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tv   America Reports  FOX News  October 10, 2022 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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god bless her. >> we need a doctor, you can come with us. >> i'm looking forward to the promo to come out, i think it's going to be biden with the aviators on going to space, like he followed the promo. >> you made it full circle top of the show. thanks to everyone. do not forget to dvr the show. now here is "america reports." >> new york's crime crisis arriving at congressman lee zeldin's front door, after gunfire erupted feet away from his long island home over the weekend while his children were inside. >> gillian: police are investigating the drive-by shooting as gang-related, left two injured. and zeldin makes crime the pillar of his campaign message. marsha blackburn and joe
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cardinali will react in a moment. >> sandra: cyber attack on u.s. airport websites reportedly coming from inside russia. more than a dozen airport websites were hacked and temporarily taken down but there has been no impact yet on flight operations. so far, at least. hello, welcome, i'm sandra smith in new york. and gillian, welcome to you. >> gillian: great to be with you this afternoon. gillian turner in washington. in for john roberts today. this is "america reports." bring you more on this cyber attack as we get it into the newsroom. the white house is defending president biden's nuclear armageddon comments. they say the stakes for americans are higher than in decades. comes as dozens of missile strikes rained down on ukraine early monday morning. at least 11 civilians have been killed so far. the capital city of kyiv suffering the worst bombing since the early days of the war. >> sandra: vladimir putin vowing revenge for a bombing on the only bridge linking crimea and
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russia. it happened over the weekend and a move that he is calling a terrorist act. signalling a dramatic escalation in a war for many months was bought mostly in ukraine's east. tennessee republican marsha blackburn will react to that and more in a moment, but trey yingst, how is the world reacting to these strikes from the weekend? >> sandra, good afternoon. we are getting new reaction to the widespread russian attacks on ukraine earlier today. u.n. secretary general calling this a "unacceptable escalation of the war." ukraine is bracing for additional strikes after more than 75 missiles targeted major population centers like kyiv, la -- kharkiv.
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russians say they were targeting military infrastructure, images from the ground, a different story. a pedestrian bridge, playground and main street were damaged. >> the war against this, putin -- putin attack here a couple weeks ago, months ago, a couple months ago, and kyiv was targeted and still targeted. >> the u.s. state department weighed in, tweeting our hearts are with the people of ukraine on this awful day, translates to glory to ukraine. much of ukraine is without power as critical energy infrastructure was hit during the initial wave of strikes. russian president vladimir putin spoke about the attacks saying they were in response to a bridge explosion over the weekend that damaged the only connection between russia and crimea. as the country prepares for more strikes on critical
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infrastructure, ukrainian president once again is calling for more air defense systems to be delivered to ukraine. >> sandra: more on that coming up, thank you. gillian. >> gillian: america's crime crisis is hitting very close to home for new york congressman and gubernatorial candidate lee zeldin. two people were shot after gunfire erupted outside his long island home in broad daylight yesterday. he says his two daughters were home at the time of the shooting. david lee miller is in new york city with breaking details. where is the congressman and his family today? >> well, gillian, despite the shooting at their long island home this weekend, the congressman and two of his daughters were marching at the columbus day parade here in new york city. he says what happened sunday afternoon literally brought the problem of crime to his family's doorstep. a little after 2:00 in the
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afternoon, while he and his wife were away campaigning and his twin 16-year-old daughters were home along, gunshots rang out. one bullet landed 30 feet from where they were in the kitchen doing homework. they hid in the bathroom and called 911. outside the front door, two 17-year-olds were treated for n non-life-threatening injuries. they were hiding in the front yard. police believe zeldin and the family had no connection other than it was a random location close to where they lived. zeldin and his daughters a few moments ago talked about the ordeal at today's parade. >> when we heard the screaming, we definitely knew it was gunshots. when i saw a person on our lawn, i didn't know if he was the shooter or if he was the one getting targeted. so i quickly grabbed the land line and called 911.
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>> these girls were very strong, i'm very proud of how they acted. they were -- it was a little bit of an extra emotional day yesterday. but they are strong girls. >> zeldin's opponent, democratic governor kathy hochul who critics accuse being soft on crime also marched in today's parade. she told reporters that the incident at zeldin's home is a reminder that more must be done to get guns off the streets. and as for the local police on long island where the shooting took place, they say they have now increased security in the area near the congressman's home. >> gillian: sounds like a prudent idea, thank you. >> sandra: terrifying to his two daughters inside. senator, your thoughts on that horrific shooting outside the congressman's home in just a moment. but first what implication could
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ukrainians be facing, and the united states for that matter, for president biden's rhetoric, especially his warning that we could be facing a nuclear armageddon? >> sandra, what our enemies and adversaries are doing is looking at a very weak joe biden, and saying this is how we punch that weak button on him is to keep pushing forward with threats. and you are seeing them really listen to everything that he says and does. and to go to a fundraiser to say that he thinks we are facing a nuclear armageddon, it is inappropriate, it is impulsive, it's irresponsible, and if he's going to make that type assessment then you deliver the news of that type assessment from the oval office in a formal address to the people of the country, not in an off-handed
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remark at a fundraiser. >> sandra: real quick, this is democratic senator chris mur at this coming to the president's defense over that rhetoric. >> i think the president is right to raise the risk of nuclear conflict because vladimir putin is increasingly getting pushed into a corner. this war is going incredibly badly for him, the mobilization he has undertaken has backfired. >> sandra: your reaction to that as john kirby is saying the white house believes the stakes are very high right now. what do you believe happens next here, senator? >> what we have to look at from the people trying to defend these remarks is the biden foreign policy is failing, whether it's afghanistan, whether it is dealing with the new axis of evil. as i said, the world leaders are looking at joe biden, they see weakness, they see this as the
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opportunity to push at america, to bully us. it is not good for our nation, for our freedom, or for our allies. >> sandra: we'll see what happens next. the white house and spokesperson john kirby saying the commitment to ukraine that is not changed. moving on to crime coming to the doorstep of a sitting member of congress, lee zeldin, gubernatorial candidate, republican candidate, and he joined "fox & friends" this morning. he reacted to the shooting that happened outside his home feet away from where his daughters were doing their homework. >> unfortunately for new yorkers, this was not the only story yesterday. also reading about somebody else who got stabbed on a new york city subway, slashed in the east village. my daughters knew exactly how to respond but listen, they were just sitting at the kitchen table doing homework and bullets are starting to go off all around them. >> sandra: and he said 30 feet away one landed from one of his
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two daughters, they locked themselves in the bathroom when they heard the gunshots, they called 911. he's giving them credit for handling it how they should have. his daughters are shaken by ok. but this is all too common what is happening here in new york city, what is happening across new york state and he's making that a central focus of his campaign. do you believe crime will emerge as one of the top, if not the top issues in this midterm election 29 days away. and we seem to have frozen shot of the senator there. we'll try to get her back. let me play out for you, we are going to get the governor -- the senator back in just a minute. the governor went on "fox & friends" this morning. he obviously was talking about crime running rampant in new york city, and the state. when it comes to the front doorstep of a sitting congressman, gillian, that's a brutal reality for many, right. nowhere to run, nowhere to hide,
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and you've got governor kathy ho hochul, a father visiting his son at marist college, he gets shot and killed and then the president visited the same area in a day of that happening and not mentioning. it's a big question heading into midterm elections if this will backfire on democrats, their lack of focus on crime as we approach the midterm elections. we'll try to get the senator back when we can. >> gillian: and the story with the congressman points to the fact the crime is never specific to the cities, it originates in cities a lot of the time, gang-related crime but never stays that. it spreads far and wide into ever broadening concentric circles and now here it is outside of new york city, spread to long island. residential, more suburban feeling area. >> sandra: indeed. ok, she is back. senator, thank you so much for
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hanging in there, live tv happens sometimes. i've got you back. we want to finish your thought before i move on to our last topic here. >> well, when we look at the election cycle, what we have to realize is security moms are back. they want their kids safe, their community safe, they are tired of elected officials, prosecutors, d.a.s, judges weak on crime. they feel it's time to clean house and they want to put security at the top of the list. i think you are going to see it there. and it's related to the drug issues and to gangs and they are saying clean it up. >> sandra: we'll see what happens. we are now just weeks away from that election and voters will have to make a choice on what they believe is the best direction for them and the country when it comes to crime and other hot topics. senator, final question on this. a story we have been following closely and the latest development at vanderbilt university.
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obviously you are a lawmaker involved directly with this. controversial vanderbilt university medical center has suspended its transgender operations for children after a video emerged of a hospital doctor boasting about how surgeries are huge money makers. a conservative activist matt walch dug into this, and video of an lgbtq specialist dr. shane taylor explaining the financial benefits. she is heard talking about gender surgeries saying some of the financial folks in october of 2016 put down some costs of how much money we think each patient would bring in, and only including top surgery, not any bottom surgery, and it's a lot of money. she has since been suspended after these words emerged talking about the financial benefits of such a life-threatening surgery for
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children, senator. >> yes. basically the public found this out because of matt's work, and we called it out and now vanderbilt has put a stop to it. but it is so unseamly that you have medical staff that would put profit over people and profit over children and would use children as an experiment. it is as if they think the children are the ward of the state and they are not. and for parents not to be involved, for this to be viewed as a profit center is wrong. i'm glad vanderbilt made a different decision that they suspended this. and we need to do everything we can to protect children in this, and make certain that parents are weighing in on these issues. we still have a lot of questions that have not been answered by
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vanderbilt on this but we are so pleased to see that they are heading a different direction. >> sandra: so the medical center has suspended the transgender operations for children there pending review of its program and i know this has been a big push not just by the conservative abbing at this -- activists, but including the governor of your state. thank you. >> gillian: republicans say they are aiming to put their democratic opponents on defense in the home stretch of midterm campaigning when it comes to speaking out -- clear positions on crime. will this make a difference? guy benson is with us. he is going to weigh in in just a moment. >> sandra: amid sky high inflation, americans continue to struggle to afford a tank of gas. is the white house more blaming others for soaring prices than actually relieving the pain at the pump. >> i think these prices are terrible, i'm a working man, i
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>> sandra: gas prices once again on the rise with the national average today hitting 3.91 a gallon, according to aaa, up 63% from president biden's first day in office. now in california, governor newsom is calling for a windfall profit tax on big oil. accusing the industry, without evidence, of price gouging. kelly o'grady reporting live in los angeles. they have tried this before and launched many investigations at the federal and state level, and yet nothing has ever turned up
10:21 am
but it's not stopping them from blaming big oil, kelly. >> well, good afternoon to you, sandra. and yeah, you are absolutely right. there have been investigations before that has been thrown out for no evidence but i mean, you can see it's 6.49 here, it has ticked down the last couple days but the price is prompting governor newsom ahead of the midterms to launch this investigation into price gouging. now he tweeted i'm calling for a special session to address the greed of oil companies. gas prices are too high, time to enact a windfall profits tax directly on oil companies ripping you off at the pump. the idea would be to redistribute it back to drivers with a rebate. the average was 6.33, still over 60% higher than the national average. conveniently after the midterms, raising taxes is always a bit of a controversial thing to do, republicans are pushing back on the price gouging accusation,
10:22 am
instead citing california's high regulatory fees for why it's so experience. for context, every time you fill up at the pump in california, over 20% comes from taxes and environmental fees, 1.20 a gallon, and many warn the windfall profit on top of that would be detrimental. they tell fox business the governor can suspend gas taxes and costs but he's deliberately chosen to make another policy decision to increase costs on consumers through another tax on fuel. and valero are hitting back on the price gouging allegation, and says it's supply and demand, not one company. they are not raising to drill more, invest more in production because california has made it glaringly apparent the future does not lie there. but in green energy instead. >> sandra: and the consumer pays
10:23 am
for that. kelly o'grady on that really important stories for us, thank you very much. >> gillian: 29 days until midterms, republicans are saying they are lasering in on the prime policies, take a listen. >> abram's crime plan, eliminate cash bail. the same scheme causing crime to surge in other states. >> he would release one-third of prisoners and eliminate life sentences for murderers. >> barnes has supported defund the police. >> it's getting much worse on kathy hochul's watch. on november 8th, vote like your life depends on it. >> gillian: several key races tightening, will the strategy make a difference. guy benson on fox radio, great to be with you in person. so, republicans nationwide now are hammering democrats on crime. this is proving fruitful in some key senate races like nevada, pennsylvania, wisconsin. latest fox news polling, point
10:24 am
out, take a look at this, shows that republicans still are maintaining a pretty big edge on crime, about 13 points. do we have that so folks at home can see the poll? democrats, 38%, republicans at 51. what do you say? >> well, i think that right there, the graphic on the screen is why republicans are leaning so hard into this issue. they have a big lead on the economy and inflation, and a top tier, really a top three issue is crime as well, and if you are up double digits you want to push that, you want to prosecute the case. a major vulnerability for democrats at large on this question, and specifically in some of the races that you mentioned it's actually very easy to go on the attack for republicans, whether it's john fetterman in pennsylvania, mandela barnes in wisconsin, these are people with records almost cartoonishly weak on crime and republicans are making sure voters know about it and i think the numbers have started to reflect that in those races. >> gillian: and a lot of the races there have been so much
10:25 am
politi political discourse, they were not in agreement what the issues were, like talking across purposes. now everybody is talking about crime a month out. >> mandela does not want to defund the police. >> brian kemp is lying about stacey abrams. >> don't believe it. >> in the senate i'll protect florida from bad ideas, like defunding the police. that's just crazy. >> gillian: some candidates are trying to recast themselves as the tough on crime candidates. >> all of a sudden crime is a political problem for them and they want voters to believe they are tough on the issue. i had to chuckle at the first -- >> gillian: can you do that 30
10:26 am
days out? >> i don't think so, when the party has a record where americans intuitively understand which party is stronger on the issue as the polling shows there, and mandela barnes is the first clip you played in the montage, he is one of the worst. and for him to claim he's pro cop, pro law enforcement, tough on crime, laughable. last i checked, they tried to find a single active duty law enforcement officer in the entire state of wisconsin to endorse him and they couldn't find one. i think that speaks volumes. >> gillian: what are your thoughts about the attack outside congressman lee zeldin's home this weekend? >> brings an issue he's been hammering, and one debate with the governor has been ducking this issue, i think he'll want to confront her on it. >> sandra: we have to leave it there. as gillian and guy just discussed, republicans are gaining ground on key issues. our next guest is a candidate in
10:27 am
a heated race. mike lawlor is running to unseat one of the most powerful democrats in congress and will join us on set next. >> gillian: floridians in the aftermath of hurricane ian. it's going to take years to rebuild parts of that state. where do recovery efforts stand for people who have lost their homes entirely? >> every time i hear the wind blow and a piece of aluminum shift, yeah. it's kind of like ptsd. you ready babe? “everywhere” by fleetwood mac ♪ ♪ ♪can you hear me calling... out your name?♪ ♪you know that i've falling...♪ ♪and i don't know what to say♪ ♪i'll speak a little louder...♪ ♪i'll even shout...♪
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>> gillian: florida residents in the path of hurricane ian are facing a very tough road to recovery. following a tampa-based non-profit group as they provide relief to communities devastated by ian in the southwest part of the state.
10:32 am
nate foy joins us from lee county, florida. hi, nate. >> hey, gillian, we are on the water with project dynamo, we are going to pine island, a barrier island, they now have access to the mainland after the state and lee county worked together to fix some bridges so that's good, but still need a lot of supplies and they are here to deliver the supplies. in the early days after hurricane ian, the first seven days, had a team of 10 to 12 guys saving at least 40 people, they did not keep an exact number, but that's their best estimate. and now they are more the humanitarian aid portion of the response so that's generators, gas and right here we have some medical supplies. if i could ask my photographer to show what's in here. a lot of hydrogen peoxide for people injured, medical aid, gloves, bandages, generators and gas went out this morning. i'm joined by the co-founder of
10:33 am
project dynmo. first off, thank you for what you are doing. explain what you have seen in response to the hurricane. >> what we have seen here is nothing short of a war zone. the first few days of hurricane ian were catastrophic to tens of thousands of people. we have seen a lot of hurt people, a lot of elderly people, a lot of amputees that need help getting around that got stuck on the island and their homes literally don't exist anymore, so there were piles of wood if they were lucky or completely flooded out if they were lucky. >> your organization has been around 13 months, you have rescued roughly 6,000 people in afghanistan, ukraine, and now this. what's different about covering a natural disaster versus a war? >> this is our -- this is our hometown. we are from florida. project dynamo, i live in tampa, rescuing americans is one thing but in our home state, i have a
10:34 am
florida driver's license is closer to home for sure. >> you have rescued some people who are disabled, using a shopping cart and improvising. tell us some stories. >> too many to go into, but when these things happen, the first few days is always very mcgiver, we excel, we are there, we are in the gray space before the government shows up, beaching our boats, you know, storming the island with chain saws, hacking through and getting them off the island and to safety. and if they are immobile, thinking ways to move them 3, 4, 5, 7, 8 miles in some cases on to boats and helicopters from the coast guard. >> the state of lee county barrier islands is what? >> terrible. they need food, water, gas, medical supplies. there are now thousands of refugees in the state of florida
10:35 am
that have either nothing or not much. so these situations are one of the things you can never have too many resources. if we have 100 chain saws, we need 101. if we have 100 gallons of gas, we need 101. and we need funding, too, help people out here, ukraine and afghanistan and other places as well. all the situations need lots and lots of generous people and generosity. >> you are going to ukraine, as i understand it, thank you for your time. stay safe there, praying for you. >> so yeah, as i understand it, about 10 to 15 minutes from pine island, matlacha. >> gillian: quick question, how is project dynamo identifying folks who need help? we see you are out there on the
10:36 am
water cruising arounds. are you guys looking for people who may need assistance? do you have a target already? >> so right now the rescue portion is over, gillian, and it's mostly just about delivering humanitarian aid. but you know, as i said, they had 10 to 12 guys and brian told me earlier that they are where the government isn't. so in those first few really chaotic days before things are organized in the response, he said these guys just pulled boats up on the beach. they are not docking, they are jumping out into the water and door to door looking for whoever needs help. >> gillian: nate, thanks so much, and to brian of course and the entire team. >> you've got it. >> sandra: incredible reporting there. fox news alert now, the president of the los angeles city council is resigning. this just in, after audio leaked of her making racist remarks about a fellow councilmember's
10:37 am
son. jonathan hunt is in los angeles, he's got the breaking news for us. jonathan, we are getting a new statement from martinez, what are we hearing? >> she is resigning effective immediately. so, let's get to how this happened. it was during a conversation among several high profile latino council members, all democrats, the group included the council president. she has now resigned under intense pressure after using racist language when discussing the black son of white council member mike bonan, a democrat. apparently secretly recorded audio, martinez using a spanish phrase refers to his son as being "like a little monkey," and goes on to say the boy misbehaved on a parade float during martin luther king day is being raised like a white child
10:38 am
and "this kid needs a beat down." the councilman released a joint statement with his husband saying we love our son, a beautiful, joyful child, and our family is hurting today. no child should ever be subjected to such racist mean and dehumanizing comments, especially from a public official. now in her resignation statement, we have just received, martinez satisfied in part "i take responsibility for what i said and there are no discusses for those comments. i'm so sorry. i sincerely apologize to the people i hurt with my words. to my colleagues, their families, especially to mike, meaning bonan, the other council member, sean, his husband and your son, she says. as a mother i know better and i am sorry. i am truly ashamed. i know this is the result of my own actions. i'm sorry to your entire family
10:39 am
for putting you through this." she also asked for forgiveness and said reconciliation will now be her priority. now the former president, sandra, of the l.a. council resigning today after those racist comments recorded by the way, and obtained first by the l.a. times. sandra. >> sandra: big news and that just in that the los angeles city council person has resigned after that racist audio emerged. jonathan, thank you, on the breaking news for us. thank you very much. meanwhile, on to the race for new york's 17th congressional district, it is heating up with less than 30 days into the midterm elections. our next guest is looking to unseat democratic congressman maloney, that is considered to lean to a democratic victory. mike lawlor, and we invited his
10:40 am
opponent to join us but have not heard back. welcome to you, sir. this is getting close as are many of the congressional races, we are watching them all the way to election day. why is this race so close, how have you been able to shrink the potential margin of victory right now that goes to your opponent? >> it speaks to the issues. folks are focussed on two issues, inflation and crime. and one party rule in washington, albany and new york city, a mess. 40 year record high inflation, crime surging, it showed up on the doorstep of congressman lee zeldin. you look at what's happening at our poorest southern border, not just the influx of illegal immigration but drugs, fentanyl pouring into our communities, killing 300 americans a day. it has to stop. and the democrats have failed to address these issues and my open, sean maloney, voted 100% of the time with nancy pelosi
10:41 am
and joe biden. he owns this mess. you know, he said just a few years ago that enacting cashless bail was his top priority. look at what we have now. 40% of those who are released on nonmonetary bail have been rearrested while those charges are pending. so the policy of putting dangerous criminals back on the streets has resulted in a massive surge in violent crime and he should be ashamed of himself. >> sandra: as the local news puts it, this is maloney's race to lose. not only the benefit of incumbent, but perhaps why he is running ads like this hitting you on abortion issues. listen. >> i'm running for congress and there's a big difference in this race. mike opposes abortion rights. join the extremists trying to ban it nationwide. i support your right for that decision. >> sandra: will this be the winning issue for him
10:42 am
potentially? >> he cannot defend his record on inflation and crime so he's lying about mine. i am pro life, it's something reaffirmed for me when my wife and i suffered a miscarriage a few years ago but i have always supported exceptions for rape, incest and life for the mother and opposed to a national ban on abortion. he's lying and he does not want to explain why he stands on the issue, support abortion up to the moment of birth. he voted for the most ex pan sieve abortion bill to make it nationwide that abortion could be performed, to ban parental notification to allow nondoctors to perform. >> sandra: and he is invited to join us on the program to explain his views specifically on that. i want to put up the map of the newly formed 17th congressional
10:43 am
district. this is very important. what do voters need to know about the changes that have taken place and how it affects you? >> the district has moved from a d plus 7 to d plus 3 under the ratings, and sean patrick maloney only represents about 25% of the new district, 196,000 residents. i represent about 145,000 in the state assembly, and so he doesn't have the built-in advantages of being an incumbent. and the other aspect, largest contingent of teachers, nurses, it's a very blue collar district. >> sandra: we are going to cover it next hour and i'm out of town, put up the picture of your opponent fundraising in europe over the weekend. i know you are using this as a way to also hit him 29 days out from the midterm elections. he was campaigning with other democrats, including adam schiff, the democrat from california and others, spotted on video sipping wine raising money for their campaigns.
10:44 am
>> no question. shows how out of touch he is as families are struggling to pay bills, he's galavanting across the effort. and they should go to and support our campaign as opposed to sean maloney who is going across the globe. >> sandra: he is welcome to join us here, appreciate you joining us, and thank you for joining us. >> gillian: vice president kamala harris visited texas over the weekend. president biden put her in charge of working out the root causes of the crisis at the southern border. on this trip she was in the lone star state for a political fundraiser. griff jenkins is live in eagle pass, texas. griff, what's reaction like there to the vice president's trip? >> well, people are upset because they want her to visit here, gillian. good afternoon.
10:45 am
let me just take you up to our sky drone and just give you a sense exactly of what's happening here in eagle pass. part of the del rio sector, it's ground 0, along the fire, crossings all day long every single day. we are crossing now a golf course which is surreal in and of itself to see people playing golf while hundreds of thousands arrive every year and in the distance you see the national guard vehicles and a large white bus, that's just sitting here waiting for the next large group. speaking of, let me show you this video now this. is video from our drone earlier this morning, the group was about 100 to 150, most from venezuela, cuba, colombia, and then another video from yesterday from the drone. this one much larger, 178 in this. 21 of them were children yet as you mentioned, harris, the border czar not coming to see
10:46 am
it, and congressman tony gonzalez is very frustrated. ultimately he says there is no end in sight. take a listen. >> this only ends with the federal government steps in and that starts with the biden administration when they enforce the laws that are already on the books. otherwise whether it's the governor or the mayor of el paso, or anyone else, all you are doing is just moving pawns around, does not get to the heart of the problem. >> and gillian, finally fox news learning over the weekend there were over 13,000 migrant encounters nationwide across the southwest border, something that many believe vice president harris should see firsthand. gillian. >> gillian: thanks very much. sandra. >> sandra: as russia's battlefield losses continue to mount, russia analysts are ringing the alarm bells that vladimir putin is desperate and could turn to nuclear weapons. just days after president biden
10:47 am
spoke of a nuclear armageddon. ken buck will join us what action the u.s. should be taking. >> gillian: plus stacey abrams dismissing criticism she did not properly concede the governor's race back in 2018. she's also doubling down right now on what she calls georgia's racist election law. leo terrell will weigh in coming up next. >> i'm not going to name names but some have worked hard to take our voices away. to scare us away. to distract us. but our vision is clear and we see the finish line. what should the future deliver? (music) progress... (music) ...innovation... (music) ...discovery? or simply stability... you shouldn't have to choose. (music) gold. your strategic advantage. (music)
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10:52 am
>> gillian: sandra, georgia democratic gubernatorial candidate stacey abrams is pushing back that she did not concede properly in 2018 when she lost to brian kemp. >> in 2018 i acknowledged he was the victor of the vote. when i say we won, speaking of the national action network. our campaign proved we won by getting more people involved in the process. >> gillian: fox news contributor and civil rights attorney leo terrell. leo, a time honored tradition in this country for politicians to both publicly and privately concede when they lose elections. here we are in i guess the last quarter or 2022 now, people are still arguing about whether abrams properly conceded when she lost. what is missing? >> i'll tell you what's missing. she's in denial.
10:53 am
and she is in a race that she cannot win. and so now she's going back and trying to tell us that what we saw her repeat over and over and over again, gillian, that she did not lose that election, that she would never concede, there are numerous video and audio tapes she denied it. i saw her interview with shannon bream yesterday and she's in denial, and using lawyers words to say oh, i was not talking about the actual race, i was talking about voter suppression. that's a lawyer's trick, it does not work and she has to face the fact that she never accepted the election results of 2018, gillian. >> gillian: she is still also criticizing georgia's voting law, no matter what she says. she says the state's voting process is direct violation of the voting rights act. >> voter suppression exists when there is difficulty registering, citying on the rolls, and having the ballot counted.
10:54 am
and georgia we proved and more and more voters have experienced difficulties with doing so. >> gillian: despite a court ruling against the provisions that she's seeking to overturn. >> gillian, thank you for that question, i've been waiting four hours, she's lying. this is a 1965 playbook, gillian, that somehow blacks and minorities cannot get a voter i.d. gillian, i've never been denied a voter i.d. i have i.d. from the state of california. it's a smoking gun. democrats take the position, gillian, that every voting policy is systemically racist. be clear for the voters and the viewers know, she lost. her lawsuit was denied by an obama appointed federal judge. he even recognized that georgia's law or constitutionally met the standard. she is lying. but this is a problem with democrats. they are never going to stop
10:55 am
playing the race card and every policy involving voter rights is systemically racist against blacks. it's consulting for her to say black americans cannot get some type of i.d. card. it's insulting. this is not 1955, it's 2022 and she's running for governor. maybe in 1955 she could, but now she can't, and blacks are running for office throughout this country. by the way, we had a black president about eight years ago. >> sandra: leo, you mentioned it's insulting to black voters. but talk about also more importantly more crucially for elections. how is it harmful to black voters that assumption that it is more difficult or indeed impossible for black voters to obtain identification? state identification? >> great question. one other point about georgia, the number of black voters from 2018 to 2022 has increased, they have increased.
10:56 am
the problem is this. it's insulting and it polarizes this country, that blacks are being denied privilege afforded to whites. >> gillian: thank you for taking time this afternoon. >> sandra: new at 2:00, spending by democrats under more scrutiny as the midterm elections quickly approach. even the mainstream media is taking on biden's signature spending plans. will run away inflation boost chances on election day. and jonathan turley on the latest on the durham prone. joe cardinali on the shooting outside lee zeldin's home, and putin's new attacks on ukraine. all that as "america reports" rolls into hour two. we'll be right back. ally when ye metastatic breast cancer. when your time is threatened, it's hard to invest in your future. until now. kisqali is helping women live longer than ever before when taken with an aromatase inhibitor or fulvestrant...
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