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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  October 7, 2022 3:00am-4:00am PDT

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will add to what you said, lara, a potential pardon. that's not going to give the people the answers they need and deserve. and also begs the question: what about joe? lara trump, have a great weekend. we appreciate you as always. thank you so much. >> carley: thank you, lara. thank you so much. >> thanks, guys. >> carley: thank you todd. thank you for watching everybody. "fox & friends" starts right now. ♪ ♪ ♪ i don't want to close my eyes ♪ i don't want to fall asleep ♪ because i miss you, baby ♪ and i don't want wanna miss a thing. >> ainsley: do you get it why we are playing this song? >> will: this is a good song? why are we bumping in with this ballad. >> ainsley: will cain is filling
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in for steve. we have seen him for the first time since he decided to go to the. >> brian: ranger game. >> will: thank you, brian. >> ainsley: you went to go get food when aaron judge hit 62. >> will: 62 will i did. >> ainsley: why would do you that? yankees are up to bank and you go get food? what are we watching? >> will: buffet area behind the seats where you pay to watch something historic happen. instead i was told the prime rib was really good inside the stadium club. >> ainsley: so is seeing number 62. >> will: here's how it went down really quickly. it was my brother's birthday both of my brothers and stepdad. we had an awesome night. great time. we got to game 20, 25 minutes early. walked out there well, we got these tickets where we get this free buffet perfect time we can go in there he said no, no, go in the fourth inning. >> will: terrible plan.
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>> brian: only reason to go is a terrible game. terrible season. >> will: it's my hometown team. >> ainsley: i'm carolina gamecocks. i'm on your side. are you a giants fan? come on. >> will: food, pizza, time goes by and look up oh no the game is starting. certainly not in the first bat. >> brian: he leads off. >> will: certainly the first at bat. >> brian: you average yourself. you could have said yeah it was great to be at the game you outed yourself right away as somebody. >> will: i'm an honest person with everyone. do you know what i told myself. >> ainsley: when he did that? what was the reaction in the buffet area? >> will: everyone in there all dozen of us save no, come on. and then we said well, we will see him hit 63. that will be the new record. no one will care about the new record because he will hit 63. they pulled him second at bat.
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>> brian: unbelievable. was it 60 for almost two weeks. >> will: i know. >> brian: finally hits 61 after nine days and he can do not do it at home and has to do it on the road. comes to will cain's backward and will cain went right to the buffet. >> ainsley: aren't you a sports guy? didn't you come from sports? >> will: not anymore, ainsley. [laughter] >> will: great to see you guys this morning good to be here despite that. >> brian: did the fans cheer as if it was the whole town team? >> will: i was in the buffet i don't know. >> brian: was it loud? >> will: i was disappointed at the number of yankee fans inside the park there in texas. people were cheering the moment. a lot of yankee jerseys and hats there as well. look, people love watching history. >> ainsley: i actually was impressed that all of the rangers fans were also cheering. >> will: yeah. >> ainsley: watching history in front of their eyes unfold. i thought that was nice. >> will: it is nice.
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>> will: for everybody in the stadium. >> brian: august 11th, isn't that when the rangers were eliminated from the playoffs? >> will: let's move. >> ainsley: pour that salt in that wound, brian. >> will: a long time ago august 11th and that's his point. federal agents investigating, get, this hunter biden. and they believe they could have enough evidence to charge the president's son. >> ainsley: and officials are claiming an outcome to the case could come -- this has been going on for four years. they say an outcome could come any day. >> brian: enough to get ashley strohmier up early for us. ashley, outline what we know. >> like ainsley said i will believe it when i see it. the fbi may be finally closing in on charges against hunter biden. former justice department official saying an outcome in the year's long investigation into the first son could be imminent. hunter has been under federal investigation into his overseas business dealings since 2018 when hills father was the v.p. federal prosecutors are weighing a number of possible charges against the president's son,
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including a failure to pay income tax. money laundering, and various other tax crimes as well as lying when buying a gun. hunter biden's attorney responding, quote: it is a federal felony for a federal agent to leak information about a grand jury investigation such as this one. we expect the doj will diligently investigate and prosecute such bad actors as is proper and legally required. we believe the prosecutors in this case are diligently weighing not just evidence provided by agents but also the other witnesses in this case. the decision to charge hunter biden will ultimately lie in the hands of delaware u.s. attorney david weiss, a prosecutor appointed by former president donald trump and, of course, we will be watching for an outcome with just 32 days to go until the midterm elections. backing up guys. back to you. >> brian: thank you so much, ashley.
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>> brian: couple things that's happening. obviously there is a lot of there there when it comes to hunter biden. it's not opinion or witness. you got empirical evidence that hunter biden was involved in international business dealings, many of which went south. he clearly has defrauded if you watch bobulinski. bobulinski is a partner. he was dealing on his dad's name and first and foremost, he seems to have a weapons violation staring at him. what i worry about this will be a tax/gun case. well, look, i was addicted to drugs and prostitutes. he has reformed his ways. why are you beating up on him because he has a famous last name. that will be "the washington post" story. that's what i fear we are going to. because. >> ainsley: all about him. >> brian: the real story is the international business dealings. >> ainsley: influence. >> brian: influence using his dad's name and dad's involvement. >> ainsley: and his dad possibly making money on it. >> will: i was two thoughts one in the body of the "new york
3:07 am
post" charge him already. feds have sat on a criminal case against hunter biden for months say agents. why has it taken so long, you know, months. the truth is we heard about this for the first time at least two years ago now. for something like federal gun charges or tax evasion. we are not talking about exactly a crack cases that requires a team of investigators. this could have been done long, long ago. but my second take away, brian is number two. >> ainsley: remember, no one messes with -- he used a different word no one messes with a biden. he said that in florida. he. >> will: important take away which you both have alluded to this cannot be lying on a federal registration for buying a gun it simply cannot be about that. this is much bigger. this is whether or not our federal government at the highest level is compromised by foreign powers. the question is not one truthfully about hunter biden but one about joe biden. and that's what miranda devine is pointing out inside "the new york post." >> ainsley: she is worried this will be a slap on the wrist.
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>> will: miss from the "the washington post" account of the doj's case president's son any mention of previously mooted charges under money laundering and federal agents registration act both of which is could lead to prosecutors influence peddling schemes by his son. a source close to the president's son alleges the leak comes from rogue investigators in the doj who are concerned that weiss is not going to indict hunter. >> ainsley: if they don't bring up the charges of money laundering and violations of fara, then that can't be submitted or admitted into the courtroom. that won't be part of this case. that is the fear that maybe there is more here. there is more to this story, but that's going to be swept under the rug. >> brian: the other thing i thought so unbelievable is that when miranda devine sources he has been offered a deal that would have allowed him to settle this case and get a felony, but he has refused to take that deal even though inside the white house they are pushing him to do this and have that go away.
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one former prosecutor who knows him put it this way hunter are suffers from uber recidivism he always receives what he demands. he fights it out. do you realize how embarrassing this could be for the family. >> ainsley: do you think the federal agents believe the ones talking to the post and politico obtained this gun form that he filled out and allegedly put no when it says are you, at the time, addicted to drugs? and then he writes in his memoir that he and i believe it's been, let me see i wrote it down. he wrote it in his memoir and the laptop evidence proves that he was addicted to crack cocaine at the time. so that's the gun charge possibly. and then the tax evasion apparently, according to the post. hunter is believed to have repaid the irs $2.8 million in overdue taxes. do you think they are saying -- is miranda devine saying the gun charge, the overdue taxes, these are not serious -- it's not the worst crimes, a lot of people have done this kind of thing so let's just bring these charges against him so that we charge
3:10 am
him and then the case is dropped. >> will: yes, that's absolutely the concern. so let's look into that concern with compact magazine founder and editor sohrab ahmari. it is interesting, sohrab, great to have you this morning. it is interesting that there does seem to be some progress on some accountability for hunter biden. if we are being completely objective, that's been one concern oh my gosh is a democrat, is hunter biden -- are the biden administration above bidens above the law?not all lah accountability, sohrab? >> yeah, i mean, on the one hand, this is vindication for my former colleagues at the "new york post" who first unearthed that laptop. and there is some federal recognition that well, we all knew that hunter is shady and that was in the reporting and all the media and all the big tech denied it at the time and suppressed the "new york post" for that reason. there's some vindication here but i share miranda's concerns
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and brian's concerns that he just aired that basically i'm not interested in his gun form and i'm not interested in his tax issues although those are serious crimes and should be investigated. it's the potential fara violation. violation of, you know, people who ren foreign governments have to register with the federal government as foreign agents. and that's -- it's clearly what he was doing it. this was clearly what he was doing. so he -- you know, i just know, given the experience of the past few years, if it were a republican, who is facing any of those kind of allegations, the guy would be in prison, federal maximum security prison already. and so, the length of time it has taken and the fact that they are not apparently going down the road of fara or money laundering or foreign interactions, et cetera is a little bit concerning. >> brian: you know, i think in one way he wrote a book about it. he did a book tour on it. he continues to go up and down
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the white house and appear publicly. he had a paternity suit that almost brought his entire finances public and he quickly settled at the last minute. remember that exchange he had with his daughter i will never do to you what pop does to me and that is make me share my money with him to paraphrase. this guy is acting parve aggressive against his family. i'm just watching this play out in realtime. does it seem like that to you? >> oh, absolutely. i mean, there's just a painful personal aspect to this. and so, you know, obviously from a partisan point of view, i'm not a fan of the biden administration and of hunter, but there is something very so grotesque about all of this and the fact that this is our elite, a man like this is at the center of it. but, again, i mean, look, i think that the -- we have to resist oh the troubled it son framing issues he filled out the
3:13 am
wrong form. whatever. that stuff is actually not important. i think that's what the white house framing and the mainstream media framing of this is going to be going forward is well, he is a messed up guy. and he is going to pay some price for it but not to touch the stuff that implicates joe joe biden the stuff that implicates foreign influence in the united states. >> ainsley: can't they follow the money? if we all get paid a check from fox news that goes into our bank account. if he is getting paid by foreign entities, isn't that traceable? isn't that in his bank account somewhere? >> brian: tony bobulinski gave the whole financial forensics for them. >> yeah. i mean, this is actually supremely well documented case i think they can. it's a matter of political will at justice. >> brian: by the way, thanks so much sohrab. you have have this subplot of tony bobulinski speaking to
3:14 am
tucker carlson and saying no one has followed up with me fbi. the grand jury impaneled three years and no one has asked me to testify. the only one ron johnson and forced myself on the fbi. tim thibault evidently in charge of this mysteriously retired when it was exposed of partisan behavior and whistleblowers and talked about what he has not been doing with his prestige just job at the fbi. well, i never talked to him. i just gave it to the baltimore office. he was supposed to be his point man who was going to talk to bobulinski and move the story forward. so, this, i'm sure, has bobulinski beside himself if it ends up being a tax charge. >> ainsley: of course. of course. >> will: we have much more on that throughout the morning talking about this huge story. coming ye west and white lives matter t-shirt. >> the answer to why i wrote white lives matter on a shirt is because they do.
3:15 am
they do. it's the obvious thing. >> will: more from that must-see interview coming up next. >> brian: plus, we did it, joe. how president biden's mass pardon will send the sentences of thousands charged with simple marijuana possession up in smoke note only make me stronger ♪ i need you to hurry up now ♪ because i can't wait much longer ♪ i know i got to be right now ♪ because i can't get much wronger ♪ i have been waiting all night now ♪ that's how long i have been on you ♪ liz, you nerd, cough if you're in here! shh! i took mucinex dm for my phlegmy cough. what about rob's dry cough? works on that too, and lasts 12 hours. 12 hours?! who studies that long? mucinex dm relieves wet and dry coughs.
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>> carley: we are back with headlines starting with. this a homeless man is charged with murder for allegedly stabbing a man to death on a subway explain brooklyn. he was free on bail after a similar attack. the father of another victim, who was stabbed last year, is
3:20 am
ripping a judge for letting alvin charles out with just a slap on the wrist. that man's son thankfully survived. charles was set to appear in court in a case later this month. and across florida, residents are continuing the painstaking process of putting their homes and businesses back together on hurricane ian. total deaths from the powerful storm now have hit 101. and that number is still expected to climb. search and rescue operations are still ongoing in florida with more than 139,000 people still without power across the state. and the flood damage taking another toll causing electric vehicle batteries to explode from water damage, forcing local fire marshals to gave warning before approaching water logged cars. president biden is issuing one of the largest mass pardons in u.s. history for simple marijuana offenders in a step to decriminalize the drug.
3:21 am
>> no one should be in jail just for using or possessing marijuana. i'm announcing a pardon for all prior federal offenses for the simple possession of marijuana. too many lives have been upended because of our failed approach to marijuana. it's time that we right these wrongs. >> carley: a reported 6500 convicts are expected to be pardoned. those are your headlines, guys. over to you. >> brian: a lot of them and you would know better you are the lawyer, will, but a lot of those were plea deals. so you have a serious drug charge and you knock it down to a marijuana charge that was part of a deal and now all of a sudden you are free. >> will: to your point simple possession vs. intent to distribute. >> brian: right. >> will: talking about quantity vs. the evidence they might have on hand for intent to distribute. i just have in your mind the picture that is created is some guy walking around with a joint ends up in federal prison. that's probably not who we are talking about here with those
3:22 am
6500 pardons. what a huge number. >> brian: a little bit of tone deaf too right before an election when crime second most important issue you are going 6500 take off jumpsuit and snaps in the front. >> ainsley: all we are hearing is we want to let people out of prison this is just piggy backing on that. that's what comes to mind. paris fashion week, kanye west his new name is ye west. took out the kan. paris fax week with candace owens and wearing white lives matter t-shirt. this was uproar in the media. people were criticizing him for this. he had this surprise fashion show in paris. some of the kardashians showed up and they were there. this picture really was all over the place when he walked out with candace. so, apparently they have patched things up. they get along now obviously. so he was on with tucker carlson. and tucker, what an interesting interview, right? he sat down with him.
3:23 am
wanted to know about this. it was supposed to be, will, you said or maybe you said, brian, 30 minutes but it ended up being an two hour interview. >> tucker: that's what he said last night the end of what he played on "tucker carlson tonight." to your point, i think the word i take away, ainsley this is interesting. >> ainsley: i saw your word. >> will: i take away interesting. that's the best way to describe his personality. i don't know whether a to make of ka con i know what i'm listeg to is unique and interesting. here is a bit of what he had to say to tucker last night and specifically on why he wore that white lives matter shirt. >> they are looking for explanation. and people say well, as an artist, you don't have to give an explanation. buff as a leader you do. >> tucker: yes. i think that's right. >> so, the answer to why i wrote white lives matter on a shirt is because they do. it's the obvious thing. >> tucker: why do you think that's so -- and i assume the
3:24 am
implication is all lives matter because they are lives because god created them. >> yeah. >> tucker: why do you think that would be so controversial? >> because the same people that have stripped us of our identity and labeled us as a color have told us what it means to be black and the vernacular that we are supposed to have. >> brian: one of the impressions and a lot of them. a lot of times he will answer a question and veer off left and right but not unintelligently all intelligent but it wasn't the question. he will just go in a different area because it will remind him of something. number one extremely thought. deep thinker. >> ainsley: billionaire. >> brian: diverse. i also saw a divorced dad going through hell because he sees the -- he sees a family that he doesn't have anymore. and he feels like he was outcast. also saw a guy still coming to
3:25 am
grips with the fact that him and his father and mother are divorced and he lost total touch with his dad and he started veering into why dad didn't you keep in touch to me. mom going to the worst section of chicago and i was there and i was told not to show up or else things would get worse for me. is he dealing with his own youth and dealing with the horror that many people can related to of divorce. >> ainsley: yeah. he said that his dad, i guess his mom painted a picture that doesn't want to be involved in your life maybe. >> brian: and it wasn't true. >> ainsley: and it wasn't true. learned about that later. talked about his mom i think she was a model -- no, she was an actress. said she was liberal. and i was curious why did he change his name and he did have an interview a few years ago and that was the name of his album in 2018. he said that ye is the most used word in the bible and it means you. and it means or ye but he pronounces it ye most used
3:26 am
bible. >> will: is he authentic. he is unfiltered and he is independent. >> ainsley: unapologetic. >> will: for that he will be absolutely and already has already been made a martyr. you are not allowed to be those things and specifically not allowed to be those things if you are black. last night, what i mean boo that is, there are plenty of people who will take to social media or take to traditional media they will tell kanye west you are not allowed to have these thoughts. get back in line and parrot the line everyone else has. brian don't follow trunks you're done. >> will: you can't have independent opinions. can you only echo. and fox news had an article this week up. it's fascinating that much of black america actually shares the opinions of kanye west. but there is a cabal of a small minority that controls the thought and dictates what you are allowed to think, see, or say. and kanye west refuses to live in that box. >> ainsley: you can't help but like him because he is not apologetic. people listen to him because he is interesting. i bet the ratings on that
3:27 am
interview and the interview tonight will be through the roof. because you hear this guy is going to be interviewed and you feel sorry for him because of all he has been through with his parents. because he is -- you can tell he is -- he has gone through so much with the divorce. and he loves his four children. so, i actually think he is fascinating. i'm glad he is strong enough. he has a lot of money so he probably doesn't care so powerful. i'm going to say what's on my mind and tell you how i feel. >> brian: other big issue in america right now is abortion. roe v. wade, and where you stand. he took that on right away. listen. >> you just came from paris fashion week. you just landed and lanyard is still on from it and there is a photograph on it. what is that? >> it's a photograph of a baby's ultrasound. puck. >> tucker: why is -- and you designed that. >> yes. >> tucker: what does it mean. >> it represents life. i'm pro-life. >> tucker: so you wear it on a badge. what kind of response do you get and amen, i agree. >> i don't care about people's responses. i care about the fact that there
3:28 am
is more black babies being aborted than born in new york city at this point. that 50% of black death in america is abortion. so, i really don't care about people's response. i perform for an audience of one and that's god. >> ainsley: i love that audience of one. >> tucker: catch more of that tonight at 8 p.m. eastern. >> brian: talk to tucker o on podcast. >> will: will cain podcast out today check that out. >> ainsley: 84 migrants caught in tractor-trailer just miles from the border. >> brian: where is the biden administration in all of this? according to one small town they are busy secretly flying dozens of migrant teenagers into their community without warning. that mayor and deputy police chief join us next. ♪
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>> brian: two more with uses from the southern border pulling into new york city. more expected later on. police busting of illegal situation. crammed into the back of a tractor-trailer. todd piro all over this. todd? >> todd: sheriff's deputies in higd county, texas discovering 44 migrants getting out of a tractor-trailer residential area 15 miles from downtown mcallen. just a day earlier a tiktok video uploaded offering 70 grant
3:33 am
to anyone willing to drive 18-wheeler from mcallen to houston. a concerned citizen alerting authority who took the migrants to a nearby detention center for processing. meantime, new york city mayor eric adams calling texas governor greg abbott inhumane and a global embarrassment for busing migrants to the big apple. turns out the democratic mayor of el paso, texas sent twice as many illegal immigrants to new york city no outrage. the mayor sending more than 7,000 migrants to new york city since august 23rd. that's compared to just over 3,000 sent by governor abbott. new york not the only sanctuary city getting migrants from el paso. chicago has received an influx of more than 1800 migrants since august. brian, back to you. >> brian: outrageous, the village -- thank you, todd. the village of el he will elmont goalry. what do they know. police say it was actually the biden administration, secretly
3:34 am
flew dozens of migrant teenagers into that small town into their airport. here to make sense of it the best they can montgomery mayor steve rush are a. tell me what happened and when you became aware that this flight was coming in and it was originated in texas? do you want to start, steve? i heard about it friday night and i was in shock and subsequently the whole community was in shock and fear after what we heard. the deputy chief can explain what happened. >> the basic premise is if you see something, say something. and we had somebody contact us. they saw something suspicious. plane load of children getting off on the tarmac and entering a bus. subsequent to that our officers stopped the bus in montgomery and we had to assess the whole situation. we were treating it as, you know, some criminal activity, which was reported to us.
3:35 am
>> brian: it's unbelievable that you would eventually find out this is a federal financed flight from el paso, texas into a town in which you live and provide law enforcement to, right? how did you go about unwinding this? >> so, after dozens of phone calls with the help of our county executive and our county district attorney. we finally got through to washington, d.c. and they advised us that this was sanctioned by the hhs. and office of refugee resettlement. >> brian: mr. mayor, what's your reaction? >> i don't know how to react. i just -- you know, tried to explain to the village residents who were in fear, you know, i didn't have answers because i knew nothing of it. there was no forewarning. >> brian: having said all of that there is no danger, but now it's your responsibility. we got to put these kids through school, ngos got to give these kids some place to go.
3:36 am
sponsors have to be set up and nothing -- you were never informed. that's the way they operate. that astounds me, steve. >> it astounds me, too. i mean, if we had to handle the situation if the bus got an accident. we would have to deal with the fallout for the whole thing. it was pushed on us unprecedented in our community. we have a very safe, historic norman rockwell type community and something like this is really terrible in montgomery. >> brian: mr. mayor, there is outrage when the governor flew some willing illegal i will grants into martha's vineyard and they said how can you do that? you are using kids as pawns. what's the difference between this. >> double standard. >> brian: yeah, double standard. this is outrageous. the federal government does this all the time. you just won't have it. and you want to define -- get answers because of it, right, steve? >> absolutely. i mean, there is threats in the federal laws to their convenience. and we are being dumped on.
3:37 am
and we are not going to put up with it. we hope there is no more flights coming into the airport. because we can't handle it. there is not enough security there. there is not enough resources in our community. the taxpayers cannot absorb what they did to us. >> brian: they are not asking you. and these what's outrageous. they never ask. west chester. small airports in pennsylvania. the federal government just doing this dumping and they won't solve the problem at the border. but now this is a 50 state issue. and it's up to the people to get outraged enough to vote to the people that won't do this and put them into office november #th. steve and paul, thank you so much for telling your story. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> brian: meanwhile straight ahead. can you imagine this all of a sudden your school, your classroom, the kid's classroom is double the size where people don't even speak english. the white house scrambling for alternatives after the opec plus oil cut. will it their push for the iran nuclear deal? the next guest worked for state
3:38 am
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>> the trip was not essentially for oil. of the trip was about the middle east and about israel and rationalrational rationalizatio. >> we haven't made up our mind yet. >> the white house scrambles for energy alternatives after the opec oil cut. could that include a knew nuclear deal with iran. elly came to the u.s. as iranian refugee. she served as the state department's deputy special envoy under president trump and joins us now. how are you elly. >> will, it's great to be with you. >> will: before we get directly into iran, what a predicament the biden administration finds itself in after reducing american energy independence domestic production and now
3:43 am
looking for alternatives when saudi arabia cuts oil production. i don't know if that's going to be venezuela. i don't know where it's going to be but it doesn't seem to be in the u.s. national security interest. >> will, i have to tell you joe biden is in a crisis that he invented himself. the u.s. under the trump administration was an energy exporting country. and joe biden has crushed the american energy industry because of his woke climate change policy. at the same time, he came into the office and he decided to alienate our historic allies, specifically the kingdom of saudi arabia. he said that he was going to turn saudi arabia into a pariah state. he has been, treating the iranians to reenter the disastrous iran deal. all of these factors together' kingdom of saudi arabia. biden went to the kingdom in july. he has come back and here we are three months later. and saudi arabia and opec are announcing oil cuts. well, guess what?
3:44 am
his trip was a failure. i think we can take that assumption seeing that. >> will: why do you think -- three months ago he goes we know that had to be a point of discussion. now here three months later they cut production. why? >> they cut production because it's in their best interest to do so. will, we're cannot blame the saudis for doing that but, i think it's a huge signal from our saudi allies that they are not happy with the biden administration, again, they are not happy with biden trying to reenter the iran deal. not happy with the biden administration delisting the houthis as a foreign terrorist organization. they certainly didn't appreciate the attempt to make saudi arabia, again, an historic ally of the united states into a pariah state. >> will: to your point of pursuing climate change, woke climate change policy agenda and goals, it's now clear needs to be pointed out if you turn to places like maybe less to iran but definitely venezuela, you
3:45 am
are talking about a dirtier form of oil and gas than the ones we were producing here at home. meaning it's even counter productive to your climate change goals. >> absolutely. there is no cleaner energy producer than the united states of america. but, also, is joe biden really going to empower and enrich nuke lals maduro in venezuela? is he really going tone rich the iranian regime as women and young girls are protesting right now in the streets as we speak, risking their lives, they are demanding regime change, they are chanting death to the dictator? at this moment in time, when the iranian regime is on the cusp of clcollapse, joe biden going to throw them a lifeline? that would be unamerican of joe biden and i don't think the american people would stand for it. >> will: to answer your own question wow, to reduce domestic production and turn to venezuela and iran. i can't imagine make that make sense and you have done your best this morning. ellie, great to talk to you. >> great to be with you.
3:46 am
>> will: let's go to carley for additional headlines. >> carley: certainly do. starting with this horrible story here. police in las vegas two were killed and six wounded in a stabbing rampage in broad daylight outside a casino on the strip. less than an hour ago, a 32-year-old suspect was charged with murder and attempted murder. investigators say they recovered a large kitchen knife at the scene. witnesses say some of the victims are show girls who were taking pictures with tourists before the attack. the department of justice charging 11 pro-life protesters over allegedly blocking access to an abortion clinic preventing staff from entering. meanwhile zero arrests have been made in the months' old attacks on pro-life centers by radical abortion activists. some of those charged could be facing up to a fine of as much as $250,000. and up to 11 years behind bars. and a depressing night for the denver broncos the field goal
3:47 am
battle so ugly many headed for the exit before the start of overtime. and it looks like they made a good decision. >> and of all things that one gets blocked. wilson throws, off balance. picked off at the 4-yard line. wilson to the end zone and it's intercepted. >> carley: fans booing their teams several times before the games that featured no touchdowns. the colts take the win in o.t. 12-9. those your headlines. we are towering it over to janice who no one would boo. would would you ever do that. >> janice: i'm not doing very well in fantasy football team by the way. >> carley: there is always this week. >> janice: i have no idea what happened last night but i'm trying. i really am and will can talk about more of that later. let's talk about the forecast. it's cold. i actually have a winter coat out. i don't know if that's proactive because it's 63 right now. but there are cold temperatures coming our way in the next 24 hours. here's the temperature departure
3:48 am
across the northern plains, the upper midwest. the great lakes heading into the northeast and mid-atlantic. the tennessee river valley. nashville you are going to be 38 on sunday. here's your daytime highs for boston, new york city, d.c. and then look what happens on saturday. holy moly, yes, it feels like fall, even almost winter time. so, those are the big headlines the extreme temperature drop in the next couple of days for some of these areas that are going to feel like summertime today, so there is your forecast, showers and thunderstorms for the southwest as well and maybe, maybe some snow flurries for parts of the mississippi river valley. will, my friend, who is doing very well in the fantasy football over to you. >> will: that's not true. you haven't looked at the standings, 0-4 on my way to 0-5. >> janice: better than me. >> will: impossible to be worse than me. i will break it down inside in a moment. chicago's crime crisis taking a backseat to lori lightfoot's karaoke career ♪ come on ♪ baby, don't you want to go
3:49 am
♪ >> will: oh, come on. seriously, come on. we roll the mayor's video as crime soars. got to be kidding me with this. it is a good song. plus, ye west takes on the media. >> we are in a battle with the media like the majorities of the media has a godless agenda. >> will: joe concha reacts live coming up. ♪ ♪ keeping your love life down ♪ keeping your love life down ♪ i keep your love life down ♪
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>> we are in a battle with the media like the majority of the media has a godless agenda. this whole like ye is crazy and all these things they don't work. because the media has, you know, they have also watched travesties happen. just even specifically to me. >> ainsley: west sits down for interview. he addresses white lives matter t-shirt and pro-life stance and so much more. the author of "come on man" joe
3:54 am
concha joins us now. >> joe: you sold that title. >> ainsley: best title ever. what did you think of ye's video. he said he answers to a audit yipsz of one and that is god. >> that's right. look at the reaction on the twitter the only word that comes to mind is unhinged. another one that comes to mind is fearless. kanye west. i guess he goes by ye now. to wear a white lives matter t-shirt that takes some real brass. and it's a great point by the way. why are we choosing one race over another in terms of whose lives are more important, right? if you are pro-human, and you are anti-murder, then don't all lives matter? that's kind of the point. i believe it was martin luther king who said that we should judge somebody by the content of their color and not the color of their skin. that was his point during that
3:55 am
interview. tucker gets pretty good guests on that show. unique. of when the ratings come out for this. it's going to go through the roof. again, is he something that we don't really see very often anymore in media in general and that is unpredictable. and why is that? the guy sticks to his principles e doesn't care what anybody thinks. >> ainsley: interesting if you don't understand him or agree with him everyone is quick to say he is crazy. if you watch the interview, he is thoughtful. you might not agree with him, but he is very smart. >> and the godless media line is what stood out to me personally because you guys have been talking about a possible indictment for hunter biden all morning. did you go back and think back to 2020 and october and the "new york post" breaks that huge story and then you saw everything line up to protect joe biden because they wanted to get him into the oval office, right? traditional media saying it's just russian disinformation. social media censoring accounts and then 50 former intelligence officers who never took one look at that laptop, never looked at the evidence. came to the conclusion that it was russian disinformation. why? because they had an agenda.
3:56 am
so, when he talks about the media being godless and having an agenda that is exhibit a. >> ainsley: most of us are so scared to give our opinions, scared of being canceled of. retaliation on children. won't be able to get them into schools or live in a neighborhood without being harassed. he had so much power and so much power and so much influence. evidence is almost above all of that and he just doesn't care which is kind of refreshing. >> completely refreshing. to be apathetic. i don't care what you think it what i'm going to say i'm going to say. only makes him more powerful. >> ainsley: joe, hold up your book. "c'mon man" best title how did you come up with that title really quickly. >> it's a joe biden'sism. c'mon man, honey do list. i >> ainsley: congratulations. >> thankt!♪ >> ainsley: two bi tg hours comg up with great guests. ♪-♪
3:57 am
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♪ ♪ >> in the country ♪ the only way i wanna be ♪ somewhere where the road is ♪ out there where the creek bends ♪ that's where you can find me. >> brian: this reminds me of really my life and here's why. it's almost as if i got invited to a party and everyone was there and left already. right? that is broadway and nashville. and you can just see there was a great party there on a thursday night.


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