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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  October 11, 2022 4:00am-5:00am PDT

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♪ ♪ mus
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♪ ♪ >> steve: good morning, miami that says your 7:01 wake-up call. as you can see in the distance as the sun comes up, some scattered clouds out there. right now 81 degrees for a daytime high of 87. welcome aboard, folks, "fox & friends" in new york city where we are going for a daytime
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high on this tuesday 10/11/2272 degrees. room temperature. >> bryan: i don't know if you have done this but do you hope winter doesn't come? well, it is kind of late and still warm. maybe this is the year. enter just will forget about it. and we are in short sleeves. >> steve: you are one of those climate guys, right? when they stop having winter and start having summer. >> bryan: i will shave down the polar bear so i'm not sweating. i'm happy. >> ainsley: the best time to be in new york city. the fall is wonderful. when i think of my daughter at school, what is the high and low of school today? the high is, "it is my father's birthday." my dad, i know he is watching. he likes my hair straight and parted on the side so i did this for him. >> steve: so your dad gives you here reviews?
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>> ainsley: fashion advice. >> steve: what is his degree? >> ainsley: what do we say to my dad? "dad, we are so glad you were born." brian, you heard it a million times and still can't get it. >> bryan: follow along, happy birthday. >> steve: he was talking about the fact he was a coach and the games account. >> bryan: thank you very much. >> steve: that was his first book. speed to toca says that is his favorite book that you have written. >> bryan: really? [applause] >> ainsley: toga is responsible for the sound you hear right now. >> steve: it was written by 200 people because 73 different people and you talked about the importance of sports in your life. great idea. >> bryan: meanwhile, tell you what is coming up right now, president from ukraine will address g7 meeting following a deadly wave of russian missile straits that we have not seen
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before. >> steve: president zelenskyy to ask for more military assistance from the west to strengthen ukraine's military and in particular, their air defenses. >> ainsley: peter doocy live at the white house with the latest details. etched in our mind from yesterday, people going to work and the bridges going up in the playgrounds. >> it it will keep happening. the russians will keep going. they consider retaliation for blowing up a bridge crimea to mainland russia. now, the former president who is close to vladimir putin is saying "ukrainian state and current configuration with the political regime will pose a constant direct and clear threat to russia. the first episode has been played and there will be others ahead of a g7 zoom call that begins within the hour. ukraine zelenskyy says productive conversation with president biden and air defense is currently the number one defense and we also need u.s.
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leadership and g7's tough stance and with support for our u.n. general assembly resolution. remember as for what can happen next, president biden says, "he's not joking, putin with nuclear weapons or biological chemical weapons because the military is, you might say, it significantly underperforming. we have not faced the progress of armageddon since the u.s. missile crisis." they are concerned u.s. help may stretch u.s. reserves. >> he's got a very serious problem of keeping things so intense and his sons are fighting this war. and we are going down to meet the needs of what the ukrainians want to appear at the bottom line of this, i don't think that putin can be sure of being able to convince somebody to push the button. >> april russia hacking group is now taking credit for disrupting some internet traffic for
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airport websites but there are some websites that also trying to disrupt the u.s. banking system or at least part of it. there are no direct links to the kremlin, but this is similar to what we heard when the colonial pipeline shut down that it is either april russia or kremlin linked group. back to you. >> peter, after pro-russian group for that russian group hacked into the colonial pipeline and all of a sudden, gas was $7 throughout portions of the mid-atlantic, the president made it clear, hey, russia, don't do this again. although, don't impact the infrastructure, but it kind of left it open. i would say the american banking system and in particular, the same thing you're, this pro-russian group is claiming to be impacting the entire network infrastructure of jpmorgan chase. i would imagine the u.s. government is probably going to have some sort of response.
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speak with the president telling vladimir putin to leave ukraine since march. and we have seen over the last 24 hours how putin has received that message. >> steve: are you saying mr. putin is not listening to our president? >> not yet. >> steve: okay. >> bryan: 84 missiles have blitzed targeting civilians. 14 dead, 97-hertz and 43 missiles have been knocked down. they have hit and terrorized the major cities. it is bad news, i get it, what year is the bad news for the russians. this is all they have got here they have missile stocks which have a bottom. they could use them and they could do this, but they have to show strength. vladimir putin had to show strength to some of his critics in russia. this is great, we love it, keep it going. really? you will keep this going if you want to unite the entire world against you or may be shattered china support if you continue
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this because clearly, these are not military targets. the world knows they are not controlling ukraine. they also know that your army is absolutely awful and they are unmotivated. sent you decided to call 300,000, 250,000, 18-54 russians have left your country. >> ainsley: look at the front cover of "the new york post." it says "kids in line of fire as mad flag civilians ukraine missile barrage." playgrounds, that is a picture of them attacking a playground with the person in the background. you can see all the jungle gym equipment there where all these kids would be playing. this is what they do. they destroy the university, and they attacked 14 ukrainian providences. >> steve: yesterday joe biden talk to president zelenskyy, he promised an advanced air defense system, but didn't get into which air defense system the
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u.s. ready committed national advance surface-to-air missile system, which could tackle the cruise missile problem. the thing about the cruise missiles, they had this gigantic show of force, what would you say, brian 88 missiles or something like that? >> ainsley: 84. >> steve: 78 was a number yesterday but 84, i think each one was multiple, millions of dollars. they don't have that many more. obviously, they are trying to make a big splash to mike yesterday, which they did but they are running out of missiles. will they do that again, and can they afford it? >> ainsley: and asking for an iron dome. >> steve: we have the stuff but a question of whether or not we will give it to them. we don't know what the president said. but there will be that emergency meeting on the phone call, zoom thing coming up in 52 minutes and peter will have highlights at the top of the hour. >> ainsley: we will support you as long as it takes but
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people on the ground, they are not getting the equipment fast enough. >> what you do is understand this makes the ukrainians dig and more and they don't quit. the russians don't know why they are fighting and go to war. that is fundamentally a bad mix. we have made that mistake before in the past, but we don't evade other countries to stop the invasions of north korea but having said that, last week having said this in this entire work, the one thing the ukrainians have shown is a willingness to adapt with the equipment we have given them to the battlefield. so if we don't give launchers, they will make their own. give them rockets. so far, this country has supported leading up to this 59% of the american people are so poor and concerned about ukraine appear that numbers down to 34%. the longer this drags on, tomorrow president biden will have a hard time rallying the american people to continue
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to finish our stocks in order to support ukraine. we should be backfilling our stuff. i don't know what the disconnect is there. >> ainsley: think about this how long will this go on. february it will be march, i believe. remember how cold it was in ukraine? >> that will be big. we will see how they survive the winter and western europe with russian oil and gas. meanwhile, one month today is election day and i was out in florida over the weekend and every ad on television was a political ad. and axios this morning about how there is ad blitz and the democrats spending big on one topic and that is abortion. they have been spending a lot targeting stuff facebook, television and things like that ever since june and the dobbs decision. however, is abortion really the number one thing you are worried about? probably not. there are top democrats who are
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giving the democrats a one-month warning. including james carville and bernie sanders. bernie oh an op-ed for "the guardian" democrats should not focus on abortion midterms. ainsley, james carville said essentially the same thing. >> ainsley: a lot of the consultants think if all we do is run abortion spots that we will win pier that will be a win for us. i don't think so. it is a good issue but if they are pummeling you with crime and the cost of you have to be more aggressive than yelling abortion every other word. >> brian: if you look at the economy and inflation 1 out of 2, at the border and crime is surging. please tell us the democrats look good in any of those four. they look good on election integrity and they look good on abortion. those and they want to put donald trump front and center. the former president has done a great job, but the rally aside not making himself the news. and he currently will make his
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announcement after midterms either way. so i think he has laid back. i don't think a lot of people thought he would buddies letting the candidates be the story. >> steve: the democrats told by the super pacs with a lot of money and the consu consultants, the consultant class in washington, d.c., push abortion. we just heard bernie sanders mistake, james carville said it is a mistake. you know you didn't get the memo? the vice president. here she is pushing abortion. >> when justice clarence thomas at the quiet part out loud, which is they took the constitutional right from women on reproductive choice, he said in a line in terms of what might come next is "your right to contraception." that will affect all genders. your right to marry the person you love. same point. and so, they were so much on the line with these issues that affect everyone and the people you love. for that reason, let's take it
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seriously, and let's speak with our vote. and undo what i think he is a great travesty of justice as it relates to the dobbs decision. >> ainsley: it really comes down to the issues. what are the issues when the voters go to the polls? the issue is inflation at the top of the list. crime is up there, too, crime, education is up there and abortion. "washington post" abc poll we talked about a week and a half ago, he abortion was on the top of the list. but it was number five or number six on the list. so if that is the democrats plan, then republicans will get more of the votes because that is their topic. >> steve: with that particular sound bite, you know, it is a very serious topic, obviously, but you didn't hear any audience reaction. it was just absolute quiet. >> ainsley: that is interesting because she talked about legalizing marijuana at the crowd... yeah. >> steve: ultimately a month and a day from now, people,
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okay, who was right? was that the consultant class saying, "push abortion is the number one issue" or bernie sanders who said, "you know what, let's talk about the economy too." >> brian: you look at fetterman and please tell me the strike and pretending to be republican and an interesting approach. when you look at what is happening in georgia, while for yraphael warnock does not make him impervious here and only looking at republicans because they have a lot of rookies. but i think the democrats are paying the price there too, especially the governors race in arizona. there is a problem for democrats. and i think lake emerging as a talent. if she's in the win she will be a front runner of president trump to run with him. >> ainsley: oh, really? >> steve: i heard that somewhere. election day for weeks from today, if you have early voting, if you can come about early.
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that way if there is a crowd a month from today, you don't have to worry about it. >> ainsley: some people want to see the debates. a lot of democrats saying, we will debate you but we will wait until election day. meanwhile, so many people have voted many know who they have voted for. >> steve: a lot of them. >> ainsley: let's headed over to carley. >> crime another major issue in this story is one of the reasons why. these two teenagers, teenage boys facing murder charges following the shooting of a georgia high school football star. 18-year-old allied should do it gunned down in a ballpark and on a date with his girlfriend. but the suspects likely new elijah but looking into a possible motive. elijah is remembered as a shining star. he will be laid to rest tomorrow. several migrant buses arriving in new york city this morning. texas governor greg abbott slamming mayor adams for ticketing vehicles set from the
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lone star state. epic calling the move a pathetic ploy and meanwhile vice president kamala harris blasting the buzzing of migrants. here is what she had to say late night with seth meyers after failing to visit the border this weekend a visit to texas. >> i think it is just an absolute dereliction of duty if you see a problem and we agreed that we need to address it, then if you are a leader, participate in a solution. >> so far, more than 2 million migrant encounters at the southern border in fiscal year 2022. so interesting, they are from the borders are appeared an agreement to purchase twitter mg over the deal. answered by investors that must have a stop start approach designed to eliminate stock prices. you must agree to purchase the platform $34 million evaluation signal here at that elon musk
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was bluffing all along. jennifer lopez, don't tell that to america's youth. according to glinting tree, lendingtree survey 22% of millennials and 19% of gen c got into debt what they spent on dating. and they spent $104 per day while women say the average date runs about $81. nearly 20% of those polled say they are going on fewer dates because of inflation. oh, no! >> steve: so inflation? >> people are getting priced out of love, so sad. >> ainsley: i know somebody who had a date last night and why don't you go there? i can't afford it. >> picnics are cheap. >> ainsley: on the date? as i was going to bed, she was getting ready for the date. >> brian: where it cost over $81?
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>> ainsley: on the river in charleston. >> text her to see how it went. what she wore, and if it went good or bad. just out of curiosity. >> s>> brian: am i right on the story that men are going into debt to go on dates? here's the story, they end up getting married, that will be bad. you open up your books and to the mayor, by the way, all of a sudden -- >> it's is a good investment. maybe that women should invest in one outfit, some black leather pants, a sure and wear the same one to each date. [laughter] >> steve: no, but the $38, wasn't that a good investment? >> absolutely. >> brian: 1880. i love those bottomless pic pictures.
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>> ainsley: what, trying to get her drunk? >> brian: when she didn't go to beefsteak charles. still ahead on the show, a new report shows young rich professionals are choosing to ditch blue states and live in places like texas instead. a t newt gingrich wants to talk about it. ♪ ♪. up to 12 hours. vicks sinex contains a powerful decongestant that targets congestion at the source. it relieves nasal congestion and soothes sinus pressure by reducing swelling in the sinuses. for instant relief that lasts up to 12 hours try vicks sinex. from vicks trusted relief for over 125 years. [sfx: relief breath] quality healthcare goes beyond prescriptions and procedures. it's about making people feel ca no one knows that better than physician associates because we don't just see patien we see you.
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♪ ♪ >> steve: listen to this, a new study finds rich, young professionals are fleeing places like california and new york while texas and florida gained over 3,000 new workers under the age of 35 earning $100,000 per year. newt gingrich fox news contributor former speaker of the house and author "feeding
4:25 am
big socialism." newt, i'm sitting in new york city where the taxes are killers and it doesn't take a genius to connect the dots. people who are making money want to keep as much as possible so they go to places like texas or florida where there is no state income tax. >> i think you are right. first of all, just dollars and cents practicality. if you are a high income earner, the difference in the taxes you pay in florida or texas compared to new york or california or illinois, which is another state losing people, the pay for the move the first three or four months. second, the crime issue in the homeless issue in places like new york and los angeles and san francisco is so horrendous that people literally are frightened. and you are seeing a steady departure of people. i think i saw last month 9,000
4:26 am
new yorkers that change their license plates to florida. 9,000 in a month. so i think this hemorrhage bad policy leads to better quality of life, which in a free society leads people to move. >> steve: in the beginning the intro was the net number. new york at the largest net outflow, about 30,000 california had a number in the 20s as well. so that is why they are leaving probably. we have to interview every one of them. >> by the way... the one go ahead. >> it affects the future because these are the people with the job spirit that would drive the economy. >> steve: i was going to say, if you would really have to interview the individuals to figure out what is going on. somebody i want to interview is tulsi gabbard because remember she ran for president as a
4:27 am
democrat not too long ago. she just put out a couple of tweets that will have people wondering what she to because i believe in a government that is of, by, for the people. unfortunately today's democratic party does not. instead, it says a government of, by, for the powerful elite. i'm calling on fellow common sense independent-minded democrats to join me in leaving the democratic party. if you can no longer stomach the direction of the so-called woke democratic party ideologues are taking the country, i invite you to join me." so newt, tulsi gabbard one month before the election is sagging, you know what, goodbye democratic party. i'm going someplace else. we don't know. we don't know she will declare itself independent or republican although she spoke at cpac i believe six months ago. >> look, i think tulsi gabbard is someone who has always spoken
4:28 am
her mind. she has sort of been an independent maverick. and i think when she ran for president, she realized how isolated she was from the great majority of the democratic party, which is now frankly a pretty weird party. bc the same thing happen in a slightly different way in philadelphia last week where the former deputy mayor democrat endorsed dr. ore's for the u.s. senate and said fetterman is so crazy on crime and so pro-criminal, he couldn't before him. so i think you are seeing this drift and certainly among latinos a huge drift to the republican party as they are driven away by the weirder policies of the democra democratic party. >> steve: young people make money or leave new york and tulsi gabbard leaving the democratic party. that is what i've learned from newt gingrich today. newt, thank you for joining us live. speak with, take care. >> brian: ukrainian
4:29 am
president zelenskyy to address g7 and an emergency meeting with russia with missiles in kiev and what to expect coming up next. ♪ ♪ from out of the blue, every room can be more innovative. with some of that. and a whole lot of this. meet our exclusive dent and scratch resistant stainmaster laminate. check out our most innovative products. only at lowe's.
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president zelenskyy is expected to address the west during emergency g7 summit as vladimir putin ramps up his attack. this one day after president biden condemned russia's brutal missile strike and punished eric newsom's endemic systems for ukraine. joining us to discuss it is a man with government corruption in russia for decades. author of "freezing order" bill brower. what is the mind-set of autumn air pollutant after the bridge blew up that says, i have an idea. let me kill 14 civilians, hurt about 184 missile blitz? >> putin is in a bad place right now. his army decimated and lost more than 60,000 troops plus another 60,000 that are disabled. pretty much wiped out his fighting force. he has been forced to draft hundreds of thousands of young men. everyone up to 1 million men have fled the country because
4:34 am
they don't want to be in the draft. he has pushed back territory all over ukraine and continues to push back. as you mention, ukrainians blew up putin's pride and joy, his bridge from russia to crimea which was supposed to be unpenetrable. so he's looking like a wiki -- weakling and nothing then a strong man, a dictator than to look like a weakling. he had to do something. what does he do? he terrorizes the entire country and bombs went off the entire country but because they don't have precise missile system and most of them were landing nowhere, they killed 14 people. then they bombed a park, a bridge in kyiv and various other things. it gave russia no military advantage whatsoever and putin is where he was before except now biden has given him advanced, given ukrainians advanced missile systems which
4:35 am
they have been begging for the last several months. >> steve: here as vladimir putin talking about why he did what he did. >> to take out efforts of terrorism and the threats made against the russian federation. no one should be in any doubt about that. >> brian: so critical of him on telegram. we know that we know right wing critics are with what they saw. can he continue this? does he have a bottomless supply of rockets? >> no, he's running out of rockets. he has to go to the north koreans to get more rockets. they can't produce them in russia. sanctions have stopped that command they are getting rockets from north korea. kamikaze drones from the iranians here they are running out of the ability to make them in russia. they are running out of the
4:36 am
actual supply on these things. this can't go on indefinitely. while this is happening, don't forget the ukrainians are running for the soldiers down in occupied territories. this is not a good war for putin and it is getting worse. >> brian: and bails out the russians like they did soviets in generations past. i'm not sure if that's what he's trying to destroy the infrastructure. bill browder, thank you for joining us. and i only hope it works for vladimir putin. the freedom fighter dominic fighter, thanks to fox nation coproducing literally life on stage to talk about american history from 1776, not 1619. they will be to live on stage brent in mississippi october 12th. and don't ask me how i will get there. tulsa, oklahoma, november 13th, and then newark, new jersey, some fox surprises december 2nd
4:37 am
because newark, new jersey, is close to here. coming up straight ahead chicago mail carriers under attack and sending out a warning after five postal workers robbed at gunpoint over their master keys. chicago alderman, lopez, slammed the city's lawlessness next. ...and recalibrate your safety system. >> customer: and they recycled my old glass. >> tech: don't wait. schedule today. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪
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where i would have never done that before. try golo. it works. ♪ ♪ >> ainsley: mail carriers and chicago are on edge this morning after at least five postal workers have been targeted by an armed robber since august. the suspect, apparently, trying to get master keys. here to react to chicago alderman and candidate for mayor raymond lopez and former chicago police officer anthony napolitano, good morning, gentlemen. so raymond, i will start with you, what are they doing and why do they want the master keys? >> clearly the criminals know
4:42 am
there are a lot of goods transported through the postal service and they are targeting their workers trying to get a hold of those keys to break into the mailboxes and violate federal law, city law and every other while they can think of because in chicago, there are no consequences. we have seen out of this administration, criminals have been emboldened to get wilder and crazier, not going after the governmental workers and not just the postal workers but also attacked our gas, are electric, are city crews that do work in the neighborhoods. it is part of a growing theme of criminals to attack public servants. i'm hopeful with this being the post office, the federal government and the u.s. attorneys will take this seriously and await the states attorney and may have not. >> ainsley: anthony, has anyone been injured and what is the postal service thing about this? >> the postal workers like every other citizen in chicago worried about it.
4:43 am
mom and dad walking out in the morning and get carjacked and car stolen and stolen left and right here. the financial business always being pillaged. it is not just the postal workers. it is every citizen right now. >> ainsley: you are breaking up a little bit and we are hearing every other word but you told the producers that the problem is far bigger than what is happening. raymond, they are after credit cards and social security numbers. just how extreme these criminals are going. they are taking it to the next level. it seems like a lot of work to get money or credit cards, but that is what they are doing and how desperate they are. chicago crime has increased so dramatically 17% in robbery, 61% in theft, 74% increase in motor vehicle theft. as an older month and candidate for mayor, what are you going to
4:44 am
do about it? >> we have to show consequences for anthony's point, where everyone feels like they are under the gun literally and figuratively. we have to have a city government and a mayor who draws the line and says, "if you will be a bad criminal in the city, we will deal with youth quickly and swiftly." we do not see that from the mayor or administration but focus on root causes and the catchphrases of the day while refusing to hold criminals accountable. first order of business is to show there are consequences whether you think that you will shoplift or do identity theft or whether you are just doing drag racing or other nonsense in the city of chicago. we will have a police department led by someone by our city who understands her city who will protect our city under my administration. we will set order to the chaos that exists right now. >> ainsley: raymond, thank you so much. we wish you the best with election. and you have experience with the
4:45 am
police officer carrying that into the meetings and we hope we can clean up chicago. god bless you both. let's handed over to carley with more headlines. hey, carley, more crime? chicago to philadelphia, listen to this reality a 13-year-old is dead after being shot multiple times in the face last night while hiding out with his friends. that shooter there is still on the loose. another man was shot in an unrelated incident nearby. sitting in his car with a toddler on his lap. that victim is expected to survive peer of the child not hurt there. the police investigating two other shootings that broke out on busy i five over the weekend. harvey weinstein back on trail facing 11 more sex assault charges. this time in los angeles. the former film producer serving 23 years after being convicted on several sexual assault charges in new york. this trial centers around a list of text that took place in l.a.
4:46 am
between 2004-2013, california governor newsom's white is set to testify. she came forward as jane doe number four. she claims weinstein insulted her in 2004. florida governor monte santos wife featured in a new political ad for her husband's campaign. casey desantis presents her husband for supporting her every step of the by following her breast cancer diagnosis. >> if you want to know who ron desantis really is when i was diagnosed with cancer and facing the battle for my life, he was the dad who took care of my children. >> fortis first lady went public with her battle last october and she is now in remission. democrat senator elizabeth warren getting cold out for live tweet indigenous people day instead of columbus day and writing everyday the federal government to unring its promises to native people.
4:47 am
a lot of folks online reminding her of her previous claims of native american heritage and release dna test in 2020 which reveals she's between 164th and 1,000, 24th native american. a lot of people saying maybe she should have set that one out. >> she is like, do i do it or not? i have to because of my past. >> exactly she knew this headline was coming. thank you so much, carley. that check in with senior meteorologist janice dean. hey, janice. >> good morning. in the background we have something that looks like zamboni but cleaning the sidewalk and i've never seen this before. and it will show us this thing. it is pretty awesome and i might actually ask for a ride. let's take a look at the maps. a beautiful day for zamboni's, 51 new york, 54 cleveland, 52 chicago and a cold front
4:48 am
potential for showers, thunderstorms and severe weather today for parts of the midwest and towards the northeast on wednesday and thursday. a wet weather day so enjoy this beautiful day in the forecast across the northeast. we will be wet not only thursday but friday. we could see flash flooding in these neighborhoods. also watching for the folks in florida, we have recovery effort going on and more rain in the forecast, unfortunately, wednesday and thursday. some of those showers heavy at times. naples, florida, showers and thunderstorms in the forecast not only today but thursday and improving weather friday and saturday. and also some activity. here is my friend right there. here he is and i wonder if i could drive that. do you need a license, ainsley, what do you think? >> definitely. it looks very dangerous. i want you on it. >> ride them cowboy. >> we've done that before.
4:49 am
they have the mechanical bull and janice got on it and our heads bang together. it was fun. still had stunning details and the hunter biden investigation it turns out the fbi agent who squashed the laptop story or democratic voters. still ahead.
4:50 am
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♪ ♪ >> brian: campaign records show two fbi officials who warned facebook about posts hunter biden's laptop reporting were democratic donors. >> ainsley: this has jen psaki downplays hunter biden's charges hurting dems in the midterms. >> investigators believe they have enough evidence to charge hunter biden. >> a bunch of local front pages. as much as there was so much news in washington this week, it doesn't always translate. >> ainsley: here to react will cain "fox & friends" cohost, what is your reaction? >> good morning. first, jen psaki and what is affecting americans at the local level. it is pretty fascinating and the answer. she goes on to reference herschel walker and reference individual candidates. she made this as always a political personality game. and to my knowledge, except for
4:54 am
democratic denials which is taking place, the local crime. the ability to walk safely down the street where inflation or gas prices. so what is interesting jen psaki continues to make this a personality game and ignore its what offends people on the local level. now there is hunter biden story where fbi agents have donated, we now know donated to codemocratic candidates. you know what, "your world," and surprising we are in this place we continue to be and a place, i guess somewhat shocked. oh, my gosh, can you believe it, but also the question is inevitably "yes" i can't believe it but can i believe fbi candidates in 2020 cycle? yes i can. 87% of political donations at the doj went to democratic candidates. it is not surprise me. >> steve: including the ones that brief facebook on this possible ruse when it came to the laptop, which we know is 100% true. my feeling is this, i can't
4:55 am
believe alleviate responsibility to facebook either. the fbi to look out for this possible russian disinformation campaign and out comes the story. because look, facebook could have picked up the phone and called anybody on the side of those emails and verify themselves. the big staff they have, nobody could have found out if that story was true or not? >> it is unbelievable mark zuckerberg said, essentially the profile of russian disinformation. this somehow met the profile. we, look they told them specifically specifically the timing suggests this the correlation is causation that this story in particular needed to be censored. interest to complete the incestuous picture, while these particular fbi agents democrats come 87% of doj employees donate to democrats, the relationship works in reverse as well. silicon valley, facebook in particular then feeds back to
4:56 am
democrats. you've had jeff and eric schmidt who found the big ceo google and ended up counting democrat politicians joe biden and kamala harris, me stone, the head of public relations for facebook and if it weren't for barbara boxer and john kerry. democrats get to go work for facebook or facebook employees get to work for democrats. then, you have, surprise censorship that benefits democrats. >> ainsley: thank you so much for coming on with us. >> brian: to you soon get to the will cain podcast. coming up straight ahead. >> ainsley: control of the senate could come down to the state of ohio. j.d. vance with tim ryan for the first time with a live report as j.d. vance holding a slight lead. ♪ ♪ yeah. i respect that. but that cough looks pretty bad. try this robitussin honey. the real honey you love, plus the powerful cough relief you need.
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