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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  October 6, 2022 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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♪ ♪ >> kayleigh: hello, everyone, this is "outnumbered" and i'm here with kayleigh mcenany, harris faulkner, emily compagno, tammy bruce and jason chaffetz. so yesterday, the president brags that no one messes with him. of course, he said a very different word.
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>> [indistinct] [bleep]! >> kayleigh: no one except maybe opec because they just did. saudi led oil cartel announced it is slashing production by 2 million barrels a day. the move is expected to push our rising gas prices even higher. it is also a slap in the face to the president and his team because they have been spending months and months trying to stop this spirit the president even visited saudi arabia last july. you remember, it is that video of victoria's fist bump between the saudi prince. that opec removes the failure of the fist pump to diplomacy and simply doesn't work. americans, well, if you will pay the price. you know what, it is amazing to me, tammy. i saw this yesterday the announcement of the cuts from opec.
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fist bump foreign policy diplomacy simply doesn't work. then came the headlines, which were in canada delete accurate and usually they bury the truth of the biden administration cnbc, white house lobby fails to prevent opec plus cuts appear td national review biden gives the middle finger. did they tried and failed question asked before they try to impale and of course, that tells you not just even a fist bump but a combination of things when it comes to the policies. if another nation takes the president seriously because of strength at home and strength in other areas, if the individual himself or herself has to be taken seriously because like trump, he was unpredictable but that was one of his strengths but you didn't know what the guy was going to do and that was respected in large part. keep in mind now as the price of oil goes up, that benefits rush her to mike russia. it the price of oil and seen
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with iran so that now biden has made it so that we send all kinds of money to ukraine and effectively funding russia because of his failure. and he's already put out the oil out of our reserve. he keeps doing that. we are sending to different countries and now we actually might need it ourselves. and it won't be there. this is failure from a-z just like afghanistan a end. >> kayleigh: according to the cnn report the white house talking points to the treasury department and here is what they said. they were framed as the prospect of reproduction cut is a total disaster and want it could be taken as a hostile act. this is monday. it says this was a month long diplomacy effort and, in fact, they told janet yellen to find gold state to convince him not to do this giving specific points, you need to say this is
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great political risk to your reputation and really don't like reputation to the united states. amp will come from by senior u.s. official. really interesting details. >> harris: , secretary yellen to turn into economics. boy. >> kayleigh: better than kamala harris. >> tammy: that tells you. >> harris: let's talk about fist bump for a second. do we all remember why that happened? because it was covid and the president would not be touching anyone and that trip included israel so one and so forth within ten days of that, but what that says sometimes potentially, tammy, and i was thinking about this as you were talking. you telegraphed the other side of the fist bump that i am weak. that you are afraid, i am afraid. that i might get touched. even though you have taken every precaution and you told all hundred domain 340 million constituents in america but it did not work for you.
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that the end all be all is everything i have done. certain things you have to take a risk for. you have to stiff and respond and take a risk. and it tells the world, specifically, the leader of opec+ may be that spine is not as stiff. the signs of weakness happened well before the words went out and statements potentially. >> kayleigh: it is so true. afghanistan and the role data, the bad actors have come out and no one respects the united states. but the talking points are interesting because the treasury department got them, jason, the press secretary did because this is what she said today. watch this. >> so we are not considering new releases, releases from strategic petroleum reserve beyond 180 million that the president announced months ago. we don't have anything more to share and we will not consider new releases. >> kayleigh: 48 hours, they took from strategic petroleum
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reserve, 40 year low. >> jason: it is absolute with wrong policy. it is there in case of foreign and national disaster. you can't keep doing that. it is a band-aid, a political band-aid doesn't actually solve the problem. i am struck though, i have to tell you joe biden was elected to the united states senate before jimmy carter became president. so he was a sitting u.s. senator when we went to the crisis with oil and gas. lay back in the '70s. you would have thought joe biden would have sat through and looked learned this lesson and never again will the united states of america depend on others for our economic future. never again will we have to rely on some other country like venezuela, iran, russia or saudi arabia in order to fuel our future. but this presidents so beholden to the far, radical greenies, this is what we are left with my groveling, parading, hoping we
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get somebody else to bail us out. that is so wrong with this picture. >> harris: did you see that picture? can we pump that backup? you brought that today. i mean, what irony that that conversation was happening, maybe not right for the photo, but the consolation of compost going on around that time. >> jason: joe biden was up for second election to the united states and address the united states senator right when jimmy carter was there. it smells, feels, and looks like jimmy carter. that is what this president has done, exactly the same mistakes. >> kayleigh: the fascinating parallel, emily and what does it mean for the viewer, the voter, $2.38 is what the gas prs were at when joe biden came into office and out $3.28 before this opec decision even happened. and you think there is a simple answer? no, it will not go to venezuela and other hostile actor. it is american energy.
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still pumping 800,000 barrels a a day. from the last administration there is an easy answer but climate change is global, by the way it will go in effect venezuela versus at home. >> emily: i think it is clear for the american voter that they see they are the enemy. securing the american jobs that somehow the last answer in the final resort. it doesn't make sense. this is a white house that continues to say one thing and change their mind and favor everybody else except the american, hardworking person. lest we, we will not release more barrels but now they release more set -- we are up to a third of emergency supply and that is because it is more important to the administration they wage a war on fossil fuels. we agree with venezuela to release seven american hostages and two maduro nephews incarcerated for drug trafficking. what does that tell the american citizens? it is more to capitulate to socialist regime, a dictator
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that serves his own people than to create job opportunities on the domestic front. that we went to a war, narcotics trafficking, narcotics and venezuela then it is to create american jobs and to do common sense common sense sensible solution. i think the administration, not just jimmy carter facsimile but actual worst monster because someone forgot 50 years of experience and someone who continues to create an enemy out of the american person in the american job creation. >> emily: >> kayleigh: but nobody's believed with biden he. but coming up new polls show crime is a top issue for voters out of midterms and democrats still don't seem to get it. >> if you could do it again, would you still double down or use that slogan? >> absolutely, absolutely. ♪ ♪
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>> harris: americas crime crisis to be a top issue for voters headed to the midterm elections 33 days from now. a new poll find 77% hold a major problem nationwide. the facts on the ground back that up. so you understand why people say this. check out these statistics. total crime skyrocketing big cities across america and while many such as progressive ideas like lax bail reform laws in deep and defund the police push may be behind it, democrats squad member cori bush just seem to not quite get it. here is the congressman. >> the defund the police, did the progressives go too far to her democratic chances in the fall with slogans like defund the police? >> no, because there is no data
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that actually shows that saying "defund the police" actually cost election and that one thing specifically did it. there were other factors. someone lost elections. >> if you could do it again, would you still double down and use that slogan? >> absolutely, absolutely. >> harris: oh, tammy. >> tammy: you noticed she said it didn't affect elections. when you look at numbers of americans are looking at the crimes on the streets. she wasn't thinking about the ultimate rhetoric basic support for the police. local officeholders support for the police and local politicians and what suddenly communities began to think the police are the enemy and suddenly people aren't helping the police. >> harris: throwing bricks. >> jason: throwing bricks, et cetera. it is remarkable that was not consideration and that is the reasone our border.
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we don't keep on the officers. we have 2,000 police officers and we score every single prosecutor in america so people understand, are they upholding the law or not? >> harris: so, the minority leader, emily and i also talked about something that i always put into the conversation, which is we love law enforcement, not just on "outnumbered" but as a whole, human beings and we can't live without law and order. so it is emotional admiration. that is something that i called for. i don't think that you can just
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expect the best of the best among us to come back and want to be our protectors. i think we have to make an environment where they feel like they are wanted and respected and they are part of the solution. the biggest part. and since we, the victims, or taking a lesser role in thet support back. >> emily: i wholeheartedly agree and i think not only part of the solution but part of the community. unfortunately to the democrat party, they have memorized them for years now. so that is why in part, not only the law enforcement getting triple digit assaulted and
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ambushed and engaging in suicide and terrible things, but they are also exhausted. because nothing they do is being backed up by the d.a.s. is typical what we get from the democrats are two things, hypocritical behavior and doubling down on those talking points. cori bush says, "oh, of course of course defund the police." new york city councilwoman saying, after she said, "don't call 91," she calls 911 over threats. this is a nonprofit organization that has to remind citizens to go to the police because this city councilwoman and are governor hochul will not. >> harris: wow, so house minority leader kevin mccarthy stating the commitment to
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america has sectioned and it is tough, if you read their ideas and vision for america. it is inflation, economy, crime, those are the toppings. do republicans have a roll now, not just an opportunity politically but a roll now going into the 33 days that are left? >> kayleigh: undoubtably we see that role in numbers and wisconsin where ahead by five now and fetterman has a history of advocating for murderers to be released. but wisconsin is an interesting microcosm. when you look at the commercials playing across the airwaves by the johnson campaign against mandella barnes, it is exposing his history on being for or against cash bail and extremely low. it is him holding a polished ice t-shirt connected to defund the police which is working. and until barnes to reduce the prison population. and this is a reality in wisconsin because we set here on this couch when waukesha
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happened appeared several men and women died and dozens injured because a man was convicted of something days prior of a crime and released a thousand dollars bail and wreak havoc in wisconsin community. this is not a commercial but reality in wisconsin. >> harris: all right, we will move on. up next, you may remember this video of the activists who ran on the field on monday night football and tackled by two defenders. well, this guy has filed a police report i'm thinking about suing the football players. now, remember we didn't know what he was carrying were aware he was going but he was headed for the bench. stay close. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> emily: the protester behind mounted light football has filed a police report and considering suing two nfl players.
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the animal rights activists ran onto the field toward the sideline during the game between the l.a. rams and san francisco 49ers and set off a pink smoke bomb purity wasn't tackled by two rams defensive players but instead of apologizing, he has filed a police report claiming assault and now may sue the players and possibly the nfl. jason, to me bobby wagner, the one who had the primary tech out there said it best when he said, you don't know what he's got and you don't know what he's going to do. so in my opinion, it looks like those two guys are heroes for potentially saving the lives of everybody in the stadium. but no, they will get sued for assault by that guy. >> jason: i think they should have hit him even harder. they are heroic. just knock the living crap out of him. i'm totally in favor of that. you are right, they don't know. did they have a dirty bomb with him, a knife, you don't know at this point. they have gone onto the field to
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make themselves a spectacle. now you are supposed to trust these people? no, not the living crap out of them and anybody who does that pays a price. >> emily: if there is smoke, there was fire. he was running with a smoking device so you have to err on the side of security. kayleigh, this reminds me a seminal football case were basically held that these homeowners had abandoned a property and a spring truck guy a trespasser gets hurt by the gun and wins in court, sues the homeowners and says, "you wounded me while i was breaking into your house." the court ruled in favor. you can't hurt somebody breaking into your home. there are couple of nuances but basically this guy is saying, "i can run onto the field with a smoke bomb or something worse, but i will cry foul and win in court because i received repercussion for my action." >> kayleigh: that is a fantastic point.
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bobby wagner is a good samaritan and that is what this guy is pure no wonder people don't help victims on sideways because we live in a logistic society you can get sued. bobby wagner, what he did was exactly right. it is amazing to watch. i also brought for us because we know the climate, so i thought it would be a nice little session. >> emily: there you go. >> jason: i am not hungry now. look, don't do this to us. come on. >> emily: it is that hesitation we are talking about. that kayleigh alluded to when you see something and when you see something, say something but what about doing something? that guy security was running after him and had not caught up to him yet. was it a child in the stands? what if he had thrown that little thing. there is so much more that could have happen and those two men, those heroes stopped him. shouldn't that be awarded?
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>> harris: the immediate target would be those people only to her 3 feet away from him, the entire line of the team purity if you are standing among those people in these coming toward you and you have the ability to protect the people around you, go for it, right? the unlucky part for this guy, they are wearing pads. they are professionals. we have no way of knowing what his intentions are. i don't know... the immediate threat or the people right in front of him. what if he had taken out a gun. we just don't know. in that moment, who doesn't anticipate -- is it legal, actually? you would know. is it legal to run on a field when a game is going on? >> emily: absolutely not and his legal argument in part, "these guys are professional so a greater potential to harm me." >> harris: that is why it is effective. >> emily: and safe that they know how to tackle safely.
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>> jason: nothing is going to happen. >> emily: hopefully worse, but tami, you have an interesting perspective on this, this could be a source of income for this guy. >> harris: oh, wow! >> tammy: it didn't start in the '90s but you do a demonstration and the police beat you up or run over you with a horse, you will pursue perhaps or get money from the city. and it is a lot of money. so, what you're looking at is this combination of getting attention. this than this stuff becomes another stump filing a police report and suing and cities get sued and settled. if you don't need to go because may be sympathetic to the agenda of whoever's doing the demonstration. so it is an easy way to get money. there is a lot of lawsuits because the biden administration, because the government settles. the doj settles. the state department state department settles. >> harris: wow! >> tammy: whatever it is, they settle in crates policy, taxpayer money to certain groups
9:32 am
appear that has become an industry. but in this case, what you are looking at, too, a dynamic and earlier conversation demonizing those who help, right? don't call 911. don't tackle the guy with a flaming, smoking backpack. this tells people that you shouldn't take action. that these are the people that should be arrested is the guy that was on the field and in fact, may be the football player should sue. >> emily: that is right. >> tammy: that makes a big difference. >> kayleigh: what about the one person, emily, allergic to r that was? you could cause damage and maybe people are allergic to a smoke bomb. it doesn't need to be carcinogenic but it can be harmful. >> emily: and the strategy, so cold activists is disgusting. my strategy that i see here plaguing outcome if you mess with the bowl, you get the horns and that is bobby wagner. of migrants coming into at record rates sanctuary cities from food shelter to phones.
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help protect yourself against inflation. make gold your new standard. call rosland capital today at 800-630-8900, 800-630-8900. that's 800-630-8900. ♪ ♪ >> harris: yeah, they want us to close the eyes when this is happening. the nation's capital trying to make america and the entire sanctuary country. despite scrambling a short while ago over the migrant buses arriving to border states, remember washington, d.c.,'s mayor declaring a public emergency over them? now the city council is moving forward on a bill that would let migrants vote at local elections. oh, tammy bruce, i could read
9:38 am
your mind from here. washington, d.c., is not the only place doing this. the perks of all of these deadwood cities with major freebies for those crossing into our country illegally. "the new york post" covers it summing it all up. lay the frame. housing, swanky hotels, phones, health care, and i'll possibly a say in our government. the smoke has settled from your ears. what was cooking? >> tammy: i remember when new york did this, right? >> harris: a new mayor appearance before a new mayor and about 800,000 people in municipal elections. and a judge staten island said no, that is the state constitution. now, you would think people elected to follow the law and implement the law would have advice from counsel, no, this violates the constitution, but they don't care appearance of what you have god's people -- and i think this is what the open border does which illuminates the idean nation.
9:39 am
if you have warner's weather here illegally or legally but really illegal foreigners, the voting, controlling policy or who was elected, that also impact sovereignty, doesn't it which mark that is generally the point. you have to give the left some credit. they never stop. they were focused on the singular framework and they will continue no matter what happens here that is why we have to stop it. >> harris: so, i have a contrarian thought what people might do when you give them free stuff but your policies are not aligned with their values. maybe they don't vote democrat after all. >> jason: yeah, i think there is a assumption by the lip that the democrats, if you are hispanic or a person of color, you will vote for us. and they are going the wrong direction, but i don't think it is a coincidence that you have an open border policy with millions of people pouring in the same time nancy pelosi and the democrats hr one house resolution 1 is a way to change
9:40 am
the way voting happens to make . and i think this is the long-term projection is let all these people in and they will vote for us. we will change the voting laws and give more control to the feds and how to count the vote. even joe biden said, you know, it is who counts the votes. we will be able to do that. all of these things. they all line up for me because i think this is their long-term goal is they want to change the fabric of america because they assumed that they will win recollections. >> harris: that his shady car salesman though, it is not the vote. >> jason: it is so obvious. >> harris: it is not whether the car runs but whether it is pretty. >> jason: i didn't say it, they said it. >> harris: i know. i'm reminding us all. >> kayleigh: that is fantastic hr 1 is the first bill in nancy pelosi getting the gavel. think about all of the problems in the world. the first one, the first priority federal icing voting laws to look like the d.c.'s
9:41 am
mom, deeply deeply blue. the vote was 12-1. even the one person who voted again said this bill is supportable but let me ask a question. you are saying 18-year-old bust up from texas 30 days can vote f columbia. they said, yeah, that is right so she didn't support it. think how insane that is 30 days requirement and a year in the district of columbia. i don't think that is what america wants. >> harris: emily, down at the border we were picking up ideas people leaving in the grass. they get temporary ids in mexico or the country before. one guy was from columbia and still have his i.d. because he can be anyone and pick which one he would show if he would give himself up to border patrol. right? voting rights potentially to a whole host of people and forget about the got a ways and able to vote because we don't know who they are. these are people that we say we
9:42 am
are vetting and we campo. i have a handful of ids and you don't know this guy. >> emily: let's give sacred rule to someone bussed hanging out and let's go. the city council members and elected government officials are organisms. they are amoebas. the simplest creatures on the planet. >> tammy: emily has no opi opinion. >> harris: i love her group on science. [laughter] b to see it as a travesty. and to your point about diluting sovereignty, they are diluting as well to knowledge how the government works and the sacredness the investment to become a citizen. shouldn't it be one of the primary goals of someone who is immigrating to become citizens so they could participate in the amazing process of civil government and instead let's
9:43 am
roll out our ids on the grass and see where we will be today. rohan, both this and assume democratic. to get my free phone and go home. what is this? >> jason: there is a reason for democrats fought so hard against the idea you have to actually show an identification to vote. >> kayleigh: that is right. wonder why. >> harris: this is what's coming up the cell phone obsessed sophie generation is not leading to low self-esteem, but it is also costing the economy big time. ♪ ♪
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>> the biden administration reportedly turns to venezuela with the energy price is at home. senator tom cotton vote drill baby drill, what we need to do now as a country to reign in gas prices. he will join us live. america's price of out of control all eyes on president biden to visit poughkeepsie and talked jobs. but will he mentions a father who was shot and killed there while visiting his son at college? we will monitor the president's
9:48 am
visit. come join us live as "america reports" coming up live at the top of the hour. ♪ ♪ >> emily: america self obsessed self lead generation costing the nation's economy big time. some $800 billion a year. a new harvard university study estimates $84 billion is lost in the workplace alone over poor productivity. with research saying employees taking sick days to improved physical health and body image. the country's growing obsession with vanity also leading to more eating disorder, depression, and even drug abuse. jason, as well not to mention selfie death but a major public health crisis, the bottom line is everybody's obsession with selfies is messing everything up here at >> jason: yes, it is and i look at the pictures and
9:49 am
men engage in this as well, you have vulnerable teenagers who i think are in a situation where unfortunately not everybody can process. and they want to be like these people all the time. it is so pervasive. it is dangerous. it has to be a degree of balance out there. i worry about this generation because the immediacy in which they do things. the lack of reward and incentive to go out and work is not just how lax you get on instagram. it is something that is a big societal need that needs to change. >> emily: it is also a big pain, harris what a waste of time. getting off of the planes this weekend and someone decided to bake and business class so we were standing behind her as she came from the back of the plane and taking selfies that she posted appearance who it wasn't just selfie interim but imposter selfie syndrome. you know, let's get through
9:50 am
customs and please get off of the plane. >> harris: you know, what jason said is so important and speaks to the issue people wanting things they cannot have and not being willing to sacrifice to get them potentially. because that is what it is. people asked me what i do for a living? everything it takes. that is not the generation we are in right now. that hole they are trying to feel what you're talking about? >> jason: el. >> harris: it is a bottomless pit and it is really sad. i wish there is something that could turn off all across the globe 24 hours. we would not see them until they turned the filters back on. i knew, no there is a reality app. but i don't know a lot of people talking about it yet. >> emily: we don't need an app to have reality. we are living in it right now. >> harris: with good makeup. come on. [laughter] no selfies but make.
9:51 am
>> emily: to harris to be the best selves possible and tonya hardy nancy garrick and stuff, we do everything and work hard. and the irony is these kids, all their priorities is getting ahead socially. so they are wasting our tax dollars and time in these company's investments because too busy either trying to conform to these unnatural boundaries or they are just wasting times at work selfie. >> kayleigh: 100% not filling that hole harris describes but what fills the hole is helping others. as we have seen but we have a lost generation. you can get -- a my selfie and an actual shot of myself. really unflattering. [laughter] but social media, the role they play is interesting. and i never consider blumenthal
9:52 am
posing as a 13-year-old girl and 24 hours instagram with content eating disorders to a 13-year-old girl. i'm glad we have lawmakers on top of it. social media -- >> emily: that is an excellent point however they try, lawmakers are try again but there are plenty of ones that are not listening to the whistle-blowers on social mediae social media giants themselves to stand by and affect calves while our children demonstrably being hurt by this appearance before we know adults are to some degree and this comes downo the lack of family, right? you get that feedback from people in your sphere personal, individual people but the covid and everybody else decide in general, people are alone and we are not loners. we are social animals, pack animals. we need that and this has replaced real life, real social ability. but it has replaced family. that has been destroyed over
9:53 am
clearly the last two generations prethe technology. but the mistake was made in allowing minors. it affects adults but allowing minors access to social media. that is freedom. but we keep minors from cigarettes, from prnogoraphy. this has psychological impacts that lead to physical health issues, which is our discussion and we seem to decide to ignore that one. when we are willing to take action against major industries to limit children because as a lot of things in our lives now, children are being used, children are being co-opted, children are being up used in this as part of that. we have to stand up and say, "look, there are limits because children can't make serious decisions. they don't have the discipline and they don't know the impact of the actions on own lives
9:54 am
periods" this is perhaps one of those fronts. >> emily: just remember the best sophie's only awesome sophie, thelma and louise. >> emily: do you guys remember that when they were in the car? >> kayleigh: no. ♪ ♪
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♪♪ >> our friend. last but not least, halloween is just around the corner which means candy corn is back. >> welcome back. >> yeah, baby. >> people loving it and hating it. that's tammy, she loves it. internet has fun making jokes about candy corn. regardless of how you feel, branch's candy says it still sells 7 billion pieces every
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halloween. jason, we ate about 1 million during the commercial. >> you too, and tammy on the other side, refill the bowls. it was only like a two-minute commercial. >> candy corn, it's my favorite vegetable, and i love it, and there's a way to eat the yellow part first, you nibble that part off and then you eat that, and -- >> can i tell them what you were doing during the break? >> in the teeth. >> they are good if you want to disguise yourself. they provide that. >> they are trying me on national television to put them in, i'm telling the kids at home, you put them up in your gums like that. >> show the kids. >> no, we are going to run out the clock on that one. >> trying to rival the bike rider. >> you've got it. the best on "out numbered." 35 million pounds every
10:00 am
halloween and on this couch we could devour 34 million of them. >> candy says it's the number two hated candy. >> who said that? >> i object. >> i can't go years without eating twix and -- at least a handful every halloween. >> no licorice, no smarties, yes, candy corn. don't forget to dvr the show. >> sandra: fox news alert, president biden is in new york about 80 miles north of new york city where a father of three was shot and killed sunday while visiting his son at college. but the president is expected to tour an ibm facility and deliver remarks on jobs during his visit. >> new york governor kathy hochul has reminded silent about the killing, growing backlash over the broken bail reform
10:01 am


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