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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  October 12, 2022 3:00am-4:00am PDT

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the president created this problem, the vice president ignores it and chuck schumer and nancy pelosi to ones like my mayor refuse to acknowledge we need to secure our border. end one-party rule in new york and america. >> carley: thank you for joining us. with that, "fox and friends first" starts right now. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> you are looking at new orleans, saints had high hopes. new orleans beautiful city with wonderful history, consist of many districts from french to
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upper district to the east district. >> like the french quarter? >> upper district and north district and the south district. >> thank you, 391,000 people live there and are happy to have a mayor who insists on flying first class. >> and living for free. >> go being to the netherlands. addressing the needs of the people. >> some tickets were outrageous. >> steve: 17,000 to france. >> brian: it is not safe for a woman to be in coach. >> steve: you might not get the job as spokesperson for the new orleans chamber of commerce. >> brian: not yet, runner-up again. >> ainsley: if this job doesn't work out for you, you should
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visit. >> brian: 74 degrees, wear a sleeveless shirt. >> steve: many are on bourbon street right now. >> ainsley: if they are wearing shirts at all >> >> brian: no one is inside, they are all in the street. >> steve: on bourbon street, driving to jackson square, there is one nice spot, no idea whether it is still open, there is always a person on a swing and they swing in and out of the building, just enough of the swing. if you are walking by on the sidewalk, they just knock you down, swing back and forth and it looks like a great place. i had to go to work. >> brian: if you were on the swing, call us, we'll put you rights through. >> ainsley: 27 days away from the election, midterms are heating up. small towns are inundated with
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commercials. in florida, that is all you saw. >> steve: either a marco rubio or deming commercial. they were vishgs going at each other. i think i was are theeding on the hill, how personal the attack ads are this time. according to power rankings, republicans have an advantage in the house. it is projected for the most part dems projected to get 204 seats and know ares 231. you need 218, little number above the blue box, to have majority in the house. >> brian: 31 house seats deemed toss-up and how were they affected? for example, if october surprise, i believe we're in october, look at the senate races in georgia or rising crime
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across the country. surprise, it was an issue, not as big as right now and look at the june ruling by the supreme court when it comes to the dobbs decision. when it comes to senate, four senate races deemed toss-up, arizona, georgia, nevada and pennsylvania, dems projected to take 47 seats, a lot according to us, gop projected to take 49, what happens withlet the four? could be something else within the firm 47 to 49. >> ainsley: republicans are winning over voters by focusing on inflation. it is the independents that make a difference in the contested races.
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last week monmouth poll independents said economic issues were more important, 29% concerned about rights and democracy. the economy looks like democrats are not faring as well because of joe biden, we're in an inflation, highest inflation in 40 years, gas prices going up. >> brian: don't you think it is more than joe biden, he's head of the party, they want the rescue package and inflation reduction act and they jam down the climate change agenda and climate is 20th in terms of what people care about. >> steve: he is the face of the democrats party. yesterday, true story, i was in costco buying the week supply is of value-priced stuff and i hear a guy say thanks joe biden, i tu
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turned around and said what about joe biden, he said, look at the prices, everything has doubled. i said, joe biden would just blame vladamir putin for that price. he said, putin is in russia. >> brian: is this phil simms? >> steve: i see him at the jim. >> ainsley: peter doocy or neil cavuto. >> steve: a lot of people blame joe biden, last night on new and improved cnn, joe biden was asked if democrats have good story that can win the races for him, this is what potus said to jake tapper. >> president biden: i think we do, i know we do. contrast, what is the republican platform to run on? what are they run og?
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what are they for? put social security on the chopping block every five years and the other leader says no, it should be up for grabs, medicare, medicaid, these are not negotiable items, first thing they are going to do, get rid of the inflation reduction act? raise drug prices and medical cost and be sure we no longer are able to have the ability to have tax credit for weatherizing your home, i don't know what they are for. >> brian: get rid of 87,000 i.r.s. agents we don't know. jake tapper said they could run on crime in every major city and what is happening with inflation on 40-year high, they are going to feel as though spending with the rescue package larry summers
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called out was folly and bring up inflation reduction act, which is your green agenda and rick scott said we should revisit nondiscretion ary spending, it is trillions over budget. >> ainsley: yesterday toward end of our show, tulsi gabbard announced she was leaving the democratic party and released this video of why she will leave the parties, actually the party left her. she sat down with tucker andin splaed more. listen. >> it speaks to the whole environment of free, elitists in power, people are afraid to speak the truth, you myrtle beach lose your job, be cancelled, be trashed. too many people are warmongers
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surserve yabt yabt and put selfish issue or interest of donors first with no mooin for cost and consequence on the american people, this is what we're seeing with president biden and leaders in congress pushing us to brink of nuclear holocaust of which they may have bunkers and will be safe, we the american people have no shelter, no place to go and hide and face the consequences that could skroi all of humanity and the world as we know it. >> steve: there you have tulsi gabbard unloading on the democratic party and yesterday we told folks bernie sanders was saying we can't make it all about abortion, talk about economics and you had bill clinton talking about migrantss and only a certain number of people we should be letting into
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the country. the big question is four weeks from today, what will the u.s. senate look like? four weeks from today will be day after election and we should know the balance of power in d.c. >> brian: with tulsi gabbard, i did not know until tucker did this, how she was looked as rising star on the left and how many people were praising her and how she was tarnished by hillary clinton. said she was a vladamir putin stooge to do bidding of the republican party, where did that come from and how did she get a pass on that? >> ainsley: she's been more moderate and i wonder if she will be independent or republican going forward? you have to be so extreme if you are on the left now, be progresive and extreme and democratic party is losing those
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that want to be moderates. >> steve: days like today, find out what people of america are thinking. lawrence jones is live in richfield, wisconsin. lawrence, love to hear you talk to folks about moderate views of . >> i will ask them about that, they are moderate voters in wisconsin. good morning, thank you for having me. background of the state of wisconsin. based on the pundit class, you would assume republicans were leaving the state and going to be a total landslide when it comes to democrats. tony evers is in a dead heat
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against michaels 47%. big race is senate race. ron johnson took four-point percentage lead against barnes. number one issue is not only inflation, but crime and barnes was a golden child for the democratic party and they have forced folks out in the primary. you are hearing his radical path when it comes to defund police and releasing criminals out of the jail. and now ron johnson has taken a four-point lead. we'll talk to folks "what you don't know" matters most, i guarantee it is inflation and crime.
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>> brian: we'll check back again. he wants to defund ice and po police, not good to run on. >> ainsley: ask guys how they feel about it and the boris johnson agents, they feel abandoned. >> steve: we'll tell you next how it is impacting your kids in american schools and you'll be shocked and last night over on the now cnn that was like the old cnn, one topic the president was not asked about and maybe because of this. >> do you have a message for president biden? >> we thank him for accepting up for living here. >> steve: growing fallout over joe biden's open border as millions of illegal migrantss cross into the country, that was
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>> ainsley: the man that was arrested for going through that mcdonald's with an ax is in trouble with the law. >> steve: the suspect is back on the streets, as we have seen many times in new york.
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>> brian: i'll talk now, todd piro is live in the studio. >> todd: the new york city man has been arrested again, only to be you guessed it, immediately released. police caught him spray painting a building and stealing a bike. last month, he terrorized a mcdonalds, slashing tables with an ax, he faces laundry list of charges. he said i did my own hours, bro, what else do you want? and he said it is not luck they didn't get chopped up, i didn't want to, it is for protection. released on cashless bail for
3:20 am
the second time. welcome to new york. >> steve: thank you, todd. another item in the "new york post" talks about how subway ridership has been down since the pandemic. ridership is down, we're now at record number of homicides on the subway. killings are at record highs over the last 25 years, some refer to subway as the murder express. even though the mayor promised to flood the zone with cops, felony offenses up 42% in the subway. good luck if you take the subway to work. >> ainsley: many people go to mcdonald's and take their kids in there, what if this happened when you were there with your child. >> brian: he said he wanted to protect himself because the city is dangerous.
3:21 am
yeah, from him. i got a pocket hose last time at home depot. >> steve: a pocket hose? >> brian: it folds, small -- >> ainsley: to water your lawn and fits in your pocket? >> steve: very good. 6:21, carley has breaking news. >> carley: with a fox news alert breaking this morning, two officers and one suspect shot during a traffic stop in deindicator, illinois, the suspect and officers were rushed to the hospital. this investigation is ongoing and we'll update you as new details come in. hollywood is mourning the loss of actress angela lansbury, she inspired four generations with iconic performances, she is well known as ms. potts in "beauty
3:22 am
and the beast," was on broad way. her family says she died peacefully in her sleep at her los angeles home, she was 96 years old. major league baseball wrapping up a four-game division series opener starting with stunner in atlanta. fill phillies chopped the braves and in the bronx, new york yankees taking game one over the cleveland guardians thanks to massive home run from anthony ri rizzo. and alvarez had a massive blast. >> launching deep right field and this is gone and astros in game one, alvarez, are you
3:23 am
kidding me? >> carley: you see it there, the astros blocked the mariners off 8-7. poll surveys 2000 gen-zers say thumbs up emoji looks hostile. other emojis making the list red heart icon, okay hand and the tick emoji, that is a them problem issue not an anybody else. >> steve: i probably used thumbs up three times yesterday. >> carley: it is okay, positive sign. >> steve: not according to people younger than us. other one not to use unless you are old, the one that looks like chocolate frozen yogurt, it is
3:24 am
not yogurt. >> ainsley: the chocolate frozen yogurt. >> brian: migrant buses have arrived. 19,000 into the city, mostly from el paso or the border areas in texas. arizona sends them to washington, d.c. they are being overwhelmed. they are overwhelming schools. this is it, this is supposed to be wear for people to come here because they are refugees. >> steve: i saw a child or two early on, they will end up in the schools. they keep migrants a distance from the reporters and go to the
3:25 am
port authority. yesterday griff jenkins was in eagle pass and asked a guy from sri klanka why he came to the united states. >> why are you here? >> we want to live here, we like u.s. >> and do you have any message for president biden? >> we thank him for accepting us for living here. >> brian: that is a choice to come here, called applying for citizenship, coming across illegally because this is by india, how are they getting here? >> ainsley: president sat down with an interview with jake tapper at cnn and he was not even asked about this.
3:26 am
this issue is front and center in the minds of most voters, everyone is feeling this now. there is the front cover of the "new york post," it says class struggle and says chelsea elementary school overwhelmed, about 90 kids have been put into one elementary school and one mom says in her class first, second and third are together in one class and they have dumbed down the curriculum because the children don't even speak english and only one spanish teacher certified bilingual. >> steve: one teacher told the "new york post," we're overwhelmed, we have migrant students and teachers don't speak spanish, it is a challenging situation and ainsley talking about the
3:27 am
mother. >> ainsley: my child is in third grade and her teacher is giving her lower level work due to immigrants, the work is too easy, first grade, second grade and third grade in her class, it is ridiculous and she's talking about looking at a private town in midtown. >> brian: they all are, they say 19,000 illegals bussed to our a area. they get 7000 per day in texas. 5500 kids. obviously our shelters are overwhelmed, they go and stay in hotels or live in a homeless shelter and go to school and come back and they live with parents who don't speak english and enter a school where teachers are not prepared to teach english. these kids, that is forcing the
3:28 am
city population to go find a school elsewhere. you got to write a check to go to private school or apply to a charter school to get accepted. in arizona, 8500 for each kid, new york city, no money. you have money for private school or sit there and have your third grader come home with first grade homework. >> ainsley: biden administration, we don't care, tough it out. a lot of parents can't afford private schools. new york is so expensive for rents. steek >> steve: you have migrant kids wearing lime green id badges, not learning anything, you got to figure the geniuses in charge
3:29 am
said if we put them in a school, even though nobody speaks spanish, they will get a warm meal at lunchtime. we're going to warehouse them until we figure outer what was going on. the mayor said it was an emergency. it is now an emergency in new york city schools. >> brian: teachers will see that and will not let kids warehouse, they will find a way to teach them. >> ainsley: imagine what it is doing to the kids, humanitarian crisis. got to go to break. >> steve: one parent said the kids look lonely and lost. >> ainsley: momentum building in next month's midterms. >> steve: lawrence. >> what matters most? crime and inflation, what about the lockdown in we'll talk to
3:30 am
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>> steve: less than a month from the midterms and the races are heating up across the country, especially in wisconsin. >> brian: flat out tie in the governor's race. ron johns begins to pull ahead
3:34 am
of barnes. >> ainsley: lawrence is having breakfast in richfield, wisconsin. >> lawrence: everything comes down to kitchen table issues in wisconsin and it is known to be a swing state. what issues matter most? sir, you were telling me crime and inflation? >> yes, inflation is everywhere. trump said gas prices were going to go back up, here they are, back up again and no end in sight with everything going on with opec shooting biden down and the supply chain thing, everything else, it is nightmare and only going to get worse before it gets better. change has to come. >> lawrence: how is that impacting your vote? >> that will not go away any
3:35 am
time soon. rittenhouse doesn't happen if -- do their job and take back the streets of kenosha. i worked down there and saw the salvage yards full of the burned out cars and the boarded up courthouse on 50th avenue, whatever. that is, i think like never forget what happened because. these people have to be held accountable. >> lawrence: thank you, sir. we continue to hear that, crime, crime, crime, inflation, inflation. ma'am, you say there is corruption in wisconsin and crime and inflation, number one issue for you issue as well. >> absolutely, krupg in the united states of america, fbi, doj, who, the judiciary, it is frightening and we need to wake
3:36 am
up or our country will be gone. >> lawrence: the way the governor dealt with the economy as well as crime impacting the way you'll vote in this race? >> no question, the governor doesn't do anything, he hasn't done anything to take care of crime, he added to it. >> lawrence: why are we finding out that barnes, lieutenant governor, is for defund the police and he is changing his tune. >> he used to say letting prisoners out was sexy and now coming across as regular guy who is for the police and that is not true and crime is a huge issue here. >> lawrence: thank you, ma'am. guys, you are hearing from the people of wisconsin. we focus on national level, people of wisconsin is not forgotten about defund thes
3:37 am
police and the gentlemen said they allowed kenosha to burn. back to you. >> steve: we remember. lawrence jones. >> ainsley: that guy was great. >> brian: meanwhile this. >> steve: coming up, president biden think people are suffering from a slight recession, but new poll shows more americans are struggling to pay bills, you could be one of them. >> ainsley: cheryl casone joins us as we await a key report on inflation. ee combination of two immunotherapies that works differently. it could mean a chance to live longer. opdivo plus yervoy is for adults newly diagnosed with non-small cell lung cancer that has spread, tests positive for pd-l1, and does not have an abnormal egfr or alk gene. together, opdivo plus yervoy helps your immune system launch a response that fights cancer in two different ways.
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♪ giorgio, look! the peanut butter box is here. ralph, that's the chewy pharmacy box with our flea and tick meds. it's not peanut butter. ♪ the peanut butter box is here ♪ i'm out. pet prescriptions delivered to your door. chewy. >> ainsley: in less than two hours from now, key inflation report said to be released as president biden almost admits we're heading toward recession.
3:42 am
>> president biden: slight recession, we'll move down slightly. >> slight recession is possible? >> president biden: it is possible, look, it is possible. >> ainsley: 32% of americans have paid a bill late in last six months and 42% are struggling more to pay bills now than last year. cheryl casone joins us now. aren't we by definition in a recession? >> cheryl: yes, the main-stream media and white house and president are trying to spin that, we're not in a recession, the labor market is strong. two quarters of negative gdp growth is a recession, i'm a traditionalist, what can i say? inflation is red hot and ppi report today, wholesale inflation, that is what the
3:43 am
restaurant is paying at their base level for say food they are bringing into the restaurants, materials to build a home, things like that, that leads to consumer inflation. >> ainsley: pass on to us. >> cheryl: we'll get that read tomorrow, 8s.4. the fed target is 2% inflation and we're above 8% and think we'll be there tomorrow, that is incredible. think about it, paying more for groceries and gas, more for rent. interest rates have doubled if you're looking to buy a home. >> ainsley: say republicans take the house and senate, can they help turn this around? >> cheryl: they could with policy change. president biden wants to stop offshore drilling, it is taking
3:44 am
away regulation in states like california, which are regulation happy when it comes to energy production and gas prices, one of the biggest reasons we've seen headline inflation numbers jump so much. 3.92 this morning. california is double in the $6 and change area. >> ainsley: doing so great on american dream home, it is so different but it ties together, homes and buying houses, it is fun and the lineup changes next week. >> cheryl: we have new shows, duck dynasty is coming to join us, microis coming back and stuart varney is back and myself on american dream home, coming back next week for a brand-new season. i love the stories, they come from humble beginnings and we go to places that are not headline
3:45 am
cities, smaller places where you get more bang for your buck. >> ainsley: going to north myrtle beach. >> cheryl: and galveston, texas and hawaii. >> ainsley: so proud of you and fox business network. check in with janice dean for the forecast. >> janice: this cold front, that is where we have cooler than average temperatures, could see snow for parts of the upper mississippi river valley. threat for stronger storms, tornado, damaging wind, heavy rainfall and this system will march eastward and heavy rain from the mid-atlantic to the northeast. prepare for that and we'll see travel delays, as well.
3:46 am
tropical storm carl in the gulf of mexico, the bay of campici, bringing heavy rain to new mexico and gulf coast and southeast and we have a fall foliage look for the rockies and northern plains midwest and it is spectacular, wonderful time of year to look at the leaves and thanks to foliage report for partnering with fox weather. >> ainsley: over to carley. >> carley: news by the numbers, 179 dollars, that is new price for the most expenseiff ticket at disneyland. lower priced tickets are $104. 4.4 billion, how much honda is
3:47 am
investing with electric vehicles. expected to wrap up by end of 2024 and bring 2200 jobs. may 6, king charles iii will be cornated at westminster abbey, only 2000 people in may, just a small affair. >> it is coronation. coming up, pfizer executive revealing the company did not know if the covid vaccine would stop transmission before people got the shot, the stunning admission and impact it could have. and the threat of railroad strike comes back, bad news for
3:48 am
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>> brian: senior pfizer executive making a stunning admigsz about what they knew about the covid vaccine. >> the pfizer covid vaccine tested on stopping transmission of virus. >> the question around did we know, no. these -- we had to really move at the speed of science to understand what is taking place in the market. >> brian: they did not know if it stopped the spread of the disease, did that surprise you? >> that admission surprised me, she almost said the speed of light instead of speed of
3:53 am
science. they studied 30,000 people and gave it to millions. it is not called a barrier vaccine, it worked in lungs and decreases severity and they were surprised it seems to decrease transmission. the idea emergency was used to mandate a vaccine was early problem with the pandemic and is still going on now. >> brian: they say this is pan dem ig of the unvaccinated, they had to walk that back. that member joined tucker last night and expanded on that hearing. >> government pushed people to get vaccinated by telling you to
3:54 am
do it for your grandmother and the government imprisoned people within their own homes, all of this was based on the idea vaccination prevents spread of the virus. this has now proven to be a big lie. >> brian: dr. sieg got el, how many people got fired and were looked down upon because they didn't want to take it? 20,000 were going to be kicked out of the military. >> this was never the pandemic of the unvaccinated, that was dogmatic. idea of mandating it, pushing people out of the military, one point you didn't add, they never
3:55 am
included people getting over covid had immunity. 2-1/2 years later, that is being mentioned. you got sick, got immunity, go back to work. i have so many patients who said i am not taking a vaccination, i just got over covid. real information was focus on spread rather than severity. it helps you, it doesn't prevent spread. >> brian: in california, they are pushing a ban on people who spread so-called misinformation when it comes to covid, they say it does damage. is this a dangerous path to go down? >> of course, the entire medical profession, should rebel against this. what about school closures? should we tell everybody that forced schools to close that you
3:56 am
are misinforming people, let's ban teachers unions and ban people who said masks would prevent spread, that is misinf misinformation. there is no consensus on aspirin or colonoscopy, you don't develop consensus in the middle of a pandemic, when you rule on people, you lose them, they won't listen to a word you say. >> brian: i'm lfrning to you, governor gavin newsom signing b bill, which is not settled science. thank you, doctor. >> absolutely. >> brian: two more hours of "fox and friends," that is our logo.
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