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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  October 24, 2022 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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look at these smuggling huge bundles of drugs into the u.s. in broad daylight after crossing the rio grande. incredible. welcome to a new hour of "america's newsroom," i'm dana perino. >> bill: i'm bill hemmer. incredible and doesn't end, does it? good morning on a monday. cartels showing little fear sending armies to move their deadly product into our countries spreading it to communities across america. helping criminal enterprise avoid detection. 2 million, texas democrats admit there is a big problem. >> the border is not secure when you have 1.7 million individuals and another 2.7. that's over 4 1/2 million individuals encountered at the border plus if you add the getaways that's over 5 million individuals in just two years. >> dana: former chief of border patrol rodney scott in a moment.
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first bill melugin live at the border in eagle pass, texas. 11:00 p.m. on a friday night the press office at department of homeland security released numbers, 11 p.m. on a friday night. an unusual time to be releasing a statement. >> dana, good morning that's exactly right. as blatant of a friday night news drop as you will ever see. keep in mind these september numbers are the last numbers the public would get a chance to see when it comes to the border before the mid-terms. those numbers are historic. let's take a look at them right now. september 2022, fiscal year 2022 they report more than 227,000 migrant encounters, that's the highest september in dhs history. the numbers also show fiscal year 2022 ended with nearly 2.4 million migrant encounters. that's the highest fiscal year ever recorded. perhaps most concerning if we can pull up this graphic.
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fiscal year 2022 ended with 98 border patrol arrests of people on the f.b.i. terror watch list. under president trump the highest number of those arrests was six in 2018. president biden just had 98 in fiscal year 2022. the numbers are not slowing down. look at this video we shot early this morning here on the north side of eagle pass showing another massive group crossing illegally well over 100 people in total in a 24 hour span over the weekend. more than 1500 illegal crossings and cbp sources tell fox news in the del rio sector in just the first three weeks of october we've had more than 29,000 illegal crossings. that represents a 50% increase over the same time last year. then take a look at this wild video provided bay source out of the rio grande valley showing a group of shirtless drug smugglers who swam across the river carrying bundles of
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narcotics in broad daylight. run up to a waiting vehicle in a parking lot and load up the vehicle with drugs before they run off back to mexico and the driver takes off. well, texas dps tells us they ended up getting into a pursuit with that driver and arrested him. if we can pull up the photos right here. that suspect, the driver behind that wheel was an 18-year-old u.s. citizen who you can see is smirking at the camera after they arrested him. he had 10 bundles of drugs in that vehicle with him. he was arrested and charged. goes to show there was no cbp or border patrol to stop those guys bringing in the drugs. texas dps ended up catching that drug smuggler. back here live another record at the border fiscal year 2022cbp sources tell fox news there were 856 migrant deaths. that's the highest number ever recorded. dana, the startling thing about that almost 2.4 million number,
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it does not include the 600,000 gotaways who crossed our border successfully evading apprehension last year. send it back to you. >> dana: any other media down there covering this? >> you know what? it is pretty wild. we actually had print media from japan here this morning and we just had a dutch tv crew come up to us and ask us where the spots are to find migrant crossings. yes, there is press down here, just not from the united states. >> dana: not american. joining us for more on this is rodney scott. former chief of the border patrol. when you hear these numbers how does that wash over you? >> it is devastating. we had spent decades actually significantly improving the security on the southwest border. we had programs in place that were driving illegal immigration down dramatically so that more agents were actually out patrolling the border. 2020 the arrests were pretty low.
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drug seizures increased because the cartel had nowhere to hide. today bill did a fantastic job covering those numbers. what a lot of people miss is today the cartel is controlling every single one of those crossing. they are scripting the quote, unquote, migrant crossings to create the gaps so drug smuggling like you just saw can take place. then the terrorist watch list is such a huge national security issue to this country. those are just the ones, the numbers that bill revealed, those are just the ones that we actually encountered. how many more were smart enough like the drug smugglers to wait until border patrol agents were overwhelmed and then come across? that 600,000 documented gotaways. those are known and evidence behind that. the border patrol today is leaving hundreds of miles of border completely unpat rolled because they are overwhelmed with the millions of illegal aliens the biden administration invited in. >> bill: every time i go to the
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airport i think about our open border and how many things we're doing in the airport just to get on a plane. check your bottle of water or whatever it is. here are the numbers again. september of this year 227,000, september a year prior 192,000, compare that to 2020 and 2019 it dwar fs the number. migrant encounters 2.3 million encounters the highest ever recorded in a single year. you could say yourself we aren't even trying. >> we aren't even trying. it is important for the viewers to understand secretary mayorkas runs the airports you just mentioned. and he tells everybody today, he lies by the way and says the border is secure. well, hundreds of miles of border are open and we have documented gotaways over 600,000. why is that defined as secure at the border but yet at the white house or tsa where he runs both those security apparatuss he must be using a
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different definition. more important than any of the numbers we're talking about today is the fact our federal government official, elected officials and appointed officials are blatantly lying to america and america needs to stand up and fight back. >> dana: the border is increasing as an issue in the mid-term elections. thank you for being on with us, rodney. the numbers are stunning. i asked bill that question about the media. when you have a record number, when you have a department -- agency releasing something at 11:00 p.m. on a friday night that is typically in my experience when the media comes an want to know, they want to -- they're curious and want to see. and there is nobody there but bill melugin, griff jenkins. >> bill: lack of curiosity, the numbers will continue this way if republicans gain control of the house, what was the origination of covid and why is
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the border open? >> dana: democrats pulled out of one of those races on the border there. in flores's district. they know they're going to lose. >> bill: we'll check that. there is this from earlier today. check it out. >> it seems that's been used to do something that was never intended, which is really giving the ability to the u.s. government to stop promoting really their -- what they believe misinformation. it was no doubt for us that covid, for example, came from the lab and yet facebook and other social media companies banned hundreds of people from saying that. >> bill: a federal judge ordering dr. fauci and jen psaki and other government officials to be deposed as part of a lawsuit against the administration. it alleges the government colluded with social media companies to censor free speech related to the coronavirus and other controversial topics. david spunt back on that today.
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department of justice beginning another interesting week there, david. good morning. >> good morning. dana, this comes from a federal judge in the state of louisiana after the attorneys general in louisiana and missouri filed a lawsuit earlier this year. now dr. anthony fauci who has been with the national institute of health since 1968, he was there in the press room with former president trump in the early days of covid. was the face of covid-19 for this country in many aspects. the lawsuit alleges that dr. fauci and others in the administration colluded with social media companies to censor free speech related to the virus. the judge who ordered dr. fauci and former white house press secretary jen psaki and others to sit for a deposition is a judge appointed and took the bench in 2018 during the trump presidency. missouri attorney general and the louisiana attorney general
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filed that lawsuit in may and argued in the suit that the biden administration pressured and colluded with big tech to not only stop free speech on covid origins but also information about the hunter biden laptop story. the president's son has not been charged with a crime but is under a federal investigation and has been for several years. we've reported in recent weeks the u.s. attorney in delaware is weighing formally indicting hunter biden. we reached out to fauci's office and the white house about these depositions and haven't heard back and don't know when they'll sit for the depositions. dr. fauci and jen psaki the former white house press secretary. the two biggest names on the list to sit for a deposition ordered bay federal judge. >> bill: david spunt watching that from d.o.j. >> dana: before we went to david i mentioned the dement congratulations pulled out of the border races. i say flores's district. it is mon today de la cruz.
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>> there are four districts that border texas and mexico. one of them is a republican gonzalez. so you will compete for the three others. it is going to be a big story on election night regardless how they turn out. >> dana: absolutely. watch here. >> the fact is that we fully intend to win. was i not clear? we are going to win this election. >> dana: let's make it clear. actually the speaker is maybe not reading the polls. two weeks out from the mid-terms aren't looking so good for the democrats even in deep blue states like new york. >> bill: rising crime is on many voters' minds in the empire state. we saw another violent random subway attack. when will it stop? many want to know. >> 13 people pushed in front of a train. that's not a one off, one crazy person acting, you know, with mental illness for something like that. this is a crisis.
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>> dana: that's david martin recalling the moment he was shoved onto the tracks as a subway station. one of the latest in the violent incident in the city's transit system. it came a day before hochul and adams unveiled a new plan to combat subway crime. we have more. >> this is unbelievable. the poor guy has a broken collarbone and says he doesn't ever want the ride the subway. he doesn't feel safe. the 32-year-old is afraid for his safety after this random
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attack in physical and emotional pain as he continues to replay the horrifying moment caught on camera over and over again. in the video you can see the guy in the yellow hoodie shove him onto the subway tracks. he charged right at him. martin ended up in the hospital grateful to be alive. >> i was walking and i was looking to see what time the train was coming and before i knew it, i was pushed with insane force onto the train tracks. i opened my eyes and i was looking down the tunnel. i was in too much pain immediately. my face was on fire. my whole left side by my shoulder was on fire. >> unbelievable. governor hochul and mayor adams are adding more cops and cameras to subway cars and platforms and care programs to help the homeless and mentally ill riding the trains at all hours of the night. it would add more than 1,000 extra overtime shifts every day.
7:19 am
>> we have a crime-fighting strategy. we've leaned into proven law enforcement strategies investing in new technologies to make a difference. >> republican challenger lee zeldin says it is a last-ditch effort for hochul to try to fix a huge problem. if he is elected he will declare the crime crisis across the state. >> we're here today to do our part to insure that people are able to live their life, that they're able to get from point a to point b safely. >> the police union is criticizing hochul's new plan saying the only way to provide real safety on the subway system is boost pay and recruit more crops. crimes will be top issues discussed at tomorrow's debate between zeldin and hochul. we'll keep a close eye on that. >> bill: over here on the board like what's most important to new yorkers crime checks in at 28%. inflation not too far behind at 20%. protecting democracy number
7:20 am
three at 14%. the debate tomorrow night in new york. got a debate in neighboring pennsylvania tomorrow night on the senate side. a lot of interesting stuff to watch. this is really what got the attention of a lot of people about a week ago. this quinnipiac poll put zeldin within 4 points. double digits until the poll. we'll see whether or not in the end. look at new york here, in the end whether or not that's the case. if it is, all these races that we've singled out here in new york, all right, these are key races marked in yellow, six here, another page here. so you have 12, okay? if the republican is within 4 points of the democrat in the state of new york, a lot of these key races will flip. that's just the way it works in very close elections. this year is new york city down here. you run to the hudson river valley, new york 18, a lot of attention.
7:21 am
pat ryan a veteran, democrat, very good candidate up against schmidt a republican veteran, very good candidate. watch to see how it goes right here. stay down here and look at new york 17. this is getting a ton of attention now because sean patrick maloney, democrat, is running in a new district. 75% of the voters in that new district are new voters to him and he is considered vulnerable right now. the head of the dccc. the democratic congressional campaign committee. he is in charge. right now we consider mike law lore, republican, to be challenging him for the seat north of new york city along the edge with new jersey and pennsylvania. with that let's move across the room, dana and pick up our conversation and talk to -- >> dana: we'll look geniuses with our timing. political report says the district you just showed is a toss-up now. it had leaned democratic and now maloney is vulnerable and
7:22 am
the republican candidate making waves in the traditionally blue state. mike lawlor joins us now. i knew the races were very competitive. i have a friend that works in democratic house races and he believes that the republicans will win all of the long island house seats and most of the hudson river valley. is that yours along there as well? >> i'm the immediate suburbs of new york city, rockland county where i represent in the state assembly. westchester where the clintons and soros lives and putnam and duchess county. 50% of households in it have a cop, a firefighter, a veteran or first responder. when you talk about crime being the top issue at 28% and inflation right behind it, that's what voters are concerned about. as i've been going around the district every day since the end of may that's what the frustration is. maloney as the chair of the dccc owns this. he voted 100% lock step with
7:23 am
nancy pelosi and joe biden. he hasn't been in the district. he has been gal vanting around the globe raising money in paris and geneva. voters see it and are tired of it and want change. >> bill: sometimes the parties will give us a head fake and you are threatened and in the end it doesn't turn out the to be that way. what suggests otherwise now? >> our latest poll has us up six points and we've been ahead throughout this race. as you mentioned 75% of the district is new for him. i'm coming out of rockland county, 42% of the district. i have lived there my whole life. my family has been there over 100 years he doesn't know anybody there. he isn't addressing the things of concern. he said his top priority was enacting cashless bail. crime is up 36% in new york city, 40% of those released on
7:24 am
no bail have been rearrested while the charges are pending. >> dana: he was on with jonathan carl over the weekend. listen to your opponent here. >> can we really see democrats in trouble in new york of all places? >> the other side is acting like angry people and they are lashing out with what they've got, big, dark, maga millions. they are lighting on fire 7 million trying to beat me. they'll lose the seat and wish they had the 7 million in races they can win. they aren't good at their jobs. >> dana: this hasn't really happened since i believe 1992. the party was able to take out somebody as high up in leadership as he is. with cook political report changes a race from lean democrat to toss-up they must see a tremendous amount of movement. last word. >> what you heard was a mega meltdown coming from maloney. november 8th we'll be the face of the red wave and defeat the
7:25 am
chair of the dccc and nancy pelosi's reign once and for all as speaker. fire to support us to take out the chair of the dccc. >> dana: you'll know early on in the night. >> bill: we'll have an indication and idea. the thing about new york when we talk about the governor's race, george ptacek was the last republican to win in 2000 2. >> voters are less concerned about party and more concerned about the issues, crime and inflation are driving this. lee zeldin will be the next governor. >> bill: we'll remember that comment. >> dana: play it back. thank you. >> bill: police in atlanta proofing no place is safe from the drug trade. officers raiding stash houses close to popular family attractions. student test scores for reading
7:26 am
and math dropping like a stone as we emerge from the pandemic. some areas did better than others. where was that? how can we do better? former governor jeb bush looks at the impact of school lockdowns on your child. >> we can't just write it off and say yeah, there was a generation of kids who got cheated.
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(snorting) if you struggle with cpap... (groan) (growling) (chuckle) should check out inspire. no mask. no hose. just sleep. (beeping) learn more and view important safety information at >> dana: the nation's report card. math and reading for students falling victim to the pandemic. a major focus for parents in the mid-term elections math scores with the biggest drop ever. reading scores at the lowest level in decades. another study shows dramatically lower scores in schools with lockdowns where kids were forced to stay home and learn online. former governor jeb bush is calling out leaders for letting
7:32 am
test scores plummet. how would you describe the scope and scale of this problem? >> it's a disaster. i guess it should be expected that if you spend two years out of the classroom in many cases, we had a problem before and it has gotten a loss worse. this should be a call to arms. we should put aside the hyper partisanship that dominates life in washington and realize this really is important that kids learn how to read and learn how to calculate math in allowing them to live a life of purpose and meaning. right now it's at risk. lots of things could be done. >> dana: i read something this weekend any kid trying to learn algebra by zoom didn't get it. and that affects you for the rest of your life. >> and pre-algebra as well. we don't have in elementary schools, we don't have teachers that know how to teach math. we basically had a system where
7:33 am
we haven't trained enough math teachers at an early age. we should change that. we have drops in reading where it's clear we need to start at an early age to identify the challenges that young people face. make sure they have trained teachers on the science of reading basically teaching phonics rather than whole language, the weird idea you can have kids guess the words rather than actually sound them out. we need to have literacy coaches in every elementary school and every middle school. we need to make sure that the kids that are lagging behind both in reading and math get special attention and we also need to empower parents to be able to make choices for their children. states like arizona have done that with the esas, education savings accounts where you can customize the experience. all that money appropriated that still hasn't been spent that goes to school districts ought to be used for this. to create these bottom-up strategies to make sure we
7:34 am
recoup some of these dramatic losses. >> bill: i think about my own family. my sister is a high school teacher, a great teefrp and loves her job. she has been teaching french for 20 years and does esl, english as a second language. when immigrants come they spend more time with her than they do their own family. but yet you talk about the solutions being simple and you rattled a few of those off there. i think what the pandemic showed us is how much power the unions have and when you allow the unions to have that power in conjunction with a democratic administration, boy, that power goes 5 or 10x. instead of working around those unions have you thought about how we can work with them? >> i think we need to work with teachers but when the unions basically their job is proper protect the adults in the system. they do a good job of that.
7:35 am
their job isn't rising student achievement as the highest priority. democrats and republicans should work with schools of education, with teachers across their states to make sure that they are equipped to be able to teach reading and to teach math and to have an objective that every kid eventually takes algebra. that's a leading indicator of going to college and being able to get a job. but there is a big cultural war going on. big political fight that gets in the way of all this. sometimes a crisis creates the opportunity to think differently and think anew. i hope that happens now. >> bill: do you work with them or around them? >> dana: i just need to give you the last word how you think parents might be factoring in education into this mid-term election. >> well, i think in many places when you get these big spikes in the cultural issues parents are very alarmed. when you see these test scores on top of it, i think it will become an important issue.
7:36 am
crime and inflation, the border, all those things are going to be important as well. but man, i mean, this country really has to reform how we educate our children. we spend more per student than any country in the world other than belgium and we have these horrible outcomes. our country deserves far better and our next generation needs it. i spend a lot of my time on this because i think it's far more important than issue than politics and elect people who want to reform our system. >> bill: chilling moment in china over the weekend. the country's former president suddenly escorted out of the major communist party meeting. significant deal here. historical. general jack keane how it shows a frightening exchanges of xi's power for the next five years and perhaps beyond. >> this was a deliberate
7:37 am
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>> dana: the man charged with murder at a dallas hospital on saturday and wearing prison officials say he was convicted for robbery and released on parole last year and now accused of killing two maternity ward nurses before police shot and wounded him. >> xi has cemented his place at the emotion important or of china. eliminated term limits.
7:43 am
essentially he is dictator for life now. he told his military to prepare for war by 2027. >> bill: a warning from the florida veteran michael waltz now as president xi is appointed to a third term as head of the chinese communist party. after the chilling scene from over the weekend. his predecessor sitting to his left is the man standing now escorted out of the closing ceremony in a public display of dismissal. no explanation given. jack keane, senior strategic analyst and former vice chief of staff for the army. general, good morning to you. it was quite a moment. what do you think it means, general? what do you take from it? >> this whole party congress week while scripted as it is and all decisions made before it starts. it is always somewhat revealing. in some cases very
7:44 am
intentionally so as we just witnessed there. his former predecessor, is an elder statesman. he is at the party congress as a matter of courtesy to him and for his leadership. they fundamentally moved him out of there to demonstrate how powerful president xi is. everybody sitting there probably got the same reaction that we all do. a chilling experience to watch somebody who has been in leadership positions most of their adult life and being treated in publicly humiliated like that. it is about power. the other things very revealing is as we saw over the weekend, the announcement of who are the key committee members. the number one committee is the standing committee of seven that president xi heads and is part of. in the past most of those committee members have been mostly president xi loyalists.
7:45 am
today they are exclusively president xi loyalists as he put four new members on it. then you look at the politburo committee. no woman present. given their backgrounds, it is clear that there is a higher priority for national security and political security versus the growth of the economy while moving very aggressively forward to become a technological powerhouse. and they obviously steal much of that technology. so what we can conclude here when you look at xi's speech and the membership and the treatment of his predecessor, he really has centralized power. limitless power and control of china and willing to confront the west and our democracies led by the united states to achieve his political and geopolitical goals, no doubt
7:46 am
about it. >> bill: questions about taiwan, the technology sector in china is in freefall. down 10% today. do we know whether xi jinping can rise the chinese horse the right way, or has he shown the lack of capacity to be the effective leader that many expect him to be for 1.35 billion people? >> there is no doubt that he has the authority. he is the most malicious, aggressive and ambitious leader since mao. it is also external and wants to be the world's global leader. in a sense he is considerably more ambitious. i think the head winds he has with his economy and the ccp ties itself to survival. the regime survival to the fact
7:47 am
that people in china have hope for a better life for their children is the basic premise and china, the ccp works very hard to make sure of that. that certainly is one of the things putting pressure on him. he will move forward despite those concerns and will confront the world and he is going to confront the united states. we have to wake up and take this seriously. we are still sitting on our hands too much. we don't have an effective military deterrence now and we have to move quickly to shore up that problem. we could lose a war with china. we have to wake up to that reality. >> bill: jack keane, thank you for your analysis today. stay tuned. thank you, sir, nice to see you. >> great talking to you. have a great week. >> dana: a new op-ed argues our criminal justice has been trying to remove all forms of stigma against people with mental health conditions for
7:48 am
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helping them achieve financial freedom. we're investing for our clients in the projects that power our economy. from the plains to the coasts, we help americans invest for their future. and help communities thrive. >> harris: democrats doing shape shifting trying to rally their base and save themselves. maybe they were trying to sneak it by so they dumped some very disturbing news late friday night. the biden administration released historic numbers on the inundation of people along our southern border. we didn't miss it. the deep dive is on. new evidence of just how much our children are suffering because of mandated school shutdowns. reports decades low scores in math and reading.
7:54 am
congresswoman kat cammack, phil flynn, "the faulkner focus" top of the hour. >> bill: popular atlanta tourist spots are turning to crime scenes. multiple stash houses were busted steps from a children's museum and park. >> good morning, bill. atlanta police say they found millions of dollars worth of drugs and weapons in at least two stash houses set up in luxury apartment buildings surrounded by tourist areas in downtown atlanta. look at this. this month police say officers raided a condo. inside they allegedly found cocaine, heroin, marijuana and firearms valued at nearly $2 million on the street. that followed this raid of a separate stash house in another luxury building weeks prior saying they seized drugs.
7:55 am
they are sitting footsteps away from tourist and family attractions like the georgia aquarium and coca-cola. one next door to the children's museum of atlanta. more disturbing is where police say some of these drugs are coming from. >> clearly this amount of drugs and narcotic seized, we would have to think it deals with cartel. that's cartel weight. to a man on this department we're responsible for neutralizing gangs, guns and drugs. certainly the narcotics unit is doing their share. >> police have identified this man, jeffrey freeman with the first raid. police said he was nowhere to be found. they're searching and asking for the public's helping h*e finding his location.
7:56 am
police are more grateful for the fact they were able to get all these drugs off the street. >> bill: thank you. charles watson from atlanta. >> dana: the medical journal argues in a new special issue that discrimination against mental illness is worse than the condition itself. in a new op-ed our next guest rejects the claim and writes woke anti-stigma efforts are only making mental health worse. president michael shellenberger joins us. what's an example, michael, of wokeness when it comes to mental health? >> good to be with you. in the article i talk about three cases where these efforts to destigmatize mental illness have gone too far particularly in the criminal justice system. people who commit violent crimes and released without any sort of treatment or any
7:57 am
requirements they take medicine and then they go on to kill. this is very serious stuff here. we should have a lot of compassion for people with serious mental illness but there are reasons why we fear people in psychotic states and ranting, there are reasons why the police need to be involved in responding to 911 calls of people with mental illness involved. this idea that people with mental illness, that they are just the same as everybody else and there is no higher risk of violence is disproven by the scientific literature and common sense. so i think that this kind of woke demand that we destigmatize everything, we should not stigmatize people with mental illness but treat them as fellow humans but have a stigma against untreated mental illness. it is a sickness and one that can lead to violence and even death. >> dana: just this weekend the mayor of new york and governor of new york have said they are going to add 1200 cops to the
7:58 am
subway system but they will also have care teams they're called to deal with the mentally ill. perhaps a really good idea but do you think -- can that work? people walk around, i know in san francisco as well and other cities, denver, for example, austin, you have this problem all across our country and people are fed up. i don't know -- i'm not trained to step in and maybe prevent somebody from hurting another person. i'm kind of at my wit's end. what is the answer? is a care team that? >> understandably we aren't trained to deal with -- ordinary folks aren't trained to deal with people suffering psychotic episodes and it's scary and keep your distance. people can lash out dangerously. we have a lot of people with serious mental on the streets.
7:59 am
we let them out of hospitals and we don't have an answer. and it is good to have people with social workers with police but they have to be with police officers because so many people that are psychotic are a threat to themselves or others. it is a matter of working together. you need to have the police involved. >> dana: and somewhere for them to go as well. thankfully people like you come up with ideas and solutions. good to see you. >> see you. >> bill: really important message. >> dana: a theme throughout all our shows. it is not just happening in new york city but all across the country. >> bill: a couple of seconds before we go. roll it. end on a happy note. philadelphia philly fans are fanatical when it comes to the team. that was evident in the late night celebration. the phillies defeated the padres and went to the world
8:00 am
series. the police greased sign polls. how did it work? >> dana: i'll have to ask jesse watters tonight. >> the evidence is on screen. >> dana: is jesse there? he was originally from philly. >> phillies and houston in the world series. should be a good one in 2022. >> dana: congratulations to the bengals. >> bill: sorry about the broncos. >> dana: every sunday. harris faulkner is up next. here she is. >> harris: with just 15 days to go democrats doing some shape shifting the try to save themselves and rally their base. however, voters know whose policies are in place amid high inflation, the weakening ability to buy food and gas, and high crime. can democrats fix all of that by november 8th? millions of people are already voting early. i'm harris faulkner and you are in "the faulkner focus". one high profile democrat has a blunt message for his party.


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