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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  October 13, 2022 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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their party, not the people of ne nevada. >> carley: we'll be watching both your races, they are toss-ups, certainly two races to watch. thank you both for joining us. the next hour of "fox and friends first" starts right now. and we begin with a fox news alert, white house announcing it will send illegal migrants from venezuela back to mexico, as the border crisis continues and becomes a democratic liability in the poll. you are watching "fox and friends first," i'm carley shimkus. >> todd: i'm todd piro. one of the four toss-up races will determine when party control the senate. voters say border security is their top issue, so it should come as no surprise, top democrats are calling on president biden to do something fast. >> carley: ashley strohmier has
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more. >> ashley: this new enforcement operation with mexico is in an effort to combat the crisis at the southern border and comes just a month before the midterm, it is supposed to increase checkpoints and crack down on human smuggling and send venezuela ans back to their country. there are 25,000 venezuela migrants encountered in august, that is up from 4000 back in april. those eligible for entry into the u.s. safely and lawfully will have to have a supporter in the u.s. who can provide financially, pass rigorous biometric, biographical and public security screenings and complete vaccination and public health requirements. those ordered removed in the last five years, after this announcement date and not completed vaccination and health
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requirements will not be eligible. one venezuelan migrant saying once they get to the u.s., it is not scary anymore. >> we made it past the most difficult part, the jungle. many cities are dangerous in mexico, being here you do not have fears anymore, you're much more at peace. >> ashley: house speaker nancy pelosi says biden needs to secure the border. we must have comprehensive immigration reform, we must secure the border and respect those seeking asylum for appropriate reasons. we also must understand impact on communities. a texas rancher who lives along the border joins "fox and friends first" last hour, she is personally inviting the president to visit and see the crisis first hand. >> we have friends in law enforcement and border patrol and they are telling us they are
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finding more and more coming through and carrying weaponing. there have always been people crossing, not this level and the level of criminal element we see, the numbers are phenomenal in comparison to historically temperature is a little too late. >> ashley: new york governor kathy hochul slammed biden administration this week saying this problem is on the feds and it needs to own up to the crisis. back to you. >> todd: starting to hear the left speak up, is it too little too late? california attorney general releasing a plan to tackle the fentanyl crisis by acknowledging where the drug is coming from. >> potentially mexico is a source of fentanyl manufacturing, we do see a lot through the southern border, because of that, part of our enforcement team is a san diego unit preventing fentanyl from coming in. >> todd: the ag wants to crack
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down to prevent the deadly drug from flooding into the border state. they have seized 5000 pounds of fentanyl, 60% of the entire volume confiscated across the country. >> carley: president biden heading to the golden state, not to address the golden crisis, the crime crisis or record gas prices, he will boast new infrastructure investment program, critics point out california has been struggle withing rolling blackouts and grid capacity for months homicides are up 16%, robbery is up and violent crime is up 10%. californians are paying highest price for gallon of gas in the country today, the average sitting at $6.19. and tomorrow biden is set to head to oregon, where soft on crime policies are taking center stage and now voters could elect
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first republican governor in 40 years. we spoke with a sheriff in oregon who says the state is sick of seeing criminals back on the streets. >> we've had bills from the senate the current governor has signed that has made law enforcement more difficult in oregon. there are people throughout oregon that are hopeful we get reasonableness back into our government, especially for me from the public safety aspect. >> carley: oregon gubernatorial election has been deemed a toss-up with the race neck and neck. the republican could win in oregon, my goodness. tulsi gabbard has left the democratic party and hitting campaign trail with new hampshire senate candidate. he will be here to talk about his campaign. >> todd: new sheriff's deputy is giving her badge by the same officer who saved her life when she was just six weeks old.
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they will both be here to talk about that moment, i promise, this will be your favorite story you've heard in a really long time. i got a shot so my sister won't get sick.
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>> janice: good morning, it is friday eve, we can do it. take a look at the map. we have a cold front marching toward the gulf coast and we are seeing possibility for showers, thunderstorms and severe weather. looking around the louisiana area, southwest corner of louisiana, severe thunderstorm warning and dealing with more rain in the forecast for mid-atlantic and northeast in the next 12 to 24 hours. if you have travel plans, be
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weary, there will be travel delays from tonight, overnight into friday morning. here is flash flood threat for the areas that have been hard hit last week with heavy rainfall. looks like the northeast, new england is the bullseye. tropical storm carl is in the bay and will make landfall across mexico, a lot of moisture will make its way to the gulf coast and the setup for heavy rainfall in the next five to seven days for the areas along the gulf coast is going to bring a lot of heavy rainfall over five to seven days, especially for friends in texas, two to three inches over the next several days and for our friends in florida, potential for showers, thunderstorms, not only today, but through friday. not a lot of heavy rain, they need clear skies, they are into a recovery effort, we're talking about half inch to an inch, more rain is not a good news
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situation for our friends in florida. we'll keep you up to date. there is the forecast. dealing with warm temperatures across south, cooler for northern plains and great lakes and we'll get rain in the northeast. >> todd: looking forward to the rain, jd. i need to wash stuff out on my property, i'm looking forward to it. >> janice: the forecast is all about todd. >> todd: nailed it. >> carley: naturally. >> todd: tulsi gabbard in the news after announcing her split from the democratic party. >> when you look at this party, today's democratic party is controlled by if nat cal ideologues who hate freedom, it speaks to the whole environment of fear those in power, elitists are where people are afraid to speak the truth. >> todd: one candidate tulsi gabbard is thumping for joins me
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now. thanks for being back on the program, what message does tulsi gabbard support for you send to democratic voters in the granite state >> it tells them one thing that the values and principles of our country, institutional republic, the fact that people matter more than political parties and more than career politicians and career politicians have lost their way supporting special interests, lobbyists, very wealthy political elite doing their bidding at the expense of doing bidding of the people, i hear that all over the granite state and you can see that manifest in the fact they are not dealing with the three biggest problems in the granite state, inflation, inflation, inflation. people are choosing between heating and eating, they are not being listened to. fear and uncertainty and control is what they see, they feel they have lost their ability for
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self-governance and i think that is the biggest message in the granite state. >> todd: topic of heating versus eating, your opponent is laying it out. listen. >> follow the example of the people of new hampshire, who put aside differences and get things done everyday. standing up to big oil to give people tax cuts to invest in energy efficiency and helping the economy pivot to clean energy future. >> todd: i lived in g new hampshire, hanover is cold, you need heat to survive them and that heat comes from home heating oil. are people of new hampshire happy with the clean energy pivot and the cost it will bring to them this winter? >> no, they're not and they see the folly and it is not that people don't respect renewable
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energy, renewable energy and the whole pivot to the green program is causing all of the high prices in heating and electrical bills and people's bills are going up three and four times. small businesses are struggling to stay hope, i talk to moms and dads and retirees all over the state and they are very concerned on how they will put food on the table and how they will heat their home and take care of their children. retirees are coming out of retirement to get second jobs to pay for it and parents have too many decisions to make on high cost of helt care, high cost of heating and high cost of groceries. and just daily living as a result of what ascertain hassan and her decisions have done. she just voted against a bill that would have increased
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petroleum, natural gas and fossil fuel and that says it all right there. you don't have the best interest granite staters in mind. >> todd: the distinction isser cloo, people decide the vote, don bolduc, thank you. democrat john fetterman just addressed the latest concern about his health, we'll tell you what he's saying ahead of that big debate with dr. oz. >> carley: and talking to a resident of pennsylvania where john fetterman used to be mayor and he said fetterman left their community worse than he found it. there's a different way to treat hiv. it's every-other-month, injectable cabenuva. for adults who are undetectable, cabenuva is the only complete, long-acting hiv treatment you can get every other month.
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>> todd: pennsylvania senate race kicking up a notch. democratic candidate john fetterman set murderers free as lieutenant governor. >> carley: he had a life-threatening stroke he suffered before securing party nomination. brooke singman joins us live with details. >> brooke: john fetterman shrugging off multiple questions and requests from reporters to produce his medical records during an interview yesterday. watch this. >> we believe that we're running the campaign that is rooted in transparency and also demonstrating we're running a full campaign. >> i think the people who voting would like to vote for you, want to be reassured the doctor said you can do the job. is there anything like that, that might be forthcoming? >> i believe that and that is what they have done.
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>> carley: he was pressed on his plans to give mercy to murderers. listen. >> felony murder is second murder, we are one of two states in the nation that has that and it was that i support life in murder for first degree, that isser cloo. if you never took a life or you were not involved nor had any intent and of course you need to be held guilty, but i don't believe you need to die in life for that. >> carley: board of pardons during his time showed he successfully supported release of 10 people convicted of first-degree murder. one of the top issues is crime and fetterman republican opponent, mehmet oz, accusing him of trying to hide his real stance. >> a lot of what is going on in this race is people hiding the truth, opposite of what we want in democracy, you want candidate
2:23 am
asking and answering questions. money is pouring in to protect john fetterman. >> carley: as this as wawa, founded in pennsylvania aannounced they may excludethe store from future plans. back to you. >> carley: brooke singman live for us, thank you. fetterman facing criticism for claims he saved his hometown. his campaign insists in his 13 years as mayor, john created jobs, getting youth engaged and bringing creative urban policy solution to braddock, but small business owners are telling a different story. the owner of one of the businesses is here. good morning to you. you say that ad about fetterman
2:24 am
saving bradock, upsets you, why is that? >> i moved here about six years okay with the thought of braddock coming back to the -- i needed bigger space, we outgrew our old space, i was sold on braddock coming back. i did call mr. fetterman and asked him to sell me on braddock. he told me the crime rate was lower than anywhere, including pittsburgh. six years later, i haven't seen much happening at all, we have vacant buildings and it looks like a war zone. >> carley: once a town of 20,000 and now it is down to 1700, what happened? >> the steel industry in the '60s and early '70s decimated the town. i recall -- down here shopping
2:25 am
with my mother in the late '60s and it was bustling. the steel town, i know the economy and steel industry never came back. >> carley: you mention crime and now you have john fetterman trying to distance himself from support of black lives matter and defund the police and some of the soft on crime things that he said in the past. are you buying that? >> no, i'm not. it's just narrative he has pulling the wool over our eyes. those of us know better, it's sad. -- dr. oz in a debate october 25th before they debate and we need to know now and get questions answered, he's ducking too many questions. >> carley: very interesting article in "new york post" about fetterman's political career and his time as mayor of your town. he won the mayoral race by 149
2:26 am
votes in 2005, it was one more vote than his opponent and the job paid $150 a month, which is why i'm sure his parents had to pay his salary. how does somebody go from mayor of braddock to lieutenant governor to running for senate? >> i don't know. i really believe that mr. fetterman had this planned out. it would be -- turn around and then a lot of voters bought into that, he was elected lieutenant governor and how he wants to be ascertain. come to braddock and look for yourself, see what he's done. this commercial says he's brought back jobs and he's a working man, he never worked. >> carley: are you thinking that he left braddock worse off than when he entered office?
2:27 am
>> it really didn't change, it's been this way, we saw some sparks happening, i know he -- restaurant down the street, he was part investor in that and it failed. more accident in the communities, better for other people, makes it the defination to come to and there is nothing to come to right now. >> carley: this race is important to watch. bob, thank you for joining us. all right, turning to this major story here, we have proof dhs secretary mayorkas intentionally mislead the american people when he stood at the white house podium and accused border agents of whipping migrants. >> their wifes and children were bullied, the president of the united states, the secretary, vice president, members of congress called them racist. these men and women put their lives on the line, deserve
2:28 am
better. >> todd: democrats in georgia are making abortion key campaign issue, new poll shows 29% of voters agree with the message, we are asking what it means for crucial races there, next. as someone living with type 2 diabetes, i want to keep it real and talk about some risks. with type 2 diabetes you have up to 4 times greater risk of stroke, heart attack, or death. even at your a1c goal, you're still at risk ...which if ignored could bring you here... ...may put you in one of those... ...or even worse. too much? that's the point. get real about your risks and do something about it. talk to your health care provider about ways to lower your risk of stroke, heart attack, or death. learn more at
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>> carley: turning to battleground georgia, voters
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support some restrictions on abortion. >> todd: 30% of georgia thinks abortion should be illegal with some exceptions, 9% prohibited in all cases, 29% say abortion should be legal with some restriction and 29% want abortion reg lagsz without any exceptions. >> carley: mercedes schlapp joins us now. mercedes, good morning, stacey abrams focused her campaign around the abortion issue. here is what she said yesterday. >> abortion is medical care, it is a decision between the doctor and the woman, what i object to is artificial time constraint that do not conform to biology or logics. >> carley: will that opinion benefit her in the race for governor? >> first of all, good morning. look, i got to tell you, stacey abrams has it all wrong, every
2:33 am
time she talks about abortions, she's no doctor, she tries to define when life begins or what science is saying and she's getting it all wrong. we know the position of so many democrats, these democrats believe abortion with no limits, that you why you see in the senate, they try to pass the women's health protection act to codify roe v. wade and includes no limps, most americans do not feel comfortable about it, georgia specifically, democrats believe if they spend millions trying to fearmonger on the issue of abortion, they can win midterm elections. reality is while it fires up the base for the democratic party, it doesn't for independent voters who are basically saying, we need restriction on abortion and let's talk about kitchen table issues like inflation and
2:34 am
the economy that are hurting american families. also, parental rights, i think is very important issue as we get into the midterm elections, putting democrats in a weakened position. >> todd: it sounds like stacey abrams has never been in a room when they did an ultrasound and give you exact date the baby was conceived and age of the baby, she says she is not a doctor. get your thoughts, new e-mail revealing dhs secretary alejandro mayorkas was told the whipping narrative was not true, here is the timeline. mayorkas receiving this e-mail that explained the photographer that took the photos said things are not what they seem, he and his colleagues never saw agents whipping anybody and his images were being misconstrued. just hours later he and the president talked to the press
2:35 am
and did not dispute that narrative. >> president biden: people being strapped, it is outrageous, and those people will pay. >> those images conjured worst element against systemic racism. >> todd: mercedes, shouldn't there be consequences for lying to the american people when you had the truth in your hands just hours later? >> i think this is impeachable offense for secretary mayorkas, the fact he politicized this issue, he misguided the american people and used the white house as his bully pulpit to basically lie about what was presented to him from this photographer is an outrage and why you are going to see when the republicans take the majority in the house and the senate, the house in
2:36 am
particular, investigations are going to happen, i think secretary mayorkas is one of the first people they will bring in to ask tough questions. he should have never done that, that is an abuse of power coming from a secretary where he's even attacking our own border patrol agents. >> carley: it is a shame, border patrol agents were accused of being racist and were punished when it looked like dhs secretary knew they did nothing wrong. something interesting when it comes to border policy after florida governor ron desantis starting sending migrants to martha's vineyard and greg abbott sending migrants to the cities and liberal may are ons are saying there are a couple thousand migrants in their cities there is a crisis on their hands and we're seeing biden administration starting to change their policy, tightening
2:37 am
restrictions on venezuela and illegal immigrants and nancy pelosi saying the border needs to be secure. that is happening and governor desantis is facing backlash, the attorney general plan to audit him saying we will specifically confirm whether interest earned on funds was utilized related to immigrant activities. how do you see all of this? >> well, look, i think that talk about an administration that fails to even address this issue of border security, that has allowed for hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants to continuously pour through the border and not deal with this problem, not call in the governors who are dealing with this crisis to say let's come up with a bipartisan solution, their response send treasury department after governor desantis because governor desantis, as well as governor
2:38 am
abbott are doing their best to mitigate this issue of illegal immigrantion we know are impacting so many states, that is the best this administration can do? to me, it is an outrage watch how the biden administration has not taken control of this issue, knowing drug cartels and human traffickers are dominating the border and causing havoc at the border while we do nothing, except go after our governors, i mean, as we know with vice president kamala harris, the border czar, she refuses to bring governors together, bring leaders together to solve problems and i think if the attack is for the governor, we're not going to find a solution any time soon. >> todd: mercedes schlapp, thank you. michigan school board shutting down a meeting after scolding parents for booing during an argument over which books their
2:39 am
children have access to in the library, including books with sexual content. >> we will conduct ourselves as adults, we will not boo or jeer, you can clap if you'd like. >> todd: mom telling you that you are not allowed to have amendment rights. >> i get phone calls calling me a white christian nationalist, they fair fake stuff about me on twitter, accused me of linking moms for liberty and i have people within my own community trying to discredit me and trying to call off what they call this army mob of religious extremist parents. >> todd: well, next school board meeting scheduled tonight and the mom predictss more parents will be in attendance to make sure their voices are heard.
2:40 am
>> carley: last major inflation report before midterm is coming out 8:30 eastern time. cheryl casone is here. >> todd: this story is awesome, new sheriff's deputy given her badge by the same officer who saved her life when she was just six weeks old. they are both here live to tell us about that moment, this story is one you'll be talking about the rest of today.
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>> todd: no more money for the band anymore, americans feeling the pain as wholesale inflation rose higher than expected. >> carley: final cpi report will be released just hours from now. cheryl casone from fox business is here with more. >> cheryl: the band had to take extra jobs, the food is too much money. producer price index, another hit for the market yesterdays, came in harder than expected, 8.5%, we were looking for 8.4%. inflation, wholesale, diesel fuel prices up 9.1%, residential net gas 2.6%, eggs 16.7%, pork
2:45 am
5.5%, biggest jump in the report fresh and dry vegetables, 15.7% jump, prices paid at the wholesale level. some, if not all price increases are passed to consumers and today is the big one, the consumer price index for september. headline expectation is rise of 8.1%, most closely watched number that includes fuel and food, we get initial jobless claims today, all of these harder than expected numbers, last reads we'll get ahead of the midterm elections and the old adage, people when they vote about what they are feeling, that is what they are paying for rent, which we'll find out today, what they pay at the grocery store, wallet issue. >> todd: the economy, refusing to read the room or science, seattle going with vaccine
2:46 am
mandates. >> cheryl: rejecting injunction filed by seattle firefighters who were fired for not getting their covid shot, the injunction would have protected them from getting fired or maybe they would have gotten their jobs back. timing is interesting since civil emergency proclamation ends october 31, several agencies will roll back policy in november, anyway. 23 firefighters suing fire chief and the city for religious discrimination and wage theft. >> todd: thank you, listen to this story, a 22-year-old woman became a new deputy and was awarded her badge by the same officer who saved her life when she was six years old. here is new el paso county sheriff deputy, congrats natalie young and police sergeant jeff
2:47 am
valdavia. sergeant, describe conditions natalie was living in when you found her in november of 2000? >> well, it was an apartment in south escondido, there were a lot of drug users in the apartments and parolees, the house was a mess, it was filthy. there wasn't enough food for natalie, it was a bad place and we couldn't have left her there. >> todd: would she have survived in that environment? >> i'm sure she would have survived, but her life would be very different. she wouldn't be where she is today, it wasn't going to end well. >> todd: what it was like to get the invite to natalie's pinning ceremony 22 years later? >> my gosh, this was, it is just such a high. even just to get the call and find out what happened to her
2:48 am
and on top of that to be invited to come see her, to pin her badge, it is an amazing feeling and i don't know i will have a career high like that ever again, it is an amazing feeling and even weeks later, still brings a smile to my face. >> todd: that is awesome. natalie, what did you say to the sergeant after you reconnected after all those years? >> i remember thanking him for saving my life and telling him i have waited a very long time to meet him and i was not expecting him to come out and i was surprised when my mom told me and i gave him a hug. i didn't even know what to say, i was speechless. i looked at him and said, i'm natalie. he was like, i know, i know you know. we sat down and talked about my story, it is a moment i will never experience again because of how great it was. >> todd: natalie, why did you choose law enforcement in the first place?
2:49 am
it was because of jeff saving your life 22 years ago? >> it was, yes. i have always known that i wanted to help people like jeff helped me because when he saved my life, i knew there was hope out there and there was happiness out there and i want to help people like he helped me. >> todd: sergeant, had you thought about natalie since that fateful day in november of 2000? >> there's been a few times over the years where i've run into people who were associated with that house and of course when you run into them, you remember what happened and of course it brought it to mind. i never thought i would see or hear about natalie again. we make the best decisions we can, but we never expect to find out what is going to happen, we just hope for the best. to see how this turned out is amazing. >> todd: have you guys had the chance to talk shop now that you
2:50 am
are in the same profession? >> yes, we have talked about me being able to reach out to him if i need any help and he's given me a lot of advice on not only work, but how to save money and how to deal with this career and i'm very thankful for that and thank to feel have him in my life to be able to help me with that. >> todd: this is the most beautiful story we've done in a while, natalie, congrats to you on embarking on thisser career. sergeant, thank you for doing what you did a couple decades ago, you saved the life and potentially saved the life of a first responder who will help other people, that is awesome. have a great day, everybody. a reporter calling child protection services over social media post celebrating columbus day, she ain't happy about it. >> to have the odd audacity to attack a single mother, that is
2:51 am
what is wrong in america right now. >> todd: joe concha reacts to that insane story next. >> carley: check in with steve doocy see what is coming up on "fox and friends." >> steve: good morning, on thursday "fox and friends," learning about another attack on law enforcement, this time two officers in connecticut dead after being shot in the line of duty overnight. tragic details coming in, we'll give you the latest. also, president biden out west to talk up infrastructures, but back at the white house, his team is on clean-up duty, we'll tell you why. and gen-z set to have a huge impact in this year's mid-term elections, hear from three who share their top issues and the lineup, lara trump, kellyanne conway, shannon bream and brian brenberg and you of course, put down that remote.
2:52 am
carley and todd back in a couple, you are watching "fox and friends first" here on the fox news channel.
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>> carley: listen to this, a single mom in virginia state senate candidate is standing up against what she calls the radical left's campaign to raise history after a journalist called child protective services on her for celebrating columbus day with her child. >> for someone like this to have the audacity to attack a single mother who is a sole provider for her child, and you literally htry to have that child taken away because his feelings are hurt over me selling celebrating ahottie with my chid the pale. we are sick and tired of people telling us how to raise our kids, and it needs to stop. >> todd: joe concha, are we at the point now where the left is so afraid of people talk about an opinion they don't share?
2:57 am
they are going to call the cops, the authorities, child protective services on that person in this instance to get their kids removed? >> yeah, todd. this is supposed to be an award-winning journalist. this looks more like an unhinged activist instead of a journalist. and here you have this activist urging his followers to call a child abuse hotline -- think about this -- over a b928 surrounding what should be prioritized in terms of what we teach our children in schools? imagine child abuse hotline being tiled to my child up for something like 45 minutes for this. it's a class one misdemeanor for a bit knowingly make. and a stupid tweet to stay up, elon musk can get there quickly enough, guys. >> he's got 300,000 twitter followers and he encouraged them to call child protective services and then he did himself. he was upset because there was a 45-minute wait time.
2:58 am
part of that could have been the fact that he encouraged all these hundreds of thousands of people to called child protective services for no reason. imagine if there is somebody really needs that service and they couldn't get through. >> precisely. and he was bragging about it again, as this journalist come on twitter, saying there's a 23 have him in backup. now there's a 43-minute backup. he was actually proud that he tied up this hotline over something like this. again, that is against the law. the fact that twitter has kept this up, i think the authority should be called here, quite frankly. >> todd: they need to roll this guy for making a false claim and encouraging others to do so and tying up those lines. or maybe he should just come to jersey next columbus day and talk to some of my paisans guarding strategies. it won't work out well. caf cnn and msnbc are starting to call .
2:59 am
>> this is both callous and clueless, and it is sure to promote a political backlash. >> they say that republicans handle crime if she's better. >> these are the issues where republicans were the strongest. the border, crime, and economy. >> todd: all right, joe. the democratic p.r. arm has 26 days to clean this up. what are they going to do about it, and october surprise? >> that's amazing. there's always an october surprise, it seems. cnn, msnbc, welcome to the party. in cities and towns across the country for many months now and you look at this abc poll, economy, education, inflation, and crime are easily the top four issues. that's very bad news for the democratic party wants to make this solely about abortion and donald trump, who hasn't been in office for 21 months. local news is still largely the same. it is fact-based from reports in the ground and set of opinion and most across the country are leading with the same topic
3:00 am
every night and it usually involves a crime scene and sound bites from people saying they don't feel as safe as they once did. this will have a profound impact on the midterms and democrats will be seen as the party ill-equipped to handle us. >> carley: a joe concha live for us right before "fox & friends." we like to sleep in a little bit this morning. >> todd: come on, man! >> carley: a fat, "fox & friends" starts right now. >> president biden is in los angeles today. >> as the parties being blamed for high crime, high gas prices. >> the consequences of saudi arabia after the moves. >> we are going to react to saudi arabia. >> police say a missing georgia toddler is likely dead, naming his mother as the prime suspect. >> a police statement on twitter saying, we seized evidence that will help move this case forward. speak of the so-called smoking gun in the whipping controversy.


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