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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  October 12, 2022 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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getting at today. he will have the f.b.i. agent on stand for another hour or so. >> bill: stay on it in washington, d.c. thank you, david. >> dana: just 27 days out from the mid-terms and one of the most watched races is in pennsylvania where lieutenant governor john fetterman and dr. mehmet oz are fighting for an open senate seat as a new sit-down interview with fetterman raises questions about his fitness for office. welcome in a new hour of "america's newsroom." i'm dana perino. >> bill: halfway? >> dana: a little more now. >> bill: i'm bill hemmer. good morning. fetterman's health remains a key concern five months after suffering a stroke. a brand-new interview raising questions about his recovery. now his opponent, dr. oz, blasting fetterman for dodging debates and accusing him of hiding from the voters. fetterman says he is fit for office but refusing to release his personal health records. >> we've asked for medical records, we've asked to have a
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conversation with someone from your medical team to interview your physician. you've declined those requests. why? >> i feel like we have been very transparent in a lot of different ways. when our doctor has already given a letter saying that i'm able to serve and to be running. >> dana: james freeman from the "wall street journal" ahead with reaction but bryan llenas is live in the newsroom. >> the nbc reporter said during small talk before the interview without the use of closed captioning it was not clear whether john fetterman understood their conversation. when pressed as to why he has not released his medical records fetterman pointed to his campaign schedule. >> being in front of thousands and thousands of people and having interviews and getting around all across pennsylvania, that gives everybody and the voters decide if they think that it's really the issue. >> the "pittsburgh post-gazette" in "washington post" editorial
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boards have called on both candidates to release their medical records. oz has, fetterman has not. mr. fetterman is showing a fundamental lack of faith in people's ability to put health into perspective and fairly decide his fitness for office. oz is reiterating his calls for forfeiterman. >> he has not allowed any legitimate questions by his team about his medical records. he delayed the debate until so late in the cycle the absentee ballots have all been mailed. a third of the ballots could be sent in before i have the debate. what is he hiding? >> registered pennsylvania voters who are concerned that fetterman is not healthy enough to carry out the job of senator has gone up 11 points from 23% to 34%. the majority, 61% of voters say
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they are not concerned. moments ago fetterman tweeted that it is hard recovering from a stroke in public but he will be in much better shape come january. he did say, and dr. oz will still be a fraud. so that's that. >> dana: thank you so much. bill. >> bill: our power ranksing on the senate side. republicans are solid in 49. 49 republican senators is not enough to get the majority. four toss-ups in the middle. where are they? bryan is covering a great race in pennsylvania. two of them we find in the southwest. arizona and nevada. georgia in the southeast and here in pennsylvania that we're talking about with fetterman and oz. let's go to pennsylvania and you will find a really good race there. you will become very familiar with the keystone state when we start getting closer to election night between fetterman and oz. keep this in mind. two short years removed from the
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presidentall results in pennsylvania. donald trump 48.8. you look at the real vote difference between biden and trump two years ago, look at this right here. biden at 3.45 million. trump at 3.37 million. that's a difference of about 80,000 raw votes to decide the keystone state two years ago. we think this race right now, the senate race will be a pretty good one come election night. >> dana: we'll watch that one. joining us with more james freeman assistant editor of the "wall street journal" editorial page and i want to play two things for you. ms. burns is a young woman in pennsylvania who had the opportunity to interview fetterman. >> because of his stroke, fetterman's campaign required closed captioning technology for the interview to read our questions as we asked them. lester, in small talk before the interview without captioning, it
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wasn't clear he was understanding our conversation. >> dana: listen to how fetterman defended that. >> every now and then i'll miss a word, every now and then. sometimes i'll maybe mush two words together, but as long as i have captioning i'm able to understand what is being asked. even after the stroke, immediately after that, i was able to read everything and i haven't lost any memories or anything like that. it is just the lingering issue that i have. >> dana: he has an ailment trying to deal with it. how does it play into the race? >> he is trying to have it both ways. he is saying i have an issue that means i can't debate like a normal candidate and i'm going to need media to accommodate me but i'm perfectly fine to serve as a u.s. senator. as far as i'm aware the u.s. senate has not announced they will change their rules to accommodate him whether it's the debates on the floor or talking about meetings with colleagues negotiating on behalf of the people of pennsylvania. this kind of matters if you are
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catching every word, if you are getting the details. writing legislation. it can look like ugly sausage making but it's quite precise and it's matters what the details are. >> bill: he says he will show up for the debate on the 25th of october. that will be must-see tv for a lot of people in that state. >> it also i believe is going to have the captioning so people are going to have to decide whether a debate on his terms is acceptable. i think in a normal race, especially when you have no incumbent, you would like a more vigorous public debate. that's the point and why we have campaigns and what voters are looking for. people are concerned about the comments he has made since his stroke, they should look at the comments before the stroke. i think in some ways a lot of controversial comments on crime and policing, this may actually
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benefit fetterman that this is a debate how he is dealing with his health instead of the agenda. >> dana: dr. oz has tried successfully focusing as much as he can on the issues. >> yes. >> dana: inflation, economy, energy, jobs and crime. we see -- he has been in philly. every day we have an unfortunate situation in that city. >> it is 100% legitimate issue. fox has done great reporting last year, not decades ago, not a long time ago, last year fetterman talking about paroleing lots of second degree murders. he has clarified that but beyond that statements casting police as an occupying force, suggesting that basically he doesn't trust juries. he thinks the system itself is
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oppressive or corrupt. >> bill: it appears this is the month where people start to focus. what do you stand for and what is your record? last night cnn, president biden sitting down with jake tapper. apparently he is all in for the next round. >> do you think you'll make a decision before the end of the year? >> president biden: look, i'm not going to make this about my decision but this off year election. after that is done in november, then i will be in the process of deciding. >> is one of the calculations you think you are the only one who can beat donald trump? >> president biden: i believe i can beat donald trump again. >> he is waiting to see whether or not trump is in or not in 2024 to run. >> it will be a very awkward situation for democrats. this is rare where you have the incumbent president and most people in his party not wanting him to run again. not wanting him to be the candidate. if he makes good on this and
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obviously about to celebrate his 80th birthday i think it will be interesting over the next few months to see -- including a lot of our colleagues in the media will suddenly discover problems, i think, with joe biden and his -- >> dana: it reminds me of a president in his -- if he were to get a second term in the sixth year of the presidency americans the end to -- they want to move on. it is almost like in his second year of the presidency that's the same type of feeling. >> bill: they've been trying to push him. >> dana: he also said he will see what it's like after the mid-terms and consider how they do. things are on track with the republicans to win back some seats right now. >> bill: james freeman, "wall street journal." >> dana: you want to listen to me talk? all right. watch this about joe biden as well. >> president biden: so i have great confidence in my son. i love him and he is on the
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straight and narrow and has been for a couple of years now and i'm so proud of him. >> bill: defending his son hunter down playing concerns he could be charge with gun and tax crimes. the president says that now hunter is on the straight and narrow. mike emanuel is on that live in d.c. with more on the fallout today. >> president biden was asked directly about the reporting that prosecutors think they have enough to charge his son, hunter. >> president biden: i'm proud of my son. this is a kid who got -- a grown man, he got hooked on -- like many families have had happen -- hooked on drugs. he has overcome that and established a new life. he is -- i'm confident that he is what he says and does are consistent with what happens. >> fox news reported in july the federal investigators are weighing whether to charge hunter biden with false statement charges and more. fox has reported a grand jury
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expired and no charges have been filed against the president's son. we've also reported about a possible false statement charge about a gun purchase. hunter biden answered no to a question that asked if he was an unlawful user of or atrickeded to drugs. there are still questions why in the final days of the 2020 campaign former intelligence officials were quick to sign a letter claiming reporting on the hunter biden laptop looked like a russian information operation. >> this has all the classic earmarks of a russian information campaign. the propagation through american and international media has all the classic earmarks of a russian information campaign. >> no charges have been filed with the united states attorney in delaware, at least not yet. >> bill: nice to see you. mike emanuel in washington. >> dana: president biden pardoning thousands of people with federal marijuana
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convictions but was it just a political stunt ahead of the mid-terms? some are saying it's a desperate bid for votes. there is also this. >> the most ethical thing you can do is shine a light on the actual situation. >> bill: san francisco might be ignoring rising crime and homelessness. now people in the blue city are simply fed up and using their phones to make a difference. we have the story about that coming up. >> dana: atlanta is reeling after a high school football star is shot and killed. how strong is the case against the suspects? nancy grace looks at all sides. she is next. >> just feel for his parents. the kid is too young. too young. this doesn't make any sense. we all need cash in the bank to stay ahead. well here's great news for veterans who own a home. home values have climbed to near all-time highs, too.
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>> dana: two teenagers now charged with murder in the shooting debt of an atlanta high school football star outside a local mall. jonathan serrie has the story for us from atlanta. >> a funeral service for elijah dewith it is scheduled at the jefferson high school arena. he was a star wide receiver in jefferson, a small town 60 miles northeast of atlanta. friends say he had wanted to play college football. those dreams were cut short october 5th. elijah was on a date with his long-time girlfriend at a dave and busters in neighboring county. bailey came out of the restroom to find her boyfriend on the ground in the parking lot. she heard him ask for help before he lost his pulse. police say the alleged attackers fled to anderson county, south carolina where they were
7:19 am
arrested and sent back to georgia. 18-year-old and a 19-year-old appeared before a county judge this morning. both defendants are being held without bond on charges of malice and felony murder. the victim's girlfriend tells fox news digital elijah would forgive them. i'm going to. something in my heart tells me to. i haven't got any hatred towards them. anger yes. police believe the suspects and the victim had prior knowledge of each other and that they got into some sort of altercation before the shooting. however, they are not releasing further details on what they believe led to that fight as their investigation continues. >> dana: jonathan serrie, thank you. >> bill: want to bring in nancy grace host of crime stories on fox nation. this is your home state. what do you make of this and what jonathan just laid out? >> i think there will be multiple charges in addition to malice or intentional murder.
7:20 am
felony murder, which is simply when a death occurs during the commission of a felony. now, i want to point out any claims of self-defense will be rooted in the fact as of right now we believe the victim did not have a weapon. this guy, this kid elijah dewitt was a football star and even had the nickname easy e by nfl player kam newson. his dream was to be a college football player. that all came to an end. >> bill: the girlfriend said this is not the only crime. it is every where. apparently she said that he kissed her on the forehead, slipped her his credit card, she went inside to get food with another friend, and went to the bathroom. when she came outside her boyfriend was on the ground. i would assume you go through the phones and try to find out more information if there is evidence on those phones.
7:21 am
>> i would do that. i would find out if they knew each other. actually, if they knew each other for any reason, that would not affect the outcome of this case. if the victim was unarmed and he was shot dead in the parking lot, that will be murder. if not murder, it will be felony murder. elijah died during a botched robbery, for instance. doesn't matter if they knew each other. but i heard the girlfriend, bailey, saying she forgives him. i understand that. i was in a similar situation when my fiance was murder. all i could deal with was the fact he was gone and our wedding was off. but you know what? he can have forgiveness behind bars. during life in prison. >> bill: you mentioned the charges. here is what they're hit with. felony murder, malice murder. possession of a firearm during the commission of certain felonies. we'll see what we get more information from that.
7:22 am
a special live tonight on fox nation. >> i wish you were here. it is a live town hall on the crime epidemic sweeping our country. why are we living in fear? i have gone to extreme measures to protect my children and my family. why are we living like this? why are felons walking up and down the street alongside us? why is that happening? it doesn't have to be this way. >> bill: nancy, we'll see you at 7:00 eastern. to our viewers, check it out. the live summit on fox nation. thank you, nancy. we'll talk later in the week. good luck tonight. dana. >> dana: fox news alert now on the southern border. troopers hunting down a suspected human smuggler. the chase ending in dramatic fashion and we'll show you more of that. and signs of a major shake-up in a race that could decide control of the senate. what's happening in arizona. we'll have that for you straight ahead.
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>> dana: a dangerous high-speed nighttime pursuit as human smuggler and gang members try to escape capture along the southern border. scenes like this playing out around the clock as migrants illegally cross the border on a record scale causing all kinds of problems. we tell you about them every day. griff jenkins is live in eagle pass, texas with more for us. hi, griff. >> that's right, good morning, dana. multiple things are happening every morning. another group, the third group of the morning in eagle pass, migrants arriving about 160 total were in this group. let's go back to that pursuit smuggler video. the agents here say they're seeing 2 to 3 of those incidents a day in this del rio sector. the driver was from indiana. he crashed. three migrants were rescued.
7:29 am
one with a serious head injury. the driver was paid $3 thousand per person to drive those migrants to san antonio. we have more drone footage of these new groups this morning. you can see them from venezuela, cuba, columbia, nicaragua but also been from syria, yemen, iran this past week. in the first 12 days they've had a 66% increase compared to last year. local democrat state representative. morals says this issue is on the top of his mind. >> while biden and the white house could do more in terms of the planning, especially we can do it more orderly. we cannot incentivize these migrants coming through our rivers and exposing our border patrol, our troopers and national guard. >> republican opponent kathryn parker sounding off on the border. because this is what they deal
7:30 am
with every single day, dana. that is why they hope that the administration, congress, republicans, democrats will do something about it. dana, we'll send it back to you. >> dana: griff jenkins in texas. thank you. >> bill: wow. 27 days to the mid-terms. arizona one of those big four toss-up states that could decide the u.s. senate potentially shaking things up. a late surge for a libertarian candidate. here is kennedy. good morning. kelly and masters have gotten the whale's share of the attention so far. >> they formally do. there are always dark horse libertarian candidates who appeal to voters who feel they've been ignored. it is a unique time now. for a lot of people and a lot of families it is a war on all fronts. they are battling the economy, the dollar not buying much. they are being hit with food and gas prices that are getting higher and higher and it's like you have the white house saying the economy is great, what are
7:31 am
you guys talking about? i'm the best president ever. they aren't hearing enough things from republicans. a libertarian says i think you should keep your money and the state and federal government have too much power. that's an attractive message when the government screwed up the economy and screwed up the pandemic response which encompasses schooling for a lot of families. >> dana: fox news poll arizona senate race masters has closed a little bit to get closer to the incumbent mark kelly. of course, we don't know the results from the trump rally just last weekend. maybe that helped him more. then if you look at poll with victor he is getting 9% of the vote there. not unusual in arizona, right? a little bit of a libertarian streak in that part of the country. how much do you think that covid and then the inflation combined has led to this moment of a
7:32 am
little bit of a bump for the libertarian? >> i think it's activated voters who maybe don't pay attention to politics but see what has happened and n schools and in arizona you have that massive bill that passed that lets the money follow the students. so that's where a lot of people's heads are at. they want more self-determination and for a candidate who is not pandering to them who doesn't feel like they are entitled to their vote because of party it may be more attractive. this candidate victor said he may drop out of the race but wants both the republican and the democrat, mark kelly and blake masters to have one-on-one conversation with him and tell them why he should drop out of the race and shift his support to them. he said even after that he might not drop out. >> bill: karrie lake was on with jesse last night and made a strong case what she would do if she wins. it was about the border.
7:33 am
three days in a row we've gone to griff jenkins. three times he has a fresh group of migrants crossing the border, all right? what is the word from the rouse? >> it's the border is secure, it's secure. that doesn't make it secure. >> bill: talking about a state where the border really matters. i think we really have to pay attention to what the people in arizona tell us about this border issue. >> absolutely. that is a real bellwether for the federal government. you have frustrated governors in places like arizona and texas and not in california because it is a sanctuary state. they want systems. they want support because these are not systems. this is an utter failure which puts people at risk. this is not how you do legitimate immigration. everyone knows that. so yes, for people who are worried about their safety and their families and just knowing what kind of immigration policies we have, which are completely confusing.
7:34 am
that is going to be an attractive issue for borders. >> bill: no order. >> no system. >> dana: the republicans in arizona would love to flip it back to being a republican seat. a ton of money going in there. you mention kari lake. she won every county in arizona on the republican primary. they might be undercounting how much she might be able to help a blake masters in that race in arizona. >> that's interesting because i would be really surprised if there was a philosophical divide between them. they are both coming from the same place. they like trumpism and they like the policies that the former president had for the republican party. and that's what they are using to lure voters in and be more -- i would be surprised if there was a split. i don't trust the polling especially this cycle because i think there are a lot of republicans who are not picking up the phone. you saw that in 2016, so i wouldn't be surprised if the
7:35 am
polling is completely skewed. again, in some of these races where you include the libertarian there is not that much polling. >> dana: there really is than. >> real clear politics has the race going to masters and the republicans winning the senate by two seats. >> bill: see you later. >> dana: folks in san francisco are fed up and furious as homeless camps and drug dense turn their streets to danger zones. why homeless advocates are attracting residents who shine a spotlight on the problem. president biden defending his son, hunter. what he is saying about the threat of prosecution. >> when you are part of a criminal enterprise you don't throw a co-conspirator under the bus. they could flip on you. ons. no upfront costs at all to get the cash you need. veterans get more at newday.
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>> bill: some residents of san francisco turning their frustration with crime and homelessness into action. they are using cell phones to capture grim scenes of drug use and mental illness. however, the advocates for the homeless say the online posts are unfair public shaming. claudia cowen is looking at it from san francisco. what did you find out? >> good morning, bill. the drug use, homeless tents and filthy streets have fed-up residents taking to twitter they say to save it. >> this is my city, my home. i love it. to see it destroyed like this is just devastating. >> armed with her cell phoneer ca chronicles the decree and drug use on market street steps from a center to claims to address the problems. the self-described war correspondent tweets images she says convey a reality beyond what local media show.
7:42 am
on this day highlighting the drug use outside a bus shelter and subway elevator. er ca and others fill twitter with pictures that aim to raise awareness and pressure city officials to clean things up. advocates for the homeless slammed the posts. taking pictures of someone who is likely experiencing the worst time in their lives and shaming them publicly can only hurt their chances of leaving it behind as social media tends to follow people around. >> they clean this every week. >> this citizen journalist who goes by jenny girl from fourth world doesn't plan to stop. >> some of my posts i really get a lot of angry feedback because they're how dare you film? i'm like it's a public street. if they can be sleeping here and i'm walking here, why can't i film it? >> these twitter users say the future of their city is at stake and that by showing the unedited unfiltered truth about what is
7:43 am
happening their thousands of followers will be better informed and engaged. >> bill: interesting angle. you can do that in a lot of major american cities today. thanks in san francisco. >> president biden: i'm proud of my son. this is a kid who got -- not a kid, he is a grown man -- he got hooked on -- like many families have had happen -- hooked on drugs. he has overcome that and established a new life. he is -- i'm confident that he is what he says and does are consistent with what happens. >> dana: president biden defending his son hunter in a rare sit down interview as hunter faces an ongoing criminal investigation. martha maccallum anchors the "the story." a lot of families have gone through somebody who has had an addiction in their lives and it
7:44 am
is hard and you love them. a lot of not asked about this not about the taxes or lying on the gun form. >> that's exactly the point. i think everyone can separate out hunter's behavior and drug abuse. it is something a lot of people can relate to. but the problem is while he was doing all of this, he was also traveling on presidential aircraft to talk to chinese leaders and ukraine leaders and business leaders about deals. what i learned the other story the f.b.i. offered a million dollars to substantiate the steele doctrine in october of 2016 is an aggressive move on their part. however, they have ignored the whistleblowers on the hunter biden case that came forward to ron johnson and chuck grassley. they never called tony bobulinski. you can't help but look at this story and say really? just the gun drug and tax
7:45 am
potential charge? we can already answer that question. we see him using drugs and whaling around a gun on video. you don't need a big f.b.i. investigation to figure out that he had a gun and doing drugs at the same time. >> bill: the point you were making about this investigation in october of 2020, right? they offered him a -- >> bill: 2016, sorry. to prove his information they offered him a million dollars. he didn't take the money. they still took his information and dropped it into the file. if you can do that to a presidential candidate, the sky is the limit. >> it is astonishing. devin nunes was called crazy on other networks because he was trying to warn president trump about what he believed had happened here. the more we learn about this, the stinkier it gets. >> dana: it's hard to believe how it could get worse. last time on bret baier he
7:46 am
talked to a national security guy who signed that letter that said guys, in the media, be careful. this laptop is probably russian disinformation. bret pressed him last night. >> we said we don't know if it's russian disinformation. >> it has all the classic earmarks of a russian information operation. >> the difference between an information and campaign. >> are you talking about the nuance did not get to candidate joe biden. >> it is not my fault if people don't look up definitions. >> wow. that was quite stunning. and bret pressed him on that in a very constructive way, i thought. there was only one reason to -- for all those people to sign that letter at that moment. it was because they were trying to take the pressure off of a story, right? they are saying no, no, no. they are saying it has the earmarks of russian disinformation and looks like it could be. the only reason for all 50 of them to get together and sign
7:47 am
that letter at that particular moment in the fall of 2020 was the same reason we saw the coordinated effort on the part of social media to squash that story and later said it was wrong. you have to let the facts fall where they are. and we can't have government institutions or former government officials trying to tip the balance in these situations. in a situation that they obviously didn't know all about. >> bill: he was hell bent defending himself whether you buy his explanation or not. >> people need to say it was inappropriate to send that letter. >> dana: a lot of people not asked to sign because they worked in conservative administrations. >> bill: see you at 3:00 and see what nunes has to say, too. you can buy just about anything on amazon, right? some parents are accusing them of selling suicide kids to help
7:48 am
their kids take their own lives. dr. marc siegel answers that. watch. >> we have a lot of problems on social media in terms of what i would call contagious suicide where people follow others and it becomes a trend. >> bill: so much for celebrating your favorite holiday. cancel culture coming after halloween. ♪ trick-or-treat, give me something sweet to eat. cookies, chocolate, jelly beans, happy, happy halloween ♪ ...tower cam for a - hey! folks, we seem to have a visitor. it looks like - looks like you paid too much for your glasses. ... who? anyone who isn't shopping at america's best - where two pairs and a free exam start at just $79.95. book an exam today. and i'm going to tell you
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> harris: what president just said in a new interview seems bizarre given expert's warning about our inflation. biden says no recession and denying any wrongdoing by his son, hunter, even as his own government read east criminal charges. the white house slipping out over biden's upcoming 80th birthday. oldest man in office crisis for them i guess. the balance of the senate hinging on a neck-and-neck race
7:54 am
in arizona. the g.o.p. candidate, blake masters join me. jason rantz and jason chaffetz join me. >> bill: there is a stunning lawsuit against amazon. two families who lost their teenage children to suicide are suing the company alleging that the online giant is partially responsible because it sold so-called suicide kits in the form of a deadly chemical. gillian from washington. >> amazon is under fire from the parents of teens who died after ingesting a chemical sodium night rate. it accuses the company of knowingly assisting in the deaths of minors. attorneys for the parents of the 16-year-old ohio and 17-year-old vest virginia teen who took their own lives filed suit this week saying amazon is selling a product as deadly as sign
7:55 am
notified. doctors are ringing alarm bells as well. >> suicides from sodium nitrates are up. it works on the red blood cell. you end up with low blood pressure and severe headaches and in the hospital. it is used as a poison. >> sodium nights -- lawyers representing the mother of another teen who died after obtaining the chemical from amazon say they knew it was profiting off vulnerable people dying by suicide deceptively and dangerously marketing a suicide chemical. families suing say amazon recommends on its site buying anti-vomiting pills and a scale to weigh powders alongside with the chemical they say a clear acknowledgement of its off label
7:56 am
use. amazon says they offer condolences to the families but insist sodium nitrates is a common available product. it can be misused like many products. medical practitioners we spoke to say federal regulators need to step in urgently here to protect more children from these off-label dangers. >> bill: what a story. thank you for that from washington, d.c. >> dana: let's wander to a school distinct in pennsylvania canceling a halloween parade over safety and inclusivity concerns. joining us is a parent. what is going on over there and how did you find out about this? >> good morning. so we received an email from the district telling us that our halloween parade will be canceled this year. they cited some reasons, safety and a few other concerns and
7:57 am
then at the end a told us the real reason. people are offended. it is an inclusivity thing, i guess, somebody was offended so they are trying to take away our halloween parade. it is just another thing in this weird cancel culture era we're living in. >> dana: it is weird because would you be offended if somebody doesn't want to celebrate halloween? the answer is no. we can be respectful of each other. now they take it away from the children. any chance of a reversal by the school district or the moms and dads get together to try to do it themselves? >> i'm hoping. we're fighting back. me and my mom friends are very angry about it. per your question earlier it's interesting you say that. i was not allowed to halloween as a child and i was not allowed
7:58 am
to celebrate and seeing my own children be able to celebrate has brought so much joy to my life. my parents didn't go around trying to make everyone else bend to our police system. we just did not participate. to anyone who is offended or doesn't want their children to participate. keep your kid home that day. don't rain on everyone else's parade. >> dana: is this kind of attitude spilling out beyond just the halloween parade? in your school district. we've been talking a lot about this being the year of the parents as parents have decided to fight back a little bit after the covid closures but some of the woke policies that are leading to all of these changes that are not necessarily for the benefit of the kids. >> absolutely, absolutely. it is ridiculous that they are doing this. we fought so hard for our kids just to be able to breathe freely. i fought at the school board meetings alongside my mother
7:59 am
friends just to have the mask mandate removed and so much has already been removed and taken away from our children. and we're just starting to get back to some sense of normalcy and now they do this. i don't think it is going to end here. i think they'll come for the entire holiday and next year someone will be offended by valentine's day and then it will be christmas. my question is where does this end? >> dana: what are you kids going to be for halloween? >> my god, they go back and forth. they have five different ideas. one will be a witch, the other one is going to be ladybug. i'll be a cat. we have a lot of -- >> dana: that's great. linda, i know your kids will have a happy halloween no matter what. we appreciate your input and sorry for what you're going to. >> bill: she has a head start on her costume. >> dana: interesting she wasn't
8:00 am
able to celebrate halloween as a child and now recognizes it. she has respect for people who don't want to participate but she didn't ask them to change. >> bill: stay home. >> dana: before we go has to do with a dog. harris faulkner will take you through the next hour. she has a big show coming up. "the faulkner focus" is next. here she is. >> harris: fox news alert. it is panic time for the biden white house as a fire hot economic report has just dropped. americans have known what president biden and team won't admit. we're in trouble. voters saying inflation is their top issue as they head to the polls in 27 days to decide who will have the power on capitol hill. i'm harris falker and you are in "the faulkner focus." that new report shows a true indicator where our economy is. the producer price index


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