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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  October 26, 2022 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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>> bill: nate foye, thank you, eagle pass, texas. >> dana: the critical senate race in pennsylvania raising new alarms after fetterman's rocky performance against dr. oz in their one and only debates. some critics calling fetterman's performance hard to watch and answers very painful even if you were empathetic. i'm dana perino. >> bill: i'm bill hemmer. a new hour begins now. high stakes face-off. one of several last night in pennsylvania. how the democrat fetterman on stage against republican dr. mehmet oz. >> if he is on tv he is lying. he did that during his career on his tv show. he has done that during his campaign about lying about our record here. and he is also lying probably during this debate. >> i'm running for the u.s. senate because washington keeps getting it wrong with extreme
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positions. john fetterman takes everything to an extreme. those extreme positions hurt us all. >> dana: just one state over in new york another big contest we've been following. the race for governor. republican lee zeldin going head-to-head against kathy hochul in a state where crime is surging in nearly every major category. here is what they had to say last night. >> unfortunately kathy hochul believes that the only crimes being committed are these crimes with guns. you have people afraid of being pushed in front of oncoming subway cars and stabbed and beaten on the street with hammers. we need to talk about all the other crimes. instead kathy houck you will is too busy patting herself on the back. >> we can work on keeping people scared or focus on keeping them safe. i have worked hard to have real policies that are making a difference. >> bill: wow, it is crunch time, right? "new york post" calling governor hochul clueless on crime saying give them zell. in a moment dr. marc siegel
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with analysis of fetterman's performance and james freeman takes on the political angles. we begin on the election in the state of new york. >> i was in there last night, the debate. they had a lot of energy. zeldin and hochul squared off in their first and only debates discussing a variety of topics including the economy, abortion and immigration. crime was the hot topic as expected with at least 15 minutes of hour-long debate foixed on that issue. zeldin wasted no time telling voters they are less safe thanks to hochul's extreme policies trying to connect her to the lawlessness across the state promising to get rid of cashless bail and alvin bragg. >> bragg is not doing his job. if you're the d.a. it stands for district attorney, not defense attorney. bragg can be a defense attorney. if he won't do his job i'll do
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my job and remove him as soon as i can. >> she said she tightened bail reforms arguing there are real penalties for criminals in new york, taking illegal guns off the street and blaming the weapons for the big spike in crime. >> you can either work on people people scared or focus on keeping them safe. there is no crime-fighting plan if it doesn't include illegal guns. >> she spoke directly to the women across the state telling them abortion is on the ballot. she said zeldin cannot be trusted. zeldin said he would not and could not change the state's strict abortion protections. she zeroed in on zeldin's ties to donald trump. polls show crime and economy are what voters care about. early voting starts on saturday. we'll see if this debate as any impact on those polls.
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>> bill: nice to see you. >> dana: joining us for more james freeman from the "wall street journal." you had a look last night. how is the race in new york shaping up? >> it was very clarifying. zeldin is saying crime is the issue. we have an emergency in this city and state. if you want it to change, elect me. i think it's interesting the democrats have been saying that bail reform law is not really why we're getting all these crimes. very few people let out are causing the crimes. but they are undercutting their message when even governor hochul has sought to amend it. obviously it is a problem and i think he put the issue on the table for people. >> dana: crime is the number one issue for voters in new york. it shouldn't be that way. government -- government is supposed to keep you safe and people don't feel it. >> we know it in the city.
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it dominates conversations now. when people talk about new york city they used to talk about the nightlife, things they are doing in town. cultural experiences. it is all about here is the craziness i saw outside my building today and going through penn station. it's beyond spin. you look at these horrible videos, this is what people are living with. >> bill: that's an excellent and practical point that you just made. let's move to pennsylvania right now and get into it with fetterman and oz. there was a poll a month ago that had fetterman up six points. margin of error four. you could say it was a dead tie. today the real clear average has the race 1.3 points that separate the two. it's well within the margin of error. so last night the issue of energy came up in pennsylvania. here is what fetterman said in 2018 while running for lieutenant governor four years ago. >> fracking, yeah, fracking.
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i don't support fracking at all. i never have. and i've signed the no fossil fuels money pledge and i have never received a dime from any natural gas or oil company whatsoever. >> bill: four years later last night the question came up. >> i do support fracking and -- i don't -- i don't -- i support fracking and i stand and i do support fracking. >> bill: not going to fly. depends on how people react. >> could have been an explanation. when there is that big a flip-flop you expect the candidate to say here is why i changed my view. i've come to realize we need fossil fuels and we need to power our economy. just pretending that the previous statements never occurred. now to be fair, dr. oz was never a big fan of fracking until recently, either. but i think with fetterman you saw this denial and no
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explanation on what has changed. it goes to a credibility issue. do people think he will allow energy production or not? >> dana: the "wall street journal" editorial board wrote is the fetterman/oz debate too late? early voting started in late september and you already had i think a million people or more have already voted even before they had a chance to see them. >> i think a lot of democrats are asking this morning why are we learning this now? independent voters for sure but even democrats. his stroke occurred before the primary. his campaign has successfully stonewalled, prevented the public from learning his condition. now he -- the campaign has maintained all along even though they wouldn't release the records that it is just an issue of hearing. but i think what people saw last night is it's not just his ability to hear, it is not just needing that captioning, not just the trouble expressing himself, but no substance, very
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little. the answers tended to be very superficial. maybe that's the candidate regardless of health issues. >> bill: a lot of folks were reacting saying it was hard to watch. it looked at times cruel. you can have empathy or confusion when you watch him on stage but this was unique to american politics. >> yeah, i think it's kind of amazing it was able to go this long. i would expect -- you don't know how it plays. some people may feel bad for him and be motivated to vote for that but i think any voter has got to think they should have been alerted to this early year. >> bill: thank you, james freeman, "wall street journal." see you later in the week. as a reminder fetterman had a stroke last may. four days before the primary vote. he struggled last night and claims he is fit to serve. he will be better in the month
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of january. dr. siegel, we brought you in for a bit of an evaluation how you thought he performed last night. what is he up against and what is happening when someone is suffering from his condition and trying to repair his brain? >> good morning, bill and dana. i had said previously to this and been saying it since mccain ran for president. the public has a right to know and we should see health records and mris and it should be on table. when dr. oz asked fetterman that last night he said evaluate me based on this performance. here is where i'm showing my cognitive abilities. one hour of watching john fetterman and i have deep concerns as a physician. now james freeman pointed out one reason. it looked like he had been prepped with a one word to put into an answer that was in the question. fracking he said i agree with it but never did it before.
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he said universal health insurance was probably coached not to say the word socialized medicine but never in-depth answers. the left sided stroke has affected the parts of his brain that have to do not just with hearing and expressiveness but deeper comprehension. the frontal part of the brain is involved with executive function, with decision making, with handling a lot of details at once and putting together an answer. it was clear to me without an mri and without having examined him not video clips one hour he is not up to the level we need for a united states senator at this time. this is a medical problem, not a political one. >> dana: dr. siegel. people who experience a stroke, they might recover differently. some people bounce right back, others have a hard time. as bill said we're at the fifth month of his recovery. at this point do you accept he could get a lot better and
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improve on that function in the next month or year? >> that's a great, great question, dana. it depends on how extensive the stroke is. i am saying it was at least a moderate stroke. a lot of the early work has been done. instead of being on the campaign trail i would like to see him in rehab and cognitive therapy. more work can be done. over the next year he almost definitely can show more recovery. another thing that concerns me here is we know he has a cardiomyopathy, enlarged heart. he has a defibrillator, a thing you keep there in case your heart stops beating. irregular wrigt many and pacemaker. what are the chances he has another stroke when the first stroke was caused by a clot from the heart? it can happen. this is very, very serious business here. i never go on record like this i want to tell you. it was one hour of watching him knowing his history. i want to see his records.
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he is at risk for another stroke and has not fully recovered from the one he had no way. very serious concerns here. >> bill: thau, dr., marc siegel analysis on the morning after. thank you for that. he had a heart condition before and some have suggested he didn't take care of himself the way they gave him advice to take care of himself. >> dana: in terms if you were watching with empathy there is one thing. if you have a loved one with a stroke you understand what they are going through. we'll see how it plays out. the issues are what really mattered last night especially fracking and the economy as well as the fentanyl issue. martha maccallum is in harrisburg talking to voters what we witnessed last night. you can watch that today on "the story" happening from harrisburg and live at 3:00 p.m. >> bill: martha at 3:00 on the "the story". supreme court justice same alito making his most direct comments to date on that bombshell leak of a draft
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abortion opinion. what he is saying about the threats against the justices sitting on the court. >> dana: another pivotal senate race getting closer by the day. laxalt hoping to knock off cortez masto. how does he plan to finish strong? >> a lot of these policies we never voted on. no one here voted on the green new deal and if you go after american energy independence $6 gas. they sneak it all in. osts at al. let us get your family security of cash in the bank. bipolar depression. it made me feel trapped in a fog. this is art inspired by real stories of bipolar depression. i just couldn't find my way out of it. the lows of bipolar depression can take you to a dark place. latuda could make a real difference in your symptoms. latuda was proven to significantly reduce bipolar depression symptoms.
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>> dana: the supreme court leak sparked international protests earlier this year. for justice sam alito it turned the court into a target for assassination as attempts to change the decision turned violent. we saw it all summer.
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david spunt has a details. >> pointed comments from justice alito. no question they came from a place of frustration. we're six months out from the original draft leak of the overturning of roe v. wade in the dobbs decision that came out from "politico". no one has punished or reprimanded publicly that we know about. justice alito not holding back last night in a conversation with the heritage foundation in washington saying that the justices and quite frankly much of the country are still shaken to the core by this leak. listen to him. >> i think also made those of us who were thought to be in the majority in support of overruling roe and casey targets for assassination that gave people a reason to think they could prevent that from happening by killing one of us. >> the california man who came
7:20 am
to washington and took a taxi to kavanaugh's home and contemplated killing him. he called the authorities on himself, dana, saying he planned to break in and kill the justice. he found kavanaugh's address online. privately court employees and plenty on capitol hill point to a speech by senate majority leader chuck schumer as a real problem. listen to this. >> i want to tell you, gorsuch. i want to tell you, kavanaugh, you have released the whirl wind and you will pay the price. [cheering and applause] you won't know what hit you if you go forward with these awful decisions. >> right now, dana and bill. we know there is an investigation inside the court handled by the marshall of the
7:21 am
u.s. supreme court. it was called a grave betrayal of trust. are we getting closer to who leaked it? >> dana: we would love to know. thank you so much. >> bill: someday we might or might not. want to go back to the election and focus on the senate at this moment what we call the what if scenario. we believe certain states are breaking toward democrats and others breaking toward republican. what we aren't sure is what happens in the state in yellow pennsylvania, georgia, arizona and nevada? the marker to begin on election night republicans at 49, democrats at 47 as you see right here and so let's do a little scenario here. what if, right? what if republicans are able to hold wisconsin, able to hold ohio, they're able to hold north carolina and they're able to hold florida? that's not easy. but now you talk 4 for 4. after last night maybe oz
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picked up a little bit in pennsylvania. maybe he did. we shall see in time and perhaps that's a hold in p.a. as well. now you are at 50. but you are still not with the majority. democrats have the white house and kamala harris could be the tiebreaking vote if it stays there. go to the map and try to find a vote. could be walker in georgia or arizona or could be nevada where adam laxalt is running a pretty good campaign and he joins me now. good morning. thanks for getting up with us today. where do you believe your race is as of today? >> well, 9 of the last 10 polls have had us up by 1 or 2 points. incredibly close. we are charging the hill every single day. we started a two-week bus tour yesterday stopping in every county almost 50 stops making sure we get out the vote. as long as our people turn out,
7:23 am
we'll win this race. >> bill: let's talk about issues and policy. on the board behind me this is what we find to be the number one issues is economy, inflation 42%. you know about gas prices and the unemployment number is still high. inflation is 9%. higher than the rest of the country. abortion ticks in at 25%. what do you believe as you look at these issues today? >> look, inflation here is almost 16%. seven weeks ago senator masto had the opportunity to tell president biden she would not support more spending, wouldn't support the 87,000 i.r.s. agents but she was a reliable vote as she has been on his economic agenda 100% of the time. imagine pouring more fuel on the fire and here we are. we'll have more inflation in this state. gas prices are almost $6 here. you can go anywhere in the state, people have to drive. you only need to go back to
7:24 am
2020, bill, when you could have gas that was $2. i asked that question every stop and people always yell ot two bucks. the bottom line is these were policies that joe biden pushed, that senator masto supported, which is why we believe we're seeing such a shift in our direction especially with the hispanic vote that has moved away from her 20 to 30 points from 2016 when she won by only two. president trump only lost by two in 2020. so we have a razor thin state but our state is hurting right now thanks to blue state shutdowns and joe biden and catherine cortez masto policies. we believe we'll have a flip in nevada. >> she is the first latina senator from nevada. hispanics in nevada would vote
7:25 am
for her 49 to 42 over you. how can you make the sell to them? >> look, just remind your listeners she won by 42 points in 2016. we have planted the flag and been campaigning in that community. latinos for laxalt has been an incredible movement in our state. we've been spanish language, radio, tv. i faced the camera in spanish on a tv ad this week. that move is happening and it's because schools are in grave trouble. the shutdowns crushed our schools. the border is open. we had six fentanyl deaths last week in las vegas. we had an officer shot in the line of duty. people understand the community is less safe. our schools are headed in the wrong direction. small businesses can't -- can barely hang on in this economy.
7:26 am
they understand, after many, many years now, that the democrat policies do not help the working class in this state. and if you want a chance at the american dream and to climb out and go into the middle class, which by the way we've always been in las vegas, you have to block the biden/masto agenda. >> bill: you could be the deciding state for control of the senate. thank you for your time. 13 days and counting. adam laxalt, thank you. >> thank you. >> dana: now to virginia where it all started after parents rose up against woke education and put republican glenn youngkin in the governor's mansion. what he is doing now to fulfill a campaign promise. democrats will lose more than a dozen women house members this election cycle. what's behind that trend?
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>> bill: virginia governor glenn youngkin taking steps to boost parental rights with a new proposal that would require parents to approve of their child changing their personal pronouns. that's a concept many republican candidates are latching onto ahead of the mid-terms. >> his parental rights proposal received more than 60,000 comments requires parental signoffs for students to use other names and pronouns in school and also says use of bathrooms and locker rooms and participation in school activities is to be based on biological sex. >> it feels just like what happened last year. all of a sudden the commonwealth of virginia woke up and decided to shake off craziness. >> in response to governor youngkin's proposal virginia house delegate guzman proposed
7:33 am
a bill to expand the definition of child abuse to include parents who did not provide gender-affirming care. republican challengers in competitive races in virginia have highlighted the bill in their campaign attacks. >> who would have thought we would be having conversation about parents being jailed if they do not conform to woke culture? that is insanity. >> our biggest issue is parents rights. right. we have a delegate that would propose a bill for parents to not affirm the gender that social workers deem. >> bill: democrat jennifer wexton facing a republican say i do not want to lock up parents and don't support this proposal. i am a fierce supporter of lgbtq plus kids but this bill wouldn't result in getting them the support they need and deserve. playbook being used in the
7:34 am
illinois governor's race. darren bailey is taking on j.b. pritzker. >> i believe parents have the best interest in mind for their children and parents should be making that decision, not doctors or teachers or governors. >> back to virginia, democrats now say they will not move forward with their bill. >> bill: mike, thanks, watching that mike emanuel. thanks for that. >> dana: let's bring in former education secretary bill bennett and fox news contributor. a lot of educational use, failing test scores and also people need to be champions for parents, too. that's what glenn youngkin is doing. why do you think people should come down on this particular issue? >> well, i think it's clear that most parents or most all parents believe that children are the children of parents and of god, not the school system.
7:35 am
and therefore critical decisions about the child's life remain with the parent. when they talk about changing pronouns, this is the first step toward this whole discussion of change -- possibly changing gender. that is earth shaking. and belongs to parents to discuss with their children. indeed at the very early grades particularly it is offensive to parents. this is what glenn youngkin has captured when he became governor, this was a principle issue and he is after it again. this proposal by guzman that parents cannot make the decision about these things is ridiculous and what is most interesting politically is that other democrats like ms. wexton are backing off from it and saying they don't support it. so what you see here is a retreat by democrats on a lot of their most radical proposals. they stepped out way too far.
7:36 am
>> dana: 6 in 10 parents feel there is too much focus on transgender policies in schools. >> absolutely. >> dana: i mention the falling test scores. "wall street journal" writes about the dumbing down of america. the act scores for high schoolers have gone way down and it is really one of the things that you will see probably continue unfortunately unless we get a handle of it because of reading and math scores we've seen in elementary and middle school students. going into college prep tests it makes everything so much harder. i'm dismayed about this and headlines say republicans pounce on the issue. well, somebody should pounce on it immediately. it is an emergency, sir. >> yeah, it is an emergency for our kids and emergency for our country. it has to do with our competitiveness and standing in the world. it also has to do with the child's ability to function, to work in the world. there are two sets of these results that i would like to
7:37 am
talk about. one biggest failure is in eighth grade math. that was the biggest drop we saw from the national assessment. this means that our top students are dropping in their ability to do math, which means the next generation of scientists will be smaller, the next generation of technical experts will be smaller unless we address it. the larger issue, although the drop wasn't as dramatic as the math drop, is the drop in reading, dana. that's so important because reading is key. i was in an elementary school with my wife on monday at her invitation and we were reading to the kids. we stressed to the kids that reading is crucial. if you cannot read confidently by the third grade, your life chances are radically diminished. your ability to hold a job, your ability to make money, your ability to be successful, your ability to advance. reading, reading, reading. if you go through the first three grades and do nothing but
7:38 am
learn how to read and read confidently, that would be enough. then get into math and numerals but reading is absolutely crucial. >> dana: there are so many great books out there. lots of resources where you can find that. the governor of arizona said they will use some of their resources in order to have a big push throughout all the ymcas in arizona so all students can get on track. >> i talked to a pre-k who liked a book about trucks. he was interested in learning about trucks. they will be interested to read if we give them the opportunity. words have said we will love what others have loved and we must show them how and we try
7:39 am
to teach reading, the number one issue. >> dana: my favorite thing to do. >> glenn youngkin is on it. his secretary of education is on it. they will address it. it is interesting to see republicans talking so much about education. >> dana: parents are demanding it indeed. bill bennett. great to see you. have a good day. >> thanks, dana. >> bill: a family turns heartache to action. why they are fighting to raise awareness about cyberbullying and calling to change the law in the memory of their daughter. becoming a morning person starts the night before with new neuriva relax and sleep. it has l-theanine to help me relax from daily stress. plus, shoden ashwagandha for quality sleep. so i can wake up refreshed. neuriva think bigger.
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>> hunter and cheryl, the suicide hotline number is 988, again our sympathies to you, i think it's smart for you to get out here and tell people what's going on. especially when the kids are looking at their phone and they are not able to talk to you in their dealing with that pain, it is very real for these teenagers. your loss, stay in touch and i hope those laws get changed for you. >> thank you. >> tough stuff they are. ten meds before the hour and
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>> harris: it was a bit of debate night. senate candidates oz and fetterman, fetterman's performance is being called brutal and a disaster. with so many votes already cast, particularly in that state, will it even matter? president biden declared the pandemic was over, remember that? now it looks like it is back on. americans once again facing a mess of mixed messaging from the white house. senator rick scott from the great state of florida.
7:57 am
new york's republican candidate for lieutenant governor alisons pi zito. will cain at the top of the hour. >> bill: tiktok is more than funny videos, social media giant is planning a massive digital shopping mall using your data to make it happen. vivek ramaswamy is with us now. the idea is to do it you don't know. show you products you don't own and sell them to you. how will that work? >> well look, i think the bigger concern is the data collection aspect of this. tiktok is owned by a chinese company. the top of the list of my concerns about this. there is a price to do business in china. the ticket fee they charge is that you hand over data of u.s. users to the ccp as a condition for doing business there. it even happens with u.s. headquarter companies like airbnb. if it can happen to u.s.
7:58 am
companies it can happen to a chinese company like bite dance that overcease tiktok. >> don't know what musk will do but says he will fire 3/4 of the workforce. a letter leaked publicly from employees. we the undersigned twitter workers believe the public conversation is in jeopardy. elon musk plan will rurt the ability to serve the public conversation. a threat is reckless and undermines users and customers trust in the platform and transparent act of worker intimidation. how do you view this and how will it go? >> i don't think it's the public conversation in jeopardy by workers jobs. there has been a lot of success in the last 10 years but it bread entitlement and then laziness and victimhood fits
7:59 am
laziness like a glove. that's the mantra with workers wanting to sit at home. i hope musk does something about it. >> bill: vivek, nice to see you. thanks for coming on today back in columbus, ohio. thanks for that. >> dana: he is great and his name rhymes with cake. before we go. we have a great instagram page. please consider it. we have good content. we reached out to see if you had any questions about the mid-terms. here is a couple things you asked. how has redistricting impacted some of the races >> bill: we won't know until election night but significant when you think of the lines drawn in the swing areas that could go either way and have a big impact on the outcome. >> dana: we have jennifer ruth green from indiana and you asked her about that. >> bill: northwestern indiana, lake county is up there, a few
8:00 am
other areas in northwestern, gary, indiana, they redrew the lines ever so slightly but even redrawing the lines ever so slightly can make that district from blue to purple and that's why she has a shot. that's the point. >> dana: we had a good mid-term show. 13 days to go. tomorrow it will be 12 days to go. i can do math. harris faulkner is next. here she is. >> harris: we begin with a fox news alert as we're now sifting through the insults and accusations at some high profile debates. we're looking at what really matters. did democrats or republicans best pass one single test, winning the case for hitting what people actually care about. i'm harris faulkner and are you in "the faulkner focus". in michigan and new york governors' seats are up for grab


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