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tv   The Story With Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  October 7, 2022 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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sandra, next week a little west coast action, and we will pay a visit occasionally. but yeah, i appreciate the help, support. it's been fantastic. >> sandra: on pump for you and pumped for the viewers i get to ten and every night and see you. have a fantastic weekend, trace. we will be back on monday. thank you so much for joining us and i'm sandra smith. >> trace: great to see you and "the story" with martha maccallum. >> martha: now a big evening star, very excited for trace's new show, thank you so much and good afternoon, martha maccallum and great to have you with us. so 32 days to go in the midterm deep dive as we did again today, the story goes to arizona. very interesting place to watch right now. this is a crucial toss-up senate race there. you have democrat senator mark kelly leading blake masters by six and the latest poll. the question is, did last night
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move the needle in either direction? because there was finally a debate last night between these candidates, between kelly, masters and libertarian mark victor. here are some of the swatches. gas from $2 to $6 and now they want to price because it is back to $5. when the biden administration refuses to increase oil and gas production, i told him he was wrong. speak with a massive crushing inflation that joe biden and mark kelly caused. >> inflation reduction act reduces the deficit by hundreds of billions of dollars. >> mark kelly said no to 18,000 more border patrol agents but yes 287,000 new irs agents. this premise that he is taking voting against border patrol agents, i have worked hard to make sure we have the money so we have more border patrol agents on the ground. >> senator mark kelly is the abortion radical. there is arizona women have
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totally lost the right to make a decision about abortion. >> martha: very interesting and those are the contours of the issues hot in arizona and joe concha standing by. he will chat with us after we chat with these two arizona voters who are gracious enough to join us today. fred davis and fernando solubles. fred is a tombstone, arizona, native, fourth-generation rancher who lives close to the border. he says he will vote republican in this race, fernando owns her own business, sweets business and it sounds fantastic. and she says that she will vote for the democrats. it is great to have both of you with us today. thank you for being here. so, fernando, when you watch him go back and forth and you hear for example mark kelly talking about or blake masters, i should say mech talking about having fewer border patrol agents and more irs agents, what do you say
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to that? were you persuaded at all by what they were going back and forth on here? >> no, truthfully, i didn't watch -- i didn't get a chance to watch it last night. but let's not persuaded. i am for mark kelly. i think he has a heart for the people and a heart for arizona. i think he will be what is best for us here. >> martha: so, let me go to you, fred. i know you have been upset about what is going on at the border and at one point you had 13 illegal migrants in your barn on your property. so when you watch his back and forth last night, did masters impress you and how did you think he was on his feet? >> i think he did a good job. mark kelly has not done what he says he would do for the border and the border patrol doesn't support him. the border patrol union.
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there is nothing sent biden has taken office to help the border issues. they have allowed 2 million illegals to come into the country during his term. and they hurt american workers. >> martha: fernanda, let me ask you what you say to the point that fred makes there? >> truthfully, i think biden is doing everything he can to secure the border as well as secure the united states because there has been a lot of other issues going on within the border. we have had school shootings. and we've had other things, other things that has caused an effect in the country as well other than the border. yeah, securing the border is important, and i think he is trying to do what he can and prioritize what is most important at the moment.
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i think keeping our school safe is one thing. >> martha: so a lot of people vote down the ticket. when you look at the job that president biden has done, you say you think he has accomplished what he set out to duke. but yet, you also voiced concerns about inflation and you are a small business owner. gas prices are rising but what about that? does that concern you make you say maybe somebody else should be in charge? >> not necessarily. because again, i think that he is doing what he can to help the economy. of course, there is always more that can be done. yes,, small business owner and the prices and gas have increased, which affects my business as well as the groceries. everything has increased and it definitely affects my business, my home life as well. so definitely there will always be more work that can be done.
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>> martha: sure. >> but that's not to say he's not doing what he can. >> martha: it is interesting because mark kelly tried to distance himself from the work that joe biden has done. let's play the sound bite from last night. speak with the mexican drug cartels come if they could vote in this election, every single one of them would vote for senator kelly because they get what they want from him, which is a complete wide open border. the president decided he would do something dumb on this and change the rules, you know, that would create a bigger prices. i told him it was wrong. so i pushed back on this administration multiple times, and i've got more money on the ground then increase border patrol staffing. >> martha: so that is the big question when it comes to the border, fred. what did you think of that answer. he was talking about president biden's decision to lift title 42, which enabled the flood of migrants we have seen across the border ever since as well. >> absolutely, joe biden has done everything within his power
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to allow illegal aliens into the country. there is to millions that come across during his term. now, not just the illegals. look at the amount of fentanyl killing our kids. there has been 169 different countries arrested by the border patrol so far this year. and they claim they are lucky to catch 1 out of 6 that is coming. >> martha: fernanda, what do you say to that? >> you know what, they are legitimate concerns most definitely. the fentanyl issue that we are dealing with here in arizona, i have to say it is horrible. my heart goes out, you know, to the families affected appear in so definitely there is an issue with fentanyl in arizona. and there is i think warren definitely needs to be done. >> martha: okay, thank you very much to both of you. fernanda sayles and fred davis
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for joining us today. hopefully, we will check back in with you if you are available as we get close to this big election. thank you both. good to have you. let's bring in joe concha, thank you, guys come appreciate your time today. joe concha met a columnist at "the hill" and his new book is out now. come on, joe, what did you think about what they had to say in the debate last night? >> it is very interesting what fernanda had to say when she said, president biden has done everything he can to secure the border. we know that is not true because it stopped day one when he came into office and remain in mexico policy was hindered by the president and the numbers are the numbers when 4 million people come into the country illegally and two years, that is not doing a good job on the border. you could almost hear in her voice and we are all rooting for her because she has a small business and we want to see every small business in this country succeed, but that was not exactly a heartfelt full-throated defense of mark
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kelly or the president. she said inflation is having an impact on the business and gas prices are having an impact on her life, so while she will vote for joe biden or i'm sorry, she will vote for mark kelly in that state, that looked to me and sound to me like soft support. as for the debate last night, i thought blake masters was prepared to. i think he was laid was laser focused what he needed to hammer home and keep hitting inflation, keep hitting the border and make this a referendum on the president where in arizona, martha, he is pulling underwater in double digits. remember, this is a state he won and barely pulling 40% approval. that has to have an impact on the race. >> martha: we see that race in arizona and errol a bit. blake masters ran into some difficulties. some of the senate leadership on slip that race. peter teal who supported him came into make up that difference. so we will seek. he said last night, i am from arizona and am raising my boys
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here. mark kelly saw him trying to separate himself from joe biden on a number of issues. it will be interesting. we also see this in the nevada race right now. adam who we had on the other day is 48%, catherine cortez masto who we invited us to join us as well but we don't know if you will, 46% in that race. you know, we are seeing this tight and tight and across the board, joe. >> yeah, but for democrats, they are in trouble because gas prices will only keep going up until election day. you see oil skyrocketing and again opec plus, saudi arabia, russia cutting and this will have a big impact in arizona, for instance the gas price $4.55 today. that is $0.65 above the national average and same goes for nevada. so, in terms of momentum, if gas prices keep going up and inflation still a problem and the book are still not fixed, i don't see how democrats can pull the other way or if behind closed the gap when so many
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things on big issues are not going their way right now. >> martha: i want to pull up a tweet that you put out today because it struck me quite interesting. it is a photo of teddy kennedy. he's got the neck brace on. it is interesting because the tweet underneath it from sarah longwell -- we can't really see that -- but basically she's talking about the fact that she is horrified that republicans can support herschel walker given the revelations from this woman who says he paid for her abortion. she is basically saying republicans have scruples and they can back this person. you put that photo up which is an interesting reminder. >> that was after what happened there with the horrible death in a car accident that teddy kennedy walked away from him. he was elected for decades after that. so as far as voting for someone because you think they were
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morally better than their opponent, i'm sorry, people will vote regardless of moral scruples and raphael warnock has a history himself that is nothing to be proud of. i found that interesting that that picture of teddy kennedy the back brace probably doesn't mean anything. >> martha: you have to have the same standards both sides. be careful where you cast stones. sometimes they come back at you. it is interesting. joe, thank you. >> i have wore a brace myself. >> martha: we don't recommend it. thank you, joe. gas prices creep up five days in a row as the white house cripples to find a way out of opec's big snub. ouch! stephen moore writes it all down. ♪ ♪ breaks it all down. cosentyx can help you move, look, and feel better... by treating the multiple symptoms of psoriatic arthritis. don't use if you're allergic to cosentyx.
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>> martha: ouch, it is a very rough friday in the market is down 700 points nearly for the dow jones industrial after september jobs report came in a little bit better than economists were predicting. i know that might sound a little backwards, but the fear is that they will have to keep hiking interest rates to cool things down if economic reports come in better than expected. that is the deal. gas prices were improving, right, we got used to that but now they are not pure they are actually creeping hirer for almost the last two weeks. that is the average price according to aaa right now, $3.89 and almost $7 in california. really rough for them out there. senior economic advisor stephen moore joins us with his analysis of all of this in just a moment but first a back story with business correspondent grady trimble who joins us live in chicago. >> i met, martha at this time of
12:18 pm
year gas prices usually go downs over in the winter blends are less expensive, but that is not what we are seeing right now. unfortunately, there is no relief in sight, even as prices are starting to come down on the west coast after refinery problems there caused a surge. the national average to date is $0.10 higher than it was just last week. nl the parts of the country that have been enjoying relatively low prices compared to other regions could see pump prices go up. gas buddy says and the south and east coast, they could increase between $0.10 and $0.30 per gallon. that is largely because of opec+ production cut it is having the intended consequences they wanted sending oil prices up. they have surged more than 10% last week and oil right now as we speak trading well over $90 a barrel. >> why do we feel we have to
12:19 pm
offshore the oil and gas operations in the united states to some other country? it doesn't make sense. president biden 18 months ago would have on to the gulf coast and keep this up, massive production and do this and i'll baking oil from the persian gulf. it is a horrible situation to be in. >> we are also keeping an eye on diesel prices. they have picked up $0.03 overnight getting awfully close to $5 for a gallon of diesel. martha, we knows that impacts the price of everything loaded onto a truck and choked elsewhere in the country. that is something to watch we will keep an eye on as well. >> martha: it sure is, brady, thank you. ellis bridion sr. moore, president trump and founder of the committee to unleash prosperity and senior economic contributor, good to have you with us, steve, as always. i want to start by playing a sound bite from president biden speaking about the united states economy. let's watch.
12:20 pm
>> i realize cost is going up on food. i was able to bring gasoline down to -- but it is inching up because of the russians do. we are not finished with that yet. >> martha: so he says not finished with the best situation and prices going back up. what do you say, steve? >> have you noticed, martha he always has been excused at some villain responsible for higher gas prices rather than people in the white house themselves? look, we were energy independent when donald trump was in office and that was what we were proud of. let's not forget, his first app as president was to kill the pipeline and we should go make sure could use it now. the gas price as you were just talking about, martha, i had a friend text me an hour ago who lives in los angeles and $6.99 a gallon so pumping $0.97 an hour in some places. if you look at inflation over the last couple of months, we
12:21 pm
actually have declining gas prices and transportation classes a prices are rising. if we see the gas go up again, eight, nine, 10% inflation again but one other quick point, you talked about the jobs report and you are right we have a good number on jobs, but you know what inflation rising, 80%, martha and wages 5%. so we are losing out. >> martha: that math doesn't work. this is from "the wall street journal" editorial, biden, venezuela and that whale dictators, the venezuela gamma is part of the biden administration rolling dictator who are to encourage oil supply anywhere except in america. this administration would rather make america more dependent on the constructive steps of dictators. steve, here is what i would ask you out of that. because some people say, the keystone pipeline was even operational. so ending that was not a big deal.
12:22 pm
there are a number about the things we can be doing to encourage energy here. explain to us right now but it would have looked like if keystone was operational now. what kind of difference would it have made? >> keystone is one part of the puzzle. it is just a little bit of what biden has done. it is not just keystone. he has taken hundreds of thousands of prime oil and gas plant in alaska off of the shelf. he basically has now announced they are looking at abolishing a lot of our offshore drilling. >> martha: you know, the white house as those leases are not being tapped into. >> well, why would they be? you make billions of dollars in investment in an industry that he wants to completely go to 0 in terms of, he has basically said he wants 0 fossil fuels over the next 12 years. it is obvious that these companies wouldn't invest if they thought they were going to get a knife and they are back.
12:23 pm
so this is a very frustrating thing because we could easily be producing about 3 million more barrels a day if we just stop with trump policies. and that would beat -- that would completely reverse the fact that the saudi arabians reducing opec oil by 2 million barrels a day. >> martha: imagine if everything that is happening now was happening except we had true energy independence continued and accelerated at this point. we would be sagging, "wow, aren't we smart." and we don't have to go to saudi arabia and venezuela for help because we are good. steve, yeah... >> exporting oil back then. >> martha: that is right largest export in the world. steve, thank you. always good to see you. >> think you. >> martha: katie pavlich and kt mcfarland, the surprising armageddon warning about putin and nuclear war when he was chatting last night at a new york fund-raiser.
12:24 pm
that is next. >> they began to prepare the their society. that is very dangerous. they are not ready to use it, but they began to communicate. but they do know -- i think that is dangerous to speak to both.
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12:28 pm
raising the stakes in a showdown with vladimir putin over the war on ukraine. saying the russian president is "not joking" when he talks about nuclear weapons, and the risk of "armageddon has not been this high since the cuban missile crisis." but that we bring in kt mcfarland national security advisor under president trump, great to have you're with us. how is that heard in russia and in ukraine? >> is heard in a couple of different ways. what he is saying to the russians, don't you dare have any kind of escalation, including attacks on nuclear weapons. we will absolutely obliterate you and nuclear response. he doesn't talk about wh world war iii but he is looking at the war in ukraine and as crazy as it sounds, putin thinks ukraine is russia. he has convinced the russia people this is an attack against russia. this is an america attack against russia. how is it read in ukraine?
12:29 pm
the ukrainians thinking, "gee, where is this going from your? "they want -- they made it clear and talked about regime change and has talked about catastrophic response if vladimir putin escalates this in some way and attacks nato stockpile and uses tactical nuclear weapons. my worry about all of this, what kind of casualty are we talking about slipstreaming our way into some kind of world war iii nuclear exchange? u.s. russia conflict. nobody wins that war, china's only country that winds that were. >> martha: it is so true. this is a report from "the washington post." remember vladimir putin's inner circle has disagreement directly to the russian president over the war in ukraine. the criticism with the clearest indication yet of turmoil within russia's leadership over the stewardship of a war that has gone disastrously wrong for moscow. humiliation is an enormous motivating factor for
12:30 pm
vladimir putin. and he has been cumulated here. the question is, you know, whether or not this leads us into a war as you say, kt, nobody wants. >> yeah, okay, so it seems to be the idea that well, we can only get rid of vladimir putin and everything would be great and the war would be over. not necessarily. how do we know that whoever would replace vladimir put in would be a peacemaker and somebody would want to de-escalate the situation? you can have someone that wants to escalate the situation. the other thing pushing gisele bundchen to a corner, he is desperate. he cannot lose this war and survive. he can't survive in office and he probably can't even survive. we have to look at another way to deal with this and that is to bankrupt vladimir putin. don't let him fight this war but put back american in energy and drive the price of natural gas. and putin cannot pay for a conflict that increases. beat him on the economic
12:31 pm
battlefield. >> martha: clearly opec is helping him out by raising and by cutting oil production by 2 million barrels appearance of the saudis and the russians are on the same page where that is concerned. kt, always good to see you and thank you for being here. the brand-new details on the case the fbi has been building against hunter biden hunter biden. katie pavlich with the story and the penalties that the charges could carry for the president's son. what happened to the questions about the big guy? ♪ ♪ and with home values near record highs, that could mean a lot of money. let newday turn your home's equity into cash. new astepro allergy. now available without a prescription. astepro is the first
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12:36 pm
hunter and "big guy" for his father, joe biden. >> martha: president of the united states and katie pavlich will join us with announcement of this but first correspondent david spunt reporting live from the department of justice. hi, david. speak audibly but this investigation began four years ago in 2018 with the fbi over the summer and it transferred across the street at the doj and fbi headquarters two and a half hou, delaware, with david weiss. he is a trump old older that president biden kept on. that is where it is right now. david weiss has a big decision i make. "the washington post" out with the story yesterday that indicates agents, not prosecutors but agents believe prosecutors have enough evidence to charge the younger biden with tax crimes. that is plural and a full statement related to a gun charge.
12:37 pm
but agents don't charge, as i said, prosecutors do. fox news with a firearm report where hunter biden answered no to a question asking if he was an unlawful news or are addicted to drugs. the post says the crimes involved tax careers and lying on that gun registration form. since there are countless tax crimes on the ball no macbooks, it is hard to say with the punishment would be because they were so many different options. biden said to have paid $2 million in back taxes to the irs. on the gun registration, full statement if he is charged and convicted, he could face up to ten years behind bars and up to $250,000 fine. but the key word there, martha, could. it is not if hunter's laptop in federal custody since the end of 2019 is the key to any charging decision and u.s. attorney david weiss could seek a plea deal with hunter biden.
12:38 pm
i will wrap it up by saying the department of justice has a loose policy and i say lose policy and not set in stone. you stay away from prosecution two months before an election. hunter biden, joe biden both on the ballot this fall, but still, there are questions that this would look political. ultimately, doj if they want to charge hunter biden next week, if they could, martha. >> martha: thank you, david reporting from the department of justice katie pavlik news editor and fox news contributor with her analysis of this. what do you make of the situation where it stands right now, 80? >> well, martha, you don't have to be a doj prosecutor or attorney to look through hunter biden's laptop and understand there's a lot of evidence that he has committed multiple crimes. whether it is his illegal drug use or hiring of or, of course, lying on the background check for any american would be put in prison for ten years. but the issue of this is not
12:39 pm
really about hunter biden's behavior and breaking those laws. it is important for the sake of equality under the law. but the big story has always been of course the connection hunter biden had to his father and how ample joe biden was in s dealings. all of that evidence on the laptop whether hunter biden sending an email or asking for an extra key for his father because of his shared office space where whether his business partners stating they called president joe biden he was not president the chairman of the business dealings. so, hunter biden essentially acting as a proxy to benefit his family with these multimillion dollar deals with china and with ukraine and yet, they are focusing on taxes and the gun issue, which, of course, are important but not they should joe biden never spoke to his son about his business dealings at all. >> martha: katie, i'm struck by what we saw from whistle-blowers who came out with the fbi and told ron johnson and senator grassley
12:40 pm
that, you know, they were concerned this case was not being treated properly. that there was evidence they were concerned about. so now you have a situation a couple of months away from an election, and we also know from the whistle-blower that they said people within the bureau said, you know, basically back off. we don't want to influence another election. we are not going to do anything here. it appears these charges are not imminent. so the leaking of this story tells me that there are still those people in the fbi who are unhappy how the way this has been handled and want to get the word out. >> well, you have to remember you go back to the summer of 2020. that is where the fbi got the laptop and sat on it for months knowing what the laptop contained and not because there wasn't plenty of evidence to go after hunter biden but they wanted to protect joe biden. so they sat on it. then when it came out in the media this was a story, the fbi did not stand up and say, "this is not russian this information like the 51 intelligence agent
12:41 pm
said." this is an investigation. so this has been handled poorly from the beginning and in terms of the long list of charges that hunter biden could face, he's going to skirt on the issue of fair violation and not registered as a foreign agent working with foreign governments to line the pockets of the biden family. >> martha: there is a lot there and window social media has admitted to some extent that they were explicit in squashing the story before the election. katie, thank you. always good to have you here, have a great weekend. so paul coots wanted to visit his son at college, but he got shot and killed in the hotel lobby and now, we are learning more about what wasn't done to lock up his suspected killer who had threatened to shoot someone in the face. geraldo rivera live from new york. a city now in a state of
12:42 pm
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>> martha: new york city mayor eric adam says he has a state of emergency as more buses of migrants who up to manhattan. the mayor says respond to the situation is heroic but it is "at the edge of a precipice." watch this. >> there was never an agreement to take on the job of supporting thousands of immigrants. this responsibility was simply handed to us without warning as buses began showing up. >> martha: that is what happens if you are on the border or other places. new york says it is a sanctuary city that welcomes migrants pure the mayor was not concerned when migrants planting upstate
12:47 pm
new york. he said the city expects to spend a billion dollars on shelters by the end of this fiscal year. and now to the outrage over the killing of aid to head in a hotel lobby as he was visiting his son for parents weekend. the man charged in the killing we have now learned once threatened another man that he would shoot him in the head. according to the court records. the suspect was a fugitive with a warrant for his arrest at the time. he was in a national database when he checked into that hotel. geraldo rivera is here, but first the backstory with melissa mcadams reporting this from new york. hi, lexus. >> hi, martha what a sad story and more tragic. this guy had a lengthy rap sheet wanted into states and pulled out a gun and kill the innocent dad for no reason in the lobby during parents weekend all while officials say he should have been behind bars. you are looking at there wanted on drug charges in georgia and then listen to this, last year
12:48 pm
student county, he was arrested and charged eight counts for pretty serious charges and the d.a. tells us those charges are pending at this time from attempted assault and possession of a deadly weapon. the d.a. says he should not record the hearings but they should have never tracked him down. these current state bill report laws make it harder for the team to issue warrants and find suspects. but the office did request the warrant from the town judge pure the police tell us in the small town, governor half the locals policies are ridiculous. the republican congressman lee zeldin running for governor tells us bail reform laws are to blame. listen. >> she has been pandering to cocriminal allies, and she's been on the wrong side of these issues, one after the other. why would you have someone that's a prior criminal record who is under investigation be inside of that hotel? >> johnson jr. walking free when investigators say he murdered
12:49 pm
paul kutz and the family picture this guy 53 years old a loving dad of three and on long island and murdered visiting his son at marist college poughkeepsie, new york. this was operative poked shooting. he walked into the lobby of the courtyard marriott and pulled out a gun and sprayed the room with bullets. more charts as expected. there was not a warrant for his arrest but johnson junior international database but they could not find him until after the murder sunday. a lot of unanswered questions about that and martha, you just heard from the prosecutor's office and the d.a. and i guess they have indicted the suspects. >> martha: alexis, thank you very much. imagine what that families going through right now trying to adjust to what has happened. what a shock. let's bring in geraldo rivera, a host of "the five" doping of america which we look forward to see that terrible story but very important. geraldo, good to have you with
12:50 pm
us today. i'm think about the fact, how do you keep track of people, right? so, they knew this guy had a rap sheet. he evaded court appearances and was told to show up but didn't show up. why isn't he wearing an ankle bracelet? you can find your iphone in another state. why can't we find these people who are repeat offenders? >> you know, society, martha, number one job is to keep citizens safe. if we don't have a feeling of well-being of the fact that we want to go out and take care of our children and work at our jobs and take care of our homes and then go on and live long and prosper, you know, when you can't have that security. when you have a feeling that is dragged to every corner, life erodes. the quality of life just becomes cancerous rather than exhilarating. now, this case is so deeply effective. who was this dad? it could have been me or any
12:51 pm
other tag with kids in college. the most life positive, life-affirming situation to be with his child and celebrate the matriculation and all the rest. and here is a punk. lifelong criminal, a con, a fugitive who cuts him down for spite, no reason other than to get his jollies off. it really is so -- it so deeply disturbing to me. i really want to say that. i think the unfortunate thing that i would add and i saw judge jenning speaking about this earlier in the week is that it is hard for me to see this particular case in the context of the new york governor's race. kathy hochul had no jurisdiction over that -- i mean the cops had to find him at the federal marshals had to find him. we had law enforcement -- >> martha: but that is what
12:52 pm
you do, geraldo. answer my question though, what is the procedure, right? this guy never showed up for several court hearings. but why doesn't he have an ankle bracelet on? >> i agree. >> martha: it is ridiculous that we are letting people like this out. one time maybe you say he will show up. when he doesn't show up seven times, why doesn't he have a tracking device? >> he was on bail so it's not about bail reform. but i want to aggressive law enforcement. i want what you want. i think we should all be together and wanting law enforcement to do its job. it should not be fugitives living next to us. it should not be occasions where a wonderful man gets cut down in the prime of life for no reason at all. >> martha: 4-year-old, 7-year-old in the inner cities that get shot in the same kind of cross fire. it happens to people all across the spectrum. there was something gravely, gravely wrong here as you say when people have a deep
12:53 pm
sense of fear, honestly. it is awful and we have got to fix it. geraldo, it is always good to see you. thank you for being here today. a tractor-trailer shows up in texas loaded with 84 illegal migrants in need of medical care. as the border crisis rages on. announcer: type 2 diabetes? discover the power of 3 in the ozempic® tri-zone. in my ozempic® tri-zone, i lowered my a1c, cv risk, and lost some weight.
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♪ ♪ >> martha: well, it that texas school district has suspended the entire police force that cover the school system there in five months after the massacre robb elementary school, surveillance shows the department of others waiting in the hallway for more than an hour before finally confronting the gunman who had killed 19 students and two teachers. the district blamed recent developments for the suspension. it just fired a former trooper mick had recently hired after word got out that she was one of
12:58 pm
the officers who was at that shooting scene. the state police will now take over the responsibilities of security at the uvalde schools for now. an end 84 migrants packed inside tractor-trailer near mcallen, texas, just 12 miles from the southern border. they have been using tiktok and other social media to recruit smugglers. national correspondent griff jenkins following the story from eagle pass today, hi, griff. >> hey, martha good afternoon. human smuggling incredibly increasing in the del rio sector and over 75 thwarted attempts of smuggling. who could forget back in june the 53 migrants died in that trailer in san antonio area. take a look at this video in delco company, 84 migrants discovered in the back of a trailer all alive after concern
12:59 pm
citizen called the sheriff's deputies after she saw them climbing out of the trailer. blook at this tiktok video. you can see a cartel advertising for a driver. it says, "seeking someone to drive 18-wheeler to mcallen houston, $70,000. meanwhile the migrants journey shows how dangerous and we shot this video earlier. ambulance responding. ten nicaraguans cross the river and apparently in a car accident on the mexican side. they needed help delivering that to them and we close out the week, martha highlighting the groups we see every single day. this group from the camera is 300 plus migrants. what is the tenth such group this fiscal year in the last seven days. they are on part two lead the nation in large groups as a sport anything but secure, martha. sending it back to you. >> martha: good to see you.
1:00 pm
so that is the story for this friday afternoon, october 7th. and the stories go on. we look very much forward to seeing you back here on monday at 3:00. so have a great weekend and enjoyed this fall weather with your families and thank you for being here, everybody. the "your world" is starting right about now. >> it shall be the policy of this nation with god in nuclear missile launched from cuba against any nation in the western hemisphere as an attack by the soviet union on the united states requiring a full retaliatory response on the soviet union. i call upon chairman to holt and eliminate this plan, this reckless and provocative world


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