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tv   America Reports  FOX News  October 25, 2022 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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>> john: new at 2:00, 2 weeks before voters will decide who controls congress, and crime could have the final blow to democrats. >> sandra: safety and security topping minds in the empire state, and could be a sign how big of a red wave may be coming.
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>> john: we are going to talk to the first term assemblyman looking to unseat one of the most powerful democrats in congress and in a district that president biden won by double digits. welcome back as "america reports" rolls into a second hour. i'm john roberts in washington. boy, sandra, getting exciting. >> sandra: here we go, two weeks from election day. sandra smith in new york, crime is the talk of many here in this city, but it's happening in american cities and towns all across the country. we begin with covid at this hour. president biden and his party accused of exploiting it and what critics called the consequences of their refusal to move on from it. it's a fox news alert. >> john: kicking things off, more than a month since president biden told the american people the pandemic is over. the damage done from how the president and other democratic leaders handle the pandemic may last forever. >> sandra: the worst drop in
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children's test scores in decades, after the most populus state keeping sweeping emergency powers still in place today until next year. americans are still suffering the impact of heavy-handed government leaders and agencies like the cdc. >> john: at this moment at the white house president biden will receive his latest covid booster shout, touted as more effective against the variants than the original coronavirus. the white house says everyone 5 and up should be getting the shot, but that's controversy of its own. >> sandra: vaccine boosters should not be one size fits all, but rather a person's individual risk level, and only when all the research on the shot is actually committee. one of the doctors making that argument is our very own dr. nicole saphier, here with her diagnosis. but even beyond the question of how many people should be getting the shot, there is the matter of who even wants to get it at this point. >> john: the wall street journal going after the booster plan in
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an opinion piece saying the biden administration is waisting billions buying more vaccines than demand would ever meet. as a result, millions of doses are left to expire on the shelf and american tax dollars are thrown into the trash along with them. >> sandra: we will get to that in a moment. but begin in florida, staying open is taking center stage in a big governor's race there. how did the two candidates differ on how florida handled covid, steve? >> they are both really making accusations against the other, and as you mentioned, covid really did play a key role, how florida handled covid in the only debate between the two gubernatorial candidates. on the one hand, you have ron desantis, the current republican governor of florida. the other side, a former republican governor of florida, charlie crist, now running as a democrat, and basically each accused the other of trying to shut down florida's economy during the covid pandemic.
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>> he wrote me a letter in july of 2020 saying you need to shut down the state of florida. i rejected charlie crist's lockdown letter, i kept the state open and i kept the state free. >> ron, that's rich. you are the only governor in the history of florida that's ever shut down our schools. the only governor in the history of florida that shut down our businesses. i manufacture did that as governor. you are the one who is the shout down guy. >> the crowd was asked to keep quiet, you could tell a lot of cheering as they battled back and forth. governor desantis was one of the first governors to reopen the state's economy during the pandemic and also blocked mask mandates in public schools. the last four of the governor elections in florida went down to the wire. desantis got in with less than 1% of the vote victory margin after a recount four years ago. but his national profile, as well as his campaign war chest have both grown considerably. back to you. >> sandra: live from atlanta,
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thank you, john. >> john: sandra, now the devastating impact school closures on test scores and the unions under fire for their policies, as well as their responses to the alarming results. box business grady, and revisionist history here. >> exactly, john. among the loudest for schools to be closed during the pandemic but now that we have seen the abysmal test scores, not making any mention how virtual learning may have contributed to that. you saw some of the lowest scores in decades in reading and math for 4th and 8th graders. parents, conservatives and others are blaming the low scores on the school closures during covid, which the largest teachers' unions in the country supported. we reached out to several of those unions. the national education association did get back to us. its president made no mention of
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remote learning in her statement to us. in the past as well, other unions have downplayed remote learning, los angeles said last year no such thing as learning loss, the kids did not lose anything. it's ok our babies may have not have learned all their times tables, they learned resilience, survival, critical thinking skills. difference between a riot and protest, and insurrection and coup. parents groups say they need to put politics aside and all hands on deck approach to solving this worsening problem. >> we actually know what we need to do. we need to get kids in the classroom for extended learning opportunities in front of high quality teachers. like that's, that's literally what needs to happen. kids need more time in class with the curriculum with highly
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qualified, highly trained expert teachers. >> the education secretary called these results appalling and unacceptable. says teachers need to be paid more and that school districts need to use billions of unspent dollars that were part of the american rescue plan allocated for education. john. >> john: grady, thank you very much. >> sandra: president biden is set to get his updated covid booster any minute now, a live look at the white house where he's going to get the booster, he's also going to talk amid controversy swirling over his latest push for boosters for everyone in the country he says should get it over the age of 5, despite last month declaring the pandemic is over. and as critics says the white house is cherry picking emergencies. peter doocy live on the north lawn for us. how much do we expect to hear and see about the pandemic today, especially considering the president is about to get the booster himself? >> a lot, sandra.
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and most of our first year covering this administration was focused on biden efforts to get shots in arms but we really have not heard much about those efforts lately. that's going to change a few minutes from now, though, with talk from the president about a new booster. >> for most people this is now a once a year shot. what i've been encouraging, go get your flu shot and your covid shot, a big difference into the holiday season and you know, one shot and you should really be done for the whole year, at least for the vast majority of people. >> this will be president biden's fifth covid shot, all on camera, but the first one since he declared the pandemic is over. >> is the pandemic over? >> the pandemic is over. we still have a problem with covid, we are still doing a lot of work on it, but the pandemic is over. if you notice, no one is wearing
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masks, everybody seems to be in pretty good shape and so i think it's changing and i think this is a perfect example of it. >> we don't expect this afternoon's event to be political, but it is worth noting so close to these midterms that during the last election cycle in 2020, democrats did very well, when issue number one was covid. >> sandra: we are watching for that event to begin. again, this is all happening as controversy swirls over the white house latest push for those vaccines on everyone age 5 and over. peter doocy will stand by. >> john: dr. nicole saphier, and if you are not following her on twitter you should. has a lot to say and to learn. you tweeted out the latest pitch to get the vaccines, a one pager here promoting vaccines that said updated covid-19 vaccine recommended for everyone age 5 and older, you responded, i
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disagree. boosters offered based on an individual's risk and only when proper safety efficacy data are available. sounds like the white house is not following the science here. >> well, that's not surprising, john. first of all, i think the white house and the cdc must have the strongest pr campaign ever. they have secured about 180 million doses of this updated bivalant booster, they have to have the president go on television and get his updated booster to encourage americans to do it. this truly is a political stunt. don't get me wrong, john. the president is almost 80 years old and has a cardiac history. if anyone would benefit potentially from a booster, it would be him. he is in the highest risk category. covid deaths we are seeing right now are overwhelmingly in those over the age of 55. because they continue to be the highest risk. but when it comes to other people, i mean, the cdc has
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recommended ages 5 and older, i cannot get on board with that. we do not have the data demonstrating a benefit in younger healthy people, and we also don't have any data showing the safety of it. a lot of the majority of children, upward of 90% have already recovered from covid, natural immunity and also about a third of them have already been vaccinated as well. so, with a large amount of population immunity and a very low risk of severe illness in healthy younger people, they have not demonstrated a benefit, let alone the risk. >> sandra: the president has begun speaking, saying thank you to those in the room but speaking in a moment we are about to enter the winter season where a lot of people are shoved indoors, remember through covid it was suggested this was going to spread a lot more once everybody was inside during the heating season over the winter. but this is happening as now we are learning more and more about the negative effects of covid and kids immune systems.
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because they were masked and staying apart from each other, they were not picking up germs, now we are learning their immune systems were compromised and many are shot, and now looking at hospitals that are overflowing with kids who are grappling with this nationwide surge of rsp, respiratory infections. >> i don't know who is surprised by this. you and i have been talking about this well over a year now. last summer during the delta wave that i said they needed to interrogate the rise in hospitalizations in children that were being attributed to covid because i was questioning whether they had common rsv infections, also a higher hospitalization rate, especially in young kids. and let me tell you, sandra, used to be cold and flu season, now it's cold, flu and covid season. good news is, this october we have lower covid cases, hospitalizations and deaths than we have had in the two proceedings octobers. so in terms of covid numbers, we are down, but rsv, it is a
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common respiratory pathogen, not new, every mother knows about rsp, but it can have some severe symptoms in those kids under the age of five and also in adults over the age of 65. so we are seeing a rise in cases a little earlier this season and the best thing we can could is make sure you are in touch with your doctors, make sure your children are hydrated and healthy as possible as we head into the winter months. >> john: hey doc, stand by for a second, we want to listen to the president explaining the reasons they are promoting the booster. >> get one more covid shot, once a year, that's it. now some high risk people such as elderly and immunocompromised may need more than one covid shot. but for most americans one covid shot each year is all they need. and if you get it, you are protected. if you don't, you are putting yourself and others at unnecessary risk. the shot is free. it's widely available. and conveniently located.
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let me say it again. to find a location near you. again, say one more time, to find a place where you can get the shot near you. we are working with doctors, community groups, faith leaders and companies. leaders of some of our nation's largest pharmaceutical chains i said are standing behind me. they are all stepping up to help more people get vaccinated. some are offering coupons when people get their updated covid shots. get the shot. 5, 10, $20 off your drugstore grocery, or grocery purchase next time at the same time you get the shot. some are making it easy to walk in and get the vaccine right away, including on nights and weekends. and others from the private sector are stepping up as well, including delivering covid treatments right to people's homes for free.
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building. give people time off to get it if necessary. share good clear information just like you do for the flu shots. to school and college leaders, help your communities get vaccinated this fall. host on-site clinics before thanksgiving. and to our friends in congress, it's time to step up with much needed covid funding. help us stay ahead of the virus and keep our communities going strong with free vaccines, free tests, and widely available treatments as we have done so far. some of our friends in congress say we don't need covid funding or they say really no reason the government should be paying for it. i strongly disagree, strongly disagree. this is a global health emergency. if you really want to put covid behind us we have to keep up the fight together. we can't leave people to face it alone. some members are congress say they don't want to move beyond
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covid but they don't want to spend the money to do it. can't have both ways. funding we seek is critical. to continue the work, to develop and purchase the most effective treepts and vaccines against covid. it's important. it's important. now i want to speak directly to those with special conditions. new variants may make some existing protections ineffective for the immunocompromised. sadly, this means you may be at a special risk this winter. so i urge you, i urge you to consult your doctor. take extra precautions. also want to say this. as we enter this new moment in the battle against covid, let's use it to start fresh as a country, to put all the old battles behind us. to put all the partisan politics aside. we have already lost over 1 million americans to covid.
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over 1 million americans to covid. we can do so much now to reduce the number of people who die from this terrible disease. we have the tools. we have the vaccines. they have the treatments. none of this is about politics, it's about your health, and the health of your loved ones. i'll close with this. over the past 20 months my administration has left no stone unturned to make lifesaving tools widely available and easily accessible. now covid cases are down by more than 80% from when i took office. covid deaths are down nearly 90%. and now we are in the longest stretch since the virus emerged when our hospitals are not overrun with severely ill covid patients. that didn't just happen. it took a combination of incredibly effective vaccines,
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tests and treatments to get us there. one of the biggest public health efforts ever undertaken in this country. but together we did it. now let's keep doing it. let's keep going. this fall get your covid shot and get your flu shot. >> john: all right, so the president there putting the hard sell on the covid vaccine, newly available and the government has bought tens of millions, hundreds of millions, if you will, doses of it. we will keep the pictures up as the president is about to get his booster. his third booster, fifth covid shot in total. dr. saphier, the president points hundreds of deaths in this nation every day, there are a lot of people who are not vaccinated, you do get more sick, you know, on average if you have not had the vaccine than if you had. but they are going further, doc, than they have in the past. this idea the cdc is now
11:23 am
recommending covid vaccines be mandated for kids in order to get to school with no clinical proof it's effective. i don't know what we can pick up here, the president here, he does not have the microphone near him. >> sir, do you think it was a mistake for new work with -- [inaudible] >> say again. >> do you think it was a mistake for new york to withdraw vaccine mandates on employees? >> no, i -- that's a local judgment. thank you. >> mr. president. pt>> mr. president. >> what is your next move now that britteny griner lost her appeal. >> we are in constant contact with russian authorities to get
11:24 am
her and others out and so far we have not meeting with much positive response. but we are not stopping. [indiscriminate voices] >> the dirty bomb allegations from russia as it relates to ukraine, do you believe this is the beginning of a false flag operation, is russia preparing to deploy a dirty bomb itself or nuclear weapon? >> i spent a lot of time today talking about that. let me just say russia would be making an incredibly serious mistake if it were to use a tactical nuclear weapon. i'm not guaranteeing you that it's a false flag operation yet, don't know, but it would be a serious, serious mistake.
11:25 am
>> john: all right, the president now walking away after taking a question about russia saying it would be an incredible mistake for russia to use a nuclear weapon or to launch a false flag operation regarding a dirty bomb. the issue at hand, which is covid, and you heard what i said about covid, the administration is going further than it has in the past, not just recommending boosters for people at high risk but recommending boosters for everyone, and the cdc saying it should be mandated to go to school. >> to be fair, the cdc did not say a part of the mandated boosters for school but endorsed having the vaccines and boosters put on the updated immunization schedule, which often is referred to by the states. if you were to look up the new jersey mandated vaccine requirements for public schools, all they do is essentially link to the immunization schedule.
11:26 am
so it's really cheap for the white house and the cdc to say hey, we don't do the vaccine requirements, that's based on the states. well, it's not fair to say that because they well know that those requirements come off of cdc recommendations. so they certainly have a hand in that. but john, you know, i can tell you there is a few things i disagreed with with the president with what he said prior to getting his booster shot. he's correct, those who are vaccinated, boostered, a lower risk of hospitalization and lower risk of dying. undoubtbly, i agree with that. however, i think that they need to be tailored to those that are higher risk. americans who are 65 and older only make up about 16% of our population, yet make up about 75% of covid deaths currently. now, that's pretty significant. so why wouldn't be base this on the risk. again, i say that i think the fact our 79-year-old president who is turning 80 in a month, he is the highest risk when it comes to covid. so getting an updated booster, sure. is there data demonstrating a proven benefit in him, actually,
11:27 am
no. he says that, he says that getting this booster will protect you and also protect those around you. well, it is likely going to offer some short-term protection of him, we know we have limited data that shows an increase in antibodies following the boosters. how does that equate to decreasing severity of illness or death with the updated booster, that data is not available and the fact he saws it's going to protect those around you, what does he mean? that would mean that this booster decreases the transmission of the virus which at this point i can tell you, john, yes, maybe for the first 2 to 3 weeks after the booster you have a decreased risk of infection, but let's remember, cdc director walensky just had her updated covid booster a month ago and she just was diagnosed with covid this week. so that protection is short lived. >> sandra: i want to end with this, dr. saphier. i was looking down, i wanted to find the date that the president said the pandemic is over in an
11:28 am
interview, september 18th, in fact just a moment ago for anyone who was just listening to the president live from the white house who is pushing the boosters, on everyone he said this country 5 and over, he just said come on, folks, it's a global health emergency. this is what he said on september 18th. roll back the tape. >> is the pandemic over? >> the pandemic is over. we still have a problem with covid, we are still doing a lot of work on it. the pandemic is over. if you notice, no one is wearing masks, everybody seems to be in pretty good shape and so i think it's changing, and i think this is a perfect example of it. >> sandra: i mean, i have to point it out because he's putting emphasis on that we are currently in a global health emergency. he just said, dr. saphier. final thought. >> sandra, the white house did not just purchase 100 million doses of the updated booster, they have to make sure they
11:29 am
don't waste millions of doses like the last one. 80 million doses of the prior vaccine and booster were wasted because they were not utilized. again, i can tell you the emergency is over, but just like we have always dealt with flu and cold season, it is now flu, cold and covid season and people at high risk should consider getting updated booster shots. but until there is more data on safety and efficacy, i cannot recommend everyone 5 years old and getting it. >> john: the president saying get one every year, treating it like the flu shot. doc, always great to get your take on things. >> sandra: also note that pfizer announced they are hiking the prize of the vaccine, right, and the wall street journal wrote the green lights all the other companies to raise their prices they charge the government and then taxpayers pay for it as well. meanwhile, dr. saphier, thank you very much. could the crime surge hand republicans control of congress? we will be speaking to the candidate trying to unseat one
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(snorting) if you struggle with cpap... (groan) (growling) (chuckle) should check out inspire.
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no mask. no hose. just sleep. (beeping) learn more and view important safety information at >> sandra: he is a violent felon attempted his first murder before he was old enough to vote. lifelong criminal whose own family sees him as so dangerous to those around him, they posted his picture around the neighborhood to call police if anyone sees him. >> john: seems like the new york leaders did not see the same dangers, overseeing the criminal justice system despite a lifetime of committing crime allowed a violent felon to walk free. and that is how police say he wound up on this subway platform in new york city on friday when cameras caught him shoving a stranger on to the tracks. >> sandra: the victim is recovering from broken bones and lucky to be alive.
11:36 am
critics of progressive crime policies say cases like this show efforts to reform criminal justice is about getting justice for criminals and not victims. all right, so we'll keep watching all of that, and that horrific video plays out as too much crime continues to plague new york city and new york state. big shifts in our brand-new pox power ranking are just out today and a lot of it is focusing on crime. when you look at one of the key races we are watching here in new york, we have one of the candidates with us. we have invited sean patrick maloney, race is now considered a toss-up and obviously a very deep blue area of new york. mike lawler focusing on crime here, so we are going to talk to mike lawler about that house race in just a moment. but when you see the polling and the questions to voters on what is their top concern, it is
11:37 am
inflation. obviously a state and a city dealing with a lot of that. preserving democracy as well, 24%. but crime continues to be one of the top issues at 18%, abortion 14%, healthcare, in the single digits and immigration, and also in the dingle digits. i want to dial into this one house race, about to speak to mike lawler, we have invited sean patrick maloney to join us as well, but this could be one of the key races to watch as far as the house races for republicans to possibly regain control of the house. we are talking about new york 17th, it is redrawn, redistricted, down here in the southwest corner of the state, a race about crime, a race about inflation, sean patrick maloney trying to pin lawler down as a maga candidate, his response to that. >> john: crime is the big story in new york, the subway shove we
11:38 am
were talking about, the suspect's violent criminal record making the cover of the new york post, with ticking crime bomb. live to alexis mcadams in new york city. what's the suspect's family saying about the arrest? >> it's not just police who say the guy is dangerous, his own family said he can be violent and had attacked their mailman and beat him up pretty badly. mccray walking with the nypd after the arrest. charged with attempted murder, assault, reckless endangerment and harassment, arrested at least 15 times, john, and just the other day investigators say he shoved an innocent commuter on to the subway tracks. he has a broken collarbone and replays the horrifying attack in his head. >> i was pushed with insane force before i knew it on to the
11:39 am
train tracks. i opened my eyes and i was looking down the tunnel. i got up and people on the train station were very helpful, they were trying to be, i could not get up. i was in too much pain. immediately my face was on fire, my whole left side by my shoulder was on fire. >> nypd says his rap sheet started in the early 90s when he was only 16 years old, charged with attempted murder and served 20 years behind bars but was out on parole. remanded yesterday without bail for the latest attack and take a look again at this video, you can see in the subway surveillance clip, you can see him 0 in, pick him out of nowhere and shove him. commuters are skeptical about the plan by the governor and mayor to stop crime. listen. >> i would love to see more police, more cameras, more everything to protect us.
11:40 am
but i have to see it before i can believe it. >> see it before you believe it. they are going to put cameras on the platforms and trains but people should not have to be afraid of the train to go to and from work. he is not even going to be able to go to work for a while and cannot afford the uber back and forth, so tough situation. mccray will have an evaluation. >> john: arrested 15 times and still on the streets. sandra. >> sandra: republican congressional candidate mike lawler. say it again, sean patrick maloney, welcome any time to come on the program. the invitation extended multiple times. your race is now considered a toss-up, a lot of people are watching this race as possibly the most important race. by the way, how you handling the pressure? >> all good, all good. >> sandra: you obviously feel you can win. >> absolutely. our latest poll has us up six points.
11:41 am
i believe from the start that we would win this race, and it's really because of the district. 50% of households in this district have a cop, a firefighter, first responder or veteran living in it. i've been here my whole life. 15 years ago he moved here to run for congress, and pushed jones out of congress, he has not been well received. 75% of this district is new for him. he only represents about a quarter of the new district. i represent about 20% of the new district in the state assembly. so he does not have the built-in advantage of being incumbent and inflation and crime, he owns it, he voted 100% of the time with nancy pelosi and joe biden and his record is one of failure here, and folks want change. >> and they don't like to see the fact that while we are all living through this skyrocketing
11:42 am
crime and so many great american cities, democrats are downplaying it. a sampling. >> we are dealing with actual crimes, eight homicides and dealing with the perception of fear. >> we work hard every single day to make sure that people feel safe. >> what we see here, the same old playbook which is about coded and racist messaging. >> we have a red state murder problem. >> when you have some very high profile frightening cases all in a short time despite the statistics that tell you it averages out, i understand fear. >> that was lori lightfoot earlier, and kathy hochul there, but we work every day to make people feel safe because they are safe. she's dancing on tiktok, and we bring this back up because this is just what we have seen in recent months leading up to potentially a game changing election where crime is one of the most important issues for voters. remember this? ♪♪
11:43 am
>> sandra: organized street racing happening in that city right now, it's killing people. murder rate is spiking. you've got shootings every weekend in that city and businesses that are fleeing and they are taking their employees and their money with them. >> listen, these folks are delusional. since cashless bail took effect in new york, indexed crimes are up 36%. 40% of those released on nonmonetary bail for felony offenses are rearrested. people don't feel safe because they are not safe. the politicians in albanian washington, like sean maloney said cashless pail was his top priority, have failed to keep
11:44 am
residents safe. murder is up, grand larceny, car theft, crazy. >> sandra: what's your final pitch to voters. how do you fix something so broken in the city right now? >> number one, we need to support law enforcement, need to give them the tools back. anti-crime unit needs to be reinstated. they go after illegal guns, they get illegal guns off the street. we need to really ensure that cashless bail is repealed once and for all. judges need discretion and new york needs a dangerousness standard. we are the only state without it and folks if you want to keep the community safe, join me in my campaign, fire, we need to take out the politicians who have made the country less safe, and sean maloney is at the top of the list. >> sandra: i hope he takes up our invitation. >> don't hold your breath.
11:45 am
>> john: google facing allegations, saying the tech giant is making it easier to find democrats than republicans. that is coming up next. home, and need cash? you need to know about the va cash out loan from newday usa. it's called the newday 100 because it lets veterans borrow up to 100% of their home's value. not just 80% like some typical loans. that extra cash can make a huge difference in these times of skyrocketing prices. here's more good news: home values have skyrocketed too. that means even more cash! take out an average of $60,000 to pay down your high-rate credit card debt, consolidate your second mortgage, personal loans, and car loans, and lower your payments by $600 every month. best of all, there are absolutely no upfront out-of-pocket costs with this loan. and even if you have credit concerns, give us a call. the va has granted newday automatic authority to make our own approval decisions. when lenders say no to a veteran, newday can say yes.
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>> john: the media research center says google is manipulating search engine results to hurt republicans in critical senate races. conservative group says analysis of 12 races show republican websites in ten of the races resulted in significantly fewer search results on google. what did your investigation show here, brent? >> looked at the top 12 races. google controls 92.4% of searches worldwide. also to consider the fact that less than 1% of the population goes past the first page. so in seven of the 12 cases, the republicans have been pushed to page two, so that if you are somebody searching that republican that person doesn't exist for all intents and purposes the republican candidate is a nonperson and that's google who deliberately,
11:51 am
that deliberately put them on page two. >> john: we asked google about it and they suggest the way you searched. not just the name, this report is designed to mislead, testing uncommon search terms people rarely use. anyone who searches for the candidate names on google can see the websites are the top of the results. all the candidates are in the top three and often the first part in google search results. we did a test ourselves. searched the name and the campaign websites for democrats and republicans did come up, but then a finer search, the way that i search on google, i would search like laxalt, arizona, 2022, and in five of those cases the democrat came up in terms of their campaign website but the republican didn't. >> that's right. >> john: it's not just the way that you are searching. >> we look at everything apples to apples, it's fair.
11:52 am
but their answer this afternoon is much better than on "fox & friends" this morning, they said they had not seen the study but it was wrong. remember, google just got sued on friday by the rnc for throwing all of their fundraising appeals to spam and now they are learning their regular appeals, regular messages are going into spam, have been going into spam as well. google has had an agenda against republicans, against donald trump going back to 2016, its been proven time and again. they have a protection, a liability protection. it needs to be addressed. these tech companies need to be held to the same account as fox news, the same account as any journalist operation. they are not -- they are not objective platforms, they are publishers, they have agendas, they are manipulating the data because they have political agendas. it's clear as day. >> john: we are this close to an election, whether it's google and whether or not google is doing anything actually nefarious, but the other social media sites as well.
11:53 am
is it any surprise that you see that results for conservatives are pushed aside? look back to twitter when the hunter biden story broke and they banned the new york post from twitter for reporting on something that oh, by the way, had the added benefit of being true. >> and we looked at and facebook admitted they had done it, the justice department asked them not to give any oxygen to hunter biden, zuckerberg admitted they had done it. we took a survey in the swing states of all biden voters and asked about hunter biden. 5.4%, 54% of biden's voters had never heard of hunter biden. we then asked had you known about hunter biden, 9.5% would not have voted for biden, donald trump would have won every single swing state, 311 lec tr
11:54 am
electoral votes, a landslide. and another surprise in store for google, maybe they will deny as well. >> john: thanks for stopping by, sandra. >> sandra: meanwhile, democrats midterm outlook is beginning to fade, many in the party are worried. the hill writing sharp swing in momentum toward gop sparks democratic angst. >> john: everything from losing out on the issues most important to americans, politico writes democrats growing anxious again over black turnout but can they turn it around in 14 days. >> sandra: bret baier now, anchor and executive editor of special report. you tell us what races you are most closely watching. we just had mike lawler from new york's 17th on, a lot say that is a key race, but what say you two weeks out? >> good afternoon, guys. i think that the east coast races are really interesting now and you are starting to see this focus on republicans in the northeast fuelling momentum.
11:55 am
you have the big debate in new york, the governor race with governor hochul and lee zeldin tonight. you have the race you just talked about, sean maloney and lawler race, that seems like a toss-up. i'm really interested in those early races when polls close and if that gives us early in the night an indication of what the night looks like. sometimes it does, sometimes it's a canary in the coal mine, and it tells us how the night is going. i'm also interested to see if like the past 2, 3 elections republicans are undercounted by 2 to 5% in most polls. if that's the case, a lot of the races will tilt that way. >> john: you know, bret, it's been said, and always true that all politics is local. if you see some of the new york races potentially flip because of crime, is that indicative of a red wave across the country, or do we have to take into account, ok, well in big cities,
11:56 am
in certain states, crime is a huge issue but across the country the economy is a huge issue, and oh, maybe for some people abortion is still a very big issue. >> no, that's true. and you know, race specific, state specific, but sometimes it does give you an indication. you start getting these early closures and republicans are doing exceptionally well, maybe better than the poll suggested they would, and then it goes up against that generic ballot for congressional races. republicans only have to pick up a net five seats in the house. have to pick up a couple in the senate, but of the toss-up, but there are a lot of toss-ups tighter and tighter in both the house and senate races. >> sandra: i want to finish off with this politico quote because there is concern it appears about black turnout. politico writes if black turnout were to fall this year it would seriously complicate if not e
11:57 am
fiscerate, including in georgia, pennsylvania, michigan, wisconsin, that, too, we will watch. >> we are going to be in georgia tomorrow, it's a huge issue in the senate race. it's a huge issue in the governor's race. stacey abrams is trying to motivate african americans to get to the polls for her. former president barack obama, oprah winfrey hitting the trail. you move 1 to 2 points in the black community where they don't show up, it makes a huge difference and add on top of that the trouble the democrats have had on the hispanic communities, especially along the southern border, they have big issues to make up for in a short time. >> sandra: indeed. >> john: record voter turnout in early voting in georgia. see you at 6:00. election officials across the country telling voters they are taking steps to ensure the integrity of the election
11:58 am
process. eric has more for us. >> from testing machines 200 times to make sure the machines work, refuting election lies, officials are stepping up election security across the country. in iowa, secretary of state paul pate there telling voters to be aware of a possible fraud. some folks getting unsolicited phone calls telling iowans they could register and vote over the phone, that is not true. officials don't know who is making the calls but mr. pate like those across the country are making sure voting in two weeks will be safe and secure. >> we have things like voter i.d., very successful, we also do things like paper ballots, so assure people of that. we have pretesting audits and post election audits and we have, i call our secret weapon, the unsung heroes, and that's our poll workers. both republican and democrats who are there. >> pate has also been pushing
11:59 am
back against false claims about the voting process. his office has a special web page, this is it, it's called election security in iowa. its aim to counter election lies, myths for example versus facts, and election experts tell us the measures do go a long way to reassure voters. >> even among the doubters, if you tell them the security measures that are in place, they will feel more confident afterward, so really getting the word out because there is a segment of the population that has concerns and questions. if you get the word out to them about what security measures are in place, people will feel more confident and participate. >> secretary of state pate says voters can have confidence the election will be handled correctly and fairly and he says people across the country can have faith in the way american elections are run. back to you. >> john: that's comforting. eric, thank you very much.
12:00 pm
sandra, another rocking two hours under our belts. >> sandra: pretty crazy, a lot going on. i'm going to join martha coming up in the next hour. >> john: of course, because you just can't work enough. >> sandra: so much going on, and especially with the economy the top issue. democrats who are fearing the shelacking the "new york times" says are changing their message. i'm sandra smith. >> john: too little or too late? "the story" starts right now. s around thank you both. i'm martha maccallum. the story is this. don't look away from any of this for a second, folks. these races are moving. our brand new fox power rankings are tracking them as democrats start shifting their message now trying to scramble for votes in places that they thought were locks for them. this surprisin


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