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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  October 17, 2022 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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has claimed and the plea deal that the vault company recruited as its customers drug traffickers and other criminals. >> the purpose of fourth amendment i can't take paul's property because i'm suspicious of peter. >> so the private vault company pled guilty and the f.b.i. had to return the contents to 600 box holders but a judge ruled the f.b.i. didn't violate their right against illegal search and seizure. >> dana: an incredible story. aggressive cartels waging war along the southern border. a cartel drone and provided to fox by the texas department of public safety showing a recent gun battle between two mexican drug cartels using high-powered weapons including.50 caliber machine guns mounted on trucks.
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two sides fighting over a popular corridor for human smuggling as a cartel drone mon tears the zone from above. looks like a war to me. welcome to a new hour of "america's newsroom," i'm dana perino. >> bill: i'm bill hemmer. warning to you. good weekend? >> dana: yes, you. i've been hearing about it. his was really good. >> bill: we won the game in new orleans and had a blast at the same time, too. that's two for two. no wonder folks who live along the border don't feel safe. non-stop human and drug smuggling running rampant across the border spreading chaos and crime and violence. national border patrol council president brandon judd saying it's time for the administration to admit there is a crisis and then deal with it. >> this administration refuses to divine the problem. if they won't define the problem they won't come up with solutions to stop the crisis. >> dana: we have an exclusive report on a new biden program using military personnel to help
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care for the migrants and do basic chores for them like housekeeping. the national border patrol council president with reaction to all of it. bill melugin setting the scene in eagle pass, texas. what is going on, bill? >> good morning to you. that stunning drone footage you mentioned off the top highlights the fact these cartels are operating literally right on our doorstep here at the u.s. southern border and we'll get right into the footage. this was recovered by texas dps by a cartel drone and shows a recent gun battle between the gulf cartel and northeast cartel firing at each other with.50 caliber machine guns. tracer rounds go back and forth towards each other near a mexican border city directly across the river from roma, texas in the rio grande valley. very popular and important smuggling corridor the cartels are fighting over and the same area where we've witnessed texas
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national guard and border patrol shot at across the river and last october we witnessed a cartel machine gun fired into the u.s. the cartel activity right there on the u.s. doorstep. you can see it in that video. elsewhere along the border look at this video. human smuggling running rampant on the u.s. side of the border. this video as they chase a human smuggler in the rio grande valley. he crashes through a fence and everybody bails out from the vehicle including a large group of illegal immigrants running into the brush. troopers have to make a decision who they will go after. they decide to pursue the smuggler and run through the brush and take him down and arrest him. he ended up being a mexican national. lastly we'll bring it here to where we are. look at the video we shot early this morning. storming all day long out here. so much so it has been like a strobe light in the sky with the amount of lightning we've seen. it doesn't slow down the illegal crossings. this was a group of about 100
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that came across illegally this morning. it goes to show the job never stops nor slows down for these border patrol agents no matter what the weather is like out here. back live the del rio sector starting off the new fiscal year exactly where last year picked up. record numbers continuing. border patrol reporting last week alone they saw nearly 10,000 illegal crossings as well as more than 3,300 known gotaways, stunning numbers for one week in one single sector here at our southern border. send it back to you. >> dana: shocking. thank you, bill melugin. >> bill: to a fox news exclusive. government planning documents reveal the department of homeland security is recruiting a new volunteer force to head to the southern border. apparently to do chores for migrants. gillian turner is tracking down the story. what have you learned so far? what's the deal? >> we've been given access to these internal homeland security and pentagon planning documents
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reveal dhs is recruiting a volunteer force made up of defense department officials deploying to help with the migrant crisis specifically military personal provided support services to migrants crossing into the u.s. both legally and illegally. take a look at this. no experience is required. just a willingness to serve according to dhs. they'll cover costs for military officials to leave their jobs at the pentagon and travel to the border for 60 days at a time. the support will help insure that migrants arriving at the border receive compassionate and timely care while alleviating the strain on cbp law enforcement officers to perform their duties along the southwest border. we get a very detailed look at what exactly military officials will be doing to support migrants. take a look at this. responsibilities will include basic housekeeping like picking up trash, sweeping, cleaning, refrigerators and shredding paper, prescription medicine runs.
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going to the local pharmacy as well as migrant person property management. tagging, bagging, sealing, storing and retrieval of their things. the border patrol council says oats a misallocation of resources and admission of crisis. >> if there wasn't a crisis why wouldn't they be advertising for services like this? this administration refuses to define the problem. >> internal email sent out to most defense department staff instructs them to disseminate this widely and encourage this opportunity. the source familiar with the documents tell us it appears to be the biden administrations way of circumventing an emergency declaration at the border. >> bill: it's remarkable stuff, gillian on that reporting. wow. we'll watch where the story goes. thanks in d.c. >> dana: for more let's bring in an executive director from the american institute. i'm rarely shocked by this.
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what gillian just reported seems to me to be so beyond the pale. let's get your take on it. >> absolutely. look, when they recruit a volunteer force brandon judd is right, there is a crisis along that border. it infuriates me. they aren't trying to solve the problem but manage the influx of individuals coming across that border and that's fine. we have to take care of them and you have to process them. where are the measures that we're trying to solve this so in 2 or 3 and 6 months from now we aren't in the same place. that's where this administration is falling asleep. they have no plan in place to try to reduce the numbers, to draw this crisis to a close. instead they continue to manage this throwing more personnel whether it's a volunteer force or more border patrol agents to process the migrants in every single day in numbers historical numbers we've never seen before. that's what is frustrating to me. i know there are things that work. i know there are ways to
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mitigate this crisis. this administration does not seem interested in doing any of that. >> bill: wow. they want people to volunteer to pick up garbage along the border. i don't know how you define that job or where that came from. see whether or not they can recruit the way they want to. mayorkas was speaking over the weekend. remember when kamala harris saying the border is not open. the whole idea about the border is open, two years? we go to bill melugin every day. either a drone in the sky, camera on the ground, and i mean for yourself if you think the border is not open. >> absolutely. this comment by the secretary is beyond the pale. basically what he is saying is all the americans out there our
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policy leaders and members of congress concerned about the issue and speaking out on it are somehow to blame for the crisis, that the smugglers are only listening to these folks and to news media, fox news and others saying that the border is open. that's absurd, right? they know it's open because of the poll seals of this administration. they know it's open because every month they get hundreds of thousands of individuals to cross that border. every month there is more and more gotaways. the smugglers don't need to listen to political folks or anyone else talk about the border is open. the reality is the border is open, they know it is open and cbp interviews folks every day, migrants every single day. the migrants are saying the border is open and why we're coming here. so this idea and this comment from the secretary is trying to shift blame. the blame, you know, obviously is on the biden administration. the policies are encouraging this surge, nothing else. >> dana: chad wolf, thank you so
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much. glad to have you here. one of the other things that happened today there is internal frustration with the head of border patrol chief. "politico" reports five current administration that work with him saying he often doesn't attend white house meetings on the situation on the border. bad mouths other agencies to superiors and not built relationships within the agency and across other agencies to address the influx of migrants at the border. not only do you have the crisis you have somebody now under fire for not doing a good enough job there. >> bill: the reason people talk that way within the department itself they're unhappy with the job the top boss is doing and when they go to the media. anthony fauci was asked about responsibility for school closures during the pandemic admitting they had negative effects on kids. the head of the national institute of allergy and infectious disease necessary an interview from sunday from abc.
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>> was it is mistake in so many states and low cults to see schools closed as long as they were. >> i don't want to use the word mistake, jon, if i do it gets taken out of context. there will be collateral consequences when you do something like that. it does affect children. it isn't without consequence. >> bill: the money bite from that interview is when he says i had nothing to do with the school closures. we did a quick google search earlier this morning and we found the fall of 2021 he said kids need to be in the classroom and in january of 2022. there is an argument he could make that said he wanted the kids in the classroom. >> dana: the results are in. the results are terrible for the nation's children and we have to catch up on learning loss, behavioral issues.
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some kids never returned to school. when the next pandemic comes hopefully we learned the lesson. >> we'll get senator johnson's reaction. >> china's xi said to get a third term as the country's ruling communist party. two congressmen are warning about possible u.s. conflict with china over taiwan. are we ready for such a possibility? >> dana: president biden is vowing that relief at the pump is coming soon. what would that be? is anyone buying that? we have a live report straight ahead. >> how long are we going to have an energy policy that leaves us exposed to forcing our president to go to saudi arabia or anywhere else on bended knee to ask for more oil? ♪ ♪
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before it's too late.
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>> dana: a robbery in broad daylight caught on camera in new york city. suspect seen pushing a 66-year-old man to the ground and stealing a bag containing $17,000 in cash. police are seeking any information about the suspect and his getaway driver. also in new york city new video shows a suspect trapping a woman inside a subway turnstile and stealing her wallet. he was trying to squeeze into the turnstile behind the woman and tossed the wallet on the station floor after removing the victim's i.d. and subway card. he is also still on the loose. >> bill: we have more and more cameras throughout new york city and see it more because of that. also it is happening more and more. there was a video over the weekend an elderly woman a guy came up to her asking for a dollar and digging into her wallet to give him a dollar and
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he steals her wallet and she is there by herself stumbling over, loses her balance. all bad stuff. we don't have to live that way. this city was better than that. 19 past. the white house now weighing its next steps to try and ease the energy crisis. president biden signals a new effort to lower gas prices as a new fox poll shows that 53% of voters disapprove of the president's energy poll cismd edward lawrence is bringing us the news from the north lawn this morning. >> we've heard grumblings about another release from the strategic oil reserve. the 10 million barrels will go out in november. but officially the president's top energy advisor tells me there is no firm decisions that have been made. they are just considering a release. the administration hopes to add more russian oil to the global market. treasury steak temporary wants countries outside of the g7 to
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use a price cap to limit russian revenue with no guarantees. >> we want to see russian oil continues to flow into the market and that countries are using the leverage provided by the existence of this cap to bargain lower prices. that's what's going to effectively reduce russia's revenue. >> so again no whisper of changes to the regulations or restrictions placed on u.s. energy and americans don't seem to like that. new fox news polling showing that only 29% of americans approve of the president's handling of inflation, the overall economy gets 35% approval from registered voters and the president's energy policy only 43% approve. as you mentioned 53% disapprove. as the latest tactic pushing threats of economic retaliation against saudi arabia because the kingdom refused to hold off oil production cuts until after the mid-term elections. >> this is like a childish
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temper tantrum joe biden is having because he put saudi arabia and the other opec nations in a position to have more control over america's economy. it makes absolutely no sense. >> the president will be back at the white house around noon. no public speaking events on his schedule. >> bill: thanks. edward lawrence from the white house. >> dana: china's president xi warning the west that taiwan belongs to beijing and it is not ruling out military force to keep it that way. now two members of the house armed services committee say time is running out for the united states to prepare itself and allies for a possible war with china. they just returned from taiwan and join us now. florida republican congressman mic mic michael waltz and a marine. thank you for being here today. michael, why was it for you to
7:22 am
make this trip and do it with somebody like seth moulton? >> dana, i think it's just important to remind the american people of why the security of taiwan matters to them. if you look at where it is on the map, and if china is under xi is successful in invading and taking taiwan, china will essentially control 50% of global gdp and control the shipping lanes into sought korean and the most advanced computers chips on the front lines of democracy. i think we face a very real chance of taiwan becoming the next ukraine within the next 5 to 10 years. chairman xi is making that very clear. he is going to do it one way or another. so the question is are we running out of time from the united states standpoint to deter that from happening? unlike what happened in ukraine
7:23 am
where we did not deter successfully russia from invading it. >> dana: anything to add there congressman moulton? also talk about whether you think the united states and biden administration policies are keeping up with what you think needs to happen here. >> mike said it well. the stakes are very high. the reason why we should care about this so much. we don't have a plan to fight this war through the taiwan people the way we're fighting the ukraine war through ukraine. that means that americans are going to die if xi invades taiwan. and so the stakes could not be higher. not just for the global economy or national security, not just for shipping routes and trade and the economy, but for us, for the american people. a lot of young americans will die if this happens and why we have to prevent a war and mike and i both think that we're not moving quickly enough to do this. this isn't just the biden administration, of course. we've known for a long time the last several years our national
7:24 am
security strategy has been shifting to the pacific but i don't think we're moving quickly enough. that's what we saw on the ground. we saw troops amazingly well prepared taking on this challenge, training with partner militaries ready to confront the threat but the larger d.o.d. establishment, all the things that need to be in place. the weapons systems, the allied partnerships we need secured, those aren't ready yet. we have to pick up the pace. >> dana: i'm sure you know that over the weekend the come knifed party got together and chairman xi is given another five-year term. congressman waltz. when you talk about americans having to get involved here, it will be a surprise to a lot of people. one of the things you want to do is try to explain why america's national interests are here. do you think that is shared on a bipartisan basis, michael? >> i think there is an increasing awareness, dana. i think for those of us on the
7:25 am
national security committees, intelligence, arm services, foreign affairs that see the intelligence every day, where xi is telling his country to prep for war by 2027. and that taking taiwan will be his first major step -- second after taking hong kong but becoming the dominant global super power on his watch and replacing the american dream with the china dream. that's not a world that i want my kids or grandkids growing up in. and seth is right we have to deter that from every happening in the first place. it means getting our supply chains out of china, which they plan to use as leverage. everything from electric batteries to our pharmaceuticals. and that means going to a position of clarity so xi will think it costs him too much before he takes that big step. >> dana: i'm glad you went together and came on our show together as well. a lot on the line here.
7:26 am
we appreciate you coming on. >> bill: for fer washington what will the jury decide. the trial of the russian national charged with lying to the f.b.i. about the steele dossier continues today and what we are learning about that case. remote work keeping many people employed during the pandemic and at home for that matter. mike rowe makes the case it was not all good news for the american worker. mike is coming up next when we roll on. think he's posting about all that ancient roman coinage? no, he's seizing the moment with merrill. moving his money into his investment account in real time and that's... how you collect coins. your money never stops working for you with merrill, a bank of america company.
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7:32 am
alexandria, virginia with the latest. jury selection could start today? >> that's right, dana. we know closing arguments will begin any moment about an hour for each side. then those deliberations will begin, jurors have to decide if danchenko, the russian national, is guilty of four counts of lying to the f.b.i. only four counts. late friday the judge removed the first count over a technicality. danchenko is the man the government says was the primary sub source for ex british spy christopher steele aimed to destroy then candidate donald trump. durham said he lied to an f.b.i. when he said he hadn't talked to a democratic political operative named charles -- the two communicated email and didn't talk. it was enough for the judge to get rid of the first charge. a special f.b.i. agent told
7:33 am
jurors danchenko was a valuable informant adding american national security is more at risk without him. he claimed danchenko helped the bureau with some 25 investigations. not clear how it will turn out. john durham began his investigation more than three years ago. ultimately as we saw unfold last week this case is more than about danchenko and in the eyes of john durham it is about some of the miss steps by the f.b.i. in 2016 and early 2017. >> dana: i said jury selection. it is jury deliberations that start today. thank you. >> president biden: our economy is strong as hell. inflation is worldwide. worse off than the united states. so the problem is the lack of economic growth and sound policy in other countries, not so much ours. >> bill: you might be buying
7:34 am
that unless you looked at your 401k and you might think twice. those remarks from the president over the weekend as millions of americans feel the weight of inflation. as many people work from home our next guest says appreciation of the blue collar american worker who kept the country running is on the decline. mike rowe, host of how america works, is with us now. great to have you back. thanks for coming here. make your case about the blue collar american worker first. >> well, after the lockdown i think there is good news and bad news. if you are willing to work, if you are willing to learn a skill that's in demand and if you are willing to get out into the world, the opportunities have never been better. on the show that i work on for fox business every single week, we shine a light on an industry that's essential to our country, staying on the rails and without exception every single one of them are hiring, hiring, hiring, hiring. i just talked on the negative side to an economist on my
7:35 am
podcast and he paints a very different picture in terms of not unemployment but labor participation rates. probably the most least reported economic metric with the biggest impact. you have 7 million men right now prime age 25 to 54 not only not working, but affirmatively not looking for work. that's having an impact, i think, on the economy and according to nick, an impact unlike anything we've ever seen before >> dana: i know he has a new book out. it is fascinating. i will listen to your podcast. economic conditions, 73% of people feel things are getting worse. that is leading to a feeling of -- that the country is going in the wrong direction, 85%. so if you were advising young people today, maybe you are a senior in high school and everybody is talking about going
7:36 am
to a four-year university next year and maybe you want to do that or maybe you don't. what advice do you have for somebody like that? >> we've -- none of those people go to four-year schools. they all go to get training that's currently in demand. those scholarships pay a huge return on investment. welders, steam fitters, pipe fitters, mechanics. there has never been a need for skilled work like there is right now. so again, if you are inclined to think that way, to work that way, the world is your oyster. if you're not, sadly, and you are a man, statistically you are probably sitting home spending 2,000 a year looking at your screen. we have to talk about that. we've got to do something about it. not in a scoldy way but we have to acknowledge it. it is enormous. >> bill: one of the things you talk about is like the do it yourself kind of stuff. literally where you take control
7:37 am
of your life and you go on offense to try and make your situation better. our fox polling found something that stunned me. i want to share the top line number from this past year. what's the message you would like to send the government is what we asked? we found a majority, 52% said lend me a hand. if you go back over the previous 10 or 15 years the only other time it was even over 50% was in 2020 it hit a stunning 57% high. but that's when the government came and shut down the businesses, they locked everybody out of work. i could understand that number in the midst of a pandemic. but here we are two years later and we're back over majority of americans telling us they want the government to help them out. what does that mean to you? what does that tell you? >> it means that two things could be true at the same time. it means that cookie cutter advice, platitudes, politicians
7:38 am
who paint with a big giant brush are painting over a lot of truth. the reality is there are a lot of people who need a hand, who are well intended and willing to work. the other reality is there are millions of people who have been given a hand and as a result have done absolutely nothing with the help they've been afforded. these two things happen at the same time and why they divide us right down the middle i don't know. it is not necessary. it comes down to the individual. i'm telling you, bill, you will see it on tonight's show. if you are an individual willing to work the path to prosperity is crystal clear. >> dana: that's 8:00 p.m. tonight eastern on fox business, how america works with mike rowe. i wants to listen to the podcast you did with the economist as well. >> bill: do g to have you on. steve moore was talking about today. do you feel wealthy or do you not? he writes the assets today have
7:39 am
shrunk to about one -- in other words, if you had $1 hundred thousand in your 401k it is down $34,000, more than 25% in less than one year. you have to think that lack of wealth impact has an effect on people and the decisions they make. >> dana: decisions who they vote for. a red hot senate race in wisconsin that could shape the balance of power on capitol hill. ron johnson facing off against democrat mandela barnes. senator jo johnson will join us live next. not just 80% like some typical loans. that extra cash can make a huge difference in these times of skyrocketing prices. here's more good news: home values have skyrocketed too. that means even more cash!
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>> bill: 22 days until mid-terms. three weeks tomorrow. we're looking at wisconsin today. wisconsin is a razor tight race,
7:45 am
two statewide races. evers looking for a re-election campaign over michels. on the senate side watch this one. barnes up against johnson. johnson is trying to get a third term. what we're trying to figure out going back two years ago. look at this. dana, are you watching this? 1.6 million. 3.2 million votes cast, right between trump and joe biden. the difference of 20,000 votes between the two. really extraordinary race up there in wisconsin. how does the race look right now? how does the state feel about the way the country is going? one measure we could say. joe biden's approval rating is down at 42%. tomorrow we'll have power rankings and do them every tuesday leading up to election day. what we concluded a week ago and what we concluded a month ago
7:46 am
hasn't changed. 47 solid senate seats for democrats right now. 49 solid for republicans. four toss-ups in the middle. one of those four is the state of wisconsin and for that we've got senator johnson on the line now. >> dana: the battle for senate control putting the sharp spotlight on swing state wisconsin. latest polling puts ron johnson six points ahead of democrat barnes, 52-46 in one of the most closely watched races. senator ron johnson joins us now. it is in august we saw the polling start to go in your favor as you pulled away from mandela barnes. how do we know it's been working well? president obama announced he will come and campaign for barnes in wisconsin. what kind of effect do you think that might have? >> well, guys, first of all understand that in wisconsin these are always very close races. i pretty well ignore the noise of the polls. but i think there probably has been a shift because we've been
7:47 am
able to tell the truth about barnes. he is an individual who said the founding of america was awful. he and governor evers goal coming into office was to reduce the prison population by 50%. it's been reduced by 15% including their commission has paroled 884 criminals, 784 were violent criminals including 44 child rapists and 270 criminals who committed or attempted murder and they were horrific murders. now we just found out that mandela barnes has a state assemblyman literally went on russia today tv six times and used as a tool of vladimir putin. >> dana: i saw that. that was a stunning decision. >> bill: you had a debate the other night. this moment got a lot of attention. i think some people approved of it, other people did not.
7:48 am
they wrote that way. go ahead and play clip number four from this debate with barnes. >> what puzzles me about that with the upbringing why has he turned against america? why does he find america awful? >> somehow -- >> bill: the question was what do you find admirable about your opponent? and you chose to answer it the way you did and you heard the audience there. go ahead and explain yourself. >> first of all i did point out the fact he was raised by loving parents, mother was a school teacher, father worked third shift. but it was a crowd comprised primarily of marquette college students. we thought it would be 50 of our supporters and 50 of his but the students didn't like hearing the truth. fact of the matter is when you are a candidate, a member of the assembly and you say the founding of america is awful. when you go on russian today tv and you are willing to let yourself be used as a tool for
7:49 am
vladimir putin's propaganda, what else would you call that than turning against your country? i just point out it puzzles me and the voters of wisconsin need to know who barns is, what he truly believes. he has been in hiding during this campaign. we smoked him out a little bit. he isn't open about what he believes. he is a radical leftist. >> dana: "the new york times" tweeted a peddler of misinformation while describing barnes has a rising star. that happened on "the new york times" twitter feed and you have a debate coming up tonight. anything you would like to say about "the new york times" decision there? >> first of all, i guess the media is unbiased, isn't it? listen, if this were a sane world with an unbiased media so many of these senate races wouldn't be close. we have a highly biased media and proof of it right there.
7:50 am
they use that phrase purveyor of misinformation. they haven't laid out what i've said that wasn't true. think of that. it's not a level playing field. not a fair fight. we have a highly biased media. "new york times" is a prime example of that. they really need to if they lay out the charges, tell me something that i have said that wasn't true. remember, chuck grassley and i laid out the report on hunter biden. it was ignored. and yet it is all true. same things i've said as relates to our miserably failed response to covid. everything i've said is true. >> thank you for your time. we hope to get another moment with -- with you before this election. as you say, it is always tight. >> dana: thank you for being with us this morning. >> have a good day. >> bill: chaotic night outside of a bar in minneapolis. a crowd got into it with an
7:51 am
officer on horse back. guess who won this one? more in a moment. [shouting]
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absolutely and what. yeah. country club. against that. so, anybody that pays your entry fee and comes here and hits this hole in one will win the
8:00 am
truck offering also accepted that offer when he paid his 37 $375 to enter his team. he showed up further per their request, and on their whole that they put out there and they designated. he hit a hole in one. okay all right, so we understand. we understand it. now we're going to see whether or not you can resolve this thing because we can. we're interested in running out of time. but we're going to pay attention, austin. congrats on the whole in one. we'll talk to you soon. thank you. thank you. gentlemen. focus is up. next here's harris. we begin with this fox news alert democrats looking at an uphill slog to hold onto majorities in the house and even the senate. americans are clear about the man in the white house. new fox poli indicates the next 22 days until election day can be summed up in one word. painful. i'm harris faulkner. you were in the faulkner focus. voters are not holding back. the majority of people say they don't think the president cares about people like them and most dot e


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