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tv   The Story With Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  October 24, 2022 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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learn more and view important safety information at >> martha: good afternoon. i'm martha maccallum. an absolutely dismal report on how we are failing at educating american kids and preparing them the compete in the world. we'll talk to mike pompeo about that. he joins me and senator ted cruz here today. first, the top order of business. 15 days to go, right? it was six months ago five minutes ago but now it's around the corner. really surprising democrat candidates in states like
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new york and california now under pressure. michigan. we'll take a look at the governor's race. we'll take a look at those. these are the headlines, this is what is being talked about today. politco, big republican gains. "the washington post," democrats fear that the mid-term map is slipping away from them. and axios is showing a red tsunami. president biden moments ago said this. >> so far we're running against the tide and we're beating the tide. we just have 15 days until one of the most important elections in our lifetime. it's going to shape the way this country looks like for the coming decade. >> he did zero campaigning over the weekend. let's bring in fox news contributor josh kraushaar. these are the senate toss-up races as you see them and as we see them. nevada, arizona, georgia, pennsylvania. let's take a quick look at
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arizona. this is a race that at one point the senate leadership committee said, blake masters is on his own. right? now this thing is tightening up. what do you see, josh? >> martha, you know there's a wave environment when you have a candidate in blake masters that mitch mcconnell didn't want to invest in, was worried that he wasn't a strong enough of a candidate against senator mark kelly. yet the polls are tightening in arizona. it's a very close race. a lot of the undecided voters across the country including in arizona breaking towards the republicans. so that's what the you see in a wave. it's not about the candidate quality all the time. it's about voters registering their discontent against the white house, against the party in power. that happens across the country in races no matter the caliber of the candidates that are running. >> martha: do you think in arizona, josh, that the attention that's being paid to kari lake who is running for governor is that helping blake
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masters? is that boosting him as well? >> so i'm hearing that there are a lot of lake-blake signs in arizona because blake masters is running a little bit behind kari lake. and kari lake has more political momentum. so republicans are hoping to use kari lake's popularity with the base to get blake masters over the finish line. it may work. if enough republicans show up and vote straight ticket in arizona. >> martha: it may. the headline writers, we'll see if you're right in 15 days about how big this is. you're saying a seismic shift that includes some house races. i mentioned before -- let's put up the fox news power rankings. you'll see 33 of those, the yellow, hard to see, it's in the middle of the screen there. i'll just tell you about four of them are california races. four of them are new york races. democrats thought that those new york races were going to be
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helped by redistricting. now it turns out that that doesn't appear to be the case. here's the d.c.c. chair. he's up against mike lawler in this race. how do you see this one, josh? >> i always like to say follow the money when it comes to house races. there's not a lot of polling out there. the money tells you what the picture is looking like. yeah, democrats are spending a lot of money now at the last minute to try to protect their own leader, sean patrick malone in a double digit district that joe biden carried just in 2020. when you look at the big picture, republicans are spending over $25 million in house districts that joe biden won by double digits just two years ago. that is why we're seeing the growing possibility of a big red wave. you don't see these districts come in to play very often. only when you see a big year
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shaping up for the republican party. >> martha: follow the money is right. it's a point that is worth pointing out again. $25 million going to races, house races across the country that president biden won by double digits, that no party wants to be doing that but here's what they're doing. here's biden approval number. among registered independent voters here, they've gone from 33% approve in january, now down to 18%. so despite the fact the message has been things are getting better, inflation is transitory, they're just joshing you, no pun intended, when they tell you crime isn't happening. it's also reverberating in these governor's races. let's put up some of these governor's races that i don't think most of us in the beginning -- you had the michigan race, tudor dixon and gretchen whitmire. that is tightening. here's some of the other ones. what are your observations, josh?
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>> the economy is the number 1 issue across the country. in these governor's races, especially the blue state governors races, crime is number 1. oregon, republicans are optimistic that they can win the oregon governor's race because crime and homelessness are just a huge problem in portland and in other parts of the state. new york, we're starting to hear more about the new york governor's race between governor hochul and lee zeldin because of the crime issue. crime is the number 1 issue in the state of new york, especially new york city. lee zeldin is campaigning more than any other republican that i can remember in the city of new york. he thinks he can win some democratic voters, people that don't usually vote republican. the governor's -- those races are less partisan and more blue state voters that are more willing this year to consider a republican candidate. >> martha: we'll see. independent women voters are
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going to be very pivotal in this race. they care about abortion, but they also care about crime and they care about price of meat and the price of eggs and all of those things when they go to the store. so it's really interesting what's going on out there. we'll see, josh. thanks very much. we'll see lots of you over the next couple weeks. in fact, we'll see josh wednesday. he will be with us when we head to harrisburg, pennsylvania. that's also where we find bryan llenas who is following one of the nation's closest races as john fetterman and republican dr. mehmet oz prepare to square off in a big debate that will happen tomorrow night. we'll be there on the ground to find out what pennsylvania voters thought about what they saw in maybe what will be the most closely-watched debate of the season. >> another thing, i need a -- an elephant in the room. we had a stroke back in may.
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it really -- and despite all that i -- survived to be back and that makes i'm going to fight for you all because i'm back out. >> martha: bryan llenas is fresh off of a visit to braddock. that is where john fetterman made his name. he was mayor there for 13 years. hi, bryan. what are you learning in braddock? >> hi, martha. yeah, we spent the weekend in braddock, pennsylvania. now in harrisburg. really, in braddock is where he made his name. his political career started there. his political ads even say that he "rebuilt" braddock. he lives there. he has the dates marking when someone violently died in the old steel town on one arm. the statistics tell a different story. under fetterman, the population dropped 40% to just 1,700 people. the poverty rate increased and the number of violent crime
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incidents actually went up. >> one resident told me braddock rebuilt? take a look and you. there's nothing here. other locals have accused fetterman of being a carpet bagger. braddock became about him and less than the community. >> when he ran for mayor, hopes that he would bring it back. i think he just used it as a stepping stone. he didn't really turn braddock around. he bought property for himself, which he's profiting from. >> you would think as the major, you would reach out to the local businesses, say i'm the mayor, if there's anything i can do let me know. that never happened. the renaissance of braddock coming back never did happen. how many vacant buildings do we have here. >> those were braddock businessmen, conservatives that say they gave fetterman a shop.
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under fetterman there 80 no murders for five years, his campaign says. he says he brought local affordable housing and a community center. >> he gave people the opportunity to open up business. you can't blame that all on him. >> everything don't happen overnight. everything is over time. it's over time. >> yeah, i do believe there's a hope. there is hope. he brought that. he brought that back. >> now, as mayor fetterman was notoriously absent city council meetings and ass will governor of pennsylvania, the a.p. reported that he was often absent from state business in harrisburg. a big topic could be his background tomorrow as we watch that debate tomorrow. martha? >> martha: we'll be watching that together. there on the ground in harrisburg this coming wednesday. bryan, thanks very much. we'll get reaction from some folks. independent voters what do they think.
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did the debate change their mind. how does john fetterman do on the stage and how does dr. oz handle the questions about where he's from and the issues that have been major to this campaign process in pennsylvania. a very interesting part of the story here. mike pompeo, who fought to uncover covid's origins when he was secretary of state on what happened in the wake of covid. historic learning loss for children across this country that resulted from those shutdowns. that is next. before we begin, i'd like to thank our sponsor, liberty mutual. they customize your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. and by switching, you could even save $652. thank you, liberty mutual. now, contestants ready? go! why? why? only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty.♪
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>> martha: children in the united states failing to learn fundamental skills during the pandemic. it's no shock to this program. we talked about this a lot over the last 1 1/2 years.
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the latest numbers from the national assessment of educational progress show not a single state improved fourth or eighth grade math or reading scores since 2019. the vast majority of states dropped to their lowest scores in decades. in a moment, mike pompeo, former secretary of state, an advocate for more choice in education. first to mark meredith. hi, mark. >> good afternoon to you. this report is comprehensive. it confirms what many parents, teachers and politicians long suspected. the pandemic had a negative impact on education especially for elementary and middle school students. math and reading scored were compared of 446,000 students in fourth and eighth great. in terms of math comprehension, fourth grade scores dropped. there was a steeper decline when it comes to eighth grade math
12:17 pm
scores where students scored eighth points lower. the drop-off may impact an entire generation of kids. >> this should be alarming to nobody looking at it. i don't think the nation has ever had results that looked this bad before. it lets me know there's a lot of children out there struggling and need very specific help. >> when it comes to reading, the government found a three-point drop in fourth and eighth great students. secretary miguel cardonas called the results unacceptable. >> parents are tired of the politics getting in the way. let's work together, this is not a red and bluish you. people bring politics in to the classrooms. we know what to do. >> this goes beyond the classroom and will impact the mid-terms. republican candidates continue to accuse the biden administration and democrats of
12:18 pm
supporting prolonged school closures longer than necessary and this will bring it up to voters minds before voting begins. martha? >> martha: with that, we bring in mike pompeo, former secretary state, a fox news contributor. he plans to speak about america's civic education crisis later this week. thanks for being here today. i'm struck by the things that we see focused on. we see focus on climate change, an efforts to forgive student loans. why is there not an outcry at the white house about how dramatically our students have slipped and fallen so far behind other nations? >> martha, thanks for having me on. the answer is two words. teacher's unions. the teacher's unions drove these kids out of the classrooms for two full years. to hear secretary cardonas say driving politics out of the classroom is rich. they've been driving it in to
12:19 pm
the classroom. they ignored the science. we talked about this when the virus was unleased be the chinese communist party. for two full years, the biden administration is beholden to the teachers unions. they kept them out of the schools and kept them from learning, this will impact employers across america. the work force won't have the skills that they need and impact families whose children are so far behind. >> martha: here's the nation's math scores. these are the numbers that fall below the basic understanding in math. so 38% fall below the basic understanding. what really shocked me when i looked into these numbers is that even in 2019, our kids were basically failing. it's a score of 500.
12:20 pm
they're around 250. that number fell even more dramatically during the course of the pandemic. again, you know, the outrage, the concern, i don't feel it or see it on the part of our leaders in this country. that probably goes across both parties. you know, why isn't there a program, catch our kids up? why isn't that happening? >> it's got to happen. that's why i'm going to talk about it this friday. they locked our kids out of school for two years and the they wanted to lock up parents that were accused of being domestic terrorists because they wanted their kids to learn. martha, i ran a machine shop before i ran for congress. we needed students out of high school and college. to be able to engage with their fellow colleagues to make things. the capacity for america to educate the next america. i was working on things across the world these last four years.
12:21 pm
this is nothing that will undermine this republic than the absence of education. we need an effort to give kids choice about where they go to school and help their kids make that decision well. >> martha: parents need to walk in to the school and say can you tell me what you're doing to get my kid caught up, this is a crisis level operation that is handled. if the department of education is worth anything, they ought to handle this. i want to switch gears. this video was shocking that we saw over the weekend. this is the number 2 in leadership under president xi in china. he was pulled out of this government meeting and escorted out against his will. let's watch this.
12:22 pm
remarkable. he got yanked out of his seat. he didn't want to leaf. he turns to his old friend, president xi. what's going on? what do you see here? what are you seeing in this? >> that's the former leader of china being escorted out by the most powerful man. a man that not only controls every apparatus of power inside the chinese communist party but intent on changing the way we live. those stories are not disconnected. we have to confront what is going to be an enormous onslaught by the chinese communist party which wants to change the way we live. the chinese arei kids. president xi wanted to show these in control and this is his show. that should tell america the mission we'll have the next decade. >> martha: our kids can't read and write and our history and
12:23 pm
what we're about, we will fail against china. it's that urgent. >> if we teach our kids that 1619 project, we're in a lot of trouble, martha. >> martha: thanks, mike pompeo. former secretary of state. former head of cia. thank you. coming up, we'll be join by ted cruz, republican senator. he's here in new york as the number of illegals flooding across the border now hit another new high under president biden's watch. protesters cause chaos today also at "the view." >> last year the federal government took in $4 trillion in tax revenue. most money in history that we've taken in. the problem is we spent nearly $7 trillion. that's -- >> we do cover climate here, guys. >> excuse me, excuse me, ladies. excuse us. let us do our job. let us do our job. we hear what you have to say but you got to go.
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i cannot miss her big debut. with your booster, i think you'll be there. for every twirl. so while we're here... ...flu shot, as well? let's do it. when you need to talk vaccinations, our pharmacists are here. >> martha: take a look at the number of arrests at the southern border. more than 227,000 last month. so brings the fiscal year total to 2.3 million. i mean, sometimes these numbers wash over you. that means 2,300,000 plus people have crossed the border illegally. just this year alone. you have the terror suspects that have also crossed the
12:28 pm
border at a record-breaking rate. 98 people on the suspected terror list walked in. that's four times as many as the past few years combined during the trump years, 11 got across. now we have 98 this year alone. where are they? texas senator ted cruz is here with me in new york today. first to bill melugin who watches all of this up close and personal in eagle pass, texas. hi, bill. >> hi, martha. good afternoon to you. the fiscal year 2023 started october 1. we're picking up with fiscal 2022 left off. case in point, take a look at this video in eagle pass. a little town called normandy. this is a large group of illegal immigrants coming across at the same time. most of them single adults turning themselves in to border patrol. cbp sources tell us in the first
12:29 pm
three weeks of october here, we have already had more than 29,000 illegal crossings in this sector. that represents a 50% increase over the same time last year. take a look at this wild video out of the rio grande valley provided to us by a source. this is a group of drug smugglers that swam across. they're carrying drugs. in broad daylight, they load up a waiting vehicle with the drugs. the men go back to mexico and the car drives off. texas dps tells us that they later got in a pursuit with the driver and arrested him. take a look at the photos. once they pulled the car over, they found ten bundles of marijuana in the car. 240 pounds of it. it was a 18-year-old u.s. citizen that was behind the wheel. he laughed for his photo. in arizona a human smuggling
12:30 pm
stash house bust in between phoenix and tucson. border patrol finding 46 illegal immigrants crammed in a stash house. that is pretty inland to arizona's interior showing migrants got far in to arizona before they were caught by law enforcement. those stash houses dangerous and deadly. back out here live. case in point, fiscal year 2022 was the deadliest year on record for migrants. cbp sources say 856 migrants died in the border in fiscal year 2022. that is the highest ever recorded. back to you. >> martha: and they don't have room for all of the dead among the migrants, so they're storing bodies in refrigerated containers. it's a grim reminder of the untenable session there. bill melugin at the border. ted cruz is here with us. he has a new book "how the left
12:31 pm
weaponized our legal system." congratulations. great to have you with us. one of the questions that comes into my mind when i listen to bill melugin's report, if it's true that republicans may retake the house and possibly the senate as well as we've been talking about today based on what we're seeing out there, would they complete a wall across the southern border? what would be different in this situation? >> well, listen, let me say bill melugin's reporting is incredibly important. he's one of the few journalists reporting on the chaos on the southern border. the video, the coverage he puts out is really important. this is a manmade crisis. it was cased by joe biden and the democrats. three decisions they made caused this crisis. number 1, halted construction of the border wall. number 2, that reinstated catch and release and number 3, biden pulled out of the remain in mexico policy. that's what caused this crisis. we went from under donald trump the lowest illegal immigration
12:32 pm
in 45 years to now under joe biden, the highest illegal immigration ever reported. 4.4 million have crossed illegal since joe biden became us. my book lays out the utter lawlessness of this administration. the reason for that crisis, biden and the doj refuse to follow the law. the way to stop it, we have to deport people across illegally. if you don't do it, you'll never solve the problem. >> martha: i asked you what would change. would we see a wall -- people are going, i have to wait two more years to see this problem go away? real quick. >> we need majorities in both houses, we need hearings, oversight and impeach alejandro mayorkas and we need to fight to defund the 87,000 new irs agents and put that funding on securing the border. biden and the democrats will fight us. it will be a battle. next year it will be a battle where republican leadership will be less than eager to take on
12:33 pm
the democrats. i hope when we have majorities, we use it and fight because this fight matters. >> martha: it's incumbent upon -- if you win the majority, people want to see results. so let's see this today. you had an interesting time so far in new york. you went to a baseball game and didn't get a warm welcome. then you were on "the view" today and this happened. watch this. >> excuse me, excuse me, ladies, ladies. excuse us. let us do our job. let us do our job. we hear what you have to say but you got to go. you got to go. you got to let us do our job. you have to let us do our job. >> martha: so what were they pro tersing? >> they were climate radicals and screaming. it shut "the view" down for a while. it was a bit of a circus. the reason i went on "the view", it's think it's important that conservatives reach much more broadly than just preaching to
12:34 pm
the choir. we need to reach a lot of the viewers of "the view" have seen one story the whole time. a few minutes later, whoopi goldberg said she was obsessed with january 6 and say it's only republicans that engage in violence. i couldn't help but laugh. i said did you miss an entire year of antifa riots all over the country fire bombing cities? whoopy insists, i don't know what you're talking about what antifa riots? what the book "justice corrupted" does is walks through the lawlessness of barack obama and joe biden politicizing the department of justice, politicizing the fbi and the irs and using it to target their enemies. it think it's an incredible threat to the rule of law and our liberty. this book tries to explain what the threat is. it's also the first inside account of what happened on january 6. i was standing will objecting on the senate floor. i walked the readers through
12:35 pm
what was going on behind closed doors in the senate and the legal challenges. as you know, president trump asked me to argue his case before the supreme court if the supreme court had tape it. i described that case and what the fight was about. >> martha: ted cruz, senator from texas. thanks very much. good to have you here. >> thank you, martha. >> martha: it's tough to be a visitor in new york. congratulations to your astros.people were flipping the bird and doing all kinds of rude things. >> my only answer to that, scoreboard. >> martha: i know. tough day for yankee fans. it's a mets fan. we have a lot of tough days. thanks, senator. thanks for beinger here today. president biden telling his party that republicans will make inflation worse. a new poll shows he's out of touch with voters on that issue. stephen moore and austan goolsbee will duke it out. the big election 15 days away.
12:36 pm
>> when i hear people talk about inflation, we have to change that subject. inflation is a global phenomenon. e're hard at work, helping them achieve financial freedom. we're investing for our clients in the projects that power our economy. from the plains to the coasts, we help americans invest for their future. and help communities thrive.
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>> martha: terrible video and a terrible incident today. kids running for their lives at a shooting at high school in st. louis. police say the school was locked but a gunman broke, in killed a women, killed a teen and injured six other people. the police killed him in a shootout. one girl said she came face to face with the gun manned and his weapon jammed and she got away. police say he was about 20 years old. no word on a motive. a terrifying school shooting and two people lost their lives today in st. louis. so you can see this list of what people really care about as we get close to this election. inflation is topping the list of
12:41 pm
the most important thing. look at this. a majority of americans in that same monmouth poll, 63% say that the president doesn't focus enough on the things that matter to them and their families. 63%. that number really caught my attention over the course of the weekend. let's bring in stephen moore, founder of the committee to unleash prosperity and austan goolsbee from the obama administration and professor at the booth school of business in chicago. great to have you with us today. austan, 63% say the president doesn't pay attention to the things that they care about, which turn out to be inflation and crime. your thoughts. >> well, i mean, when the inflation rate is high, it's going to be reflected in the polls. you see that in europe, too. they're having massive strikes and protests about the cost of living and inflation in france,
12:42 pm
in the u.k., in germany. >> martha: is that supposed to make americans feel better, austan? >> it doesn't. that's my point. it doesn't make them feel better. it only informs, is it because of some policy that is happening in the united states. in the end, it doesn't make any difference. inflation is high. >> martha: people are saying that he's not addressing what matters to them. he's talking about other thing. he's keeps saying wow, look what we've done with the deficit. people say ketchup is $8. feels like he's talking past people. i think it's very reflected in that number, steve. >> i agree with that. when trump was president for four years, the average inflation rate was 2%. when he left office, it was 1.5%. the congressional budget office said that we would have inflation of 3 or 4%.
12:43 pm
we're 8.5%. how did that happen? we spent and borrowed and printed $4 trillion through these massive spending bills. republicans to their credit opposed this. most of them were passed with only democratic votes. to tie this to these upcoming elections, it's one of the reasons that democrats will face a very high price in november. because it's not complicated in my opinion to connect the debts between these massive spending bills, multi-trillions and the fact that we have inflation. you dump that money in the economy that will cause prices to rise. >> martha: 5 of the 7.5 trillion were passed under donald trump. so how do you reconcile that? >> look, there was -- by the way, i was opposed to most of those spending bills. but you're right. republicans are not blameless, martha. austan is right here. the politicians have spent too much money. but when are we going to do something about it? the president is trying to move
12:44 pm
forward with a $500 billion bailout of student loans. it never ends. >> martha: it doesn't. it's interesting to me, the american people are very smart and they understand what is happening and see that costs have gone up. they do understand a lot of it comes from the massive spending that the government has put in place. now, we both know that in a couple of weeks, the question is going to turn to who is running in 2024 for president. you know, there may be a block against some of this, this policy if republicans do take the house and the senate. but the president was asked that question. this response is getting a lot of attention or initial lack of response, austan. take a look what you think about the current president. >> i have not made that formal decision. it's my intention. my intention to run again. we have time to make that decision. >> dr. biden is for it? mr. president? >> dr. biden thinks that -- my
12:45 pm
wife thinks that -- that i -- that we're doing something very important. and i shouldn't walk away from it. >> martha: does that concern you? any of these responses, the slowness of it? does it concern you, austan? >> is that for me? >> yes. >> no, it doesn't concern me. what do you mean? they're trying to put him on the spot about decisions in 2 1/2 years. he doesn't want to answer. >> martha: you think he should run >> me? >> martha: yes. you want to see him. for four more years. do you want to see that? austan? austan? to me. >> do you want to see him be president for four more years? >> it's not up to me. i think he has a track record. we'll see how the economy is doing when he runs.
12:46 pm
he's had a lot of legislative accomplishments and i think the first mid-term always goes badly for the incumbent. that doesn't tell you anything about what the it will be for president. >> martha: all right, a question that gets everybody's tongue. i have to go. have to leave it there. >> i want him to run as a republican. >> martha: there you go. you're on the report. thanks, steve. good to see you both. top of mind for american voters, rising crime. the stories on the front pages of our papers are so upsetting. it's an issue that came up in a hot debate, in a tight senate race in washington state. jason rantz, a radio host, when our coverage continues. >> we have a crime crisis in washington state. our cities are being destroyed by crime. our police are not being supported. >> in that slew of a response, you did not hear anything about gun violence. this is an issue that we need to address.
12:47 pm
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>> martha: a warning. this video is tough to watch. it's the reality of the new york city subway system. the man in the yellow hoodie plants his feet and he waits for the person to walk in front of him and slams him down on the subway tracks that happened in brooklyn friday. police are still looking for the suspect. the 32-year-old was not hit by a train thank god but he broke his collar bone. his mother said he's so distraught, he's suicidal. he's so terrified of his own city. the city just announced they're going to add hundreds of police to overtime shifts and try to get more officers in to the
12:52 pm
subway creating new psychiatric units to help people with severe mental illness. it's about time. crime is one of the issues that came up in the debate in the washington senate race. republican tiffany smiley trying to topple democrat patty murray who has been in the senate for 30 years. dan springer with the story from seattle. hi, dan. >> hi, martha. it got heated self times. tiffany smiley was on the attack all night long blaming patty murray and her party for inflation, high gas prices and rising crime. murray held a campaign rally over the weekend to boost enthusiasm. senate democrat elizabeth warren joined her but the crowd was small. murray has focused on abortion and january 6. >> i will fight every day to make sure that we never allow those people that continue the big lie and including my
12:53 pm
opponent on her website before she changed it in july to question that election. that sows mistrust in our country for democracy. >> i want to ask, do you believe that me and my family are a threat to democracy, senator murray? tell everyone here today either that or disavow your campaign's dangerous rhetoric that has spent millions of dollars to attack and paint me as someone that i am not. >> smiley very emotional there. she's a veteran's advocate whose husband lost his eyesight in a suicide bombing while fighting for the country. smiley blames democrats pushing lacks drug laws and open southern border and plus defunding. in the seattle area this year, there's been 439 fentanyl overdose deaths. that's more than last year
12:54 pm
already. >> we're allowing people to poison themselves to death and we do nothing. just go along with d.c. and do nothing. >> murray's answer to rising crime is "a ban on dangerous weapon." purchasery show murray in a lead in single digits in a state that joe biden won by 18 points. >> martha: this race has ti tightened up. good to see you. with that, we bring in jason rantz. thanks for joining us. what is your take on where this is headed? >> things are tighter than i think the polls will indicate. i think we've seen momentum particularly amongst independent voters shifting towards tiffany smiley. the reason why patty murray doesn't want to have a second debate is the more people that get in front of -- see tiffany sm
12:55 pm
smiley, hear from her, they're likely to vote for her. patty murray is trying to lean on left wing media to not cover this race honestly and keep tiffany smiley from getting in front of voters in a major way. when you do a really good debate performance, it puts the pressure on someone like murray to step it up. she doesn't have substance. we saw that last night during the debates. >> martha: they talked about abortion. i thought about this this morning. we all were led to believe after that decision came down that it was going to change the dynamic. i think there was good reason to think that that could be true. we had been told for decades and millions and millions of dollars had been spent to tell the people of america that if this gets overturned, it will change life as we know it. it will be so catastrophic. but if this change that we're seeing is true, it tells me that that issue once it happened, it
12:56 pm
fizzled after 60 days. how is that possible? >> so i think nationally it fizzled. i don't think that's the case in washington state. patty murray is going on the offensive on this particular issue trying to paint tiffany smiley as a threat to abortion rights, which in washington state, there's no threat whatsoever. it's easier to get an abortion here than it is to get a cup of coffee. that's how easy that is. it's not going away. in washington state because of the deeply blue, particularly in seattle, if you say that republicans are evil and will go after your right to choose that does in fact motivate folks even if they know that it's not truly a threat. they're looking on the left for that issue here in washington state that will generate a little more interest from democrats. because overall, when you look at the people interested in voting, it's republicans. they're focus on the issues that matter to them. in a tight race and we're seeing this across the state,
12:57 pm
particularly in washington's third congressional district, one is relatively safe republican, the other one is a purple district and we're looking to see if a republican can pick it up. when it's that close, i think it gives an edge to the democrats, which is why patty murray doesn't want to get put in a position where she has to talk about anything other than what she's choosing to talk about, which are things that don't really matter to the vast majority of voters here. >> martha: it's interesting to watch the way the money moves around in these senate races. this is a race where people were not putting money into because they didn't think it had a chance. that has changed. here's patty murray on defund the police and reimagine the police as she calls it. earlier in 2020, here she is last night. watch this contrast. >> i'm going to keep listening to the people who are at the forefront of these movements, including leaning on the work that has already been done to help reimagine or nation's approach to public safety. >> under the american rescue plan, we put resources in there
12:58 pm
for our police officers so they can stay on the job and fight. >> martha: subtle changes here in the language around any reimagining of police. jason, real quick, please. >> yeah, she's a fraud on this particular issue. she's trying to pretend that crime in seattle is not an issue. i looked up the 911 calls around a campaign event that she held to make that point. we had a ton of 911 calls including a couple hours later a shooting. >> martha: thanks, jason. always good to talk to you. we'll see what happens in washington. thanks, jason. >> thank you. >> martha: so big news in the u.k. where they are about to have their third prime minister this year alone. former treasury secretary, rishi sunak winning enough support from conservative lawmakers to replace liz truss. she resigned after 45 days in office. her plan the cut taxes and increase borrowing to get the economy moving and to create growth ended up sinking her.
12:59 pm
the bank of england had to take an emergency action to keep things under control. sunak says he's facing a profound economic challenge and is working for stability and unity. now it's sunak's turn. this today tributes are pouring in after the death of leslie jordan. >> i'm the most sensitive person in the group. are you stupid, margaret? >> she starred in shows including "call me cat", "will and grace", which won him and emmy. he reportedly died in a car crash in los angeles possibly after a medical emergency. leslie jordan leaves us at the age of 67 years old. thanks for joining us today, everybody. october 24, just 15 days to go until the mid-term election,
1:00 pm
which will chart the course of the next couple years in washington and our leadership. "the story" goes on. we look forward to see you back here tomorrow at 3 and then we go to pennsylvania after the big fetterman and oz debate, which is tomorrow night. we'll sit down with viewers and voters and how they thought ant john fetterman did the night before and whether it impacts their vote. "your world" starts right now. take care. >> neil: all right. we're following the lines on a lot of money. two weeks until the mid-terms. already half the nation has opened up for early voting to say nothing of mail-in ballot's which has been going on some time. turnout surging. so what can we tell from where the big money is going? we got you covered on all sides, all angles, all candidates. jonathan serrie with the latest on the early voters that are out in force and where that momentum might be going. bryan llenas in pennsylvania
1:01 pm
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