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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  October 20, 2022 4:00am-5:00am PDT

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>> biden heading to pennsylvania hoping to move the needle for fetterman. >> oz now pulling within the margin offer error. >> unlike you, there is no one thing. >> abortion ranks as the 40 most urgent issue. >> abrams thinks abortion is the solution. >> having children the reason you are worried about gas. >> they are poisoning our kids. they have these dealers that are killing our children.
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terrorizing our community. >> history of this country fleeing harm. >> new york city open first migrant tent shelter. >> put citizens first. >> who is funding this and putting it together? how long are they going to be out there? >> pena lifts one in the air deep left field. and jeremy pena sends one out of here. ♪ i feel my heart beat, baby ♪ i feel my heart beating under my skin. >> brian: always wanted to ride a ferris wheel in the fall, looks like they are just lining up. that is in wildwood, new jersey. in nearby pennsylvania or anywhere else, feel free to come by. but the bigger story is starting in about an hour where i will for the first time have a chance to witness and then take part in pickle ball. it's a plastic pickle ball
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composite of wood paddle i understand played in 1965 in bainbridge island washington, u.s.a. it took a while to kick in. now it is the rage of this nation. >> steve: well, in fact i was down in the villages a couple of weeks ago. and this weekend i was practicing with my daughter sally. that was not in the villages. that was actually on the other coast of florida. it is a lot of fun. but the villages, they have got 200 pickle ball courts. >> really? >> they regard it as mecca of pickle ball for the world. we learned about that 15 years ago when we were down there doing the show. >> ainsley: tom brady buying a franchise. other people looking at it as well. new sport, fun sport. fairly new sport. >> brian: we might be buying a franchise. right now you need 50,000 in liquid cash net worth of 75,000. and 35,000 to start your team. i don't know if that means jerseys, or locker room?
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chewing gum? >> steve: i think you are trying to get to the place where we would play tom brady's team. we would have to be in the same league. >> brian: let's be it. let's do it. >> steve: up to the league. >> brian: i'm sure the league will accept us. dr. man green tom brady. i'm sorry i am tense today i got tom brady tonight. i have gotten saying that my whole life. >> ainsley: played this past weekend i played saturday and sunday. >> brian: never played. >> ainsley: a lot of fun. >> brian: made up the team. can we announce it. >> ainsley: the two of us are playing you and carley and janice is going to judge with this wonderful pickle ball coach. >> steve: because, brian, if you remember when we first mentioned this last week when we said we should play each other you said fine, i'm taking ted. you deserted the two of us i'm going to take ted. >> ainsley: carley, how do you feel? you are the second choice. you are the alternate. >> brian: what happened to ted.
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>> ainsley: ted is a good tennis player you would have the advantage. >> steve: what carley? >> carley: brian is smart. i should be second choice. >> brian: are you wearing heels. >> sneakers and leggens to be air roe dynamic. >> ainsley: might not play well but you will look good. >> brian: you can be ownership group. future owners a pit bull ball franchise. tryouts wednesday at noon. >> ainsley: i thought they could be millions of dollars. we could put our money together and buy a team. >> brian: two years from now sell it for millions. >> steve: first place it. >> brian: if it goes well i'm buying a team. >> steve: here's the thing about pickle ball that's great you don't really move. >> ains >> ainsley: a lot of steps afterwards. did you check your steps afterwards? >> steve: i didn't move much. >> brian: a lot of people want to invest in racquetball in the
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70s, that was a mistake no one plays anymore. >> steve: that was in the 70s, brian. that walls 50 years ago. >> brian: i don't want to be caught with a picket ball react in five years. pickle ball no one plays that. >> ainsley: i think it will be olympic sport. some of these people are really good. ahave you watched any of them online. >> steve: we got a professional who is going be joining us to give us tips. the number one tip, stay out of the kitchen. >> ainsley: kitchen is at the top of the court. >> steve: stay out of the court. >> ainsley: call it the kitchen. >> steve: what i have been saying over the last month go to the kitchen. >> ainsley: president biden heading it home state in pennsylvania today with a campaign stop with senate candidate john fetterman. >> the state of pennsylvania a major focus in the midterms, as we are just 1 days away from when they start counting votes. >> brian: here we go jacqui heinrich at the white house to tell us more. jackie, the president is going to be going to pennsylvania. >> that's right. good morning. president joe biden heading to
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pittsburgh and philly this morning. going to be giving a speech about infrastructure and then also campaigning for lieutenant governor john fetterman as the e candidate's doctor said he had auditory processing disorder. but no work limits. the letter comes as fetterman's interview or actually rather fetterman's interview with burns where the reporter observed that fetterman had a tough time with smalltalk out of closed captioning interview. according to fetterman's doctor his speech was normal and continues to exhibit problems of auditor processing disorder which can come across as hearing difficulty. he has no work restrictions and can work full duty in public office. fetterman's campaign released the letter yesterday and it is the most detailed information we have gotten about his health since an early june letter explaining a surgery that was done 17 days earlier to install a defibrillator street previously undisclosed artery condition, cardio myopathy, not
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a operation as stated. fetterman's doctor donated to his campaign on four separate occasions. the first being a donation of $500 in june of 2021. that came 11 months before fetterman's stroke. most recent went through on december 23rd. fetterman's opponent dr. oz has attacked him for not releasing more detailed medical records or making his doctors available for the press. in the meantime, oz is trying to seize the moment in the spotlight and talk about issues that the g.o.p. is winning on like energy independence. >> when you say that fracking is a stain on pennsylvania, which john fetterman did and shows video of him saying what he actually believes, that's insulting to people who are making their living in that area. it actually destroys community. and we drive up inflation because energy drives 1/3 of the total inflation that we see. but, maybe for most of us the most important reality is it makes us subservient to our
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enemies. >> so, democrats have been trying to go after dr. oz on an issue that almost every democrat is trying to seize on. abortion. after the dobbs decision. democrats released an ad against oz on that issue a few days ago now as president biden goes to pennsylvania to campaign for his opponent. back to you guys. >> steve: and, jackie, the fetterman campaign came out with a doctor's statement this week after last week when he did that interview with nbc and the correspondent said afterwards, i don't think he understood me. and he had to use essentially closed captioning. he had to use a teleprompter to see the question. >> yeah. and he is going to continue using a teleprompter for the foreseeable future and through another debate we are hearing. >> brian: jacqui, i was wondering, have you gotten confirmation is someone typing in whether a to say or is it just translating what's been said? >> gosh, you know, i'm not the right person to answer that question. i can find you the answer.
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i can find it for you, brian. >> steve: okay. thank you very much. thanks, jacqui. i watched it and it looked as if they used a mac computer that had vocal recognition. >> brian: you don't think anyone is typing in. >> steve: there was nobody at the keyboard but as the reporter was asking a question, it was pop plating at the bottom of the screen. so, apparently it will he at this stage according to the campaign he is going to continue to do it that way. >> ainsley: this is a neck and neck race and sean hannity had that town hall yesterday. he was there tying to help dr. oz as well to talk about his platform. teach the voters what he stands for. he was there with newt gingrich. he was also there with senator tom cotton and senator tim scott from south carolina. they were on stage together. here is a little portion of that. here is senator cotton. >> really couldn't be a bigger election. control of the senate in washington runs through pennsylvania. we have to elect dr. oz.
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to put the brakes on biden's radical ideological agenda. if you care about supporting our friends and partners around the world, wouldn't it be better if our friends in europe had pennsylvania gas as opposed to russian gas? john fetterman, as you saw, he would ban ha ban hydraulic frac. dr. oz will be a champion for pennsylvania's energy industry. he will prevent the democrats from doing it and he will promote it. >> brian: regardless where you stabbed the one thing about last night's town hall at least addressing the issues that people care about and how you want to address them is what you should vote about. for example, most people you talk to and you know the polls reveal the economy is number one from almost everybody. inflation is a subset of the economy. that's number two. stated democracy pops up in just about all those surveys. people concerned about people not trusting election results. and they worry about the election process who isn't?
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and then immigration a distant fourth tied with abortion. buff the president of the united states got up monday and all of the sudden all they could talk about is abortion. abortion this, abortion that. let's talk about abortion. i guess some have speculated this because young people might vote on that and is key to holding both chambers of congress would be getting young people to vote. here he is last night answering the question. hey, i thought inflation was your number one focus. now it seems to be abortion. listen. >> mr. president, can you what is your top domestic priority? is it inflation or is it abortion? >> just hoping to clarify for midterm voters, top domestic issue, inflation or abortion? >> all important. unlike you, there is no one thing. it crosses the board, domestic -- ask me about foreign policy, too. there is multiple, multiple, multiple issues. and they are all important. and we ought to be able to walk and chew gum at the same time, you know that old expression.
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>> steve: there you got the president getting a little sassy with peter doocy. >> brian: for a change. he never does that. >> steve: on tuesday the president and brian you alluded to this. the president said if the democrats held congress, come january the first thing he is going to do, number one priority was to codify roe v. wade. obviously that is to get the votes out because the young people are motivated. when you look at the numbers, 81%, according to this new morning consult politico poll, 81% are motivated by the economy. so what he is trying to do is he is trying -- peter asked a great question. which is it you said number one was abortion. but, according to the people, it's inflation. unlike the candidate for the governorship down in the great state of georgia. she actually connected abortion to inflation. she said abortion is an economic issue, essentially it is cheaper to end a life than pay the gas
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bill. i'm paraph paraphrasing that's y interpretation. here is stacey abrams. >> i would assume, maybe incorrectly, while abortion san issue, it nowhere reaches the level of interest of voters in terms of the cost of gas, food, bread, milk, things like that. what can a governor, what could you do as governor to alleviate the concerns of georgia voters about those daily, hourly issues that they are confronted with. >> but, let's be clear, having children is why you are worried about your price for gas. it's why you are concerned about how much food costs. for women, this is not a reductive issue. you can't divorce being forced to carry an uncorrespondent wanted pregnancy from the economic realities of having a child. and so these are -- it's important for us to have both end conversations. we don't have the luxury of reducing it or separating them out. >> brian: so that is unbelievable. you thought it was impossible do
4:14 am
rank abortion with inflation but she did that so if you don't have kids screaming in the back, you are not going to complain about how much gas is because you only have to hang out with yourself and a big house. so there is nobody who is going to complain that the heating bill is too high. if you don't want economic problems, be 1345r9, don't have children. get the abortion. it's fantastic. >> steve: at national review dan mcgalliano glock lynn said quote i didn't really expect the democrats to go with the closing argument of it's cheaper to feed your family if you kill a few of them. >> ainsley: it's so unbelievable. they are so progressive and so left. she is saying abortions are good for the economy essentially. fetterman, this is what he stands for, he wants you, the taxpayer, to pay for injection sites so people who are breaking the law and doing drugs will have a safe space. imagine telling your kid i will buy you the needings and give you a safe bedroom in our house to go do your drugs. you would never do that he says no restrictions on abortions.
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he supports sanctuary cities. fracking, you know fracking is such a big part of pennsylvania's community and their economy. and he is has asked for moratorium on fracking. they make so much money with fracking there. he is against voter ids. anyone can go and vote and not show an i.d. he advocates for reducing the prison population. when he was lieutenant governor by one third. and newt gingrich said last night in the town hall he said if you like crime, if you like to see your crime go up, then vote for the democrats. >> brian: right. couple things too, i think is important to bring up and a little frustrating change position for the most part i was never against fracking in 2018 you were. no comment. stacey abrams i never protested the election. i never contested the election rules. i said he won the election but i won the election. so then she comes out and changes her position with the all-star game forcing it out of there because she complained about the new election rules. she says i never did that so the average voter who isn't zoned inasmuch as us say fetterman has
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changed his positions on all those things because now defunding the police and being pro-criminal no longer in vogue. will. >> ainsley: people need to pay attention 2024 news and pay attention to this news. rachel campos-duffy went to randall's island to interview people about the tent city. weren't you amazed the number of people she talked to said i didn't know anything about this. >> steve: that's right it. has to do with whether or not you are tuned in. there is a lot of as rush limbaugh used to refer to them low information voters. don't know what's going on. just vote blindly as they always have. we are trying to give you as much information as we can so that come the first tuesday -- rather the #th of november you make an informed decision. >> brian: that responsibility now goes to carley shim cuffs to give us more information. >> carley: we will start with america's crime crisis in the city of st. louis left to manage the surging number of resignations within its police department. nearly 500 police officers have left the force in just the last
4:17 am
three years. in this year is not looking good either with 1 a 59 officers leaving so far. local outlets say the pile of old police uniforms known as mount exodus has continued to grow higher than 7 feet tall and 10 feet wide. more than 800 have left since 2017. and the president of st. louis pba says the issue is quote reaching critical mass. more than 100 pro-life organizations and churches have been attacked since the league of the supreme court draft opinion that overturned roe v. wade. many of those attacks are going unprosecuted. but the department of justice is ramping up charges against pro-life activist. the doj has indicted 14 pro-life activist under the freedom of access to clinic entrance act. some of them could be fined as much as $250,000 and up to 11 years behind bars. are miami dolphins quarterback
4:18 am
is back on the practice field after sustaining a scary concussion last month. he spoke to the media for the first time hence sis injury. watch. >> after i got tackled, i don't remember much from there. getting carted off. i don't remember that. but i do remember things that were going on when i was in the ambulance and then when i arrived at the hospital. car karl tua is slated to play in next game against the pittsburgh steelers if he clears concussion protocol. it's a halloween horror story. surveillance video. can you believe this? captures the moment a massive skeleton decoration is stolen from somebody's front yard in austin, texas. the thief opened up his trunk to wrangle the skeleton in his car and takes off with it. the community is offering $50 reward for its safe return. what is he going to do with that
4:19 am
thing? the second he puts it up in his front lawn, they are going to know he stole it. how did he fit it in his car. [. [laughter] >> steve: i want to see him drive off and lose it on the highway. >> ainsley: head of the skeleton hanging out the window. >> carley: strap it to the top. >> steve: my neighbor has one of those, too. >> ainsley: large ones. >> steve: just like that. >> brian: suv? >> steve: no, skeleton. >> ainsley: do you think the neighbor is the man in that video. >> steve: he has had it for months. still ahead on this us, this republicans in deep blue states are hoping to flip seats by promising to crack down on crime. we will talk to a panel of candidates coming up. >> ainsley: plus, another outrageous use of american tax dollars. the u.s. state department is funding drag shows in ecuador. >> brian: why wouldn't we? good investment. >> ainsley: pete hegseth has that next. ♪
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that will frighten up your night on us, and a host of other chilling halloween activities all on the xfinity app. explore your rewards today. xfinity rewards. our thanks, your rewards. >> the state department facing outrage as it grabs the over $20,000 to fund drag theater performances in ecuador. >> steve: the program, which runs through august, is all part of the administration's push to promote diversity and inclusion in that region. >> ainsley: "fox & friends weekend" co-host pete hegseth is here to react. pete, what do you say? all the taxpayers waking up this morning to go to work, this is where our money is going? >> they are not surprised. i'm not surprised. you're not surprised. when our entire government has become awash. and you just said part of it. in diversity, equity and
4:25 am
inclusion. that means diversity -- certain race and skin color that should be preferenced in either direction. thought we were past that? we are not. equity is the opposite of quality. equal outcomes. curly marxist concept. inclusion if you agree with american values or the values of the group at the time then you are to be excluded otherwise you are pushed out. what are american values at this time? there they are on display. see in our kid's classrooms. we used to be arsenal for democracy pushing democracy even though we are republic. now we are pushing drag queen. exdoor 95% roman catholic. from the view of our state department. that's a threat. that's not tolerant enough. that's not diverse enough. so we export our perversion to other countries to what end? to what advancement of goodness. when you become corrupt internally but you are still
4:26 am
powerful then you export your really bad ideas around the globe and this is a tiny fraction of what is ongoing. >> brian: we should be focusing on the amount of communist, marxism, socialism creeping into hemisphere. we know brazil is on the precipice of basal march naro. we know about the infiltration in other countries in this region. they are starting to flip one by one. china, iran and russia are gaining influence. and we are having drag shows. >> pete: brian, that's cute. the whole idea that he woodland stand for the things we believe. in stop communist. stop socialism. the monroe doctrine and believe in ourselves. that's long since jumped the shark. who do you think the people are staffing of the state department in the people staffing the state department are the same people that went to princeton and harvard and yale and brown and they are all worshipers of the
4:27 am
mantel of diversity equity and inclusion and have been told don't discriminate against people's political affiliation or if they want to have drag queen story hour. promote that. this is what we do as americans. we fly pride flags at our embassies around of the world. see, we have become a cultural imperialist exporter of cultural marxism inside the current status of our state department we are actually not serious when it comes to our adversaries. this might be $20,000. but check the budget there is a lot more of this around the globe that do nothing to stand up against the communist chinese. half of our political spectrum is moving in the direction of socialism. i don't want to be a total downer this morning. but some things are enlighteneds what we really stand for. and i think this is one of them. steve: we did contact the state department and they have not responded to our request to know more about it. if they ever do get around to it. we will pass the word along. >> pete: let me know about it,
4:28 am
steve. >> ainsley: don't hold your breath. 7:27 here in new york city. new fox news polling showing that rising crime will be at the top of voters' minds in november. our next guests are republicans running for congress in california and oregon. how they hope a tough on crime platform could flip their seats from blue to red straight ahead. ♪ hello, i'm franklin graham. it's hurricane season. we've already seen some incredible devastation. many people find themselves in different kinds of storms in life. and we need an anchor to hang onto in these storms. the anchor that we need is jesus christ. he said, "i'll never leave you, or forsake you, and if we put our faith and trust in him,
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♪ >> brian: 19 days away from the midterms and fox news poll show rising crime among voters top concerns sad on all counts. republicans are confident this could help them gain seats in deep blue states next month especially in california and out west. joining us now are u.s. professional matt jacobs. john, brian mariyot. mike johnson joining us from oregon. mike, i will start with you. i know that in oregon we watched what happened with crime. is that what propelled you to jump into this race. >> yeah. i'm tired of it like most oregonians. i jumped into this race because we are tired of the lawlessness and skyrocketing inflation we have seen daily. oregon has become a welcome matt
4:33 am
to oregon highest gas prices late hely. oregonians have said enough is enough. we are all tired of it in oregon. >> brian: crime is up 17% in oregon. see what is going on all hell is broken loose. the home of an tiff have a. brian mayor yot, when did you realize crime in california other people saying how great a job gavin newsom is doing? >> yeah. people are feel it every day. they are feeling financial anxiety and feeling situation where they and their family are not feeling as a safe. in san diego county big part of this country major uptick in all the major crimes those are the ones getting reported way attacked police officers we have staffing shortages and harder to hire folks in california for these jobs and so the reporting process slows things down and we
4:34 am
don't have reports on a lot of the crimes that are going on. what do you expect when is you have an administration and democrat leadership puts more funding for high access internet access to for jailed felons despite fentanyl. every 7 minutes losing a young person now the number one cause of death for 17 and under in orange and san diego county. they are poisoning our children. this administration, this democrat leadership does not seem to care. >> brian: only time they talk about the border is if they don't like the fact that there are makeshift border walls going up or if they think there is border patrol on horseback that are whipping haitian immigrants. john, you say you don't want to see your country become a socialist country paycheck out of california. >> we have the highest taxes in the country. they keep putting the socialist burden on well with-to-do retirees and business owners.
4:35 am
leaving california left and right right now. i call gavin newsom woke moses. going down to florida trying to stem the u-haul tide of california. both rich and working families leaving the state right now in working numbers because of his bad policies. his prison release. his unresolved homeless issues. his high cost of doing business here in california. his high energy prices that the rest of the nation is having $5 gas we are having 6.5, $7 gas because of california environmental and green energy policies. shutting refineries down and only allowing gas refining in california sold in california. all coming down on the backs of working families. >> brian: matt, you spent your life as a career prosecutor and now politician. how do you bring that background and into politics. >> sir, thank you. as a federal prosecutor, i devoted my career to keeping our community safe. i went are a some of our country's worst enemies and most dangerous criminals, child sex traffickers, fentanyl dealers
4:36 am
and high level terrorists. and i will tell you over the past few years, we have seen radical district attorneys and far left politicians demonizing police. defunding police. repeatedly putting the interest of criminals before the well-being of law-abiding citizens and victims and as a result, we are seeing crime skyrocket and that's why so many independents and democrats in my area, ventura county, are coming to our side, because everyone, whatever your political affiliation is, deserves a safe neighborhood. >> brian: right that makes sense. you just mentioned the key. you are not going to win if you just try to win over republicans and lastly, real quick, mike. how do you win over independents and democrats? >> well, here in oregon, you know, it's very diverse state. we have a lot of people, republicans, independents, a big part of the voter block here. people are just fed up. the oregon used to be known as the city of roses. great restaurants. >> brian: i know. >> crowned jewel west coast.
4:37 am
people are fed up with democrats. people are coming to the republican side more than ever. >> steve: even phil knight nike says i can't take it anymore. all hell is breaking loose in oregon: thanks for joining us today because they feel like. >> thank you. >> brian: republicans feel they can slip 13 seats out west in order to get the majority and have some power again. thanks, guys, appreciate it. >> thank you. >> you bet. >> brian: 223 minutes before the top of the hour. freedom fighter comes out on paperback i will have a chance to talk about it on stage. i will be in brandon mississippi november 12th. let's go there. tulsa, oklahoma on the 13th. listeners find us in newark, new jersey on the 2nd. go to brian it's a 1776 event not a 1619 event. hope to see you all there. coming up straight ahead, new york city just opened up first migrant tent shelter, it won't
4:38 am
be the last. rachel campos-duffy went toe randall's island to get upclose look at what we can be set for. she will tell us what it feels like and what it is like. she has the story next. ♪ have innovations like the maytag pet pro laundry pair. so you and your favorite sweater can forget about all about those hairy situations. shop maytag and more exclusive out of the blue innovations at lowe' there's a different way to treat hiv. it's every-other-month, injectable cabenuva. for adults who are undetectable, cabenuva is the only complete, long-acting hiv treatment you can get every other month. cabenuva helps keep me undetectable. it's two injections, given by my healthcare provider, every other month. it's one less thing to think about while traveling. hiv pills aren't on my mind. a quick change in my plans is no big deal. don't receive cabenuva if you're allergic to its ingredients or taking certain medicines, which may interact with cabenuva. serious side effects include allergic reactions post-injection reactions,
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>> steve: all right. an update for you. the first migrants moved into new york city so-called mayor adams tent city yesterday. less than two weeks after the mayor declared a state of emergency. >> ainsley: "fox & friends weekend" co-host rachel campos-duffy went out to randall's island to see the tents firsthand and find find out how the workers feel about the influx. >> brian: she joins us with more. >> rachel: i was here yesterday. they have national guard here. they seemed to have hired security contractors. couldn't get a lot of information. not a lot of transparency. here's what happened though. >>
4:43 am
♪ >> rachel: can we talk about what's going on in here? why? so this is randall's island and these are the famous tents that mayor adams walk through. we haven't seen any migrants. we tried talking to workers and different people who have been coming in and out of the tent. of no one will talk to us. there is a shroud of secrecy around. this we are going to talk to some new yorkers to see how they feel. do you know about the tent city being built on randall's island for the illegal immigrants coming here? >> no. when did that start? who is funding this and putting it together? >> rachel: that's a great question. do you like the idea of the immigrants being on randall's island in a tent city. >> not really. >> not really. >> no, not really. >> rachel: but you didn't know anything about it? >> no. i don't know anything about it. >> whatever in the end is good for the community it's cool. it's cool with me. i would have to like, you know, learn more. >> rachel: what were you doing on your bike coming here to the new tent city. >> passing my card out to let
4:44 am
people know that i'm available to teach english as a second language to whoever is in need. >> we come in to see whether or not there were any children, middle school or high school age here so we can provide resources for. >> how long are they going to be held there? >> supposedly just four four or five days but the structure looks pretty permanent. >> interesting. >> what would you say to the mayor since he is the one who decided to put that tent city there? >> help the people, citizens first. after look after the immigrants. >> rachel: so, you guys, i have been here since 4:30 a.m. and so far there have been no illegal immigrants coming through these gates. also, no sightings of representative alexandria ocasio-cortez from new york who famously cried outside of the gates in texas four years ago in her white jeans, if you recall, back then, she called the trump
4:45 am
tent cities inhumane and even concentration camps. fast forward four years and now she is actually helping mayor eric adams secure federal funding for this tent city. so, a real change of pace here. also, quick note, she asked mayor adams to move this tent, this structure was actually in her district. she asked him to move it out of her district right here to randall's island. the cost of moving it oh just an eye watering $325,000 on top of the millions that it cost to build this. >> brian: my hunch is, rachel building a lot more tents. everyone is seeing a lot more accommodations around the world come one, come all. >> rachel: you know, just right here on the island, there is a homeless facility. and the "new york post" interviewed some of the residents there, and they said the conditions are horrible,
4:46 am
unlivable, the food they said will kill you. over here they are doing three meals a day, latin american cuisine. >> steve: yeah, no kidding. for people who want to know where you are, that is exactly where ci ci circle day low say s their tents. >> ainsley: different how they are treating the homeless people born here in america. >> steve: thanks, rachel. 14 minutes now before the court top of the hour. and carley has the very latest on that troubled movie. >> carley: yeah, that's right. steve, ainsley, brian. the rust movie will switch set locations when filming resumes next year. the original set in new mexico where cinematographer helena hutchins shot and killed still under investigation by police. production teams are still looking for a new location but it reportedly could move filming to california. and virginia governor glenn youngkin hits the campaign trail
4:47 am
for republican arizona gubernatorial candidate kari lake. >> she knows parents matter. she is standing up for law enforcement. and she is going to protect your constitutional right. you need a leader who is going to understand that she works for you and let me tell you i think you should hire her. >> the duo making multiple campaign stops together yesterday in her race against democrat katie hobbes. and the u.s. mint will honor hollywood golden age film star anna may wong by making her the first asian-american to be depicted on american currency. wong best known for her roles in hollywood films shanghai express. new quarters as part of the mint american women quarters program. and now you know. janice, over to you. >> janice: hello, good morning. we are live in new york city. take a look at the maps. it's chilly, going to warm up
4:48 am
relatively speaking in the next 12 to 24 hours. now 45 in new york. still freezing in fargo and chicago and with the wind chill it feels even colder than that. millions of people under frost and freeze advisories. here is the warm-up okay. across the mid-atlantic and even florida we broke some record lows overnight last night and things are going to get a little bit more toasty as we get. we have a cold front and area of lohse that's going to move into the northwest. that's going to change things over the next couple of days for millions of folks across the country. heavy snow for the mountains and move into the plains as we get into monday and tuesday. a strong fall storm on the way. fox has all your details. steve, ainsley, brian, over to you. >> steve: a little chilly but you can still play baseball. thank you very much, j.d. still ahead, bruise baseball gloves massive hit in the major leagues. did you know the creator was just 16 years old when he started the company?
4:49 am
>> ainsley: and he is going it join us live with the story behind his home run success. >> steve: good morning. you're next. >> ainsley: good morning. ♪ put me in coach ♪ i'm ready to play what if there was a community of like minded people ready to support you when you need it most? christian health care ministries is an organization with over 40 years of trusted care who understands the importance of family. a group that sees you for who you are regardless of your health history. offering values-based affordable health care cost solutions for people just like you and me. learn more today at your about healthcare that puts you in control.
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4:52 am
>> brian: bruce ball batting gloves must have for players but
4:53 am
did you know that they were created by a teenager to my immediate left? >> ainsley: back in 2017, 16-year-old bader maher was trying to get gas money for his car when he came up with an idea for a better glove. >> steve: and bruce ceo and founder joins us now. go>> thanks for having me. >> steve: i love lightning bolt on it. symbolism regarding your grandfather and a movie. >> yes, sir. so, the original inspiration behind it was the natural. i had seen the natural for the first time absolutely loved the movie. so when i kind of came up for the idea for the gloves. first thing that came to my mind was roy hobbes and the bolt that he actually had on his bat. and then involving my grandfather the namesake of the company his name is bruce. great athlete growing up.
4:54 am
huge baseball player. and believe it or not, he has actually been struck by lightning twice in his life. >> steve: that's where bolt comes from. >> brian: what makes your glove different? 16 years get a job start a company. >> yes, sir. we make them with cabretta leather most premium leather in the world. we have a better design. you can see actually on the table our long cuff batting glove. it's got a double strap system. so first strap is just to lock your wrist in place and then the second strap is to actually secure it and give you more support. so, first strap, second strap. >> brian: how did you get the attention of the major league players? >> that is actually thanks to a good friend of ours trey hillman. he was the manager are to the kansas city royals. he was also a bench coach with the astros, the dodgers, and he spent just a whole bunch of time in the major league. but he is a good family friend
4:55 am
of ours. we were able to get some gloves to him. he took them to spring training a couple years back for us. and actually caught the attention of his son-in-law, bret phillips who then got the attention of 10 score how guys might know. known for winning a lot of world series championships but from there just kind of grew. harrison bader was our next guy and brandon and mcneil. >> steve: thousands of people across the country are wearing them including high school and college players. >> yes, sir. >> ainsley: so you were 16 and you said i need money to put gas in my car and your dad said son, go start a company. >> he said get a job or start a company. and with my baseball career, you know, i thought i was going pro. like most kids do in high school. but i had baseball and school. so getting a job wasn't really in the cards for me. so i was lucky to have a dad who has a long line of entrepreneurship in his life and he kind of set me on this path for starting it.
4:56 am
we didn't think anything of it either. we were kind of doing it as a project. thanks to actually whistle media came and did a youtube on me. sitting there thinking this will get us a couple hundred followers on instagram. on the sudden of february 6th of 2020 took it from i'm everyday after school i'm filling three glove orders. doing some work on the website going to bet rinse and repeat. the next day i'm sitting in class and all of a sudden my phone starts blowing up ca-ching, ca-ching, ca-ching. my parents at home are packing 100 gloves. >> ainsley: that's awesome. >> steve: they are great gloves. very comfortable. for more information go to bruce bolt dot us for more information. >> brian: bader homered last night. >> ainsley: congratulations on your success. >> steve: baseball may be america's favorite past time but pickle ball is stealing --
4:57 am
4:58 am
4:59 am
5:00 am
>> president biden's insistent decision to release from the petroleum reserve is not politically motivated. >> we do not catch up to the price increase and maybe that is what the president wants. >> tenth city of the mayor built for 500 migrants on randall's island, 350 yards away from a homeless shelter. >> after the emigrants. >> who is funding and putting together how long w will they be held there? >> the building is j


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