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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  October 25, 2022 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>> good morning, folks. if you'll buy a paper back today we have a suggestion. >> new epilogue, i'll see you thursday at barnes and noble. >> bill: 14 days countdown is on. hello election day is two weeks away. what we're learning from a brand-new set of power news rankings. >> dana: looking at you through a magnifying glass. >> bill: we're that close. i'm bill hemmer. >> dana: that tickled me. you are lucky, you're fortunate. i'm dana perino. republicans gaining momentum in their fight to retake the house. they are forecast to win a 16-seat majority. it would give the republicans
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233 seats total. >> bill: on the senate side a toss-up expected to come down to four big races we've been watching all year. pennsylvania, georgia, nevada, arizona. >> dana: democrats appear to be stumbling in the homestretch. they have failed to put forward a coherent message on inflation and the economy, two issues where the president is seen as a liability. >> president biden: we the democrats are the ones fiscally responsible. let's get that straight now, okay? we're investing in all of america, reducing everyday costs while lowering the deficit at the same time. republicans are fiscally reckless. i'm here to deliver what i believe is a closingment what we need to do in the next 15 days to assure a victory. >> dana: team fox coverage. karl rove is on deck with analysis. we begin in washington with alexandria hoff. >> we'll start by taking a look at shifts in two races for governor.
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interesting dynamics are at play. let's go to oklahoma. you have a democrat who used to be a republican. her campaign was written off by many at the start. oklahoma is ruby red. she capitalized on a strained relationship between republican governor constituents and the state's tribal nations. it was a solid r to likely r. big news out of new york. the race was moved from solid d to likely d. governor hochul was not elected to the office but bumped up to the position on the resignation of andrew cuomo. his administration policies are hard to break out of. she has benham erd on the issue of crime. that's where republican congressman lee zeldin found footing. new york has more densely populated democratic areas. a battle will be hard to come out on top. this governor's race could be providing a bit of a
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trickle-down effect. in the house power ranksing show four shifts in favor of republicans. three in new york. empire state's newly redistricted 17th district one of the most powerful democrats in congress, maloney, now locked in a tight race against his republican opponent lawlor. issues like inflation and crime making the race highly competitive and moved from a lean d to a toss-up. fox news has learned that the dccc has placed a $600,000 ad attacking lawlor. top gop groups have spent over 5.4 million in that district alone. >> dana: no shortage of money out there, alex. thank you for the update. bill, what else do you have? >> bill: 14 days away now, two weeks. every day will build and see little shifts in different races that will tell us an awful lot in the end. republicans have the advantage in the house.
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we believe that and thought that for many months. 218 majority, dems could get 219 if they win all the toss-ups. it's a big challenge and a high hurdle. for republicans best case we believe could be as high as 249 seats in the house. we'll see whether or not it goes that one. let me show you on the senate. this is where we were a month ago and where we were a week ago. 47 solid democratic seats. 49 solid republican seats. four in the middle in yellow are the critical races and i'll show you on a bit of a what if map we call this. this is the senate today. you see all the states in yellow, four of them, right? nevada in the west, arizona, pennsylvania and georgia, we got 49 republican, 47 democrat. what if republicans were to run the table in a big wave in 14 days and take all four senate seats? this is what your margin would be, 53-47 based on the analysis
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today. there could be other toss-up seats out there in the senate. we believe there are four of the most critical. 53-47. mitch mcconnell would be a very happy guy. but what if you have issues in arizona, masters can't pull it out? what with warnock beat walker tuesday or during a runoff. 51-49. what if fetterman is stronger than we think in pennsylvania? back to where we are at 50/50. one of the many, many scenarios that could happen election night and beyond. karl rove, good morning. you wrote about it. what do you make of the closing argument from president biden and democratic candidates to keep this senate in control? >> i am mystified by it, frankly. let's look at what the president has lane out as the final closing message. he gave a speech last week and said his number one priority in
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the new congress is to pass a bill reinstituting roe v. wade nationwide. 8% of americans said abortion was number one issue. today 4%, way down the list. then he went out and talked about his big legislative accomplishments, the american rescue plan, blah, blah, blah, most of which the american people don't get. none of the labels have struck and drawn derision. nobody believes it was anything to do with inflation. finally, he started last week saying the economy, he said, is strong as hell and has repeated how they've been having a historic recovery. 27% of the american people think the country is going in the right direction. more than half the people think their financial circumstances are worse than last year and the issue of inflation is hitting the american people every day when they go to the grocery and get their bills in
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the mail and fill up the car and somehow or another the president thinks that's a strong message to end on, that don't worry, we've already got it taken care of, the economy is great? i'm mystified. who is the political genius in the white house who dreamed this up? >> dana: where he said this yesterday. let's listen to what he said about the end of the election. >> president biden: you know, whether we maintain control of the senate and the house is a big deal. and so far we're running against the tide. republicans ahead, democrats ahead, republicans ahead, but it will close, i think, for seeing one more shift, democrats ahead. >> dana: that was yesterday. 15 days before the election and he gave that rousing speech to democratic staffers at the dnc. >> wishful thinking. we saw this with nancy pelosi going on national television saying we'll keep the house by adding seats.
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look, in the last since we created american political parties there have been two first mid-term elections where the white house party gained seats in the house of representatives. 1934 and 2002. this ain't fdr or george w. bush and the aftermath of 9/11 with sky high approval ratings. this is joe biden who is sitting there 42, 43% approval on the big issues, the economy, inflation and crime, he is sitting with approval ratings in the 30s. so he is thinking there will be some big turn. but what is that turn? it is not his closing argument. is he waiting for what, to look like a hero by saving the world from an aisleation from a loose comet? this is wishful thinking bucking up his people at the dnc just like nancy pelosi was bucking up her members by going on seth meyers and saying we'll add seats. not going to happen. >> bill: i have a minute left here.
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this is where the president will campaign in the closing two weeks. i got portland, oregon, pittsburgh and philadelphia and dover, delaware. i believe some of the stops in p.a. might be with president obama. make the case on what that tells you. >> first of all he is going to places where he is popular, delaware and oregon. if i were john fetterman i wouldn't want him to be coming to pennsylvania. the keystone state his approval is in the 30s. he is going to places where he is reminding the people of the need to send him a message and the message is causing people to say i really want to send him a message. he isn't clued into reality. the message of the economy is strong. i did everything you needed me to do to get the country going in the right direction and abortion is the number one issue. it's not a winning message in a state like pennsylvania where he is under water.
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i understand delaware and oregon but i don't understand him going to places like nevada and pennsylvania and wisconsin and florida, where his numbers aren't good and where republicans are on the move. >> dana: he is going to irvine, california, an interesting one. isn't that katie porter's district? >> yes. she is a star of the progressive left and took a republican seat when she first got elected. is in trouble this time around and could go down. maybe in california it helps, but if i were the president i would be finding things to do on the international stage as president that made me look like an effective chief executive. i wouldn't be campaigner in chief. >> bill: we'll give you another week and then we'll go predictions. >> dana: sparks flying last night when florida governor ron desantis squared off with charlie crist in their one and only debate. the incumbent's future political ambitions lighting the fuse for this fiery exchange. >> you talk about joe biden a
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lot. i understand you think you'll run against him. i can see how you might get confused but you are running for governor. >> listen, i know that khoorly is interested in talking about 2024 and joe biden. the only worn out old donkey i'm looking to put out to pasture is charlie crist. >> dana: >> dana: we'll talk to charlie crist later today. >> bill: don't is debate night in pennsylvania. fetterman and oz square off for the first and only time. the stakes are high. democrats said to deploy their biggest assets there in the final stretch. you can bet they'll be in the city of philadelphia to run up the vote there. bryan llenas is in harrisburg getting ready for the big one tonight. good morning. >> good morning. tonight's one and only debate
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between fetterman and oz will last one hour inside a local tv studio in harrisburg and there won't be a live audience. there will be live closed captioning as per fetterman's request as he continues to recover from a stroke that he suffered in may. now, fetterman would only agree to do one debate and his campaign is down playing expectations ahead of tonight's battle writing in a memo to the press and others that dr. oz is likely to win the debate quote. we'll admit this isn't john's format acknowledging oz's decades long experience as a tv host means oz comes into tuesday night with a huge built-in advantage. >> i think the big question for fetterman is his health and how he is going to perform and whether there is any limitations that could keep him from representing the state. >> for dr. oz, he has a
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likeability problem. polls consistently show a majority of likely pennsylvania voters view him unfavorably. can oz come off as relatable after months of attacks after his tv show and wealth. expect both candidates to cast one another as an extremist. fetterman too far left on crime, fracking, inflation, taxes, fetterman paints oh oz as a flip-flopper, too far right and the legitimacy of the 2020 election. 24% of the mail in ballots, half a million votes have already been cast before tonight's one and only debate as axios reports that president biden and former president obama will be campaigning in pittsburgh and philadelphia on november 5 three days before election day. >> bill: must see tv tonight. >> dana: minutes ago a russian court rejected an appeal by
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wnba star by griner serving nine years in prison on drug charges. they found vape canisters in her luggage back in february. griner says she was prescribed the cannabis for pain and no criminal intent when she packed the canisters by mistake. >> bill: disturbing news from the border. agents catching 20 known or suspected terrorists in the last month alone. dan crenshaw was just there and what he saw on site coming up in a moment. >> dana: we're learning more about the career criminal accused of shoving a man onto the new york city subway tracks. the suspect was such a problem his own family went to extreme lengths to keep him away. >> bill: democrats struggling to defend the policies that experts say fueled the inflation crisis. cheryl casoney here to cut through the rhetoric. >> what joe biden is doing is spoong out typical left wing
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>> dana: a teenage girl and teacher killed at a st. louis high school. a 19-year-old recent graduate of the school broke in and opened fire before officers shot him dead. it was a 15-year-old student and a 61-year-old teacher. seven others were wounded. >> bill: two weeks until mid-terms. polls shown inflation and economy are the top list of voter concerns. democrats deflecting a bit on those topics now and come up with other reasons for the skyrocketing cost of living.
6:21 am
hillary vaughn is live on the hill now. good morning. nice to see you. >> good morning. democrats ahead of the mid-terms are on defense over inflation and they are having to defend their spending. >> what is the republicans response to inflation? maybe they want to cut wages for workers. do they want to raise the minimum wage? no, they don't. it is important to take the attack to the republicans. what do they want to do other than complain? >> when you reduce unemployment it's inflationary. our economy is on the ballot. they also understand but the difference between inflation and cost of living. >> the president biden is going on the attack cautioning voters what will happen if republicans gain control of the house and senate. warning them about mega maga economics and calling out house minority leader kevin mccarthy's pledge to not raise
6:22 am
the debt ceiling until government spending the reined in. >> they we don't make their demands they'll shut the place down. then they talk about inflation. everything they will do will make inflation worse. republicans are going to crash the economy. >> president biden does think a win for him on the economy is the historic drop in the deficit on his watch but the committee for responsible federal budget says that drop was because of covid programs that expired, not because reduced spending. in fact, the federal government ended this fiscal year, bill, a trillion dollars in the red. bill. >> bill: that's something. hillary vaughn live on the hill. this from yesterday. >> we have a lower inflation rate than most any other nation in the world. that's why i'm determined to reduce the burden on working and middle class folks by bringing down the cost of everyday things. >> dana: president biden
6:23 am
repeating his claim that inflation is worse in other countries than here. so what does the data show? let's go to the map and go to cheryl casone host of american dream home on fox business. something they've been trying to say often. i always look it up. what's the truth? >> look up the data here from september of 2022. the inflation rates are lower in canada, south africa, japan, china, switzerland, france, singapore. >> bill: the united states is not on that list? >> up there at 8.2%. over 6% for core for september. inflation in this country is out of control. when he says we're doing better than other countries we're not. the u.k. but they have a new prime minister. it was a big -- because of the economy in the u.k. we're doing better than they are. hillary vaughn mentioned something and i want to pick up on something she said. the committee for responsible federal budget. mcginnis responding to what
6:24 am
we're hearing from the biden administration and the white house that republicans would increase inflation. she said the white house is twisting the facts to tell a different story than a fair and accurate one and she goes on to say when they cheer on deficit reduction what hillary was reporting on, she said it is insulting to the audience. so the data does not pan out. does not show. it seems to be a desperate political pivot. >> bill: speaker pelosi on sunday said when i hear people talk about inflation we have to change that subject. inflation is a global phenomenon and echoing what president biden said. she is in croatian today two weeks before an election. >> i think that she should probably be here trying to save what is going to be likely to be from what the polling shows will be a flip. americans are feeling this. you can't tell an american family, especially one that
6:25 am
makes under $100,000 a year that is living paycheck to paycheck, that is cutting costs. i just went through a new report from lending club this morning. more than half of americans are greatly concerned about bills that they cannot make. they are cutting spending, 55% cutting spending. 49% shifting how they are shopping. 60% are going paycheck to paycheck and cut spending. this is real american families and real data. >> dana: call for 2. this was the inflation that was increased since the american rescue plan was passed. even jim clyburn from south carolina said yeah, we definitely pumped too much money into the economy but we had to do it. they feel the problem. >> let's go back to march of 2021. the covid stimulus plan. that was the kickoff if you talk to wall street experts
6:26 am
like i do. they said that was a kickoff to the stimulus spending and checks that created the inflation problem we have today. the answer was the inflation reduction act which again, according to receive ran analysts and reports will tell you it won't do anything to reduce inflation. maybe next year. if are you the white house you are going on tv saying well, it will help americans with energy costs. that's next year. a lot of the parts of the inflation reduction act don't kick in until next year. mid-terms are this year. >> bill: he will say republicans want to lower taxes and change medicare and change social security. no they are not. they can't. president biden is still in the white house. >> dana: they aren't saying they want to. >> they aren't coming out saying they want to, exactly. this is what happens. >> bill: breaking news right now and get to this. sad news here. former defense secretary ash carter has died at the age of
6:27 am
68. his family says he suffered a sudden cardiac event. carter served under president obama from the years 2011 to 2013. he is survived by his wife and two children. ash carter dead at the age of 68. too young to go suddenly. >> dana: it comes as a shock. somebody who served our country as defense secretary gone too soon at 68. we wish his family well. the crisis at our southern border continues to break records. gop congressman dan crenshaw joins us next after returning from there. the former teacher who runs a learning center on the nation's report card and what it says after teachers unions pushed to keep students on zoom lessons during the pandemic. >> it emphasizes once more that closing down the schools, which not everybody was in favor of, although it happened and was pretty widespread, was a terrible mistake. many of you have served our country honorably. one of the benefits that we as a country give you as a veteran is the eligibility
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hospital may already be a part of humana's large network. there is no obligation, so call the number on your screen right now to see if your doctor is in our network; to find out if you could save on your prescriptions, and to get our free decision guide. humana, a more human way to healthcare. all across the country, people are working hard to build a better future. so we're hard at work helping them achieve financial freedom. we're proud to serve people everywhere, in investing for the retirement they envision. from the plains to the coasts, we help americans invest for their future. and help communities thrive. >> bill: another new record at
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the southern border. more than 2.3 million migrant encounters in the fiscal year 2022 which ended last month. that includes 98 people on the terror watch list. texas republican dan crenshaw went to the border to assess the situation firsthand and he joins us now. good morning to you. i see no end to this. i'm looking for answers trying to figure out solutions here. there is none in sight, is there? >> there won't be an end to it until there is policy change. the policy changes are simple. disincentivize illegal immigration. i noticed biden's press secretary saying yesterday it isn't their fault. dealing with an unprecedented crisis, different than past add min traitions have dealt with. that's just not true at all. the difference is they incentivize it and make it clear to anyone who crosses
6:34 am
illegally they get a bus ticket to anywhere in the u.s., notices to appear that don't have legal teeth and people might appear in court and might not. they usually do not. there is a huge incentive to get in now while the getting is good. that's the word that has spread. the cartels help spread that word and help coach people. they take a fee from anyone who crosses and so everybody is making money on the southern side of the border especially the cartels. the biden administration is empowering the cartels which are also smuggling fentanyl across our border to the tunes of thousands of pounds, enough lethal doses to kill every american many times over. we aren't talking about this. like it's a violation of our sovereignty and security. this administration has completely failed us. >> dana: fentanyl is like a weapons of mass destruction.
6:35 am
20 terror watch list folks were found in september of 2020 and 98 this fiscal year. 20 alone in september. i'm just thinking about how american taxpayers are willing to pay to be protected from terrorist attacks. and we spend a lot of money on it. we've worked very hard to make sure we're protected from terrorists. and now you go to the border and from your perspective you fought in the war on terror. how outrageous is it that you have wide open and 98 can come across and the white house doesn't saying anything? >> knows are the ones we happen to be tracking and able to catch. it was obvious to a lot of us that before long the word would get out to terrorists around the world the easiest way to get inside the united states is through the border crossings. those are just the ones we caught. plenty of others are getaways.
6:36 am
border patrol is -- other people trying to get away. if it's so easy to get in and stay in why are you trying to get away? usually because they have a criminal record, part of a cartel or part of a gang or on the terrorist watch list and they know it. so this is a huge national security threat. we don't even talk about these cartels like they are terrorist organizations, which indeed we should. there is almost 80,000 americans dead every year from fentanyl alone. that is directly related to basically two cartels in mexico. nobody knows who the leaders of the cartels are. it is not plastered across the newsroom and it needs to be. people should know the leaders who are poisoning americans and lacing fentanyl with street drugs and enemies of the state and we have to look at it that way. >> bill: you said we don't control the border, the mexican government doesn't control the border, the cartels do. this is how they make their
6:37 am
money. the fentanyl seized in the past year 14,000 pounds. you know, it's -- it defies understanding as to why we would allow it. you've been down there. you know this. you live in texas. what justifies the policies they've had for the past two years? >> well, from our perspective nothing, of course. it is dereliction of duty and their constitutional duty to enforce the laws. >> bill: what is their logic? >> how do democrats think about this? there are a few things. some cynically believe that the more people they let in the better their electoral chances are in the for future seeing the wave of hispanics changing republicans is not true. south texas is turning red because of this. they don't respect the sovereignty or borders as a general rule.
6:38 am
they have a pathological sense of compassion where they see poor people who want a better life and they are like we should let them all in. those of us who are more rational say there has to be a line. they are supposed to cut in front of the many, many other people who also want a better life in america but are doing it the right way? that's immoral and unethical and infringement of our sovereignty. we don't have a country if there are no standards or process whatsoever. as usual, democrats feelings get in the way of their rational thinking. that's usually what happens here and are you seeing it in play out right now. >> dana: all right. thank you so much, dan crenshaw. good to see you. thank you for coming to the border and telling us all about it. >> bill: thank you, sir. >> dana: ron desantis and charlie crist holding nothing back last night on the debate stage. who will go into the governor's mansion. the biden administration
6:39 am
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>> more fallout for kanye west.
6:44 am
companies cutting ties with him. his ex wife tweeted in support of the jewish community. hate speech is never okay or excusable. i stand together with the jewish community and call on the terrible violence and hateful rhetoric towards them to come to an immediate end, end quote. and this. >> there is 100% goes to show and prove that parents know what is best for their children. >> have you validate paying for a tutor when you are trying to put food on the table now? >> dana: the nation's report card showing students falling behind fast. 36% of fourth graders were proficient in math and 33% reading at grade level. in eighth grade math proficiency fell to 26% and 31% for reading. this is a national disaster. a former oregon teacher joins us now and owner of atlas learning. i bet you're in high demand.
6:45 am
listen to the education secretary cordona talking about the results. >> this isn't a red and bluish yu. people are bringing politics to the classroom. they won. i said let's get our schools open right away but i know some people want to create division in education. we can't let that happen. >> dana: one thing we can agree on these results are disastrous for the parents, for the families and for our national security in the future because these kids will not be able to catch up unless they have people who have innovative ideas like you. how bad do you think the problem is? >> it is a horrific problem. in may when i opened up my microschool, i just posted on facebook family groups and i just had literally hundreds of people contact me and say my -- i know my son doesn't read, my daughter doesn't read. they need help. >> dana: can you help them? >> so i experienced -- yes, i
6:46 am
can. so i -- this last year i received training in or ton gilling ham for students with december electrics yeah but a great method for anyone to learn to read. >> dana: what about math? >> for math you can use the same concept of working with a multi-sensory approach and not moving on until that student has a good understanding of the skills that he or she needs to move forward to the next concept. >> dana: do you support these kinds of assessments and measurements of students? >> absolutely. i don't think that we -- unless we have an overall picture of the health of our educational system, then we can't make good decisions and we can't make
6:47 am
good decisions regarding how to spend money. if we're throwing money at education and just saying oh, that's what solves it, we need to have some results. >> dana: for parents who might be distressed at the situation and recognize and told by the teacher their kid is not reading at grade level, what would you suggest that they do? maybe they are know a state where you don't have school choice or maybe they don't have the funds in order to pay for a tutor. is there anything you can suggest they do? >> absolutely. number one, don't panic. don't -- don't give up. i have students who come to me as sixth graders who barely know their alphabet and over a few bit of sessions, we get that straightened out. so parents can research the science of reading. it tells you specifically how students can learn to read. and it is true that correlation of sound to letter
6:48 am
correspondence. >> dana: thank you for coming on and for what you do. no doubt your atlas learning is in high demand. we want to stay in touch with you. >> absolutely. and i just want to say one more thing if i could. the majority of students have to be specifically taught to learn to read. it is not -- parents have been sold this idea if you just read to kids and exposure to reading they'll learn to read. that's not true. the majority of kids need to have that specific instruction. thank you so much. >> dana: multi-sensory including phonics. we'll talk about that on this show as well. >> bill: people care, right? talking to governor bush yesterday and talking about the results. they are no bueno across the board no good for america. >> dana: the schools have spent less than 15% of federal covid money from the "washington post". they got $122 billion to reopen most has not been used. you can see here they say
6:49 am
despite having access to the dollars school systems reported spending less than 15%. the trend of a slow roll-out was apparent in some of the school districts that have incurred the steepest learning losses in math and reading. governor bush said we spend more for students than most countries in the world and have terrible results. we have to fix it. >> bill: what we know about the fight for control over the senate. two weeks from mid-terms kellyanne conway will size it up and more. stacey abrams doubling down on the jim crow 2.0 claims about georgia voting law. the turnout tells a different story. sean duffy joins us on that as well.
6:50 am
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6:55 am
jonathan serrie has the facts in atlanta. hi, jonathan. >> well, stacey abrams claims of voter suppression rally her base. she has proven herself to be a formidable force in fundraising and getting people registered to vote and challenging georgia's election law. "politico" reports the voting rights nonprofit she founded spent more than $25 million on legal fees in 2019 and 2020 including 9.4 million dollars that went to the law firm of abrams close friend and campaign chair hardy. >> it's more important to me, less that many than the $6 million georgia taxpayer dollars that fought the lawsuit that proved there was no voter suppression in 2018. >> it's giving fuel to abrams' opponents heading to a rematch with brian kemp, the incumbent republican governor. eyebrow raising headlines are
6:56 am
unlikely to have a significant impact on the outcome. >> i don't think it will change a lot of minds. i think at this point in the campaign most people have made up their minds especially at the top of the ticket with the senate race and the governor's race. >> we reached out to the abrams campaign for comment on the "politico" story. they referred us to fair fight action saying quote, this issue explicitly involves that organization rather than the campaign. dana. >> dana: okay. eyebrow raising, thank you. >> bill: bring in sean duffy former republican congressman and fox news contributors. you followed this for a number of years. what abrams said is suppression is about barriers to access. so she is back making the case again four years later right now. what do you make of it? >> that's referring to we have to identify who the voter is. put your drivers license number on your ballot if mail in or if you go show an i.d. election integrity and security.
6:57 am
but her claims here, bill, to jonathan's report she is trying to energize the african-american voter number one. number two made millions of dollars off these claims when she is not running for office. she is a snake salsman trying to have it both ways. if i win i'll be the governor. if i lose i make big cash after the race. 35% of the vote thus far has been african-american in the early vote in georgia. it was only 31% at this time in 2018. more african-americans are voting. but democrats are concerned because in the early vote which usually favors democrats, primary democrat voters are only at 32%, republican primary voters are at 34%. what you can tell from the early vote so far is republicans are beating democrats and democrats are freaked out about that. >> bill: one of the observers we're seeing more strong turnout from black men. they voted more in 2022 than
6:58 am
2018 at the same point. what you see on screen here is the total turnout as of two days ago. so we get the information every day and we'll bring it to you. this is the most recent total turnout 837,000, in person 758,000. absentee 78,000. those numbers continue to go up. people are voting is the point. >> the black male vote is up double from this time in 2018. so people are coming out to vote. it is just stacey abrams doesn't have a message that's resonating with the georgia voter. this is about the economy and inflation and crime and african-americans are moving away from these very progressive woke policies that have made their lives worse and kemp is striking a cord on those issues and winning across the board. so again stacey abrams it's not about voter suppression, it is really about a message that doesn't work at this time in american politics. >> bill: to wrap this up you are saying she is laying the foundation to make an argument
6:59 am
whether she wins or loses. >> that's what she did in 2018. made millions of dollars off of this national campaign to get more people to be able to vote, less restrictive voting rules which is ripe for fraud. she will keep that argument alive to continue to make massive amounts of money and get really wealthy off the false claims on american elections. it divides people and we want everyone to have easy access to vote but want secure elections. when your side wins you know you won and if you lost you go home and fight another day. you know you lost because the election was fair. if you don't have rules in place on what can vote and what are the requirements, show and i.d., i know you are who you say you are. it creates division and we see what happens when people don't have faith in elections. >> bill: it will be an interesting story in georgia. remember, 50% is the threshold whether the governor's race or senate race and we'll watch
7:00 am
that carefully. >> we'll go to 2.0 bill and do a rematch if no one gets over 50% plus 1. >> dana: so for our viewers at home you might want to put december 6th in pencil. thank you for coming on. >> dana: president biden's growing list of crises and failures giving voters plenty to worry about. crime, border, inflation, economy. two weeks left before mid-term elections. i'm dana perino. >> bill: small g? . >> dana: i'm really good. >> bill: i'm bill hemmer good morning. economy hurting you every time you go to buy groceries and fill up the gas tank if you get where you are going without getting hurt. subway -- growing dangers in many cities across the country. the border crisis


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