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tv   Hannity  FOX News  October 18, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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you knowing. labeled as dangerous ideas. you can't read that book! we decided to look into it. we reached out to amazon. what books are you banning? it's really interesting. we will tell you tomorrow night. we will be back tomorrow night at 8. here's sean. >> sean: i have a question. any way that anybody can force you to open a book? >> tucker: no one can force you to open a book. your own free will. >> sean: thank you. welcome to "hannity." only 21 days from the mid-term elections. 3 weeks from tonight it will be election night in america. republicans are trending hopefully in the right direction. utah senator mike lee will be here with the latest from his
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race against the liberal egg mcmuffin who is bought and paid for by the democratic party but not running as a democrat. and ron johnson will be here and breaking news about the biden's families shady international business deals and an interest-free loan from china and a big investment from a russian oligarch. and peter strzok wants you to believe that january 6th was so much worse than 9-11. we will set him straight. we continue tonight. we begin tonight at 1600 pennsylvania avenue where the white house is waging
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a dishonest political strategy complete with collusion in plain sight. we know that after joe biden called saudi arabia's crown prince a murderer of jamal khashoggi. joe flies to saudi arabia. he won't have domestic energy production here. he begged them to increase oil production. joe was humiliated and told there would not be an increase in production but a decrease in out put. joe tried to collude with saudi arabia to delay opec's oil reduction announcement until after the mid-term elections. the saudis exposed him. biden circled back to a favorite political stunt. joe biden has put our country at
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risk by draining our petroleum reserves at a 4 decade low. donald trump built it up. he is taking it away. it's getting worse. biden poised to release 10 to 15 million barrels of oil but the reserve is intended for national emergencies only. democrats polling badly before the mid-terms. that's not an emergency. joe is compromising our national security to lower the price at the pump for 3 weeks. the white house doesn't care. they are upset their plan to do collude with saudi arabia didn't work. they are not concerned about
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lower gas prices and prices in every store. they only have a short term strategy to reduce the energy costs only because they want to get through the mid-terms. it's not about real solution. another example from the "new york post": the white house pressured the democratic mayor of el paso, texas not to declare a state of emergency over the illegal immigrants crisis due to fear it would make president biden look bad. the border is a disaster. you don't need to graduate from harvard to figure that out. only a fool would try to cover it up instead of addressing the crisis their policies caused. the biden administration only cares about political optics
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before the election. they want a cheap political win. they don't want to get in trouble before the election. the president himself doesn't seem to know what is going on. over the weekend he referred to the economy as strong as hell! as he ate an ice cream cone. take a look. >> the strength of the dollar right now? >> i am not concerned about the strength of the doctor. i am concerned about the world. does that make sense. the economy is strong as hell -- sean 41 year high of inflation. -- am not laughing about that. just in time for thanksgiving. if you never fried a turkey get a butterball turkey fryer. gas prices approaching a record
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high. continuing to climb. interest rates have more than doubled. the housing market is in a full out crash. the stock market plummeted. retirement accounts and 401-ks are taking a beating. 27% of your portfolio has been wiped away and violent crime is through the roof across the country. especially in blue cities run by democrats. the ones want that defund and buy into this no bail madness. your border is a nightmare. according to nancy pelosi none of this matters to americans. >> let's talk about rising inflation concerns with crime. giving new momentum to
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republicans after the democrats were closing the gap. why hasn't the president gotten this message through to the voters? >> first of all i think much of what you said i do not agree with. you cited one poll. >> it's the politics average. >> but that was not that big of a sample. i dismiss that. >> sean: i dismiss the high gas prices and crime. i will just dismiss it. after 5 decades in the swamp nancy pelosi is not in touch to reality. she is getting close to joe biden authority. the 82-year-old speaker is slightly more lucid an joe biden. here is joe biden spelling out the dotin a web address.
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>> if you get questionable calls go to report fraud d-o-t >> sean: this is endearsing. -- embarrassing. today joe sounded confused and disjoined. >> they ain't seen nothing yet. the right that married couple -- excuse me. i am thinking about the dobbs decision. i will get that into a second with clarence thomas. i want to make clear. talking about the right to use contraception and marry who you love. anyway. i don't want to get started.
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god bless you all and may god protect our troops. thank you. i am sorry. >> sean: thank you and i am sorry. 2 words: made in america. a 3 letter word. jobs. okay. even fake news cnn is reporting that biden spent more than a fourth of his presidency on vacation in delaware. i don't take half of the vacation i am entitled too. joe biden is not up to the job. i know it and the democrats know it. you better believe that jill biden knows it. this report following one of biden's only schedule press conferences. dr. jill biden was so outraged that the white house staffers allowed joe to answer that many questions. according to the "new york times" the first lady stormed into a post-press conference
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meeting and asked why nobody stepped in to stop it. she could see the train wreck we were all seeing. that doesn't inspire confidence. who is running the country? it's not joe biden. it's not kamala harris. god help us if it's nancy pelosi. it is probably aoc or new green deal socialists who are living in an episode of west wing. 3 weeks from tonight, if democrats hold on to the majoritieses in the house and the senate no one would be held accountable and america's problems will get worse and worse -- you think the economy is bad now. buckle up. with democrats in charge, it will implode. it will get worse. here with more charles payne. this election is like a boat taking on water.
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first you have to plug up the hole. hopefully this plugs up the hole. i don't see in joe biden whether we saw in bill clinton: the ability to adapt to political circumstances and public opinion. do you see that in joe biden? >> no, absolutely not. in fact, joe biden has come in with a singular plan, the climate change agenda. it's interesting because every time there is a conversations like questions during a press conference, they wrap it in the veneer of economics. there is only one thing that matters. that's the green agenda. the american public is paying a serious price. you talked about how much worse it will get. i don't think people know. that's seldom reported. when we go further into this crude oil problem.
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diesel is used for trucks and trains and jet planes. that commercial inventory is at the lowest level since 1951! can you imagine how much it's going to cost now to bring produce from a farm to a home or bring goods from a factory to a store. >> sean: charles, i talked to farmers on my radio show often. they tell me the cost of fertilizer quadrupled and the cost of seeds doubled. and the cost of spare parts for equipment is triple what they paid 2 years ago. they are struggling. to keep their farms open they have to charge more and it costs more to ship it to wherever it's going. >> that's another part. the war and fossil fuels
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includes natural guess. what about corn? corn is fuel. if you make corn expensive it costs more to feed the livestock. what do you think live poultly r prices are through the roof? it's all connected. it's so nuts and irresp irresponsible -- poultry. he doesn't have the political skills of bill clinton who would feel your pain and could pivot. if they win the house and the senate this is just the warm up act. no one thought you could say i will do 3 $60 billion on a climate bill -- even people who worked with that stuff. somebody said i was used to taking in billion dollars. -- million dollars. now we are talking about billion
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dollars. it's nuts. >> sean: they said in new england this winter they may have blackouts because not enough natural gas to keep the grid at the level they need. a general said they are only getting 1/10th of actual supplies for new england to heat their homes this winter. what do we do at that point? >> i don't know. this is a dangerous game to play. to win an election. this is so unfair to the american public to set us up in this position. home heating oil will be expensive if you can get it. food prices will go through the roof. they are drawing down the petroleum reserve is one of the
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most irresponsible act the president could do. they are doing this to attempt to win the mid-term elections. when those elections are over and winter sets in america will pay a devastating price. >> sean: charles payne. thanks for joining us. now texas senator ted cruz. on a multi-state bus tour. you look like you are home in texas. home for once? >> i am home tonight. but we are right in the middle of a 17 state bus tour. we started in texas. did 4 stops in texas. went to new mexico and arizona and nevada and utah and kansas and missouri. next, we are headed to ohio and north carolina. maryland, virginia, tennessee, georgia, florida, michigan and then back to the great state of
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texas. >> sean: we were in georgia last night and in pennsylvania tomorrow night. we will be in a state i can't announce yet on monday night. then another state i will be in next week also. we will be out on the road as well. the mid-terms are that important. the senate in particular. marco rubio is up in the polls in florida. herschel walker. tim scott. not worried about him. ted is running a good campaign. dr. oz has to win if the republicans have any shot at taking back the senate. we have ron johnson joining us later and j.d. vance and schmidt and masters and tiffany smiley in washington. what do you see on the ground? you know elections. >> i think there enormous
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energy. i think we will retake both the house and senate and end up with a big majority in the range of 30 to 50 seats when is historic. on the order of what we saw in 2010. that election is coming in november. in the senate i think we will take the majority and i think we could be anywhere between 51 and 57 seats. i predict right now 53 or 54 is where i think the senate is. what is striking, where you are going and where i am going. you know who is not doing that? joe biden is nobody to be found in georgia, nevada or arizona or new hampshire or ohio or n north carolina. why? because none of the democrats running want to be anywhere near him. they are running away from the failed agenda of the radical left. that says something when the president of the united states is a mill stone around the neck
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of these democrat candidates. they have been rubber stamped for the radical left agenda for 2 years. now forced to face the voters. >> sean: i like to keep things simple. number 1 the economy. average family paying $7200 more because of biden inflation than under donald trump. double the price of gasoline than under donald trump. that hits every american. it's impacting the poor and people on fixed incomes. we have wide open borders. americans can see the disaster where you live in texas. every small town and big city dealing with defund and no bail laws resulting in record murder rates and violent crime. americans are tired of this woke education forced on their kids.
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keep it simple. >> look, that's right. the top 3 issues in the country according to the national polling are inflation and gas prices, number 2, crime and number 3 illegal immigration. all 3 the democratic far left agenda of biden/harris and pelosi and schumer is a train wreck. if you look at people are hurting. their lives are more difficult. if you are a young person coming out of school. the cost of rent has gone up. the cost of food went up. you can't make ends meet. it's worse if you are a young parent and trying to put diapers on your kid and get baby formula for your kids. then there are seniors. if you spent 40 years saving, you were responsible, you have a 401-k and a retirement. suddenly the democrats get in power and in 2 years your
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retirement drops 30%. you have seniors who are living on that. they have a lot less retirement savings. the cost of everything sky rocketed. a lot of seniors were getting ready to retire. i read a story that said fully one-third of seniors who are still working have decided to delay their retirement because now their savings is less. they can't afford it. people are hurting. >> sean: 46% of americans consider themselves poor right now. on top of everything you said about 401-ks and retirement plans, you are 100% right. new home construction came to a screeching halt. sale of preexisting homes is halting as well. home prices are plummeting.
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home prices are on the way down. that means equity in your home and in your retirement account it's wiped away. good job joe biden. >> even worse, if the democrats get elected, every one ever these gets worse. i have never seen in my life 2 years a government do this much damage to the country. i don't think i thought it was possible that they would do this much damage. they are engaged in blatant gas lighting. joe biden is tweeting out if you elect the republicans inflation will go higher. what? you have the white house press secretary saying nobody is crossing our southern border never mind the 4.4 million people. they are lying. >> sean: when joe biden said the economy is strong as hell he told the truth.
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he was dreaming. he was too engaged in eating ice cream. >> let them eat cake. that's a message that works well with a good historic pedigree. >> sean: when we come back, new damning reports. we thought we knew about xer's experience hunter. you won't believe what we know this time with china and russia and how compromised the biden family are. we continue.
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talk to anyone in san francisco and they'll tell you now is not the time to make our city even more expensive by raising taxes. san francisco has one of the largest city budgets in america. yet when it comes to homelessness and public safety, we're not getting results. what we really need are better policies, more accountability, and safer neighborhoods. vote no on propositions m and o. the last thing we need are higher taxes, especially right now. now is not the time to raise taxes in san francisco. we can't wait any longer. climate change is here. already threatening san francisco's wastewater treatment plant at ocean beach. risking overflow sewage to dump right into the ocean. there's a solid climate plan in place, but changes to the great highway required by prop i would cost
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san francisco taxpayers $80 million to draft a new climate plan and put the entire west side and ocean beach at risk of contamination. protect our beach, ocean and essential infrastructure. reject prop i before it's too late. >> sean: another day and another explosives report surrounding zero experience hunter biden. according to a report from
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devine in and the "new york post." a hunter biden real estate firm raked in $100-million from the former first lady of moscow. biden got 3.5-million dollars. it's bigger than that. according to iowa senator gra gra gra grassly whistle blower documents so joe biden lied over and over. joe biden impeachment may number your futured. you lied a lot. according to john solomon there is new evidence showing that the biden family cashed in on a zero interest forgivable loan from an energy company in china. the same deal revealed by former hunter biden business partner.
6:28 pm
replace biden with the name trump and how would the media mob cover this? peter strzok said 9-11 is nothing compared to january 6th. >> the threat to democrats. 9-11 was a tragedy and we lost thousands of lives in a horrive way. we still mourn to this day. when you look at some -- that is an attack on democracy and could bring about a change to american government, 9-11 is nothing compared to january 6th. >> sean: what else is a threat to democracy is people who abuse power that use a phoney russia
6:29 pm
collusion document. peter strzok was a part of that. i am just a smelly wal-mart shopper that voted for donald trump. here is john solomon. let me start with this. we have $100-million transferred to the hunter biden firm for an investment by the former first lady of moscow. then we have biden's family interest-free, forgivible loan from china. john, i never had anyone offer me that. maybe that's common extra. that ever happened to you? >> no. >> sean: sounds like a big influencing peddling schedule. >> they warned that the biden family was over a barrel. these are not normal diesel. -- deals.
6:30 pm
when the china company tried to give this loan to hunter biden chinist risk analysts thought this was not a good idea. biden family sucked up another $5 million. the former wife of the moscow mayor, she actually invested 200 million dollars total in the ventures that the hunter biden and his associates were involved in. that's a document the fbi seized and put into the court records at the archer trial. this scheme was chasing down large dangerous figures people who are controversial for large sums of money. the biggest thing from senator grassley. he gets a summary of the fbi
6:31 pm
interview. some of the money was payment for work while joe biden was still in the office in 2016. that scheme was being run under our noses. >> sean: great reporting. the fbi has this engines. john solomon. also tonight senator ron johnson continues to surge in the great state of wisconsin against the struggling radical barnes whose pro-criminal record is exposed more every day. johnson is ahead with a nice 3-point lead. latest poll has him up by 6. the more we learn about barnes, the more people voted for johnson. back in 2017 barnes compared
6:32 pm
black conservatives to slaves in a tweet responding to a musician supporting president trump. barnes tweeted. guess the shackles are still on her feet. barnes wants to release violent criminals and jail and ends all cash bail. if you look at his other positions on issues, it's extreme and radical. i its -- the media doesn't want to cover his record. no bail he supports. supported the covid lockdowns and wants illegals to have instate tuition and licenses. 1,000% for the new green deal. he mocked steve scalise when he got shot.
6:33 pm
senator ron johnson joins us now. let's talk about the 200 million dollars transfer from the first lady of moscow to hunter biden's family syndicate and what about the biden family getting a no interest forgivable loan from china. that's interesting? >> well, we have known about this since 2020. senator grassley and i revealed the vast financial entanglements of the biden family. what is significant about the recent disclosure and god bless the whistleblowers coming forward to senator grassley and my office and members of the house. they want want to restore credibility to the fbi. they knew this was wrong. they were performing some kind of service.
6:34 pm
trading in the biden name. they could not be compensated until joe biden was out of office. that shows a guilty mind. >> sean: i never cared about danchenko. we learned in the trial that the fbi in 2016 offered christopher steele $1 million if he could authent icate the dirty dossier that hillary clinton paid for and hillary clinton's friend was the source for igor danchenko which means that dossier was all hillary clinton bowed and paid for. -- bought and paid for. no investigation. the first fisa application warrant that mccabe said without which we could not get the fisa application approved. the fbi knew they didn't verify
6:35 pm
it. the fbi lied to fisa court judges and nobody has been held accountable. when danchenko told them it was a lie in january 2017, they started paying him? to buy his silence? will we ever get to the bottom of this? are all of these people who signed those fisa warrants filled with information they knew was not verified. will they ever be held accountable? >> if i win my race and we get the majority i will get to the bottom of this. i think you are right. these trials were more about the fbi corruption. the reason sussmann and igor danchenko were, quitted is because the jury found the fbi was more corrupt in what they did. we need to get to the bottom of
6:36 pm
this. in a democracy we have federal law enforcement agency politicized and corruption through out. it's awful. that's the danger to democracy. peter strzok it's your corrupt actions that threaten our democracy. >> sean: i gave a list of how radical your opponent barnes is. barack obama is going in. will anybody in the news media ask obama does he support all of those radical positions? i doubt he does. let's see if they ask the question. odds are they won't. >> sean, that's my challenge. all we have to do is get the truth out. the media is ignoring the truth. that's why i need resources. what concerns me about the polls. i think is a dead even race. i think so many people think is won. my fund raising is weaker.
6:37 pm
i rely on your audience. we need resources to tell the truth. he outspent me 2-1 this last week. i need resources to tell the truth about this radical leftist in sheep's clothing. >> sean: only 3 weeks away from the mid-term elections. polls tightening across the country. senator mike lee is next. could a race in the deep blue states of connecticut be in play? could it turn red? we will explain. but my moderate-to-severe eczema can make it hard. now i'm staying ahead of it. dupixent helps heal your skin from within. so you can have clearer skin and noticeably less itch. serious allergic reactions can occur that can be severe. tell your doctor about new or worsening eye problems such as eye pain or vision changes including blurred vision,
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>> ♪ ♪ >> sean: 3 weeks from tonight it will be election night in
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america. the most important mid-term in our lifetime. races in utah. mike lee up against a far left failure mcmullen who is pretending to be an independent, but he is a radical extreme ally of the democrats. look at this donor data: his donors are almost entirely democratic votes. mcmullen is a fraud. utah senator mike lee. this money coming in and all is coming from democratic groups. they are not running a democrat but a guy they say is an independent and using all democratic money. that's a democrat to me. >> yes. he is as much as an independent in the senate as i would be
6:43 pm
a socialist or a llama. this is a gad fly. backed by the liberal democratic elite on the coast. they are bringing in money. they decided they can buy a u.s. senate seat in utah. he has as much curve appeal as a stale tv dinner. i caught him in lies last night on the debate stage. the leftist media in utah doesn't call him out on it ever. he is getting million dollars in free advertising. as if under hypnosive of mcmullin's charm. the liberal media never questions him about anything. he relies on 2.5 million dollars raised by a liberal democratic
6:44 pm
network of leftist donors -- from the coast who donated 2.5-million dollars to his campaign. 1.6-million dollars was recycled back into the democratic industrial complex to veterans day who get the money from donors and spend is it for far left candidates. i need help from your viewers. lee for >> [overlapping talking]. >> sean: mitt romney is not endorsing you. i think after you win this race, i am confident the people of utah see through this. i hope they do. you are a constitutionalist in the senate. the fact that mitt romney is not
6:45 pm
endorsing says everything i need to know about mitt romney and senator chaffis sounds good to me now. >> i am thrilled to have the endorsement of 48 other republican colleagues in the senate. i welcome mitt to the party. he and i have a good working relationship. that will continue even after this race is over. it would be a shame if we lost the majority in the senate. the ability to serve as an effective counter balance to joe biden's excesses. his rampant inflation. in utah is at 16%. it would be a shame if we lost that because utah elected a leftist named mccullen. i encourage viewers to go to my website. i need their help.
6:46 pm
>> sean: we support you and the conservatives in utah will see through this. also breaking tonight. even in deep blue connecticut senator richard is seeing his lead splip away. this is a deep blue state. here with reaction republican senate candidate in connecticut is with us. i regret i didn't last year pay more attention to the new jersey gubernatorial race. i don't want to make the same mistake in connecticut. this is a tight rice. i know a lot of people in connecticut they don't like blumenthal. he is a 98% bind biden and
6:47 pm
schumer voter. >> thank you. we will make history in connecticut. the people of connecticut are tired of an out of touch 37 year career politician. i am running because i have never been so concerned about our country. i escaped communism in cuba. i won't allow them to transform the united states of america. go to my website to learn more about me. i am not a career politician. i am a career american. the issues in connecticut are the same as they are nationally. >> sean: if we win connecticut, nobody will be happier than me. i would be happier than you if you win connecticut. the fact it's this close speaks volumes about how people feel about the state of the country.
6:48 pm
when we come back. john fetterman his struggles ten. -- continue. you won't believe what the white house said. we will show you straight ahead. unlike some others, neuriva plus is a multitasker supporting 6 key indicators of brain health. to help keep me sharp. neuriva: think bigger.
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>> ♪ ♪ >> sean: amid fetterman's struggles and radical positions the white house press secretary said let not your heart be troubled because joe biden thinks fetterman is capable. >> the president's personal conversation with lt. governor fetterman, the president found him to be an impressive individual who is just as capable as always and he is the
6:53 pm
lt. governor of pennsylvania and doing that with great ability. >> sean: pete, a guy with no restrictions on abortion and wants a moratorium on fraccing in pennsylvania and released more convicted murders than any other senate candidate in history and wants to open the jails and supports blm and wants heroin safe injection sights and sue grocery ceos and chased an african-american jogger and put a shotgun in his chest and held him hostage, can we win in
6:54 pm
pennsylvania? >> that's why he should never be a dog catcher let alone senator. biden vouching for fetterman? that's like jared from subway vouching for r.kelly or dr. kevorkian vouching for dr. fauci. it's negative credibility. joe biden thinks fetterman is fit to be the senator for pennsylvania. you know everything you need to know. we all know he should be nowhere near the senate chairman. >> sean: joe concha, an expert on cognitive decline is joe biden. i give him that part. >> yeah. there is an irony around joe biden who a solid majority of americans don't believe is mentally fit for office. fetterman who refuses to release
6:55 pm
his medical records. looking for a 6 year contract in the senate and joe biden thinks he is fit for the job. it's like kamala harris teaching a class on border security or karine-jean pierre teaching a course on speaking. it lacks credibility. this is a candidate who believes in expanding government and higher taxes and one-third of the prison population back on the street. >> sean: 3 weeks from tonight election night. who will pin pete? >> it has to be dr. oz. you can't believe they would send that man to the senate. >> sean: joe concha who wins? >> the party is power struggles every time. this time it will happen again.
6:56 pm
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♪ ♪ >> sean: is special programming note. to market we will be in york, pennsylvania with an exclusive "hannity" town hall with dr. mehmet oz. we will be joined by newt gingrich, senator tim scott, and hopefully by you. laura is next. bye. >> laura: you can't lose to federman. you know, that would be embarrassing. there's no way oz is going to win this. it has to be a shellacking and the media is going to cry all the way. >> sean: the good news is the more people find out, the more they will realize he is out of touch with the people of pennsylvania. >> laura: this is going to be fantastic and we will be tuning