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tv   The Next Revolution With Steve Hilton  FOX News  October 9, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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important this election s we will not win them all but we have to win this one, please keep that in mind, i'll see you next time on "life, liberty and levin." ♪ ♪ >> breaking t19 people shot outside of new york congressman republican candidate for governor outside his home when his twin daughters were inside the house. he speaking it just moments ago about the shooting. >> first i like to start off by saying how very proud i am of my daughters. they just turned 16 years old. just over one week ago.
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we had just left the columbus day parade in the bronx we were in the car and we received a pretty frantic call one was on the other line speaking to 911 when michaela called us. she was in the upstairs bathroom locked in. the way this started the two of them were at the kitchen table doing homework. then they hear gunshots. one of the bullets was found about 30 feet from them in the bathroom and they called 911. this was around 2:18 p.m. when that gunshots were heard on the property. the call was made as soon as 2:19 p.m. i believe. they are grateful for law enforcement that arrived on
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the scene very quickly. they were working very hard and allegedly over the last several hours. my understanding is that you people that were shot were transported to area hospitals. i do not know the identity of those who were shot. when we returned home, we looked at our security cameras. we have many at the house. and four of them had three people in the shot. one was moving around between all four cameras with a two-minute span and to individuals were in one of the camera frames any given move movement. these are the two people who were shot. one was underneath our porch. the other was under a bush right under our porch.
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is interesting because one day earlier, there was a reporter at the house and we sat down right there on that porch doing an interview talking about rising crime in new york and 24 hours to the minute the shooting took place. the two individuals were about 10 feet from where my daughters were doing their homework at the kitchen table. the two individuals were likely shot already when they enter the frame of the camera because of the blood that was found where the two individuals were laying down. one of the stories we hear about or read about it is a family we don't know. maybe in an area where we don't lives.
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we all do a very good job reporting on the stories of what happens. a lot of new yorkers want to know what's going on in the community. we want to know what the news is and get caught up with the busy day at work. it hits really close to home when it shows up on your front doorstep. steve: it exactly that's incredibly powerful. that is why he is running. just last week basically what we talked about was crime. that's why he's running and that is his pledge to do something. so many people across new york coming literally to his door doorstep. i hope new yorkers pay attention to the story and vote accordingly. another alert for tonight.
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after months of distraction it is putin price hike. democrats finally admitted that their policies did cause the soaring inflation hurting americans across the country. >> do democrats bear some responsibility? you control the white house both chambers of congress why should voters hold them accountable? >> they do we are in power in the house and the senate even with slim margins so i do think there is rightful skepticism. i own it. steve: she owns it? that is one member of the democratic caucus in the house coming off nancy pelosi christmas card list. more on this later in the show but here is some breaking knows on —- news of a personal kind. do not hold this against me but i cannot stand fishing.
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i have tried lord knows i have tried every kind. patiently try to help my sons learn to fish. even i didn't have a clue there was a hook embedded in my thumb that had to be in doubt halfway up mount whitney one of the most painful and embarrassing's experiences of my life. so whatever else i did i would not make an ad like this. >> i'm not a democrat. but i know that michael doesn't take the bait for washington he works for colorado. >> i approve this message and i caught that fish. [laughter] steve: that is colorado senator bennett. , cello fishing. i'm just like you not a boring uptight washington swamp creature and hanging out with lobbyists. now i really love fishing i'm just like you.
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in fact senator bennett is so passionate about fishing he even paid $14 for a fishing license for one day. that's how committed he is for the outdoor life so he can film and add pretending to be someone who's really into fishing. you may say whatever the politicians are all fake but it's not a little thing. if you brazenly lie about something this trivial then how can anyone trust you on the big things? he claims he is a centrist moderate but it turns out in the senate he voted with the socialist bernie sanders 97 percent of the time leaving one colorado pundit to describe him as bernie without the mittens. or the personality. he has been in the senate 12 years but it's impossible to recall a single thing he has said or done. he actually ran for president last time. i thank you forgot that. and then suspending all these
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dollars in town halls he was given 0 percent of the vote in iowa. three tenths of 1 percent in new hampshire is there anyone out there actually from colorado who doesn't have to make up stories the republican candidate for senate great to see you tonight. you are from colorado. do you like fishing and what is your message to the people of colorado? >> steve, great to be on here with you. i'm running a campaign focused on working americans. i have been working on my life everything ever had to get i have worked for. that commercial is pretty disingenuous it doesn't look like he has much of a cast. but whether or not that is a
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resident or nonresident license. that's what people across colorado want to know. they want to know where the senator is. he has forgotten about us in working americans. he is responsible for inflation that is crushing working americans right now and worried about the economy in the direction of people are upset and we have a great race and i will be him here november 8. steve: it's another race there wasn't really a discussion of what would be a flip for republicans but it looks like you are closing in and people around the country are cheering you on. 's why do you think it is as close as it is cracks. >> people are not concerned with fishing or all the things the democrats are pushing but
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they are concerned with their wages and inflation we lost a whole month worth of buying power due to unprecedented 41 year high inflation. the price is of gases up 50 percent higher than last year crime is at the all-time high and i have to tell you democrats are out of touch. they're not talking about any of those issues across colorado but that's all i hear about. the population is ready for change. that's why we will get across the finish line november 8. steve: the united states senate review hope to be serving in a few months, national impact people outside of colorado what kind of republican would they get if you are the next representative from colorado in the senate?
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>> i will be a republican that represents colorado. i will not be owned by anyone. we can do better. i am across the aisle to make good deals in fixed the immigration system, get the border under control. we can take it care of fentanyl coming across the border, crime under control. but it will take an effort by people to come together with good policy that moves america forward. that's the kind of republican i will be. steve: a lot of people are cheering you on for that but are they supporting you? i am curious because are you getting support financially from mitch mcconnell or the senate leadership fund? to this year race is relevant? >> they see it as winnable they are all in for what we are doing. we have a great race running a multiple people are supporting me and to build with the gop and trump supporters and disgruntled democrats that's why he's worried because the camp that he built is large and it's a movement hearing
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colorado. i'm not worried about november 8 they will vote me and in november. steve: fantastic. it's great to see you and best of luck. thank you for joining us. so the question you have to ask with the midterm elections , if biden and the democrats have such a strong road of accomplishments practically the entire campaign is about abortion and january 6. because it is kind of spectacular with the central issue of inflation that is driven by energy policy and it takes real political tal talent, genius to design and implement an energy policy is incoherent self-defeating and shallow as the one. >> just in the last few days desperate to bring down prices at the pump before election day they offer to ease sanctions against the corrupt
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baskets case rewording the regime at the exact moment the blaming it for the raging crisis at the southern border. we saw the fist pump of shame thrown back in biden's face as the saudi's teamed up with russia to cut protections of increasing it that biden begged them to do and then the reserves are nearly at the lowest with worries it is getting too thin to properly address another big global supply disruption demonstrating that biden losing a reserves is one of the most irresponsible schemes from presidential history. on top of all that they push for the area nuclear deal to get iranian oil back on the market including the mobsters who just so killed for joining
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the protest. >> and now led by the biden regime and then to be effectively standing against even after releasing this ad aimed at drumming up support from women in america. >> they don't have a clue of the power of women. [cheers and applause] let me tell you something. they are about to find out. >> why would she crash the power and then the virtues signaling that control the party.
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>> mike gallagher is here with the reaction. it was an appalling week when you see one on top of another. saudi arabia and iran and energy policy they have. >> what drives your average it is the fact that we are considering using sanctions whether venezuela or iran the president and his administration is sanctioning domestic american energy produced it is self-defeating that the same time we have had the luxury not always having
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abundant energy resources but the innovation necessary to know how to harvest that in a clean and effective way. we have the luxury to have a massive but to say that the direction we want to go in who will bail us out? we have who bills us that would meet hold independent from the accompanist. >> are the things that go into batteries for electric vehicles. the whole thing is absurd it is working but it just seems like this is the single worst of the policies because there so many negative effects from the so now biden is talking
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armageddon in relation to putin and the war in ukraine because that is reckless and dangerous but a minor incursion is nothing to worry about then deterrence failed
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so they are bragging about it tens of thousands of ukrainians dead. hundreds of billions of dollars lost in the highest risk? >> my view is deterrence comes from power and but america cannot shoulder all of this alone as it relates to the first topic. the thing that is undermining our policy in ukraine is incoherent energy policy because that is a gift to
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vladimir putin because of the opec decision so the energy policy to alter climate change actually undermines our effort that this weekend we will be right back. but at the end of the day, you know you have a team behind you that can help you. not having to worry about the future makes it possible to make the present as best as it can be for everybody. first psoriasis, then psoriatic arthritis. even walking was tough. i had to do something.
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steve: there has been a lot of coverage of kamala harris talking about equity in the aftermath of hurricane ian but there is a part of the interview that did not get coverage there is a question from celebrity activist that led to the answer and look at what she says and how she responds. >> extreme weather conditions are more frequent and severe. >> the crisis is real and the clock is ticking and the urgency with which we must act is without any question. steve: could she get any more cliché quick. >> weather events are getting more frequent and severe. the crisis is we real.
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the narrative is everywhere c would think the people pushing it are always lecturing about science and data and the facts. so here on this show we do care about science and the data is to return to our friend michael who laid it out and here are the facts the rate of landfall hurricanes including severe ones have declined so not more frequent and the noaa expect 25 percent decline in the future the cost of hurricane damage has remained steady but not more severe. but what about the global climate crisis? wait a minute. what is this global disasters have declined over the last two decades.
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natural disaster death has fallen none of this is to say that climate change is not real but we should make policy based on climate change not alarm is him and we should make policy based on science and data based on the facts not the ideological narratives pushed by the climate salads have completely capture the democratic party celebrity culture corporate america all the people who never stopped virtues signaling but whose denial of the facts on climate change so they have showed up to anti- science climate cold. joining us now jason j fits. so i don't know how they can
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it's like they don't even try to look at the facts before pushing the narrative. they are shameless. >> they will not let little fact get in the way they been on this march for a long time at least the last 15 years talking about how the world will come in ten years you think utah would be beachfront property by now. there is very severe weather that happens on our planet as it has for eons. it has gone up and down when you see horrific e-act on —- hurricane like ian devastating florida your heart goes out. so it does matter but the alarmism that they put out there as if we can do things pumping less gas will solve the problem overnight is ridiculous. steve: it is so amazing how it has become indebted so they
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throughout the phrases so casually. obviously the extreme weather getting more severe. is just completely wrong. >> the way they throw that at kids and just to be embedded in the beginning. i am a conservative because i want to conserve things. but the liberals they want to create the crisis to justify taxing us literally by the billions of dollars so they camp at forward their own agenda to blame things like immigration on climate change is so disingenuous it does nothing to solve the problem it only excuses everything else like child trafficking and drugs and everything else. it's all about climate change. kamala harris? she is our expert on this?
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steve: obviously it's getting worse and obviously we have to address it because obviously. [laughter] so they start with the end goal which is they cannot stand fossil fuels or people to drive their cars to force you to have solar and wind but then they walked back from that. >> as long as that is not in their backyard but they don't want to go after nuclear because it happens to be the cleanest thing we can have they want us to live like fred flintstone days with total disrespect for the fact real people's lives to heat their homes. these people going into the winter have a real problem on their hands because joe biden kamala harris in the
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democratic agenda said no, we will raise your prices exponentially because it's good for you but it is so wrong. steve: the voice of reason and common sense, jason chaffetz obviously as they say. >> speaking of that there was an exchange between virginia governor and cnn jake tapper this morning where talking about his new energy plan including a new generation of nuclear power stations but here is what jake said. >> let's talk about the energy plan that scales back the wind and solar energy emphasis instead of focusing on nuclear power and competition but i wonder about the events of the first year as governor with more intense hurricanes they say they are because of intelligent on —- climate change and opec's decision to
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make the insecurity of where we get our fuel from highlighted. doesn't that suggest we should be leaning into more green energy, not less? steve: nuclear energy is green energy, jake. no emissions and it is reliable unlike your reporting on climate. we will be right back.
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steve: will come back so from his reasons the most competitive races get the most coverage like doctor oz or arizona, they are vital but also important to cover the races were republican when is less likely but if it happened would be a really big deal that's why we would love to welcome great candidates like those we had on tonight if they could win that would have a huge impact that's why we would feature a lot the first time a republican winning statewide since 2006 the state controller is not that exciting that is actually in charge to make sure taxpayer money is spent properly in a
6:37 pm
state with taxes are going up is extremely important. the latest and from governor newsom —- governor newsom is deficient gas prices seven dollars a gallon because even they don't like that then panic and then desperately send out relief checks right before the election. so they raise taxes, then send a little bit of her own money back to us as a relief from their own stupid policies. bringing an all-male voting the bribes are going out the same time as the mail out one —- the mail-in ballots. why don't they just staple it to the ballot? so if you are elected you will have a lot to get stuck into is a complete nightmare how they are running the state and the money they are spending with no effect on any of the problems and it's getting
6:38 pm
worse. >> the problem is we get out of the problem-solving business you have gas near eight dollars a gallon in some places in los angeles and every single gallon of gas includes a massive amount of tax the state of california takes and uses but whatever happens to that money? one of the first things we will do is we will audit the gas tax to make sure we will figure out where the money is going are we getting results? and more importantly we give taxpayers the accountability they need and deserve. steve: the other one that is such a glaring example of failure talking about homelessness we are both famous for all the wrong reasons. the last was $14 billion and
6:39 pm
now it's gone up. >> that's right the problem has gotten worse one program in the city of los angeles alone paid $800,000 per unit of construction to house a single homeless person. $800,000 per person? you could have moved them to a different state, a home, checking account still have money left over. this is what happens in california with no accountability or transparency and nobody keeping watch the controller needs to be a watchdog and not a lapdog because for too long we have people go up there to rubberstamp spending without any expectation results. that is unacceptable and we deserve better. steve: it is complacency and arrogance trying to have their own way. but it's looking good in your race? >> it is. we feel very good were we are
6:40 pm
situated. and making sure the message gets across to every californian. my opponent is a complete financial disaster did not pay her taxes for an entire year foreclosed on her home because she decided she did not feel like paying the mortgage anymore the worst attendance record when she was a supervisor but did give yourself several pay raises. that's why we feel very good. and then that contrast cannot be clear. steve: it all sounds like made in the lab of the california democrat that's exactly the person they would put in charge. >> i have a vested interest. great to see you. much more up ahead.
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>> basically there areas of new york where people feel the streets have been surrendered the list goes on to someone who has been attacked at the subway station battling her vision the person who attacked her just violated parole and was released for once murdering his own grandparents. that's not just the last year or two we're talking the last couple of weeks. steve: that was earlier tonight from the governor of new york talking about the shooting that happened right outside his home. he is absolutely right. everywhere this crime rate across the country or new york state are those including
6:47 pm
california. the other week i went down to venice beach but guess what i found myself quick. >> you know that question everyone was asking for so long where is hunter? if you would come here are while ago the answer would have been there. they are. hunter biden mansion in venice. on the canal. a lovely place hunter biden resided there. $25000 a month. a beautiful house. i think now they painted it. used to be white it attracted a lot of attention. look over there. now those tenants have moved they have been moved from the beach where the media attention and then cleaned it up but when hunter lived there there was nobody it was secret
6:48 pm
service. that's how it goes if you are hunter biden. looks like he got out just in time because a few days the house right there on the canal was burned down by homeless people which it turns out is not just a normal part of life. the l.a. times reported over half, 54 percent of all fires in the l.a. fdr related to homelessness. be clear the chaos and crime now inflicted on people who live in the great cities so that as the filth and the squalor and the crime are the recent on —- direct result of the policy ideologues who run them. but then every time something new happens and it gets worse and worse.
6:49 pm
>> i'm so glad you could comment with your own eyes what the conditions are like. most people are horrified to see what appears to be third world conditions. have residents living alongside these very dangerous encampments where there are fights during the day and night with the stabbings and shootings and drag you stand needles on the floor. it is a complete disaster in the problem gets worse. no matter how much he say a multibillion-dollar prayer industry the problems keep getting worse for the main reason the elected officials continue to call this a housing crisis. it was a crisis of drug addiction and mental illness. until they can admit to that we will never solve the problem. steve: some of those specific stories both involving you and then it is just so shocking.
6:50 pm
>> it is tragic. we pay the highest property taxes california's very regulated and high tax states. there's nothing they can do to shut down the legal encampment for criminal enterprise. so we are incredibly frustrated we were filming three homes were bent down last weekend very nice homes in the two or $3 million range those individuals at night doing drugs they had a bonfire and i got out of control completely destroying three homes and left the wind does of two others across the alley. time after time where property is destroyed and lives are in danger and our elected officials do nothing. steve: is so important you speak up about this i think the change will come and we're with you. great to see you tonight.te
6:51 pm
stay with us. muchwee ahead.
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steve: fantastic news lisa boothe is our closer. is that with the admission from the congressman this morning that actually democrats are responsible for inflation and even said "i own it. i'm not sure biden will ever say that but it is true. >> i imagine we will see this
6:56 pm
in an ad somewhere because michigan seventh district is the most expensive house race in the country. i don't know what's worse. think it's worse to admitted because then essentially what she is saying i know you are suffering that i will just continue to worsen it because what does she do? he voted for the inflation reduction act hundreds of thousands of new spending but then they say it's just a climate bill. adding insult to injury creating 87000 irs agents going after michigan families. i almost think it's worse to admit it. not only am i giving you the middle finger but it's worse. steve: fair point i have to ask you. watch this. >> we have a very large, and relative terms a large puerto
6:57 pm
rican population i was raised in the puerto rican community at home politically. >> so previously he was raised in the black church so he is puerto rican, black, jewish, greek and irish he hasn't claim to be latino yet. >> what a life he has lived last year he told the mack truck facility used to drive an 18 wheeler but then they admitted he rode in one once that's only time he was in an 18 wheeler. the guy said he was arrested to see nelson mandela he was just separated from his colleagues at an airport he was not arrested in south africa. he said he was a coal miner but he was not. he said he marched in the
6:58 pm
civil rights movement but it turns out he was palling around with the segregationist but he has led quite the life. steve: it is amazing. in the way he thinks about things. and if you are jewish to say the black church or puerto rico. just a total machine politician. >> and arrogance. coming up at the blatant lies that are so easily fact checked that it doesn't matter because he is a career politician and has been there forever he knows the media will cover. he hid in his basement for the entirety of the 2020 election. the media covered for him. so that speaks how corrupt dc in the media is as well when you are on the left in
6:59 pm
particular. steve: people know how terrible he is. the democrats understand it. >> what has the man done right? look at how much damage he has done in the two-year period of time now we talk about armageddon? we were told trump could be near the nuclear codes but now he talks about armageddon the economy is a flaming pile. gas prices skyrocketing. open borders. all of it has gone wrong. so more importantly real things as well and how can we trust anything the white house tells us or what joe biden tells us he is a liar. steve: exactly. totally corrupt mediocre machine politician. that is what he has always been we have the situation. it is on every issue.
7:00 pm
it is so frustrating the media goes on with it. we are out of time. i know you have a strong view but the media are so corrupt. thank you for watching. never miss a show and we will see you next sunday when "the next revolution" will be televised. ♪ ♪ trey: good evening. i am trey gowdy.y go it's "sunday night ines america. t" sufficient evidence to charge hunter biden with violations of tax, and gun statutes accords to media reports fbi doesn't make charges decisions. federal prosecutors do. so the matter now sits with u.s. attorney in delaware. hunter biden's lawyers have asked for a chance to presents information before final charging decision is made, and under veig


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