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tv   America Reports  FOX News  October 6, 2022 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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>> candy says it's the number two hated candy. >> who said that? >> i object. >> i can't go years without eating twix and -- at least a handful every halloween. >> no licorice, no smarties, yes, candy corn. don't forget to dvr the show. >> sandra: fox news alert, president biden is in new york about 80 miles north of new york city where a father of three was shot and killed sunday while visiting his son at college. but the president is expected to tour an ibm facility and deliver remarks on jobs during his visit. >> new york governor kathy hochul has reminded silent about the killing, growing backlash over the broken bail reform system.
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what will it take for democrats to address this horrific murder as the country grapples with the nationwide crime crisis. katie pavlich and tammy bruce will join us all of that coming up. >> sandra: biden administration says the sanction policy against venezuela is unchanged after the wall street journal reported the president was gearing up to ease sanctions to allow more oil pumping in that country in an effort to bring prices down here at home. trace, a big hello to you. >> great to see you. hello, everyone, trace gallagher in for john roberts. a spokesperson for the national security council making the statement, follows opec announcing plans to reduce oil output by 2 million barrels a day. experts say the move will likely lead to higher prices at the pump here at home. >> sandra: and we are already seeing the prices on the rise yet again. the president now between a rock
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and a hard place on the heels of that decision as he tries to appease the far left wing of his party while holding oil prices down during the midterm elections. peter what options is the president actually considering at this hour? >> sandra, president biden seemed to confirm the wall street journal report the u.s. may soon buy oil from venezuela as long as the venezuelan president maduro restarts talks with his political rivals about a free and fair election in 2024 in venezuela. >> what's your reaction to the opec -- >> disappointment and we are looking at what alternatives we may have. >> national security council says there are no plans to change the sanctions policy without constructive steps from the maduro regime. the sanctions policy is
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unchanged, we will implement the venezuela sanctions as we have previously made clear we will review policies in response to constructive steps to restore democracy in venezuela and alleviate the suffering of the venezuelan people. the administration is it nearing the end of a plan to sell a million barrels a day from the strategic reserves for 180 days in a row, and on monday, officials said that was going to be it. but today we are hearing again that to keep prices low they may dip further into the reserves which are already nearing a 40-year low. >> we continue to look at the strategic petroleum reserve is one of those. so you know, we are not announcing any steps on that front but there are measures that we will continue to assess as we, you know, as we go forward. >> officials say they are sympathetic to the impact the
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high prices are having on everyday americans. they say they are trying to figure out how to get people relief, but one of the options that appears to be off the table would be encouraging more drilling here at home, sandra. >> sandra: we have invited the white house and anyone from the economic or energy teams to join us to explain how they plan to bring those prices down and declined our invitation. they are always welcome to join us. thank you very much. >> trace: north korea marking the sixth round of tests in less than two weeks. biden administration is accusing china and russia of enabling king jong-un by protecting north korea from sanctions. tom cotton standing by. but first our national chief correspondent jennifer griffin at the pentagon. what's motivating north korea to
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test right now? >> trace, the latest north korean missile launches are testing the mettle and reaction time of the u.s./south korea/japanese alliance. the news broke last night i was at the pentagon, and japan had to retract a news release that a missile flew over japan again, it did not. today the south scrambled 30 military planes in response to a plane this morning. >> as we have said before, north korea continues to launch missiles one after another and make provocations as part of north korea's own development of ballistic missiles in its defense plan. >> the u.s., which had not carried out military exercises with south korea in nearly five years,s launched war planes with japan, two u.s. ships belonging
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to the u.s.s. ronald reagan carrier strike group carried out defense exercises with south korean and japanese warships in the sea of japan today. and looking for simulated targets, coordination, and information sharing between the three countries, and air drills between the u.s., japan and south korea. >> we will not stay silent as they work to undermine the global nonproliferation regime and threaten the international community. >> at the u.n. security council, china and russia blame the u.s. for the north korean missile test. north korea has now launched over 35 ballistic missiles this year alone, and looks like it is preparing to carry out another nuclear test.
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trace. >> trace: jen, thank you. >> sandra: bring in arkansas republican senator tom cotton, first start out with the opec fallout. senator, you can make the case, correct me if you see it differently, make the case that the average american voter no matter their party, republican or democrat is not going to be happy if they are paying $4 average for a gallon of gasoline in this country, and we have the ability to produce more oil, we have the ability to refine more oil but turning to venezuela for help potentially? >> no, sandra, i don't think many americans will want to pay 5 or $6 a gallon of gas as they are out west, even though we have the ability to provide the oil and gas and coal we need to power our economy. we used to be a lot more dependent on foreign oil and opec had more power, over the
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last 10, 15 years, thanks to the petroleum engineers and the roughnecks in the oil fields we don't have the energy independence but could be energy dominant. but progressive democrats in washington have waged a war against fossil fuels. and it's not even that they are worried about $4 or $5 ga lan of gas, they want that to happen. joe biden promised to eliminate fossil fuels. they want you to pay that much for traditional gasoline powered car, they don't want you driving it. they want to force you into an electric vehicle, it should be called a coal powered or natural gas or nuclear powered vehicle, the electricity has to come from somewhere. they recognize it's politically inconvenient. but rather than unleashing american oil production, celebrating american roughnecks they do to communists in venezuela or iran hat in hand
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begging them to produce a little more oil to say they are doing something about the price at the pump hurting so many american families. >> sandra: surely they don't, democrats, want the oil and gas prices to be as high as they are heading into a midterm election, we are just weeks away from. certainly the republicans are making big promises that they can bring gas and oil prices down if they flip control of congress. so what's the plan for republicans, how do you do that, and how fast can you promise you can get the prices down? >> sandra, the oil markets, like many markets are based in part on expectations and predictions. there's a reason why the price of gasoline started going up almost as soon as joe biden took office. that's because oil and gas industry knew he was going to try to strangle them through a death of 1,000 cuts. there's no one silver bullet that he shot to strangle the oil and gas industry, no one single solution, but we can use our legislative powers, especially
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our powers over federal spending to force more lease sales or force accelerated permitting of the infrastructure we need, to put a stop to this practice of using the strategic petroleum reserve as the political petroleum reserve and to generally make sure that the oil and gas industry in america understands that they are not going to continue to see this avalanche of anti-fossil fuel laws passed by an extremely liberal congress. >> it's amazing to see that move from opec just months after president biden went over asking the saudis for help to bring the prices down. saudis snubbed biden again, the wall street journal said. and the second missile launched, what is the intent, do you believe, of north korea and these exercises? >> in the past typically north korea has fired missiles or tested nuclear weapons as a way to extract concessions from the
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west, especially from the united states to try to cede to their demands. it's vital we don't make the mistake in both parties viewing it as another reason to give concessions to north korea. and second, vital we make sure we have the weapons and especially the missile and the air defenses that we need to protect our troops, and protect our partners like south korea and japan, patriot missile batteries, more defense technology to neutralize the threat from north korea. i would say third as well, joe biden needs to stop making concessions to dictators in places like venezuela and iran. if you make concessions to dictators there, kim jong-un believes the store is open, so it's important we don't project weakness to one dictator.
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anti-american dictators will smell the weakness and want concessions on their own. >> sandra: they are getting the ascension, the second launch in a matter of a week. appreciate you joining us, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> sandra: as i mentioned going back to the snub by the saudis to president biden on the oil prices we are living through here, prices are maybe going to rise, we are depleting the reserves reserved for emergencies. it's a big moment and to have it happening weeks before the midterm elections is really something. >> it's a drop in the bucket. america uses 20 million barrels a day, they are talking about releasing 10 million next month, that's what, i mean, that's a small percentage of what we use. it's not going to make a difference, especially the 2 million barrels cut back by
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opec. >> hopefully we get some clearance on venezuela, and the wall street journal reporting otherwise, we'll see what we learn in the hours to come. >> trace: an awful story, at least 35 are dead, including 24 children following a mass shooting and knife attack at a thailand daycare center. the incident happening about 300 miles northeast of the capital of bangkok. the suspect, a former police officer, left the scene after the deadly attack. they say he fired a gun from his car as he drove home where he killed his wife and child before taking his own life. the mass shooting is the deadliest in thailand's history. >> sandra: and on to president biden's visit today at an ibm plant north of new york city, in poughkeepsie, new york, and a
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father was killed in a hotel lobby. will he stay silent like kathy hochul, and will crime play a role in the midterm elections, republicans campaigning hard on the issue. is it changing voter's minds? katie pavlich will break that down. >> the failed new york state bail laws and washington is compounding the communities. one way to send a message, that's on november 8th.
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>> sandra: republicans in several key battleground states focusing on crime and support for law enforcement as their counterparts try to ditch their defund the police efforts of 2020. this as new data released by the
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fbi shows the national murder rate climbing more than 4% in 2021. katie pavlich and mark meredith are standing by on that.enter but first mark is in washington for us. how much do voters care about this crime issue ahead of november? >> sandra, looks like they appear to care quite a bit, at least according to recent polling. monmoth, and fox, and 79% of voters are either extremely or very concerned about higher crime rates. republicans are increasingly highlighting the issue in campaign ads, especially in wisconsin. senator ron johnson is trying to paint his opponent, the lieutenant governor, mandela barnes as anti-police and supportive of the defund the police movement. barnes and his supporters are firing back with ads like this one. >> i worked on the force for 30 years. i've seen plenty of politicians. but mandela, he's the real deal. he doesn't want to defund the police. he's very supportive of law
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enforcement. >> increasing number of gop candidates are focussing heavily on crime. last night ohio republican j.d. vance held a back the blue rally, trying to label himself, and new york and atlanta, and major debate in the heartland, including in kansas. last night during the state gubernatorial debate, they are ready to embrace law enforcement anyway they can. >> what is the single most important action you can take as governor to reduce crime? >> support the men and women in law enforcement and the prosecution community who keep our communities safe each and every day. >> i agree they need to have the tools and resources to fight the crime that we see on our streets. i also think a positive economy is important if we are going to deal with crime in the long run. >> high profile democrats also continue to reject the claim
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they will support the defund the police movement, but cori bush says she supports the idea insisting people are not focusing on the main message. >> sandra: mark, thank you. >> trace: katie pavlich, fox news contributor, and town hall, and don't i love we never said defund the police. and crime and public safety are a potent mix of issues in the midterm election. more than three-quarters of voters said violent crime is a major problem in the u.s. as republicans tied democrats to a pandemic-era rise in crime on the campaign trail and in tv ads, and if you look mark meredith was talking about a poll, 82% concerned about inflation, and crime, 72%. bottom line, people don't feel safe. >> and like inflation crime affects everybody. a victim of a violent crime at any place at any time and
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democrats and the democratic prosecutors who have been taking the side of criminals are the ones who are saying that the victims are not the ones that matter here. you have cori bush led the charge against defund the police, is not just about money, it's about morale taking away your support for the police in addition to funding. says look, maybe we shouldn't say that, let's not forget while she was calling for the defunding of the police and pro gun control she was spending half a million dollars in campaign funds for her own private security. and it's nice politico couches this as a pandemic-era rise in crime. this is a direct result of the defund the police from the summer of 2020. billions dollars in riots and 2014, department of justice and president barack obama falsely claiming police were out to get michael brown who was guilty in taking a police officer's gun and instance of an armed robbery before that incident. so this is a long walk of the
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plank when it came to defund the police and taking away support from the police and now police are seeing the consequence in the neighborhoods and voting how they are feeling. >> and the pivot of democratic candidates trying to run as fast as they can away from this, they know it's a bad topic for them. put up the fbi stats to kind of get your take on this. because this is interesting. you have this 4.3% increase in murders in 2021, and you have to take into account, it's up 24 -- 29.4% from 2019, 2020, and katie, this does not include new york or los angeles or phoenix or a lot of other major cities that are having major crime problems. >> yeah, number is 4.9% going up but it's not an accurate number in any sense of the word, does not include chicago and so people are feeling this all around the country and for the left they have tried to argue they were for black lives matter, ended up being an organization that used much funding to build a real estate empire because they believed in
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social justice and make sure minority communities were represented and had rights. majority of the people victims of the rise in murder, not accurately represented by the fbi data is minorities in communities that democrats claim to represent and yet they put them in more vulnerable situation by defunding the police and don't support the police and police are not doing their jobs and criminals are running rampant in the streets. >> and 54-year-old man was shot in the lobby of a marriott hotel, and what does the governor do about it? more concerned about pizza week, put it on the screen. she comes out and says october is national pizza month, and she talks about the great things that new york does for pizza. it's optics, it's just bad. >> and president biden is going to be with her and they have no
10:25 am
issue of talking about crime. and you go to a college event and a risk at being shot in the lobby, no comment from the governor who has backed the anti-police ideology, not holding prosecutors, and lee zeldin is for putting people in prison because the people arrested in the crime have a long track record. >> fascinating to see what happens in the midterms. >> great to see you. >> sandra: thank you trace, katie. president biden is under pressure from members of his own party. a group of democrats demanding action on climate change even as americans are grappling with soaring gas prices. will the white house cave? in studio to discuss. >> trace: and the migrant surge at the southern border is
10:26 am
another crisis for the biden administration. republicans putting homeland security secretary mayorkas on notice he could face impeachment over his inaction. we are live from the border next. >> is the border more secure under your leadership than when you started? >> congressman, the border is secure. we are executing our plan and i've been very clear and unequivocal in that regard.
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♪ hit it!♪ ♪it takes two to make a thing go right♪ ♪it takes two to make it outta sight♪ ♪one, two, get loose now! it takes two to make a-♪ get double rewards points this fall. book now at >> president biden scolding maga republicans after appeals court rules the daca program is illegal. meantime, some republicans are warning homeland secretary mayorkas could face impeachment for dereliction of duty at the southern border. griff jenkins knows what they are talking about, he's life at the border in eagle pass, texas. what does this mean for migrants crossing now, griff?
10:31 am
>> hey, trace, good afternoon. that new ruling means that no children crossing today will be able to apply for new daca status, but as you can see from our drone up in the sky in this wide open border, that means bad news for secretary mayorkas as the senators make their case for impeachment. as we see every day like clockwork, this border is anything but secure. and take a look now at this video of the dangers of the migrants making this journey. you will see the group that our drone shot earlier, a group of 200 plus coming early this morning. now, this sector, del rio, leads the nation in large groups. more than 400 last fiscal year, that accounted for 65% of all large groups nationwide. now, i want to show you some tape we shot here on the next video, that is texas dps
10:32 am
troopers pursuing a gravel hauler, trace, it was pulled out, the driver jumped out and bailed into the bushes but the troopers found inside some 17 migrants stuck in very dangerous conditions. one migrant had fallen out of the hauler just prior to the truck being pulled over, he was run over and transported to a hospital. but unfortunately, it was not the only smuggling attempt that day. we can also show you some pictures that the border patrol agents gave us from the eagle pass south station that was a tow trailer, some 20 migrants were locked in that. that's just all part of the dangers of this journey with an insecure border, unlike what secretary mayorkas is saying, and that's why the senators are so very upset. now, the officials say that until there's a change at the biden administration federal level it's going to continue. finally, you know, trace, let me show you something i picked up
10:33 am
earlier. this is a guide for migrants. says guide for the migrants, issued by the mexican government suggesting the mexican government on that side of the border is doing very little to stop this unprecedented surge that is so very dangerous for the migrants, trace. >> trace: griff, thank you, live from the border. >> spending so much on gas, spending way more than six months ago or something. gas prices are crazy. >> i just buy enough to go to work and home and so i don't really buy -- i don't want to plan anything because the price of gas is so high. >> i think it's crazy. we are at the point which we either eat or put gas. >> sandra: pain at the pump. this as a group of high profile democrats is urging president biden to expand on the inflation reduction act by declaring a climate emergency. progressives like elizabeth warren and bernie sanders are among the lawmakers calling for the president to speed up the
10:34 am
transition of green energy amid pricing prices. and bring in our panel, david, i have a university poll, national news, economic issues outweigh concerns about rights in midterm vote. inflation top issue for the american voter, no matter the party you ask. people are worried about the sky high prices. they continue to pay, so why aren't democrats focusing more on that in this moment? >> well, empathize with david who does not have enough fingers to put into the dam where all the leaks are coming out. the democrats are creating for themselves and now you've got bernie sanders and his comrades saying let's do more to cause inflation to go up we not only voted for the inflation multiplier act, it has not come down, only worse and democrats have to deal with this. max rose in new york saying
10:35 am
biden should not run again, a democratic candidate in florida saying the 87,000 irs agents are bad. the amount of challenges the democrats are putting on themselves to win this election cycle is mounting by the day. >> sandra: while we are looking at the possibility of even higher oil and gas prices in the wake of the opec news, cutting 2 million barrels from production, you've got the democrats pushing the president now to make the inflation reduction act, whatever you want to call it, bigger? these are already the provisions in that act for climate goals. 60 billion to support on shore clean energy manufacturing, $10 million tax credit for clean technology manufacturing facilities, 9 billion to clean home energy rebate programs, tax credits for buying new and used electric vehicles which are very expensive, and hard to come by. do you believe democrats may live to regret the day they
10:36 am
pushed clean energy so hard in this moment when we are not ready for the transition? >> well, i think we are all in agreement that climate change is real, we have to attack it, and the question is how aggressively do we attack it. we have a big victory with the inflation reduction act. historic investment. >> on inflation? >> it's going to -- >> sandra: on what specifically? >> on the environment, on jobs. >> sandra: but on inflation, does it bring down inflation? >> i think it will help bring down. how much? i'm teasing you. >> there's no silver bullet. >> sandra: call it what it is, even the white house we had on, asked for a number and he had to source another economist who said it would bring down inflation by a small fraction of a percentage point. >> it's limited. but we talk about the environment, talk about jobs, a new economy and new industry, we are making sure that america is going to be the global center for investments in renewable technologies, renewable energy. and yes, these senators that put this letter to president biden, they are asking for an emergency
10:37 am
declaration on climate change. >> sandra: how about declaration on sky high gas and oil prices. this is affecting the american people right now, affecting american business, and anything that businesses pay more for, that trickles down to the consumer. >> direct result of president biden first cutting our energy independence, and opec then says we are going to cut our production, so that then prices have to go up, simple supply and demand, this white house does not seem to understand. it was congressional democrats last year telling energy producers to cut back on production and when energy gets more expensive, everything in america gets more expensive, and every one of these things can be directed back to the biden administration. >> sandra: if it's true the white house and this is my last question, if it's true this white house as the wall street journal is reporting is going to ease sanctions on venezuela to get them to pump more oil to solve the problem here at home, what do the green energy folks say to that?
10:38 am
is that cleaner oil? >> i think all options need to be on the table because we are seeing this as one of the greatest threats to our society is climate change. >> sandra: i'm asking what's the reaction to that? >> i think it's multiple things. you are going to talk to different people -- a lot we can do the president can do in addition to the inflation reduction act, it's a great step forward. >> sandra: i think americans want to know why we can't pump our own oil here at home and why we are turning to venezuela when we have the resources, interesting conversation appreciate both davids on set with us. thank you very much, trace. >> trace: a gruesome discovery two days after a family was kidnapped. what police are saying after all four, including a baby, were found dead. >> sandra: the white house may be scrambling as we were just debating after opec announced cuts in its oil production. now biden says he is looking for
10:39 am
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>> sandra: in the search for a missing california family comes to a tragic end. all four were found dead in a field two days after they were seen on surveillance video being kidnapped at gunpoint with their hands zip tied behind their backs. senior national correspondent is live in los angeles for us. what more do we know about their deaths? >> the one question you have i don't have an answer for and police have not given it, why this ex-con killed the family, including this 8-month-old child. so here is some surveillance video, the big guy in the back you are going to see is jesus
10:44 am
salgado. monday the singh family invited him in, thinking he was a homeless guy looking for bottles to recycle, bringing out, pulls a gun, kidnaps jasdeep singh and his brother, and his wife and baby. a farmworker found four bodies in an almond field 20 miles away, cause of death the sheriff will not reveal. >> there are no words to describe the anger i feel and the senselessness of this incident. i said it earlier there's a special place in hell for this guy. >> delgado remains in the hospital after shooting himself tuesday after police discovered video of him using one of the family's bank cards at an atm. an ex-con who was released in 2015. why did he target the family who owns a small trucking company is
10:45 am
not known. was he hired, how is the money going to change hands, did he have an accomplice, and why did he kill everyone, including an innocent child. >> we don't know motivation but trying to make a factor on that and the investigation now is conviction and hoping our district attorney's office files e death penalty. >> it's not going to matter as long as governor newsom is in office. he imposed a death penalty moratorium. they came from india 20 years ago. >> sandra: live from los angeles, thank you, trace. >> trace: vladimir putin saying he now owns the world's largest nuclear power plant, but could it be meaningless as they push back the front line. michael allen on the latest in
10:46 am
the war. >> sandra: plus, trace, animal rights protestor is demanding police call a personal foul on the nfl linebacker who slammed him to the ground when he stormed the field. tyrus will join us on a blind side hit turning into a potential lawsuit? ♪♪
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california, mountains, oceans, natural wonders, diverse and creative people. but when the out-of-state corporations behind prop 27 look at california, they see nothing but suckers. they wrote prop 27 to give themselves 90% of the profits from online sports betting in california. other states get much more. why is prop 27 such a suckers deal for california? because the corporations didn't write it for us. they wrote it for themselves.
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>> sandra: music choice is on point today. coronation of king charles iii june 3, 2023, at westminster abbey. plans for the coronation have always centered around that date. buckingham palace weighing in to a london newspaper saying that time frame is "pure speculation" and should be taken with a massive pinch of salt. worth noting, if it does happen on that day, king charles iii ceremony will take place almost 70 years to the day after his mother, queen elizabeth ii, was crowned on june 2, 1953. i'm sure when the event does happen, it will be quite
10:51 am
something, trace. >> i just like the fact the brits say pinch of salt. i love it. >> sandra: i was going to use my best accent but dodged it at the last second. >> trace: maybe later in the show. united nations renewing effort to secure europe's largest nuclear power plant after vladimir putin claimed russian ownership of the site. this as heavy fighting continues near the plant which has sparked concerns of a potential nuclear meltdown. michael allen, special former assistant to president george w. bush and proliferation strategy at the national security council. michael, it's amazing you have vladimir putin claiming it. >> he lost things over the
10:52 am
weekend and things are worse and worse, led many people to conclude the likelihood he may use a tactical nuclear weapon either as a demonstration or something in the field is becoming increasingly likely, maybe not probable yet but increasingly likely and at least as likely as it's been at any time in the united states since the cuban missile crisis. >> trace: if i get you right, what you are saying if he feels like he needs to use a nuclear weapon to hold on to power, you believe he will. >> i think he is trying to make the calculation now, what will keep me in office. he faces from the ultra national right after him, he has made every mistake he could have made along the way and he's not doing very well. if he thinks that he could use nuclear weapons and that it would achieve some battlefield success he may use them, especially if he thinks the united states or nato don't have the resolve to punish him for
10:53 am
that. so, this is very dicey as we try to consider, the biden administration tries to consider what type of response what we have if he used a tactical nuke. >> that's the point, if in fact he were to use a tactical nuke, there has to be a response. >> so this is, you know, very dicey, and obviously we are talking about nuclear weapons, but you can see an arguement we have to have the response or else the message to other countries around the world is well, maybe we should get nukes as well you can act with impunity. and i'm not saying it's not a close call. we have to thread the needle, we, the united states need to to sort of sew strategic ambiguity. >> trace: you don't want it a back and forth, thread the
10:54 am
needle, send the message, retaliation, an answer to his nuclear but cannot explode into world war iii. >> i hope the biden administration is sending messages we will have a serious response but don't want it to escalate beyond conventional weapons from nato or the united states. >> trace: strategically, michael, it appears to the world he is losing day-by-day and he sees that and the world sees that, i'm wondering, does he reescalate, or does he, you know, as you have suggested, does he want to freeze this conflict, take what he's got, and get out? >> i think he would love it if the west were able to exert pressure over ukraine to get into some sort of peace talks as soon as possible. that might freeze the conflict for the winter, allow him to reconstitute and otherwise allow him to say listen, i've won some territory back.
10:55 am
>> trace:. we thought china was a big ally of russia, does not appear so much to be the case. >> at a conference they were annoyed and you can bet biden and others are calling over to xi jinping saying you need to help us with putin here. >> sandra: new at 2:00, another big company ditching chicago packing their bags as crime there surges. tyson foods the latest to join the exodus, blaming rising crime. will the bailing businesses convince leaders to crack down? and larry kudlow on president biden's oil pricis, mollie hemingway on threats from chinese media and tyrus on the tackle that could have big time consequences for two football players. all that and a whole lot more coming up as "america reports" rolls on into hour two.
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>> sandra: here we go, new at 2:00, new york has gone too far. the ruling out of a federal court accusing the state's liberal lawmakers of stomping on the second amendment. the sharp words are just in from a judge. >> trace: brand-new, secrets of the secret service. left v.p. shaken and stirred up memories of the secret service scandalous past. >> sandra: one more must-see for you. melania trump's footwear, made the "new york times" melt down after hurricane harvey. can they explain why jill biden doing the same after the latest storm is suddenly not fit to print? welcome back as "america reports" into hour two. sandra smith in new york city, and trace, great to have you here today. >> trace: those stories the start of a jam packed hour, kicking off with a fox news alert. >>


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