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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  October 26, 2022 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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ohio on tuesday when bret and i are there. tomorrow we will show you this in depth discussion that we're going to have now with the pennsylvania voters that you heard from today as we do an extended version on the untold story podcast. look forward to that. "your world" starts right now. thanks for being here, folks. >> neil: all right. the gloves are off and the money race is on in pennsylvania where the senate debate is sparking a new dash for cash. already democrat john fetterman claiming $2 million that's come in to his campaign since that brawl. it doesn't stop there in georgia, nevada, over, arizona. candidates are crisscrossing their states looking for more money and more votes in the fight for control of washington d.c. and their own capitols. and it is the fight for america's students that has the republican governor crisscrossing the nation today,
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glenn youngkin is in wisconsin campaigning for the republican candidate there. tim michaels, both men, will be joining us here. we have a busy show for you. i'm neil cavuto. let's get to it. lauren simonetti following the money. lauren? >> neil, 13 days and millions of dollars to go. so right before last night's one and only debate in pennsylvania, the gop senate leadership fund super pact poured $6 million in to the oz campaign putting out warnings like this add to attack fetterman's record on crime. >> you'll see what happens when guys like fetterman let the worst offenders out of jail early. protect your family. don't vote fetterman. >> fetterman brought in $2 million since the debate last night. his campaign calling those donations unprecedented and show grass roots enthusiasm. meanwhile, take a look here. the top super pact supporting house republicans, the
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congressional leadership fund fund, pouring $11 million in to these 16 close races. seven of which president biden won by double digits in 2020. like district 47 in california. that is affluent orange county. biden took almost 2/3s of that vote two years ago. but republicans think that scott bell could unseat progressive katie porter. they're spending another $1.9 million on that race alone. look, republican money is being matched almost dollar for dollar by democrats, michael bloomberg giving the house majority pact of $10 million. it can be spent where democrats think they have a fighting chance, neil. >> neil: thanks, lauren. lauren simonetti following developments. bryan llenas in harrisburg. that debate showed a compromised democratic candidate. turns out didn't hurt him when
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it came to raising some dough. bryan? >> no doubt about that. $2 million the fetterman campaign since they raised since the end of the debate that everybody is talking about. in that debate, both candidates, fetterman and oz tried to cast each other as the extremist choice. at times, it mirrored just like their social media and political add attacks that have been playing the last few months. they both touched on a lot of topics including crime, abortion and the economy. here's a colorful exchange on inflation. >> dr. oz can't possibly understand what that is like. you know? he has ten gigantic mansions. he must push back against corporate greed. >> when john fetterman brings up houses, the irony is he didn't pay for his own house. he got it for a dollar from his sister. he's not been able to earn a living on his own. he lived off of his parents. >> one of the biggest moments last night is when fetterman was
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pressed on his evolving stance on fracking. not only for what he said but how he said it. >> i absolutely support fracking. >> there's that 2018 interview that you said "i don't support fracking at all." so how do you square the two? >> i do support fracking. and -- i don't -- i don't -- i support fracking and i stand -- i do support fracking. >> last night's performance from fetterman has more people questioning his ability to serve following his stroke. fetterman's campaign said the live closed captioning system used at the debate was "delayed and full of errors." nextstar tv shot back. both candidates were offered the opportunity for two full rehearsals. mr. fetterman chose to do one. the closed captioning process
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functioning as expected during rehearsal and again during tonight's debate. questions and answers were visible to both candidates. the audience at home though and the press was not able to see what was being typed on the screens. neil? >> neil: bryan llenas, thanks very much. as bryan pointed out, a lot of early voting has gone on in pennsylvania. if you look at 30 states that allow early voting, millions have voted. so some people could have decide add different vote. we have phil wegmann with us. franchesca, we won't know until that vote broke down, the early vote, but in pennsylvania, those early voters didn't get a chance to weigh or measure mr. fetterman's performance, which by all accounts was, well, controversial. i wondering what the fall out will be here. >> we don't know how they voted,
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but democrats tend to be the ones to vote earlier and near the ones requesting more mail-in ballots than republicans in the state of pennsylvania, neil. you have the state of pennsylvania warning already that because of how many mail-in ballots are being cast that it may not be on election day when we know what the result of that race is. it will take time to process though. in the state of pennsylvania, they can't begin to do that process until election day. so republicans and democrats both bracing for what could be long not just election night but a little stretch there. >> neil: in a lot of states, they count the early votes last, the day of votes first. that is one of the anomalyies that president said he had a big lead. i'm not here to re-visit history. this way this could complicate election night. what do you think? >> it does feel like we're tip toeing around armageddon.
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hopefully things go more smoothly than during the last presidential election. what really underscores republican frustrations in pennsylvania is a poll that wpxi conducted after that debate. it wasn't the most scientific thing. it certainly wasn't rigorous enough to be added to the real clear politics average. it underscores the frustration. odd, according to that poll, beat fetterman 82 to 18%. that's a snapshot here of the performance. but the frustration because in all likelihood, that means that many of those folks that cast their mail-in ballots did so at a moment when the lieutenant governor's health was still an open question. it's less of an open question now. that's got to frustrate the oz campaign. >> neil: franchesca, if i can get back to the early voting and the passion for voting on both sides. this is unusual in the mid-term year. you see it in presidential election years. that's going to probably put
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this in the record books as far as voter participation. we just don't know who has the most jazzed voters. judging from the economy as a number 1 issue and concerns about rising gas prices and everything else, you'd assume early on it goes to republicans. what are you hearing? >> and we have seen polling to that effect, neil, about where the enthusiasm lies. democrats are not losing hope even though abortion has a topic has been down in the polls compared to the issues of the economy, inflation, even immigration and crime. some of the things that republicans have focused on that they still -- they're still hopeful that their democratic base will surge over the issue of abortion rights in favor of their candidates. again, when you have a situation where economy and inflation is in the double digits, you've seen president biden turn in the final days of this campaign to an economic message where he's now referring to megamaga
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republicans in his talking points about the economy and saying that if republicans take power, not only will they undo the legislation he's done, referencing how they could be responsible for the slight recession that he has said could be coming. >> neil: phil, a little later on, we have jim messina, a top official in the obama administration. the closest democrat to criticizing the president and his messaging and may be sort of distinct disconnect on offering public statements on days that people were thirsting for more information. what are you going to do about inflation and these other things. and that is getting in the way of what he says democrats should be focused on, the john market, which is strong and the other things, legislation that they passed that could be strong. his opinion, mind you. what do you make of that? the growing concern among prominent democrats that the president is botching it?
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>> i think franchesca is absolutely right. this administration is focused on inflation and the economy, but they have also tried to do a two step here and thread the needle. last week we saw the president speak also about the importance of codifying rue and then he's talking about gas prices and inflation. the risk is if you overemphasize the social issues at the expense of the fiscal ones, that you cold come across as a bit fringe. the administration and democrats have corrected that because if you look at polling for example, the "new york times" sienna poll that came out a few weeks ago, shows the number 1 issue among not just women voters but also democrats themselves remains the economy. democrats were able to get an early advantage over the summer with a generic ballot because of the dobbs decision. we've seen that fading. if republicans optimism pans
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out, they're expecting independents and moderates to break their way come november. >> neil: still early. another 13 days to go. thanks very much. as we've been saying, a lot of people turning out early and in record numbers, particularly in georgia, one of the first states to allow this. now there's 29 others. that's where you find jonathan serrie in union city, georgia with more. jonathan? >> hi, neil. already more than a million georgians have cast early ballots. more coming up. helping them achieve financial freedom. we're proud to serve people everywhere, in investing for the retirement they envision. from the plains to the coasts, we help americans invest for their future. and help communities thrive. dry skin is sensitive skin, too.
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>> neil: all right more than two dozen states have had early voting but nothing like what we've seen in the peach state. very big races for national governor and the senate seat. jonathan serrie is in union city, georgia following those developments. jonathan? >> hi there, neil. very active here in the peach state. already more than a 1,017,000 georgians have cast ballots. georgia does not register by political party. it's difficult to gauge who has the advantage at this point. in fact, early voting itself may be influenced by factors outside of politics. >> right now, early voting
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levels are tracking higher than 2018 levels. we don't know a couple of things yet. one, that could be a change in behavior that has happened because of covid. >> facing a challenge from herschel walker, raphael warnock is trying to reach out to moderates. campaigning on the moderate legislation that he worked on in the senate. in her second run for governor, democrat stacey abrams is rallying the progressive base with ambitious policy goals for healthcare, housing and education. abrams is doubling down that georgia's election laws are discriminatory and supporters of republican governor brian kemp say that just look at the heavy turnout. they say the heavy turnout disproves those claims. neil? >> neil: jonathan, thanks very much for that. to hear republicans and democrats tell it, it's the economy, stupid. republicans saying it's a lousy economy, stupid and mostly democrats saying it's not as bad
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as you think. then there's jim mussina, orchestrated president obama's re-election in 2012. he's concerned about something called messagimessaging. he spoke with me earlier on fox business. >> i think history is important here. right? the average president's party over the last 40 years since world war ii loses an average three senate seats and 28 house seats. americans like divided government. if you look at it in the house, because of redistricting, other things, democrats have to win 26 of the 31 most important races just to hold. that's a tall order during this time. >> neil: they have a real difficult time where the math douse favor them in the senate. is there a jail break going on here? do you worry about that? >> no. we're 13 days out. look at the early numbers. i hate polling.
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i think polling is garbage. what i like to look at are the real numbers. 12 million americans have voted. looking like both parties are coming out very strongly. i think we'll have record turnout in november, which is good. the question is where are the swing voters going. right now swing move are moving to the democrats. swinging men are moving to the republicans. in some of these really close senate races as you and i know, there's five to seven races that will determine everything, pennsylvania is problem -- >> you think fetterman lost it last night? >> i do not. i think he lost the battle. may have won the war. >> how so? >> oz's comment about putting local politicians in charge of abortion, they put that on tv. >> a lot of people had a chance to see what's going on with this guy. fetterman and the stroke. i felt for him. it was awful. >> my mom has had two strokes. i get it. a lot of americans understand
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that. he's on the recovery. i don't think one debate finishes you. barack obama lost the first debate to mitt romney worse than any candidate lost. he cleaned his clock. >> neil: that was a one and done debate. how do you think that went? >> i didn't see that. i mostly focus on the federal races. >> neil: let's step back. we talked about democrats and the can -- conundrum and the inflation. today, the president talked about billions in funding for electric funding for kids when we know their grades are failing. maybe we should get more what they do in school hands how they get to school. >> we need to focus on both. walk and chew gum -- >> i wonder if the president can. >> he absolutely can. he passed a bipartisan infrastructure billion, inflation reduction act. his real legislative accomplishments that democrats should be running on, one of my
1:20 pm
criticisms about my party is they're not running on that stuff. >> they're concerned that it made this inflation worse. you think it has? >> i do not. i have 15n'ts and prime ministers around the world as my clients. everybody is struggling with these issues. the ukraine war -- >> neil: the blames -- i do the same with diets. >> you and me both. >> neil: i wonder why he does that. takes credit when gas goes down. points fingers when it goes up. says the oil companies are gouging. there's no proof of that. i wonder is he on the same page as reality? >> i think absolutely. he's calling balls and strikes. part -- >> neil: is he calling them or is staff calling them? with barack obama whether you liked him or not, that was his call, his take. he was driving it. whether agreed with his proposals or not. same with bill clinton after he pivoted at the mid-terms. he changed. how did joe biden change?
1:21 pm
>> all presidents change. >> people said that about truck. he tried. all presidents get through the first election. >> let's say he's swamped in the mid-terms. i know what you're saying. you hope that doesn't happen. the clinton quickly pivoted. i just can't see a joe biden saying, you know what? i'm going to expand oil production or i'm going to be open to maybe tax cuts or whatever. but i don't see it. >> i do. let me tell you why. when i was negotiating obama care, i didn't take obama. i took joe biden. he could cut the deal and put away the politics. >> neil: he was younger then. >> come on. >> neil: i wants to keep cognizance as long as i can. it's a high pressure john.
1:22 pm
britain's move to a young prime minister, that governor candidate was all of 44 years old. i mean, should the next president we have, republican or democrat, just be younger? >> i think they should be competent. that's what we need. that's what biden is saying and what we need. we can argue about the substance. but or the way he presents it. he makes fun of himself presenting it. the fact is we just need someone that know what's the hell they're doing in the middle of these tough economic times. >> neil: you don't think he's showing his age. i see a discernible drop in cognitive skills. believe me, there's some days i can forget you were on the show. should we be worried? >> i was with him alone three weeks ago, talking like you and i are talking about politics and life. sounded just like you and me. sounded smarter than you and me. >> neil: that's easy to do in my
1:23 pm
case. >> no, no, no. >> neil: and by the way, you've been very much pursuing a block chain, the whole technology. we have crypto, some people love it, some people hate it. they say its time has passed. where are you on this? obviously a big proponent here. where do you see it going? >> i think block chain and crypto is one of the most exciting developments in our lifetime. when this is over, this generation will be known for covid and reimagining our financial system. i'm incredibly bullish on this. it's good to have a crypto winner. getting rid of the b.s. -- >> neil: what about bitcoin itself? >> i'll bullish. i'm buying bitcoin. >> neil: so in an around $20,000. can it get to some -- oh. >> i'll bet you my porsche it gets back. >> neil: life is good if you have that to bet. predictions on who the next republican nominee will be. >> donald trump. >> neil: really?
1:24 pm
not governor desantis? >> no. look, i was with him recently. governor desantis is great on tv. there's something missing on his ability to connect to voters. >> and donald trump can. it would be an active disloyalty if anybody said i will run. >> how many times has he cared about what other people think? they're both running. >> neil: jim messina on all of that stuff here. we count down the days, 13 days to election day on the mid terps. get his read on things and how his predictions pan out after the mid-terms and whether donald trump would be the republican presidential nominee. was a he was wrapping up there, albeit on tape, we're getting news out of meta sliding after just a lousy report. certainly lousier than the streets figuring. this is beginning to be something we're seeing out of some. not all technology stocks but facebook shares are sliding
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>> neil: yesterday we talked to the democratic candidate for governor in maryland. today the republican. dan cox is next.
1:29 pm
>> i wouldn't be the first african american governor but i've been very clear with the people of maryland. i'm not in this race to make history. i'm in this race to make child
1:30 pm
poverty history. i'm in this race because we can make the wealth gap history. >> neil: that was wes moore's pitch to be the next governor of maryland. now we go to dan cox, the republican candidate. mr. cox, thank you. >> thank you, neil. thanks for the opportunity. it's an honor. >> neil: what he said, i'm sure you heard it and this is wes moore, that he's better because he gets it, he says you don't. he said repeatedly that you would be dangerous in office. what do you think of that and how do you respond to that? >> well, it's all fake news. the truth is out that everybody knows that he wants to defund the police. he said this on he believes in reinventing and reimagining policing. his open society friends came in my committee to seek to take pensions away from officers here in maryland. when you look at the parents rights movement right now, we have a plan on his focus is to
1:31 pm
take parental rights away and to continue this gender ideology from pre-k on up. that's why the polls are not accurate. parents are upset about this. i put the parental rights bill in with the support of 50,000 parents. let's do something reasonable like what governor desantis is doing in florida. crime is out of control. we're going to bring sanity back to maryland and restore freedom for everyone. >> neil: you talk about bring sanity back. i'm sure you know the republican governor has termed out. he's not supporting you. he says that you're a whack job, that your associations and gathering and getting buses to go to capitol hill on january 6 at the time and support donald trump's contention that the election was stolen, that you were facted by donald trump. his words, you're unstable. how do you respond to that? you heard that before. >> fake news.
1:32 pm
governor hogan is not on the ballot. i've stood in the state house. i'm the only elected official who has fought for maryland in this race. i've been elected as a town council president and served hard for the people of maryland bringing sanity to local government without raising taxes. i'm the only option for a balanced voice of reason in annapolis. if you have a one-party stated, we're going to back to the days of 42 state tax increases. i stood with the governor on the house floor. he knows this. the only problem is, we had a severe difference of opinion on the lockdowns. right now my approach to not locking down our schools has proven true because just this wike maryland's national report card came out saying we're at the bottom of the united states for our children. in my district, 34% suicidal ideation rate increased. what does my opponent want to
1:33 pm
do? he's going to continue this approach that the cdc announced to include the vaccine mandate for the child, the vaccine schedule, which could be implemented by the governor's order. >> neil: all of these issues are germane. i get that. i think where the governor parted company with you is your associations with qanon and proud boy groups. >> that's not true. i have no association with those groups. >> neil: okay. let me ask you this. you said mr. trump is the only president that i recognize right now soon after the election and the dispute over that was legitimate and joe biden was the legitimate winner. do you still feel that way today? >> that was after the election. i was on the lawyers for trump team looking at constitutional due process. >> neil: i understand that. do you still feel that way today? that joe biden was not legitimate le elected? >> i have said that joe biden is
1:34 pm
the president of the united states. i'll tell you. what is interesting, my opponent has hillary clinton here. i'm an election denier. my approach as a constitutional approach to support our election laws to make sure we have integrity. >> neil: you wanted to hold off on officials counting mail-in ballots early. maryland's highest court ruled in they they can. are you laying out the possibility if you were to lose the election, you would protest that election? >> absolutely not. in fact, i'm an election af affirmer. i stood for the constitutional process with larry hogan who vetoed that bill. when the governor vetoes legislation in maryland as in any state, over the legislature can override that.
1:35 pm
the governor said there's a concern with election integrity. instead, they forum shopped for a judge to overturn to governor's veto and allow early counting without signature verification on the ball lots. that's a concern. we're going forward. we need to flood the polls. that's what's happening right now. the future of this country is at stake. everybody needs to understand this. mare lands is being used as ground zero for the dnc to input their view on the world on vaccine passports. my opponent wants to take control of our bodies, our children's education, centralized zoning in annapolis. i want power back to the people. that's why we're running and we're going to win. >> neil: do you think what happened on january 6 -- this has come up in your state and how they go back and forth on this. how describe the events of january 6? >> it's horrific to see that crimes were done and the capitol broke in to. i made that very clear. i stand against that.
1:36 pm
to this day, what is happening right now at the kitchen table is not being talked about. people can't afford their bills. instead, the democrats have only one thing that they're running on. some kind of, you know, smear attempt on people that are good people like my family. i was there with my children with the president in the white house lawn. i was not at the capitol. instead, we need to look at what is happening right now with children. the second killer, the highest killer of 15-year-olds and under, neil, is suicide for our children. why? because of the egregious policies of the democrats the last two years. we'll change that as the next governor of maryland. >> neil: thanks, dan cox, for joining us. the republican candidate for governor in the state of mare lands. right now the two-term governor, larry hogan has termed out but has not thrown his support behind mr. cox. it's still early. we'll keep a close eye hahn democrats starting to abandon the president on what's going on
1:37 pm
at the border and also what's going on in general with the economy. after this. >> this is a crisis. arizonians are stick of it. jer. presented by me, clay matthews. what is clay matthews doing in my house? here's you wiping tears of joy with it after a win. i am never washing you. your wife tells me these are complete strangers? you're drooling, ted! and here it is in the delivery room of your daughter's birth? ew, dad!? alyssa, how old are you again? i'm thirteen. thirteen years, ted! honey, i love you. but it's time to wash that jersey. deeply. when clay matthews says it, it makes so much sense. it's dirtier than it looks. it's got to be tide hygienic clean.
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(vo) visit to find a t.e.d. eye specialist and to see bridget's before and after photos. >> this is a crisis. arizonians are stick of it. the federal government needs to do more. we need a secure border. and the administration has at times made some decisions that are not helpful to arizona. >> neil: that's how good samantha joe roth is. she can make news with democrats and republicans alike. did so here in getting mark kelly to concede what is happening at the border is indeed a crisis. she joins us right now. samantha, he has publicly kind of discussed this. you got him to express this more elaboratively right now.
1:42 pm
in arizona, it's a huge concern. >> absolutely. the voter we have spoken with say immigration is major issue. we went to yuma. we saw some of the migrants crossing the border. there were about 800 or so today. they're just crossing in, being processed by border patrol and then they're eventually released. then they figure that out. a lot of communities are stuck with dealing with this influx of migrants. arizona, this is something that is especially pertinent to this election. we know that voters, recent polls have showed that voters care about this right behind inflation and the economy. >> neil: do we know, samantha -- other democrats say you have to pay more attention to the border. whether the senator was talking ant getting to the border yourself. when he talks about the administration making some decisions on this, what does he
1:43 pm
mean? >> so senator mark kelly has been outspoken about the biden's administration decision to end title 42. that is that decision. it was made out of public health. where they were allowed to refuse migrants and send them away basically. so the biden administration has relaxed that rule. now it is much more difficult to expel some of these migrants. that's why we're seeing a lot of the build-up that we're seeing at the borders. the influx of migrants. so senator mark kelly has been very outspoken saying that he disagrees with the biden administration's decision. we asked him, you know, is the president listening to democrats that are in border states like you. you know, he was not able to answer that question for us. but it is clear that there is a difference in opinion between mark kelly and the president. you know, it may end up hurting some democrats in this mid-term
1:44 pm
election. >> i take it he doesn't go so far to reverse this president's policies on stopping building the wall that donald trump was building or maybe something has changed. do you know? >> we saw something interesting today. i'm sure you've been following. arizona has put in place a lot of these shipping containers in the areas where the border -- the border, there's a gap. what we were able to witness today, we have seen migrants that were able to scale some of those containers and get to the other side. what we saw, we saw border patrol easily able to apprehend them. it's very interesting. senator mark kelly said he agrees. the shipping containers should be able to be there. those are in the gaps where president biden's border wall -- president trump's border wall was not able to be built. what is interesting, we were able to see about i think 2.5 million worth of steel just
1:45 pm
sitting there. not able to be used because those were supposed to be used to build the wall. instead, it's just sitting there. now we're seeing shipping containers. >> i noticed senator kelly is in the race of his life. they're separated by a point or two depending on the poll you look at. crime has been an issue in so many states. seems like the border is a big issue in this race. i'm wondering how do voters feel he has responded to it. >> so we're just starting to talk to voters. it's interesting. senator mark kelly released an ad that showed an arizona rancher saying i don't always agree that senator mark kelly says, but that he agrees with his border policy. so we are seeing some people saying that they agree with what he's doing. we have also seen a lot of voters that say inflation, the economy, those are things just really important to them. we're going to have to see if
1:46 pm
that really is their number 1 issue and whether or not they blame democrats for those decisions since they're at the top of the ticket and, you know, in washington -- controlling washington. >> neil: very good job. getting a lot out of these folks. that stood out to me today. samantha jo roth, of "the washington examiner." meantime you have all sorts of people trying to help all sorts of candidates. on the republican side, republican sensation of virginia is doing his best right now, glen youngkin helping tim michaels for wisconsin. that race is separated by a point or two. the two men teaming up together to close the deal. we'll tell you how. education. more after this. my little family is me, aria, and jade. just the three of us girls. i never thought twice about feeding her kibble. but about two years ago, i realized she was overweight. she was always out of breath. that's when i decided to introduce
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>> neil: all right. there are close races and then there's really tight races like what's going on in the state of wisconsin right now. the incumbent democratic governor, evers, is tied with his republican challenger, tim michaels. the issues have been dominant in his campaign, education and what's going on on the crime front. it is first and foremost probably on education that the two have presented their most
1:51 pm
stark differences. joining mr. michaels is that fellow on the right whom you know very well, i should say, on the left, i apologize. governor glenn youngkin. the virginia governor who championed big reforms and espousing the interest of parents. that helped him get elected in a state he wasn't expected to. welcome to both of you. welcome. >> thank you, neil. i've never been on the left. >> thanks for having us on. >> neil: you are on the right. but let me ask you, governor, first to you on this. you're supporting his effort in wisconsin. it's a close fight. why are you there? >> neil: well, first of all, tim is a spectacular candidate. what we have seen over and over as democrat leadership in states have so underserved their constituents, republican governors have done such a better job coming out of the
1:52 pm
become, faster economic growth, safer communities. i think wisconsin deserves a republican governor and they deserve tim michels and tony evers is going home. >> neil: let me ask you about that, mr. michels, you supported a parents's bill of rights. a lot of times students parents are ignored and governor evers hasn't done enough. he says there's more funding necessary for schools and maybe getting mental health professionals. you part company with that. that doesn't go far enough. can you explain? >> yeah, education is one of our top priorities certainly along with crime as you just mentioned. what are we going to do? we're going to empower parents. we're going to put parents back in charge of the education for their sons and doubters. universal school choice takes those tuition dollars with the sons and dollars with the schools this they want to go. right now parents show up at a
1:53 pm
school board meeting and say i don't like how you're typing. they're given the stiff-arm. they're told we're smarter than you. the educrats need to know the rising tide will lift all ships. >> neil: mr. michels, parents interesting are being met and the interest of their kids are foremost. are you saying he's lying? >> yeah, so that is what governor evers might be saying. i don't know. i'll tell you, he needs to come out on the campaign trail. he's going to start a ten-day tour. it about time he got out of his basement. i've been all over the state. everywhere i go, parents are very frustrated with what's going on in education. they're very frustrated with what's being taught in their schools. they're frustrated with the lack of teaching abcs. we're going to get back to the
1:54 pm
abcs and stop the crt here in wisconsin. >> neil: on crime, would you also point out is a very big issue and i know governor youngkin has been doing much the same in virginia to make it a top concern. you would point a parole commission head whose goal it is to cut some of these moves to release those from prison early. that's something that you argue that governor evers has been doing and detrimental and making crime worse. can you explain that? >> yeah, neil. let me give you background. four years ago when governor evers was campaigning, he made a pledge to cut in half, cut in half the prison population here in wisconsin. he's released over 1,000 convicted felons on early parole. 300 of them convicted murderers. some are cop killers. most shockingly, 44 child rapistst are on the streets of wisconsin today because he has this goal to cut in half the prison population.
1:55 pm
there's 21,000 people incarcerated in wisconsin. 1,000 out. quick math. he wants to release another 9,000 or 10,000 convicted felons early. that's not what people in wisconsin want. they want their person protected, families protected and property protected. i'm going to back the blue and get rid of the cash and release d.a.s. >> neil: governor youngkin, one thing you both have in common as well, you were supported by donald trump. you didn't mention it very much. governor youngkin, you handled that gingerly. it was to your benefit. you've been the same here, mr. michels. did you advise him to accept the former president's support but you don't have to keep pounding it. >> well, let me just back up. in a state like virginia and in wisconsin where you've got to bring lots of people together in order to win.
1:56 pm
one of the things we demonstrated we could bring together forever trumpers and never trumpers and independents and libertarians and democrats, this is not about republicans versus democrats. this is and shared values to put parents back at the table, not just at the table but at the head of the table in their kids lives and to back the blue and stop the craziness of catch and release and making sure that when somebody commits a violent crime, they do time. this is to recognize that it's taxpayer's money. not government's money. that i have a $5 billion surplus here. governor evers wants to keep. >> sandra:. tony wants to give it back to the people. this is a moment for common sense issues, kitchen table issues and parties come together. we have seen the republican party come together around candidates across the nation as this red wave that found its head waters in virginia last
1:57 pm
year is spreading a cross the whole country. i can't wait to see tim surf in to the governor's mansion in madison. >> neil: by that i assume that the donald trump backing, he's not said anything bad about you. you don't go bragging about it. it comes up in interviews like this one. but do you -- are you inspired by governor youngkin's example there to accept it but you don't have to keep pounding it? >> yeah, i'll tell you what the biggest story is, neil, everywhere i go, i run into the unions, the trades guys. they said i voted democratic my whole life but the democratic party has left me and my family. i'm voting for you. i see a guy that wore boots his whole life. 12 years as an army ranger. 25 years wearing steel toed boots leading the men and women at our construction company. that's what people want. somebody that can identify with
1:58 pm
the hardships that they've been through, they want somebody that will stand up for them. i'm going to put more money in people's pockets through tax reform and safer communities and neighborhoods and better educational opportunities for every son and daughter in the state of wisconsin. that's it. >> neil: so mr. michels, your race is as tight as a tick and whether there should be a total ban on abortions. that seems to be the case the state is making here. you parted from that someone. i didn't understand where you drew the line. can you explain? >> well, what i've said, if the legislature puts a bill on my desk with an exception on it for rape and insist, we're in a representativive democracy. the legislature is closest to the people. i would listen to that. i'm not an authoritarian governor. i said i would sign it. let's talk about abortion. governor evers is the radical
1:59 pm
abortionist. he's for abortion up until the moment of birth and vetoed a bill that would allow a kill an unborn baby after its born. that's the radical issue on abortion. >> neil: governor, the issue is a big one, governor youngkin, in virginia as well. it's a tough one for some republicans because if you are in a state that is more purple than it is red or blue, you balance something. how do you balance this issue? do you think that a total ban is required or the state by state examining how far that ban goes be waived? >> in virginia, last november, virginiians elected a pro life governor. yet just 20 months ago on the floor of our general assembly, the democrat leadership was arguing to pass legislation that would enable abortion all the way up through and including birth, paid for with taxpayer money. that is extreme.
2:00 pm
virginiians voted to have a pro life governor. so we find ourselves in a moment where i have asked recognizing we're in virginia for our leading legislators to come together and find a way to send me a 15-week bill. a baby that can feel pain and that's a place where virginia can land. >> neil: thanks very >> hello, everybody. i'm jesse watters along with judge jeanine pirro, harold ford junior, dana perino, and greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city. this is "the five." democrats in panic mode after a terrible debate performance could cost them control of the senate. democrat john fetterman and republican mehmet os clashing in their one and only debate, and it was


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