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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  October 18, 2022 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>> during october, breast cancer awareness month, if people have more information they want, where do they go? >> go to what you need to know if you're concerned and worried. i know it's a lot. get help. >> thank you. >> good device. >> thanks jerry. >> good morning. 9:00 in new york. you got 21 days until election day and brand new fox news power ranking is out. there in lies the drama. it's tuesday i'm bill hemmer. >> you love the drama. >> bill: now, that depends. >> i'm dana perino. the republican chances retaking the house is growing.
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>> bill: it's four key races remaining locked in a dead heat. >> inflation, crime and border security is driving voters to the polls. voters trust republicans way more to handle all of them. republican senator tim scott details how important your vote is. >> there's no doubt when you look at the midterms in my lifetime. there's not a more important midterm for america's future than this year. we are just days away from putting america back on the right track. we can change the course of american history starting in georgia, starting with herschel by returning common sense insanity to the u.s. senate. it is that important. >> bill: saw that from last night. watching the closely raced house in ohio. kevin mccarthy is standing by. alexandra hoff is live this d.c. what did we find?
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>> good morning, just as interesting we're seeing in the house week to week. in the senate these four tossups remains. comes down to arizona, nevada, and pennsylvania. republicans need 51 to take the majority, democrats is 50. super tight there. on the house side, 33 races considered toss-ups still. let's go to california's 49th district mike leavitt facing republican brian marriott. last year's recall election gavin newsom under district lines as district leans more conservative with that and with the new district, that vote to keep newsom was 2.4 points. further north, we have a race that shouldn't be competitive is one of the most. it's newly created oregon 6.
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there's lack of enthusiasm over kate brown. it's dealing a blow to democrat andrea salinas who is focusing on the environment. in this climate, with know that inflation and crime is what is resonating with voters. her challenger mike eriksson has focused on that race. in montana 1 is looking closer. it's looking a lot closer than what republican candidate would like here. with a local issues message so that district moves from likely r to a lean r. another note iowa's first district in 2020 republican won by thinnest of margins in all 435 house districts. it remains really tight. her race against mike franken from likely r to lean r. we are seeing the shifts just
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three weeks out. >> bill: on the board behind me. it's a lead we had two weeks prior to that. republican advantage in the house. we believe as today, republicans could win 232 seats. here's where it gets tricky. the majority is 218. what's the best case scenario for republicans today, we believe the best case scenario is 248 house seats. that will be a red wave. that will be a tsunami given the make-up in congress and the gerrymandering in all the states across the country. worst case scenario for republicans, 215 which would put them below the majority and give democrats maintaining majority in the house with 220 votes. it's still on the table. not a likelihood but still a possibility here. on the senate this has not
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changed. democrats are solid in 47 seats, republicans are solid in 49. which leaves yellow middle. >> dana: ohio state senate candidates are locked in a tight race. last night's fiery debate was fitting. senior national correspondent was following the debate. >> reporter: this debate became very personal especially over immigration. congressman tim ryan the democratic nominee, accuse republican candidate j.d. vance stoking racial violence and pushing racial concepts. >> talking about replacement. there's no big grand conspiracy. this is a country has been enriched by immigrants from all corners of the world. there's no -- the danger. my turn, pal.
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my biracial children get attacked by scum backs by online and in person because you're so desperate for political power, you will accuse me the father of three beautiful biracial children of racism. it's sickening. >> vance's wife is indian-american. he says u.s. need to finish the border wall. ryan says the governor needs better border security and united states should punish the mexican and chinese government for the fentanyl. vance tried to tie ryan for house speaker nancy pelosi. they pitted each other as extremist. ryan supports return to roe and vance 15 week abortion ban.
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>> dana: thank you, rich. >> bill: let's bring in house minority leader kevin mccarthy. how do you see this race in the house now? will you be the next speaker of the house in washington? >> the goal is to win the majority. i know all the polls say it's competitive. we're going to be up there too in virginia. we're going across the country. remember in the last election, the polls all said that the democrats will win 15 seats and they lost 14. the democrats say they'll keep the majority. we have to continue to fight for the next 21 days. but the is issues are really vey important. these democrat incumbents are the ones who voted for the american rescue plan that brought us inflation. even steve ratner the democratic advisor called it the original sin to inflation.
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you watch their defund the police and what happened to crime. you watched their ability to look the other way to have the border away that kill 300 americans today with fentanyl. they do not have a record that they can campaign on or do not have leaders from president biden to nancy pelosi. that is their challenge if they run or their record they are in trouble. republicans can run on commitment to america. we believe in making an economy that's strong, a nation that is safe, a future that's built on freedom and a government that's held accountable. we have a plan to turn america around. >> dana: minority leader mccarthy, inflation is the number one issue across-the-board. you saw that "new york times" poll yesterday that showed women independents have swung from democrats plus 16 to republicans plus 18. i think inflation has a lot to do with that. the white house says that inflation will get worse under
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republicans. >> if president biden's top domestic priority is inflation, why doesn't he have more to show for it? >> he's been clear about making that his number one economic priority. he's done the work with congressional democrats when you think about the inflation reduction act. republicans are going to make things worse and democrats want to do the opposite and make things little easier. >> dana: how do you respond? >> she thinks the border is secure. she's been wrong on every issue. everybody understands, even larry summers warns the democrats former secretary treasury told them if they pass the american rescue plan, the $10 trillion in power, brought us inflation. it's the most painful thing you can do to a nation every america needs to be asked, could you
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afford to give up one month of your wages? 95% of americans will say no. but that's what the democrats have taken from you. one month of your wages is 8.3% of overall year, inflation is higher than that. when you go to the store eggs are higher. you got milk higher, gasoline prices higher. it is the democratic policies that brought them. in the commitment to america, we will be energy independent that lower your price. we'll take away this runaway spending. we'll make america more productive to curve inflation. >> bill: you're spending money in places that lot of people would not expect. congressional districts in oregon, few in california and few in connecticut. one in rhode island. yeah, is that a head fake? >> no head fake. >> bill: what do you see that's happening in those districts? >> i see extraordinary candidates rising up to run they are not about party but country.
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allen fung in rhode island. when you look just along the border, it wasn't just myra flores wasn't a fluke, she's going to get reelected. these are three very strong candidates. you look at where we're spending in california from duarte to scott down in orange county. you just had mariot as well. we can win from rhode island to california to oregon to washington to iowa. that's because the nation wants to see the individuals that actually have a plan to change this country around. inflation is hurting everyone. democrats created it. defunding of the police made taur streets unsafe. creating open border made our kids a challenge. there's no accountability in washington to hold anybody in check. department of justice goes after parents call them terrorist because they go to their kids
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school board meeting, that's got to change. when you have a commitment to america, you have a plan for a new direction and a new opportunity. that's in 21 days. we want everyone to go to the polls. >> dana: thank you for being with us. we'll see how this turns out. >> bill: pretty clear on every answer. >> dana: you will see, i was talking to a democratic friend who works on house races, he's conceded that it's likely that the republicans will win all the long island seats here in new york and one in hudson valley. >> bill: lot of time you can say follow the money. look where republicans are spending money to try to capture seseats. >> dana: chaos continues a the southern border. new york post reports white
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house pressured the democratic mayor not to declare an emergency. >> bill: another day another killing in the new york city subway. a man pushed on to the tracks as a train pulled in. >> dana: the biden administration said to be considering another release of oil from the emergency strategic petroleum preserves. mike pompeo join us next. >> all the spending, all these things chickens come home to roost. moving his money into his investment account in real time and that's... how you collect coins. your money never stops working for you with merrill, a bank of america company. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> bill: president biden considering another release from the strategic petroleum reserve. 10 to 15 more million barrels of oil from the nation's emergency
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stockpile. this is gas prices creep up yet again three weeks out from midterms. former secretary of state mike pompeo reacts. we have the news in washington on capitol hill. >> reporter: good morning. to you. if this does happen, this could be the first in a series of actions from this administration to bring those gas prices down. bloomberg is reporting that the administration's inching closer to releasing 10 to 15 million barrels from the strategic petroleum oil reserves. the white house can be announcing how it plans to refresh the stockpile considering it's been the lowest in nearly four decades. we're headed into very cold months here. right now the average for unledded is $3.87. that is down from two weeks ago and still higher than it was in the last month, that average.
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u.s. refiners are preparing for a potential fuel export ban within the next month here. some democrats believe president biden could also be taking action against saudi arabia for opec's decision to cut oil in the coming days. the left has been blaming this worsening energy crises on on oe long time gulf ally pretty much everyone except themselves just as provision from the inflation reduction act increases taxes on natural gas and reinstates a previously lapse tax on crude and imported petroleum products. unclear right now, >> bill: bill, if this blame game or white house actions to come will actually help terms in the upcoming election. according to a new fox news poll. 53% of voters disapprove of the president's job on energy policy and as we've been talking about, 21 days left.
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not a lot of time to turn this ship around until election day. >> bill: thank you. >> dana: let's bring in mike pompeo former secretary of state. what do you think our adversaries are wondering when they see that the biden administration is thinking of drawing down our emergency strategic petroleum reserves by another 10 to 15 million barrels? >> i think they think we're silly. i think they think this is dangerous for their friend and ally and united states of america. to put in perspective, 14 to 15 million barrels is less than fraction of one day global consumption, about 100 million barrels a day. think about that. 15% of one day's production, it is a little drop in the gasoline bucket. it won't do anything to impact prices. this is pure politics. that's really kind of sick to think they would do this. three weeks out from election.
6:22 am
just to communicate it's not our fault. the point that was made earlier, we have the strategic petroleum reserve at a 40-year low. they claim they will build it back by 2025. they will build it back at higher prices. the gap, that we don't have that in reserve, our adversaries are watching that too. >> bill: so much for strategic in the word strategic. the heritage foundation came out -- the 2023 index of u.s. military. this is bleak. the 2023 includes that the current u.s. military force is at significant risk of not being able to meet the demands of single major regional conflict in the aggregate, the united states military posture can only be rated as weak. what do we do about it?
6:23 am
>> this is a near term and long-term challenge. the trump administration, we increased defense spending. the military needs to figure out how to spend that money more effectively and productively. we're spending about 3% of gdp today on defense. in the reagan years it was 5, 5.5 to 6%. we have to get back close to that. the chinese communist party is building its fleet and space capabilities and cyber capabilities. we shouldn't forget that important component of the weakness that is sitting out there today is the wokeness sitting in the military too. when they lose their focus on the mission, when they start talking about diversity, equity and inclusion not on the warrior spirit and merit. we got a problem with the young soldiers, sailors, and marines arecruiting numbers prove that out. >> dana: it's raising alarm bells. so it is this, which is china's
6:24 am
posture towards taiwan. secretary of state antony blinken. >> instead of sticking with the status quo that was established in a positive way, a fundamental decision that the status quo was no longer acceptable. beijing was determined to pursue reunification on a much faster timeline. >> dana: biden administration's approach to dealing with this? >> i think secretary blinken got it right about xi jinping intentions. sadly the administration hasn't responded in the way that we did to will keep america safe and prosper. it seems like a long way to think about taiwan. everyone got a phone, refrigerator or car or
6:25 am
semiconductor that cam from that place. i wish the biden administration was taking it seriously as this topic deserves. i see them angering our allies telling the saudis we'll punish you. those are the things that push back against xi jinping on every front. you have inflation running rapid, crime. chinese communist party talk about america in decline. we can't let that happen here at home. we have to do what we were talking about before. >> bill: sir, thank you for your time. mike pompeo, thank you. 25 past the hour. police departments struggled to hire new officers. some are getting creative to fill the shortage. we'll tell you how and the need too. there's a report that says the
6:26 am
white house pressured a border city mayor not to declare a migrant emergency even as its own city was overwhelmed. we're live along the border wito thatin story and more coming up. . one: call newday. two: talk to our team to see how much cash you can get. three: borrow up to 100% of your home's value with the newday 100 va loan. with home values near all-time highs, use your va benefit to turn the equity in your home into cash in the bank. discomfort back there? instead of using aloe, or baby wipes, or powders, try the cooling, soothing relief or preparation h. because your derriere deserves expert care. preparation h. get comfortable with it. okay everyone, our mission is complete balanced nutrition. together we support immune function.
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find out if you could save on your prescriptions, and to get our free decision guide. humana, a more human way to healthcare. >> bill: here we go. you can believe your eyes. we're up two percent on the dow, 30 to begin today's trading. i was out for a big day yesterday. you're right around 600 points plus side. i don't know. i know you're going to say, hay bill, what's going on. i don't know. i can't tell you. i need to phone a friend. i like to find stu who can explain that to us. it's good news for your 401k after we've been battered for the past years. >> dana: also, with polls showing border crises is a big concern for midterm voters. the new york post reports that the white house pressure the
6:32 am
democratic mayor of el paso, texas not to declare a migrant emergency for fear it would hurt the election. >> reporter: good morning. that's exactly right. the city of el paso has been absolutely overrun with migrant arrivals in recent weeks. the post is reporting the white house has privately pressured el paso's democrat mayor no not declare an emergency there. take a look at this video. that border patrol sector has seen up to 2000 illegal crossing for the past several weeks. it's been getting so bad, migrants have been camped out under a highway overpass. border patrol has started street release of migrant. migrants have had to stay in hotels. some venezuelans have been camping out on el paso streets, living in the streets. one of the councilmembers the
6:33 am
city of el paso told the new york post that the mayor of el paso privately told her that the white house is asked him no to declare an emergency, writing in part, the mayor told me the white house asked him not to do it. meaning asked him not to declare an emergency in el paso. the democratic mayor of el paso gave his statement to the new york post. writing, i don't doubt pressure from any side. i make decisions based on current circumstances and in the best interest of the citizens of el paso as a result, months of ago el paso started busing its own migrants to new york city and chicago. this is video one of those el paso buses arriving in new york city. they've been doing this every day for weeks now. we're talking thousands of migrants. we've got those number. take a look at the graphic here. the city of el paso run by democrats, has now bussed more than 11,000 migrants to new york city and just over 3100 to the
6:34 am
city of chicago. compare that to what governor greg abbott has been doing in texas. governor abbott only sent to new york city about 3300 migrant and 1000 to the city of chicago. governor abbott's numbers are a small fraction what el paso has been doing. it's been governor abbott taking the criticism. el paso hasn't had that. the federal government is reimbursing the city of el paso for their migrant busing and housing costs. that mean it's we the taxpayer doing it. that daily cost is pushing upwards of $300,000 every single day for the city of el paso. >> dana: all right. thank you. >> bill: meanwhile, another death on new york city runway. a man fell in queens yesterday. witnesses say it happened during a scuffle. remember on saturday, police arrested an 18-year-old in the
6:35 am
deadly shooting of 15-year-old jay john burnett. that happened on a train last week. earlier this month, a 43-year-old father of three, he was stabbed on a train in brooklyn. homeless man has been arrested. alexis mcadams is with us now. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. it's unbelievable all of this crime that's happening on the subway systems. many people say they don't feel safe riding it to get to and from work across the city. another family is grieving after an innocent father was murder on the subway system. he leaves behind three young kids and now his family is calling on police to do more here to keep people safe. the suspect is a homeless man with quite the wrap sheet. this is the man we're talking about. an innocent father. tommy bailey, hard working man, loving dad and husband. he was stabbed in the neck on a new york city subway.
6:36 am
he leaves behind three kids. bailey was a local 638 union steam fitter. his said he stuck up for what was right. he stepped in to defend a female police officer who was being harassed by this suspect. that man attacked bailey. >> i felt horrible. nobody should have to die that way. it's so sad. especially leaving behind three young kids. what does that family do now with the loss of the breadwinner. it's life-changing. >> reporter: the nypd arrested alvin. this isn't the first time this guy was behind bars. he stabbed another man who thankfully survived. the new york post says a judge denied the request for a $50,000
6:37 am
bail. this guy was able to walk free. this comes as crime in the new york city subway system is surging. crime in the subway is up more than 41%. back out here live, bailey's family says the subway is not safe. this father and husband lose his life is another example. they say the state and local officials need to do more about it. they didn't hear anything from the new york mayor about this. they like to reach out to him and talk about what can be fixed. >> bill: alexis mcadams thank you. >> dana: has police department struggle, some are finding creative ways to recruit new officers. senior correspondent casey is live in dallas. >> reporter: from bonuses to videos, police departments and law enforcement agencies say over the last couple of years, trying to hire new quality officers has been challenging. thanks to covid, the defund the
6:38 am
police movement and the anti-police sentiment in the country. they say they've got to think outside the box in los angeles, for example, new recruits are offered up to $24,000 for two years of housing subsidies. in pearce county washington or the tacoma area, the sheriff's department is offering $10,000 signing bonus. taking their recruiting efforts outside of washington and setting up a booth at the minnesota state fair. fort worth police made a funny video that went viral, which is translated into thousands of new applications and police in charleston, south carolina they revamped their process to data driven approach to hiring and retention. >> we decided to stay little light hearted. it has paid off. it has paid off for people to say i want to work for that department there. >> it's really important that we
6:39 am
invest in the beginning so we hire the right people to be part of that family. we want take care of our family. our police department is an independent organization. it's an independent business and public safety. we want the best talent running it to provide the best customer service for our community. >> reporter: today, the international association of the chiefs of police annual conference is wrapping up here in dallas. recruitment has been a big topic of discussion for all of the members of law enforcement who are here. >> dana: hearing a lot about that meeting. >> bill: what you find in the big cities too is big city football. >> dana: indeed. sorry to the broncos fans. denver falling to the chargers 19-16 in overtime and anothanother --another ugly batd
6:40 am
goals. >> that's good the kick is good! the chargers win it in overtime. >> dana: my mom, brother-in-law, they were all watching. it was second overtime loss for the broncos who have dropped three this a row. with new quarterback russell wilson. what do you think g going on there? >> bill: it could be chemistry and take things to adjust, got new owners. that might have something to do with it. the l.a. chargers are really good. my pity to your sister and your brother-in-law and your mom. new bombshell video emerges. gabby petito and her boyfriend.
6:41 am
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>> dana: a train slams into a bus at a railroad crossing and the bus splits in half. thankfully, nobody was hurt. there were no passengers on the bus. witnesses say the bus driver was standing next to the tracks waving his arms to warn the train that his vehicle was stuck. >> bill: wow. that's unbelievable. put our attention to w one of expensive house races in the country. it's the state of michigan. we see this such a key race on the map. this is congressional district 7. it's newly drawn. but the democrat winner four years ago, is trying to hold on to the seat. pop on in here, slotkin, challenged by tom barrett the republican. we'll speak to him. $20 million spent on ads in this race alone.
6:47 am
quite phenomenal. what about this part of michigan that's important. it's lansing, it's t t the capi. on the presidential level when joe biden took on donald trump in michigan, he was winner by three points. won the state by 153,000 votes. this county where lansing is located. look at the margin biden over trump, 46,000 votes in that county. if barrettes want to have a challenge, he's have to shorten those numbers. tom barrett join us now. thank you for cure time. 21 days away. what's the issue? is it inflation? what is moving voters in michigan where you live? >> thank you, bill. it's about the cost of living. that's what so many voters in my district talk to me about. my wife and i are raising four
6:48 am
kids in this district. it's cost of living. whether it's the cost of groceries or cost of gas. those are the foremost issues that americans and people in my district are focused on in this upcoming election. we can't continue down the same path. >> dana: there's a new poll from september 26th from the detroit news. saying that the top issues for your vote in michigan, abortion topped 35.5%. i know there's a statewide referendum there, cost of living 23%. on the issue of abortion, do you sense that when you're out on the campaign trail that is something that's going to help democrats get voters out? >> abortion certainly is an issue. we have this radical late term abortion proposal on the ballot here in michigan. lot of education is going on for voters that s they see that. there's been a shift in the
6:49 am
focus. if you look at national polls here in michigan that shows cost of living, whether that's cost of groceries, cost of gas or other day-to-day expenses that families are facing, even mortgage rates are double or tripled what they were a year or two ago when this administration took office. we're seeing that really overwhelm the issues that people are focused on. the folks that i talk to, the families like my wife and i are really focused on the issues of the cost of living that they are seeing. people are sensing that. they are feeling it. all of these economic drivers that have been voted on by this congress enabling joe biden's agenda. my opponent has 100% voting record with joe biden. that has led to the overwhelming cost of living increase that we've seen. they voted for all of their green new deal proposals that have driven up the cost of gasoline and made that far less affordable for families. here in michigan, we're about to enter another cold winter. they want to make home heating
6:50 am
cost that much more expensive because of their radical policies. we can't afford it anymore. we need to get the country back on the right track. that's why i'm running for congress. people can go to my website check us out. >> bill: depending on who you pay attention to. i mentioned this is a newly drawn district based on the census. it favors democrats by a point or it favors republicans by four points. i don't know who's right, that sounds like a toss up to me. do you see it that way? >> it is. this is a toss-up district. nancy pelosi and her allies in congress like alissa slotkin are powering millions in this race. this is the most expensive congressional district in the entire country here in the heart of mid-michigan. we need all the help we can get to make sure we can win this race, keep our message up on the air, carry the election here in november and finally flip the house back to republican to a
6:51 am
conservative majority to be a check against the biden administration. the country is on the wrong track. we want to put the country back in the right position. that's why i'm running for congress to stand for the families like mine in this district who don't have a voice in congress. >> dana: ad spending it $20 million plus. one of most expensive thousand districts. >> bill: a million a day. >> dana: thank you for being on. there's an explosive new whistleblower report that says president biden knew about son hunter shady business dealings and may have been involved. we have details ahead. we are live on fox plaza, jerry willis is talking to healthcare providers about screening for breast cancer. that's next.
6:52 am
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>> dana: october is breast cancer awareness month. cdc says screening dropped. jerry willis is live with a mobile mammogram van. what do we need to know? >> reporter: good morning. this is amazing. as a six-year survivor of breast cancer, i'm happy to announce that fox is hosting mount sinai's unit. this is for women who work at fox who bring the screening to them. they'll be out here all day long on the plaza. great news there.
6:58 am
you might be wondering why is this necessary? well, as you said earlier, the number of mammograms have been down. down dramatically during covid. 64% according to some sources. even now those numbers are still not back to pre-pandemic highs. mammograms down 15% and the most scary thing is that breast cancer itself is being detected 8% less. very bad news for some folks. we want to help people get detected we brought them unit out here. women at fox came and wanted to help. here's what they had to say. >> doctor tells to go for the gram mammog -- mammogram, you no go. >> choose a date to do the mammograms and screenings. >> it's the difference between life and death.
6:59 am
>> reporter: some very smart words there from fox women as you can see. doctors telling us this week that look, missing even one year is not a good thing to do. that's because when you do get diagnosed, your cancer will be that much further along. get out, get screened. we want to encourage people across the country not just here at 1211. >> dana: just a quick question. should you get a sonogram at the same time? >> reporter: i recommend use getting everything you can. what's really important to know about breast cancer it can be difficult to detect. after all, my breast cancer, very fast growing, it showed up six months after my last mammogram. if you can get a better test, more extensive test, do it. >> dana: all right. well, i made a commitment to you that i would do it every year. i have kept that. thank you for holding me to account. i will continue to do that for
7:00 am
other women in my life as well. geri, thank you. bombshell whistleblower documents regarding hunter biden's business dealings in china and ukraine. showing president biden was aware of the arrangement and may have been involved in potential criminal conduct committed by his son hunter and president's brother james biden. i'm dana perino. >> bill: i'm bill hemmer. new pay to play allegation revealed in a letter to senator chuck grassily. he claims that whistleblower indicate a pattern in practice of political decisions within the fbi pointing to fbi documents with specific details. the former acting ag says the slow pace in the investigation looks to him to be political. >> they should have had a special counsel look into this


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