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tv   Life Liberty Levin  FOX News  October 23, 2022 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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final sprint in beautiful state of colorado. >> thank you, trey. trey: thank you for spending part of your sunday with us, good night from south carolina. "life, liberty and levin" is next. ♪ ♪ mark: hello america. i am mark levin this is "life, liberty and levin," we have three great gifts, senator ted cruz, we'll change our modify the way we do program for next three sundays, before the election. i can bridge more ca bridge more candidates on the program, after the election we'll go back to
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one or two guests a show and continue with our long form format. if you want to destroy america. how would you do it? does that sound provocative? let me suggest to you america is being destroyed. if you top destroy america, then you vote democrat. because the democrat party has been unmasked. its policies and programs are delusional, and destructive, they are dismantles the most fabulous nation on earth right before your eyes, capitalism in the way of a planned socialist economy, they seek to de de-- deconstruct capitalism, you must s sabotage our
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constitution. american people have not knowingly surrendered their -- within the democrat party. it is a slow process. it is packaged. in desite. and p propaganda and lies, you are said to be beneficiary of these designs, but you are the target, democrat party doesn't seek to improve society but to des destroy it then replace it. sees your economic struggles resulting from their policies, programs as a necessary condition. to impose its i ideological ends on a unsuspecting people, it is necessary to use taxes, regulations, and executive order, and a massive bureaucracy issuing hundreds
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of dictate to reorder society, economy, and government. it is necessary to silence and humiliate and shame the decents voices. you need st squads. it is necessary to squelch knowledge and actual s science and change control and manipulate the people. against your opponents. parents, pro lifers, peaceful protesters, the political be opposition. necessary that media become pliant with your means and ends. helping to bring wash the public. reward compliance with phony coverage, and sp smear and libel those who decent.
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and necessary to dismantle nuclear family by using government schools, controlled by democrat party through the union bosses. to prevent parents from participating in raising their children. it is necessary to dumb down the children. to ensure they are not smart and their test scores are low. to have a more compliant future generation and to dismdismantle the american history, we rewrite history. you replace real history books with racist p propaganda in school libraries with sexually explicit pornography, you
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destroy the homes of legacies of jefferson, author of the declaration. and madison, main figure by mind the constitution. it is necessary to h. >> hollow out military with vaccine mandates. -- american stasi and d department of justice, necessary to unleash lawlessness in our cities and neighborhoods to cause people to be upset with the status quo and want change. it is necessary to destroy national sovereignty with open borders, create chaos on our southern bo border, second trade, violence, fentanyl, truth car cartels, this is how you destroy a country from within. this is the issue before us on the election.
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every single problem we face that is of a significant magnitude to ouri -- the democrat party. the they have their supporters. mainly the media. "new york times." we talked about the history of "new york times," "new york times" supports this thing. they are behind the 1619 project, "new york times" lied to american people on behalf of joseph stalin. and new york times covered up holocaust, and lied about third reich, they were asked to by roosevelt and owners of newspaper were concerned that people would be critical of new york times. and so it has chief correspondent and berlin, a man who sympathized with t
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the nazis, n "new york times" brought us castro. they breathed life into his revolution. the people of cuba have suffered since, and "new york times" caught time again with hires s anti-semitism. let's look at democrat party's history. was party of confederacy. president of confederacy jefferson davis was a democrat, generals were democrats, the kkk was spawned out of confederacy and embraced by democrat party, to oppose reconciliation and that is what they did. took a republican president, grant to send u.s. army to 29 wipe c them out.
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the klan prospered. segregation. plessy versus ferguson. supreme court gone rogue, again. democrat party. pushing segregations for another hundred years after the civil war, supreme court stepped in with brown vs boboard of education. another decision to do what? stop the democrats. from being racist. and discriminatory against blacks. the 1964 civil right act, and 19 65, they were passed to stop a large number of democrats from stopping blacks from voting. or stopping the implementation of the civil war amendments, we have wilson, one of earliest
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leading so-called progressives, american marxist, he was a racist. he -- recession gated civil service. >> we had everything possible to put down blacks. he embraced ugenics, s they want to wipe out what they call idiots and morans but they were targets black people. let's jump to franklin roosevelt, great guy, not sso great, propaganda from democrat media protected this man. from main of his imperfections which are significant, more than o occasion, effort to pass federal antilynching act because blacks were still
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buying lynched in the south, mostly by democrats, fdr would never support it. it came up again in 1940, fdr . won a third term. his first payment to -- appointment, new deal mark. great programs that were passed, they were passed to try to address from democrats had been to minorities previously. looking at federal housing authority. fha . that is where we get red lining from. because they were directed not to give home loans to blacks. to neighborhoods in which blacks predominated or neighborhoods around them. and what fhawould do color those neighborhoods in rid, red, that is where the
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phrase red lining is from. lyndon johnson mark, he was a strong proponent of 1964 and 65 civil rights act but his greatest biographers said, while he lead on civil rights, he remained a racist. he did remain a racist. the things he said that were caught on audio, over and over and over and over again. make it clear not until 1957 and he was in congress a long time did he support any civil rights legislation. he decided he wanted to run for president at some point. why am i telling you this? the country is in decline. not because the american people want it with massive inflation, dollar being destroyed. borders we massive treatment taking place in the stleet streets disrespect for police, undermining of
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united states military. ininflation, economic conditions through the roof, they are decisions that have been imposed by the democrat party. not foreign powers, not russia, not ukraine not saudi arabia. but joe biden and the democrats. if you want to save the country, if you want to begin the process. we hope of reversing a course, improve your lives. if you want to protect your family. whatever you do, don't vote democrat. i'll be right back. and if you got the devil on your shoulder... take him for a ride. people remember ads with young people having a good time. so to help you remember that liberty mutual customizes your home insurance, here's a pool party. ♪ good times. insurance! ♪
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mark: welcome back america. i'm here with ted cruz. been warning about the corruption of our justice system. he has been having to deal with it as a member of u.s. senate, just written a book. justice corrupted. this book is about as up-to-date as any book can be about what is happening to our country under mary garland, fbi and democrats ted, takes a
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couple months to publish a book but you are on top of this. why did you write it book? >> unfortunately, under the democrats they turned the department of justice, the fbi, turned intelligence community, into political enforcers in a way never happened in our history, we're alummed of doj, revere a department of justs they is fair, impartial and degree to which under joe biden this department has been we weaponized. as deep state has taken over it is dangerous and fundamental threat to our liberty, book starts off with -- a girl was sexual assaulted in the bathroom by
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a boy in a skirt, the school district transferred that predator to another school. he sexual assaulted another girl. and the school district, refused to involve law enforcement. the parents, dad went to the school board and said, my daughter was raped at school. and he sat there and listened to school board lie to him, insisting that never happens. no boy wearing a skirt committing sexual assault. and instead of arresting the sexual predator, the school board arrested the dad, threw him to the ground, put him in handcuffs, arrested him we saw this, what followed is national association of school board sent a letter to joe biden asking department of justice to go after not predator in schools that hurt our kids but to go after the moms and dads and 5 days later, merrick garland moved with laser speed, wrote a memo
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directing fbi target parents and moms and dads. treat them like domestic terrorists using patriot act. i tell you, i had merrick garland in front of judiciary committee questioning him on it he had done no work, no due diligence, i asked him. how many were violent? he did not know, high did he did not care, today the doj and fbi, they are interviewing moms and dads, treating the fbi as political enforces of the diagram creates. democrat. >> book, justice corrupted. let's hone in on mar-a-lago. i say these so-called former federal prosecutors and legal analyst, you start with that warrant, it was so broad it was outrageous, then you move into breaking into donald trump's home.
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latest latest leak, he moved documents, he moved documents from one room to his office, they think they have an obstruction case, what do you make of this and leaks. >> in 230 years of our nation's history, this never happened we've never seen the department of justice raid the former home of a president. it is done by an opposing party because that i want to attack donald trump, there was a fishing exposition. everyone has taken documents from previous administration, the biden administration, is looking to gain political advantage. and one thing that the book justice corrupt talks about. is started off with richard nixon, he tried to use doj and fbi and irs to target
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his political enemies, the system worked, they resisted and said no, what richard nixon tried to do, barack obama succeeded in doing now under joe biden it has mitts has. >> they have been warn down they put hard partisan in senior career levels, they now view themselves as jack booted thugs for the dnc that is not what the department of justice is or fbi. mark: last i checked, if you investigate a potential candidate for president. of the other party you bet versailles special council or someone independent not president's hand-pi hand pick lap dog, when we co, what we ted cruz, i want to is ask about january 6 and several other
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issues, we'll be right back. luxury exemplified. innovation electrified. with apple music seamlessly integrated. the all-new, all-electric eqs suv from mercedes-benz.
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welcome to fox news live. i am cristina coleman in new york, no to donald trump, house committee investigating capitol hill riot will not allow former president to answer questions from panel on live television. he was subpoenaed last week, and told associates he might comply if allowed to testify
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live. liz cheney said that could turn the testimony into a circus. and u.k. former president johnson is pulling out of the running to reclaim his sole job, he made that decision after talking with several contract lawmakers. >> i am cristina coleman, back to "life, liberty and levin." ♪ ♪ mark: welcome back america. "justice corrupted: how the left weaponized our legal system" this book could not be more important. than today. ted cruz out tuesday. you can get your copy on
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what about january 6 what do you make how people are being prosecuted? they don't seem to be segregated people who are non-violent for those who were, they seem to be treated differently than leftists who create all kinds of mayhem. >> you are right, that is a big topic of this book. this book is the first inside account of what happened on january 6. i take "the reader" through the events of 2020 election, up to january 6. through the evidence of election fraud and voter fraud in november 2020. democrat and corporate media ib ismaaiyl brinsley ib sift insist does not exist. i walk them through if supreme court took that case. i said yes, i would be happy to. i walk through president trump asking me with texas case of the supreme court,
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if supreme court took texas case if i would argue, that i would be happy, to i walk them through to day on january 6. where in days beforehand, i work to assemble a coalition of 11 senators to stand up, object and demand to examine evidence of voter fraud, i walked through trying to keep that coalition together, standing up and objecting and then i walked through riot that happened. working to try to get the senators together, and through the narrative to understand what happened. if you are at home talking with people about january 6, left uses wildly politicize terms like insurrection. that is political garbage. anyone who uses that word is engaged in partisan spin. i walk through what happened that day. and the contrast biden doj used actions of a handful of
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people to that day who committed acts of violence, lead me be clear, anyone who committs violent that is assault. what biden doj has used violent actions of a few to target and smear the tens of thousands of peaceful protestors who in washington on january 6, tens of millions of conservatives and trump voters across the country and double standard is ridiculous. they ignore black lives matter and antifa riot rioter who firebomb police cars and murdered police officers and committed horrific crimes, kamala harris, bailed out of jail violent protestors who were engaged in black lives matter and antifa protest, i ask if the book question,
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why are january 6 prisoners treated different from other p-- prisoners, all are fees t doj were it fair would be willing to answer could they are st stonewalling. the states of this election are rule of law, we revere the constitution and rule of law, why do we have prosperity in america where much of will developing world dud not we have rule of law, because our judicial system is not just a political weapon to persecute the enemies of president -- under barack obama and now joe biden, that is what it is. that is dangerous. mark: book is "justice corrupted: how the left weaponized our legal system." very important book. what would you say about law enfor foarn i -- enforcement.
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>> police officers are heroes, they feel demoralized exp and undermined by the democrats and radicals of this party, i talk about how president biden is nominated andive democrat voted to confirm three of the leading proponents of abolishes and defunding police to senior positions of the department of justice. not only, that i talked about soros prosecutors, he is put millions and inn in terms of elected radical who let violent criminals go and waukesha christmas parade murder, h me went in and out with left wing soros p prosecutor kept letting him go it is dangerous, i try to connect it to a threat direct, you
5:32 pm
know you talk about marxist a lot, this book goes to critical race theory and ketanji brown jackson, i was at harvard law school can ketanji brown jackson i bring readers into origins of critical race theory it is marxist. and soros prosecutors are marxist, they say one way turn mine your criminal justice system is takeover roll of prosecutor and refuse to lock up criminals, that danger is pro found. you and i, neither one of us top see a republican department of justice or a democrat department of justice, we want one that followed law fairly and impartially it walks through cross fire hurricane and obama doj targeted donald trump, fab gated documented and engaged in a percent cusion with hillary clinton party -- persecution with
5:33 pm
hillary clinton party. last time i went on this show my last book, one vote away, if shot to number one on amazon bestseller list. we released when ruth bader ginsburg died this book is its coming out. this doj is exercises every day the abuse of power that we're talking about this book explains why and why this election in november matters so much. mark: a great book, folks. "justice corrupted: how the left weaponized our legal system." i encourage you to go to, any major bookstore thank you, ted. >> thank you, mark. mark: we'll be right back.
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mark: welcome back america, we have many important races in the country, if are
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close -- some are close. i want to use r rest of my team to provide exposure to some of the terrific candidates. one of them out of new hampshire, d donna bolduc, a retired general. inflation going through the roof. people will have a difficult winner with price of home heating oil. food shortages, price of food through the roof, open border and intel pouring in -- fentanyl pouring in. value of people on their pensions. and i mean, how does your opponent. democrat i said is just a soldier for the left. try to distance herself. >> right now, she not debating me, i had a one
5:39 pm
hour debate, she did not show up, she is hide, and nat standing in front granite staters, most of h engagements through zoom calls. she did a spaghetti dinner through a courtroom -- zoom call, hosted by a billionaire out in california. what is what she is doing. 100% joe biden and 96% schumer and party, hurt granite staters, in december only getting worse. they use election, time gimmicks to try to keep it as you know from going up any more but after that, the lid the pop off and people will make choices between heating and eating in new hampshire. mark: make a great point, you really are a citizen
5:40 pm
candidate. you are retired general, you saw that country needs help, your state needs help. your opponent, she is in witness protection program until election time, they pour millions of dark money who her cam campaign, she is a reliable vote for hard left, i remember new hampshire was considered a state of rugged individualists, small businessmen and women. people who embraces country, but you have a senator in this case, hard left, her voting is same as aoc and tlaib and radical leftists, how would you address issues like inflation and gas prices, would you support more energy production here. >> i would. be promoting more energy independents here, bringing
5:41 pm
back xl pipeline and opening up exploring a in drilling all things that obama administration done to create that unprecedented inflation and economic hardship that are driving people out of their homes, people cannot pay for food. she is failing to stand up and defend a record, if that is the way you voted, then stand up. to our constituents, but she is hiding from everybody. you know, all she is doing is is a tacking me with lies, said, oh, general, i really honor your service. you can't honor my service, by lying about me. this is what he is doing, using ma -- that 23 million plus of dark money to support her special interest lobbies and wealthy political all e
5:42 pm
elite to promote their agenda, not helping people of her state. she will not, and i know the pulse of granite staters. across all political parties at every age group, she is fails continued to their hardship. she cannot face them. her decisions her voting has been so atrocious. causing mothers to pick between heating and eating. how will we pay for school supplies? pay or baby formula. all these different things. mark: hurt state hit particularly hard by fentanyl and fentanyl-related deaths, i have not heard she in new hampshire is a leading voice, doing a damn thing about that border, until do you something about the border fentanyl will
5:43 pm
continue pouring in, what is she doing about it. >> s she will tell you she is throwing money at the problem, and not doing anything about prevention or treatment and recover or anything about supporting our police officers. she just voted against maintains title 42 on the border, and voted against reversing 87 thousand irs agents and replacing that with boarder patrol, other technology to detect opioids and has got between00 -- 200% worse over last two years with or actions, now man chmanchester is a distribution location, it not only lawrence massachusetts but land chester, m manchester have highest records overdoses
5:44 pm
that they had. she failed as her 4 years as governor and failing as senator. mark: general don w bolduc if people want to help. >> you donbolduc g. com. we run this primary fighting hard at grassroots level, we can do it in general level. mark: i need your help. >> you bet, she voted for most radical abortion process on the face of the earth, right up on the last second of birth. she believes in absolutely no limits, she opposed parental notification, that is what she voted for. >> thank you, general, we'll be right back. l bells] when pain says, “i'm here,” i say, “so are they.”
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mark: welcome back america. a pleasure to have kelly. running from senate from alaska, put in place by lisa murkowski to protect her seat which she got from her daddy, kelly is the constitutional conservative, reaganite, trump supporter who is running for s
5:49 pm
senate as a republican, up against lisa murkowski. who is running for the senate as a whatever. murkowski represents the establishment in dc and getting millions of dollars from mitch mcconnell who has been using that money to smear character assassinate kelly, event though he is from kentucky. kelly, welcome to you. what are the main differences between you and your opponent murkowski? >> i think that main difference can be summed up. thank you for having me. are we picking a senator who stands with american people and our case alaskans family that suffer, workers crushed by the inflation. or stan with senator who is with yoblansky. and all radical environmentalists she has confirmed and eliminated our
5:50 pm
resource industry and killed our job. and all dark money that ties to this white house, dc establishment that are flooding our state. those are main differences between us,ure right, she will do whatever the dc establishmentments they are terrified of me. me. >> those are main differences. i'll stand with alaskaians, she stands with biden and dc establishment. mark: murkowski stands with national education association. their number one republican. spending 8 well the of component to try to get her -- component to try to get her reelected. >> i have knocked a couple thousand doors across alaska, i hear this. we have parents who are concerned about education in alaska our literacy rate
5:51 pm
hovers 30%. and rural communities below 10%. this is a huge concern in alaska. parents want to to see partparent's rights and education, we want our children learning in schools, we want to see kind of education that i hmple i . >> who i was growing up we had some of best scores in nation, how did we decline so quickly. the last 20 or so years, amount of time that u.s. murkowski has been in u.s. senate weaker to turn the numbers around. >> i much continued to for the nation for the people of alaska and myself, voting system that is in alaska, they adopted it from california. to help democrats, and liberals. they want to avoid in republican party republican primary. they go right to this jungle l list they call it i
5:52 pm
don't care about number two, votes when people go into vote, now, what does it look like, what should they do. >> voting system, as project veritas exposed, they said a des creation of democracy for murkowski and her campaign team to try to reengineer an election system to rig it in her favor, she would not have her senate seat if we had a normal election system, she would have lost primary. and she trailing by double digits. but, the easiest answer, people are watching, if you are supporting me, as candidate for u.s. senate, bubble in number 1 for kelly tshibaka, keep it simple, leave the rest blank and move on.
5:53 pm
they did, they got through a process of deception saying they would get rid of all dark money in alaska, murkowski's campaign is funded almost 95 percent dark money from outside of the state of alaska. and then they deceived us brought in rank choice election, we ran against each other in party primary there are 19 candidates on. 4 people who got most votes have gone to to general election, fourth person suspended his campaign. he is supporting me, there of 3 of us running, me, murkowski and a democrat candidate with 6% of votes in primaries. the democrats are all lining up behind murkowski. and sh she was removed from membership. with republicans like mitch mcconnell why do we need d democrats. in this general election
5:54 pm
system, you can rank the candidates in you want to in order, you can also choose to not rank them, if you would prefer me, win just rank me, kelly tshibak anumber one and move on. >> conservatives in alaska have endorsed you, state republican party has endorsed you, local republican parties have endorsed you. and mitch mcconnell the senator from kentucky. has spend almost 9 million dollars trashing you and supporting lisa murkowski, people don't know it is mitch mcconnell. it is his organization, of dc, republican establishment in washington, is spending 9 million dollars to defeat you to elect lisa murkowski rather than to give to to oz or masters or walker. so, that to me, is a badge
5:55 pm
of honor if i were you, if people want to help you. >> kelly and alaska powers america, creates america with minerals andfieds america with fish, and builds america with timber, biden administration targeting us for shut down because they know, that our vote is contribute tal. critical. >> we'll be right back. if you wanna go fast, go faster. and if you got the devil on your shoulder... take him for a ride. >> tech: at safelite, we take care of vehicles with the latest technology. we can replace your windshield
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mark: welcome back america. you know 272 worded and last two minutes, i have no time left. those are two great
6:00 pm
candidates. please, please, if you live in those states help promote them for the sake of your state and the nation. and ted cruz, book. "justice corrupted: how the left weaponized our legal system." if you could vote early in your state, vote early esee you next time on "life, liberty and levin." steve: breaking tonight two weeks before vital midterm elections which democrats have threatened all out assault on our democracy if they win just two more seats in the senate. this person, liz cheney chooses this moment to launch one of the most disreputable campaigns have ever seen on her own party. good evening welcome to "the next revolution" this is the home of positive populism, pro-worker, pro-family, pro-community, and especially pro-america. just a few weeks ago, harris made it clea


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