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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  October 14, 2022 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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us into space. he named his airport in a tribute to his glamorous wife, and we are grateful for his amazing contribution. >> jesse: we are. what event do for us again? >> martha: it helped to launch us into space. >> jesse: have a great weekend, everybody. ♪ ♪ >> bret: good evening. welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. we are nearing the end of the trial of the russian national accused of lying to the fbi about the steele dossier. the case will go to the jury next week about one of the five counts already decided. david spunt is in new jersey tonight. >> bret, good evening to you. on the stand, testifying that they want to further investigate potential connections between one of the witnesses in this case, and has ties to the
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kremlin and russia, but they were told no. this comes as a federal judge in the case throughout an important charge against a man actually on trial. russian national will now face on the four council of lying to the fbi after the federal judge in the case remove the first count over a technicality. demanding that the governments as the primary sub sewers for x a british spy christopher steele, who compiled a dossier aimed at destroying then candidate donald trump. john durham allege it that he lied to an fbi agent when he said that he had not "talk to a democratic political operative named charles dolan about the steele dossier." he gave him information that ended up in the dossier, but that's two community via email. they did not talk. a witness in the case of connections to russia. according to two fbi agents on
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the stand, dmitri pascal. the employees claimed that the mueller team squash their efforts to investigate or even interview him. on paper, this case is about him, but over the course of the week, it became clear that his focus was on the fbi itself. earlier in the we, durum turned on his own witness, aggressively questioning fbi analyst brian alton who revealed that he offered him $1 million to corroborate his dossier. he never did and was never paid. kevin howson, government witness, telling jurors that he wwas a valuable informant, addig american national security is more at risk with out danchenko still working for the bureau. he claims that he helped with some 25 investigations. >> danchenko's attorney said
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they are not even going to put on a case, perhaps highlighting how confident they feel about where they stand, at least as of tonight. jurors will begin deliberations on monday, meaning we could have a verdict the same day. bret. >> bret: david spunt, we will follow. thank you for your federal appeals court to overturn a judge's appointment of an independent arbiter to review documents seized that former president trump florida stage. assigned the special master last month to inspect thousands of records taken in the august 8th search of mar-a-lago and to weed out from the investigation and any that be protected by claims of legal privilege. a third straight day of bad economic news for president biden. retail sales were again disappointing as inflation sets prices soaring, limiting what consumers can spend on nonnecessities. comes as the president strategy seems to be if you think it's
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bad now, wait until republicans are in charge. that is the message. jacqui heinrich has the story. >> it's been three consecutive days of tough economic readings, but don't expect any policy changes at the white house. >> the policies that we are doing to help mitigate and ease price pressures are having effect. look at goods inflation. it was flat if you take out energy. >> friday, the commerce department reported that sales were unexpectedly flat, households cutting back on buying cars, electronics limit stubbornly high inflation and rising interest rates. thursday, new data showed inflation jumped 8.2% from last year. largely driven by rising food, energy, housing costs. wednesday, the producer price index showed strong indication inflation has not peaked. by these critics, they blame his spending. >> biden came in and printed $4.1 trillion.
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this is uncomplicated, folks. >> tell people that the grass is not always greener. >> republicans win, inflation is going to get worse. it is that simple. >> the administration wants report is to say it too, pointing to an interview coming next week with kevin mccarthy, saying he continues to showcase how eager in magna congressional republicans are to make it worse at the expense of middle-class families. but there is a less clear strategy on bringing down energy costs. the treasury secretary now saying that the world needs russian oil to stabilize global markets. the challenge is keeping it from benefiting vladimir putin. >> what we want to see is russian oil continues to flow into the market and that countries are using the leverage provided by the existence of this calf to bargain lower prices. >> so tonight, the president will talk about lowering the
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cost of prescription drugs from just outside los angeles, where the price of gas is about $2 higher than the national ave average. $6.20 a gallon there. bret. >> bret: thanks. stocks took another big hit today over interest rate hike worries. the dow lost -- the s&p 500, and the nasdaq dropped 328, hitting a new low for the year. for a week the dow is up a little over 1%. s&p 500 down. the nasdaq was off three. tonight to examine whether or not the biden administration will turn to venezuela to help supply badly needed oil to the u.s. the country's leadership is still under indictment by the justice department. we take a look tonight and the state department viewed >> as u.s. and saudi arabia trade barbs over oil cuts, millions of americans brace for a higher energy bills.
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the state department is considering easing sanctions on venezuela so that companies like chevron can pump oil there, despite the fact that the countries cartel leadership remains indicted by the justice department on narco terrorism charges. but according to a state spokesman, such a significant policy move would require constructive steps by maduro to restore democracy in venezuela. the white house and democrats in the meantime continue making public threats to punish the long time ally. >> it is unlikely that we will support any additional arms sales to the saudis. >> if we cannot get the oil from saudi arabia, if these actions and consequences do not change their decision on oil, where do we get it from? >> we need to slowly pay that away from this and make -- will allow us to keep up with our suy
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and demand. >> the only immediate solution is unleashing domestic production. former bush deputy national security advisor elliot abrams agrees. >> the idea that we are going to punish the saudis and that will somehow produce more oil -- that is not going to work. it is just going to hurt relations a bit more. >> that could happen soon en enough, bret he had telling fox news he anticipates that the president will do something in response to opec's decision to cut oil in the next week. bret. >> bret: thanks. let's bring in fox news chief legal correspondence anchor of fox news sunday, shannon bream. >> good to see you, bret. >> bret: let's start with the durum trial. what do you take out of that? >> there is a lot that we knew about the mueller investigation. there is a lot that we did not
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know that they have dug out. we have all had to be patient and wait. these trials have given us more information. two fbi employees, analyst and an agent now stepping forward to say that charles dolan had given information to use danchenko that ended up in the dossier. they were told a couple of times we are not going to go down this path with charles dolan. separately they said that they had prepared information and given its usb higher-ups. especially one, that her task was to look into the veracity of the dossier, and she was waved off, who apparently have some information that ended up there. and our colleague has said that in some ways the fbi is on trial because we are learning a lot more about how they operated with respect to the mueller investigation. >> bret: concerning how little coverage it is getting. what is getting coverage is the economy. it has been a bumpy ride appeared from the
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administrations point to you. over the last week. you have a guest this weekend. you will be asking about that. >> we do. exclusively with us on sunday morning, and i've got to give him credit. he shows up, willing to have a conversation about what's working, what's not working. he's going to make the phase that's done i done a case that people have to be patient. people are being priced out. people are paying more for everything. gas, groceries. it hits the reality of their everyday life. we have tough questions for him. we will roll out new poles on sunday morning. how people feel about who is responsible. >> bret: steve scalise will be on as well. all right, shannon, thank you for your fully sends raleigh, north carolina, are trying to find a way 15-year-old boy fatally shot 15 people yesterday. he killed two on neighborhood streets and shops others on a walking trail feared among the
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dead is an off-duty police officer. the suspect eluded authorities for hours before being cornered and a home and arrested here at president biden says his administration is working to assist local authorities there. up next, the latest on russia's attempt to regain momentum in its invasion of ukraine. later, how the crucial senate race in pennsylvania could be determined by one specific demographic group. ♪ ♪ all across the country, people are working hard to build a better future. so we're hard at work,
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>> o
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♪ ♪ >> bret: south korea says north korea has launched a ballistic missile, and hundreds of artillery shells towards its eastern waters. it says the north fire 90 additional cells and about 300 others from two separate western coastal areas. they scrambled fighter jets and response to the deployment of war plans. ♪ ♪ russian president vladimir putin says he thinks mobilization of army reserve that he ordered last month to bolster his country's troops in ukraine will be completed in two weeks. this comes as he continues to threaten an escalation of the conflict. again in kyiv tonight.
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>> come psalm morning in kyiv, volodymyr zelenskyy makes an appearance at a local hospital. he is marking here is to thank those who have died or been injured in war. it's coming 1500 miles to these, his counterpart, vladimir putin, spoke today in kazakhstan. discussing about war and the possibility of a direct confrontation with nato countries. >> direct content, direct clash of nato troops is a very dangerous move which could lead to a global catastrophe. i hope that those who are saying this are smart enough not to take such a step. >> new satellite images show that he has moved to strategic bombers within 30 miles of neighboring norway. this is the closest of planes capable of carrying nuclear weapons have been since the start of the war in ukraine. with each passing day, ukraine is taking more territory in the
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east, but the continued pressure has observers worried that putin will escalate the conflict even farther. they are not only concerned about attacks but also the communication equipment needed to defend themselves. right now they are relying on elon musk's equipment for the battlefield. but the company has reportedly asked the pentagon to pay for the service, tweeting "it cost approximately $20 million a month to support. a senior u.s. defense official weighed in on the development today, saying that the allies are working together, looking for options to best support ukraine's needs. we saw how critical the system is for ukrainian troops. in many areas, there is a total communication blackout. bret. >> bret: trey yingst, things here going after the black vote. we will take you there. first, palestinian reports say that two palestinians were killed as israel's military
3:19 pm
carried out an arrest, red and the occupied west bank. militant groups claim to both slain men as members, though there were conflicting statements about the circumstances surrounding the death of one of them, who was a hospital doctor. major flooding hit southeastern australia. forecast to remain dangerously high for days there. the weather pattern for the above average rainfall. and this is a live look out london. one of the big stories there tonight, climate protesters through soup over vincent van gogh sunflowers painting. to protest fossil fuel extraction. the painting is considered one of the dutch artist's most iconic works. two people were arrested. to some, stories beyond our borders tonight. we will be right back. ♪ ♪ naging type 2 diabetes and heart risk.
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♪ ♪ >> bret: welcome back to "special report." as the election news, pennsylvania is in focus. the pennsylvania senate race continues to be one of the most hotly contested in the country, and now both sides are making extra efforts to court one key demographic. correspondent bryan llenas explains tonight. >> i don't think dr. gives damn about people who have very loved ones, who are living with gunshots ringing outside of their windows. >> harsh words from malcolm, suggesting that mehmet oz has a round table discussions with members of the black community that are not authentic. >> it is a desperate swipe at me. it is the largest open-air drug market in the country, caused
3:26 pm
directly by week radical positions on drug use in the city of philadelphia. >> shows that he has a 28-point lead over oz with minority voters in pennsylvania if you're trying to chip away at this margin, holding roundtable discussions in the black community aimed at highlighting surging crime, but they report that a philadelphia woman who shared her story at one of those events is a paid campaign staffer. his campaign manager says that this is proof that the events are merely an act. the oz campaigns call that "a racist attack." this comes amid republican attack ads, calling out fetterman for a 2013 incident in which he confronted an unarmed black talker with a shotgun. ironically first leveled by him. when he ran against fetterman in the democratic primary. >> you still refuse to say sorry to this day? >> he said he was defending his community.
3:27 pm
he needs black voters to show up big. pollsters warned that there are signs of waning enthusiasm can't >> right now his numbers are probably lower than they should be. >> another issue is his health care tonight, fetterman's wife is responding to the nbc reporter who said that the candidate had a hard time understanding small talk before their interview. she says that those comments are appalling and says that the reporter should be held accountable. bret. >> bret: thank you. let's take a look at how toss-up races could change the senate majority. this is our what is, these yellow states are the toss-up states. the red and the blue are where they lean currently. that is already set for the toss-ups. if, let's just say, the polls hold as they are now, and georgia goes to the democrats, as does arizona. but republicans have a big night
3:28 pm
in pennsylvania and nevada. there's your breakdown. 52-48. basically republicans need to pick up two of the seats, no matter what the combination is. and there you see the breakdown where republicans take control. let's say republicans have a really big night and they pick up all four toss-up races. that is what you are looking out for the red wave, perhaps spreading to traditional blue states. for tonight spotlight races, we look at competitive seats in colorado and new hampshire. both lean democrat in our fox news power rankings. let's first headed west to colorado. michael bennet is facing a challenge from moderate republican joe. he has the edge in pulling him. he is ahead by almost eight points. his campaign is trying to paint him as to far right for colorado. he says that he opposes an abortion ban, has distanced
3:29 pm
himself from former president trump here to new hampshire, the polls are a little bit closer. incumbent democratic senator up over the army veteran. abortion rights as a major campaign message. facing questions of the stance on the 2020 election outcome, initially said it was stolen by democrats. after winning his primary, he said the election was not stolen but has just last week said that he does not have enough information on the topic. >> mcconnell in the national republicans are trying to buy this seat and put an election denier into the united states senate. we cannot let that happen. >> they are not dealing with the three biggest problems that we have. inflation, inflation, inflation. people are choosing between heating and eating, not being listened to. >> bret: let's bring in these pollsters. gentlemen, thanks for being here. let me start with you. where do you see the environment
3:30 pm
tonight as you look at these big senate races? >> well, the environment is i think one that is moving closer and closer to a wave election for republicans. i think you are seeing the top three issues being inflation, immigration, and crime. republicans have significantly is on each of those. those issues are not going away. inflation report was not helpful at all, so the environment is certainly trending towards the republicans. >> bret: do you see specific races that you can point to you? i'm assuming that you agree with mark. >> i do agree with mark, something that just a month ago we were not quite so sure of. you did see a very strong likelihood of a republican wave, picking up seats that were out of republicans reach earlier in the year, but when the dobbs decision is handed down, you see abortion double in salience from 4% most important to 8% most important issue.
3:31 pm
that spooked rightly a lot of republicans who saw that now they are going to have to defend these seats and chase them on social issues, but what happened over the summer is that it has frozen in importance, and democrats have not been able to raise it to the level of importance as the cost of living in the economy, which combined are the most important issue by the tune of about 36% with voters. this is a huge, huge deal. something that they have not been able to reverse. >> bret: one of those places is nevada. and he is facing a real uphill battle against the challenger. in part because of that inflation. in part because gas prices and nevada are really high. >> i think you are releasing these economic economic issues play themselves out. you are seeing some of the democratic erosion among the latino community also play itself out. again, i think that was a race that people thought was going to be an uphill battle, and that is
3:32 pm
increasingly being put in the republican column because of those bread-and-butter economic issues. >> bret: stephen, and georgia, herschel walker had a bad week. he has denied these allegations about paying for an abortion, but it is lingering and has affected the polls post last week. it is still within shooting distance, though, and georgia. >> it is within shooting distance. i think the mood in the room for the entire country house republicans make up for areas in which they have made huge blunders with the quality of their candidates. if i can turn your attention to north carolina where you have two candidates who are remarkably good, sherry beasley on the democrat side and ted but on the republican. they sort of embody to me the opposite of the environment in georgia because when you have two good candidates, nobody is talking about them on a national basis, and there has been very little attention paid to north carolina for that reason. when personalities are not front
3:33 pm
and center. ted but is going to be able to probably hold on to the republican seat that is being vacated right now. probably via win of about 1.6 points. it is really sad for democrats because this used to be a state where they could perform and compete, but it has slipped away from them on everything but governors races. another visual year. the toss-ups in yellow, north carolina in pink. in our power rankings, the blue is the lean democrat. are there surprises, mark, that you see on election night, just looking at the map right now? >> i do think that the senate map is a tough map for republicans. i think they have got problems here in georgia and pennsylvania. i think you've got a number of places here that are still too close to call. but i really do think that georgia has become a problem. pennsylvania, you know, oz is
3:34 pm
close, but he has not proven that he can get across the finish line. that debate is going to be one important debate for the country. >> bret: you've got these races here. you've got nevada, georgia, and arizona, mark. that is a race where the democrat, mark kelly, seems like he is in a good spot, but blake masters has been close. >> i think that is one where you have seen some closing, but it just does not look like masters is going to get across the finish line. you know, it would be really tough. we have seen the opposite kind of happened in wisconsin where it looks like the republican ron johnson was toast. and he has come back from six down to six off, but in arizona, i just don't think that's going to happen. i don't see the momentum for him to get across the finish line. oz is much closer.
3:35 pm
>> bret: last word here, in our what if scenario for the senate, do you see, of the four toss-ups, pick up, or do you see the real bold pick up that it is a way for republicans? >> i am going to go to bed it is going to surprise us how much it is for republicans. i think that there was a moment this year, particularly with the dobbs decision where we thought it was going to get away from them, but so many factors, continued inflation problem, pushing it right back in their direction, and democrats have been pouring all of their money towards promoting the issue of abortion, and it is just not going to fly. >> bret: that is where we are right now. we will see how it goes on election night here gentlemen, thank you very much. up next, our "whatever happened to" segment looks out the dream and reality of high high-speed l
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>> bret: an analysis by fox news digital finds nearly 270 public educators were arrested on cheyenne on the sex related crimes in the first nine months of this year. at least 199, or 74% involved alleged crimes against students. ♪ ♪ and sundance "whatever happened to" segment, california's dream of having high-speed rail is now turning into a nightmare. >> it's not that expensive. we cannot afford it. that was not true then or now. >> it has become a complete pipe dream. >> it is the most expensive
3:42 pm
infrastructure plan ever undertaken in the u.s. it started with a slick ad campaign in 2008, paidy lobbyists and big labor. a bullet train from l.a. to san francisco and under three hours for $50 a ticket. with private investors and the federal government picking up two-thirds of the cost. >> we are investing in that as well. >> state and federal money dried up. walk away, a major embarrassment, or continue construction. finish the first leg, albeit nowhere near the writers do support if you'd >> i know some critics are going to say, but i think that's wrong, and i think that's offensive. >> so, what went wrong? mismanagement, but politicians altered the route to serve their own purposes, making it more expensive. 14 years later, the project is
3:43 pm
decades behind schedule. the cost, more than tripled from what taxpayers were promised. not 33 billion, but 113. >> it has become too big to fail. california has mismanaged billions of dollars in federal transportation. coming from the other 49 states. >> they say that they have enough money to finish this segment in the central valley, but without private investors to bail them out, this project does not pencil out economically to continue. bret. >> william, thank you. up next, the panel, winners and losers. some of our fox affiliates around the country are covering tonight, five police officers are injured, stopping and alleged kidnapping that began on long island and ended in new york city. police say a man forced a woman believed to be his girlfriend into a car at knife point.
3:44 pm
the suspect reportedly struck several nypd cruisers, leaving three officers injured. two others were reportedly her taking the suspect into custody. a doctor charged with tampering with iv bags out of surgery center is arraigned on federal charges. he is accused of injecting heart stopping drugs into those bags while he was working as an anesthesiologist. prosecutors say have caused 11 patients to have cardiac emergencies and one fatality. and this is a live look at orlando from our affiliate fox 35. one of the big stories are tonight, sp returns to earth. came down a short time ago in the atlantic. this was the fourth astronaut mission. that they have flown to the iss for nasa. that's tonight live look outside. we will be right back. ♪ ♪
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it's beautiful. ♪ you ready babe? “everywhere” by fleetwood mac ♪ ♪ ♪can you hear me calling... out your name?♪
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♪you know that i've falling...♪ ♪and i don't know what to say♪ ♪i'll speak a little louder...♪ ♪i'll even shout...♪ ♪you know that i'm proud and i can't get the words out♪ ♪oh i♪ dude... ♪i want to be with you everywhere♪ ♪oh i...♪ ♪i want to be with you everywhere♪ ♪ from bolt to blazer, equinox to silverado, chevy evs are for everyone, everywhere. ♪ >> a guy who testified to all of that and today also happens to be the name that pops up from senator grassley who said two years ago this month there was a
3:50 pm
group at the fbi who suppress the hunter biden story if you'd >> the only way to win this case, which is very tough, is to make it clear to the jury that he is not here to cover up any of the fbi's malfeasance or missteps. >> they utilize both myself and the steele dossier to continue to get warrants with absolutely no foundation, no basis, and they turned this country upside down. >> bret: there are not a lot of people paying attention to it, but this is the john durham investigation, and this trial, "the new york post" writes "under proof that they shielded hunter biden." yes, igor d danchenko is on tri, but what they have to say about the law enforcement agency. the indictment, the fbi is not in the document, but he is making the case for the public that it is as ugly as they come. let's bring in our panel.
3:51 pm
congressional reporter for politico. byron york, chief political responder for the "washington examiner," and jessica tarlov. this, again, not getting a lot of attention, but it is significant. >> well, it is. it was not good news today that the judge throughout one of the charges against danchenko. i am not going to predict the last case against michael sussman. i thought he was totally guilty, and a jury totally disagreed and acquitted him. the important thing about durham has always been that there is going to be a report. when bill barr, the attorney general, appointed him, he specifically charged him with writing a report in the form that could be publicly released. the value in the durham investigation is that we are seeing what the fbi did to try to get donald trump in 2016 and
3:52 pm
2017, a lot of investigators have tried to figure that out before appeared congress. the fbi stonewalled them. this is probably the best we are ever going get. >> bret: jessica, for the fbi to try to pay steele to corroborate the dossier, and he cannot do it, you know, if you just look in the wayback machine of all of the coverage that the dossier got, it is significant. >> it is significant. i think that you are ultimately right, that they are not a lot of people paying attention to it, and it is very hard to get anything to change. on top of that, the case that john durham or his supporters i should say, certainly the former president, donald trump, have made about the fireworks that are going to come out have fallen absolutely flat, including the latest, that a charge was thrown out today, so we will wait and see what the report actually has to say, but the idea that this is going to push anything forward besides a
3:53 pm
very partisan investigations of the republicans taking back the house and the midterms, i think that is just going to be about it, quite frankly. >> bret: those investigations are probably going to happen if republicans take control. >> you showed a clip of jim jordan, involves, looking into the fbi. i remember covering when they were looking at abuse of the fbi. this is another sort of point for them to say that if you are going to go after goliath, don't miss. here, the fbi, going after the fbi, saying you did not have your facts straight. this was not thorough enough. it feeds into some of the republican points that the fbi should have been more thorough. >> bret: let's talk about the midterms, the economy. it has not been a great week or two for the biden administration. here he is on what happens if republicans win. >> when it actually comes time
3:54 pm
to do something about inflation around the kitchen table, republicans in congress they know appeared republicans take control, prices are going to go off, as well inflation. it is that simple. sadly, going further. already the vast majority of the house republicans have signed on to the republican budget that is going to cut -- hear me now, cut medicare and social security. cut it. >> bret: so, byron, let's put up this graphic of inflation since president biden took office. how does he sell that? >> i'm sorry to laugh. that is real chutzpah there, saying that you are going to see bad inflation. i do not think that is simply going to sell. the other thing -- what are we? 25 days out now. i don't think that there are any opportunities for democrats to get any good news on the economy anymore between now and then.
3:55 pm
obviously inflation in the news that we got this week was bad. consumer sales. nothing is good news. mortgage interest rates, and do not forget peoples 401(k)s are plummeting. if you have your life savings and a 401(k), basically mirrors the s&p, you have lost a quarter of it this year. this is a situation in which people do not vote for the party in charge. >> bret: we have seen, jessica, candidates go out and say something completely different than what is the truth. what about this? is he thinking that is going to stick? >> i think he is thinking we have seen a bit of a reversal and how he is talking about inflation and what is going on in the economy, to returning to a more traditional joe biden, understanding that there is more work to do. taking the same as the moderate democrats who have been doing that all along, how we will be able to hopefully save the majority, certainly in the
3:56 pm
center, the house, much more worried there, but the inflation numbers do not lie. the number one issue. some that are creeping up like abortion is certainly something that is very animating on the left, but if you look back through history of this is going to be an economy election, very hard for the party in power to maintain it. >> bret: not is a good intro to the place that we take you down to every friday. it is the casino. "candidate casino." last time we played the senate version. we have that at 231, the number republicans are projected to pick up, seats to 18 as the majority. so the bat is over/under that number. the power rankings 231. olivia, i know you have been studying your bets from last time. >> last time was pretty bad. >> bret: you have $100 in chips. >> i am putting 100 and saying that republicans get a few more
3:57 pm
seats. last time we are talking during the election, they won more seats than we expected. i think some of the august momentum that democrats had over abortion might be starting to slow down, so i'm going to say that they are over. >> wow, pretty strong. $75 on republicans doing better than 231. i do think that they are going to be better than most addictions. >> bret: jessica. >> i cannot believe that i have a higher bet than byron york on this one. $90 on the g.o.p. $10 on the democrats they are here looking at races like in rhode island where alan fung is over eight points over the democrats state treasurer. and the house majority are not even sending money. worrying about how it's election night is going to look. >> bret: yeah. really lightning winners and losers. >> treats social, donald trump
3:58 pm
social networks. they have not had a lot of good news lately. the loser is liz truss, you can minister already had to dump one of her most important figures in the government. speculation she is not going to last the year. >> my winner is nassau, able to successfully change the trajectory of an asteroid with their spacecraft. my loser is my, the former l.a. city council president who got caught on audio saying racist remarks along with a few others and had to resign. >> bret: jessica, really quickly. >> the sandy hook parents. money does not bring back your children, but the fishermen who cheated, who got indicted this week for stuffing their fish. >> bret: cheating fish. good one. all right, panel, thank you. ♪ ♪ it's friday. it is time for "notable quotable
3:59 pm
spirit" >> mistakes get made, and a cut end and armageddon. >> i would not have chosen the words that he did. >> artillery fire continues as vladimir putin is looking to put pressure on the ukrainian army. >> putin is in a corner. the war is not going the way that he expected. >> do you regret signing on? >> absolutely not. >> it is not my fault of people do not look up definitions. >> cost me about $20 at taco bell for lunch. that is a lot. >> today's democratic party is controlled by fanatical ideologues who hate freedom. >> i love then diagrams. the circles, right? >> the need for this committee to hear from donald trump goes beyond our fact-finding. he is required to answer for his
4:00 pm
actions. >> now it is the committee of political hacks and slugs, and that is a scam. >> could be an election week again, just listening to that. >> let's hope not. i'm an old man. i can't take that anymore. >> bret: what a week. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that is it for tonight "special report." fair, balanced, time i like how you put a little mustard on it. thanks, have a great weekend >> bret: thank you ♪ . >> jesse: have you ever dealt with a salesman that wasn't really cut out for the job, maybe couldn't master the sales pitch? >> our new break pads are really cool. you're not even going to believe it. let's say you're driving ago along the road with your family and you're driving along, la la, and there's a tuck driver in the middle of the road and you hit the brakes