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tv   The Faulkner Focus  FOX News  October 6, 2022 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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>> dana: three kids introduced him in the second inning prompting a standing ovation. he was feeling the love hitting a home run at his final at-bat. how cool is that? >> dagen: it's super cool. >> dana: the kids were there to announce it as well. super special for all of them. great to have you here. "the faulkner focus" is next. here is harris. >> harris: breaking news this hour. reports of panic on pennsylvania avenue. you saw the president moments ago, everything is on the table, no direct answers how to get us out of this one. opec+ the international cartel of oil producers is throwing months of white house diplomacy straight in the trash. opec is about to take off the market 2 million barrels per day of oil. that's a nightmare. it will send prices soaring. president biden now reportedly desperately crawling over to
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venezuela, one of the filthyest oil producers on the planet and he is about to make some history for a move to further cripple us as a nation economically. biden set to tap into our rapidly vanishing oil reserve. i'm harris faulkner and you are in "the faulkner focus." saudi arabia leads opec+ and the biden white house has been pressuring them to do more to help us while president biden's policies have suffocated our own oil production at home. well, if we didn't know it before, we know it now. they are not interested if helping the united states. we're so addicted to foreign oil, it is a business plan for them to hurt us. and the tough words from the president calling opec's decision short sighted. that from his administration. speaking of finding your words, the white house press secretary is blaming russia.
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>> opec's decision to cut production quotas is short sighted. it is clear that opec+ is aligning with russia with today's announcement. >> harris: they don't have to love russia to hate us. they love money. the biden administration is scrambling for a solution now. the "wall street journal" reporting the united states is looking to pull back sanctions on venezuela to allow oil companies to work with that communist nation again. administration announced it will also drain another 10 million barrels a day from the strategic oil reserve here at home. not a day, but in total. those reserves now at their lowest point. look at the screen. down more than 175 million barrels since the beginning of this year alone. critics expressing deep concerns
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now. >> pulling down the strategic petroleum reserve to the lowest level since 1984, a reserve that's there for emergencies, and using it for a political purpose is outrageous. they are putting not only our energy security at risk but national security at risk. >> harris: a new op-ed with the headline. rather than white house whining about opec america needs to drill baby drill but biden refuses. house speaker mccarthy ready to take action is in "focus."enter peter, what has the white house been saying about opec. reports were they were doing diplomacy. what failed? >> we have a brand-new very short sound bite from the president where he was asked where is he going to go and who will he look to for oil if opec is not an option? is venezuela going to be?
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this is what he said. >> president biden: there is a lot of alternatives. we haven't made up our mind yet. >> but there will be conditions. the nfc responds to fox with this. there are no plans to change our sanctions policy without constructive steps from the maduro regime. the sanctions policy remains unchanged. we will enforce our venezuela sanctions as we have previously made clear. we will review our sanctions policies in response to constructive steps to restore democracy in venezuela and alleviate the suffering of the venezuelan people. republicans are already out saying they think all this is backwards. >> why can't they give licenses to companies in this country so they can start producing american energy? that's the whole essence of what this issue is about. the fact this administration when they took office started an attack on american energy production. >> and on that point the
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administration has long said it is up to the oil companies. many unused leases in this country that they could go and make use of. but we also know there is residual waste truck backing up in a second. but we also know that this administration is approving leases at the lowest level since world war ii. >> harris: so peter during the short little blurb he was shouting at the media getting ready to take off, it was quite clear that what is coming out now is he and saudi didn't talk about oil. that really goes against the reporting there was pressure coming from the white house on saudi-led opec to help us out. don't pull the barrels of oil off the market right now. so what do we know about the facts of that? >> well harris remember at the time president biden gave a
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press conference saying he was doing everything he could to make sure there was enough oil on market to be produced. we know they were talking about energy. maybe he wasn't asking just for that, but we know because he told us there. i was there in saudi arabia with him and he told us that that came up. but now, as gas prices are coming down this summer, administration said it was because the president was tapping into the reserve. now they are heading back up they're back to talking about the impact of the pandemic and vladimir putin. listen to this. >> the president has taken historic steps to keep gas prices down so here is, you know -- so gas prices -- we've seen increase in the west and the midwest in recent weeks because of specific refinery issues and we've been clear and said today that u.s. energy companies must keep bringing pump prices down.
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>> we were initially led to believe at the start of the week the end of this month would be the end of taking oil out of the strategic reserve. now we're told that the president is going to pull from there as he sees fit, harris. >> harris: okay, he says he has to consider all options on the table. i hope it's a really big table. peter doocy, thank you very much. we need it. kevin mccarthy, republican from the great state of california. this is now another biden emergency. just first of all, how dire straits are we in as a nation with biden policies on energy now? >> there are so many places we're in dire straits all created by one-party rule by the democrats controlling the house, senate and presidency. he ended an american pipeline on the first day and stopping leases. he made us dependent on russia, saudi arabia and now venezuela. he hates american oil field
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workers so much he will never turn to us? i mean think for a moment. america could be emergency independent. the price of our -- gas would be layer and america would be stronger and no dependent. we're so abundant when it comes to energy we could have other nations dependent on us so the world would be safer. so russia wouldn't be as strong. he also lowered the standing of america around the world. the disrespect that people have for us now. what do you think our allies will think of us if we go to venezuela knowing the regime of what they do? the horrendous activities they do? who would respect us any more? then to take a reserve that america has put away to help us in a time of need, to even threaten that and weaken us to our lowest level since 1984 make us more dependent on other nations. why would he not turn and look to america? you know in 33 days if republicans are able to win the majority in the commitment to
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america, making an economy that is strong one of our first lines of work is to make america energy independent. that means you will pay less at the pump. have more money in your pocket. and inflation will come down. >> harris: it's almost minority leader is though they want americans not to have things shipped to us because you need diesel for the big trucks. they don't want us to drive our own cars because most people can't afford a $60,000 electric vehicle right now. i guess they don't want us to heat our homes. it is getting chilly. we are headed to winter. the president says he has a table he will consider full of options. what can congress do right now? i know the commitment to america. people are becoming familiar with that as you and house representatives canvas the country telling people about what could be coming next with a red wave potentially. there are 33 days left and a lot of concern out there and it is
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chilly in a lot of parts of the country and people have to drive to work. your state has some of the highest gas in the country that we've seen since before the summer. >> you know why? the same democratic policies. that gavin u newsom shut down production in california. you know what he did? we didn't stop using it. he turned to putin and started buying 50,000 barrels and changed our grid where it's weaker. you know what he has done now? increased our electricity bills by 50%. when it becomes warm he tells us we can't use electricity because we'll have a brown out. he dictates what type of car we can buy. it has to be electric. tells us we can't charge it. america should wake up. they knew their policies would bring us this direction. remember when president biden was asked about $five gas a few
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months back and smiled and said it was a good thing. you would force people to go electric. but he also has put america in a weaker position. he threatened our security by making us dependent on other nations. if you care about the environment, american natural gas is 41% cleaner than russian natural gas. we can be energy independent but more importantly this nation can be stronger with more jobs. other nations dependent on us. china could be dependent on us and it would help foreign policy and also make a world a safer place. >> harris: the kind of leverage we would have then. is there an emergency valve congress can put in place to keep biden from tapping the reserves that we can't replenish right now? >> 33 days the american people join with us, go to take the put a check and balance on this. don't let america fall down. we can make the next century large. the only party with a plan for a
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new direction. the commitment to america. >> harris: let's stay with the politics now. this time the topic is crime. voters are telling us it is top of mind for them. a new headline from "politico" says mid-term election voters are saying crime and public safety are a potent mix when it comes to the vote. because of that, more and more ads are hitting left wing candidates for their lax on crime stance. let's watch together. >> the far left john fetterman is too far left. he is dangerously liberal on crime. >> he is talking about defunding the police. now murder is up in milwaukee 40%. the fourth highest increase in the country. mandela barnes, a dangerous democrat. >> harris: recent fox news polls show a huge majority are extremely or very concerned about higher crime rates across america. 79%, congressman. >> you have to understand why is crime rising? why is crime at a level it
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hasn't been in 20 years? democrats defunded the police and appointed woke d.a.s. people don't feel safe in their streets. we have drugs, fentanyl killing a younger generation. they opened up the border. somebody gets arrested but let out before the officer is off duty. i did a round table yesterday on fentanyl in my own community with d.e.a. homeland security, f.b.i. and sheriff and police. you know what the underlying problem was? not that the border was just open and coming from china to mexico. they can't find people to work for them. do they need more funding? they said no the defunding of the police and every element they aren't getting people who want to apply to the job any more. this is exactly what the democrat policy that they promoted, that they moved
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through in a commitment to america we build on a nation that is safe. we secure our border, we don't defund the officers, we add 200,000 police officers. and then we score every single prosecutor in america so people understand are they upholding the law or not? that is the fundamental shift you will get on january 3rd in a new plan with a new direction. >> harris: minority leader mccarthy, i would only add this to the mix you just talked about. that is you want the qualified -- you have to incentivize the best among to come forward. admit you were wrong when you got rid of them and took their pay away. it has to be part of the plan. without that healing i don't know if we go for it automatically. your last thought. >> it is very difficult. there is hope. in san francisco it has less than 7% republican registration. they recalled their school board and recalled their d.a. in the last year. this isn't about politics.
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this is about americans feeling safe. they know the policies that have been promoted by one democrat rule in washington. they control everything. put us in a place we no longer feel safe. in 33 days it can all change. join with us. >> harris: all right. we are glad you were in "focus" today right after the president of the united states we were able to hear from you, thank you house minority leader mccarthy. president biden went to florida to see firsthand hurricane ian's destruction and then he used it to push his green agenda. he took a veiled shot at governor ron desantis on climate change. they were together and then apparently they wrnt. plus the mid-term election countdown is on and we're only seeing more of this. >> do you support the president in his re-election bid? >> i'm working on my own election. >> i'm not going into politics
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whether the president should run or not. >> the top politician in the house doesn't want to go into politics? i'm allergic to that. the list of democrats distancing themselves from biden and dodging questions about a 2024 bid is growing. power panel next.
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>> harris: breaking news right now. the suspect in the horrific killing of a new york fire department emt has pleaded not guilty to second degree murder in the death of alison elling. we've been showing you the hard to watch video. she was viciously attacked in queens one week ago today. 9/11 first responder was laid to rest yesterday. she served the department for 24
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years. the suspect 34 years old took part in today's hearing by video link from the psychiatric ward. he is set to be evaluated to see if he's competent to stand trial. >> we were very fortunate to have good coordination with the white house and with fema from the very beginning of this. >> president biden: this is the united states of america and i emphasize united. we have seen extraordinary cooperation at every level. the governor has said and a cooperation began before the storm hit. >> harris: it took a hurricane to get president biden and florida governor ron desantis together. the pair seen side-by-side touring damage in florida. but it wasn't enough to stop the politics and president biden from pushing his green agenda. >> president biden: the biggest thing the governor has done is recognize this thing called
8:23 am
global warming. we're in a situation where the colorado river looks more like a stream. a lot going on. i think the one thing this has finally ended is the discussion whether or not there is climate change. >> harris: i would be curious to know if he talked about that with any of those republican governors. biden is getting some pushback for sure after he tried to link the storm to climate change. his own hurricane expert had just said days ago there is no evidence to back up one storm event with what we just saw and climate change. >> what effect does climate change now on this phenomena? it seems the storms are intensifying. >> you can't link climate change to any one event. on the cumulative climate change may be making storms worse but to link it to any one event i would caution against that. >> harris: ben dominic fox news
8:24 am
contributor editor at large for the spectator. good to have you in "focus."enter your top line thoughts on this. >> the first thing is. i'm glad you played that remark. the truth is these storms are not getting more frequent and they are not getting worse. if you look back at the statistical analysis that the noaa has put forward that's very clear. in fact. the reason you see the levels of property damage being as high as they are is we have had a lot of development in these areas in the line of a lot of the storms that appear. but in fact the noaa shows the storms have declined in number in recent years. certainly in terms of historical pattern. it is simply not the case that the president is in any way accurate in saying this. the other thing is that i think you should choose your moment. you are responding to something very significant, horrible, tragic in so many different ways. the loss of life and property
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that we're seeing in florida. and i think that you want to be able to work closely regardless of party differences with governors facing such challenges. we certainly have seen that in the past under previous presidents. their ability to set things aside, set partisan goals aside in order to work with people on the ground. i think rather than be the bigger man in this moment the president chose to engage in what is essentially a partisan political attack. >> harris: just quickly one thing also kind of struck me. i think you and i have talked about this maybe in the past. it felt like he was flexing to have a moment like maybe he could take down desantis and some other governors the way christie was taken down with his arm around former president barack obama, superstorm sandy. you are right when you say there is no time for politics in all of this. but that is a political game that we've seen played before. a quick thought on that. >> i think that's totally true,
8:26 am
harris. it is one of these situations where i think time and again we've seen with biden he tries to manipulate these scenarios in ways that leave a sour taste in your mouth. it is not something you want to see in that moment from a commander-in-chief and it is decidedly unpresidential in my view. i think it's also a sign he feels threatened by governor desantis who could be a challenger for him and a powerful one. desantis looked natural behind the presidentall seal at that podium i would just point out. >> harris: i knew that you would. speaking of trying to elevate himself in that moment or those moments, president biden seemed to get caught on a hot microfiber. i don't believe this -- hot mic. he was touring the hurricane damage with a florida mayor and said this.
8:27 am
>> harris: the white house has yet to comment on the president's choice word there and it's not the first time he has used profanity to perhaps ramp up his own platform. watch. >> president biden: that's a great asset. more inflation. what a stupid bleep. >> harris: those are moments when the president is feeling small next to obama as he puts together obamacare, his signature plan and legislation and he is being asked by a reporter about inflation. that was months ago. imagine what he would call him now. >> look, i think there are certain times when the president likes to lean into this crotchty
8:28 am
old man thing. it makes him feel like he is connecting with people. i'm not talking like a normal politicians. we see some politicians do this. in this case my deeper question is sort of let's take it to the last degree. if that's your attitude toward things what does it say about the f.b.i. and other government entities investigating a certain hunter biden. do you have that same attitude toward the way that they are screwing around potentially with someone who is your own flesh and blood? i just think there is a limit to this type of thing and it is not, again, something we want to see from a president in this moment. we've seen presidents who have risen to take on significant challenges like this in the past and it has been great moments for them. i don't think joe biden is navigating this moment particularly well. >> harris: it's hypocritical. i remember when he would chide former president trump about the language he uses.
8:29 am
i mean, these are big moments. people are dying and that's when he chooses to use that language? ben dominic, great to have you in "focus" always. thank you. >> always great to be with you. >> harris: education taking center stage counting down to november 8th. >> we lifted the veil there during the pandemic. parents saw what was going on. parental involvement in the schools has to be parental involvement in the child's life. >> harris: i love the way he puts that. the former education secretary we lifted the veil during the pandemic and we parents got to see what was going on when the classroom was in our kitchen. in florida governor ron desantis scored a victory at protecting parents' rights in their children education. pete hegseth in "focus" next.
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>> i think the last couple years
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have really revealed to parents that they are being ignored increasingly across our country when it comes to their kids' education. we have seen curriculum embedded for very, very young children, classroom materials about sexuality and woke gender ideology. in florida, we not only know that parents have a right to be involved. we insist that parents have a right to be involved. [cheers and applause] >> harris: that is florida governor ron desantis in march when he was explaining to everybody around the country why it has been successful for him. his state's new law that restricts instruction on gender identity and sexual orientation in public schools. a federal judge now has rejected a lawsuit filed by two lgbt advocacy groups against the governor's parents rights of education bill.
8:36 am
not ruling on the constitutionality of the measure the judge found the groups lacked standing. the judge added the plaintiffs claimed they were already experiencing the consequences of the law before it went into effect and the harms pre-dated statutes enforcement were not caused by the statute itself. pete hegseth, co- host of "fox & friends" weekend. the facts getting in the way of the feelings there. >> you are exactly right. they were triggered before the law even went into effect. and the court found that. by the way, if they were to have ruled on the constitutionality of this, parents being at the center of the decisions about their kids' education is as basic as america has ever gotten. that's all that ron desantis is reinforcing with this bill. the most radical gender and race ideological views should not be inserted into elementary school especially without parents
8:37 am
consenting and having the full knowledge of this. here is the thing. democrats can't change their stripes. they've taken over the teachers unions and driving radical, critical theory views into the classroom. republicans like ron desantis and republicans in arizona enacted a parental choice bill looking parents in the eye and saying you are still in charge. you are still the mom and dad and yes, we'll call you mom and dad and your boy or girl have a right to be called a boy or girl and they should learn real history, all of it. not a radical theory at the youngest of ages to poison their minds. this is a winner for ron desantis and for republicans and thankfully in this case the court upheeled it. >> harris: they are going also behind another governor who found out that you could win this way when he flipped virginia's blue seat at the top red glenn youngkin is on the trail with candidates. he told bret baier on monday that education is a key issue for voters right now. >> we're seeing education again
8:38 am
come to the fore front as people are worried about what their children are being taught and worried about excellence in schools and kids being challenged and by the way not having any choice. >> harris: and they vote. >> absolutely. i'm so thrilled by this. for too long education has been a back seat issue for conservatives, for christians and republicans, for patriots who felt like they couldn't challenge the idea of school. it was inevitable. if you talked about abolishing the department of education or giving parents choice you were dubbed anti-education or radical. not any more. the real radicals are the one who wants to push drag queen story hour and oppressors and oppressed. republicans should seize and run on it. it doesn't matter if you're a republican, independent or reasonable thinking democrat you want to be in charge of what your kids are taught and have a
8:39 am
choice. i'm glad youngkin led the way. other politicians need to take the cue, classroom, crime, inflation. those issues democrats don't have an answer, republicans do and they should run on it. >> harris: opec put the gas prices on it. 33 days, i'm just saying. 33 days. a new report says the secret service claims no records exist, none, of president biden's visitors at his delaware homes, both of them, during his presidency. it comes in response to a freedom of information request that was denied. republican lawmakers say americans deserve to know with whom the president is meeting especially since he is gone so much in those two houses. the "new york post" editorial board says team biden's bizarre dodges on delaware visitor logs make the president look guilty as hell. since taking office biden has spent 46 weekends in his home
8:40 am
state. pete. >> to choose the word of joe, this is nothing other than absolute malarkey. >> harris: good, i'm glad you didn't cuss. he has been cussing a lot. >> of course they have the records. you and i both know any time you interact with the president you're screened by the secret service and they check your background and know who you are. they have written it down somewhere. these records are somewhere. either the secret service has been told to destroy them or not disclose them or the white house has taken number one, or number two the white house has circumvented that process and decided to create its own process which also means they look guilty as you know what. this is the president under increasing scrutiny for all the investigations related to his overseas business dealings. not a hunter biden thing. a joe biden thing. who has access to him. what leverage might they have.
8:41 am
who visits him in delaware for over a quarter of his presidency is something we, the people, the voters, have a right to know. they always said they are the most transparent. they project exactly what they aren't on us. >> harris: that's part of the biggest issue here, too. the hypocrisy on that. every president has had some logs, not every, but most, have had some logs that weren't as detailed as others. but this is 46 weekends worth. that's a lot, as you say, a quarter of the time he has been there. >> 0? it means they aren't showing us is what it means. they have something to hide. >> harris: pete hegseth, always good to see you. thank you. the list of democrats dodging president biden is getting longer and more and more refusing to say whether he should run again in 2024. also a liberal journalist is defending the president over some tall tales that critics have called flat out false. >> president biden: i was sort
8:42 am
of raised in the puerto rican community at home. jewish or not. that's the tradition i got raised in. >> harris: a "washington post" reporter says it is fine because biden was just stretching the available facts. what does that mean? yet another glaring example of the media's double standard among some. our panel weighs in. ♪ at newday usa we give veterans the va cash out loan with no upfront costs for an appraisal or termite inspection. no upfront costs at all. let us get your family security of cash in the bank.
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>> do you think joe biden should run for re-election? >> part of the problem in american politics is too much of the conversation is about the politicians. >> is biden the best candidate to represent democrats especially if donald trump is on again? >> he is our president right now and experience and qualifications. >> i do not think that joe biden should run in 2024. i'm sick and tired of that generation being in power. we've got to move on. >> harris: at least max rose said it. the rest of them are dancing.
8:48 am
you can add all of these people to the list, too. even more democrats are dodging questions about a possible biden 2024 run or saying outright he shouldn't run like max rose did. the list is up to at least 30 democrats. ohio democrat tim ryan said he won't invite him on the campaign trail this election cycle. not the first time. >> i'm guessing you are not inviting the president to join you? >> no, i'm not. i'm really not inviting anybody. >> the president held an event in your state recently. you didn't show. it was a message you were sending, right? >> i had commitment in southern ohio and not back out on normal ohioans or cancel anything for anybody. >> harris: i don't know if you would refer to a president of the united states as just anybody. tim ryan, try that out on a friday night with your dem
8:49 am
friends. president biden has flown less and hosted fewer out of town fundraisers than his two most recent predecessors during the election cycle. cassie smutly, arising and richard fowler great news contributor. cassie, first of all, if you have a candidate like joe biden that people are backing away from, what do you do if you are fundraising in candidate city? >> a really good question. how do you make the appeal to say this is what we need? everything is going to great and everybody is like it's not going great. joe biden's poll numbers back to 40%. if democrats say i think he should run for re-election and bring him out on the trail and fundraise with it. that is tantamount to saying everything that is going wrong now, the joe biden policies, we're okay with and we think it should continue. or it also puts a fine spotlight
8:50 am
on the fact that most of these candidates, at least the ones sitting in office like tim ryan voted for joe biden's policies, 100% of the time. a lot of pressure for them to stand next to him or have to support him when the majority of the country is very unhappy with joe biden and democrats' performance. >> harris: richard, you and i have talked about what it takes to win. do that part. go out and get the victory. the problem is that many of these places are dealing with energy issues like gasoline prices and what is about to happen to heating bills because they are in cold states like pennsylvania. you have the senate race down there with fetterman and dr. oz, the republican. what do you do? you aren't just tied to the president. you are tied to his policies that affect everybody. >> that's a great question. if you look across the country what you'll find. many of the democratic candidates running, whether it's john fetterman, senator raphael
8:51 am
warnock, lieutenant governor mandela barnes, former supreme court chief justice beasley are out raising the republican opponents without joe biden and they are also neck-and-neck in some cases, in the case of john fetterman, ahead of their opponents in these races. so in a world that casey says democrats are doing horrible, democratic candidates are out performing the republican opponents almost in every one of those races. so what you are going to see what we could utilize the president, why use him when we are already beating the republican candidate without him? >> harris: we won't get into how crime has hurt fetterman. a statistical tie within the margin of error. that was so many points that he ticked off quickly. cassie, reply. >> you saw this summer john fetterman was up double digits
8:52 am
people were saying forget pennsylvania. now it's a statistical tie. that's because people do not agree with john fetterman's positions. this man has been so soft on crime as a sitting member of the parole board, advocated for letting criminals out. hard criminals out, by the way. where you have crime at record highs in philadelphia. and then there is a report out today, talk about john fetterman. report that he spent nearly half the year last year not working before his unfortunate stroke. so he is not ready on day one and the issues that he is supporting are the wrong positions for pennsylvania. that's why you are seeing the race at a tie. >> i don't think philadelphia will be voting for dr. oz who we aren't sure if he lives in pennsylvania or not. >> harris: here we go. >> you are seeing that crime is an independent issue. maybe philadelphia won't as a whole. >> neither will the suburbs
8:53 am
there. >> i bet more people will be voting against democrats and john fetterman. >> i don't think that mas-- >> harris: you are willing to utilize the president of the united states that has fallen to 40%? imagine what will happen when opec pulls the 2 million barrels of oil off the market every day. >> i'm not sure if it's a democratic or republican issue. i interviewed stacey abrams a couple weeks ago. when you talk to the former minority leader of georgia. it is not about democrat or republican i am working on expanding the electorate and talking to new voters. >> harris: utilize your president on the campaign trail. >> in the last election she kre rated 2.5 million new voters in georgia alone. >> harris: people don't want to talk about energy on the left side of the aisle. wait until it gets cold in d.c.
8:54 am
and you have to warm yourselves up. god bless you. on the republican side fans went wild for governor desantis as he gave remarks alongside president biden yesterday. see the presidentall seal. >> another with please let it be someday. a recent poll shows that desantis is 11 points ahead of the democratic appointee in his bid for re-election. reverse order. richard, your thoughts. >> listen, i think it's good to see democrats and republicans put issues aside to deal with one of the worst hurricanes. >> harris: that's it. all right. cassie. >> you saw governor desantis showing what it is like to lead and joe biden getting flak for talking about fabricated story about his life. i think that's a really good setup for what we might see in the future with democrat versus
8:55 am
republican. >> harris: five seconds to explain the scowl on your face, richard. >> we're making the hurricane about politics. they were there united to help the people of florida. >> harris: we're making it about that? did you see the president stand there and see it's green opportunity time? okay. >> they were both there helping to victims. >> harris: always a pleasure. "outnumbered" after the break. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> kayleigh: hello, everyone, this is "outnumbered" and i'm here with kayleigh mcenany, harris faulkner, emily compagno, tammy bruce and jason chaffetz. so yesterday, the president brags that no one messes with him. of course, he said a very different word.


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