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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  October 20, 2022 3:00am-4:00am PDT

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the republicans take the senate by a few seats. it's going to be a good night november 8th. steve. >> carley: governor mike huckabee thank you for joining us this morning. we appreciate you as always. >> thank you. >> todd: and i appreciate you too. >> carley: i appreciate all of you. >> todd: all of you fine folks out there in tv land. do you know who else we appreciate? "fox & friends" they begin right now. ♪ >> president biden decision to release 15 million barrels from our strategic petroleum reserve was not politically motivated. >> i have been doing this for how long now? it's not politically motivated. >> we do not catch up to the price increases have to close. maybe that's what the president wants. >> knows fleeing harm. >> new york city to open first migrant tent shelter. >> who is funding this and putting it together? >> how long are they going to be held there? >> biden headed to pennsylvania today to hope move the needle to fetterman.
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>> pulling within the margin of error. >> it money and it's a panic move. >> deep left field. and jeremy pena sends one out of here. ♪ ♪ you dance, dance, dance. ♪ creeping up on you ♪ so just, dance, dance, dance. ♪ all those things i should do but dance, dance, dance. ♪ ain't answer beautiful shot of new york city? what is that in the distance? looks like a ferris wheel that circle. >> steve: is that coney island? >> brian: a rainbow. looks like a rainbow is that a rainbow or my monitor? >> steve: we're back together. welcome back. >> ainsley: thank you. took a few days off. so glad to be back. thank you for waking up with us. i watched all three of your shows.
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>> brian: vhs copy i couldn't get it was this song you were dancing to club last night. so many songs i dance to at the end ends up being bump-in music. >> ainsley: this actually is a song from trolls. you know this song very well. >> brian: as justin timberlake ever written a song that meant anything? >> steve: you would have to ask him. >> brian: he has like nine words in hirst song. >> ainsley: means something to my children. >> brian: dance, dance, dance. >> steve: sometimes when you are dancing boom boom boom. >> ainsley: is he a good dancer. >> steve: ferris wheel you saw you drive by it everyday. out my metlife. >> steve: metlife is new jersey. cityfield. >> brian: if i'm really lost i am in new jersey. >> ainsley: you drive by it every day. >> steve: i actually don't because i take the tunnel. american dream. they have an indoor ski slope.
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it's gigantic. >> brian: in new jersey? >> steve: over in the meadow lands. they went bankrupt like five times when they were building it. they finally built it. although it is lightly attended. >> brian: imagine on the slope by the time you get to the bottom out of money. >> ainsley: ski right into that store down there. >> brian: how much would it cost for me to fill up my tank to drive to new jersey to ski indoors? $3.71 a gallon on average this year. they say the money -- they say the gas prices are going down a little bit after going up for four straight weeks. >> steve: in fact, the white house this week has had the audacity to say since the record high americans are saving $420 million. now, here's the delicious irony in that the prices are still up 62% than when joe biden took office. >> ainsley: look at this headline. >> steve: joe is full of
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malarkey again he has got to say it carefully. gas backwards. yesterday joe biden said i'm going to release 15 million more barrels from the strategic petroleum reserve because gas companies can gouging, they are making about 60 cents per gallon, but, folks, even though it's three weeks before the midterms this is not political. >> ainsley: we leased 165 million barrels from the reserve since the beginning of the year and people say that's just for emergency purposes only. you are not supposed to release that gas just to drive prices down. >> steve: it's an emergency the midterms are coming. >> ainsley: a lot of critics are saying he is only lowering the prices so you won't feel hit at home. gas price also go back up amp the midterms. he will replenish the reserve once the price hits $70 a barrel. >> brian: he said so many inaccurate things. they gave him a copy 30 seconds before his appearance. the number one thing they said
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is i'm producing the same amount of oil right now as we were producing -- he said more oil than was prior to me taking office. that's not true. in 2019 we were putting 4.5 billion barrels of oil out there. you got to think it was just going to continue to increase as drilling resumed and dropped to 24.1 billion. this year only 2.5 billion barrels. i know it's only october. but we're behind already. here's the president saying the release of the strategic oil reserves of another 15 million barrels has nothing to do with the election. let's listen. >> what is your response to republicans who say you are only doing this spr release to help democrats in the midterms? >> where have they been the last four months? that's my response. >> is it politically motivated, sir? >> no, it's not. >> before the midterms. >> look. it makes sense. i have been doing this for how long now? not politically motivated at all.
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it's motivated to make sure that i continue to push on what everybody pushing on and that is making sure there is enough oil that's being pumped by the companies so that we have the ability to be able to produce enough gas that we need here at home. oil we need here at home. and at the same time, keep moving in the direction of providing for alternative energy. >> steve: we really should just add a laugh track to that we have no idea why the president said four months. where have you been for the last four months because he actually said we are going to release 180 million barrels seven months ago. and ainsley you mention that now he is going to try to refill the strategic petroleum reserve with. >> ainsley: eventually. >> steve: with oil at, let's see, $70. as soon as it hits $70 a barrel they will refill it. the terrible part of that story is donald trump tried to refill it, tried to add 77 million barrels in 2020 when the price was $20 a barrel.
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so, we're $50 mort of that, and now joe biden says i'm cutting deals with these oil companies that are gouging. and so, essentially asking the oil companies to bail them out and that is why our white house correspondent asked this pointed question of the spokesperson. >> you are asking oil companies to further lower gas prices. what makes you think that they are going to listen to an administration that is ultimately trying to put them out of business? >> how is the administration trying to put them out of business? >> well, they produce fossil fuels. and this president president says he wants to end fossil fuels. >> so, look, you kind of asked me this question yesterday. and here's where -- what we would say. u.s. oil production is up and on track to reach a record high next year. oil companies are raking in record profits while more than 9,000 approved drilling permits
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remain untapped by the oil industry. there is no shortage of opportunity or incentive for oil companies to ramp up production. >> ainsley: reading it right out of the book. >> brian: federal land leased during the nine months. federal make a stick first 19 month in person. the only person who did less is eisenhower. clinton 9.6 million acres. bush 12 million plus acres. obama 7 million acres. trump 4.4 million acres. and biden 0.13. look how he canceled the pipeline famously. new leases on oil and gas on federal land. that's all in 2020. and june 1st he suspended all oil and gas leases. they know what's going on. endlessly astounding to me is if i'm chevron. if i'm a major oil company, i go out there with my spokesperson and i explain this is why prices are high. these are the headwinds this federal government has put against us. this is the i do vets
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temperature push that's happening with every major institution when we go to invest in offshore drilling platform or try to do something domestically at home. this is what we are up against. why they don't push back strongly, i don't get. >> steve: brian, they do. buff hardly anybody picks it up. the u.s. oil and gas association put out this statement yesterday. >> brian: that's kind of mild. >> steve: going to keep saying this over and over. the biden administration has taken dozen on dozens of actions 100 to date make it hard to produce the very u.s. barrels that the president needs to refile threfill the trnl stratel petroleum reserve. the democrats in the house would not allow donald trump to do it. >> ainsley: lowest it's been in 40 years? supposed to thereby for emergency purposes.
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>> brian: since 1951 i think. they are focusing on the oil reserve. if i'm chevron i've been accused of gouging the american people. that is criminal. that is moral his ticketly bankrupt. i would be like how delaware you. you are the one stopping me from drilling. the profits are coming in because the product is not plentiful. if i'm allowed to maximize my output that number would go down. we were the swing oil producer you stopped it. if the american people are okay with that fine. you could sit back, because what advantage is it for all these major oil and gas companies to keep their mouth shut. all they are doing is having money and big banks run for them. average person looks at that price. all those millions that voted for joe biden say yeah, all these people, the reason why gas prices are so high because these horrible oil companies. >> ainsley: remember you would pull into the gas station when donald trump was president $2. 2.39 when he left office on average? and now we're almost to $4 a
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gallon. >> brian: it's 3.85. >> ainsley: what is it in california? >> between 6 and 7. >> ainsley: shut down keystone pipe library on day one. blame oil companies saying they are making record profits. blamed it on vladimir putin. seen that time and time again. now he is asking to ramp up production. >> steve: when he attacks the big oil companies. it's something that works during an election year. because it's like saying tax the rich. rich people have so much money. look at oil companies they have so much money. >> brian: or gas station owners. >> steve: guy in a gas station in new hampshire who makes 20 cents a gallon for gas. what did he do? he actually sawed $1 off of every gallon for one hour to make the point about how this president has so restricted american oil and gas. here he is yesterday talking about how gas station owners are not gouging anybody. they are struggling like
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everybody else. >> if you look at the ownership, percentage of ownership of gas stations. they are mom and pop like us. not every gas station has deep pockets to be able to cover up for the differences in the price. two years ago i used to change prices maybe three to four times a month. today i change prices five times a week. if we do not catch up to the price increases, my inventory will shrink to a day where i have to close. we are here just to do a symbolic movement for an hour, just to show people the prices a year ago. and how much this will affect their pockets this winter. >> ainsley: that's what the prices were a year ego. >> steve: there goes down a buck. >> ainsley: everyone was so excited in that area. >> steve: no kidding. brand new morning consult poll came out with politico. 81% of american voters say that
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the economy will have a major impact on how they vote in less than three weeks. and when asked who do you trust more, republicans or democrats. 46% trust republicans and 39% say democrats. that could spell doom for the democrats in less than three weeks. >> ainsley: price of gas is right in there. when you look at the polls, they all say the economy is number one. >> brian: go out there buy unaffordable, unavailable electric car where there is no place to plug it in and stop complaining. >> steve: across the river by the ferris wheel they have a bunch of those places to plug in the car. >> ainsley: i was at the grocery store the other day they added one parking spot to plug in electric car. no one was parked there. 13 minutes after the top of the hour. coming up. new york city building plush tent city for the illegal migrants. >> brian: i'm moving. >> there talk about what's going on in here.
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why? >> ainsley: rachel campos-duffy headed out to randall's island tore where immigrant are being treated to around the clock amenities. 50 yards away a rundown shelter for the homeless. and they are complaining. >> brian: of course no phone bank and xbox there. 12 now, fentanyl pills found inside bags of candy. i wonder if msnbc is going to laugh at this, too. where this major bust happened just days ahead of halloween. ♪ ♪ treasure, this is what you are ♪ you're my golden star ♪ make my wish come true ♪
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>> carley: we are back with headlines starting with america's crime crisis. the nypd is searching for a suspect involved in a subway stabbing on the upper west side last night. the victim was stabbed in the leg and finger but is expected to recover. a friend of the victim pepper spraying the suspect before he fled the train. and take a look at this video right here. that's a retired nypd cop. he was randomly punched in the head while walking in brooklyn. harvey craft is the retired police officer. he joined "fox & friends first" earlier this morning with this message about the city's cashless bail policies. >> they all have to do a better job in keeping the citizenry of new york city safe. if it wasn't me, it would have been someone, perhaps, more frail, elderly. could have fell to the ground, cracked their skull because there are people that that have done with into comas. if you don't have safety in the city, what good is anything else? >> his attackers are still on the loose. things got heated in last
3:20 am
night's obamacare gubernatorial debate. three candidates squared off in fiery exchange when asked about portland rioters and the defund the police movement. >> when people call 911. they need to feel safe and have the right response at the right time. i have always supported our state police. >> tina kotek is the original defund the police candidate. she did not support police, even when rioters were attacking a police station. >> we have got to start by respecting our police. that doesn't mean walking with the rioters or excoriating the police when the riots were happening. >> p portland has been one of my blue cities ransacked and destroyed by rioters who continue cowells to defund and disarm the police. the latest real clear politics average shows republican candidate kristin draven in the lead over tina kotek and independent betsy johnson. this is will terrifying. finding 12 now, fentanyl pills
3:21 am
hidden the suspect fled the scene before taken into custody. warning patients to be cautious of candy their kids bring home from halloween. that is baseball astros justin verlander striking out 11 batters over 6 innings to kick off the acls. in the national league we had a brother vs. brother matchup in san diego. padres catcher austin nola got a pivotal rbi single off his brother. 5 run fifth inning. padres offense leading team 8-5 win with -- that ties the nlcs after the 1. how about that brother-on-brother matchup. >> brian: that is tough. >> carley: your daughters ever played against each other.
3:22 am
>> brian: playing tuesday. this will be the final time kirsten is a senior. >> carley: root for both of them to do well. >> brian: i did it last year. >> ainsley: you sit on one side and she on the other. >> brian: as long as we are speaking we will sit together. have you heard something. soccer is different because it's -- different than baseball. if you actually watch your kids pitch and hit against each other. soccer it's waving in and you wait to see steve. >> ainsley: do they have to guard each other. >> this year they have to play the same position. >> brian: sold out. can't get ticket. i wish i could get you. >> ainsley: usually alternate who wins though? >> brian: only second time in history. having people check it now they played each other. >> steve: you probably remember you are the national archive person. >> ainsley: want the oldest one to win because she is about to graduate. >> brian: she is unbelievable. you are trying to create.
3:23 am
>> steve: trying to gets him to pick a favorite. >> brian: how dare you. >> steve: only worked with the smother brothers back in the day. >> brian: maybe they will make the playoffs. let's hope they tie. >> steve: we told you about this cushy tent city that the mayor has built for 500 migrants over on randall's island. look at this thing. it is a taxpayer funded wonderland. and as it turns out it is just 350 yards away from the help myer homeless shelter. and the people who are at the homeless shelter are looking at that bank of phones and they are going we only have the one phone in the c cafeteria and it doesnt work. >> ainsley: one tv. >> steve: nobody ever uses the elevator to get up to the 8th guy the one guy stuck in the elevator for four days. they see that big coffee machine and they are going why is the city putting all this money for stuff for illegal migrants and not for the people who are new york residents?
3:24 am
>> ainsley: barron heinz homeless man, struggling actor. homeless since december. 36-year-old. >> he lives in that high rise. help mayor shelter on radged island. 350 yards from where this tent city is being built with. he said his building is just awful. he says they, talking about the migrants, they got xboxs? get the blank out of here. the building i'm in is so blanking awful. the smell is awful on every floor. the tents look five times better. once a month, if i recognize the food, i'll eat it. but you taste some meals and you don't know what it is. >> brian: i don't know if he has a job or not. there is 1,000 restaurants who would love the help for the 36-year-old out of work actor who wouldn't need a shelter. battling between the homeless and illegal migrants. rachel campos-duffy went over to randall's island grab a coat yesterday to find out for
3:25 am
herself. >> do you know about the tent city being built on radged island for the illegal immigrants coming here. >> when did that start? who is funding this and putting it together? >> rachel: that's great question. >> ainsley: she said everything is secretive there. they won't talk to her. she tried to talk to some of the workers. you will see later in the show she goes up to the workers on the other side of the fence. >> steve: exactly. we do know the workers for the city for of the run down homeless shelter the help shelter that ainsley was talking about. the city pays $5,300 for every person. 'it is an absolute hell hole and 350 yards away beautiful gleaming tent saying welcome to earthquake in. here's the thing. you know, did you see the project veritas guy who taped the city employee who is one of the advance man for mayor adams. he got fired yesterday. because he had said i-ohe bad-mouthed the mayor and he
3:26 am
said i don't think the mayor is capable of handling the migrants. he said, quote: we're building a tent city. we are parking these people in plastic tents on randall's island. they are not getting the good stuff. we are kicking them out of hotels because it's tourist season and hotels want to raise their rates. the mayor's spokesperson secretary of defense we fired him because he bad-mouthed first responders. being a cop is like the curabliest job in the city. you might get shot, otherwise it's very good. they fired that guy yesterday. >> brian: video hype video. harp music in the background. slope piano might have been elton john playing how great it is to be in america come one, come all. do you know who saw that, india, south america, pakistan, iran. they say this is the time to get on a bus in new york city. see that. those were two. you will see 10, 12, 14, 16, 18.
3:27 am
this is going to be so out of control soon. we know know what hit us. giving preferential treatment to single males. who should have been turned around at the border. going to new york city getting off the bus right to laundry service get their draw down service and mint on the pillow and fresh towel. >> ainsley: get their clothes washed and folded. he said there is feces and urine in his barn. and he said you can't even eat the food. you heard him 15eu7 that i feel like i will die if i have to eat this food. he said you don't know what you are eating. then he says these migrants who are not legal are getting better treatment and better food. >> steve: one other component to the migrant story. that is arizona is sick and tired of the fact that there are 4,000 feet of as you can see right there the border fence not there and so what they did was they double stacked shipping containers for 22 feet.
3:28 am
and then they put a couple of feet of razor wire on top. do you know what? they -- here's the thing. they did that to stop people. because governor ducey has had enough. the department of interior says the shipping containers topped with razor wire are illegal. they say the containers constitute a violation of federal law and a trespass against the united states. those things are harming federal lands and resources impeding the ability for the u.s. government to perform its mission. so, in other words, the state of arizona is doing what the federal government is not doing and now the federal government is saying hey, wait, those things are trespassing on u.s. government land. >> ainsley: why would that be illegal? >> brian: there is no reason. maybe the horny to do can't get across. couple of things they show you they many people to pass through. they should be embarrassed as if company is coming and afraid et
3:29 am
container is going to look bad. like socks on the floor because your cousins are here. here is unbefore the statements we wanted to share with you on shipping containers. the myriad of federal agencies that claim jurisdiction on the southern border but do nothing to prevent the public nuisance caused by illegal immigration and criminal activity that exploits the open borders is quite frustrating to all those that live, work, and rec create on the border. and in our state so that is some of the sentiment for the people of arizona governor got that letter from the department of interior. firing back at the federal government. >> steve: upside down world. a mad man with a life takes the life of a young father and husband. the act of bravery he showed moments before his death, you are gonna want to hear about that coming up next. ♪
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why is guy fieri in the neighbors' kitchen? it's slider sunday! sliiiiiiiiii-der sunday! these chicken parm sliders on king's hawaiian rolls are fire! slider sunday! i want that. everything's better between king's hawaiian bread. mmm! went to work on this day like he
3:34 am
did every other day. go earn a living working hard and then returning home at night to his family and his loved ones. and, unfortunately, he never made it home to his loved ones that evening. ash. >> ainsley: my gosh, so handsome only 42, 43 years old? he has three little children and he is the breadwinner i understand, right? >> that's correct. >> ainsley: what will the family do? >> >> they are going to be in a very hard way at this point because when you lose the breadwinner it's going to be very difficult for these children growing up not to have that kind of income coming in to support them. very expensive to live in new york state. >> ainsley: absolutely. this suspect alvin charles was awaiting trial for another stabbing. the judge denied the request for the $50,000 bail. so that guy got to walk free. he wasn't behind bars. if he had been this might not have happened or wouldn't have happened in the subway to your dear friend. how do you feel about that. >> i'm very angry. i mean, it's a tragedy.
3:35 am
this individual allegedly stabbed somebody the prior year and from what i understand the d.a. upgraded his charges to attempted murder and that's not a person that should be let back out on the street. and had the criminal justice system operated in the fashion that it should, that individual would have been behind bars and typically wtommy would be alive. >> ainsley: were these kids have a dad now? how is his wife doing? how are the children handling this? >> they are holding up but it's very difficult. it's, you know, this is a shock. it would be a shock to any of us. >> ainsley: how did you hear about it? >> i received a phone call saturday morning. i was on my way the day after it happened. i was on my way in my car to go get a hair cut like i do every saturday morning. and it was a very disturbing phone call telling me that we think tommy might have been the
3:36 am
person who was stabbed to death last evening on the train. i immediately said how do you know that to be factual. well, we believe it to be the case. we heard his name. i said look, it's a common name. do your homework. let's find out. and shortly thereafter, people reached out to the family and was confirmed. >> ainsley: he was a local 638 union steam fitter member of the union for 22 years. i know he worked for your family at one point. we do want to remember tommy. what was he like? what can you say? >> just a very proud man. loved sports. loved baseball and football. adored his three children. super hard worker. always did the right thing. whenever there was a situation that called for him to step up, he did that. and he will always be remembered in a great way by everybody that knew him. >> ainsley: i think he helped clean up after 9/11 too, right? >> yes. correct. he volunteered his time down there and did the right thing for this country. >> ainsley: amazing man. so sorry for your loss, bill. his family is raising money go
3:37 am
fund me page do you have any information on that. >> i do. i'm actually the individual who set it up. >> ainsley: how can we find that? >> i can share the link with yo.
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and now they are very biggen censorship, censoring people's views they don't like and using big tech to do that. >> steve: sure, you know, a lot of people switch party affiliation but they don't put it on twitter. you did. what was the reaction from your friends? >> well, you know, my new friends are luckily people who agree with me on this. correct? >> steve: what about the old friends? >> well, i wouldn't know. i don't think i had already heard they had a problem. i had been saying for a while i was planning to vote republican because of these sorts of things. but we are a large voting block. we have a group called democrats for desantis, we really admire his way of dealing with covid. >> steve: ultimately, and have you seen all the polls, it looks
3:44 am
like the economy innation, gas prices that is going to punish the democrats nancy pelosi said on tuesday yeah i have seen those polls i don't believe them. >> i don't know what they are thinking. they obsess over these issues like gender ideology, children's pronouns and which is another issue i have with the democrats at this point in time and, you know, i want to emphasize that i don't have a problem with adults doing whatever they want. but i do have a problem with people pushing children to get surgeries and, you know, confusing them about their identity in this way. the democrats think that's what people care about. people care about putting food on their table and supporting their families and the democrats haven't been supporting policies that do that. they have been for closing schools and closing down the economy which is the reason we are seeing inflation now. >> steve: jenin i know you are
3:45 am
now registered as a republican. you do not follow the republican party. you are not in lock step with them. you just favor them at this point over the democratic party because you feel like the democrats left you. >> that's exactly right. i have many, many disagreements, mainstream republican platform. i generally don't like politicians from either party. i tend to think they are self-serving and not really for the most part with some exceptions. i'm not an enthusiastic republican but i think it's the better choice at this point in time. >> steve: very good. great to hear from you. jenin from washington, d.c. she has a whole bunch of new friends because she doesn't have to send the old ones those ould ones anymore. thank you for joining us live. >> thank you so much. >> steve: somebody always has some friends out on the street is janice. of course, it's too cold for people to congregate this morning. >> janice: it's not that bad but i would say a warmer coat this morning would be beneficial. take a look at the's that. because it's been colder than average. we set some records in florida overnight last night. look at these temperatures. so 37 in atlanta.
3:46 am
36 in raleigh. 39 in jacksonville, and that's the window chill so it feels like with the window we got 20's across portions of the upper midwest and great lakes. frost and freeze advisories for another day today. and then the temperatures will moderate over the weekend. now, the northwest, you have been dealing with record highs, really for the last couple of months. but a pattern change is on the way. and that means cooler temperatures. wetter weather, and feet of snow for the mountains over the next five days. so that's going to be quite a transition. and then this storm system is going to move into the plain states, but, for now, not too bad in terms of showers and thunderstorms. not too much to report. and those cooler temperatures will start to warm up for the eastern third of the country. that's the good news. all right. steve, over to you. >> steve: but that feet of snow is kind of stair j. >> janice: i know. but here it comes. >> steve: it does indeed. thank you very much, j.d. >> janice: you got it. >> carley: news by the numbers
3:47 am
$1.7 million how much san francisco is spending on a new toilet that won't be ready until 2025. can you believe that? residents questioning the city's spending priorities with one local columnist calling the multi million dollars project quote maddening. the city blaming the high price on the cost of construction material, that is called flushing money down the toilet. next, $4 a month. that's how much netflix is adding to the bill for each additional profile on users' account. those of how share passwords don't have to worry just yet as the price increase isn't starting until next year finally, $300,000. that's how much people are selling their mcdonald's adult happy meal toys for on ebay. happy meal lovers across the country feeling nostalgic as some of their favorite characters came back in toy form. the toys sold out almost immediately in many stores. people love their happy meals,
3:48 am
steve. >> steve: price them at 300,000. nobody bought them yet. >> carley: maybe that's a good point. maybe aspirational amount of money. >> steve: just make it a million. carley, thank you very much. >> you are welcome. >> a dozen minutes before the top of the hour. >> we have all seen terrifying scenes like this one. >> the house is on fire! >> i'm here. >> [screams. >> close the door. >> i remember that episode. it was terrifying. skip bedell is here to show us how to protect your family from fire coming up next on fox plaza. you are watching "fox & friends." ♪ time. it's life's most precious commodity, especially when you have metastatic breast cancer. when your time is threatened, it's hard to invest in your future.
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when a truck hit my car, ♪the insurance companyed, wasn't fair. eight million ♪ i didid't t kn whahatmy c caswa, so i called the barnes firm. i'm rich barnes. it's hard for people to k how much their accident case is worth.h barnes. t ouour juryry aorneneys hehelpou >> steve: it is easy to picture something like this if you can look right there on the stove happening in your house. you're cooking on the stove and whoosh a fire starts. what do you do now? >> ainsley: october is national fire prevention month. no better time to keep your family safe than right now. >> brian: home contractor skip bedell knows everything about everything. kidnap, tell me how to solve this problem. this happens on my stove. >> guys, so important to have a fire extinguisher always in a kitchen every level your garage
3:53 am
basement. kitchen fire is the most common types of fires coming up on the holidays a lot of cooking. i will teach you the pass method pass of the p stands for pulling the pin. the a stands for aim. go ahead and point it. and then we are going to sweep from side to sveda. pull the pin, aim, spray and sweep. put the lid if you can get to it. sometimes grease fires get out of control they will be on your ceiling. if you have a cloak onto put over it to cut the oxygen, if not a fire extinguishers like these from kidde. >> steve: never throw water on it. >> that will splash the grease use a dry chemical. kitchen fire extinguishers.
3:54 am
kidde the industry leader. find this at home depot. fire ladders and all these great products. , this time of the year we want to check our smoke be detectors, carbon monoxide detectors so important. they make the best in the industry. this year right now doing something industry first doing something more. triple not only provides smoke and carbon monoxide but also provides air quality. pick up any vocs, any toxic organic matter. chemicals send alerts to your smart phone. if anything in the air is not safe in your home it will alert you to do that. kidde go right to home depot and get these things. >> ainsley: three of every five home fire deaths result fires no working smoke alarms. >> no working smoke alarms and carbon monoxide silent killer. >> steve: change your battery. >> so important right now. >> super important people don't think of. have one of these in every bedroom. affordable from parcel safety. make commercial quality
3:55 am
respirators keep them right in your bedroom. so important come in kid sizes, adult sizes. lenses, impact resistant. it's the smoke that kills in a fire. so many times the fire will burn but long before you get burned, the smoke disables you before you can get out of the room. this will prevent you from blinding and you disorienting you from the brightness of the fire. this will allow to you get out with the smoke. >> steve: that's why you need that ladder over there. >> absolutely. you should have one of these in every bedroom in your home. super critical parcel safety makes the best. before we go over that fire blanket. >>this is a fire emergency escape hood karl is wearing. made out of fiber glass. has reflective stripes on the back. use that to extinguish the fire because it's completely fireproof or protect your body on the way out of a fire also by parcis safety. gwinn tech. don't forget skip 25. 25% everything a parcel right now.
3:56 am
skip 25. >> ainsley: never told you that. >> gen tent i love this thing. make over 2,000 models to fit any generator you have. the idea is you can run this in the rain, the snow. so many people in storms run their generator and they have a fire because they run it inside their garage or onto the front porch. >> steve: which can kill you. >> the carbon monoxide backs up into the window. this allows to you run your generator outside far away from the home and have it be safe. keep the generator from getting wet so you don't get electrocuted. electricity and water don't match. >> ainsley: skip >> brian: coming up straight ahead, president biden heads to filly to rally support for senate hopeful john fetterman and his doctor is out with a new prognosis who happens to be his donor too. will it help him win against dr. oz? we'll discuss ♪ what's wrong with being ♪ what's wrong with learerbeing
3:57 am
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>> biden heading to pennsylvania hoping to move the needle for fetterman. >> oz now pulling within the margin offer error. >> unlike you, there is no one thing. >> abortion ranks as the 40 most urgent issue. >> abrams thinks abortion is the solution. >> having children the reason you are worried about gas. >> they are poisoning our kids. they have these dealers that are killing ou


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