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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  October 19, 2022 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>> if you're going to try my case, try not to lose it, judge. joe day has big hopes for that state. >> thank you very much for joining us. rachel. thanks for helping out this week. thank you very much. >> happy birthday. see you on radio. >> see you tomorrow, everybody. >> bill: go morning. is the political price of inflation fueling desperation. president biden going back to the well retapping our emergency oil supply. question politics ahead of security. you decide as we report this morning. good morning, hello to you. >> dana: i'm dana perino and this is "america's newsroom." i laugh because he is going to the wrong well. the wells are there. you could go to them. you don't have to go to the spr all the time. he is set to release another 15 million barrels from the strategic oil reserve. critics are calling it a desperate attempt to drive down
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gas prices ahead of the election. >> bill: 150 million barrels that drained the reserve to its lowest level in 40 years. republicans say this is a major security liability. >> they will do this three weeks out for election. communicate it is not our fault and we'll fix it. the point made earlier, we now have the strategic petroleum reserve at a 40-year low. the fact that we don't have that in reserve our adversaries are watching that. >> dana: jacqui heinrich is watching it all at the white house today live on the north lawn. >> good morning. the president's critics worry that draining the country's emergency stockpile could leave the u.s. vulnerable in the event of a major military conflict or natural disaster. like hurricane katrina when president bush released 20 million barrels from the country's reserves to keep the country afloat because a quarter of u.s. oil production was shut down at that time. that is not the case right now. but in the same breath as the
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white house is making this announcement about more releases, they are pushing domestic oil companies to increase production and also saying the plan is to buy back oil when prices go down to between 67 and 72 dollars a barrel. prices by the way that the white house has repeatedly claimed in the past are out of the president's control because of external factors like putin's war in ukraine and more alarming to the critics the white house is prepared to draw down the reserves even lower. >> what we're asking they increase production now. the spr, we still have a lot there, 400 million barrels. that's a lot. we want to industry to increase production right now. >> the white house is making an effort to paint things in their favor. chief of staff ron klain tweeted gas prices falling again after four-week rise in a second week in a row of decline. 16 states where gas is at 3.49
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or lower per aaa moving in the right direction a as poet us announces more actions today. >> the second reason we have so much inflation is the price of energy is so high. because it doesn't just hit families in their budget when the price that he pay for gas is high. it drives up the cost of manufacturing, the cost of doing business and the cost of transportation. >> the white house told the department of energy to be prepared for significant releases from the strategic oil reserves if russia's war in ukraine or other market factors make it necessary. dana. >> dana: jacqui heinrich kicking us off this morning. >> bill: thank you, jacqui. now the source for the trump-russia dossier has been acquitted of all charges. he was accused of lying to the f.b.i. and special counsel john durham expected still to
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release the report on his three-year investigation. what could be next on his agenda? former federal prosecutor andy mccarthy standing by. mark meredith has the news in washington today. >> good morning to you. we're waiting to see in john durham may charge anyone else or if his investigation into the f.b.i.'s handling of the 2016 trump campaign is officially wrapping up. late tuesday a jury acquitted danchenko of four counts of lying to the f.b.i. durham accused the analyst and f.b.i. informant of misleading investigators will his role in the creation of that dossier, the document used to justify a federal probe into then candidate donald trump as well as his connections to russia. danchenko's lawyers reacted. >> we've known all along that mr. danchenko was innocent. we're happy now that the american public knows that as well. we thank these jurors for their hard work and deliberation in reaching the right result and that's all we have at this time.
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>> tuesday's verdict is seen as a major setback for durham. the third case brought forward by the special counsel since the probe began more than three years ago. he didn't speak following the verdict but released a statement where he says quote, while we're disappointed in the outcome we respect the jury's decision and thank them for their service. i also want to recognize and thank the investigators and prosecution team for their dedicated efforts in seeking truth and justice in this case. aside from the court cases durham is expected to write a report detailing what he learned of the f.b.i.'s behavior with the handling of the trump campaign and will go to the attorney general. we don't know when it will be completed. some of it, if not most of it, will be released publicly. we're at a waiting point. >> bill: for more. >> dana: let's bring in andy mccarthy. you said steele dossier source for danchenko acquitted but stain of f.b.i. conduct remains. do you think these are cases
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that -- were they winnable when the prosecutor brought them forward? >> i think they're very tough cases, dana. and the point that you make here is the one that really needs making, which was this was really a calculated risk. what he was looking at. what his investigation is probing is basically the collaboration between the clinton campaign and the intelligence and law enforcement apparatus of the government to portray trump baselessly as a clandestine agent of russia. that was the serious misconduct. he picked out these cases which were -- compared to that burden, pretty trivial. you know, look, you know how this works better than i do. no matter how strong his report is, the messaging that will come out of whoever deems themselves on the other side of durham, is going to be that his
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conclusions are unreliable because the cases he brought ended in acquittal even if those cases are relatively trivial compared to the main burden of the investigation. >> bill: if you will get a final report we'll read it. i wonder if you have any idea what to expect in that. and now that you've seen an acquittal, does this trump dossier case go anywhere from here or is it potentially over? >> well, bill, in terms of prosecution i think it's over because we have to -- not only is it clear before our eyes that his office is kind of people starting to fade away and as happens at the end of a project, but the other thing here is most federal crimes have a statute of limitations of five years. and the behavior that he has been probing goes back to 2015, 2016. even in the best of circumstances for him, he would be at the edge of any prosecutions he could bring. but we don't see any evidence
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that he is bringing any other prosecutions and i believe they've disbanded the grand jury. >> dana: will the investigations continue if republicans take back the house? do they plan to investigate maybe ask the f.b.i. to come and explain itself? >> see, dana, this is the most important thing. i wrote about this in a book i wrote about the trump/russia investigation i guess it was 2019 now. most things that are in the nature of abuse of government power are not actually violations of the law because if you put law enforcement or intelligence investigators in a position where they have to worry if they will be prosecuted because of bad judgment calls or even worse, then you get bad policing and bad intelligence collection. so the only way we can keep the f.b.i. on the up and up is for congress to really do its job and do searching oversight. to the extent that the bureau needs reform and overhaul, that has to be done con gretion the
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nallly. never done by prosecutors in the court. >> bill: maybe the next step is november 9. we'll see. thank you. now the first migrant relief center in new york city opens today on randall's island which is off the east side of manhattan island. mayor eric adams said there are 18,000 new arrivals in the last few months. officials say more needs to be done here in new york because of it. >> 500-bed humanitarian emergency. if we need to expand to a thousand we can do that. >> we want to be as helpful as possible for asylum seekers getting to where they need to get there. unfortunately for many new york city is not the place. >> bill: 500 beds, all men initially. he said we could get 1,000 immediately. we're going to 1,000 minimum. it is almost like you have to consider during the covid days they brought the navy ship into new york harbor, the comfort, not a lot of covid patients
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went there but they had it in case. almost like you need something like that to be prepared for what is still to come from states like texas. >> dana: partly because of what we see next. our fox team at the southern border crossing into mexico city where migrants from convenient were deported under a new dhs policy. they tell us they feel the u.s. deceived them. how so? bill melugin live in eagle pass, texas. hi, bill. >> good morning to you. despite that brand-new dhs policy of expelling venezuelans who cross illegally the illegal crossings aren't slowing down. we saw 500 this morning before the sun even came up. look at the video we shot a little over an hour ago in the middle of the night. this was a huge group of approximately 300 who crossed over all at the same time as you can see most of them single adults. this del rio sector gets hammered seeing almost 10,000 illegal crossings last week alone. not the only group. look at the second piece of video just down the road same
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time another group of approximately 150. keep in mind dhs's new policy they are expelling venezuelans to mexico and the mexicans are then busing those venezuelans of the border into the interior of mexico including mexico city. we went there. look at this video we shot on the streets of mexico city where hundreds of these deported venezuelan migrants have gathered outside a local immigration office there unsure of what to do next. the mexicans have given these venezuelans 15 days to either get a visa or leave their country. some of the venezuelans we talked to said they feel deceived on both sides of the border. take a listen. >> they lied to us. it has all been a lie. they told us they would take us to a shelter, yet they dropped us off in the middle of the street at 4:00 a.m. in the back of a bus station. >> i agree with what president biden is doing, however, i was already in the u.s. and was
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taken to a holding cell. they didn't treat us well. >> to president biden, he would be when i am allowed in the u.s. i will vote for him. i want him to let us stay and become productive citizens and pay my taxes. >> our contacts tell us that many of these venezuelan migrants don't want visas in mexico. they feel that would hurt their chances of getting asylum here in the united states if the u.s. finds out they've resettled in another country and one of the reasons we find so many of those mexican vest yeahs on the ground here as the migrants discard them when they cross the river. >> dana: you know who else lied to those people? the cartels, the coyotes. they lied as well. a horrible mess. bill melugin, thank you. >> bill: deep blue state of new york, republican lee zeldin is within striking distance of kathy hochul. what does that say about crime? what does that say about the
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mid-terms? we'll check it out. >> dana: fentanyl the flooding the streets of san francisco. check this out. unbelievable. turning a neighborhood into an open air drug market. >> while americans worry about inflation wiping out their retirement, president biden and democrats remain laser focused on abortion. >> president biden: i believe congress should codify roe once and for all. the mid-term elections are critical to elect more democratic senators to the united states senate and more democrats to keep control of the house of representatives. >> bill: a question. is that a winning strategy for november? our pollsters will take it on next. but as a veteran, you already have a solution. it's your powerful va home loan benefit. it lets you borrow up to a full 100% of your home's value, not just 80%. with home values near record highs, that could mean a lot more cash than you imagined. and at newday,
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>> i've never denied an election. i think in florida we have
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great election laws but elections have to have rules. >> we have to do everything within our power to uphold the constitution, protect the rule of law, and protect our democracy and protect each person's republican, democrat's and independent's right to vote. >> dana: they brought the heat to florida in last night's debate. the latest fox power ranking in florida is leaning republican. the race is tight. phil keating is in miami with more. hi, phil. >> sparks flew last night in the one and only senate debate between rubio and demings. >> of course, the senator who has never run anything at all but his mouth would know nothing about helping people. >> the congresswoman likes to talk about helping people. she has never passed a bill. >> the debate included inflation, oil production, china, russia, and abortion. >> need to win over the region
6:20 am
they're in. >> that said every bill i sponsored on abortion and voted for has exceptions. >> no, senator, i don't think it's okay for a 10-year-old girl to be raped and have to carry the seed of her rapist. >> each is flooding the airwaves with campaign ads. demings morning rubio. she raised nearly $50 million more than him making democrats optimistic about flipping the seat. rubio touts his experience and getting the ppp passed at the beginning of the pandemic and paints dejs as a support of of extreme politics and turning boys to girls. demings slams rudeio for the low attendance record and distanced herself from radicals in her party saying defunding the police is crazy. immigration and the border crisis was another topic. >> no country in the world can
6:21 am
that tolerate, permit or afford 5,000 people a day arriving at your border getting asylum. >> more boots on the ground, more technology, processors. let's secure our borders. >> rubio has a 5 percent advantage in the latest polls. as expected this morning both are claiming victory last night. dana. >> dana: thank you, phil in miami. >> elect more democratic senators to the senate and keep control of the house of representatives. folks, if we do that, here is the promise i make to you and the american people. the first bill that i will send to the congress will be to codify roe versus wade. when congress passes it i'll sign it in january. >> bill: there is the promise. president biden said he will protect abortion rights if democrats keep control of congress. bring in former trump senior
6:22 am
advisor kellyanne conway and also mark penn. the latest top voter issues fox polling. on screen. inflation higher prices number one, crime number two. go to the next one. education now pops at number five. abortion is number six. mark, does the white house see something out there in america that will work? >> well, the issue on abortion works somewhat. a couple of months ago it was working 38% more likely to vote for democrat, 32% more likely to vote for republican. now that has closed to one or two points. there are cross pressured suburban voters, particularly women, concerned about crime who may switch their votes on abortion. i think they have something of an issue. it has diminished. you know, again, they've brought out here basically electric cars, they freed
6:23 am
people from marijuana, they've put out 15 million gallons of gasoline. they are doing everything they can particularly to pitch the young voters with free college. all part of a set of issues toward younger voters that they need in order to turn this election around, which is turning more and more republican, particularly since the main issues of crime, immigration and inflation. >> bill: they are throwing everything against the wall, all of it right now. kellyanne, "the new york times" poll from two days ago shows independent women in one month moving considerably toward the republican party. >> bill, that "new york times" poll was remarkable in that it showed women tied on the generic ballot 47% said they would vote democrat. 47% vote republican. if the democrats don't have the gender gap among women they don't have a prayer on november 8th. this could be a very big republican year. the reason is very obvious. when you ignore the will of the
6:24 am
people as expressed in polls, you are ignoring the will of the people overall. biden has picked the wrong hill to die on the roe for the reasons they've laid out on the program. it is not high in the polls. it faded in the google searches. crime is two times more likely to be searched on google now than abortion or dobbs. let's roll the tape. president obama running in 2017 said at a planned pair enhood event in 2007, when i'm elected the first thing i'll do is sign into law the freedom of choice act. then he got elected and within the first 100 days he said the freedom of choice act is not my highest priority. then he said i believe women can decide that issue better than a president or congress. 15 years later his vice president, now president biden takes a different tack on this. they take a huge chance, a huge risk among female voters by narrow casting to women and ignoring that we women are not
6:25 am
single issue thinkers, doers and voters. the last point. when you look at the polling i think obama has been deployed in the mid-terms where biden has not. he is the one saying this week i want my party to focus less on pro nouns rather than kitchen table issues. they're talking about the wrong issues. >> bill: the polling yesterday here in the state of new york. lee zeldin is within 4 points of kathy hochul in the quinn i can yak poll. crime, inflation and 20%. democracy and protection of it 14%. zeldin holds a majority of independent voters support by 20 points. mark, if he is that close in new york, you will see congressional districts fall all over the empire state. >> look, this poll to me is a
6:26 am
shocker. i thought hochul could hold onto upstate and therefore block zeldin out. i think this would be a tremor, i think you are right. it -- people think that new york went 90-10 for biden. it was really a 60-40 state. heek -- hochul was not elected. a low job rating in the state. she has a ton of money, a lot of ethics concerned. i'm surprised zeldin got this close. i have to put it in lean democrat. it doesn't go toss-up yet. one more poll and it will. >> bill: kellyanne. >> this is the fourth consecutive poll that shows a single digit race. lee zeldin has run a great campaign focused on crime, economy, energy production, of course in upstate new york and hochul inherited that job because her former governor was forced to resign.
6:27 am
i think she hasn't done enough to respond to new yorkers' concerns and last point, i think bill you're right. we see in the polling that even some of these congressional districts in california and washington state, oregon are becoming more competitive. the question in new york is not can zeldin win. it is really can hochul do the job? so far she hasn't proven that she can. >> bill: thanks to you both. talk to you next week. 27 past. >> dana reads sports. >> dana: the new york yankees beat the cleveland guardians 5-1 in last night's winner takes all american league divisional series. that's what they call it? it's a weird word. carlos got the yankees started in the first inning. >> a drive to right center field. back near the wall and gone. >> dana: aaron judge continued his historic season with a home run. the guardians had a run in the third but shut out in the
6:28 am
remaining six innings. the "new york post" today with a back cover headline blast off, the yankees are in houston today for the championship series. >> bill: you can follow it. the guardians had a great year. everybody in cleveland was jacked up for them. surprised a lot of people. yankees are a good team. cincinnati lost 100 games. >> dana: sorry about the reds. >> bill: we're rebuilding back home. 20 days to the mid-terms. education can make or break key races across the country. is the issue being overlooked by democrats? we'll talk with alabama senate candidate who would be the only senator at this time with school age children if she wins in november. the jurors in the murder case of kirs tin smart reached a verdict. 25 years after the freshman student went missing and declared dead years later.
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>> bill: this is what fox polling told us about the top five issues that americans are voting on. look at this one. 89% on inflation and higher prices. i can't remember a more singular issue that got close to 90% in any of our polling. crime at 79. down here we see the issue of education at 72%. remember a week ago when the abc poll came out and education came out. for us it's on the list at number five starting to creep up above abortion policy at 71%. who do voters trust more to deal with education? and teach it the best way? this is interesting right now. democrats get a 3 point lead. margin of error down here always read the fine print. moe is plus or minus 4 points meaning it could be a bigger spread. the real number that we see democrats are favored by three
6:35 am
points over republicans. how does that play now in some of these races? we'll talk about one. here down in alabama, this is a solid republican seat. katie britt is being challenged by will boyd. we would expect her to win but find out what the voters of alabama say as we move across here. jimmie, come back to the desk and make an introduction. >> dana: here is katie britt, the republican running for alabama senate to replace richard shelby. you used to be his chief of staff and now you will likely win this race. what do you hear from your voters in alabama about that issue of education? >> that is what people are talking about. people are talking about inflation, they are talking about crime and talking about education. interestingly, as a mother myself, you know, all of my friends are talking about what are children are being taught in the classroom. it is a real thing. we want to make sure our children are educated and not indoctrinated. we've seen the past two years when children were locked out
6:36 am
of the classroom, we've seen in the scores over the country where we're down 7 points in math and 5 points in reading. we know that matters. if a child is not reading on grade level by third grade their chance of graduating high school goes down four times. my kids are 7th and 8th grade. we want them taught the fundamentals and taught to love this nation, to stand for the flag, be taught history and math and reading, not to be indoctrinated with woke ideology. >> dana: so do you think that there is something that can be done? that the republicans have momentum here? >> absolutely. >> dana: a lot of people thought democrats were up when you asked that question. now it's tied with republicans have the place. we saw the race in virginia with glenn youngkin. education. you also have a concerned about mental health and fentanyl and crime. >> absolutely. >> dana: all these things happening across the country are happening in alabama as real. >> it is real.
6:37 am
no probate judge or hospital administrator or law enforcement officer or teacher doesn't tell me mental health is one of the top issues they deal with every day. we're looking at the effects of fentanyl as we know under joe biden every state has become a border state. when you look at the drugs pouring over our border that have made it not only into our communities and into our classrooms, we have had 15 uses of narcan on classroom -- in the classroom this year to save students. >> dana: and it's october 18th. >> this year. folks, it is real. there is nowhere i go i don't talk about fentanyl and opioid use and have someone say thank you for bringing attention to it. >> bill: a lot of your statements, on the border, however, you say i am horrified and disgusted by what is happening right now at our southern border. a lot of republicans don't talk that way. >> we have to we have to. it is open season now under joe biden for human traffickers, drug cartels and for terrorists.
6:38 am
make no mistake, what is happening is affecting our communities, affecting our way of life. you are seeing moms and dads get off the sidelines across this nation from school boards to u.s. senate races because we see the country we know and love dissolving under joe biden's leadership and we have to stand up. it is disgusting. the drugs, all of it, the trafficking is real and we can't turn a blind eye and have to speak up for our children. >> dana: on the main issue of inflation, how does boyd your opponent talk about the real costs of what's going on right now with people? gas prices, food prices? >> you see democrats deflect and try to change the narrative to something else. the truth is inflation is real. when i am traveling the state, dana, i had -- not only moms and dads and working families, it is retirees. i had a gentleman stop me at a gas station and said are you katie britt? i'm 77 years old and done everything they told me to and i am now trying to retire and i
6:39 am
was going to spend time with my grandkids but picking up a night shift here because i can't make ends meet. we need to be energy not only energy independent but energy dominant. >> bill: last question. you said you believe there was fraud in the last election. but that it was not stolen. what's the difference? >> you look at what is happening in our elections across the nation. people have to have faith that their vote counts. they have to know that the legislature and that people are going to follow the rules by their state constitution. we have to insure that. we can't allow for ballot harvesting or people not to use voter i.d. we have to go by the laws on the books so people know their vote counts and they have faith in the democracy. if we don't it will be a crack in our democracy that will cause it to crumble. we have to stand firm and make sure the procedures that we have in place give people faith. >> dana: do you think alabama does it well?
6:40 am
>> alabama does it well. there is room for improvement. we see places to elevate and make sure. our secretary of state made sure everyone can have a voter i.d. they will travel to get you that. we want to make sure our elections are ones that people can look at in a good way. people do have to have faith. we have to look at this. you can't turn a blind eye between now and the next election. you have to get answers and make sure that we create a system that people have faith in. we can't wait until the next four years and do this all over again. we have to start now to put those things in place to give people faith so our democracy will continue to be strong. >> dana: you would be the youngest republican woman in the senate and the only woman with school-age children. it will be interesting to see. thanks for coming on. >> i appreciate it. >> dana: onto the border. >> it's a huge crisis here in el paso. the biggest issue i have with
6:41 am
it this is a federal issue and my constituents are having to pay for this bill. we're using taxpayer money from the general fund to be able to operate and facilitate this whole situation in el paso. >> bill: here is what we think the story is. did the white house pressure the city of el paso and democratic mayor not to declare a state of energy emergency? that mayor is here to respond. cartels continue to exploit the president's border policy. the white house refusing to acknowledge it. former a.g. bill barr on the strategic silence and more coming up. >> the threat is the mexican cartels. we've been asking to declare the mexican cartels at terrorists. the white house is silent. they're not even educating america. for appraisal or termite inspections. no upfront costs at all to get the cash you need. veterans get more at newday. breakthrough heartburn... means your heartburn treatment is broken.
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>> dana: fentanyl deaths in america have spiked dramatically. it hit the bay area particularly hard. lauren is in san francisco and has a look at the tender loin district. >> we went deep inside and what we saw was shocking. basically zombies walking the streets so whacked out. drug dealers roamed those same streets freely. the public health department thinks giving out free pipes is
6:47 am
harm reduction. the police department is outnumbered and often turn a blind eye. >> fentanyl has changed the entire game in san francisco. you can't buy heroin. nobody sells or uses it. they've transitioned to fentanyl. it's the most dangerous drug to ever hit the streets of the united states in history. >> fentanyl has killed more than 70,000 americans in 12 months. here in san francisco, it's the dominant drug. it's responsible for 3/4 of drug overdoses. >> how does he not know what he just inhaled won't kill him right now? >> he doesn't. the whole thing. >> he doesn't care. he is so low he doesn't care. >> tom wolf was a fentanyl addicts and lived on the streets. brazen drug dealer and rampant drug use in the shadow of city hall, the same city hall actively enabled the fentanyl crisis. >> start getting them out of here. you are killing these kids. kids can't walk and go to school without seeing all this.
6:48 am
people walking around falling and straws in their mouth. >> the crisis is devastating families across the country. jackie's son has been an addict for 10 years. >> he deteriorated faster on fentanyl in two years than he did on eight years of heroin. there is always that pain of the one that's struggling and on the streets and it is always with me. >> jackie said she hopes her son is arrested and put in jail so he can try to get clean. but the likelihood of that happening in san francisco isn't good. >> dana: a lot of parents with broken hearts over all of this. i'm glad you went there. thank you for bringing us the story. >> bill: border officials calling the knar cot particulars the biggest threat facing our country. former a.g. bill barr author of one damn thing after another with us in studio. want to show you two numbers and two graphics fiscal year-to-date 2022 the amount of
6:49 am
fentanyl seized at the southwest border is 12,000 pounds, okay? that's item one. item two. the number of deaths from synthetic opioids primarily fentanyl in the previous year 73,000. what logic can you find that would support the administration's policy over the border that we have seen over the past two years? >> there is no logic. it is an insane policy. do nothing and let it happen and ignore the problem. not just the border, but, of course, the drug problem, which is today a catastrophe. to put it in perspective we're losing not just to fentanyl but other drugs 108,000 americans a year just in drug -- fatal drug overdoses. that's the same casualty rate we experienced during world war ii. we have the equivalent of a world war casualty rate in the united states caused by drugs and that's the personal misery and tragedy but also you have
6:50 am
tremendous amounts of money. estimate just came out of over 1.5 trillion just for opioids. when you look at the whole damage caused it is trillions of dollars. this administration has no interest in taking on the supply problem because this is a supply-driven catastrophe. you take these drugs, which are poisonous and pump them up into the united states and they are creating their own market. the idea of harm reduction, as far as i can tell means allowing people the lie on the street and o.d. on the street and defecate on the street and so forth. that's not the response. we have to take on the cartels and we need to force the mexicans to work with us, but this administration isn't willing to take those tough steps. >> dana: we can show you some pictures. talk about the numbers and how many people have died. when you see their faces, it really makes a difference. we can show you a collage of thousands of people who have lost their lives. you multiply that by all the people grieving their loss. do the cartels meet the
6:51 am
technical definition of a terrorist organization? >> i think you could make a very strong case they do. but whether they meet the technical definition in the statute which has to do with sanctions, i think we have to start attacking these groups more like they are isis and less like they're the mafia. we aren't going to be able to prosecute our way and use mexican law enforcement to deal with the cartels. they are states within states. they are stronger than the government in many ways. they can corrupt the government. the legal system in mexico even before this was pathetic. 90% of crimes are ever brought to justice in that country. so the vast oceans of money they now have to corrupt the government which is amplified by the border. they are making almost as much from border traffic -- >> dana: a billion dollars. >> bill: doing nothing doesn't help, we can agree? >> they are putting their head in the sand and hoping it goes
6:52 am
away. >> bill: you had an acquittal of the russian on trial late yesterday afternoon. that was after the judge threw out one of the counts at the end of last week. so he walks. john durham will issue a final report at some point soon. what do you make of the verdict from the jury and what would you expect in the final report? >> well i was disappointed, obviously. i think they did a good job prosecuting the case. their ability to put evidence on in a very difficult case was limited by some rulings. they weren't able to get access to some witnesses overseas. it was a tough case. this should show people that it is hard to win these cases and sometimes it takes time to achieve justice. but as people say, i think, andy mccarthy said, the real public interest here was being served by exposing the full extent of the corruption that was involved in the russia gate and the abuse by the f.b.i. in that whole episode.
6:53 am
and i think durham is going to get a report out that will lay out all the facts. >> dana: it could come before -- if republicans take over at least in the house and maybe even in the senate there could be hearings that ask the f.b.i. to come and explain themselves? >> right. i think it will leave a very good foundation for pursuing it further on the hill. >> dana: thanks for coming in. your thoughts on the border are really important and it is so outrageous what is happening. we have to do something. >> yes. >> bill: nice to see you. >> dana: a brutal attack on philadelphia police caught on camera. atv and dirt bike riders hurled bricks and bottles at officers. we'll show you next. and maybe a lot more than you think. if you need cash to stay ahead, call newday. use your va home loan benefit to borrow up to 100% of your home's value. not just 80% like some other lenders. take out an average of $60,000 and lower your payments by $600 a month
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think he's posting about all that ancient roman coinage? no, he's seizing the moment with merrill. moving his money into his investment account in real time and that's... how you collect coins. your money never stops working for you with merrill, a bank of america company. we have the latest on this. what do you know, amy? >> certainly laying eyes on
6:59 am
this woman this morning allay i had the fears of many people concerned about her after she effectively went missing the other day. this does not mean she is in the clear because whether she meant to or not she has become a new symbol of this protest movement rocking iran. you can see it is not even daylight yet and very early this morning and there were crowds of people who have come out to applaud and chant her as a heroin when she arrived at the airport. she had gone silent and reportedly had been unreachable since being seen with her head uncovered against islamic republic law a few days ago in a climbing competition in south korea. she said she forget it and apologized said what many assumed was a forced statement yesterday. this morning without the classic head scarf but head covered with a hoodie and
7:00 am
baseball cap had this to say. >> i came back to iran with peace of mind. so far thank god nothing has happened. >> you know, of course, dana, all of this against the back drop of these protests that have led to the deaths of hundreds of people in iran and thousands of arrests. but they are not these protestors backing down. her fate today remains unclear. >> dana: quite a climber. i love seeing that video. thank you, amy. new york city opens a brand-new neighborhood and it is for illegal migrants. the sanctuary city building a giant tent shelter for 500 single men on randall's island next to manhattan here, a recreational area used primarily by children for after school sports activities. that's happening. welcome to a new hour of "america's newsroom." i'm dana perino. >> bill: i'm bill hemmer. they play baseball over


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