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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  October 13, 2022 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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it's a delicacy in some cultures. goose pate is very scrumptious. >> dana: i lived in the u. u.k. -- >> jesse: they love the geese. >> jeanine: eat them -- >> dana: that's it for us, special report is up next. >> i thought we said that was a foul come you can't get rid of me. great show, thank you. i'm bill hemmer in tonight for bret baier and we are watching three major stories. a dramatic day in the trial of a russian national accused of lying to the fbi about the steele dossier. of the congressional votes to subpoena the president donald trump and relations
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between the u.s. and saudi arabia hitting new lows over the opec decision to cut oil production. there is more bad economic news with only 26 days before the midterms. for the second straight day we received worse than expected inflation numbers and that has the white house scribbling for an explanation. jacqui heinrich starts us off from the north lawn. >> there is no timeline on when the consequences for the saudis that the president biden talked about might come. he might want to consult with congress and they are out of session until after the midterms but officials here are starting to paint a bit clearer of a picture of what it all might look like. the white house getting vocal about how seriously the president is considering calls from congress to scale back arms sales to saudi arabia after opec plus rejected white house please and slashed production. >> that is going to be on the table, that will be an option
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the president looks at. the spate and the scale, the size, the whole program of arms sales. >> the news prompting a rare exchange of public jabs. saudi arabia rejecting u.s. accusations it has sided with russia for them in the production cuts as a purely economic and a decision taken unanimously by all member states of the opec plus group. the saudis further alleged the white house pushed for a one-month delay fueling speculation he wanted to pass off bad news until after the midterms. one senior u.s. official called that claim b.s. saying the u.s. asked the saudis to delay any decision until the next scheduled opec meeting offering data shortcuts aren't necessary right now. >> we are in a global economic recovery, the recovery is fragile. now is not the time to take energy off the market. >> new inflation data showing energy costs are still spiking to my fuel oil up more than 58% in september compared with last year although a slight decline
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from august, september's inflation still jumped 8.2% from a year earlier stripping out a volatile food and energy costs, core inflation hit a new 40 year high, 6.6%. >> inflation is going to get worse, it's that simple. >> the president framed it as a global challenge claiming americans would be worse off if republicans take back congress. >> they want to repeal the inflation reduction acts. they are going to repeal the $2,000 cap on prescription drugs, cap on insulin, dawn. >> officials are not indicating there's any hope the saudis could reverse their decision saying that is up to them and it's up to the u.s. to reevaluate the strategic relationship moving forward. one official said the saudis twisted arms to get member states to vote in support of the cuts to send a clear message in response the u.s. has canceled a scheduled meeting with the
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saudis on air defense cooperation to counter iran to send a clear message to them. >> bill: i don't know where this is going, we'll talk about it with the panel. meanwhile u.s. mortgage rates have jumped to their highest level that we have seen in more than two decades. "the wall street journal" reports the average 30-year fixed mortgage hit 6.92 this week many lenders are offering rates well over 7%. a year ago the average was only 3% or a bit higher. , today's economic news did not discouraged investors, they stormed back from a deep deficit finishing ahead 822 points. the nasdaq surged 200. the chairman of the committee investigating last year's capitol riots is former president trump must be held accountable. the panel voted unanimously to issue a subpoena, chad pergram
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shows us what happened and what it might mean. >> a blockbuster october surprise but all for show, an aggressive move by the committee to compel former president trump to testify. the panel aiming to punctuate its investigation before the midterms. >> we want to hear from him, the committee needs to do everything in our power to tell the most complete story possible and provide recommendations to help ensure nothing like january 6th ever happens again. >> one of the former president's most vocal critics calling for the subpoena. >> we are obligated to seek answers directly from the man who set this all in motion. >> of the former president doesn't comply with the subpoena of the committee could ask the house to hold trump in contempt of congress. the doj could potentially prosecute the presidents but chances of that are unclear.
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the committee played the dramatic never before seen video of congressional leaders imploring trump administration officials and governors to swing into action once they were whisked to safety in the middle of the capital siege. >> they are taking -- >> their breaking windows, they said somebody was shot. >> they need massive personnel now, they did the maryland national guard. >> president trump tweeted mike pence lacked the courage to tilt the election. >> one agent in the secret service intelligence division immediately warned -- probably not going to be good for mike pence. >> they played a tape from trump confidant steve bannon who said the president never planned to leave office no matter the
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election results. >> what he's going to do, he's going to declare victory. that doesn't mean he is the winner, his display to say he is the winner. >> a source close to mr. trump says he loves the idea of testifying. the former president tells fox the committee needs publicity. gerald ford was the last president to testify in 1983 about the constitution. >> bill: thank you, from capitol hill tonight. dramatic testimony in the trial of russian national accused of lying to the fbi. a lot of this case involves the infamous steele dossier that was used in the trump russia investigation but the scope is invented beyond that. david spunt explains outside the courthouse. >> on paper of this trial is about lying to the fbi. in the courtroom it is a much broader theme according to special counsel john durham who is trying to uncover some
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problems within the fbi back in 2016 and 2017 inside the agency itself. the first witness on the stand today a political operative on the democratic side named charles dolan. he was in contact with igor dan janco during the summer of 2016. he told him he had inside information about problems within the trump campaign from a g.o.p. source. he gave the information which wound up in the widely reported steele dossier a collection of allegations aimed to take down candidate trump. under questioning today he admitted he lied that the info about the campaign was not from an inside source but from television news. he denies knowing that but it did wind up in that dossier of the fbi use the dossier to justify a wiretapping campaign aide, we talked about the steele dossier for half a decade now but are finally finding out some of the sources of information that made it inside,
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and earlier testimony the fbi analyst admitted under oath the fbi offered ex-british spy christopher steele up to $1 million to corroborate. he could not corroborate and was never paid. durham asked him you didn't have corroboration from databases, from other intelligence committee agencies or from christopher steele and it still went into a application? he does not live in the united states and will not appear as a witness in the case we are told but the dossier remains a major focus of this trial. late today and agent that was representing igor dan janco stuck up for him and losing him as an fbi source would harm national security and that agent said yes. >> bill: tell us about the latest developments from supreme court this evening.
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>> the supreme court declined to get involved at all, the team wanted to the supreme court to get involved to get the go-ahead for a special master named judge raymond deary to look at roughly 100 documents taken from mar-a-lago in early august. the supreme court essentially said we are not getting involved right now meeting the special master cannot look through those documents and the department of justice can continue to go through those documents as part of the investigation. >> bill: we'll see where that goes, nice to see you on that. assistant u.s. attorney andy mccarthy on the durham matter. the witness may have lied but what have we learned about the fbi? >> the story that you just heard underscores that they knew the information they would bring was not corroborated.
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when you say we'll give you a million dollars if you can help us prove this that's tantamount to saying it's not proven and that's a big problem for them because the federal law and the rules of the court require that information be verified before to be brought to the court. the situation you have is they went to the court not once, not twice, not three times, but four times under oath with information they knew was not verified. >> bill: we can say the fbi used his lies, can't we? >> >> they use that none of this information was proven. i think what they would say is we believe this is true but we haven't ourselves been able to establish it, they wouldn't cop to lying but it sure looks like that's what happened. >> bill: i was watching a few hours ago during the january 6th
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hearing that we covered live today -- at the conclusion of that subpoena that was issued from the committee the former president talked on truth social and asked why didn't the select committee asked to testify a few months ago? the final moments of the last meeting? because the committee is a bus that has served to further divide our country which by the way is doing very badly, laughingstock all over the wo world. does the subpoena from the committee go anywhere? >> i don't think so because i don't think there's enough time for them to enforce the sub subpoena. subpoenaing donald trump is not like subpoenaing steve bannon. it's a monumental thing for congress to issue a subpoena even to a former president, raises all kinds of constitutional separation of powers issues. the other thing that is worth noting is what liz cheney said today when she teed up the subpoena was he was the center of everything and january 6th. we have an obligation to hear
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from him. the problem with that is, that's precisely what she said months ago when they did to their first of the series of hearings that we got this summer. why not have done it then since nothing has changed as far as they're concerned. >> it's nice to see you tonight come andy mccarthy covering that today. in a moment following the money trail and the key senate race that may decide the majority in congress. the president's border crisis as told by the stunning numbers that we received tonight. ♪ ♪ this... is a glimpse into the no-too-distant future of lincoln. ♪ ♪ it's what sanctuary could look like... feel like... sound like... even smell like. more on that soon.
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♪ ♪ >> bill: the man who killed 17 people at a south florida high school in 2018 will be sentenced to life in prison and no parole. a jury did not agree to the now 24-year-old nicholas cruz should be executed. that decision had to be unanimous among the jurors. >> intimates midterm spotlight back to one of our top stories most of the members on that january 6 committee are juggling their work with reelection bid's.
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not so for a wyoming congresswoman liz cheney who lost a republican primary. she lost that to trump backed attorney harry hagemann defeated during the past summer's primary season. she faces a democrat in the race for the at-large district in wyoming, spent about 46 years since a democrat won that seat. on the democratic side most are expected to hold onto their seats, the chairman bennie thompson is no exception. he has represented mississippi's second district for about 30 years. he faces republican naval bitterman brian flowers in november, one possible pickup for republicans is florida democratic stephanie murphy's seat she announced back in december she would not seek reelection. our fox news power rankings have this seat is a solid win for republican army veteran cory mills. he faces democratic community activist karen green and 26 days. republicans also pouring in new
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money and big money in a senate race in north carolina that could prove pivotal. that state is one of the top destinations for people moving from other locations in the country and country and rich and send reports in north carolina tonight on that race. >> statistical margin of error race, but it's still close. >> conservative outside groups have more than tripled liberal groups spending in the north carolina senate race between congressman ted bud and democrat sherry beasley, that's according to open secrets. democrats have narrowly lost the previous three senate races here and some been critical at what they say is a reluctance to spend here. >> we know it matters a lot to the national folks and we are thankful for the support we are getting. >> a group aligned with senate majority leader chuck schumer is now reportedly spending more than $4 million for an ad campaign over the next couple of
3:21 pm
weeks. early voting begins october 20th in a race that has been pulling within just a few percentage points since early summer. both campaigns are intensifying their turnout efforts. that brought sherry beasley too heavily republican yancy county, she has called but extreme on abortion and highlighting his ties to president trump. >> ported with his party 92% of the time and i have always vowed to be independent. >> the current momentum is with us, issues are on our side, people are talking about inflation, talking about education. >> another factor in this race changing demographics, population studies have put north carolina as a top destination for americans relocating during the pandemic. republicans say conservative retirees coming here gives them a boost. democrats say they have an edge with younger and latino voters registering.
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in belmont north carolina, rich edson fox news. >> bill: governor ron desantis has issued an executive order expanding building access for the midterm elections. he did that for three counties for hurricane ian destroyed polling places and displaced thousands. the move follows a request from the charlotte and sarasota counties along with voting rights groups extending the number of early voting days and approving additional early voting locations to be determined very soon. in a moment, human smuggling is up a staggering 500%. cartel profits are in the billions, we'll have the latest on the border crisis. beyond our borders tonight iran's president accusing the u.s. of conducting a failed policy of destabilization targeting his nation. this as iranians protest the death of a woman in police custody. demonstrations continue in multiple cities with video showing security forces apparently firing toward some of those protesters.
3:23 pm
south korea saying north korea launched a ballistic missile toward its eastern waters today, this the latest in a spate of missile launches by the north. south korea's joint chiefs of staff saying the north flew warplanes near their shared border which prompted south korea to scramble fighter jets earlier today. this is a live look at one of the big stories -- indonesia preparing to start southeast asia first high-speed rail service. it will cut travel time between jakarta from the current three hours to just about 40 minutes. that train could reach speeds of about 200 miles per hour. it is also part of china's belt and road initiatives. some of the other stories beyond our borders tonight and we will be right back.
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>> bill: the latest numbers on the border crisis show a staggering increase in human smuggling. the state department has the numbers and what they tell us. >> the number one trend responsibility is to protect our citizens. mexicans and americans alike. >> the border crisis dominating today's u.s.-mexico security summit but the state department did not designate the mexican drug cartels as terrorist organizations despite growing calls from republicans to do so. >> more has to be done. >> antony blinken, homeland security secretary alejandra my cassette and attorney general merrick garland all hosted their mexican counterparts of the state department days after dhs reported to a startling 500% increase in human smuggling over the last six months. on top of that to
3:30 pm
"the new york times" reports the cartels raked in $13 billion on human smuggling alone this year, a whopping 2500% increase since 2018. >> they are placing their life savings and their lives in the hands of smugglers who exploit them for profit. >> when it comes to fentanyl which is killing thousands of americans a year, counterterrorism experts believe the drug is a direct threat to america's national security with some place in the cartels on par with isis and al qaeda. mexico's foreign minister acknowledging today problems are complex. >> if you think you're not good to fix something, please just step down. >> without that terrorist designation from the state department, the justice department will have to continue prosecuting smugglers merely as criminals. >> one major policy change on the southern border came
3:31 pm
wednesday evening with the department of homeland security announced any venezuelans that are crossing our southern border in between those ports of entry, they are doing it illegally, unauthorized and they will be sent back to mexico. >> bill: thanks, from the state department tonight. now to the war in ukraine and volodymyr zelenskyy's office saying putin's forces used iranian made kamikaze drones to hit odesa. here is my calling tonight bret baier. >> joining us now to talk about what's happening in russia and ukraine, virginia democratic senator mark warner, he's the chairman of the senate intelligence committee. thanks for being here. we are seeing a lot of movement on the ground in ukraine with the counter offensive by the ukrainians as we look at the map it's still very active.
3:32 pm
how do you see it today in the tense moment we are in? >> clearly the ukrainians have been extraordinarily successful and the total of $65 billion of aid and half of that military has been critical. i think putin has overplayed his hand, he is saber rattling with some of his threats. his effort to call up 300,000 30 conscripts is flailing. the next 30 days are going to be critical. >> bill: there is mixed interpretations at least what we are hearing from the administration up with vladimir putin is saying. here is the president and the defense secretary. >> he is a rational actor who is miscalculated significantly. i think he thought -- you may recall i pointed out they were going to invade, hundred thousand or more troops there, no one believed he was going to invade ukraine. >> putin's saber rattling is
3:33 pm
reckless, nuclear saber rattling is reckless and irresponsible. we don't expect to see and hear that kind of behavior from a major nuclear power. >> bill: how do you read putin, knowing what you know? >> the war is not going the way he expected. he could be a dangerous man it backed into a corner. he is still a rational player, we could see a major cyber attack in advance of any movement towards tactical nuclear weapons. you could see the use of chemical weapons which he has used in syria, there is not a good solution where he in any fashion can come out of this a winner. >> bill: how big of a deal is it that china and india have waited and said russia you need to not expand this situation? >> the fact that china and india have backed off i'm glad to see
3:34 pm
a big supporter of india, i'm disappointed by india's performance so far. i think the economic leadership in china has been wanting to back off for a while. i still worry about president xi's personal connection, the friendship that has no end but i think those are the only two major powers that are supportive of his efforts. i think backing off is significant. >> bill: one of the people calling for both sides to get to the negotiating table is elon musk, there's a story that says he personally rejected a ukrainian request to extend his sasatellite internet service the crimea. ian bremmer said he told him in conversation vladimir putin threatened to use nuclear weapons if ukraine try to retake the crimean peninsula which served as the base for russia's naval forces on the black sea. he said that's what he told him, he tweeted out it's not, i've
3:35 pm
spoken to him only once, the subject matter was space. what they talked or not, do you know that and what about the star link uses or nonusage in ukraine? >> i think it is unusual, he got a lot of credit early on when he made that service available to the ukrainians. i worry at times whether he gets over his skis and thinks he can negotiate peace treaties with russia and ukraine, he has been weighing in on taiwan and china which very much worries me as well, he's very up on the communist party in china for production of his batteries all coming from coal-fired energy sources. not good news for any. but i want to get more information and my hope is i have more to say on this and it will be in conjunction with them and some of my republican
3:36 pm
colleagues. i worry folks may not have that much specific knowledge of what is really going on the ground trying to intervene in very, very delicate international circumstances. >> bill: appreciate that, we welcome you back here with republican men ever talk about it. i want to turn topics and put your former governor hat on and your former businessman hat on and talk about the economy. here is the president answering a question about the recession possibly coming. >> bill: to the american people prepare for a recession? >> they have been saying this every six months, they look down the next six months they say it's going to happen, it hasn't happened yet, i don't think there will be a recession, if there is it will be a slight recession. they have been predicting this off and on for the last -- >> you set a slight recession is possible. >> it is possible. it's possible, i don't anticipate it. >> there's some new polls out today from the business council and you know this group it's a
3:37 pm
bunch of ceos for a bunch of companies around the country. ceo confidence is at its lowest level if you look at this chart since 2008. it's into the 30s. of these ceos 88% of them think a recession of some kind is coming to the u.s. may be brief, may be shallow, others think it might be deeper. there are real challenges for these companies, that's pretty telling, how do you see it? >> it would be a responsible any national leader to project that a recession is coming, you don't even hear that from the new prime minister in the u.k. who they are in the midst of a recession. $0.80 and all the dollars the federal government have spent out over the last two years, spent out, not proposed but spent out actually happened under president trump. let me be clear, i voted for all
3:38 pm
of that relief, it was unanimous across the house and the senate, democrats, republicans and that i had to do it again in the line of what we are potentially facing with covid, i think i would do it again. the downside risk was so high. we have been saying for some time the fed ought to ratchet back. the very same business leaders were the very folks saying six months, nine months, the fed needs to take the pedal off the metal and start ratcheting down interest rates, that does drive down the stock market. >> bill: we appreciate your time is always. in a moment here, how some media outlets may be trying to shape the elections based on what and who they cover. a bit later, the panel on the january 6 committee today at voting to subpoena the former president donald trump
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♪ ♪ >> bill: what you are watching me on right now, tv screen come out computer, phone is perhaps the most intense battleground of the upcoming elections. many media outlets seem to be
3:44 pm
pushing a certain agenda and how they cover some of these candidates. we have been watching and so too was howie kurtz, fox news media analyst and host of media buzz, has that story for us tonight. >> it's shameful for you to attack me. >> j.d. vance is one of the latest republican nominees backed by donald trump to be slammed by "the new york times," the paper admitted it was old news reported last year by insider that the ohio senate candidate had started a nonprofit that fizzled after raising little money, but the piece ran two days before his debate with democrat tim ryan. >> i didn't start a fake nonprofit pretending like i was good to help people with addiction like j.d. vance did. >> i put $80,000 of my own money in that organization and it absolutely did help people. >> in the pennsylvania senate race in bc ran a column by an animal rights activist saint dr. oz's research over 21 years
3:45 pm
at columbia university involved killing more than 300 dogs, 31 pigs, and 661 rabbits and rodents, what wasn't mentioned? animal research for new medicines as required by law. >> these accusations which were offered up 20 years ago and were dishonest then and equally dishonest now. >> a probe found only minor violations that led to a $2,000 fine for columbia but because who says he wasn't in the operating room and never heard any indication of mistreatment is being depicted as a heartless puppy killer. >> the times also pounced on doug thomas triano, pennsylvania and gubernatorial nominee for this attack on democratic opponent josh schapiro. >> he grew up in a privilege neighborhood and attended one of those privilege schools in the nation, sending four kids to the same exclusive, elite school. speak of the time said they seem to be a dog whistle because he was unobservant in the school in question was a jewish day school. >> what has drawn the most media attention of the abortion payment allegations against
3:46 pm
herschel walker what she denies despite a substantial evidence from "the daily beast" in "the new york times," whether democratic nominees will receive comparable media scrutiny as a starting to happen with his opponent john fetterman is an open question. >> bill: thank you. up next more tension with the saudis, plus a subpoena for former president donald trump. here's what some of our affiliates around the country are covering tonight. two police officers fatally shot, a third wounded while responding to a domestic violence call earlier today, state police say the suspected shooter was also killed and the shooter's brother was wounded. fox two in detroit, the president at michigan state university announcing his resignation. the move by samuel stanley jr. comes three years after he was hired in the wake of eight assault scandal involving a campus sports doctor. he saying he lost confidence in the school's governing board and can no longer serve at the university.
3:47 pm
here's a live look at raleigh, north carolina, one of the big stories tonight the state fair is now underway and there are 40 new types of food fare available along with 96 different rides. they expect about 100,000 visitors each day. that's tonight's live look outside the beltway or special report, we shall be right back. ♪ ♪ you see that? that's when i realized it's time to finally do the thing we've been talking about for years. so we're making plans for right now. ♪ careful. ♪ you know, opera isn't so bad. do you like it? start your plan today with a northwestern mutual financial advisor and spend your life living. ♪ some days, it felt like asthma was holding me back.
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♪ ♪ >> folks don't need a report to tell them they are being squeezed, fighting this battle every day is a key reason why i ran for president of the united states. >> administration waking up every day trying to address that problem head on. we have policies that are going to make a difference and policies that already made a difference, we have to stay the course. >> the policies we are doing to help mitigate and ease price pressures are having effect but when we are talking about squeezing family budgets we have to talk about energy and food. the question is our policy policymakers doing what they need to do? >> bill: a lot of explaining on the inflation numbers they were poor for the second day in a row, that coupled with a very public disagreement with saudi arabia on oil, affecting gas prices down the line with russia. want to bring in our panel, josh
3:53 pm
holmes cohost of the ruthless podcast and former chief of staff to senator mitch mcconnell. marie hard former state department spokeswoman under president obama and director of "the daily caller," great to have you on a good evening, to our discussion we begin with you, where are we headed with this economic picture? here and overseas? >> it's really bad news. inflation up and up, the bigger problem is the biden administration at this point has next to zero credibility on this issue. at the beginning of the term it was transitory, it was temporary and we had talked about the inflation reduction act having some impact on inflation and here we are two months after that. you play the clips from the economic advisors all telling us we have plans in place -- that is the problem, they do have plans in place. they have a huge impact and it's going in the wrong direction.
3:54 pm
i think every solution they have come up with at this stage is heading in the wrong direction for the american people. >> bill: he went a long way to try to explain this away it's a little bit difficult. >> inflation numbers are not a good by the administration has said that, they agree with that assessment. gas prices have continued to come down which is good for the american people and they are things in the inflation reduction act that will take money and put it back in american's pockets. prescription drugs, the inflation reduction act is going to save americans money on prescription drugs, on energy costs, that will continue over the coming months. democrats are going to make that case on the campaign trail. they are going to say we have already made progress with gas prices and pass legislation to make progress in other areas and inflation is a global phenomenon that everyone is dealing with, we have a plan to deal with it
3:55 pm
here. that is the case you will keep hearing for the administration. >> bill: to people buy at? >> i don't think so and that's why you are seeing in all of these polls with each passing day it's moving more and more in the republican direction. the economy, inflation, energy, those are top priorities republican's are benefiting from that because democrats are in charge of everything right now. i know democrats have relied on this idea inflation is global -- the global reserve currency is the american dollar and we have injected a tremendous amount of those into the globe. as soon as joe biden gets into office he signs off on $1.9 trillion spending package when states had surpluses of their prior covid funds. all it did was make americans poorer. inflation is up, wages aren't keeping pace. americans are struggling to make ends meet and they are looking at blaming joe biden. >> we saw about three hours of what could be the last january 6th hearing, they issued a subpoena for the former
3:56 pm
president. politico rode as it reflects on the midterms, one of you respond to this? criticism of the 139 house republicans that voted to challenge the loss in january 62021 has all but been absent from the airwaves with 25 days until the midterms, and full of them are in close races. less than 2% of all broadcast tv spending in house races has gone toward january 6th adds. trump is not on the ballot, what does that tell you? >> i'm struggling to conjure up a moment when congress appeared more out of touch with the american people. the recent democrats aren't running ads on january 6th is because it shows up nowhere in the list of priorities that americans are concerned about, much less so at a point where we are announcing more and more inflation. gas prices, i heard talk about gas prices going down i don't see that. out in nevada it was still $6 a
3:57 pm
gallon. people have real problems here and we have gotten to the bottom of what happened on january 6th i think everybody has a good idea what's happening there. this seems i get tremendous waste of time and i think most americans have tuned out. >> not everybody does agree what happens in january 6th is bad including republican candidates for governor, for lieutenant governor, state legislatures across the country who are whitewashing what happened on january 6th, saying that they would not certify future elections of republicans don't win and are endorsing the rioters on january 6th. i think congress has a role regardless of electoral politics and holding people accountable and in warning people across the country this could happen again and it could be worse. we do see the american people caring about the state of our democracy, about their rights, the future of our country even if they don't say it's about january 6th, they don't want
3:58 pm
people in office who are going to throw out their vote, not certify elections because of false claims like donald trump and his allies have made. >> bill: the question of protecting democracy has appeared in a lot of polls. the question is are they wasting their time on this issue or is the appropriate amount of time when you consider 2% of the ads? >> it's a distracting spectacle not commensurate with reality. if you want to assess what the threats to our democracy and institutions are we should talk about the fbi which is conducting the single largest investigation and its history into january sixth just today. in a courthouse in alexandria you covered, you had a hillary clinton campaign volunteer charles dolan admit that he lied, a guy who works for a left-wing democratic think tank who is accused of lying to the fbi who then knew the dossier didn't have the valuable information is, went to a fisa court in spite of the trump campaign. all of that adds up to our
3:59 pm
institutions are deeply corrupt. i'll give you one more january 6th date, january 62017 when james comey briefs donald trump and that starts off hellfire against trump for four more years because of our corrupt institutions. >> bill: is not everyday you hear about fbi offered a million dollars to cooperate evidence, not every day. thank you for coming on tonight. ♪ ♪ >> bill: finally tonight, a special data may a bb crowd serves her way to dwayne "the rock" johnson. he was in mexico and noticed a teary-eyed fan in the crowd, the man held up his baby in the air, she was gently passed from person to person until finally reaching the giant arms of the rock. johnson later took to instagram, calling her a beautiful, serene presence and a trusting angel. cool site from mexico.
4:00 pm
the rock. tomorrow on "special report," homeland security looking for volunteers at the border to pick up trash. can't make that up. thank you for watching "special report." check out dana and me monday through friday on "america's newsroom" 9:00 a.m., hope to see you then. in the meantime, bill hemmer live in new york tonight. jesse watters on "primetime" starts in a moment here. jesse comes in as we say good evening to "primetime." >> jesse: good evening. i love how you say it. ♪ ♪ we all have moments in life when we wake up and we realize that our dreams aren't working out. practice all you want, you are not going to be the quarterback for the birds. >> haven't played in years. why can't i be quarterback? >> you are right. let's see what you've got. hit me, i'm open. that's why. now sit down and shut up. >> jesse: and you are not just one break away from scoring that record deal. >>