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tv   The Five  FOX News  October 14, 2022 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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this for a while, so i think we have a long time before we see another iteration of this. see five i am very cynical and jaded. it is very hard to make sequels work. maybe "godfather 2." but outside of that, it is tough. it is tough. thank you. ♪ ♪ >> jesse: hello, everybody, i am jesse watters. harrell jr., martha maccallum, greg gutfeld. it is 5:00 in new york city, and this is "the five." ♪ ♪ president biden getting his hands dirty with some serious midterm election interference. so where is the media and democrat outrage? the saudis are postponing oil cuts until after the midterm is. in an effort to keep gas prices
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down. i'm no historian, but didn't somebody else get impeached for that? despite his embarrassing courtship, the president is vowing to reassess our relationship with the oil-rich nation. looks like he was wrong when he said nobody messes with biden. >> we find ourselves in a position, as beggars, the most powerful country in the world. >> the democrats will do anything to try to keep gas from increasing. going to dictatorships like venezuela, pleading with them. alienating longtime partners in places like saudi arabia and the united arab emirates. >> jesse: if you think the president is done reassuring the saudis, stagehand. >> we are about to talk to them. >> in what way, sir?
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>> stay tuned. >> jesse: it does not stop there. biden is straight up lying to the american people, saying that he is making skyrocketing inflation better. making the absurd claim about republicans in an attempt to sway the midterm vote. >> we have got an election in a month. voters have to decide, democrats are working to bring down the cost of things and talking around the kitchen table. your campaign every day, under the agenda to raise your costs. republicans win, inflation is going to get worse. it is that simple. >> jesse: my thigh, are you seeing any similarities with what he is doing, and what trump was accused of doing? >> martha: i find it remarkable that there is not more attention to the story, that he, essentially, according to these reports, try to make a deal with them. if you can push this off, i don't want to see this. it's not going to be helpful, and it gets almost no coverage at all.
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the thing that really strikes me is that saudi arabia obviously is a complicated player appeared very complicated. the enemy of my enemy sort of situation. they have helped us against iran, see you cannot blame them for not doing what he wants him to do because he is sitting down at the table with iran, their archenemy, and they have been fighting for years, so this is not an area where his diplomacy -- it has failed miserably. the last time we went begging to saudi arabia and opec to produce more oil was in the '70s under jimmy carter, so this is a very bad luck. when he does that thing that he just did -- just weigh it. stagehand. it is like you just concedes the wheels turning. is there a plan here? i guess he has got a grand plan. >> jesse: someone has got to tell joe what the plan is. >> greg: what were those things behind him?
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is that hunter's bedroom? [laughs] anyway, you don't have to do that, martha. [laughs] >> martha: i thought he needed it. >> greg: the media freaked out over trump alienating -- the fear that trump would alienate our allies, especially when he told germany not to rely on russian oil. do you remember that? now joe is using military sanctions against what i would call an ally, just to adjust their timing so that they can help in the midterms. turns out that trump is a psychic, and joe is a psycho. whenever the dems accuse you of something it is because they were already thinking of doing it, and he should be impeached over this because what is good for the goose is good for that... >> gander. >> greg: yes. here is a huge difference, though. the trump impeachment have the full backing, and the biden impeachment want.
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everyone will laugh at you. now when will the pulling their hair out after this because this is team sports. republicans, they do not like exploiting processes for darkness. they like the process, even if the goal turns out -- even if they lose, they still like the process. democrats are like no, we will exploit the process. we will impeach the crap out of you. republicans gone maybe they should only be used when it matters, so the republicans probably will not impeach joe biden, which is -- i guess that is just the way that it is. >> jesse: we'll just impeach him for something else. not this. he is inviting election interference, he is exploiting the country's national security. he's putting them in danger by not selling them weapons, just for a political win. it is exactly the same thing they accused trump of. >> they will not impeach him
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because they are afraid of kamala harris being the president of the united states. what if he could not emotionally handle it, and it wound up being -- i am not even going to say it out loud, but kamala harris being the commander in chief. would you say tough guy? i am norther tough, nor a guy, but i do know how one would act. it is not this -- nincompooping all over the united states. you go to saudi arabia and say, rather than saying, please do me a favor, please don't cut your oil production. you say i'm going to do you a favor, here jesse, ev saudi arabia. >> jesse: all right, i will. permission to be saudi arabia? >> you are not going to cut your oil production. i will not open our spigots wide open and start pumping all of that delicious natural resources and just flooding the world with
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natural gas and oil. see? i will -- you are to do that, and this is a favor i'm going to do you because we, the united states, could destroy the economy of saudi arabia four years ago. we were a net exporter. first time since 1949. we were in the swing producer in the world. we controlled world oil prices because we have the most excess production capacity. joe biden could do that, but he wants because he is obviously both the masochist because he likes taking it from saudi arabia, and also a sadist because he likes inflicting pain on the people of the united states. >> jesse: so -- >> he got it from somewhere. maybe it was daddy. >> jesse: dagen is saying that he is a terrible negotiator. would you agree on that? >> harold: i think we all agree that we wish you would be more transparent, but i don't think there is an equivalency
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between this and president trump your congress had passed money for defense operations or for assistance to ukraine, and the president said to the ukrainian president i will not release the money that congress has already passed. so there is a difference here. these kinds of negotiations go on all the time. now, with regard to saying i want you to do this before the election, remember, this is impacting the world. gas prices, energy prices are up all around the globe. what i think is a better line of attack for republicans, we should just be producing more oil here. we should not find ourselves having to be dependent on -- i don't care if it is a friendly ally outside of the united states when it comes to protecting our own national security and our own energy security, so i hope we produce more oil, natural gas. we do all of the things that we talk around the stable in terms of all of the above.
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>> greg: it's your fault. >> harold: i think that's a better argument. i do think the democrats -- we are vulnerable if you'd we have to produce more energy products here. not because we are against climate change, not because we are not for a green energy platform here because we are for america and our own national security. we are seeing a proxy war for one reason. energy. >> martha: president biden is not for america in that way. >> harold: he is cute >> martha: he is begging to saudi arabia and potentially venezuela rather than doing what dana just said, turning on the incredible national resources that we have here. the growing pipeline. >> harold: we can do that next week. i don't have an issue with any president saying that we have to figure out our short-term is issues. we cannot have this between now and next february. >> martha: he is hurting his own people.
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>> harold: it is not a spigot that you turn on. we produce 3 million gallons -- >> dana: but you know what is? the minute you say you are going to do it, oil prices start to drop. that is what happened under trump. >> greg: we would not be in this mess if it was not for joe biden, arranging a coup in ukraine. we produce more domestic energy products. the facts, what they are. >> martha: who got to joe biden, then? >> jesse: coming out, oh, boy, aoc being called a liar, getting heckled by some former supporters. find out what's at the off, next. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> martha: if i left congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez getting heckled, shouted down by former supporters. furious over the democrats support for sending military aid to ukraine. >> nuclear war, why are you playing with the lives of american citizens? >> you have done nothing. i believed in you, and you became the very thing that we fought against. why not right now? >> martha: greg, they were not close enough to make her eyes water, but what do you make of this? >> i don't know. it is always fun to see a leftist yell at a leftist, but there is an interesting flip going on where hard-core leftists are in bed with the hocks, and then you are seeing the riots try to slow the role. the odds of a nuclear event at 25%. maybe it is just going to look
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like that and will not happen, but you would think everyone would put that at the very top of their list, preventing global extinction, right? but if you mention peace or negotiation, you will be granted by the hard left as being a propagandist or a putin lover, so it is kind of odd to see people, for example, yesterday, talking about people that climate change, the earth is going to be destroyed, but they are okay -- they are not even paying attention to this. it's kind of nuts. >> martha: absolutely. some of that comes from the attitude of conservatives for trump, doesn't it? >> jesse: he awakened an isolationist area of the party. good for both parties to question some of the more hawks that run things, but there is no more principled left in this country. the principled antiwar left is
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gone. he saw that during the cold war. east side during the first gulf war. iraq war, obviously. and then -- and then, you remember you had people like aoc during the strike, they were like that is a war crime. or anything trump did internationally. it was a war crime. and then biden is just feeding the war machine over ukraine here don't even need to debate that. but she is just writing checks from the treasury. go for it. go for it. unleash the war machine. and usually you have people on not far left wing of the democratic party. they don't want any -- they want peace. that is over it. those days are over. harold is looking at me like "not in my house," but those days are over. you need that on both sides. it looks like the only people really questioning the war effort are republicans.
2:19 pm
they are not saying -- they are just saying what are we doing here? is this in our international security? >> martha: what do you make of aoc getting yelled at? she did sit in nancy pelosi's office, so she is getting a little dose of -- >> dana: i think she does not know how to answer it. precisely what we are talking about, that there is no peace movement in america, and anyone who says wait a minute -- and i have had conversations with people who are involved in the military. offstage, they will say yeah, we don't really know where this thing is actually going. hit the rewind button. remember that the first thing we offered zelensky was a ride out. we said you are going to get crushed by russia. this is going to be ugly. we give you so much credit for your desire to save your country, to build an army, but you can do it. you're going to get crushed. we will help you out, taking into exile, think of this whole
2:20 pm
thing out. look what he did. he stunned the world with his ability to stand up to putin, which of course everyone admires, but we are getting pulled in more and more because we said you are incredible. of course we support what you're doing, we have not hit the pause button and said okay, where is this going? we just got out of a 20 year war in afghanistan. they both said no more, we are not doing this anymore, so i just raise a question, and i don't know the answer, what are we doing? where is this going? for how long? how soon until we have our own resources on the ground? i don't know where this is going, but i think it's good to ask the question. >> martha: i can tell you where it's not going. we are not doing everything in our power appeared goes back to producing as much -- star vladimir putin of money and manpower, and we are not doing everything that we could to do it.
2:21 pm
we've got to start with that. i want to get your reaction of what he had to say. just listen to this. >> i spoke before or after joe biden half a dozen times, and the fact is when he came up that stage, you know if people were not saying? that guy has the energy, the vigor, vigor, all of a sudden he develops it. >> you are missing the most important thing. when we moved to real democrats, african americans in the south, they loved him, steamrolled everybody. in my party, the heart and soul are people of color, not white liberals on twitter. sorry to use bad language. >> i just wanted to liven it up a little bit. >> i do think -- i probably would have set it a little differently, but if you look at what has happened, democrats we have elected president, he lost those early states. not until he got to
2:22 pm
super tuesday and had south carolina, georgia, north carolina, texas, with hispanic and black democrats, obviously the same happened with joe biden, barack obama, who experienced success in iowa, won and south carolina. black voters are credible to the party. i would say it is just very briefly about ukraine. we do not have troops on the ground there. we have sent arms to these people. we cannot have it both ways. we cannot say gosh, so glad you are fighting. don't fight too much now because he will make us uncomfortable. we want to control our future. we would rather die on our knees -- die on our feet than live on our knees. i admire that. if we had troops there, i think it would be a different conversation. i'm encouraged to see the congresswoman -- we talked about her maybe running for president. her politics are not mine, but these are the kinds of experiences you have to have.
2:23 pm
those that you believe in, your allies, challenge you. stand up for what you believe in. if you voted for something, stand up for it. say you made a mistake if you made a mistake. think of what would have happened, had we not supported them. think about vladimir putin, who gave a speech none months ago, saying i want to reconstitute the soviet union. this would not only destabilize eastern europe, but a great threat to our friends and allies in nato. >> jesse: if she believes what you said, she should have said that when she got heckled. >> martha: so rude. interrupting supporters. >> harold: politics is not a spectator sport. i don't care if i disagree with you. we disagree with things, but i love when someone has a position, able to defend their position. that is what you respect, and i hope that the congresswoman is able to do that. >> martha: basically saying it is not the leaders where the problem, is the voters. we have bad followers, not bad leaders.
2:24 pm
that is ass backwards. i will say it out loud. we had to leave him saying that. can you blame him? mark wahlberg is ditching crime infested california. and he is not the only one. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ your creativity can outshine any bad day. because you are greater than your bipolar i, and you can help take control of your symptoms - and ask about vraylar. some medicines only treat the lows or highs. once-daily vraylar is proven to treat depressive, acute manic, and mixed episodes of bipolar i in adults. full-spectrum relief for all bipolar i symptoms. elderly dementia patients have increased risk of death or stroke. call your doctor about unusual changes in behavior or suicidal thoughts. antidepressants can increase these in children and young adults. report fever, stiff muscles or confusion which may mean a life-threatening reaction, or uncontrollable muscle movements which may be permanent.
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♪ ♪ >> greg: mark wahlberg, saying goodbye to his longtime home in los angeles and his sweet $90 million mansion. here's why. >> i moved to nevada, where after this gubernatorial election, hopefully we can build a state-of-the-art studio here, make this hollywood 2.0. so to be able to give my kids a better life, pursue their
2:29 pm
dreams, this made a lot more sense for us, so we came here to just kind of give ourselves a new look, fresh start for the kids, and there's lots of opportunity here. >> harold: how about succeeding? two red counties want to break away and join idaho. the county is voting in nov november. >> it makes more sense for eastern oregonians to get help from idaho, where they share their values, share the culture, share the politics, then it does to be governed by western oregon that has a very different set of values. >> harold: interesting. how do you feel about this? >> martha: nevada, i want to start with -- nevada is beautiful. but it is a desert. went to las vegas and reno. mark wahlberg thinks that's a better state for his family then
2:30 pm
in, where he has the means to live in california. he is not leaving simply because it is too expensive. he is leaving because it is dangerous and crazy, and he has worked in an industry for his adult life that is full of dangerous and crazy people. california is still too much for him. >> harold: greg? >> greg: i have two points to make. one about mr. wahlberg, if you read about his house, it has 20 bathrooms. that is 17 too many. i am saying that if someone who is lactose intolerant. i need a bathroom at least every 40 yards. >> martha: thanks for sharing. >> greg: it gets worse, my thigh. this is what happened yesterday on the way and peered i feel complete sympathy for these oregonians because there is a small selective people running the state, and their progressive agenda is making life less safe. it would be worse if new york
2:31 pm
split in half. who would go where? it's such a great experiment. the real test in a blue/red split, what happens when the red half lowers state taxes while bolstering a law enforcement eliminating homelessness, by abandoning like outside urban camping or whatever you do. the blue will then move to the red. they will be like migrants coming from venezuela to america. i don't know why we don't try this experiment. because it is impossible. would you like to hear more about my bathrooms? >> martha: not really. >> harold: marky mark, mark wahlberg is going to leave california. oregon's counties want to succeed to another state. you just move to where you want to go or try to change the politics. we want to be governed by texas law. >> dana: i give him a lot of credit. it is a choice that he is
2:32 pm
making, that a lot of people make. you see a natural migration happening as people pick up and go to places where -- he is a very devout catholic. want to be somewhere where he feels like the values line up with his own. he needs to learn how to say nevada. that is why you need to say if you're going to live there. i do give him credit. it makes me sad that we live in a country now where people live only where they have the same political ideations as others. when i was growing up, there were all kinds of people -- we did not know who they voted for it. everybody got together and have barbecues. i am sure my parents friends, a lot of them had no idea who they voted for. the world is not like that anymore, and i think that is a shame. we are segregating into red states, blue states, and it worries me because the fabric of the country is ripping apart, and we saw they wanted to secede from atlanta, remember? so these kinds of movements have
2:33 pm
been happening quite some time, and i think good leadership could start to turn that ship around, but we have a serious problem when you only can have dinner with people who agree with you. you only live on the same block -- that town is liberal, conservative. that is really not america, and i think it leads to a bad place, ultimately. >> jesse: i'm pretty conservative, and guess what, harold? we are friends. looking at houses outside the city. this is what covid did. it sparked imaginations. i do not have to live where my job is? they can go wherever they want, and i bet you he has a nice little set up in nevada. you have more space out there. the kids can play sports. >> greg: 30,000 square-foot house. he does not need more space. >> jesse: no, you can always have more space. you don't understand that because you don't take up a lot
2:34 pm
of room, but you can always have more space. that makes more sense, doesn't it? >> harold: martha makes the point of the day. >> greg: i think i did. i guess we are chopped liver, right? >> harold: up next, the war on cops is getting worse. killed in a possible ambush. from tunnels to towers, here, and he is doing a big, big thing. cannot wait to hear it. ♪ ♪
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2:39 pm
two connecticut police officers gunned down in the line of duty this week, and they were possibly ambushed, led to the scene by a false call for help. officer alex died at the scene. he had just celebrated his first wedding anniversary this summer in june, and police officer dustin died at the hospital. he was unmarried dad of two, and his wife is expecting their third child of your joining us now is frank, founder of the tunnels to tower foundation, and he is ready to help out in a big way. always good to have you with us, but sad to have you with us, because i mean the arts having to keep doing this job of reaching out and helping these families, making that phone call to them and saying i know you are in the darkest moment of your life, but we are going to be there for you. >> it sad, and it's disgusting, what's going on in america. all over the country. happening all over the country,
2:40 pm
but our foundation, we made a promise to our first responders. certainly our police officers, that you leave, give the kids a kiss goodbye, you do not come home, we are going to make sure your families are not left behind. that is exactly what we are going to do for them, his beautiful wife, laura. spoke to his mother earlier today. she said that this is a nightmare, what they are going through. she could not speak, she was crying so much on the phone. we have to remember. we have to say their names because we cannot forget the sacrifices that they make every single day. we have made a promise to take care of the family. >> martha: you know, there has been so much backlash in the last couple of years against police. you look at these folks, greg, that come out to do the job. it is interesting that you say "say their names."
2:41 pm
you need to say all of the names. people who are dying and law enforcement, all different situations. >> greg: i do not mean to sound callous, but i cannot keep up with the violence. it amazes me that there are some networks he would play part of a video, police malfeasance, perceived malfeasance over and over again for weeks, but no -- maybe they will talk about this once. maybe they will not even mention it because there is no racial element to most of the stuff for any element of the stuff, so you do not hear about it. you said something during the break, the most recent horrible acts of criminality, and you just kind of said there is a sickness out there. and i think we all kind of feel like there's a sickness out there. what is that sickness? >> it starts in the home. my parents said respect your elders. respect law enforcement. you did. little things like that in school.
2:42 pm
you get taught that when you see a police officer, you say thank you for protecting us. those little things that make a big difference. a lot of media and other people i think cops are bad. there is a false narrative out there, and when one cup does something bad, they blame every cop. you cannot do that. they give us the society that we have. without them, we have now america. sad to say that we are right on the cusp of something bad happening in america. we better take care of it. it starts out the lowest level, meaning at the home. the parents have to say that police officers are good. >> martha: cops are tiring left and right. they are brave to say i want to be a police officer because it is not what it was. >> also very brave and heroic for people to stand up and say i am going to donate a lot of money. such a wealthy country, very generous country, but you have a
2:43 pm
lot of these fund-raisers where they are donating millions of dollars to save -- i don't know, a seal, spotted owls. not to say that that is not important, but what you guys are doing is so real, when you think about the impact it has. the real world impact it has. talk about the generosity of the people that your organization has worked with. >> we ask for $11 a month, and that makes a big difference in his family's lives. we've been able to help over 50 and law enforcement, died in the line of duty protecting us. 137 have given their lives this year. it's incredible. we cannot do it without the generosity of our viewers. people should know that 95% of every dollar is donated. it is going to these families. you see where your money goes. their mortgages going to get paid off 100% when you donate. at some important that people
2:44 pm
see where their money is gone, and what better way to take care of these families that just lost their loved ones? >> harold: in the green room, 1,000 events that tunnels to tower did across the nation. give us a little color, tell viewers how they can be a part of this and health going forward. >> we are proud that we have tens of thousands of volunteers across america that have joined us on a mission. the mission is simple. let us do good. take care of these men and women who go out every single day to protect us. so many people have joined us. 3,000 different events put on for us. we are not putting them on. because of that, we are able to raise that kind of money. you can do the math. mortgage free homes for the service members. do the math. your mortgage times 200. we can only do it because of the people who have joined us in this great nation.
2:45 pm
>> dagen: i have photos from jason rivera's funeral who died in the nypd. how much money do you need to raise? >> it averages out nearly $330,000. some more, some less. but believe it or not, you bring people together. it gets done. that is what we left. a blue-collar foundation bringing millions of people together, not just a few people. don't get me wrong. >> martha: we will take that too. >> dagen: write you a check for $350,000 right now. >> i have no doubt that your viewers are going to respond to this. $11 a month. you can help somebody. the detectives assassinated in new york, the officer was assassinated. no question about it.
2:46 pm
they were assassinated. we better be there to take care of the families. that is what we are here doing today. >> martha: thank you for everything you do. we do have an extraordinarily generous audience. we thank you for being with us today. send our love to all of those families, will you? so we will have more of "the five" right after this. [acoustic soul music throughout] [acoustic soul music throughout] in a recent clinical study, patients using salonpas patch reported reductions in pain severity, using less or a lot less oral pain medicines. and improved quality of life. that's why we recommend salonpas. it's good medicine.
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>> greg: "fan mail friday." this is kind of a fun one. what did you do as a kid that would tell your age? >> dagen: pick my nose. >> martha: that does not tell your age. >> dagen: sure it does. >> martha: it is like i collected wacky packs. >> greg: oh, my god. my parents would take me to the stop and go. it was a thing on 37th avenue. do you remember the gum? >> dagen: do i get to answer
2:51 pm
this? >> greg: no, you blew it. those are fun. with the green roof tops. yes. >> jesse: i was going to say garbage failed kids. >> greg: different generation. you're a loser. >> jesse: loser? those are worth a lot of money. >> greg: early "mad magazines." did you know that there was something before that that was pretty creepy? what about you, harold? >> harold: above malicious bubblegum. and a magazine called "right on." >> greg: could you get that through the weekly reader? >> ma>> harold: no. >> martha: right on. i got that. >> greg: what is something that annoys or impresses you when you first meet someone?
2:52 pm
jesse? >> jesse: like a really nice cologne, really refined and sophisticated. it impresses me. >> martha: i would say if they look right into my eyes. >> greg: that's good. what if you are really short like me? >> martha: you can be very annoying. >> greg: if they path down the head. harold? >> harold: when someone does not stand, shaking hands with the woman. my mother made us stand. if we didn't, we would get a swift kick. >> martha: well done. >> greg: i know what you are going to say. you are going to say breath. >> dagen: not, but also good fabrics in your clothing. a beautiful fabric. for that delicious what are are wearing. >> greg: this is my friday fall sweater. >> jesse: that is not casual. >> dagen: yes, it is. i touched it.
2:53 pm
>> greg: you are so jealous. >> jesse: where did she touch you? >> greg: i'm going to hr right now. anyway, "one more thing" is up next. ♪ ♪ riend sophie says you've been a huge help. at ameriprise financial, more than 9 out of 10 of our clients are likely to recommend us. our neighbors the garcia's, love working with you. because the advice we give is personalized. hey john reese, jr. how's your father doing? to help reach your goals with confidence. my sister told me so much about you. that's why it's more than advice worth listening to. it's advice worth talking about. ameriprise financial. it's the subway series menu. 12 irresistible subs. the most epic sandwich roster ever created. ♪
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(♪ ♪) you inspired the lexus es to be, well ... more you. so thank you. we hope you like your work. (♪ ♪) ♪ ♪ >> greg: time now for "one more thing." let's do jesse's hair news. >> jesse: there are certain things that are inherently american. baseball, apple pie, melissa. here we are. full swing. they are down to the top 25 contenders. a few of the best, and i think we should pick who is going to take on the trophy. i like panhandle justice. personal favorite. i don't know if you guys like the last frontier, that we are
2:58 pm
going to be tracking vests throughout the rest of the championship. you like the mountain man? >> martha: one of the first ones. i like that. >> jesse: we are going to have more next week. what is the left really up to? no, what are they really up to? >> greg: great idea, jesse. you never do that. [laughs] >> jesse: so good. it is actually good. >> greg: i'm sure it is. tonight we have a great show at tulsi gabbard. you may know him from being up at night. up at like 4:00 a.m. read show. where did that go? did janine steal it? give me about r. a california toddler has encapsulated friday afternoon, friday evening. showing his dance moves, garnered more than 150,000 likes
2:59 pm
on instagram. 1.8 million links on tiktok. his mom says that her son has been dancing since he was six months old, and she plans on enrolling him in dance class. as soonest she possibly can. >> jesse: i know what i'm doing with jesse jr. >> dagen: tomorrow, fox business network celebrates its 15th anniversary. this morning we rang the opening bell at the nasdaq market. stewart was doing this queen elizabeth royal wave. it was very strange. lauren patterson was there, the head of fox business, and we are beating for two consecutive quarters in the business day. so, socket. >> greg: okay. you heard it. you have no choice but to do what dagen says. >> martha: the anniversary of becoming the first man to fly faster than the speed of sound.
3:00 pm
and it really was what launched us into space. he named his airport in a tribute to his glamorous wife, and we are grateful for his amazing contribution. >> jesse: we are. what event do for us again? >> martha: it helped to launch us into space. >> jesse: have a great weekend, everybody. ♪ ♪ >> bret: good evening. welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. we are nearing the end of the trial of the russian national accused of lying to the fbi about the steele dossier. the case will go to the jury next week about one of the five counts already decided. david spunt is in new jersey tonight. >> bret, good evening to you. on the stand, testifying that they want to further investigate potential connections between one of the witnesses in this case, and ha


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