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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  October 17, 2022 3:00am-4:01am PDT

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i hope folks go to ted and look up things that me and many other republicans are supporting around our country it get our country back on the right track because they know right now that america is on the wrong track under sherri beazley and joe biden. >> carley: your race is certainly one to watch. congressman, thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> carley: with that "fox & friends" starts right now. ♪ ♪ >> i'm not concerned. >> 71% of american families say they are cutting back on basic necessities thanks to president biden's bad policies. >> inflation is a top issue for midterm voters. >> very tough time for the incumbent and the author of this inflation problem. >> body cam video capturing the moment a wounded bristol police officer shoots and kills the man who murdered dustin demon at a and hamsly. >> honoring fallen sergeant demon at a'sname on it.
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today we honor sergeant demonte a lifelong dolphin's fan. >> loying again about school closures. four was responsible for closing schools. i had nothing to do. >> he gets the push and the first down. and pittsburgh is going to snap their four game losing streak. what a drive. standing tall ♪ let you know ♪ here is to y'all >> come on in. >> >> brian: thought we would hear the whole song. perfect album song. roanoke, virginia.
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city in the blue ridge mountains of southwest, virginia. that bridge, pete buttigieg will take full credit for it because his infrastructure bill is able to rebuild. he was the idea that he got extra tar to fix all the roads. >> rachel: 5% of it was infrastructure humans are infrastructure, too. >> steve: brian, you are kidding, he had nothing to do with that bridge. >> brian: that's true. he didn't. if you listened to him over the weekend we had no bridges we go ahead could cross including walking bridges. >> steve: bridges to nowhere. >> brian: good old days in alaska. welcome to a new week. i hope you had a great weekend because i watched you six hours. >> rachel: 8 hours. wasn't enough, i guess. >> brian: did you go home? >> rachel: i did. i went home and came back. >> steve: now we start a week anew. rachel great to have you. >> brian: so close to the election. >> steve: 22 days away from the election, brian. the "new york times" had a great article yesterday that we want to dig into. and the headline is.
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this. remember, when they were passing all that stimulus money they were saying this is going to help us in the midterms. the "new york times" headline reads democrats spent $2 trillion to save the economy but they don't want to talk about it. why? because republicans have spent $150 million on tv adds reminding people across the country, and this message apparently is working. that all that money brought us inflation. here's an ad from the mitch mcconnell group counsel in georgia against reverend warnock and it's working. >> inflation is literally making our lives impossible to afford. and while we are struggling to save $2, senator raphael warnock votes with d.c. liberals to spend almost 2 trillion. >> rachel: that's a lot of money the republicans spent. it's effective because it's true. we know if you spend a lot of money, government money, it's going to raise inflation.
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other things raise inflation including the democrats' war on american energy. what's interesting. we talk about you said $150 million spent on ads. you know, this idea that, you know, show she your checkbook and i will show you your values, right? if they're spending their money on inflation ads. let me tell you what the democrat ads are, 7 million on talking about the free money that they have given you, the tax credit. 27 million on touting the infrastructure bill. 50 million on talking about inflation, but they, of course, blame it on greedy corporations. $95 million on ads spent on abortion. that's what they care about. that's why they are going to lose in the midterms because that is not a priority for americans right now. >> brian: i think you are 100 percent right. the other thing is if you add in all the money spent under joe biden's administration over the last two years. it's just under 4 trillion. between 3.7 and $4 trillion.
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goes into the system. when buttigieg was asked about that over the weekend. he is the favorite surrogate of democrats who want to get reelected or elected. he said it could have been so much worse if we didn't spend that 4 trillion and look how much it's helped? we will see because 98% of ceos are preparing for a recession right now that the president says is likely not going to happen. in fact, he says our economy is "strong as hell" what i think is hellacious how much our 401(k) has lost. so far seeing the 401(k) in this country that is down -- i just had it here. >> steve: average 401(k) has lost $34,000. that's 25% in one year. the headline of "the new york post." look at this. it says 401(k)-o. the average account down 25% under biden 078 mics. 401(k) is a 301 k. >> brian: they tell you not to
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look. >> steve: they said if you had 300,000ness a 401(k). you probably lost about $75,000. and they say have you taken a peek at your balance in 401(k) don't bother. it will ruin your whole day, week, month here is why. seven straight month of 8 plus inflation. we were assured by the white house economic wizards that rapid price increases from groceries to religions cars gas prices at the pump to were militarily transitory. whoops? that is very effective because we all feel it. that's why the production' ads talking about inflation ring close to home because it rings close to home. >> rachel: it does. i'm going to give you another perspective. i have been thinking about this. these poll numbers obviously look good for the republican flts i think they are probably going to win in the midterm. my prediction is i think they
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are going to take the senate. they are going to take the house. >> steve: going to be close in the senate. >> rachel: i think they are going to pull it off. that said, in the long run, the conservatives lose. the reason is that the progressives play a long game. other polls that are interesting. over the last two years the democrats effectively through covid and through this $2 trillion that we have been talking about. they have gotten americans addicted to government spending. >> steve: $1,400 payments. >> rachel: $1,400 payments. $300 child tax credits. also, more importantly, they have gotten many americans used to not working. they have eroded the american ethos of hard work. look, in 2021, so just a year ago, 44% of americans said they wanted the government to give them a handout. >> steve: 44%. >> rachel: today 52% of americans. now. >> steve: a majority. >> rachel: 8 point increase is not in democrats. democrats always want a handout.
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this is a 19 point increase in republicans wanting a handout from government. >> steve: if everybody else is going to get free stuff, why not? >> rachel: listen, the whole goal of socialism. in the long run, i hate to be the skunk in the garden here, but i think in the long run the progressives are winning. >> brian: i have never seen a skunk but i do think that's an effective analogy because they do stink when they chose to. great point. take republicans acknowledging this and not giving more money. citing this is a problem and saying it's up to the family, you out there the college student to say there is glory in hard work. success only comes from that, and changing the narrative and pointing out free money is not free. it's just postponed or given to somebody else to pay off.
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some fox news poll things that i think play into why the economy is so strong in the short-term, how many people out there think the economy is strong? only 21%. fair and poor 78%. keep in mind the president said over the weekend and all his surrogates agree he thinks the economy is great. the whole world is suffering and we are doing better than most. when it comes to family, how have you reacted to this? well, 71 percent said you have to cut back on necessities. not much. only just 29%. and now we have candy on halloween which at this moment it's a give away is up 13%. i think it's time for america to charge children for halloween candy because it's costing too much out of our wallets. kids 6 or 8. have money with you. >> steve: in other words, when you go to the kilmeade place on halloween. >> brian: money. >> steve: expect to see someone wanting you to venmo you money?
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>> brian: if you are a child with venmo put you first. back on the street say venmo hold up a big v. >> steve: what you are talking about is a store. have you turned your house into a store. >> brian: i'm not going to turn a profit but i don't want to lose money at home. >> rachel: kids might notice. this under the trump years the candy bags were bigger. they got filled a little bit more. i think we are going to see some slimming down. honestly i say that in all seriousness. halloween comes. it's a big expense. if you live at a place where there is a lot of foot traffic. that's a big expense. it's going to be like a tootsy roll instead of maybe a snicker bar. >> steve: my wife and i were talking about the supply chain because we cannot find the little hershey chocolates with the almonds which is traditionally the doocy house which once again this year will not charge, brian. we have always given those out. >> brian: much different than me. >> steve: the other thing in this article that's in the "new york post" and written by
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stephen moore said, and this was the -- for me, the jaw dropping number. in the last year, monthly savings are down 83%. think about that. 83% more people used to put money away for a rainy day last year. what happened this year? inflation. when you look at the sweep of all those numbers we gave you, you are hurting and the only thing you can do is the money you would have saved you got to spend to stay afloat. >> brian: right. i think it's huge. and, also, i just think the people analyzing what took place like larry summers and jamie diamond two people not associated with the republican party. they're saying it began with too much spending and started with that rescue bill. even though bernie sanders says talk about it. most people say don't talk about it. because it's really caused a lot of the pain we are experiencing right now. coming up straight ahead, we will ask senator come cotton did b. that just campaigning with herschel walker and dr. oz
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5-footed tie it looks like with john fetterman and big debate this week they will be joining us live. >> steve: coming up 6:12 here in the east. >> brian: is he speaking again. dr. fauci reflective, says he is now wiping his hands clean of covid school closures. >> they always come back and say fauci was responsible for closing schoolings. i had nothing to do. let's get down to the facts. >> brian: exactly. outrageous fauci flip flop as he now admits school shutdowns caused terrible consequences. >> steve: plus ye west buying a major social media platform we will reveal which one after a brief time-out. you are watching "fox & friends'" from new york city on and movement look who else is on their show. ♪ ♪
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>> carley: we are back with headlines, starting with. this. at least one person died after russian comey cozy drone strikes rock ukraine's capital this morning. [sirens] [explosion] >> air defense missile failing to intercept that explosion before it slammed into a building. just one of the many blasts today that ukraine says hit residential buildings and energy infrastructure in the capital city. the sacramento county jail is on lockdown after two police officers were exposed to fentanyl. officers say the -- officials
3:18 am
rather say the officers were exposed to the deadly drug on money while booking a suspect into jail. another officer came over to help with narcan but then began to feel dizzy. all three are expected to be okay and the lockdown is expected to lift later this morning. did you hear about this? ye west has agreed to buy social media platform parler according to press release this morning. the rapper agreeing to a principle deal with parliament technologies saying, quote: in a world where conservative opinions are considered to be controversial, we have to make sure we have the right to freely expose ourselves. the purchase comes after ye was locked out of twitter and instagram accounts for making establanti-semitic comments: bg divisional win offer the
3:19 am
cowboys. philly's rushed three times in the 26-17 win. the jets shocked the packers in green bay 27-10 win was so dominant that new york rookie defensive back gardner celebrated with a wisconsin cheese head hat after the game. meanwhile, the bills beat the chiefs to avenge their afc championship game lost at the end of last season. >> i'm telling you, here comes alex looking long. goes to the end zone. and ball is caught. that touchdown giving buffalo the lead with less than a minute left. they went on to win 24-20 and tom brady and the bucs did not have a great sunday against the steelers. brady heard giving his team an earful as they struggled quarterback leading the game with a concussion. the steelers holding off a tampa bay comeback to win 20-18. that is your nfl wrap up, guys,
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those are your headlines. >> steve: did tom brady break any tablets yesterday? >> rachel: i don't think so. >> brian: he wanted people to block for him ahead of time. >> steve: he got sacked twice. >> brian: you didn't put the giant game in. >> steve: there were a lot of games. >> brian: we wanted to see the giants. >> carley: we didn't want to do the giant they won as well. >> brian: tom brady screams at linemen would you scream at writers? >> carley: never. they keep the show going. they do a great job. giants beat the ravens. >> steve: just like that. >> carley: we are done. >> brian: visual medium. >> carley: i thought you would be empressed that i knew they played the ravens. >> brian: i'm always impressed. >> steve: thank you, carley. >> carley: see you guys. >> steve: talk about dr. anthony fauci pictured right there. you know he has announced is he
3:21 am
leaving government in december. buff he is not retiring. is he going to continue to do the good work that he has been doing for decades and decades. in addition to we are going to -- we're going to talk a little bit about this latest claim he has made. preface it this way. do you realize that dr. anthony fauci is the highest paid federal employee in the federal government. he makes $417,000 a year of 4 million employees who work for the federal government, including, he makes more than the president of the united states. >> rachel: it wouldn't bother me if he made that much money if he actually did a good job. i'm so unimpressed how he handled the pandemic. what is he on right now is a rehabilitation tour. >> steve: i think you could be right. >> steve: is he getting outth out because he knows the hearings are coming. the good work is he going to continue to do is probably on some pharma that boards but we will see. here is dr. anthony fauci trying to basically wash his hands of having locked down our kids
3:22 am
during the pandemic. >> so many states and some localities to see schools closed as long as they were. >> i think, in system cases -- i don't want to use the word mistake, john, because if i do it gets taken out of the context that you are asking me the question on. >> too high a price. >> i would say that what we should realize and have realized that there will be deleterious collateral consequences when you do something like that. but, you shouldn't discount that it does afflict children. so it isn't without consequence. if you go back, and i ask anybody to go back over the number of times that i have said we have got to do everything we can to keep the schools open, no one plays that clip. they always come back and say fauci was responsible for closing schools. i had nothing to do -- i mean, let's get down to the facts. >> brian: there were things talking about the danger to kids. the main thing he did is say
3:23 am
6 feet apart was based on the 1918 pandemic that had nothing to do with any type of science. the minute you told teachers in schools 6 feet apart it made it impossible to see the a normal size classroom because you can't gets kids into an average classroom and keep them 6 feet apart. i don't know where he got that from. let's make it 3 feet. and a lot of schools went back. what he never did is stand up to the unions. what he never did was stand up when people were rioting in the streets. he had no problem with it. when people were rallying for trump, it was irresponsible. he also said when we came out of the situation room and we were talking about using bleach for human beings, i said i'm not going to go to that meeting. nobody was talking about using bleach for human beings. the president openly speculated famously just so you know it's too bad we can use that for somebody the way we can get it off of surfaces using a bleach as a disinfectant. yeah when i heard he was going
3:24 am
to say that clearly donald trump didn't know he was going to say that it's amazing he the way he continues to spin. >> rachel: chinese kids were in school. he knew that he was the most powerful voice. all he had to say was, you know what? it's safe for kids to go back to school. it was. by the way. don't even look at europe and china. look at our catholic schools. our catholic school kids were in school the entire time. there was no outbreak. there was no, you know crazy thing happening. he knew that as you rightly said, brian. he county bidding of the union. randi weingarten saying she had nothing to do with school closures. >> steve: revisionist history. keep in mind after a brief shut down. in the beginning, nobody knew what was going to happen. florida reopened. and fauci was taking shots at florida for reopening. we can now given the benefit of hindsight. and let tricks. we can quantify exactly what the lockdown did to kids. that department of education
3:25 am
study that came out that we have quoted. showed that reading scores with 9-year-olds went down 5%. the biggest drop in 30 years. and math went down 7 point. the largest decline ever. actually, let me preface that it was -- let me amend that it was the largest and single -- the only time math scores have ever gotten down and the act scores now to the lowest in 1991. >> rachel: that's data. >> steve: it's not emotional. >> rachel: emotional and psychological impact that we did on children is unbelievable. here is, you know, ainsley was in virginia in fairfax virginia county speaking with parents. here is the real effect. listen to this. >> i saw my kids crying. will. >> really? >> i saw them in a ball on the ground. i want to be home with my kids who are ape and are not 1, 2 years behind in their education. that's all i want. i want to take them to swim.
3:26 am
>> what did they say when you said why are you crying, honey? >> i saw it. they -- when you try to do school on a computer, and you are a kinde kindergarten kindergartner? what else are they going to do? i did everything i could. i made the bouncy balls. i made the special room. i sat there and i worked with them. and they still cried. could you imagine? imagine the kids that the families couldn't provide the bouncy ball and the special room and was able to work -- wasn't able to work from home. my goodness. that's why i'm here. i'm here for them, too. >> brian: yeah, the little kids, the seniors that never had a senior year. the sports that never took place. keep in mind anthony fauci said the pandemic is not going to be a problem here. that was wrong. don't wear masks. don't wear masks gives you a wrong sense of confidence. he later amended that over and over again he said when you get vaccinated you are not going to
3:27 am
get the virus. that was wrong. he got a chance once president trump government voted out, he got a chance to do his favorite show if i can quote him exactly rachel maddow show. they wouldn't let you do your show you are my favorite show. you know exactly what party is he supportive of. not like a entertainment show full of great bands and comedians. >> steve: was on our show we asked him hard questions. i don't think we were his favorite show. >> rachel: also on vanity fair is he a super model. >> brian: i saw that with his glasses. >> rachel: race for pennsylvania senate certi statistical tie for midterms. i have moderate to severe plaque psoriasis.
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if you have new or worsening symptoms, including breathing problems, cough, chest pain... a change in your heartbeat, dizziness, yellowing of the skin or eyes, dark urine, tiredness, loss of appetite, abdomen pain, bleeding, bruising, fever, chills, or other symptoms of an infection, a severe or worsening rash, are or plan to become pregnant, or breastfeeding. avoid grapefruit during treatment. your future is ahead of you, so it's time to make the most of it with kisqali. because when you invest in yourself, everyone gets the best of you. steve well, america, 22 days away from the midterms. democrats are hoping to get a boost in support pass president biden is is set to stump for pennsylvania's john fetterman running for senate later this week. and former president obama is making his way to the campaign trail rallying voters in wisconsin pennsylvania and michigan. dr. mehmet oz joins us along
3:32 am
with arkansas senator tom cotton who is going to be campaigning with him. today he is in pittsburgh. guys, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> good morning, steve. >> steve: dr. oz, let's start with you. you are finally going to have a debate but it's next week. i know hasn't early voting started? why so late? and why only one? >> john fetterman stalled. he obfuscated. he created every excuse possible finally because of a huge onslaught of media pressure on him agreed to saying gel debate as late as possible. early voting already started, absentee ballots. only one hour one debate. even though asked by multiple outlets several debates or give me more time than an hour. because he needs closed captioning. which means when i speak because he is unable to understand or process the words i'm saying apparently, he needs to have it on closed caption. read the questions and ultimately answer them. i think for the voters of pennsylvania, this is an issue of transparency. we are trying to figure out is
3:33 am
he able do the job of the u.s. senator. and pat toomey he has been on several events with me has over and over again said you guys are going for my job. i know what it takes to be a u.s. senator. you have to be able to debate to answer questions and closed captioning doesn't exist on the senate floor. we have also asked him to release his medical records, which again, he has refused over and over again, despite multiple different outlets asking. in fact, now demanding it of him. >> steve: senator cotton, why are you on the campaign trail for dr. oz today? >> steve, i'm back in the keystone state because dr. oz will be great united states senator for the people of pennsylvania. he has been traveling all over the state he loves so much. one episode earlier in this campaign trail really contrast the differences between him and john fetterman. dr. oz visited an open air drug area in philadelphia. talking to the addicts, trying to understand how they became hooked on these drugs. trying to get them help. that's the kind of compassion dr. oz will bring to the united
3:34 am
states senate. john fetterman, on the other hand, wants to release violent criminals from jail. wants to keep our southern border wide open that would just flood pennsylvania with more drugs from cartels. the worst part of dr. oz's tour across the state later today be at natural gas facility. pennsylvania has the opportunity to provide thousands and thousands of good, high paying jobs for its workers. and to help get energy prices under control in this country. that's what dr. oz will do in the united states senate. john fetterman says he wants to ban fracking which would only do more to drive up energy prices and cost pennsylvanians thousands of good, high paying jobs. >> steve: dr. oz, senator cotton just did a good job laying out john fetterman's positions. they are -- you know, they are -- obviously there is a clear choice between your positions and his positions. on a myriad of issues. >> why is he ahead of you right now according to the real clear politics average of polls
3:35 am
throughout the keystone state? he is at 46.2. you are at 42.8. why so close? >> well, it's a toss-up, in fact, when it comes to the most recent polls. and the reasons close is because the democrats have poured a ton of money into the commonwealth mostly california and new york. they think they can buy the 51st senate seat. they don't know anything about john fetterman. don't realize he is far to the left of joe biden. they don't realize he would advocate for the kinds of changes in america that none of us want to see. and conservative democrats are going to break for us. >> we are getting the independence already. that's why we are going to win this race. if you are a conservative about money in pennsylvania and you should be. please go to dr. and contribute. it helps a lot. we are using it frugally. we will win this case because of crime. fetterman believes we should legalize all drugs. fentanyl deaths top five in the country. inflation. fetterman has owe advocated for
3:36 am
even more reckless spending of our it children's money than joe biden has accomplished. >> steve: before you go, we were talking about how we were talking about how republicans are spending $150 million in ads to remind people about inflation. the democrats the "new york times" had an item yesterday the democrats essentially gave away $2 trillion worth of stimulus money but they don't want to talk about that because that republicans say, is where inflation came from. >> exactly where inflation came from, steve. inflation is devastating the bulges of pennsylvania's families. john fetterman will be a rubber stamp for joe biden's agenda. that agenda has driven this inflation by spending trillions of dollars we don't have. >> and driving up the price of energy costs for americans. a vote for john fetterman is a vote for joe biden and more inflation. a vote for dr. oz is a vote for stable prices, a growing economy, safe streets and strong america. >> steve: all right. i got a feeling if you lived in pennsylvania, i think i know who
3:37 am
you would vote for. senator tom cotton, thank you very much. dr. oz, thank you as well. >> thanks, steve. >> thanks, steve. >> steve: you bet. still ahead on this monday shocking new body cam shows the suspected cop killer fired more than 80 rounds ambushing officers with their backs turned. how you can support the young families of those men left behind coming up next. >> shot fired, shots fired. more cars. send everyone. [gunfire]
3:38 am
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3:42 am
all captured on surviving officer's body cam footage. listen. >> shots fired, shots fired. more cars, send everyone. officer shot. officer shot. >> officer shot. [screaming? >> [. [rapid gunfire] >> don't have the body cam footage probably never will of the officers who lost their lice that day. officer hamzy and demonty. young families left behind as they do organizers of the fundraiser joins us now. conner, what was your reaction to seeing that body cam footage and bringings us to the battle scene that those officers went
3:43 am
to? >> it's definitely tough to watch. alec acted like a super hero. he saved countless lives that night. some of my good friends were the next people on scene to back him up. and i know for a fact that he saved probably our entire shift that night by doing what he did. super hero. >> brian: right. and the other officers were set up. i mean, they were called in to a domestic dispute and they were set up. what do you have to tell people out there who don't wear the uniform about what it is like on a daily basis when you think one call at night could be should be an argument ends up being deathly encounter? >> i just want to talk about these two men that showed up on that scene they put their boots and uniform on wanting to help the communities. these are two of our best officers.
3:44 am
we lost our two best that night. they will never go home to their families and they were both part of our community, part of our bristol police family and amazing family men. more than just officers. they were great men. >> brian: all the money, unlike other websites goes to recipients. a goal of 100,000. already up to 131,494. looking at y site live and it's ticking up. people that don't know do officers do this for the money? >> absolutely not. it's cliche but i think everyone that science up for this job in their first oral board interview i do this to help people. these guys are the epitome of that. these are the guys you wanted on a tough scene where we may have to use force. they were the guys that you wanted in your parks talking to
3:45 am
families and children. they were the guys that were everyone's weddings, would show up at every party. they were the life of the party. >> >> brian: and who did they lee behind? >> dustin leaves behind two young children and his wife laura. alex leaves behind his family. his wife kate and alex is -- his family, the hamzy family is a huge family in bristol. there is businesses with their family all over town. it's going to be really tough to fill that void. i really don't think we will be able to. >> brian: fund the is where to go. no one will ever replace these two men and their role in these families. we can at least help them get through this painful time in their lives and have one less thing they have to worry about. if you could help them out. i know tunnel 2 towers is doing something, too. that will be great. thanks so much for joining us and talking about these great officers. >> yeah. thank you very much. fund the first. all the proceeds are going
3:46 am
towards us. also barstool sports just set up a t-shirt and all proceeds from that t-shirt will be going towards fund the first fund as well. >> brian: thanks so much. appreciate it. conor hogan, thank you. we will continue to follow that story one of those shooters did survive. 15 minutes before the hour news with carley. >> carley: el paso could end the practice of busing migrants to new york after a policy change from the biden administration. the new policy sends migrants from venezuela back to mexico if they cross into the u.s. illegally. about 25,000 venezuelans were encountered at the border in august compared to 6,000 at the same time last year. florida governor ron desantis is getting slammed by the media for easing voter restrictions in three counties hit hardest by hurricane ian. many outlets expanded mail-in
3:47 am
ballot access and early voting availability. guardian writing governor desantis has been voting easier in certain florida counties easier counties battered. recall fans the flames calling those counties republican strongholds. to the racetrack we go. drivers bubba wallace and kyle larson getting into heated argument in las vegas. wallace throwing his helmet and shoving larson during confrontation after a crash. replay of that crash showing larson appeared to bump wallace into a wall before wallace spun out and two cars crashed. both drivers are expected to face discipline for that altercation. janice over to you. >> janice: oh my goodness. all right. let's take a look at the maps, because we have got a cold front that's moving on through. it's going to dip as far as south as the gulf coast. current temperatures. not even reporting in fargo.
3:48 am
that's how cold it is. i'm not sure why that is. parts of carolina 26 on wednesday. knoxville, tennessee 30 degrees. montgomery alabama 32. so first freeze of the season is coming early for a lot of these places and we have frost and freeze alerts for 70 million people, yes, so that's our biggest story. we do have showers and thunderstorms in the forecast for parts of the southwest and then we have this area of low pressure across the great lakes that's going to bring close to a foot or more of snow for the upper peninsula of michigan. so, yes, here it comes. looks like the halloween costumes are going to be a size too big so the kids will be wearing them on halloween if we continue this. here is your forecast today 65 in new york. that area of low pressure lingers across the great lakes and then that cold front, watch out, brian kilmeade, it's coming. get the snow shovels ready for dawn. >> brian: because we always work through snow storms so dawn has
3:49 am
to do it herself. >> janice: we know we love dawn and we love you too. >> brian: a little bit. thank you, janice. appreciate it. that's a lot of dough. american inflation and inflation so bad one pizzato shop owner can't afford to fire employees. new tactics keeping stores open. that story next.
3:50 am
3:51 am
3:52 am
3:53 am
chad, so great to have you, we were just saying off set that pizza sounds delicious. so, anyway, normally, in a downturn economic time people let go of workers. but now we are seeing people like you, employers like you hoarding workers. tell me what's going on with your business. >> i think hoarding is a strange word. i think the -- what we're doing is actually investing more into
3:54 am
new employees that we have. and i think that that's an important distinction that we have made is that we're trying to keep the employees that we have trained and trying to keep them so that we are investing in them so that we don't lose them. i think that's an important differently between the two. >> rachel: that's economist term not mine. but, in any case, tell me how you are investing in your employees and keeping them. >> i think one of the things that we're doing is when there are discipline problems or things in the past that we used to do write ups for that we used to fire people on, we are looking at those and saying hey, can we retrain these people? can we keep them around? can we look for ways to come up with creative ways to handle
3:55 am
these issues? also, we are looking for employees that maybe they don't have the experience that they should have and that we are taking the time to train them and to get them to the point where we can use them as -- we can use them as our regular employee. >> giving second, third, maybe fourth chances and then training people who aren't ready for the job but helping them to get their foot in the door. let me ask you this, so, you probably thought about this. why do you think that there is this labor shortage? why are you struggling so hard to find workers? >> you know, there's a whole lot of reasons in provo we have 1.9% -- excuse me, 1.9% unemployment. lowest in the country. have a very highly educated population. we have two universities right near us. so, because of that, we see
3:56 am
jobs, people thaty in jobs before, during the pandemic, we had a lot of tech jobs come, in so we're seeing a lot of that. that's what's happening a lot of times with our employees. there are other issues as well. we just don't have the traditional employees that we used to have. the college age students are not working the way they did in the industry. so, a lot of tech jobs and things like that. >> rachel: some people are saying because of government handouts as well that are hurting the ability of people to make hires. but i trust it's the tech jobs in your very highly educated town of utah. thanks for joining us this morning. and good luck with your business. >> thank you. >> rachel: you got it. congressman dan crenshaw, piers morgan, stuart varney and judge joe brown all coming up as "fox & friends" continues this monday morning. stay with us. ♪ ♪
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4:01 am
name on it


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