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tv   The Story With Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  October 6, 2022 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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changes that have been made. sandra. >> sandra: breaking news, thank you very much, alexis. the president spoke earlier in poughkeepsie and did not mention the killing of the father. >> he never said a word about it. >> sandra: thank you very much, i am sandra and trey should have a big show coming up. >> you can catch me 12:00 midnight eastern, the story with martha maccallum, "the story." >> martha: thank you very much, sandra, good afternoon. martha maccallum we are pouring over a bombshell that dropped from "the washington post" moments ago. federal agents who are proving hunter biden believed that they have enough evidence to charge the president's son with tax crimes and full statement surrounding a gun purchase. remember this investigation going on for four years now. his overseas business dealings
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the initial focus and got the most attention, but now it would be up to the u.s. attorney in delaware who was appointed by former president donald trump, david weiss to file actual charges in this case. bret baier standing by in new york. at the justice department with the latest on this, high. >> a significant development, hunter biden for 52-year-old son of president joe biden may face charges after all. this coming in an exclusive report from "the washington post." we are calling for sources right now to try to find out what we can about the story. it is interesting because "the post" tax crimes with the s related to a gun purchase. hunter biden has not been charged with a crime. david weiss, the u.s. attorney in delaware has quite a task ahead of him deciding whether or not to in tight a sitting
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president's son. the question, what would hunter biden be indicted on? we know that president joe biden kept david weiss on the payroll as a u.s. attorney when he came into the oval office in jan january 2021 to avoid any types of conflict of interest. but ultimately, martha, attorney gen eral merrick garland and lisa monaco, these are characters briefed on hunter biden investigation. we reported fox news about a month and a half ago that the grand jury looking into potential charges for hunter biden ended its term over the summer. it is possible that prosecutors went back to a new grand jury to bring more information to a grand jury to try to get charges, or it is possible with "the washington post" at this point is reporting based off of that original grand jury. we have heard about this laptop. we know the fbi began
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investigating hunter biden in 2018. tony bobulinski was on tucker carlson a couple of nights ago a former business partner of hunter biden. so ultimately, it is up to the department of justice and not the fbi whether to charge hunter biden. i will end with this, martha, the doj has... i want to say not a written rule, but to not charge someone before an election is a politically sensitive matter. hunter biden is not on the ballot, but his father is the president of the united states. so we will see what happens here coming from "the washington post" right now. we will continue to make updates. >> martha: david spunt, we will bring in bret baier, executive fox news chief political anchor in new york today. >> hey, martha. >> martha: this is an eye-catching story. we are digging into it but what is your initial reaction? >> the initial reaction, as
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david reported we have not heard from the attorneys department we knew the grand jury came to an end. the timing seems like it works if they are going to make a decision whether to go forward with charges or not. not in this article, to david's point, the foreign agent registry, the affairs of all the things he was doing with foreign countries peer that is not in here. what is in here are lying on a gun registration form and also tax charges. so, it is a big moment if they are going to go forward with it. it obviously is close to election and largely to david's point, the justice department, the u.s. attorneys choose not to do that close to an election, but it seems like there is movement "the washington post" and others picking up on this. >> martha: it is interesting the reaction from biden camp, from his attorneys, is basically why is this being
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leaked at this point? and that raises questions as well. several weeks before an election, the week of this information and the unlikelihood that they are going to act on it in the next few weeks because of this proximity to election time. so, i would imagine we will hear a lot more about that, why this information was leaked to "the washington post" at this point. >> the attorney for hunter biden said they would go after a leak investigation. now, we've heard that from different scuds for many years how stories end up "the washington post" and "new york times" and others from investigations ongoing. and it is really hard to get that information. is there a purpose to this? is that a political motivation? don't know, but we do know this is a serious situation and that hunter biden investigation has been going on for a long, long time. >> martha: we all remember and got reminded of it this week when we saw tony bobulinski interview that tucker did with
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him. my mind goes back to the questions that have to do with ukrainian energy company, the chinese energy company, both countries vice president biden were dealing with were in his purview. his son was getting on the plane making deals with these companies to the tune of millions of dollars according to the reporting on this. 20 bubble and ski has come out with personal first-hand account those deals are all about. this is him. thoughts go back to the image of him delivering his phone to the fbi because this is the image that goes back to my mind. i remember this day. is there sound on this, guys? go ahead and pull it. >> i brought, i guess, the record, three phones that spanned the years 2015-2018. these phones have never been held by anybody else besides myself. and i will be providing the fbi the devices which contain the
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evidence, cooperating what i have said. >> that was before the debate. >> martha: you know what, at that point everybody thought, he's handing over all this information. we had seen the emails at the laptop that said, this much for this person and naming all the guys in the deal. we never found out, what does that mean? what was ten for the big guy? he is talking about tim tebow coming up the football player but the fbi agent who apparently according to this side of this kind of dropped this whole thing and walked away with it. this is what he said about it. >> they were to do follow-up interview and we know he is cooperating. we appreciate the information he is providing. we will follow-up with you. we will definitely have him come in for a follow-up interview to spend more time on this. i haven't heard from them sense. >> martha: so, a all of this will lead to other folks on this
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side of the aisle saying these are nothings. these churches are nothings and trying to move this fall away. >> looking at this article made is fair to come to that conclusion if that is all there is. i say the foreign governor which is really the big high to president biden and how that would possibly impact his interaction with china. his interactions with other countries. that is not in this article. that was the speculation going into something with hunter biden that would clear the deck with other things and then move on. tony bobulinski is a very credible witness because he has stuff that goes back to that time. and no one talks to him from that time on. it is just an amazing thing if you think about a justice department investigation. >> martha: then you have the whistle-blowers who went to ron johnson and chuck grassley from the fbi and said, "this
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thing is getting buried." they were upset at the fact it was getting buried. and now, you have this development. we will see where this goes. great to have you here. and thank you for covering this breaking news with us and we will be seeing a lot of you over the next few weeks. we will see you soon. coming up the doj has just declined to comment on this whole story. also joining us is brett tolman, former u.s. attorney and executive director of right on crime. brett joining us now, thank you, brett, for jumping in on this. you've had a chance to look over the initial story. what do you make of it? >> so much of it doesn't make sense, martha, and i will tell you why. let's take for example the alleged leaking and potential felony charges. the only time that would apply is if they were leaking actual material or information that was conveyed to the grand jury. so statements about there being
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general evidence on suspicion to bring a charge doesn't make sense. i think the defense attorney is out to lunch in terms of will they bring a charge or could they bring a charge from these agents? the other is in relation to the charges they make and first of all, the grand jury has expired. so they have the charges already and kept them under seal, or they do not have an ability to present any of these charges unless they impanel a new grand jury. so, it is very awkward, clumsy story that seems to be identifying what is happening. the charges themselves they talk about the lying and buying, for example why would you bring that charge when you have him actually possessing the firearm? the possession of a firearm by a user of narcotics instead of lying and buying because a far greater punishment? some of this doesn't add up. it does add up if, in fact, the whistle-blower is correct in
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trying to bury the story. >> martha: all right, brett, thank you very much. a lot more to come on this and a lot of questions that are raised by it in terms of the investigation. brett tolman, good to see you. coming up we have a midterm deep dive for you today as the ap make some stunning revelations about democrat senate candidate i should say john fetterman's unusually light schedule as lieutenant governor. this is before his health issues. byron york and juan williams way end. ♪ ♪ ♪ aleve - who do you take it for?
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>> martha: we are 33 days to go in a deep dive after stunning report that came up for the associated press that really dug into john fetterman's record
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when he was pennsylvania lieutenant governor. fetterman and dr. oz locked in a tight battle for this g.o.p. held senate seat, but this report says that as lieutenant governor, his schedule every day was light. and then it was blank roughly one-third of his work days when he first took office. this is all before he had a stroke in may that they are analyzing his calendars from. although he boasted of being an active lieutenant governor, oftentimes he didn't show up to reside over the state senate which is really one of the main duties of lieutenant governor. his typical workday was four to five hours on his calendar. so of course the two candidates started going at it over twitter shortly after this story drop. >> he did not show up as lieutenant governor and we know he didn't show up for a third of city council meetings and no on debates and serious health
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records. >> martha: fetterman said, "give me a break" someone who showed up in pennsylvania last year to run for office. 67 counties and you can see the rest, "washington examiner" chief political responder and fox news contributor, juan williams, great to have you with us. each of these, ap story jumped out today as being particularly hard on john fetterman as they went through his record but byron, what did you make of it? >> well, republicans will be happy about this, they have been incredibly frustrated in their efforts to run against fetterman. i look at the real clear politics average polls, the less 16 polls have shown fetterman up by four points in the average right now. and i think we may be reaching a turning point with the election coming very soon from now in which there is perhaps less talk
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about fetterman's health and more about his performance. his record as lieutenant governor and as mayor of braddock. so this is a pretty damaging report, basically. he's not a no-show, but just sometimes show lieutenant governor. >> martha: the report goes on to say, the business of pennsylvania governor was not activity but a different kind of executive then he presented himself. >> well, i think it hits on an important point here that if you shift the narrative about the campaign with fetterman's health and stroke to one of his actual performance in office, republicans do think they will benefit from and think they can get some traction there. what we see in the polls thus far, martha, pennsylvanians asked about fetterman, they see someone in touch with their day-to-day lives and with the
12:19 pm
issues in the state of pennsylvania. fetterman has been toting, emphasizing the fact that dr. oz and an outsider from new jersey as we saw his retort to today's news. they were making him the outsider. what if you change that discussion to one who has fetterman been a good political leader in the state? that is why the republicans will look to this, yes. >> martha: it is interesting really. you watch in a number of races and whee kim put up the power rankings and see where the toss-up states are right now. for the senate race, arizona, georgia, nevada and pennsylvania. these are the ones everybody is laser focused on right now. but really crime and inflation have been what dr. oz has been pounding, byron. it has worked to pull him sort of out of more difficult pole position and into being a real contender here.
12:20 pm
>> and i think that is going to continue to work for dr. oz. obviously, inflation by far the number one concern. crime really coming up fast is sort of number two top concern for voters. and with fetterman, he does have some vulnerabilities on the issue of crime and on the issue of criminal justice. and the one thing that has been extraordinary for outsiders looking into this race, you kind of think how much can you make? and made it almost the focus of his campaign and almost the centerpiece of his campaign. we will see if he can kate bill matt keeps saving crudites with issues like crime. >> martha: the other big factor here, juan, they pushed it off as late as they possibly could, but john fetterman is struggling from some of the effects of his stroke and admits
12:21 pm
as much. he will get on stage and debate dr. oz. this will be a fascinating moment and a decisive moment in this race. >> well, that is right but it comes back as a health issue. because fetterman had since painfully a leader's narrative. i think people have concerns about his health. fetterman needs to make the case, yeah, i might speak a little slower in my speech might be a little distorted, but i'm speaking about issues that matter to you as a voter in pennsylvania while dr. oz is the outsider appear that has been his trap. i think when we see him in the debate, you will see a guy who is recovering from a stroke. americans know, people recover from strokes and that is not terrible. that is not disabling. he is running for something of legislative seat. remember the senate, he is not running to be the executive person in charge of making decisions about the country. so i think the debate for him
12:22 pm
actually could be a boost. on the other hand, at for his health is bad, martha, that would really prove i think a very negative deciding factor in this race. >> martha: they pushed it late and the building in pennsylvania a week already, right? at least several days of voting has happened in pennsylvania, and no one is going to get to see what he is like on his feet on a large-scale audience until i think october 25th. we will be in pennsylvania the following day to get reaction from voters about what they thought and what they saw. so thank you very much, byron and juan see you soon. 2015 by then president obama signed executive order to declare venezuela an extraordinarily threat to u.s. national security. but today, "the wall street journal" says that dealing with maduro's on the list of options as the
12:23 pm
white house scrambles to get more oil onto the market to ease your pain at the pump and continues to signal that pain is a worthy goal if it gets us to breathe. marc thiessen next. ♪ ♪ we're proud to serve people everywhere, in investing for the retirement they envision. from the plains to the coasts, we help americans invest for their future. and help communities thrive.
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>> martha: breaking moments ago, president biden for pot dealers, smokers or marijuana possession offenders. it is a move that affects 6500 people in this country.
12:27 pm
the president is urging governors to do the same thing for effects, the hhs secretary to review whether marijuana should remain a scheduled one drug. so we will talk about that more to come. is president biden getting ready to make a deal with the madura regime in venezuela to get more oil onto the market? maybe. >> there is a lot of alternatives. >> martha: there are a lot of alternatives, which we have talked about quite a bit pure those comments come after the white house was "panicked by opec deciding to cut oil production by 2 million barrels a day this november after the president had asked them to open up the suspected." a clear affront to the desires of the country. the gas prices got the message and they are heading higher as well. and peter doocy live with the very latest on this continually
12:28 pm
growing story from the north lawn, hi, peter. >> we were listening to president biden live upstate new york talking about he wants the supply chain to start and end in the united states. maybe that is possible for that product but not oil. he is admitting still compliant on overseas providers. >> what is your reaction? >> disappointment and we are looking at alternatives we may have. >> there will be conditions and national security say no plans to change sanctions policy without stroke, constructive steps and well remains unchanged. we will continue to implement and enforce our venezuelan sanctions as we previously made clearer. we will review our sanctions policies in response to constructive steps by the madura regime to restore democracy in venezuela and alleviate the
12:29 pm
suffering of the venezuelan people. the plan to sell 1 million barrels a day from the strategic reserves for 180 days in a row. on monday, officials say that it's going to be it. but today we hear to keep prices low, they may dip further into the reserves that are already nearing a 40 year low. >> we continue to look at strategic petroleum reserve. it is one of those. so you know, we are not announcing any steps on that front, but there are measures that we will continue to assess as we go forward. >> and officials say they know people in this country are really hurting as a result of these high gas prices. they say they will do what they can to provide relief. we just don't know exactly what that is going to be yet, martha. >> martha: peter, thank you very much. we bring an marc thiessen for
12:30 pm
george w. bush and now america enterprise color and fox news contributor who is running exactly on this issue today. "the wall street journal" sank the saudis snub biden again. do these people know how preposterous they sound? no american president has done more to make the u.s. more dependent on foreign energy that mr. biden has with two years, marc. >> it is amazing and just ask a fundamental question, why would we be dependent on foreign dictators to produce more oil? america is sitting on 264 billion barrels of untapped oil. more than any other country more than saudi arabia, russia, venezuela? why would we consider begging opec or venezuela, a dictatorship to produce more oil? like we are in the 1970s again with skyrocketing inflation, russia invading one of its neighbors. we have gas price is out of
12:31 pm
control and a president begging opec to produce more oil. the only difference is second coming of jimmy carter except jimmy carter -- where are we not with production which is what the biden administration is doing? >> martha: dick durbin said we need to move away from saudi arabia for a number of reasons. but one of them is because they are conspiring with putin to punish the united states with higher oil prices. i mean, it is clear now, mark we don't have any relationship with saudi arabia that is working. the president went over there and they fist bumped and topped about a lot of things we know that. but can you please produce more oil? is this relationship broken and, you know, what can be done to prepare it if that is necessary? >> there is no surprise that it is broken because joe biden said during the campaign he planned
12:32 pm
to make saudi arabia a pariah. he would shut off from sales with saudi arabia but then the gas price and start going up and all of a sudden he goes over and fist mounts so, of course, by the way the other reason saudis are unhappy with us we push away traditional allies in the persian gulf just like the obama administration. iran, there their mortal enemy to offer a deal with billions of billions of dollars to spread terrorism throughout the persian gulf. so it is no surprise they are not happy with us right now and they are not willing to increase oil production. that is not right diplomacy 101. an ally to do something for you if you don't keep poking them in the face or trying to give billions of dollars to their enemies. >> martha: i keep wondering keystone pipeline worker and you see this possible deal with maduro so that we can add supply to the market, you know, you just wonder what is going through your head as you just look at all of this and just
12:33 pm
think, "why were we so bad? was that pipeline so awful that it is worth making deals with maduro?" and we will leave it there, marc thank you. thank you, marc clinic we will see you soon. coming up, fentanyl floods the border and kills 200 american citizens a day. a conversation you don't want to mess with two mothers who say that the enemy and never saw came to kill their teenage sons. and they don't want this poison to take your child, too. >> i could go to a bar and order a beer and if somebody puts arsenic in it and i, is that an overdose? i don't think so. and you know, they are being killed, murdered and i think that is what happened to my son. d was beyond help...
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♪ ♪ >> martha: well, the numbers are simply shocking as fentanyl pours through the southern border. the amount already seized in this country could kill every american eight times over. 12,000 pounds so far in 2022 compared to 10,000 last year. fox news national correspondent griff jenkins live on this force today from eagle pass, texas, hi. >> hey, martha, good afternoon and deadly fennel in unprecedented numbers because of overwhelming number of migrants coming over and tying up resources. let me take you to our fox drone camera in the sky and reissue down the rio grande river eagle pass pure you will pass the bridge between the eagle pass. this del rio sector had the most last fiscal year of any nation wide. 470,000 migrants coming over and having to be processed in just six days since i have been here,
12:39 pm
this new fiscal year, if more than thousand migrant encounters at the border. you can see wide open. let me look at this video that we shot 8:00 a.m. this is a large group 200 plus migrants from venezuela, cuba, central america. in the real sector leading the nation in large groups. they have more than 400 last fiscal year. now the other problem how deadly this journey is. take a look at this video we got from texas dps troopers pursuing a gravel hauler and found the gravel holler after the driver bail and fled into the bushes 17 migrants dangerously trapped in the hauler trailer. one of the taxes we spent time with said that until the federal policies change, this has got to stop. take a listen. >> until something changes from a federal aspect where there are actual consequences to coming
12:40 pm
into this country illegally that are real and valid and somewhat scary, like you will actually phase legitimate consequence, this will not change and continue to get worse. >> lashley, martha, a stand on the banks of the board or acros, you don't see the government putting agents on that but in fact on the side of the river, we found the guide for migrants issued by the mexican government. part of the problem, martha. >> martha: griff, thank you very much. two mothers pour their hearts else because they do not want you to go through their nightmare. losing their kids to poisoning of fentanyl. >> he wasn't trying to kill himself. he just got his haircut. he had plans to go out that night. americans are literally being deceived of poison death inspections.
12:41 pm
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>> martha: the drug fentanyl is so deadly that the amount could fit in a sweet and low packet could poison enough to kill 500 people. as we know and as we have reported in great detail, it is flooding the country now in record numbers. so now parents and mothers who have lost their children to this heinous drug want every parent and every family in america to know that there are fatal mistakes sitting out there for their kids. april babcock cluster 25-year-old son, austen, 29 years old. her son j.j. died last year and both of these mothers are brave enough to be here today with me
12:46 pm
to share their stories. ladies, i have enjoyed chatting with you a little bit before we got started, and i think you are so brave. i can't imagine what you have gone through and the pain you have gone through so thank you for being here because i know you are here to make sure this doesn't happen to other families. let's just start, tonya telling a little bit of your story and a little bit what happened to j.j. so parents can hear your story. >> so, my son was 19 years old and he was going to college. he was working. i said spoken at before that he was doing everything right. he took what he thought was cocaine and it was fentanyl and he died. >> martha: what has the past year been like for you and your family? you have two daughters.
12:47 pm
>> it has been rough. i have to try to wake up every day and live without him. part of my journey has been to spread the message that this can truly happen to anyone. i mean, on february 11, 2021, if you were to ask me if my son had ever tried drugs come i would have told you "know." i didn't know much of anything about fentanyl. when they told us that is what ultimately took his life, i was shocked. i mean i truly didn't know enough about it, and i wish i did. now, i have to have conversations with my daughters about drugs and recreational drug use is not a thing. you cannot try something one time. some people think that it can't happen to them, like, it can, it can. >> martha: you got a phone call from your ex-husband. >> correct, yes. >> martha: he basically told you... you knew something was wrong
12:48 pm
because he called a couple of times. >> he called and i didn't pick up the phone initially. he called again and i picked up. i remember him saying something happened. and he just said, "you know, what happened is something happened to j.j." initially, i thought he was in a car accident. okay, look and he said, "no, he is gone." and i said, "what do you mean he is gonna? "i hurried as fast as i could to him because he was at his grandparents house where he lived with his dad. i remember running up the driveway and my brother-in-law was standing there and he didn't say a word to me but the look in his eye and the look on his face confirmed like literally my worst nightmare. and at that point, we had no idea how. >> martha: april, your son also had a bright childhood and
12:49 pm
went through some difficult times as many teenagers and young adults do. tell me a little bit about what happened to austin? >> austin was an awesome kid. he was a mama's boy. he loved sports. he was a star soccer player and star goalie. and i can look back now and i saw the downfall before he passed away periods senior year of high school, he was kicked off of the soccer team for more than one failing grade. i don't understand why school systems do that because to some kids than we think good going is sports. well, he got kicked off of the soccer team and mind you that was his senior year and he was playing since kindergarten. he loved soccer but you know, when he was kicked off, his whole group of friends changed. so from the age of 19, he didn't last very long. he started at 19 with marijuana, alcohol. i think he was doing some xanax
12:50 pm
here and there. he was doing wickets. i always say that my son did not have a drug of choice. he was a drug hopper. i don't know what you call them, but if it was there, he was just doing what the people he was around was doing periods plea when i was reading earlier today basically drug dealers add fentanyl to other drugs in order to keep them strong. they put it in heroin because some of the things they cut the drugs with can dilute the drug. so fentanyl keeps the drug stronger. as you say even though you talk about openly about your son's drug use, that he didn't overdose he was poisoned because he didn't want to die. he wasn't trying to kill himself. >> he just got his haircut and plans to go out that night. americans are literally being deceived and poison death. people seeking out fentanyl l, they are deceived in fentanyl
12:51 pm
addiction. no one comes out of the gate seeking fentanyl. people using heroin nine years ago, they were the first victims being prayed upon and put into the heroin ump announced to them and put us. it is too late when you find out you were hooked on it because within three hours of ingesting fentanyl for the people that don't die, they are already having withdrawal symptoms within three hours. so it is so addictive that it's like the cartels are smart. they know how to get everyone hooked. they are targeting our youth with pills. >> martha: we talk about these drugs a lot, "oh, he thought it was a percocet or looked on social media and thought it was this." it really tells you how prevalent these prescription drug users among high school students in middle school students who are thinking it is okay to take something that somebody else gave them, tanya. >> it is not.
12:52 pm
obviously it wasn't pills in j.j.'s case, but he was deceived. and from the day that i found out that it was fentanyl that took his life, it just didn't sit well with me. i could go to a bar and order a beer and if someone puts arsenic in it and i die, is that an overdose? i don't think so. somebody poisoned me. and in my eyes, he does homicide appear they are being killed. they are being murdered. and that is what happened to my son. >> martha: can i ask you what do you think about the policies? some of this comes across the southern border and so made in china. the cartels, as you were saying, april, involved in this business and getting across the border. what do you think about all of that? >> truthfully my opinion is, you know they should be the number one health crisis right now. this is what's killing the most americans and kids.
12:53 pm
i don't understand how there's not more being done. this is all over the country and it's not... >> martha: why do you think that is? >> i don't know. i would assume it is the government, but i don't know. >> martha: what would you say to the president if you had his ear, what would you say? >> closing the border would be a good start with the easy peasy thing is how about covert response to fentanyl and ten years deep into a fentanyl criss and no public warning campaign coming from the white house down. it has to come from the white house down. a lot of people don't watch news station. a lot of people won't listen to me. a lot of people love this president and love this administration. they need to hear it from them. you know three months of covid, every social distance wore a mask. we went lost voices of fentanyl to get the story out there but before we go, tanya, in a final
12:54 pm
thought on the issue that we are talking about? >> truthfully, i want the world to know who my son was. he was a good kid. he was kind, funny, and he was so loved. he had so much life to live. and i think of parents and teachers and coaches and people who are involved in youth don't see this, you know, you have to speak out and say something because i truly wish i had more conversations with him about the dangers of drugs. not only fentanyl because i didn't know a lot about it, but now a literally will say the word to anyone who will listen because i don't ever want to see another family go through what we have been through. like, it is ugly. it is so ugly. >> martha: two very brave months and i thank you for joining me. more on the conversation with april and tanya on "untold story podcast" available today at
12:55 pm
we will be right back.
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♪ ♪ >> martha: the king of morning talk radio for nearly four decades has passed. bernard died yesterday following a battle with prostate cancer. he was just a few weeks away from his 65th birthday. he was on the new york radio scene providing provoking conversation and making us laugh since 1986 entertaining millions of listeners across the country with his time in the morning. and that show ended 2018 and continue cohost bernie and said on wabc radio. fox business worked with bernie for nearly eight years and tells us "bernard has been taken far too soon. he was a funny and talented guy but i will always remember how helpful and welcoming he was when i started working this morning." that was my experience with him as well. a tribute show to honor the man
1:00 pm
they called the most gifted radio personalities of all times and we will miss bernard. that was the story for this thursday october 6th, but as always "the story" will go on. we will see you tomorrow at 3:00. stay tuned, "your world" with neil starts now. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> there is a lot of alternatives. >> neil: will, everything is on the table including venezuela. that from the president of the united states as the white house scrambles to find oil to replace opec's production cut. will you be paying for it at the pump? we are all over it with peter doocy on what the white house is sating now. hillary on gas prices that the americans are facing now and democratic congressman o


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