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tv   The Story With Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  October 21, 2022 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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chase. make more of what's yours. >> good afternoon. i'm jilgillian turner in for maa maccallum. this is the president's message 18 days before the mid-terms. >> election is not a referendum, it's a choice. the republicans can criticize my economic record but look at what i inherited and what i've done. look at what they're offering. it's megamaga trickle down. megamaga trickle down. >> inflation coming on top, and
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yet another poll is the most important issue for americans. majorities say president biden is not paying enough attention to the issues that matter to them and to their families except to see the president at delaware state university. he's touting the student loan forgiveness there. that is estimated to be more than $400 billion. joe concha and connell mcshane are standing by. first, we go to ed lawrence who joins us from 1600 pennsylvania avenue. hi, ed. >> hi, gillian. you showed the clip there. the president went after republicans today in his speech. this week he's talked about student loan debt relief, the bipartisan infrastructure bill and on sunday, he's going to do a forum from now this presidential forum. in that he's going to say it's absolutely okay to use federal money so a woman can then go get an abortion. nothing specific this week about inflation. when you ask the white house press secretary about inflation, she says the president
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empathizes with americans while he keeps asking for more time to make his transition. >> over the last few years, we face some of the most difficult challenges in our history both at home and abroad. we're making real progress. we just have to keep going. i know we can. for everything we've been through, i have never been more optimistic about america's future. >> again, the president did not mention the world "inflation" but it's the top priority for voters. abortion on the list is sixth. we couldn't fit in political division as number 3. the reason inflation is atop that list, overall it's nearly 40 years highs and started to shoot up the month that president biden took office when he started undoing the policies of the previous administration. >> i do see the republicans stopping additional problems, additional spending and maybe even stopping some of the
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funding of the programs that we're already passing. that's good news that we're going to stop the hemorrhaging. we need a bigger change to create economic growth in our country again. >> after the speech about student debt relief, the president will go on to his vacation home in delaware. gillian? >> ed lawrence at the white house this afternoon. thank you. let's go and bring in joe concha, columnist for the hill and fox news contributor and connell mcshane, national news correspondent. let's dig into the key take aways. led just laid this out. 63% of americans say they wish the president would give more attention to their top issues. 46% polled by fox news says that is inflation. 89% say they are very concerned about inflation and higher prices. connell, translate that into
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votes for us. >> the president -- we're waiting on an event in a few minutes in delaware to talk about student debt relief. even if you're a proponent of that, you have to acknowledge the timing is curious at they had an event at the white house before he left nor delaware trying to tout the president's accomplishment in reducing the deficit. now we have this event which you made the point earlier by the congressional budget office projections is going to cost $400 billion. some economists think this program might cost more. to finish the point on inflation because that's what you brought up, the top concern of voters, committee for responsible federal budget, which is a group of deficit hawks, they were supportive of the president's inflation reduction acted but they say this plan on student debt relife will wipe out the disinflationary benefits of that. in other words going to opposite direction. so that's an issue for this president for this white house
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when you look at the economics of it. >> speaking of that event at the white house, joe, the president said don't worry because christmas is going to come early. take a listen. early for democrats. >> the polls have been all over the place. i think that we're going to see one more shift back to our side the closing days. let me tell you why i think that we're starting to see the good news on the economy. gas prices are down sharply in 46 of the 50 states because of what i've been doing. we're moving in the right direction. there's more to come. >> so the votes will come back to democrats over the next 18 days. that's what he says. >> look at the premise. yeah, the premise is that he says gas prices are down sharply. gas prices were at an average of $2.39 per gallon. they're approaching $4 once again. so when he says that, he's talking about prices coming down from an all-time high. they're still far too high for
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the public's liking. so that is gas lighting on gas, right? the president says that republicans are contribute sizing his economic records. no, sir, it's not just republicans. it's an overwhelming majority of independents, a clung of democrats. we're seeing approval ratings on the president's handling of inflation in the 20s. he has the audacity to say we're making progress. many americans are looking at 401(k)s and food, rent and mortgages and heating bills that will go higher and no, sir, things are not going in the right direction. >> gas lighting on gas, joe. people say you're not funny. it's not true. >> a little funny. >> connell, what about these 11th hour moves by the president? releasing more in the strategic petroleum reserve. this massive student loan cancellation. how will that factor in to inflation? >> as i talked about on the student loan cancellation,
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there's debate about that. many say you're going backwards. some economists at goldman sachs and said, it's not going to move the needle one way or the other very much. so i don't know that that will be a big factor in the election. i think the numbers back this up. there's a correlation in the short term movement of gas prices and the electoral prospects of party. we saw it over the summer when gas prices to joe's earlier point started to come down. democrats were polling better than they ever had in this month of august, for example. now gas prices have started to creep up again over the last month again to joe's earlier point to get to $4. the president says they have come down over a number of months. they started to creep up again. there's no accident or no -- it's not a coincidence that the democrats have not been polling as well there. so that is the one thing that people see every day. that and food inflation, that affects how their pocketbook
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looks and how their vote goes. >> thanks, gentlemen. joe, you are funny despite what the people say about you. >> how am i funny? >> super funny. gentlemen, have a great weekend. really enjoyed talking to you as always. coming up next on our program run by fell fell's district attorney, exonerated convicted murderer that is now wanted for taking part in the same alleged crime yet again. this is a story exclusive. we'll sit down with the family of his latest alleged victim next. >> to know this man is guilty of murder, just cold-blooded murder, the same thing that he already did ten years later and just to get out within a year and murder my brother is sickening. veteran homeowners, need cash? with the newday 100 loan, there are no upfront costs for appraisal or termite inspections. no upfront costs at all to get the cash you need. veterans get more at newday.
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>> gillian: here's a look at real heros in action. >> sounded like a gun to me. >> it is. >> gillian: a car driving right by that ambulance crew with somebody shooting out the window. that happened in chicago last month. we're just getting the video in to the newsroom now. the medical express crew ducking down in their seats as the bullets flew. they safely stopped the ambulance in heavy traffic to treat a man on the ground. turns out he was not shot but fell off his bike trying to dodge the gun fire. no serious injuries. police are now investigating. an impeachment vote for philadelphia's district attorney larry krazner could come this
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week. one of his policies resulted in the release and subsequent exoneration of jameer harris. he's charged in the shooting of a 50-year-old man, charles gosssit. he worked on nonviolence initiatives across the city. we're going to speak to gossit's sister. she's standing by. first, we go to bryan llenas. he reports from philly. hi, bryan. >> hi, gillian. philadelphia's progressive district attorney larry krazner insists the record number of carjackings has number to do his progressive policies. now he's calling the republican-led bipartisan committee's investigation looking to perhaps impeach him politically motivated. >> so philadelphia, like the rest of the state and like the country has gone through a terrible spike in gun violence. but this committee only wants to
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look at philadelphia. it doesn't want to look at the other counties in pennsylvania. we're looking at philly right now in a super heated election cycle. >> this as we're now learning that a convicted murderer is a suspect in a murder. police are searching for 32-year-old jameer harris after he shot 50-year-old charles gossit in the back of the hit. he was exonerated thanks to krasner's new integrity unit. the judge in the case was critical of krasner. the judge saying "this court wondering how the commonwealth felt confident in releasing a murder suspect from prison when the commonwealth said one page earlier that the criminal
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investigation in this matter was still ongoing. today krasner defended the decision saying that harris was likely innocent in that 2012 murder case. this is all happening in the heat of a senate races that hinges on crime. dr. oz attacking john fetterman says that he endorsed krasner for d.a. gillian? >> let's bring in linda cruz, the sister of charles gossit. i want to start by offering you my condolences to you and your family for your loss. thanks for being here. >> thank you. >> gillian: talk to me about how you're doing, how your family is doing and talk about your brother. >> our family is distraught. we lost our brother, our mother
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lost their son. his kids lost their father. and the communicate tip lost a leader. he was a soldier, foot soldier for philadelphia, an underdog for everyone trying to better themselves. he was a great guy. >> gillian: he seems like it, linda. the suspect here, jameer harris, is wanted for murder for the second time after being tried and convicted in 2012 for murder. how do you feel about that? >> we're horrified of the fact that he's on the streets. the fact that this so-called program has no type of -- no
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type of feeling towards what they're doing. they have no consideration for the victims. this is to put prisoners that have been convicted back on the streets. this system right here proves that this doesn't work. this does not work. they need a program for the victims of people like jameer harris. >> gillian: and your city, violent crime has been surging this year. it's up 7% over last year. that exceeds the average nationwide. property crimes are up 30%. commercial burglaries are up by 50% in addition to homicides. is this -- you're a testament of the fact that this is not anecdotal evidence. there's real people behind these statistics. talk to us about other people in the community that have been
12:19 pm
affected by violent crime like you and your brother? >> it's -- now this has hit home for the second time -- this is the second murder in our family. so this is really like horrible. we've been in contact with a lot of other families that have been victims of violent crimes. we're fed up. we're not going to take it anymore. the system and everything that is going on, it's broken. we're here to fix it. larry krasner and his program that he thinks is working is not working and we don't want it anymore. the community doesn't want it anymore. get something that will help the victims of these violent crimes, not the people that are perpetrating these crimes. we're tired of. it's the same old nonsense and it's not working. >> gillian: linda, i know it's hard to talk about especially on
12:20 pm
television. thanks for doing it. taking time for us this afternoon to lay this out. we really send you our best, our condolences and stay in touch with us as this case unfolds. >> thank you so much. thank you. >> gillian: you bet. the issue that's are turning a house race in deep blue connecticut competitive now just 18 days out from the mid-terms. that's income as democracy 2020 coverage entering its fine phase. stick with us. >> we need to secure ourselves at the border and control the flow of fentanyl. my opponent hasn't said a word about it. i just couldn't find my way out of it. the lows of bipolar depression can take you to a dark place. latuda could make a real difference in your symptoms. latuda was proven to significantly reduce bipolar depression symptoms. and in clinical studies, had no substantial impact on weight. this is where i want to be. call your doctor about sudden behavior changes or suicidal thoughts. antidepressants can increase
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>> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ . >> gillian: over 70 republican candidates are running for a seat in the house this mid-term cycle. identify as black, latino, asian or native american. the most diverse group of candidates the party has ever fielded according to the nrcc. republican george logan is challenging jahana hayes. he's posing a challenge to the democrat in a deep blue state. george logan will be joining us. first, we go to molly line. hi, molly. >> good afternoon. you said what is interesting here, while the incumbent democrat may have an edge here in the fifth congressional district in connecticut, the republican challenger is making this a very, very competitive race. first to the democrat. jahana hayes became the first black woman to serve from
12:25 pm
connecticut when she won the seat in 2019. the gop nominee is george logan a black man, the son of guatemalan immigrants. hayes, a former educator in the year is welcoming names like vice president kamala harris who came here to discuss reproductive healthcare. logan is running as a moderate. his victory could signal a return to congress for pragmatic new england republicans. >> more diversity makes the organization stronger. the republican party here in connecticut and at the national level is doing that. we're welcomed. >> the chair of the national republican congressional committee, tom emmer believes it's underway. >> a record number of women,
12:26 pm
blacks and hispanics. every person that has voted democrat is now available to republican candidates. >> a spokesman slammed republicans for finally engaging with communities of colors in the year 2022 with flawed candidates writing their politics of dividing americans and promoting hate remains. even if many of these gop minority candidates achieve victory, democrats will have greater numbers on that front. republican party leaders are proud of this class of candidates that reflects the diversity of america. gillian? >> thanks, molly. george logan is here with us. thanks for being with us. the dccc says your party is stoking hate and fuelling division. what do you say? >> it's ridiculous. look, the folks here in the
12:27 pm
fifth congressional district of kentucky, they're concern about affordability is the issue of the day, community safety. when we take a look at those issues, it's across all areas. my message is the same whether it's in the urban areas or suburban areas or rural areas. the issue is now we're doing more as a party to go into those communities. we share family values, free enterprise, equal opportunities. we're bringing that to the folks in our district. it's going well. look, you look down in washington, right? the failed policies of the biden and harris administration. my opponent has supported them. look at the anti-police bill that was passed. here in connecticut, we have a similar thing happen with the democrats here. now we're weak on crime, more people are targeting our law enforcement. just today, just this morning, i went to a funeral service where two falling police officers was
12:28 pm
hold. we had over 20,000 people there. people are tired and upset with the democrat party who is weak on crime. these repeat offenders do more harm. we've given the wrong signal. we need to be tough on crime. >> gillian: george, your supporters say you're a moderate. it's verging on extinction here in washington. your political opponent says this is not the case. she says you voted 100% of the time in lock step with republicans in washington in your time in the state senate. what do you say? >> sure, look. here in connecticut, there's 36 states senators. 84% of all the bills when i was in the state senate were bipartisan in nature. when it came to social issues, i'm more moderate. where we differed, it has to do on financial issues. we're certainly more conservative leaning when it comes to the financial issues. that is the big difference here in connecticut.
12:29 pm
my opponent, she's voted 100% in line with nancy pelosi's policies. that is not in the best interest of the people of the fifth congressional district here in connecticut. folks are coming through our campaign, to my website, georgeloganforfor we're surging through the polls and we're being heard. people want a change. we represent that change. >> gillian: thanks for taking time, george. wish you the best. >> thank you, a appreciate the opportunity. take care. >> gillian: of course. critics say the justice department has a double standard when it comes to prosecutoring the tax on pro life centers and abortion clinics in the wake of roe v. wade. mollie hemmingway has a thought or two on this. she will join me next.
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>> gillian: anti-abortion groups are accused the justice department for a double standard. dozens of decisions have been targeted after the overturning of roe v. wade. mollie hemmingway is here. but first, we go to david spunt. he joins us live from the justice department. hi, david. >> hi, gillian. the department of justice is using the freedom of access to clinic entrances act or the face act. it's a 1994 law that was signed in to law by then president bill clinton and its aimed at punishing people that are using or threaten to use force or interfere with any one seeking abortion services or pro life pregnancy counselling services. pro life groups are calling foul. while the department of justice has plenty of cases pending court against those that have attacked abortion clinics, we have not seen one instance where someone was charged for attacking a pro life pregnancy center.
12:35 pm
we're talking about federal charges. the fbi has seen an unusual upticks on pro life centers following the overturns of roe v. wade. this is a fact because fbi director christopher wray told us this summer. watch. >> there's a right way under our first amendment to express yourself. violence and destruction of property is not it. that's what the rule of law is all about. we have seen a number of attacks against faith-based organizations, pregnancy resource centers. >> gillian, 26 people have been indicted under the face act. all of them attacked pro choice-related businesses or abortion clinics. there's zero indictments or pro life centers. we've asked the department of justice for more. they point us to their website that shows us the number of arrests. i spoke to an official with the fbi. i'm told the fbi continues to investigate on both sides of this. they don't look at ideology and
12:36 pm
they are making these arrests and putting these investigations together. it's just up to doj to prosecute, gillian. >> gillian: david spunt from the justice department for us. thank you. let's bring in mollie hemmingway, senior editor of the federalistic and a fox news contributor. so mollie, you heard david's reporting there. the fbi says this is a coincidence. prosecuting 26 concurrent cases against pro life clinics and zero against pro abortion clinics. so the number of attacks are pretty equal in terms of numbers. >> i'm not sure if the comparison works there, too. the attacks on churches and pro life centers and maternal care centers are violent. there's been fire bombings, there's been an assassination attempt against a sitting supreme court justice, attacks on these people's homes. the prosecutions of pro life protesters under the face act are of nonviolent protesters. they're sitting in and blocking
12:37 pm
clinic access. a lot of people think the face act is unconstitutional. so the department of justice is going hard against these nonviolent pro life protesters. but there's been no prosecutions against the violent attacks against pro life churches and centers. even though there's been groups that have been taking credit for it a terrorist groups called jane's revenge that has a tag line that says if abortion is not safe, then neither are you. so there's somebody claiming responsibility for this but the justice department is not interested. >> gillian: why is there an uptick in violence and threats against pro life centers in the first place? meaning the underlying kind of assumption there is that there's some sort of connection between centers that choose not to offer abortion services and the ruling by the supreme court. >> yeah, these maternal care centers, as they sound like groups in places where women who are needing help with their
12:38 pm
pregnancy or with their young children can get help, they can get clothing and goods and just like support for getting jobs and other things. it's very interesting that jane's revenge and other terrorist groups like them are attacking that choice that some women might make to give birth to their children and raise them. >> you heard from the fbi director. that was from july, right? he condemns violence against everybody including pro life practitioners and the like. i guess my question is, does that suffice the comments three months ago? have you seen any other action or verbiage out of the administration to dissuade this kind of violence? >> when these people testify in congress or give interviews, they say the right thing. when it comes to actual action, it's bizarre what is happening. it's not just in the double life standard. it's in things like violent riots that we saw in 2020 where
12:39 pm
federal courthouses, police precincts, the white house were violently attacked with very little concern from the department of justice relative to the riot at the capitol, which has been the largest prosecution and investigation in the department of justice' history. so most people want bad things pros cuted. they want laws followed. the department for the department of justice they're cartoonishly going after political enemies and protecting political allies. >> this is former vice president pence speaking at an event this week. he was booed by protesters at georgetown university. they were essentially protesting his anti-abortion stance. as the students left in a fairly large group, the vice president said -- the former vice president said it seems leaders in this nation's capitol have
12:40 pm
never been more out of touch. more intent on imposing their agenda or working out on people that might have a different point of view. what do you make of that kerfuffle? >> a lot of americans share this concern. one of the things that people like is you're able to tolerate other people. we seem to have lost our culture of open and free debate. people want to shut down voices or walk out, not listen. that's not good for the future health of our republic. i wonder if we're at a tipping point right now with social media companies having become so totalitarian, you're seeing push back from conservatives, but just a lot of normal people saying this is not what we should have in this country. >> gillian: kind of the way that people write about policy makers and social media, so and so slammed so and so. so and so smacks down so and so. the rhetoric is all very
12:41 pm
agitating. >> you're allowed to disagree. that can help people come to a better policy solution. nothing in our media environment is washing towards people to come to better solutions. >> molly, thanks for joining me. great to have you in person. >> thanks. >> the comments that the democratic mayor had to say about hispanic voters in the state. maya flores joins me next out of texas. re. we could all use extra cash. if you're a veteran and own your home, you've earned a powerful benefit that can really help in uncertain times. it's your va home loan benefit. veterans can get more cash by borrowing up to 100% of their home's value, not just 80% like some other lenders. with home values near record highs, you can have a lot more cash than you think. with the newday 100 va cash out loan, you can take out an average of $60,000 and lower your payments by $600 a month.
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12:46 pm
statement. republican congressman maya flores will join us to react. first, jonathan hunts joining us live from l.a. hi, jonathan. >> let's get exactly to what london breed said, mayor, and what she apologized for. in an interview with local media, she wanted to talk about the reality of the drug situation in the city's tenderloin neighborhood and added "there are a lot of people come from a particular country, who come from honduras, and a lot of people that are dealing drugs happen to be of that ethnicity." some in the latino community were offended and the mayor's denial of accusations of profiling the tenderloin neighborhood. so breed said sorry, issuing a statement that said "i want to apologize to the latino community for what i said and how i said it.
12:47 pm
in trying to explain what is happening in the tenderloin, i failed to accurately and comprehensively discuss what is an incredibly complex situation in our city and in central america." parts of the tenderloin direct have become an open air drug market and the mayor has said the city has let down residents there. >> kids are walking by things that they shouldn't see on their way to school, no one should have to see or experience that. >> in her apology statement, breed also said san francisco officials including presumingly had helped grow the problem by not prosecuting dealers and promising more action, she says she has a moral obligation to shut down those dealers. easier said than done, gillian. >> gillian: jonathan, thanks so much. let's bring in republican texas congressman maya flores.
12:48 pm
she's up for re-election in the state's 34th congressional district and facing down vincente gonzalez. let's start with mayor london breed. what do you make of her apology and do you accepted it? >> i don't accept it. she's not really sorry. she's apologizing because of the backlash that she's getting. she really feels that way. no, i don't accept her apology. i find it disrespectful. she's making these type of comments. you know, immigrants like myself come here legally were a people of strong faith and god and also strong values and all about hard work. that's who we are. yes, we have a drug abuse problem in this country. it's something that we need to work together, both parties, because it's a very serious
12:49 pm
problem. we can't be attacking certain ethnicity and put it all on them. i find that very racist and very disrespectful of her to make those type of comments. that's why border security is so important. our border patrol agents -- >> gillian: speaking of that, let's take a look at this. looking forward to the mid-terms. this is a list of voter as cross texas, the top tier priorities. you can see there inflation is number 1 as it is leading most national polls nationwide. immigration is on there. it's at 13%. do you feel like these priorities stack up or align with hispanic voters, particularly in your state? >> absolutely. border security is a top issue in my district. we want border security. we want our border patrol agents to be able to enforce the laws and be able to do their job.
12:50 pm
border patrol agents are exhausted, tired, handling the humanitarian crisis. they're processing women and children every single day. not able to focus on the drugs like fentanyl coming in to our country and ending in the hands of our children that now is killing an average of 300 people a day. this is very serious and i encourage parents to please start talking to their children about this drug and how dangerous it is. >> gillian: to your point about cbp officers being overworked and exhausted. we got reporting from internal government documents that i was given access that revealed dhs is asking for volunteers from every single government department and agency to head to the border to help support migrants. this includes employees of far ranging agencies from the department of justice to the department of state, to veterans affairs. what do you make of that?
12:51 pm
>> this administration is truly an embarrassment. mayorkas is an embarrassment. they know what they need to do. they need to secure the borders, put back in place the policies that were working before this administration and allow our border patrol agents to do their job. but they continue to put in place policies that encourage people to come to this country illegally knowing how dangerous it is. knowing that these immigrants are going to go through abuse, rape and having to pay thousands of dollars to criminal organizations. this administration does not care about immigrants. they don't care about their lives and they're playing politics with human lives here. >> congresswoman, we have to leave it there. thanks for taking time for us. >> thank you. god bless you. >> gillian: this breaking now. we have just learned about the teenager accused of killing four classmates in a michigan high school. we're going to bring you the new details next.
12:52 pm
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>> gillian: this just in. breaking the teenager charged with killing four students at his high school in michigan is expected to plead guilty next week. this according to one of the prosecutors in the case. ethan crumbly was 15 at the time of the shooting. he's now 16. he faces two dozen charges including murder and terrorism. prosecutors say they expect him to plead guilty to all. the resignation of u.k.'s prime minister liz truss is raising massive uncertainty about the country's economy and whether the u.s. could soon see a similar economic meltdown. here's what president biden told reporters earlier. >> are you concerned about the effects of the u.s. economy -- >> no, i don't think they're that consequential. >> according to "the new york times," wall street is telling the white house and the federal
12:57 pm
reserve it probably could, though a crash is not imminent. let's bring in nile gardner, current director of the margaret thatcher freedom center. fascinating system of government you guys have over there. it entertains us here in the u.s. to the degree that you can have the foremost politician turning around in six weeks. what was behind -- what was the fundamental factor behind truss' undoing? was it her tax policy or was it her dithering and backtracking? >> a great question, gillian. actually, liz truss' tax policies were very good across the board including corporate taxes, income taxes. i think this was a very good high growth strategy. the problem for liz truss is she lost her nerve, surrendered to the cause of opposition to her tax cuts coming from i would say
12:58 pm
the traditional liberal establishment and the imf, joe biden directly attacked liz truss as well. she basically gave in to all of her critics. there was a coup against her leadership from the left wing of the torres that didn't like the tax cut agenda. she basically caved in, she said her thatcherite cause. she lost all credibility. i don't think there was any problem with her agenda. it was the fact that she surrendered to those that basically were attacking her and attacking the pro growth economic agenda of the british government. >> if i understand correctly, her race to replace boris johnson was predicated on this tax program. >> yes. exactly. >> markets, politicians, everybody was so spooked when she came to office and said great, now i'm putting pen to paper. here's the policies. >> it was no surprise that she would unveil these tax
12:59 pm
proposals. overall, if you look at the british economy, it's not in the worst state than the u.s. economy under joe biden. if you look at the massive levels of federal debt here in the united states, $31 trillion. the huge levels of spending here, the soaring inflation. i wouldn't say the u.k. is actually worse at all off than the united states. >> gillian: i'm going to end this segment right now. i don't like where this is going. but is that threat real here? economists, financial analysts are in a tail spin now trying to figure that out. >> the biden economy is disastrous. many conservative mps that i spoke to were very upset by joe biden's attack on liz truss. their view is that biden is the last person on earth to be lecturing the british about economic policy. the it should pursue a low tax high growth agenda rather than endlessly spending money, borrowing money and fuelling the inflation that we see here in the united states. so certainly the britts are very
1:00 pm
upset by the bidens. they thought he should mind his own business. >> have to leave it there. thank you. have a great weekend. >> thank you. >> gillian: have a great weekend at home. this is "the story" of friday, october 21. martha will be back monday at 3:00 p.m. have a great weekend. a >> neil: so what do you think these guys know that the president does not? a growing list of business titans sounding the alarm of the economy and badden down the hatches because they say a recession is coming and could be a nasty one. this as the president continues to insist the economy is strong as hell. even as many worry it could be going to hell. we got you covered with jackie deangelis. alicia acuna on in colorado if voters are alarmed


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