wrong ones. and it makes america more dependent and more reliant and more hostage to these foreign countries. honestly, like you said, we have abundant resources here in this country. they took federal lands out of production. we will not get the permits to
5:46 am
drill. they shut down infrastructure projects, pressuring companies not to invest in oil and gas fear that as a result, and the american people are paying the price. >> brian: people should understand that if we go green no way that they want to go, every solar panel you get from china is made by muslim uyghur slave labor. john kerry and company could care less about slave labor. we should keep that in mind. and in china, so we are going to circumvent security and energy to china. that is the biden policy. that is what you're voting for in five weeks. senator, thank you so much. let's check in my senior meteorologist for the weather. >> it is a beautiful day here in new york city. let's take a look at the maps. you know there's a cold front coming through, but we will enjoy it because we've had a lot of rain and the forecast and cooler temperatures. let's go to those maps. i think it is max ten peer
5:47 am
directors, producers. there we go. 59 in chicago if you look at this. bismarck, north dakota, viewed yesterday, 81. today, 48 fear that as a cold front. we could see the potential for even some snow showers, so the school down, the coldest since early may and some of these areas, so there is your for forecast. really brilliant sunshine for the northeast. we are looking at showers and thunderstorms for the southwest. the rest of the country looks really good, and we will continue to track that. brian kilmeade, over to you. >> brian: ireland and england, you can have your weather back. we want to give you a special thanks. are there and employees who have raised over $1 million for brett because hurricane relief efforts. so if you would like to join in this effort, please visit
5:48 am
red crossstoporegon. wewillberightback. meanwhile i am going to continue. i'm going to go to dana perino. i would like to know personally what you would have on the show. >> i will tell you personally, i will tell you, brian kilmeade, one of my favorite friends here. the diplomatic rejection will affect the markets, your wallets, and what to expect? maria bartiromo will tell you what you n need to know. karl rove will be here on his updated take. how likely is it that the g.o.p. can take the majority? plus, dr. fauci warning of a possible bleak winter of covid. plus, joe concha and the president's hot mic f-bomb. and dating and politics. we will see you at 9:00. our purpose is not just closing a loan. we want to do whatever's best for the individual service person. we want to be known as america's mortgage company for veterans and active-duty service
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♪ ♪ >> steve: a texas police department going viral for a hilarious recruitment video. watch this. >> we are hiring, and we've got it all. we've got your patrol vehicles. we've got your explorers. and we've even got your f-150 responders. say what? you may be asking yourself i want horsepower. you got horsepower. step right over here, folks.
5:53 am
we have got our horses. if you are lucky, maybe even a thoroughbred. >> steve: that's great. the star of the show, officer bigby himself. officer buddy of the fort worth police department joins us. good morning to you. whose idea was it that you, wearing your texas stetson, as a law enforcement officer, should affect the personality of a used car dealer? >> oh, it was just fun. we have a great team here. one of our guys write the script, put it all together, and it worked. our number one job is to get the attention of people and have a recruit sign up, and it is working. we have been overloaded, and it is a great thing. >> steve: how many applications have you gone from people all across the country? if i were looking for a job and i love taxes, which i do, i think you know what?
5:54 am
i would not mind working there. those guys look like they have fun. >> keep in mind there is a lot of information to fill out when you want to be a police officer, and we have over 300 completed applications, and they just keep coming in. they really do. >> steve: everybody in the ad is a cop, right? i think i read one of the balloon guys at the end is a cop. everybody is just playing a role, but it is all for the greater good for helping people to work on the fourth. >> absolutely. whatever we have to do to just make it work, and it worked. as you can tell he had to be too absolutely. we've got another little snippet. let's take a look. >> now, folks, you may be asking yourself -- no, right here, we take the train ends. folks, we've got an amazing line a program right here. for all of the officers out there saying you know what?
5:55 am
i would like to make a change. >> steve: so what are you suggesting, people from other forces come join you guys? >> yes. we have an amazing latter program here at our amazing team will get you through on how to get your texas certification, whatever it is that you need is amazing. yes, we are taking laterals or trade-ins. >> steve: you know, buddy, i'm sitting in new york city. i am sure there are a lot of police officers, given the crime situation here. their hands are tied in many situations. they were thinking florida, but now suddenly they are thinking texas. >> that's right. don't be mad if we pull that man from where you're at all the way to fort worth. >> steve: in the ad, you refer to yourself as officer bigby. is that your alter ego? where did that come from? >> that came in the script that brad wrote. he said hughes was going to
5:56 am
happen. then the video kicked off. well, howdy, folks. officer bigby. it rolled from there. it was good. >> steve: people are interested in joining the department, who did they email? >> they can email recruiting. or follow us on all of our social media sites. we have facebook, instagram, twitter. we even have tiktok. come follow us. see how fun it is. and if you would like, please fill out an application. >> steve: how about a big "along" from texas? >> well of course i will give it to you,] it has been absolute fun. appreciate hi it. but that cough looks pretty bad. try this robitussin honey. the real honey you love, plus the powerful cough relief you need. mind if i root through your trash? robitussin. the only brand with real honeyand elderberry.
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>> dagen: see you on jesse's show tonight. >> we'll listen to you on the radio. >> bye, everyone. >> dana: the white house wiping out on the world stage as opec slashes oil production disregarding months of diplomacy by the president and his team. bill is off today. i have my friend with me. >> dagen: i'm dagen mcdowell. this is "america's newsroom." the saudi-led oil cartel announced it will cut production by 2 million barrels a day. bad news for americans already paying upwards of $3.86 a gallon for gasoline. >> dana: a major embarrassment for the white house. president biden has


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