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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  October 12, 2022 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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>> midterms are heating up. >> 27 days from the election. >> republicans have an advantage. arizona, georgia, pennsylvania. >> president biden calling vladamir putin rationale actor. nuclear armageddon, how realistic is it that putin would use -- >> i don't think he will. >> migrant buses arrivin, 19,000 in the city. >> 5500 migrant children forced into the classroom.
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>> stunning admission? >> did we know? >> no. >> people lost their job and live livelihood. >> high to right. and to the wall. it's out of here, yankee dugout loving it. >> ainsley: fox news alert, five police officers shot in two separate incidentss in illinois and pennsylvania. >> brian: three males in custody after three swat officers were hit by gunfire while serving hom homicide arrest warrant. >> two police officers and one suspect in illinois shot during a traffic stop early this wednesday morning, rushed to the hospital and the investigation is ongoing. we'll have a live report from
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philadelphia in just a couple minutes. >> brian: no typical traffic stop, no typical warrant being served, nothing to say this is any other day, especially in philadelphia. i remember before the last election, philadelphia had recruiters there because no one wants to wear the uniform. >> ainsley: this is something we're seeing far too often in our communities, reporting on it too much, this needs to stop. >> steve: does. and crime is expected to impact the midterm. lawrence jones is speaking to the people. >> lawrence: good morning, tragic news, that is top of mind
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for wisconsin voter, that has become the centerpiece of this election. barnes was known to be the golden boy, but once he wanted to release prisoners and believed no one should be incarcerate said, he started to sink in the polls. look at that race, 48% for ron johnson and 44% for barnes. a lot of folks are praying for those five officers shot in illinois and pennsylvania. we'll be covering this all morning. again, even before we heard that news, criminal justice how they see what the democrats want to do to defund the police was a focal point for them. back to new york. >> brian: we appreciate it.
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defense secretary lloyd austin at nato headquarters in belgium discussing additional military aired for ukraine. >> steve: missiles continue to reign down on the nation and fears grow about nuclear threats from vladamir putin. >> ainsley: lucas tomlinson has details. >> it is not clear what the u.s. response would be should russia launch nuclear attack on ukraine, president bidens it won't happen. >> how realist ic is it putin would use nuclear weapons. >> the idea he says he may use tactical nuclear weapon in ukraine, could lead to a horrible outcome. >> president biden defense
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secretary meeting with ukrainian counter part and biden sent $17 million since late february. after missile barrage, the kremlin called payback for putin prize bridge linking crimea, the ukraine president says he want more help knocking missiles out of the sky. ru russiaun was to provoke -- key element strikes will cease to work. officials at the white house reluctant to call for russia defeat saying ukraine gets to decide how this war ends. do you think putin is a rationale actor? >> president biden: i think he is a rationale actor with miscalculated significantly. he's acted brutally and i think he's committed war crimes.
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he cannot continue with impunity to talk about the use of tactical nuclear weapon as if that is rationale thing to do. >> president biden says he has no intention of meeting president putin at the g-20 next month. >> steve: six after the top of the hour, joining me former governor of the great state of alaska, governor sarah palin, good to have you. lucas was talking about putin and threat of nukes. he's fired off so many missiles, expense itch missiles, running low on those, worry is he will resort to a little nuke. in the world, no such thing as a little nuke. >> we need to keep our eye on putin, that is why alaska, our strategic location and the military force there, they are
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on top of everything, our guys are, making sure that we're keeping him in check and putin and his guys trying to get in our air space, it is our respondering out there shooing them away and letting the nation know they are up to no good, keep an eye on them. >> brian: i think we want alaska back, they will say that once in a while. we will give additional missile defense, are you for that, for letting the ukrainians fight? >> i don't like to intervene in any foreign affairs unless america's interest is first and foremost kept in mind. there is debate if we have interest there or not. to protect ukrainian people suffering, yeah, keep putin in
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check. >> ainsley: our president was asked about putin yesterday in a cnn interview and talking about inflation and the economy, ppi report coming out this morning 8:30, he says a slight recession could happen. by definition, it has already happened. watch this and we'll get your reaction. >> president biden: been saying this now, every sick months they say this and say itlet happen. it hadn'ts happened yet. there is no guarantee, i don't think there will be recession, if there is, slight recession, been predicting that -- >> you just said slight recession is possible. >> president biden: it is possible, i don't anticipate it. we talk about impact on families, families are, they have reason to be concerned about energy prices, about whole range of issues, but look what
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we've done. >> governor, lending tree says 32% of americans have paid a bill late over the past months because they didn't have enough money to cover the cost. >> it is sad, our president is delusional and a shame he has people pushing him out there to say things like that. just perhaps confuse americans when we see first hand what is going on, of course we're in a recession. $143 to fuel up my truck, and we have the resources, of course, in alaska. could turn the spig on the on and there flows energy down the pipeline that is built and operating. people first hand having tough time putting food on the table and then we have a president, a
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world leader telling us this is not happening. >> brian: he said it is transitory. >> 52 people have a light reason to be concerned, absolutely del delusional. >> brian: we should have increased production of oil and gas immediately. in alaska, how much capacity is flowing through the pipelines? >> about tlirt 300,000 barrels per day, america uses 20 million per day and we are producing 18 million per day, alaska at peak, contributed 18% of the supply of energy. it is there, the pipeline is sound and ready to go, turn the spigot on, hat in hannity going to beg for production to fuel our economy, makes no sense.
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>> steve: white house will say 9000 leases and oil producers are not punching holes in the ground. oil producers have a reason for not doing it. >> absolutely, the white house is contradicting petroleum engineers and geologists who know what they are doing when they tap a reserve and know whether oil will flow or not. it is not a political issue, it is a scientific issue. >> steve: there is oil under the ground or there is not. >> it is not political at all. >> ainsley: tulsi gabbard, ran for vice president, joe biden won and this is what she said her reason yesterday for leaving the democratic party. >> always been independent minded person and my loyalties
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are clear. i love our country and took an oath as service member, soldier and member of congress to support and defend the constitution, an oath i take seriously. when you look at this party, today's democratic party controlled by tyrannical ideologues who despise the constitution and find ways to undermine the law. agree to disagree, they will do all they can to destroy you, silence yous, smear you. >> ainsley: if you don't agree with them, you objection lose your job, be trashed and might not be invited to the cool kids club. >> tulsi gabbard is full of -- so watch how as her spine is
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strengthened and she gets out peeling off on the democratic party, she knows how to fight for what is right. others around her will be peeling off from what it is the democratic party expects of them. she is independent, what this country needs not allowing part suddenship to do what is right. >> if she's smarts, she will stay independent. republican party has problems, too, too many republicans allow partisanship to get in the way, power plays and all that gets in the way. >> brian: compromise -- >> i'm for independence, constitutional conservative values and points in a platform and not letting machinery on either side get in front of doing what is right for the
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people. >> steve: machinery slows things down and it is poisonous in politics. what people want, they want people to go to washington and get sduf done. >> that is what tulsi gabbard is talking about, people should be proud of her and the courage she xuds and that spreads to other people and they feel empowered. >> brian: you feel empowered to wear the ranger boots. >> you noticed, victorious, yeah. you are lucky here having great sports -- >> steve: for now. how lucky are we? >> in general, yes, you are. >> ainsley: thank you. >> steve: governor, thank you. >> ainsley: three swat officers shot this morning while serving homicide arrest warrant at home
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in philadelphia. >> steve: three suspects are in custody, let's go to the ground in philly. >> good morning, guys, very fluid scene happening, we'll give you what we got. three swat officers hit serving a homicide warrant a couple hours ago. you can see the shell casings as officer, investigators, detectives try to make sense of this situation. philadelphia swat team serving warrant on tenth street in philadelphia. spokesman told us as they began to serve that warrant as they hit the door, that is when shots began to be fired from inside the house. we have confirmed from philly police, the shooter inside the
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house was killed. before we knew that, we saw not one or two, but three separate men being walked out. i spoke to the woman of the house, she would not give her name or go on camera, she said one young man was her son, second one was her son's friend, both uninjured and in handcuffed. she was worried where her other son was, her other son was marched out in hand sufs. no idea on what anyone has been charged with. the woman was not happy to see her son in cuffs, but was happy he was alive. we don't know until just now is the state of the shooter. to the left, swat officers have just shown up and will head down the block, clearly not happy with the way things have gone
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overnight. philadelphia swat team, when being served homicide warrant in philadelphia, it will come with the swat team. why? they are looking for someone who is alleged to have killed someone, they come loaded. you can see, that was of no importance to whoever was inside the house. they started shooting and three were hit, all in stable condition, two hit in the leg and one in a bullet proof protection. that is the wrap-up at this point. the woman said all her sons had come out, we did not know about the shooter until just moments ago, the man or woman, who started this melee, was shot to death. very fluid situation, a lot happening. >> steve: no kidding, thank you for the live report from central, philly, we follow that
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story. 17 after the hour, we'll talk about this. pfizer executive reveals the company was not sure the covid vaccine would stop the spread when they gave the shot, the stunning admission in a moment. right here in our hometown of moulton, alabama. from our heirloom inspired sheets to our super absorbent bath towels, to our 100% cotton quilts. every single piece is made right here in america. we believe in keeping our heritage 100% american made. enjoy our farm to home products and receive
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>> plus, pfizer covid vaccine tested on stopping the transmission of the virus before it entering the market. >> did we know about stopping before the market? >> no. these, we had to really move at the speed of science to understand what is taking place in the market. >> brian: didn't mean to rush
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you, what they knew about the covid vaccine before giving us the covid vaccine. douglas murray will react. they told us if we don't get vaccinated this is pandemic of the unvaccinated. >> it is interesting admission and -- by clearly executive at pfizer. this particular moment she was describing the drug companies were trying to work out the vaccine and some like , i think we will get admissions of this kind as analysis going on. the world was in a race to try
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to return to normal. this admission from the pfizer executive is cat handed and does little for the company she worked for. >> brian: it helped, no doubt about it. listen to the european parliament member on pfizer admitting this prevents transmission. >> governments pushed millions of people to get vaccinated by telling you to do it for your grandmother and took healthy young people into this by using the aurm and imprisoned people within their own home, this was based on the idea that vaccination helps prevent spread
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of virus. this has proven to be a big lie. >> brian: what about that? >> obviously vaccinations limit transmission of the virus, companies overstated requirement for them. requiring for children. what we've seen and this is example if i may say so, two things. first of all, in hindsight, a lot of people pointing out errors by government including trump administration and the uk and many others, a lot of
5:26 am
hindsight. second thing that will become clear, reaction to the epidemic was so extreme by so many governments and so many people paid such a price for it in lockdown and delayed operations and lost school years and more, my own suspicion we're never going to have honest analysis what went on during that period. so many were made to sacrifice so much we can't get to the bottom of it, it is sad to admit, that is the situation when this comes out of what came out of wuhan two years ago. >> brian: nurses at home got fired, kids kicked out of school, colleges told to get going. 20,000 military members will be told to hit the pavement. >> that is a special disgrace.
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>> brian: a special disgrace and they can fix it. thanks so much issue appreciate it. countdown to midterm is on, lawrence jones is having breakfast with friends, set the table. >> lawrence: big issues to discuss, krierm is the leading issue, we'll be discussing that with voters coming up on "fox and friends." look at this, look at that, that is love right here, thank you so much >> you're welcome. >> lawrence: more "fox and friends" coming up. i try to put my arm around any vet that i can, absolutely. at newdayusa that's what we're doing. we put our arm around the veterans. when i think of the veteran out there that needs to refi his home, he may want to purchase, we can help them and provide that financial solution for them and their families. it's a great rewarding feeling. everybody in the company, they have that deference
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and that respect and that love for the veteran that makes this company so unique.
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>> steve: less than four weeks from the midterms, races are heating up issue including in wisconsin. >> brian: the race for governor, dead heat. republican senator ron johnson pulls ahead of barnes by awe few points. >> ainsley: lawrence is in richfield, wisconsin. good morning. >> lawrence: good morning, family, top issue is inflation
5:32 am
and crime. in the last couple weeks, crime has become a top issue, this is quick rapid fire to hear from the folks of wisconsin. tom, what is your view on the crime in wisconsin? >> crime is out of control, i've never seen it this bad. i've lived a long time, never seen it this bad in my life. >> gary, how will that impact this race? wisconsin? >> i think crime is probably one of the biggest issues along with inflation and energy. >> wow. what about you? >> i guess i agree with him and think the crime is very difficult because so many people get hurt and it is not good. >> lawrence: keep moving, i want you to hear from other voters. it stafrted the impact because of the lieutenant governor who is running for senate, he wanted
5:33 am
to release the criminals. your family is in law enforcement? >> yes, my son is sheriff and i worry about him everyday. >> lawrence: wow, what about you, sir? >> crime is out of control, like the worst i've seen it ever in the history of the united states. >> sir? >> my son is a police officer in h hartland and on the night he was off, his partner was shot in the suburb way out. >> lawrence: i can tell you are emotional, where is that coming from? >> i'm concerned for everybody in law enforcement. >> lawrence: absolutely, we just had five officers shot today in philadelphia issue as well as in chicago, as well. >> why do people think cops are the bad guys, that is what i
5:34 am
don't understand, democrats. >> sir? >> my hat, i got a gop hat, my trade mark, time is a big issue. you go further south and it is a major issue everyday, two, three people getting shot, many people getting shot. >> ma'am? >> it is terrible. we live in the suburbs, but it's come to the suburbs, too, you can't avoid it. >> people saying defund the police, it doesn't make sense. >> lawrence: you can here, universal opinion here defund the police is not resonating. passionate and emotional people, great being in wisconsin. back to new york. >> know wo of the nicest diners
5:35 am
i've ever seen. >> i like how they are clustered together. pass the microphone. >> steve: talking about crime, carley is talking about inflation. >> carley: i am, start with a fox news alert. numbers released moments ago, indes measures wholesale inflation, up 8.5 year over year, more than expected. numbers for september consumer price indeck will be released trnl. data will be key indicators of possibility of future interest rate hikes from the federal reserve. 8.5%, guys. three buses of migrants pull up to new york city this morning. arrivals come as city school system is overwhelmed with 5500 new students, mayor eric adams says asylum seekers will be sent to every part of the city >>
5:36 am
>> people say not here, that cannot happen, this is city wide crisis and all of us will be impacted. >> 18,000 migrants processed by homeless services, back to you. >> ink thats, carley. >> still ahead on our show, 25 minutes to go, boston police officers fleeing the force for the fire department citing more money and more respect, this is hurting boston police department and will break down the defund movement. >> steve: and rob snyder is here and will preview his new movie coming up "fox and friends." this isn't just freight.
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upper respiratory tract infection and headache may occur. tell your doctor about your medicines and if you're pregnant or planning to be. doctors have been prescribing otezla for over 8 years. don't hesitate. ask your doctor about otezla today. >> steve: five police officers shot this morning in two separate incidents, one in illinois and the other in pennsylvania. in philadelphia, the suspect who
5:41 am
shot three swat officers is now dead. three other suspects are in custody. the cops who were hit by gunfire were serving a homicide arrest warrant at a home. they are said to be in stable condition. in illinois, two police officers and a suspect shot this morning, the investigation is ongoing, we'll keep you posted. to new england, police officers transferring to the fire department for better wages and they get more respect. 24 officers made the switch, compared to 11 total over the last four years. joining me is larry calderon, good morning to you. >> good morning, thank you for having me on today.
5:42 am
>> steve: it is curious cops are going to the fire department. whether wages or conditions, we were just talking about five officers shot, can you blame them? >> well, i cannot blame them here at home. our thoughts and prayers are with the officers who were shot. wish them a speedy and well recovery. i don't blame our officers for leaving and joining the fire department >> steve: there is no nationwide movement to defund the fire, just defund the cops. >> this is true, it doesn't worning. you can look at high crime neighborhoods across america. >> sure. one thing is because so many police departments reduce amount of money from their budget from
5:43 am
city hall ultimately then when crime started rampaging, rather than hire more officers, they made people like you work a double shift and that is really starting to take its toll. you never get a day off, never with catch a break. >> that is the issue that is here at home in boston. our men and women on the street answering the call for service to start, we're short 4 to 500 officers from years ago. what it boils down to, we have our rank and file working double and triple shifts through the summer and currently as late as last week. we don't have bodies to put on the street to give officers a day off. they are working their days off and, woing doubles and the city is not hiring enough bodies. >> steve: they are leaving the police for fire department at
5:44 am
alarming numbers, it sounds like moral must be all-time low. >> the lowest i've seen in my 28-year career. officers feel humiliated, feel unsupported by elected officials and can never catch a break. we're being second guessed on monday morning for actions you make in a split second and you don't have that with the fire departments. it seems to be a tragedy, it costs $100 to $125,000 per candidate to put through the police department, they lost that going to the fire department. >> steve: thankul for joining us today. we appreciate you. thank you, sir. quarter before the top of the
5:45 am
hour, janice dean on the street and it is nice. >> janice: it is a beautiful day in new york city, we have a cold front moving through, be aware, coming today into friday. cold front on the move, you can see in colder temperatures, could see snow for parts of the great lakes and severe storms, large hail and damaging winds and heavy rainfall could cause flash flooding coming our way tomorrow in the northeast. flash flood threat increasing thursday into friday, if you have travel plans issue just keep that in mind. here is tropical storm carl, we will see the moisture along the gulf coast and parts of the southeast and it will move into mexico, a lot of moisture working toward the gulf coast states. steve doocy, over to you, my
5:46 am
friend. >> steve: thank you, weather machine, don't go anywhere, comedian rob schneider is here, he will talk about culture, politics and his new movie. let's check in with dana perino. >> dana: i'm excited to see rob schneider, president biden says saudi will be pushed, senator tom cotton at the top of the show and are republicans about to make a dent in democratic held seats? he will be here. remember the lie, the biden administration knew it wasn't true, fanned the flames anyway. we'll see you at 9:00.
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>> tulsi gabbard revealing what this has cost her. >> giving you a cynical look like whose side are you on to people out right ending that friendship or professional
5:51 am
relationship because they don't want to have anything to do with you. >> brian: actor and comedian rob schneider is here with us. what is your reaction to tulsi gabbard doing what she did yesterday? >> it shouldn't be such a shock, we don't get 10 parties, we get two. i don't want the democratic party running my life, i've had it with them. i got out of california and moved to slightly freer state of arizona. >> steve: you were democrat. >> you have to be in san francisco, law. >> steve: what changed your point of view? >> literally -- taxes. there wasn't one part of business, gavin newsom pushed me over the edge. i don't think your life gets
5:52 am
better. in san francisco, i was living there, had it made on the cable car, rooftop and they said you have to have toilets removed from your house? what? it was flower pots, they made me remove flower pots. it got crazier and crazier. san francisco has a huge homeless problem or gigantic camping success story, loob both ways. >> ainsley: would you want to be so bold and vocal about it? tulsi gabbard said you are trashed and cancelled. >> she is right. >> ainsley: do you worry about that as an actor? >> yes. you have to worry, i'm in my 50s now issue late 50s, it will catch you, too, brian. i worry about freedom of my kids. i'm a grandfather now, at a
5:53 am
certain point -- it is weird, you know something is wrong when people say if you put god and family and country first that is controversial, how is that controvers controversial? >> brian: or a flag is triggering. >> enough of this. >> brian: did you lose friends? >> i would say people don't return calls as often. to be honest, a lot of people lean right, but they are scared, it is a mob of ideologues, that will attack you, it is not based on anything, but like almost like a religious architecture. >> steve: when it comes to changing party, to quote your character, you can do it. >> you have to go with what feels right, we get two paefrt parties, not 10. >> steve: you were talking about
5:54 am
your family, up have this brand-new movie out, open friday, "daddy daughter trip" your daughter is playing your seat mate in the front seat of a car. >> we started trying toic mathe movie years ago, my daughter was old enough to pay the part. she said who is going to play that role? well, you are getting close to the age. she was great, i didn't have to give her notes. they are like stage rats. >> ainsley: elle, is doing so well, elle king. >> she is opening for chris stapleton. >> you can live off her. >> she tells me that. >> dad, i have your retirement figured out. >> brian: we don't know. who plays your wife in this movie?
5:55 am
>> jacky sandler? >> she is related to adam. >> sense of family. >> sense of comforts, you have to be comfortable with the people, we start rolling and shooting, i played wife in -- and kevin james is another family member, we try not to let poli political differences, love of country come up first and foremost. we want to continue them for our kids, we care about them. >> steve: is it hard to do comedy given political correctness and limits? >> it is. this is the only movie my kird can watch, it is tougher now. you have people who will cling to a word or this or that and the idea, you have to put out there what makes you laugh.
5:56 am
>> ainsley: we miss you on "s.n.l." chris farley and chris rock. >> steve: you will be on gutfeld, number one late night show, baby. >> i did love being on that show, i wish them the best. i think the "s.n.l." at its best should make fun of whoever is in power. >> steve: gutfeld is a big career mistake for you, back out, call in si sick. check it out, "daddy daughter trip." progress... (music) ...innovation... (music) ...discovery? or simply stability... you shouldn't have to choose. (music) gold. your strategic advantage. (music)
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c >> live from new york, that's "fox & friends" for today. >> making coffee on the coffee machine. >> you can't back out of gutfeld. you have to do the show. >> look, i can barely touch the floor. >> bill: good morning, everybody. we begin with the fight against inflation. this is not good. some revealing data out moments ago. what it says about the state of the economy with mid-terms a few weeks away. it will have an impact. i'm bill hemmer. >> dana: i'm dana perino. wholesale prices are up 8.5% from a year ago and up from last month despite a series of aggressive rate hikes by the


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