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tv   FOX and Friends Sunday  FOX News  October 23, 2022 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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the number one dermatologist prescribed biologic. learn how abbvie could help you save. ♪ ♪ just the gold old boys. rachel: that's the song we've been waiting for. the young producers didn't know what a it was, we had to tell them. will: that is the theme from dukes of hazard. rachel: it's the sound track from our childhood. good morning to you will, good
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morning to you, todd. we're coming -- we're putting our pumpkin carving skills to a test with a competition out there. that's the proper way to clean out a pumpkin. that's how it's done. our reigning champ, lawrence jones, will try to he defend his title. he won last year. we brought him in because of that. todd: what is that dance? >> i don't remember winning it. rachel: yeah, you did. he wins so much, he forgets. todd: what was your approach? i haven't done this before. what mental approach would you take in? >> i don't remember winning it. they told me i need to defend my belt. i didn't know about it. i remember doing the dance. they put it in the commercial now. [laughter] rachel: when you dance that well, you know. anyway, i'm glad you got to see the power tool, cleaning it out. will: rachel's been talking about it all morning long.
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this is her jam. she wants to help the american people scoop out their pumpkins this holiday season. will: you're dressed like a duke boy. you look like bo and luke duke right now. >> i would say american boy. we'll take either. will: we've got lawrence here today. he's been doing political panels across the country. he has more coming in how voters are feeling in states like pennsylvania. look at the projections over some of the states in the midterm elections, arizona is projected to be a gop pick-up. georgia projected to go to a runoff in december 6th, like it did one year ago. new hampshire democratic hold, north carolina gop holding nevada, that's a gop pick-up and says pennsylvania, wisconsin, gop holds. so lawrence, let's talk about the issues that are driving voters, specifically in the northeast. we see that lee zeldin is in a tight race with kathy hochul for governor of new york.
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fetterman, oz, in pennsylvania, crime is a big issue. that's what you spoke to voters about this week. >> i just came back from philly. there's a crime crisis going on every major city. it seems the democrats didn't do much this cycle. they use this as their gas but what we're seeing from voters, whether i'm in philly or baltimore or i'm in middle america like i was doing that diner outside of palm beach, the number one issue for folks is inflation, inflation, inflation, matter where we go. right below that is crime. american people are choosing their pocketbook and their life on a day-to-day basis. the motion these candidates have is not working for them. when you look at a candidate, even right in philadelphia right now, i'm sorry, in pennsylvania, fetterman who was a social
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justice warrior, who had all the support at one point, being a lieutenant governor. not only is his life on the line but his policy positions, i think people are choosing their average daily life versus the wokeness, the emotion they glued the last presidential -- they used in the last presidential cycle. people are buyers' remorse, they're living paycheck to paycheck. will: i think how unprepared they were for the exodus of the hispanic voters. we have a look at what pennsylvania voters are looking for. >> the number one thing voters want to know is not just about economy and crime, and education is rounding out the top five but which candidate actually cares about me. so i think in this debate it's memehmet oz's to lose.
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will he make comments about his current disability or will he be america's most beloved doctor who has solutions for the economy and shows people he cares. pennsylvania is won or lost in the margins. where i would look is at the little bit more than 5% of registered hispanicss in the state of pennsylvania and that group, the ones that are not college educated, are moving more and more trending towards the republican party and a i think that's where you're going to see a real shift this election. todd: you have the same sense from the town halls? >> this week i'll do a focus group in pennsylvania. i just got back from miami speaking to la at at this -- lo and hispanic voters. the passion they have about the socialism that america is bringing is unbelievable. i think democrats overplayed their hands on this stuff, the free, free, free, and i think they thought they would galvanize many grants. immigrants.
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they remember what they were told about cue cuba and venezu. they talked about being willing to defend it. did they agree with everything that ron de santis stands for? no, they don't. but they don't like the way that america is changing. they left another country because they had these type of policies there and they say that america is heading down that direction and they'll stop it. >> i think it's important that dr. oz highlights the issues they that are important to pennsylvanians. i think fetterman's fitness for office should be on the table. the question is whether or not you can do the job you're asking to be hired to do. >> we went the main route last election e cycle with president joe biden. we were told that everything was fine and he was allowed to stay in the basement. i was outside of his house in delaware many times asking him to come out to the press. they hid him from the campaign
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trail. we tried the come passionate way of -- compassionate way of saying let this be a private matter. now we have record inflation, crime is soaring, the president can't put real sentences together. there's homes we see jill biden, the secret service or staff members in bunny suits trying to get the be president's attention. he can't make his way off the stage. we've tried to be compassionate and you slapped us in our face. i don't think they'll let that fly in pa. rachel: i think the hispanic vote that jennifer talked about, that's going to happen all over and every state. i think it they are the fastest growing demographic and it's inflation, it's crime, and it's education and when you put those together what is it? it's family. it's your kids. that's what they care about. by the way, that's not just hispanics who care about it. everybody does. this is what i think this election is going to be about. they've overplayed their hand with your kids and people want their values to be their
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family's values. they don't want these marxist injecting their point of view into their kids cribbing lums -s and they want more control. i think school of choice will be the number one issue. >> i spend most of my job on the road talking with people in middle america and then i go back home to dales has and -- dallas and i sit down in my local barber shop that i've been going to my entire life and get the scoop on what's happening in black america as well. i use this analogy to make it very clear. if the barber shops and black america and middle america diners are saying the same thing, the democrats have to be afraid because every everybody's ticked off right now. will: this is something that will tick everybody off, what you have heard and what you're going to hear tomorrow. what you'll hear tomorrow, the nation's report card is coming out. you'll see drops in test scores across the board for the nation's students that missed much of the last two years.
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this is the part that ticks you off, not just that. for some, they're just noticing this. here's jake tapper on cnn. >> i have to say i'm surprised there hasn't been a national conversation about the damage done to kids because of these school closures and the virtual learning and everything because, i mean, i'm not saying there should be a national do-over but we can't pretend that graders who are now seventh graders, that that didn't happen. you know. like i feel like there should be -- not with a blame game. look, it happened. people did it. it was criticized. the school closures, the virtual learning, et cetera. but here we are. there needs to be like a bipartisan movement, you know? rachel: so can i just say one thing. i want you to respond to this because i've been having people write in who say this isn't that he was in a bubble and late to the game. it's they're seeing the poll numbers and they're trying to pretend now that they care.
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>> to jake's credit, he he did bring up the schools -- rachel: two years late. >> right. he did talk about -- but he talked about it in a question mark standpoint. you know. it wasn't had this authority of saying look, these kids are struggling right now. we are behind. it seems like now that the entire party is shifting on this matter, i think it's pretty convenient even though he did mention it before, because i saw some of his tweets and he did. i think it's really consistent vent -- cons convenient when the polling and the public pressure shifted into the parents favor. there were no town halls on cnn with the parents sounding the alarm. there was no focus group. there was no reporting, going out in the community and talking about these kids are behind and we're choosing the teachers union. it seems a politically calculated position to go out swinging now even though you may
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have mentioned it before. will: lawrence, i'm curious how this is going to go. i warned you, you know, you get a belgian manduwa, is not a pet, it's a working dog but you got one. >> i did. do we footage of it before i explain or do we just roll? i'll just explain. so will did warn me about this. i had this great relationship with this special operations operator and he had this caninee called -- canine called raptor. i said i will get one if you can get me one from her blood line. here's footage of that. >> you can see the level of communication that's needed at this level up on the log obstacle. >> go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, keep moving. >> you're letting the new guy beat you then. >> through their partnership of the navy seal museum and
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generous support from donors, the canine project emerged. the goal, donate working dogs with veterans. many struggle with post traumatic stress and 6,000 committed suicide in 2019 ayou loan. this helps -- alone. this helps facilitate a special relationship between man and a dog. >> so will's question was do i already have the dog. she's training right now. she's training with special operations units, you can see the bites and all that type of stuff. she's doing so good, guys. rachel: you'll get her in january. >> i'll get her probably in january. i go every two weeks to do training with her. they kick my tail, kick her tail. earlier she did her first diner. i put her in the seats which you've got to learn german. she did not move, the entire diner. she did not move. she's a puppy. rachel: this isn't really about the dog. this is a fox news alert. wait a minute. is this a sign that you're ready for comm commitment.
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>> i'll say this. i'll say this. rachel: i'm seeing something here. [laughter] rachel: i'm seeing so much growing up here. todd: can you change the background to red. rachel: are all the single ladies, all the single ladies. todd: they changed the background to red. rachel: now is the time. now is the time. >> mama jones -- rachel: mama jones, we need to talk. will: mama jones is amazing. >> she loves that i'm getting a dog. she says i love that you're getting dog but let me make this clear, this is not a wife. this is not c comp come -- companionship. it's not a wife. rachel: this is a baby step towards a wife and grandchild for be mama jones. >> i prepared myself for this moment. rachel: we talk all the time about this. >> the real thing that i want to do, though, is these veterans
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need -- rachel: he's changing the subject. >> the canine project, go to, if you want to support the cause, veterans are committing sue side, he's he's person i -- suicide, especially -- get them a dog. it changed my life. if you have been following fox for a while, i didn't used to be a dog person. this dog has changed my life. >> you mentioned the suicide number. it used to be 22, that was the number we threw around. that number is up to 24. >> it's high. todd: it's not going down. >> the thing that's important, when we talk about special operators, a lot of them don't report. so the suicide number is much higher than that. 's get them the help they need. will: that's awesome. your dog looks awesome. i warned you -- >> will was very hesitant. >> they're serious dogs. they are serious dogs. rachel: what do you mine by that. will: they're not a pug. >> they're not a working dog.
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rachel: you're going to bring the dog to the set, right? >> she will be everywhere with me. will: but they're awesome dogs from the special operators, they agreed to build me an obstacle course in texas. so i'm going to be moving soon so i can get more land. todd: when it becomes a woman that you try to woo like this, will that be on tv, bachelor style. rachel: he's already buying port for the new house. >> the woman has to get through nala first. todd: that's why you have her. >> she sniffs out stuff. >> we'll expect a similar package. check out lawrence jones, saturday's 10:00 p.m. eastern time. lawrence is going to stick around, right? rachel: thank you, lawrence. >> if the prompter says it -- rachel: you have to. we'll take a hard turn, turning to headlines, starting with a fox news alert. two nurses are killed in a shooting at a dallas hospital yesterday morning, the suspect was shot by a hospital police officer before being taken into
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custody for capital murder. police say he was out on parole for aggravated robbery and had an active ankle monitor at the time. the police chief calling it an abhorrent failure of the criminal justice system. people were rescued from a car that was overturned and partially submerged. one deputy sprang into action as he spotted the vehicle in the canal. another deputy and fire rescue officials arriving quickly to help with rescue operations. officials say two of the women saved from the car only suffered minor injuries. thank goodness. the crowd at former president trump's rally in texas last night interrupted his speech with a rendition of the national anthem. listen. ♪ dawn's early light. ♪ what so proudly we hailed.
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♪ at the twilight's last gleaming. ♪ whose broad stripes and bright stars. ♪ through the perilous -- rachel: this was after president trump talked a about some of the injustices in january 6th. trump hinting at a 2024 presidential run. take a listen to this. >> in order to make our country successful, safe and glorious again, i will probably have to do it again. rachel: trump's appearance comes just two days before early voting for the upcoming midterms beginning in texas. and today i wanted to dress up like america and earlier this morning will and todd even gave my outfit a salute. and check out this comparison -- [laughter] rachel: that's been made. wonder woman, my version is a
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bit warmer and more appropriate for new york fall weather but i did say to some people on the set earlier that if pete was a girl, he would wear this. [laughter] todd: he'll be back here next saturday. i say you go for it. >> it's not just patriotic, it's very great coordination. i approve of this. rachel: this man knows fashion. that's a real compliment. will: this man will stick around, do pumpkin carving. xi jinping secures an unprecedented third five-year term. this happens as his predecessor is forcibly removed from the communist party ceremony. gordon chang says people need to get out of china, he's next. todd: it's no fairytale for joe biden, why critics say he can't spin this crisis into gold any longer. ♪ i want to scream and shout and let it all out.
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♪ scream and shout and let it out. ♪ we're saying --
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rachel: chinese president xi jinping claiming his reign over china's communist party as he secures and unprecedented third
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term. he had his predecessor dramatically hauled out and filling his inner circles with allies loyal to the communist party. here with what this means for the u.s., asia expert and author of the coming collapse of china, gordon chang. explain what we saw in this. it was so disturbing. >> yesterday at the closing share hceremony, xi jinping's ie predecessor was forcibly removed from the ceremony in front of everyone. this was a deliberate attempt to humiliate and show xi is in complete control an that's a chilling message because xi jinping wants to do things that are dangerous, are murderous, m malicious, the world has to be extremely concerned about the direction china is going in. the committee is packed with xi's allies. there is nobody who is of a
6:24 am
different view than xi jinping. rachel: it was so eerie seeing him try to reach out to people. do we know what happened to him? >> no, we don't now. now, the news agency says that he had a health emergency. if you look at the video, there is nothing there to confirm that. as a matter of fact, one of the people who helped, quote, unquote, xi jinping -- helped him out was actually one of xi jinping's guards. so really what we're talking about is something that was staged, that was planned and took virtually everybody by surprise. so this is a xi jinping who can take the united states by surprise and we have a political establishment right now in washington and in the pentagon that really up to at least a week ago had no sense of urgency. the chief of naval operations, the top u.s. navy officer, last week talked about how we need to
6:25 am
get ready for a war this year. rachel: that is scary stuff and we have a be pr president who is potentially compromised by the chinese government. also scary, this was censored on chinese internet. do you believe the censorship held, that the chinese people don't know this happened? and what is the message that this is sending to the kai niece send -- to the chinese,what's ye chinese people. >> first of all, this was censored. his name was scrubbed from social media. people in china know about it. in fact, when y you take away information, you help propogate rumors. the message to chinese people and fand foreigners, nows is an excellent time to leave china. fentanyl is killing americans in america. imagine what he'll do to
6:26 am
americans in china. this us within of the world's most dangerous figures and people have to be concerned. they need to get as far away as possible and get ready for the dangerous storm which is the word xi jinping used at the opening ceremony. we have to worry about the dangerous storm that is coming. rachel: the dangerous storm that is coming and we have an election just around the corner and hopefully this will also reach the ears of the voters and we put people in office who will take the threat of communist china as seriously as you do, gore b don. we -- gordon chang. we appreciate you coming on and giving us the information and the warning about the storm that is you brewing. thank you, gordon chang. always great hearing from you. >> thank you, rachel. rachel: you got it. straight ahead, fox news sources revealing this was the deadliest year at the border ever recorded with more than 800 migrant death. lieutenant christopher olivarez and brandon judd have seen the
6:27 am
crisis firsthand and they're up next tsho tell us exactly what b going onle. and i see the real battles our brave, paralyzed veterans have faced defending our freedom. and when they come home... i had just come home from serving over in germany. i had noticed my legs were swelling. next thing i know, it was three weeks later i was paralyzed. i joined the navy to serve my country as a navy seal. while parachuting with my platoon, my parachute didn't open and i broke my neck. it left me paralyzed for the rest of my life. i was on a routine patrol and we were in the desert of kuwait and the vehicle flipped and landed on top of me, which left me paralyzed from the waist down. okay, folks, this this this is heroism. that's why i'm proud to support paralyzed veterans of america, because they've kept their promise to never leave a fallen soldier behind. your gift of only $19 a month, just $0.63 a day, helps provide the life
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>> we've been telling you about the shocking number of migrant encounters at the border, more than 2.3 million this fiscal year there's another record that officials will not make public. sources telling fox news it was the deadliest record year for migrants at the border with more than 850 killed trying to enter the u.s. joining us from the texas national border patrol council, president brandon judd and lieutenant olivarez. thank you for being here. brandon, i thought joe biden said his border policy would be huhumane, where the humanity in 856 my grant deaths -- migrant deaths. >> there's no humanity. if you look at the record previous to his administration it was just over 300 deaths. now we more than doubled that.
6:32 am
it keeps getting worse and a worse. that's the problem, he doesn't care about human life. the only thing he cares about is pandering to the open of border base. that's dangerous for the american people and for those trying to enter the country illegally. it's got to be stopped. it won't be stopped unless he's held accountable. will: you heard brandon say joe biden doesn't have regard for human life. the number of american citizens killed by fentanyl higher than 856. you hear joe biden saying look, we captured all this fentanyl. wouldn't it make sense instead of capturing at the border, do something at the source, do something with regard to mexico, the cartels, the smugglers. >> absolutely. i've been saying that from the beginning as well as brandon, the fact that the federal government doesn't acknowledge the fact that we have a fentanyl crisis. we have nearly 300 americans dying every day because of fentanyl poisoning, had they thd to take any action to go after
6:33 am
the mexican cartels. governor abbott made the effort to designate the mexican cartel as trans national criminal organizations. the federal government hasn't acknowledged that. they failed to acknowledge the fact that we have a border crisis, failed to acknowledge the fact that we have a situation at the border where americans are dying, also migrants as you pointed out with the record number of migrant deaths that occurred along the southern border and we continue to see migrants being killed by human smugglers during high speed chases when they're smuggled across the border into the interior. it's unacceptable. that's where the federal government needs to step in and do something about the border crisis. we know nothing has been acknowledge. will: i want to pop up the numbers on the screen, the year over year comparisons, my grant encounters -- migrant encounters. you can clearly see during the trump years the number was
6:34 am
relatively low. it has increased exponentially under the biden years. biden explicitly said he wanted to do the exact opposite of donald trump, brandon. you were part of that administration. isn't that what's really going on here? he's getting his way, he's getting the exact opposite of donald trump. >> it is. it you would be excusable if there were no policies that would fit in his parameters. there are. i suggested policies to secretary mayorkas. they continue to push away from what will work and save lives in united states and allow us to secure the border. we would be able to go after the criminal cartels. they he released the september numbers. they have these numbers day over day. i can tell the you that the first 10 days in october were already on pace to set a new record, 2.5 million in fiscal year '23 if we don't do something to stem the tide. this administration knows what it needs to do. because it continues to pander to open border activists, to its
6:35 am
base, they continue to allow this crisis and chaos to continue. will: lieutenant olivarez, to you. the border is a huge issue in the election. what do you need if and when republicans take back congress, what do you need from republicans to do? >> well, i could tell you right now we have great support from our leadership, interest the governor all the way down. that's what helps us, that's what keeps us working along the border. we have the leadership. what it will come down is the responsibility of the federal a forecast to take action and do something -- federal government to do something and take a action. operation lone star is state funded. we haven't received support from the fed federal government. they need to take responsibility and acknowledge we have a crisis at the border. it is unacceptable. will: thank you, gentlemen. appreciate what you're doing to keep the country safe.
6:36 am
the wall street journal calling president biden rumpelstiltskin. we have maria bartiromo reacting next. putting our skills to the test, all the tips and tricks we need to be the one, the only, lj, lawrence jones at pumpkin carving with power tools. you've got clots practicing. that ain't lookinged good. i think we've got you beat. let's see if we have lj beat. we'll have more coming up. ♪ i could use a little -- dog 2: words like fetch. dog 3: naturally dog 4: it's insurance for pets. dog 5: it covers us if we get sick. cat 1: or hurt dog 6: so fetch isn't just chasing after a tennis ball? vo: fetch. unmatched pet insurance, advice, and love.
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rachel: we're back with your headlines. six people including the owner of gold's gym are feared dead after a plane crash in costa rica on friday. theit lost communication with te control tower. investigators later found debris from the crash 17 miles away from the airport. koasauthorities say two unidentd bodies were uncovered in the scene. wawa cutting overnight hours over safety concerns, the stores impacted are in buck's county, northeast philly and will be closed from midnight to 5:00 a.m. until further notice. a spokesperson for wawa saying the decision is for the safety and security of associates and
6:41 am
customers. that decision comes after at least two robberies were reported in buck's county locations this week. meghan markle fa facing backlash after saying she felt objectified. the models said they knew their role, auditioned, volunteered and accepted the job. another model criticizing markle saying she prior yaleed her spear -- pr appreciated her experience on the show because it led to bigger and better things. president biden facing backlash over his response to inflation. the wall street journal editorial board labeling him president president rumpelstiltskin, arguing he had no longer spin crisis into gold with remarks like this one. >> today, my administration announced that this year the deficit fell by $1.4 trillion.
6:42 am
the largest one year drop in american history, $1.4 trillion decline in the deficit. to.>> maria bartiromo joins us now. maria, this ain't working, is it. he can spin it all he wants. the american people aren't buying it. maria: we see this over and over again and the crazy and outrageous thing about it is the fact that he thinks he's fooling anybody and that we must be stupid. i mean, just last week as he's downing his ice cream cone, someone asked him about the economy and he said the economy is strong as hell. no, it isn't. we're in a contraction. we've been a contraction for the first half of the year. high level executives say we'll see things get much worse in 2023. he said republicans are the ones that want to endanger democracy. it's him and the democrats who want to stack the supreme court, who want to mess with the first
6:43 am
and second amendment, coming one a misinformation governing board when in fact all of the misinformation is coming directly from the owe l val office -- oval office. the fbi telling facebook to censor the hunter biden laptop story right before the election. we know now that it was the fbi who told facebook to do that. and yet he's telling us that it's misinformation and that's just one thing that the fbi did as this president politicizes every agency under the sun. the fbi of course led the investigation into russia trump collusion when they know there was absolutely no evidence to support such a thing and they drove it further to surveil trump executives, officials throughout the presidency. then he comes and he tells us that he wants to hire 166,000 he total irs agents, that's an additional 87,000 irs agents, that would put us at 166,000 irs
6:44 am
agents to audit us when his son, hunter biden, is facing charges of not paying taxes for all of the money that he took in and all of his accounts from officials and let me say that's going to be 166,000 irs agents versus 15 to 20,000 border agents. get your head around that. he says the border is secure. no, ifs not. a record 2.3 million people crossed into the country illegally, almost a million others got away and they're somewhere in the country with bad intentions likely and thousands and thousands of pounds of drugs, illicit narcotics like fentanyl are poisoning american citizens. has he ever brought it up to xi jinping? he's spoken to xi jinping six times already. we don't have any evidence that he's pushed him on the origins of covid-19 which has killed millions. we're talking about all of these lies and more this morning and we're going to get into what the republicans will do about it, with rob -- ron johnson.
6:45 am
we want to know what he's going to do about the fbi and how political it has become. we're talk about that chilling story that you brought us earlier in the show about xi jinping taking out his predecessor for the world to see. it is now xi jinping's world. what are we doing? we canceled the china initiative in february of 2022. why? so we no longer can investigate all of the intellectual property theft that cost our companies in this country hundreds of billions of dollars. we're talking with carrie lake and what is interesting that's going on right now, it looks like we are going to see a red wave but there's drama within the republican party. it feels like it's mitch mcconnell versus donald trump. mcconnell is only funding the establishment even if you're a republican, you may not get money. look at blake masters. we're talking to carrie lake who is winning in arizona as well as tudor dixon who is taking on gretchen whitmer in michigan. we have breaking news in 15 minutes on sunday morning futures. rachel: that is an all-star list of people. thank you, maria.
6:46 am
>> coming up, is the must see nfl game of the week, charissa thompson has her picks for the matchups that you don't want to miss, including keeves, niners -- chiefs, niners, today on fox. ♪ i'm invincible and a i win evy single day.
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>> it's week seven of the nfl and we have a full slate of heated matchups on fox including the new york giants. i don't think anybody predicted this for the jins. maybe charissa thompson did. i won't believe you if you tell me you thought the giants would be 5-1. >> i did not think the giants would be 5-1. i don't know what it's like in your town. i work with peter shraager and he said new york is on fire, considering how excited they are about the jets, the giants and buffalo. in this game, believe it or not the giants are actually the underdogs in this game on the road against the jaguars. the giants are 5-1. they're going on the road. they have their best start since 2009. what that tells me is all of the high rises in las vegas are built for a reason. vegas does not buy the giants yet.
6:51 am
they played some teams, yes, they beat the packers and ravens. they haven't played the hard evievidence schedule. i like the giants in this game by 3. >> you do. i've got good news for you. i picked the jags. i'm 1-3 this week in college football. i like the giants too. i thought you're really bad right now, will, so go opposite of your instinct and i went jags but this probably -- >> you and vegas, again, don't bet against them but i'm going to. will: go with charissa. where are you going on packers versus commanders. >> this is another team trying to find its identity. aaron rodgers averaging the least points per game with had packers. they're trying to find their identity. he will say they need to simplify the offense. he said we we're wobbly right n. carson wentz had surgery.
6:52 am
i like the packers by 7. i think they're a better football team than they're showing right now and need to put it all together. will: i'm excited about foxes big game of the day, it's chiefs, it's 49ers. what will we see christian mccaffery wise? what do you think? >> the big trade with the panthers. look for him in red zone packages. this guy hasn't spent any time learning the offense but it's still christian mccaffery and the team has a ton of offensive weapons. going against the chiefs' secondary that has not been gooding giving up a lot of points per game with young guys on the back end of that. i like the chiefs in this one but the niners, a good story, a huge weapon in a division that is wide open in the nfc west. the chiefs come out victorious on this one in my opinion and
6:53 am
don't forget terry's jackpot, $100,000 today, almost $8 millions has already gone out to 80,000 winners, download the free to play fox app and enter for your chance to win. congratulations on dax coming back. will: i've been bad on faint fy football and my picks. how are you doing? >> this is a weird year. i'm not doing well either. there's so much parody in the league right now, there's three divisions that don't have a team with a winning record. we're not alone in our pedestrian picks. will: that's a nice word for bad. pedestrian. carissa, i'll see you later. >> bye. rachel: rev up the power tool -- will: rev up the power tools, lawrence defends his pumpkin carving title. may the best friend win, next. ♪ move along, move along
6:54 am
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♪ oh, baby, why don't you just meet me mt. middlesome. ♪ i'm losing my mind just a little -- ♪ so -- rachel: do you guys remember that moment from one year ago when lawrence jones did the -- [laughter] something that, you know, we didn't expect after winning the contest. >> that's right. i forgot all about it. will: also with us today judging our attempt to win this year is jeff from mr. handyman. todd: boys and girls, are we ready to go? will: i think so. rachel: we've got power tools. todd: may the best friend win. will: two minutes? todd: one minute. on your marks, get set, go. >> no pressure, no pressure. will: how do i make a smile?
6:59 am
[background sounds] ♪ will: moustache. you see what i'm doing here? todd: i see it. will: gotta get 'em in hoe. rachel: i'm trying. wall -- will: what do you got there, rachel? what are you doing there, rachel? >> 20 seconds. todd: oh, my gosh. will: a lot of pressure. >> 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. >> great job, everyone. all right, let's see what we got. >> look at that.
7:00 am
will: oh, my gosh, lawrence. todd: you haven't even looked at 'em -- >> look at that design. >> i'm not sure what that is. [inaudible conversations] [laughter] [applause] todd: that's it, jeff, i'm smashing these pumpkins. [cheers and applause] ♪ muck. maria: good sunday morning, everyone. welcome to "sunday morning futures." today, democrats' bad policy sparks a republican red wave for the midterm elections now 16 days away. this even as drama is ripping through the gop with a fight for the soul of the republican party. it is mitch mcconnell, mitt romney and others versus donald trump as mitch controls the purse slippings, keeping dollarg dollar


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