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tv   The Big Midterms Show  FOX News  October 16, 2022 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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8. steve: the other evidences that anything of consequence they have to walk it back. we are out of time great to see you we will see you next sunday on "the next revolution" when that will be televised ♪ ♪ da >> with just 23 days to election day, welcome to the big midterms show i am dana perino in over 3 weeks voters will have their say, balance of power is up for grabs, democrats have the edge among all registered voter the but look at those who are certain to vote, democrat trail republicans by one point. so much at stake, candidates are upping urgency and hitting campaign trail with final appeal to voters.
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>> they know we can do it. we have american grit in our blood, they will going to vote republican november 8. >> send dr. oz back to new jersey, send to us dc. >> fight together together we stand divided we fall. >> i'm running for the united states senate, paula i'm running to win. >> god bless ugod bless america. live free or die. dana: bringing in our panel, james freeman from "wall street journal" editorial page, matt gorman for national republican congressional committee and vice president of targeted victory. and you all know jessica tarlov. one of my co-hosts, don't look now, james but the heading over past 5 days look really good for
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republicans, is it as it has been. >> i thought in spring it would be ain't inflation election. i think a lot of democrats maybe hoped for some glimmer of good news in last week's inflation report, they didn't get it, i think that voters done need that official government -- didn't need that official government pronouncement to note that prices have been brutal. looking at history that means a tough time for the incumbent. dana: you have been matt, involved in a lot of campaign cycles how does that compare to others, the feeling? >> very different. when dobbs decision came out the democrats got bullish over the summer. as we got into fall, into this last month, inflation is the hot topic, but crime, you see that in a lot of
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ads, i think that republicans in the last month have gotten more bullish in how it will end. dana: jessica for democrats almost as if you have a president in a midterm. they usually lose seats that is historical. and right now with biden's numbers, "fox news poll," he ticked up a little bit in approval 43%. -- 46 now, 43 in september. that is ticking up. that is in line with others, but still, that historically that is not a great number if you are a democrat, you are running almost as if you are trying to finish marathon with 20 pound weights on your an sells. ankle. >> st not easy, and never easy, bill clinton lost and barack obama lost, they were more popular. and liked by the general electorate. so, joe biden is you know
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running a bit behind. it is interesting to see the rise of the g.o.p. on the congressional ballot, a lot of candidates for senate on republican side who were written off, we saw john fetterman will sail through and warnock will, not look like, that i still think they end up win but it has been a great couple of weeks for republicans, i think because of that secondary issue, which is going on with crime and public safety, that abortion is now sliding down to third or fifth most important issue. >> then you know, some ways you have polls show the border, but bored and crime sometimes combined for some communities, the border districts in texas, you have republicans 3 young women hispanic women who are possibly going to win. want to play this for you, senatorr warnock and herschel walker detailed in georgia, friday night, a lot of people said this will determine how well herschel
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can do this question dogs a lot of democrats, do you want biden to come and campaign with you. here is senator warnock. >> i have not spent a minute thinking about what politicians should run for what in 2024. >> if you could think about it now, 2024 president the turn 82 years old you concerned. >> people of georgia hired me to represent them. regardless who was is in the white house. dana: you might wounder is why white house has not seem to give candidates more permission to do what they need to do to win. >> remember when nancy pelosi said go out there and call me satan. i don't care. win your seat. whatever it takes. that is why she is one of the more effect of politicians in u.s. mi
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political history biden camp, i don't know what they are saying, people people are feeling unease, tim ryan added it the best. -- tim reason of handled it the best. and he talked about being a mavericks, push back and he was someone who challenged nancy pelosi for the leadership. and said i vote for ohio. i do what is best for you, i think that everyone should take that tack 3 weeks out. dana: other thing is the you -- a lot of polls people say they are concerned about polarization, at home in the neighborhoods people say i'm concerned about polarization, and we have a lot of problems in the country, we have to figure out a way to work together, bernie sanders was asked about this on chuck todd show this morning. >> you know senator you have not during 2016 and 2020 you made a big deal about wanting to court trump
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voters are they still worth courting in yore mind. in your . >> look i think there are some extreme right wr wing voters who are racist, sexists and xenophobes, you will never get. dana: that is what president biden said maga republicans are irredeem able people. >> you know what it means for mid terms is a lot fewer joe mansions and susan collins people put their jerseys o oget to warnock and walker, the result will mirror what georgia s 49-49 type state. dana: we heard from other former president yesterday, president obama will answer -- everyone wants him to campaign. he picks his battles. he is going on the campaign
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trail in some places, maybe he will make a difference. >> interesting this democrats don't want president biden to show up. they want president obama but he won't show up, they have struggled with it i think he could appreciably make a difference, the reason according to sources he is not picked too many races, he thinks he is a very polarizing figure, you mentioned polarization, president obama is not sure in a lot of races he will not justin courage a republican response -- encourage a republican response. >> is that possible that president biden sees that as well. he has not campaigned as much. maybe he could read the polls as well and realize it might help republicans if he is there? >> i think a little bit. it has to mess with biden's ego that obama is getting this attention from democrats, joe biden is on the sidelines a little bit.
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their relationship was always fraught at the end of the term, you are right, president obama for all talk of how he will mobilize democratic base voters, a lot of republicans are ready to vote against obama. dana: great first block, candidates take their message to voters in final weeks of the election our panels breaks down who is up and down as election day nears when we come right back. with apple music seamlessly integrated. the all-new, all-electric eqs suv from mercedes-benz.
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>> he said he would h have not have voted. voted. >> i believe in reducing insulin. but you have to eat right, unless you are eating right, insulin is doing you no good, you have to get food prices down and get gas down to get insulin. >> a patient 's room on too small. >> did he not mention that there was a baby in the room as well. dana: georgia senate candidates duking it out for a seat. in a tight race been plagued by conversions, also ways in pennsylvania. republicans senate candidate
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mehmet oz is closing gap with democrat john fetterman. they g grapple with scrutiny on his record on crime, the debate is tuesday october 25. the issue of crime and police officers came up in georgia. >> i have never pretended to be a police officer. and i have never threatened a shootout with the police. >> i am. >> mr. walker, you are well aware of the rules, you have a prop, that is not allowed. >> no props. but, i thought that was interesting, herschel walker had a lot on the line for this debate. i woke up on saturday morning and i saw meltdown,
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saying he did fine. >> i was shocked. no secret hershal has not had the best month with the stories. and i think it is one thing, particulars were low for him. i think democrats really play down how well he could do. and i would worry about same thing we talk about john get ffetterman's performance, a lot of department on where brian kemp is. dana: i was going to ask. jessica that race between kemp and challenger, stacey abrams that race is not goiing going that well for abrams, does this matter for this tw between warnock and walker. >> it does, expectation is that we'll be heading to a run off, in kemp is ac 6
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on 8 point range. in warnock is up 3 or 4 points, in the run off it will be -- i believe he will clear and win. >> i think if there is a run off for the senate majority, that brings dem base that helps warnock. >> interesting, these are republicans would argue that warnock in that seat was a race they have won two years ago. >> a little bit of an accidental senator. if trump do -- that is vulnerability, saw, walker doing better than expected. also. highlighting the issue differences. walker is closer to the average georgia voter than warnock. and i think that is a problem along with for warnock, with herschel
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walker. >> and warnock sounded like a politician to making sure he didn't -- offend president biden. dana: to pennsylvania. >> let's talk about the elephant in the room. i had a stroke, y'all know that. after having that stroke, and recovery, some of the lingering issues is oug auditory processing. dana: issue is will he be able to serve. i'm not sure that is a strongest issue for dr. oz to press on, he said last week he wants to talk about inflation and crime. >> i think inflation and crime are better for dr. oz, have i to point out the claim only auditory processing issue, we don't know that for sure since fetterman will not release his medical records, i think
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people have to consider, is he the best person to represent our interest in senate. i agree with you, i think crime and the economy probably work better for oz. dana: and matt, this -- now we talk about j georgia two years ago republicans could have won and did not, now an open seat, vacated by pat toomey, pope har senator popular senator in pennsylvania, then dr. oz fighting a notion he is not from there, he has fought his way back and closed the gap. >> there are lingering scars from brutal p primary over the summer, he is slowly working his way back, she he is trying to bring fetterman down to his level, if he wins this race it is about crime, he has been ppummeling better
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bet fetterman on crime. dana: president biden will go to help campaign. >> i think it helps fetterman more, he is going to philadelphia. the numbers in terps of terms of black s support forg forgetter man -- for, fetterman are soft. dana: the crime in philly has been bad, john fetterman has been talking about it more, secret to what is going on race can be explored in f philadelphia enquirer's endorsement of john fetterman today. philadelphia enquirer went for conor lamb in the beginning.
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because of the 2013 incident. they have since changed their tune and pointed out the big issue is that dr. oz has no experience, this is a really big job. and john fetterman has experience to do it well and his policies that align with how they feel and he cares about abortion. and he doesn't want to just talk about inflation, i recommend everyone look at this. dana: do you think, that john g fitter fetterman will wear a hoodie. >> i don't think why he would stop now, he has worked hard to c cultivate the image of a tough blue collar guy, he has lived most of his life off his family's mother. i think he has gone on in on creating that image, a method-actor approach. dana: did you know there is a dress code, if he were to
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win you have to wear a jacket and tie on senate floor. it looks like oz is on the way back. >> coming up, what is it that voters are thinking as election day draws near, lawrence jones in wisconsin speaking to the peoplef ve directly to find out, that is next. gy. >> customer: and they recycled my old glass. >> tech: don't wait. schedule today. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ psoriasis really messes with you. try. hope. fail. no one should suffer like that. i started cosentyx®. five years clear. real people with psoriasis look and feel better with cosentyx. don't use if you're allergic to cosentyx. before starting get checked for tuberculosis.
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>> welcome to fox news live i am ashley strohmier in new york, president biden returns to white house tomorrow after a campaign swing out west, he will deal with bad economic news. with just twe 23 days to go until midterms president is grappling with rising inflation, american consumer see no relief. >> and latest poll reveal a top issue for the voters. >> during one campaign stop in oregon, mr. biden insisted that our economy is strong. >> and people in upper midwest, checking their calendars. keeping an eye on the si see, there is winter storm warnings posted for northern michigan and wisconsin. and meteorologist warn that several inches of snow will fall overnight to tomorrow, here is in duluth, minnesota last night. not ready, i am ashley strohmier back to the the big midterms show.
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dana: as polls show tight races for seats that the tomdetermine what party will control condition, there is one pole near historic lead. key indicator. annual gallup poll asked which party is best i equipped to handle your host important issue, republicans with an 11 point advantage over democrats widest margin since 1946. >> but our very own lawrence jones was in wisconsin to talk with voters about the key issue of immigration. reporter: i got to move to another issue, an issue that matters to a lot of voters immigration. immigration is become a highly contested issue, i saw you immediately gave a
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reaction. >> so, immigration my father is a foreign national. and he came to the un united states met my mom, when his visa expired he had to vacate here, did, he took us with him, we movedded to south america, i was stationed in arizona for 13 years and we suffered re repercussions illegal immigration, every day there is drug trafficking and human trafficking there are drug houses everywhere in phoenix, the fight is coming into our backyard. >> immigration is an issue. we happened in martha's vineyard, and dc and than other places. >> new york. >> i think that is wrong. if for republican to call themselves christians. and to do people like, that they are human beings at the end of the day, how you treat people, says a lot
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about you and your character. yes, we have an immigration rich here in america. but also at the same time took immigration system needs to be reformed. >> can we really handle the uthe influx of these people, the answer is no, economically we don't take care of the people we have here in the u.s. that is number one. seriously. and we need our borders need to be just close it up. build a wall from texas over to california. we can't be take everyone in because you know, we can't take care of the people we have here. dana: bring back our panel, james and matt and je jessica. border security and republicans at plus 21. crime plus 15, and inflation plus 13. if you compare, the
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democrats were they -- get better marks on republicans is climate change, health care sp and abortion they are not the issues that people are focused on for this particular midterm. dana: you heard in that panel as far as immigration. nobody likes lawlessness at border, people have different ideas what it should be. i think what has to bother voters is that whatever you want, compromise maybe, wall and more legal migration, we're seeing no effort by the white house to solve this it is just a tolerance for chaos. and i think that is how you get that number, that is how you get that issue rising so high among this year's issues. dana: jessica in wisconsin, there has been a close senate race until recently. senate race there, ron johnson polling at 52% in marquette poll and
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lieutenant governor ban barnes 46%. >> and governor race is tiede tighter, you mentioned that president obama is going there. what do you think he will be able to do. >> i hope something, mandela barnes was up over the summer that was never happening this is wisconsin, a state that determines how the rest of the country goes . governor le race is a very important part of this. and i want to bring something up, harvard harris poll this weekend, did something interesting they asked people what issues do you think each party cares go most, republicans it was economy and jobs and immigration, and democrat its was abortion and climate
7:31 pm
change and guns. not even health care. when you look at i'm are prioritizing they take stock of fact they are not hearing democrats talk about issues that matter of to them the most. and that is could be informing what is tboaing on going on in wisconsin. dana: voters are concerned about these issues here. we have seen this. this is consistent inflation and high prices 89% for good reason, really touch out there for a lot of families, higher crime rates 79%, and political division, 74 then voter fraud 55%, coronavirus down at at 44%. you are looking at either a race like wisconsin or in some of the swing districts where republicans had not been playing before they are about to, they, end pand expanding. >> they are, in the house, and you look at wisconsin we talk about crime so far. and that is the issue, i
7:32 pm
think that flipped this race from this search points down from -- 7 points down from ron johnson to where he is up. he has been hitting barnes hard on the issues. iif republicans win on election night it willing won because of crime. dana: in north carolina. a tight race between bud and beasley and then the shooting in r in ultray -- in raleigh, that focusing the minds. minds. >> it does it is a tight race. i think bud has an van taj. dana: have republicans been able to make inroads on issue of police needing to be more respected. >> i think it's part of the conversation but overwhelmed with the crime increase
7:33 pm
since 2020, it has not ebated. you look at report from police chiefs, we talk about barnes in wisconsin going on vladimir putin a propaganda network, and -- >> several times. >> bashing u.s. police, that is not going to work, i am sure he is thrilled to have president obama come in, it looked like he was on the way to losing, maybe former president can help save him. dana: we'll see, i doubt it. up next, you can't turn on tv without seeing barrage of political ads some, candidates are apologizes for that, we look at some of the favorites when we return.
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dana: it is shaping up to most ep expensive midterm cycle ev -- ever, billions poured into the ads on the screens.
7:38 pm
there is a lot of noise, i thought a big board was good from fetterman against the dr. oz, he said dr. oz is a cowboy's fan. you know what, every once in a while their ads have been clever, but everyone picked an ad, j jessica, this is time ryan in ohio. >> some people think they have to agree with their pollpitions 100% of the time, i asked these people, are any you married. dana: why did you like it. >> it made my smile. it was not about someone getting shot or it wasn't about the end of the world clause of the climate or if other guy wins it was positivity infused with a cycle so grim. and i feel we say this every time, it gets worse and worse, probably more money pours in, i you that the tim ryan had fun, his teens are
7:39 pm
in it rolling their eyes at their parents loving each other, it was a nice break. >> can positive ads win? >> not in ohio. but i did like that one. it was a nice break. dana: i agree. >> james, you chose senate leadership fund at against john fetterman. >> this is not positive. >> but freeloading fetterman didn't pay his taxes it took 60 liens and lawsuits before he paid up, after not paying his taxes fetterman wants to raise yours. dana: cut through the noise get to that point. >> in beginning of ad it talks about what we were discussing, lived off his parents for most of his life. while presenting himself as blue collar tough guy, and i think this is is affective and interesting is because he is largely run a campaign on identity. alleged authenticity, i think you look at facts he may be most ina then
7:40 pm
authentic candidate running this year. this has little to do with reality of his biography. dana: and expensive media markets for him to buy in. >> yes, phillies and pittsburgh, eagles and steelers pick one of those. dana:y don't i don't even know if dr. oz is a cowboy's fan, yours from new mexico gubernatorial ad against incumbent michelle. >> during covid michelle locked down new mexico but let hundreds of criminals out the prison early. >> she was supposed to be in biden's cabinet, now she is fighting for her political life, they tell a story in a clear way, talks about how she released prisoner from
7:41 pm
prison early and he went to kill histic girlfriend. dana: when the way everyone that consumed media now. all day long. what is the way to make sure you don't get annoying. >> i don't think that people have figured it out. everyone is just annoyed. we don't live some why here in new york city where our votes particularly count. i i see dan goldman ads every where, i will show up and vote for dan goldman, people who live in swing states hate election time it say misery, for people to get more engaged and feel better about politicians we'll have to do something about it it is time for campaign finance reform, it should not take a billion dollars to win a presidency, you know,. dana: a lot, you know what happens, as soon as the races are called.
7:42 pm
the midterm, do you know what happens. >> campaign 2024, if people want to see fewer ads, have smaller government. with less at stake people will not spend so much money tony flewence it -- to influence it. i think there is an issue with dr. oz here, talked about on campaign trail, one thing that has inspired him people want to be left alone. that is a big message he has got friend small, people, people who run diners. >> interesting. >> lift alone. >> he thinks that is optimistic. >> that is a conservative point of view. my family in wyoming are happy washington leaves them alone. >> coming up if republicans win back the house like our power rangings predict they face a big obstacle, our panel discusses when we should expect from a g.o.p. controlled congress when we return.
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dana: welcome back to the big midterms show assumed that republicans will win at least back control of the house. with senate still up for grabs. but looking better for the republicans. we know that president biden will be in office until at least january of 2025.
7:47 pm
what are the realistic expectations for a divided government? what can a republican controlled house and possible republican controlled senate accomplish with biden there with his veto pin standing in the way of whatever republicans say they want to do. one thing i suppose they could do is deal with spendings. call for number one. number of bills that have been passed just thrown huge amount of money into the economy and republicans have effectively tied these bills to the inflation increase. >> yes. it right, it say clear linkage. you have democratic economists from clinton and obserobama administrations warning president, demand has been fueled by spending and same time biden regulatory agenda is discouraging supply. nothing is appealing when you look at what washington
7:48 pm
has done with our currency stop the spending, stop the interventions in the economy. i think that you know, call it "seinfeld" strategy, ala liva legislative program about nothing would be a great respite. dana: they don't want to into any progress. they have ideas. but not the same. you have been through this before. when the republicans are in power, but the democrats have white house. >> right. i think you will see all of a sudden biden pivot to maybe his reelect message need to throw everyone out, keep spending more. but you are right, republicans will i think slowdown the spending. and also with debt ceiling and budget force biden to cut more than if it were nancy pelosi and chuck schumer in charge. dana: if it happens that
7:49 pm
democrat lose house and possibly senate, what are the discussions that happen on democratic side look like. it has been interesting the squad has been very quiet. i assume that is because they don't want to be blamed by the moderate democrats if does go this way. >> they will be blamed but for what they have been doing last 2 and 4 years that are lurking there are still ads run with voices of corey seager and aoc and tlaib saying toy defund police, they will be aired until they are probably no longer in congress, and problem beyond that i think that the main lessons will be about identity politics and perils, i think this is an fair accusation that only
7:50 pm
democrats do, that we all than everyone plays identity politics it is just you know my example is mike pence. he was picked because he is an ean evangelical christian that is what. ttrump needed, i think people will step back and ask about cok wokeness stuff, they will watch a lot of bill maher. dana: the other convery con-- conversation after midterms will be joe biden running against? you could look at polls people say, thank you but we'll move on. dana: >> striking how many democrats say that, this is the toughest conversation
7:51 pm
and if he won't go quietly, what do you do? i think she probably m foremiddible in democratic primaries if he is determined to hang on. >> i think he is running. i think this is his moment of saying you do what you need to do, by saying i'll make a decision, barring any health concerns. dana: do you think at-this-point someone on democrat could side would challenge him in a primary. >> it would be tough, he would have to have some major weakness or health issue, but he will have to have a firm answer the day after midterm. dana: predict you should be he will announce monday or tuesday or wednesday after thanksgiving, saying i had time to talk with my family. >> if he is thinking about, that is rough. dana: where will it be on wednesday november 9, we'll
7:52 pm
givure our predictions ast break. l. after the break. don't use if you're allergic to cosentyx. before starting get checked for tuberculosis. an increased risk of infection, some serious and a lowered ability to fight them may occur. tell your doctor about an infection or symptoms or if you had a vaccine or plan to. tell your doctor if your crohn's disease symptoms develop or worsen. serious allergic reaction may occur. best move i've ever made. ask your dermatologist about cosentyx®.
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dana: in 23 days voters will have their voices heard, but until then we can properly predict how things will end up. look at how fox rankings lay up for each side, majority is 218. then over in senate, neither party has a clear majority in forecast. there are 4 toss up races that could determine control. let's see how our panel thinks it will end up on election night with final predications. you are bold to come out here. it is not high stakes. james. what do you think that numbers are in. >> in house republicans pick up 14 seats, take majority and i think the republicans
7:57 pm
also end up with a raiser thin 51-49 in senate. there has been a view this year they have run a lot of amateurs, it will be a democratic year on senate side but i think you see amateurs, by the way republican voters like people who are not career politicians, you see them improving. i think h hershal walker is a new senator. dana: and dr. oz. >> could be. i am more conviction about the walker one, i feel he has taken all punches that media can think to throw, he is still standing and over performed, and warnock is out of step with the state. dana: and matt for you? >> i think republicans have t23 seat gain in house. and story will be winning in connecticut and northeast, and senate i think 52-48, after a georgia run off, i
7:58 pm
think that we already won the majority with nevada, holding pennsylvania election night keeps dem base depressed and walker wins in december. dana: jessica numbers? >> number on house is more than 231. for republicans. that is fox power number, i don't know. but i agree with thinking that if we're talking about losing a seat in rhode island, connecticut, and virginia,. dana: i want to ask matt, are there races right now, kevin mccarthy raised a top of money and congressional leadership found out there they are now able to spend money in races they didn't think they would be competitive in but they have that advantage, democrats are thinking we do not have enough money to counter this. >> and in 2018, democrat outspent us 4 to 1, you look
7:59 pm
at connecticut with logan running they are pouring money in last minutes. >> and oregon, i was talking with someone today who thinking that republicans might pick up 3 seats in oregon. >> a lot of the map is interesting it comes to inflation, we talk about highest numbers in 40 years, back 4 decades 1980 election all about inflation. ronald reagan but also. you know 34,000 seats one in -- 34 o of the house seats. >> i didn' i can't believe we have not talked about nevada, i think we lose that seat. but i think we pick up pennsylvania. and so it stays as is with kamala harris getting a lot of work out. dana: i don't know, this is a great sunday night for me, that is my football.
8:00 pm
>> best sunday. dana: thank you so much. >> that is it for us, thank you for being here, join us next su sun 10 p.m. eastern for the big midterms show, have a good evening. ♪ ♪ [music] >> hello america i am mark levin this is "life, liberty and levin," we have antic thrspecial guest, former prime minister of israel, benjamin netanyahu been longest serving prime minister of israel ime minister of israel. in four americans we have no


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