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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  October 14, 2022 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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retail theft up 54% in the last year. armed robbery up 52%. it's tough out there. businesses don't want to do business where it's dangerous. >> martha: thanks, jeff. we'll be in pennsylvania if we can after next, after the big debate there. that is "the story" for this friday. i'll see you an hour on "the five." >> neil: prices go up, stocks go down. president biden continues to hit the trail in california. he's about to tell folks how he's trying to lower costs for consumers. is that proving to be a tough sell? we're on top of it with jacqui heinrich at the white house on how the president is pitching and what he's specifically pitching. madison alworth in new york city on how businesses are scrambling and king's college county professor brian brenberg on consumers that keep buying, which is why the federal reserve keeps hiking.
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a confusing world. welcome to "your world." i'm neil cavuto. happy to have you with us. let's go to jacqui heinrich on what we're likely to hear from the president. >> hi, neil. we're getting a closer picture of the strategy here at the white house. we've heard from the president before and seeing more of now telling voters that things will get worse with the economy if republicans take back control of congress. we got an unusual e-mail in the white house press core from andrew bates telling us to watch an interview that house minority leader kevin mccarthy is going to be doing with punch bowl next week. bates writes to us in an e-mail, kevin mccarthy continues to show cause how eager maga republicans are to make inflation worse if it minds a wind fall for rich special interests at the expense of the middle class families. nobody gives more compelling proof for the fact that republicans in congress would exacerbate inflation and sell hard working families out to
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special interests. it has not been a great week for this president on the economy. although today's preliminary consumer sentiment report showed better numbers than expected. there's still uncertainty over the trajectory of prices and financial markets. yesterday's inflation report showed an 8.2% from last year largely driven by food, energy and housing costs. that was on the heels of a producer price index record wednesday showing inflation has not peaked. the white house keeps giving us the same line that we've heard over and over again. >> we are making progress. we are making progress on energy prices. we're making progress. we just have to stay at it. >> biden says he will announce some plan to bring down gas prices next week. no clue what it entails. congressional democrats signal that it might have something to do with saudi arabia and arms sales. biden said this yesterday. >> what is your message to saudi arabia about this? >> we're about to talk to them.
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>> so tonight the president will talk about lowering costs for prescription drugs from california where the national -- the price of gas is about $2 higher than the national average they're paying in that stay about $6.20 a gallon, neil. >> neil: the taxes must be outlandish. the president expected to address this but might be too little too late for a lot of businesses scrambling to adjust to the new reality. let's get a read on that with madison alworth in new york city. hi, madison. >> hi, neil. yes. despite what the white house says, inflation is bad. like 40-year high bad. for consumers, it's not all bad news. because now we're seeing businesses offer perks and incentives in order to get those buyers through the door. we're at a trader joe's in new york city. the reason is because the grocery store has reintroduced free samples. as a customer, i love free samples. i get free food and drinks.
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as a retailer, trader joe's is hoping you love the sample enough to buy the full size products. other brands like domino's are running deal 20% off of chicken wings. they're going to take a loss on that product but hope to make up the sale with the other parts of your order. costco is staying true to cheap items like rotisserie chicken and hot dogs and hoping you spend more on bulk items. costco is not the only 1 keeps prices low. arizona tea, which can, 99 cents in 1992. the price is still the same. i spoke to the founder. he said they're going to keep it at 99 cents for as long as they can. >> they asked me why do you do it? they don't need another hike from a guy like me. if you can avoid it, take it on
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the chin and tighten your belt. get through it. consumers will appreciate that in the long run. >> you have to imagine that consumers will appreciate it. we're seeing a weakening consumer. we got the retail sales numbers in today. came in below expectations. flat month over month. just showing that the rising interest rates and the inflation that you see everywhere, it is impacting the wallet. the consumer just looking for sales and deals. if you know where to look, you can find them. neil? >> neil: the great pivot is on. at the corner of wall and broad, they didn't like what they were seeing. so with the same type of economic numbers a downdraft on the fears that nothing will stop the federal reserve from hiking interest rates. the betting seemed to be today that we're going to see two rate hikes in a row of three quarters of a percent. that would make five times in a row the federal reserve has hiked interest rates.
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another phenomenon that worried investors is a ten-year treasury note or bond was over 4%. now a lot of rates are attached to that including car loans, home equity loans, mortgage loans. as that goes up, there's a big worry. the last time that was going on, the last time a ten-year closed above 4% was october 15th, 2007 when a certain business network names fox business network debuted. debuted in the middle of that. again, you know that. we may be prepared for a lot of this. if you don't have fbn for 15 years i've been telling you to demand it and many of you did and made it the number 1 business network. brian brenberg joins us. i joke with him, if i had him as a teacher, i'd be doing better than i'm doing right now. anyway, good to see you, brian. what is wild about this, my
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friend, is rates go up and continue to go up. what is remarkable about the rate increases that we've seen and big ones to come, it's not even budged inflation. what do you make of that? >> yeah, i mean, that's the problem. month after month, we're seeing .75% increases. we thought maybe this is a month where it will come down. the white house keeps scheduling the inflation events on days when the numbers come out. the numbers keep coming out badly. that's what happens when we have an administration that spends so much money in to this inflation. it's going to take a long time to work our way out of it. we're maybe ticking down ever so slightly right now, neil. the core numbers, which tell you the inflation has spread throughout the economy, keep going up. so the fed is behind the eight ball. i got to tell you, i don't think they know what they're doing. they're throwing these .75% rate increases out there. they really don't have a clue
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how much damage that could do. that is what is getting markets i think nervous. that's why they're back and forth and up and down. 7% mortgage rates. what does that do to people? borrowing rates for businesses that would like to expand. but can they really do it when rates are up 6, 7, 8% to borrow? i don't think so, neil. we've heard the analogy of a hurricane here. the problem is of the hurricane, you don't know where it's going to land. you don't flow what kind of damage it's going to do. it's very appropriate for what we're seeing right now. >> what do you make of the resilience so far of the american consumer? still buying groceries but buying alternatives to beef. by and large, what is difference from this experience now, brian, versus what is going and happening during the jimmy carter administration, is that we have a strong job market for the time being. i stress that. jimmy carter didn't have that. is that going to save us from
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dis-sasser? does it give us wiggle room? >> not a lot of wiggle room when your wages are not keeping up with inflation. people had savings after the pandemic. the government threw a lot of cash out there. now people are cutting into credit cards. credit card debt is going up. you have to buy food. the fact is, we just came out of a pandemic. people don't want to miss an opportunity to live life before who knows this administration will try to do next. people have had a lot of desire to get out there and spend. they're hitting their limits. last month's spending numbers were flat. when you adjust for inflation, it was really down, neil. people are getting less for what they're paying. that to me is a very bad sign. consumers have done their very best. in fact, i think they have been abused by this administration. the administration has counted on them to keep this up. i really don't see that going forward. people are very nervous about their utility bills this winter,
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neil. when the bills come in very high, that is when budgets are going to get massively squeezed. that's where you'll see a real hit to consumer pending. >> neil: i wanted to get your take on housing. you said mortgages are closing in on 7%. they doubled over the past year. likely to climb higher. depending on the market that slowed things down to severe slow downs going on in markets that were nearly as hot as southern florida and the rest, so where do we go from here? >> well, i mean, as these mortgage rates go up, people are saying prices are still a little too high to buy. i don't want to -- >> neil: so hold off. >> i don't want to take on this debt. this is one of those worst case scenarios. if you're a home buyer or seller right now, both parties are sitting there thinking this is a bad, bad moment to either be trying to sell or trying to buy. and as a result, that hits
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consumer sentiment. we talked about the consumer. for most people, their house is one of the biggest investments. right now they're wondering where that will go. here's the other piece, neil. when interest rates go up, you look around and say where did people get on the wrong side of debt? where are the debt bombs hidden right now. that is something that could start to rear its ugly head. we saw that in the u.k. over the past week. that created a lot of problems. where is that coming next, neil? we don't know. the federal reserve has been on the biggest monetary experiment in the history of the federal reserve. it has been an utter failure. >> neil: yeah, it's the only game in town. >> and the worst game. >> neil: thank you, my friend. class dismissed. thanks very much. we're going to be exploring this in more detail tomorrow on my weekend show at 10:00 a.m. eastern time. we talk to pollsters lee carter, mark penn in how this is factoring out in races. i notice as we look at the key
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senate races, it's the number 1 issue, the economy and the prices that folks are paying. not even on that top five list is what is happening in russia. my next guest thinks it should be there. right now vladimir putin is signalling that he's going to go slow on this reserve call-up that he has most of the 300,000 soldiers that he wants or it's another head think. we're on that after this.
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>> neil: vladimir putin saming i'm done calling up reservests. i got all of what i want. a lot of folks are saying i don't know here. a lot of folks are wondering whether he will resume these brutal attacks targeting private civilians. trey yingst has been way ahead of this. trey? >> neil, good afternoon. right now you have russian officials telling civilians to evacuate. specifically in the kherson region, people have had their lived destroyed since the russian invasion began. 72-year-old tatiana stands amid the destruction in her village.
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i have been crying for a month. i'm so shocked. i can't recover from that feeling, tatiana says. i was left with nothing. all the clothes are here, everything. as ukrainian troops liberate towns in the southern kherson region, more evidence of the trauma inflicted on the civilians. it was a disaster. there was not a single peaceful day. we were hiding and planting in the garden when there was no shelling. vladimir putin is suffering extensive battlefield losses and has now shifted to an even more brutal campaign against heavily populated areas. from increased shelling in villages near the front lines to widespread missile attacks on ukrainian cities. putin is pulling a too familiar page from the russian playbook. ukraine's western allies met in brussels. 14 nato countries and finland have agreed to a new european air defense alliance as a result
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of this week's conversations. lloyd austin saying this. >> the united states is absolutely committed to its article 5 commitments and we're committed to defending every which i of nato's territory if and when it comes to that. >> while speaking today in kazakhstan, putin made more threats towards nato while reports say he moved strategic bombers close to the border with norway. neil? >> neil: thanks, trey. be safe. i want to go to leon panetta, the former cia director who told sky news not long ago -- i was intrigued by this comments about vladimir putin. when vladimir putin is cornered, he's dangerous. when you corner a bully, a bully can be very dangerous. he's at that stage right now. >> there's no question, neil. at this point putin is flighting
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a two-front war. one in ukraine and one in moscow. he's got hardliners that are criticizing him for the way this war is going. and it's pretty clear that the tide of war has really changed in ukraine. putin is losing. so as a result of that, he is feeling cornered. when he's cornered, putin will strikeout as bullies will when they're basically prevented from using any other options. he's in a place where he doesn't have a lot of places to go. that's what makes him very dangerous right now. >> neil: he seems hot and cold, leon. now this latest overture, he says he's done with his military call-up. at the time we were about 220,000 russian soldiers. we're getting this from him. i don't know how accurate it is. it's close to the 300,000 he
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wanted. he had a devil of time getting reservists in the first place. most were trying to flee the country. what is the real deal? >> well, it goes back to what i said. he's confronting problems back in moscow. he's had a hard time mobilizing the forces that he's been trying to put together. a lot have been leaving. there's really a lot of criticism about the war going on in moscow. add to that, the hardliners that are being very critical of what's going on. you put all of that together, you know, he's having a hard time being able to put together the kind of military capability that would be able to respond in ukraine. the ukrainians are taking advantage of it. they have been able to take over
1:21 pm
literally over 1,000 square miles both in the east and the south and they will continue to do that. and i think that's what they should do, very frankly. continue their offensive to push putin and russia out of ukraine. that's the effort that they ought to be pushing. >> neil: i can't see an end game to this. if he chooses to, you know, leave ukraine or a way to end this war, he's got to leave with something. he has said those annexed territories are given. the ukrainians, as you indicate it's not a gin. they're winning lands back. so what is it? he's listening to hardliners saying double down. a good many of russians showing for protests all over the country and those that are reluctant to be called up for this war, that's not a good war to them. he's kind of stuck. >> these a good way to put it.
1:22 pm
he is stuck. intelligence continues to say that putin is not at a point where he's prepared to negotiate or try to find an off ramp here. so he's going to continue to double down. that's exactly what he's doing with these missile barrages. although i think again, that's a sign of weakness. in those missile barrages, half are being taken down. they are not being effective at trying to paralyze ukraine in terms of infrastructure. the most important thing right now that the united states and the allies need to do is to develop a comprehensive air defense system for ukraine. israel is able when hamas sends missiles out to knock down over 90% of those missiles. we need to see the same kind of capability given to the ukrainians. >> neil: what do we do about the saudis? they led this effort on the part
1:23 pm
of opec countries to cut production, two million barrels a day. the administration has promised to respond. some say stop sending the saudis arms, period. what would you do? >> look, i'm a believer that the most important thing we need to do in the middle east is to build strong alliances with our moderate arab friends in the middle east along with israel. that's the best way to deal with terrorism and it's the best way to deal with iran. we had that kind of relationship with saudi arabia in the past. i hope we can get back to that kind of relationship. but i think it's too important -- >> neil: moderate friends don't cut production costs on you. whatever their beef with is this president. i certainly get that. i'm wondering, are they really our friends when they do something like that? >> well, you know, i think the
1:24 pm
way to approach this is to -- through diplomacy. sending people directly to saudi arabia to talk these issues through. i think they will listen. we have a lot of leverage on saudi arabia with regard to weapons. i would hate to see that relationship go sour right now. because frankly, the middle east is another area that we need to pay attention to. we have failed states. we have problems with terrorism. we have problems with iran. it's incredibly important that we try to put together a strong alliance that can confront those issues. >> neil: thanks, leon. great seeing you. >> great to be with you. >> martha: when billionaires and the companies that they say they want to acquire are at a legal crossroads, kelly o'grady has been fallowing that. it's a mess when it comes to
1:25 pm
elon musk and twitter. >> it is. this saga won't quit. now it turns out the billionaire may be the target of a federal investigation. we'll tell you how that can play in to the takeover coming up. ng. unless you happen to be a dog. where there's a pet there's always...this. that's why we have innovations like the maytag pet pro laundry pair. so you and your favorite sweater can forget about all about those hairy situations. shop maytag and more exclusive out of the blue innovations at lowe' ♪hit it!♪ ♪it takes two to make a thing go right♪ ♪it takes two to make it outta sight♪ ♪it takes two to make a thing go right♪ ♪it takes two to make it outta sight♪ ♪one, two, get loose now!♪ ♪it takes two to make a- it takes two to make a-♪
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>> neil: we're waiting to see the flash down of the spacex latest mission that will return those four astronauts after being up at the iss for the better part of six months. big aggressive missions planned from here after this. (music) progress... (music) ...innovation... (music) ...discovery? or simply stability... you shouldn't have to choose. (music) gold. your strategic advantage. (music) visit ♪ ♪
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luxury exemplified. innovation electrified. with apple music seamlessly integrated. the all-new, all-electric eqs suv from mercedes-benz. >> neil: can you tweet legal documents? we're about to find out. the back and forth with twitter and the guy that wants to buy it, elon musk, goes on. kelly o'grady has more. >> good to see you, neil. turns out that elon musk may be under federal investigation for his conduct. twitter is keeping the pressure
1:30 pm
on him that there could be the threat of a trial. in this new court filings, twitter's lawyers are seeking communication around the alleged investigation. they say twitter wants the documents because they bear upon key issues in this litigation. this game of hide the ball must end. so it doesn't share the exact nature of the investigation. but what we've been able to learn is that twitter is seeking a slide presentation that musk made to the ftc and communication with the sec. so for context, the sec was investigating a discrepancy in how the billionaire disclosed his 9% ownership stake and whether or not this tweet like you said before in may, claiming he could not move forward with a deal violated sec protocol. so what twitter is seeking is admittedly from far earlier in this saga. it's not necessarily an imminent investigation. musk's said says this is a misdirection from twitter and they're being investigated for
1:31 pm
whistle-blower accusations, this request was filed the same day last week that the judge announced a pause in the trial giving both sides until october 28 to reach a deal. if they don't, she's prepared to go through the trial in november. twitter says they still intend to close. this will come to a head in the next two weeks. this filing provides another reason for musk to close the deal. based on his actions, he doesn't want more communication to come out, whether it's texts or back and forth with the sec. so it's really a way for twitter to apply pressure because they don't have any other buyers right now, neil. >> neil: to charlie gasparino following this. a betting man you might be privately, is this going to happen? >> i don't know. some days -- >> neil: thank you. that was charlie gasparino. >> here's the thing. net-net, it's likely to happen. the reason why i say that is because i think quite frankly, this judge does not -- he does
1:32 pm
not like elon musk's antics. she made it clear. he signed an agreement, he basically knew about the bot problem. that wasn't a new thing. so she's going to make sure that he is held accountable. i think if you pause it that he knew about the bot problem, which he said was a new thing, that's why he wanted to end the agreement. if you pause at that, you sign an agreement and you waive due diligence, think about what would -- why would you need a delaware court that is supposed to be good at this stuff, you wouldn't need them if it's that clear-cut that he basically went into it with his eyes open. so i think net-net yeah, he will go through it. the question is, does he get them to negotiate down a lesser amount because they don't want to go to trial themselves. this is adding a lot of stress to the company. that's where it gets interesting. that he could be pushing this
1:33 pm
down and he could be essentially using the time delay, the trial delay, the length of the trial, to essentially get twitter to agree to a lesser price. that's the more likely scenario. the other thing i would say, neil, all of these investigations were well-reported over the last six months. it's interesting that we reported that they were looking at the -- how he accumulated his stake and disclosed it right. there was reporting on, you know -- there's always investigations into whether twitter was accounting right, whether it was violating accounting laws. it's been around for a while. i just don't know how much the investigations matter. here's why. let's just say elon musk is found -- he and the sec have to work out a settlement where he's barred as a director of a board member or executive at a public company. i don't think they can bar him from owning it. i don't think they can bar him
1:34 pm
from being like the junior creative officer and having some control. so it almost doesn't matter. remind me of what they did with martha stewart when she was found guilty on obstruction of justice, not inside trading. the sec reached a settlement with her. she was barred from being the ceo for a while. but she could do stuff behind the scenes. so i don't know how much it really matters. >> neil: still early in the process. a lot of theater. we'll see what happens. charlie, thanks very much, a year ago, we talked about the big mid-terms and how we were coming up on them. a year ago, crime was nowhere the top issue for voters. it was not in the top five. right now it is. in fact, number 2 and closing in after this.
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>> neil: as you've been watching the debates, from the governor in michigan, inflation is a give-me. comes up all the time. but increasingly crime does as well. particularly in michigan which has a whole bunch of it to address. mark meredith haas more on the reaction. mark? >> neil, good afternoon to you. a few minutes ago, we saw the republican gubernatorial candidate wrap up an event at this banquet hill behind me. she's trying to make crime front and center as the polls show her trailing the democratic governor, gretchen whitmire. there was new fbi data detailing what crime is like here in michigan. you have cities like detroit, saginaw, lawnsing with rising crime and beating the trends in the entire country. today dixon was on the trail with doug doocy. she says it's no surprise that voters are demanding more attention to be focused on the crime issue. >> people are feeling it in areas that they have never felt
1:40 pm
crime before. not only crime but we also have a problem with overdoses here in the state of michigan. we have had quite a bit of fentanyl coming across our border. we're seeing that much more often now. >> governor whitmire says she's investing in training and law enforcement recruitment. she won the endorsement of the michigan association of police organizations. >> delivered in bipartisan investment in our law enforcement. a billion dollars for training, for recruiting, for making sure that we're shoring up pensions for those that risk their lives. >> now, on the ground though, both law enforcement groups and community activists say they believe both parties do need to do a better john addressing crime and it's an issue for so many here as a matter of life and death. >> all those the legislation has been about the offender and lowering jail populations or lowering prison populations.
1:41 pm
it's not working. >> it does feel like propaganda. all of these talking points for election season and we're left out here to deal with it when the election is over. that's how it's been from the local level up. >> there's one more debate scheduled before election day here in michigan. we are expecting to see whitmire back out on the trail including this weekend. she's expected to hold multiple events with vice president kamala harris. so democrats ready to double down on this state because they tonight want to lose the governor's mansion. dixon said she's feeling better about better as the election grows closer. >> neil: thanks, mark. we go to axios right now. looking beyond issues in one state. steph, i know it's a big issue obviously in michigan, the crime thing. it's big in philadelphia and pennsylvania as a result in georgia, what have you. and that was a nonissue. i wouldn't say an invisible one.
1:42 pm
it's not a top five concern in poll as year ago. now, a close second. what do you make of that? >> we've certainly seen the way both parties communicate about crime change over the past couple years. it was just two years ago when defund the police was the tag line for democrats following the killing of george floyd. that's not the best messaging when it comes to crime. we've seen democrats themselves change their tune over the past two years being more nuanced in the way they deal with crime. democrats have been spending millions specifically to push back on attacks from the right that call them soft on crime. so we have certainly seen a change and we have seen of course in the wake of mass shootings and other violence and other issues of crime rising during the pandemic and after the pandemic that it's an issue that impacts more people's lives. that will be a bigger issue when people look at the polls in
1:43 pm
november. >> steph, we look for signs or break-away moments in the campaign that hint that things could have a watershed-type event change. i can remember that happened in 1980 with ronald reagan and jimmy carter. they were tied going into that final weekend. we know what happened. it was a blow-out. i can remember 1994 when the republicans took control of the house. that was expected. now to the degree they did. so i'm wondering what would move or potentially could be moving as we speak these poll numbers? whether it's crime or inflation or any one of these other issues. >> there's a few things at axios. we've been looking at google trends data to measure which issues are grabbing the national attention. looking for those issues as you point out that could make a difference as we go into the mid-term elections. we're seeing the focus on crime has been growing. it's been around the top ten issues on our list. also the issue of immigration
1:44 pm
and kind of its relation to crime. we've seen republicans effectively message around this issue of kind of chaos at the border, chaos in our neighborhoods. so we've seen that be effective. of course gas prices is another one that we're watching. all three of those are topics that tend to benefit republicans. abortion continues to be a very important issue for democrats. certain areas of the country, this will continue to be one of those really important issues that could change the way election results come out in november. those are the issues that we're looking at axios google trend. you never know when something new might come up. >> neil: and it can come up when you least expect it. thanks, steph from axios. another issue that concerns americans depending on the poll and the survey, what is happening at the border. things are getting dicey there. doesn't griff jenkins know it.
1:45 pm
hey, griff. >> good afternoon, neil. we're in the middle of the rio grande. this is the mexican side. that's the u.s. side. we'll tell you more about what venezuelans think about the new title 42 rule. stick with us. people remember ads with young people having a good time. so to help you remember that liberty mutual customizes your home insurance, here's a pool party. ♪ good times. insurance! ♪ only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ as someone living with type 2 diabetes, i want to keep it real and talk about some risks. with type 2 diabetes you have up to 4 times greater risk of stroke, heart attack, or death. even at your a1c goal, you're still at risk ...which if ignored could bring you here... ...may put you in one of those... ...or even worse. too much? that's the point. get real about your risks and do something about it. talk to your health care provider about ways to lower your risk of stroke, heart attack, or death. learn more at
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>> neil: there's new asylum seekers every day. those from venezuela are getting more attention. griff jenkins has more. sir? >> yeah, that's right, neil. good afternoon. it's not slowing venezuelans from coming over. we're in a popular crossing area. passports left behind, cuba, columbia. you see water bottles, toothbrushes littered here with clothes of a migrant that took it off a few hours before we watched him go over. let's go to our sky drone and show you why they cross here. just how shallow this is. this sector i'm told has had more than 19,000 apprehensions, meaning those that crossed since october 1. 3,300 got-aways. it's not slowing anybody down, even the venezuelans that will be sent back in the title 42
1:50 pm
rule. you can see on this a smuggler on a motorcycle brought a my grant down. paid no attention, dropped off his load and the migrant crossed. we have brand new school video we can show you of venezuelans that were title 42 expelled a few hours ago. they were sent to the mexican immigration office. they were put on a bus and taken back. the migrants were not allowed to talk to us. we did talk to the city clerk. he said that he needs more help from the biden administration. take a listen. >> it's an issue that the federal level has to deal with. the presidents of mexico and the u.s. it's their responsibility. we as a city in the middle of the problem have to look nor the way that this phenomenon, the people that migrate don't create
1:51 pm
another problem. >> secretary mayorkas is supposed to visit here. the border crisis continues to surge to higher numbers than even last year, which as we all know was unprecedented and record-breaking. neil, back to you. >> neil: amazing, griff. i didn't think we could top those numbers. looks like we are. griff jenkins, speaking of the border crisis and the wrinkle with venezuelans going here, we'll be talking to texas border mayor villareal. he's been urging both sides to get together and solve the problem. we devote a good deal of time to an issue in the mainstream media do not. we know the halloween franchise is coming to an end. we're told the last halloween movie debuting this weekend is it. it doesn't go on. i don't believe it.
1:52 pm
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but at the end of the day, you know you have a team behind you that can help you. not having to worry about the future makes it possible to make the present as best as it can be for everybody. ♪ ♪ >> the only way he can die as if i die too. and all ends now.
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>> neil: so they say, i don't believe it. they say that at all and the now, but there have been about 78's "halloween movies." i love the original, but our fox news entertainment reporter, darn good one, i do not believe this. i just don't think that this is it. but it is going to make a lot of money. that's why i don't think this is it. what do you think? >> exactly. neil, never say never when it comes to franchises, and especially when it comes to horror movie franchises here jamie lee curtis has said many times, this is laurie's last showdown with michael myers, so her iconic character that she has played for 44 years, lori, she says this is that, and she has been going on a world tour, pressed to her, saying goodbye to this character. i actually caught up with her a few weeks ago. it was halloween horror nights
1:57 pm
universal studios, where they have a halloween set up that you walk through. very scary. and i talk to her about this, so if you want to take a look at that, she was reflecting on this journey. >> how has it been for you in the weeks leading up? >> incredibly sentimental. it's very emotional. i've been looking at some of the behind-the-scenes footage that they are going to release as content. and it was all of my last days on the movie, and it's very emotional to watch, to go back and see me with my crew, my c cast. these collaborators that i have made movies with. and i'm also then excited because we make it for ourselves and for the fans. the fans are, i think, going to be very happy. >> and the fans will see it in theaters and also streaming on
1:58 pm
peacock. >> neil: all right. she says this is the last one, no more to come, but i may be wrong. oh, but we have a prequel. is there any talk of that? >> that's right. i have not heard talk of a prequel, but when you think about it, the producers who own the rights to that character, to michael myers, to halloween, could they take this in another direction? sure. this is definitely the end of this trilogy and the franchise. there were three films. it was "halloween," the reboot, and that did really well. then there was last year's "halloween kills," which did really well, especially when you factor in that i was simultaneously streaming, so if this is also a success, perhaps something down the line, someone else takes over from here, but this is the end of this chapter of the franchise. >> neil: all right, so you are kind of ruling out a prequel, but they make money hand over
1:59 pm
fist with this thing. i was shocked that there was another one because they keep turning these out. horror cells, and that's a fact. the movies are not as expensive to make as other blockbusters that have to return a lot of expenses to make them, so it is tempting, isn't it? >> it really is. the current number one at the box office for the last two weeks is "smile." it is done incredibly well. and it is october. so of course they are going to. >> neil: yeah, they never do this around easter, you know that? i keep picturing michael myers as a little boy. it is our real philosophical thing. do you kill him now? he's going to kill people later, but you seem to be telling me that that is not in the works >> i think they can obviously take this in so many different directions. they can also put two franchises together, like "freddy versus jason." they can really play around with this, but they have been talking
2:00 pm
about how this is the end of this for a while, so i think we have a long time before we see another iteration of this. see five i am very cynical and jaded. it is very hard to make sequels work. maybe "godfather 2." but outside of that, it is tough. it is tough. thank you. ♪ ♪ >> jesse: hello, everybody, i am jesse watters. harrell jr., martha maccallum, greg gutfeld. it is 5:00 in new york city, and this is "the five." ♪ ♪ president biden getting his hands dirty with some serious midterm election interference. so where is the media and democrat outrage? the saudis are postponing oil cuts until after the midterm is.


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