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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  October 26, 2022 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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>> sean: quick programming note. to the tomorrow night, 9:00 p.m. eastern. we will be in florida. will be hosting a town hall. with governor ron desantis. senator marco rubio, tomorrow night, 9:00 eastern. that is all the time we have. thank you for making that show possible. laura ingraham from houston n next. see you tomorrow. [ music ] [cheers and applause] >> laura: hey, everyone. welcome to "the ingraham angle." we are live in houston texas for our first retaking america town hall at with the midterms, i can't believe it is less than two weeks away, democrats are finally beginning to see that writing on the wall. and it spells losing.
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okay? [cheers and applause] now, if the results on november a end up how we think they are treading today, the gop could win both houses of congress and governorships that they have not taken into decades. if they do, it will in part be because more latino americans turned out for them then ever before. and democrats are clearly in panic mode. >> left-leaning latino voters are shifting towards the gop. >> it is a group that has been trending in the republican direction, particularly in key states, you look like those two like florida, like texas, the gop is rebuilding trust with latino voters. >> laura: which is why our theme tonight is the hispanic american electorate. [cheers and applause] so why are more shifting away from the democrat party and toward the gop? why is this happening? we have fantastic guests tonight.
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current and future political stars, business leaders, and the governor of this great state of texas, along with an amazing -- look at these people. they are awesome. but first, si se puede, that is the focus of tonight's angle. obama thought democrats had the market cornered on hispanic voters. >> si se puede. [cheers and applause] >> laura: liberals think so little of latinos that they think they can win their vote by blatant hispandering. >> it is great to be with all of you. [speaking spanish] >> president biden: i have one thing to say. [speaking spanish] [singing in spanish] >> my sister-in-law, she is latino and her family, i love
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hanging out with them and seeing my espanol on the. >> the diversity of this community, the breakfast tacos here in san antonio. [applause] >> laura: both parties have gotten a lot wrong over the years about this country. it is very diverse latino community. the old 2016's consensus about what that gop had to do to attract hispanic voters? >> no one knows other than it is hard like which turns of hispanic voters. >> hispanics have been trending republican for years. what has turned them around has been this hard-line immigration. >> even having this conversation since a powerful signal, they are doing high-fives in the clinton campaign when they hear this. >> laura: he was talking about building a wall. we all know all of this was false.
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all joe biden won the hispanic vote by 21 points, that was down significantly from hillary's 38-point advantage. meanwhile, trump's surge broadly among hispanics. about 10 points from 2016 to 2020. iwhat republicans needed was a gop that would fight for the working people, be tough on crime, end unnecessary and frankly stupid wars and stand up for conservative values but if you did not know just how important hispanic americans are in our life and our politics, consider this. in 2022 nearly 35 million latinos will be eligible to vote or 14% of the nation's eligible voters. in recent elections in arizona, they represent one in four of all voters. in nevada, one in five. in florida, one in five. here in texas, three intent.
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although hispanics still prefer the democrat party, let's face it, up by about 22 to one ma margin, that margin has been slowly instantly tricking. now democrat consultants, well, they are finally worrying. 77% of latino registered voters are dissatisfied with the way things are going in the country. 54% disapprove of biden's job performance. 80% say the economy is a very important issue for them. and the other top issues include healthcare, 71% and violent crime and education both at 70%. so no wonder hispanics in florida, the very large cuban-american community there, are flocking to support the reelection of governor ron desantis. he has seven-point advantage a month latino group over charlie crist and more hispanics supported his martha's vineyard flights and opposed his martha's vineyard hydrant flights.
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we are seeing the same dynamic play out here in texas. with republicans gaining on hispanics in key parts of the state. take a look at these border counties in their rightward lien between sending -- 2016 and 2020. in in arizona, republican senate candidate blake masters is making a huge push for hispanic voters. >> masters is forging into democratic territory. by opening field offices in predominantly latino neighborhoods. >> people are sick of this. you make everything expensive. >> reporter: the social message resonates. >> laura: this poll shows him tied with mark kelly, democrats thought was a lock for reelection. and democrats are faring fearing that senator cortez musto will lose to adam rexall as nearly every poll shows her behind and continuing to lose latino support there out. all this makes perfect sense
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neck -- sense. hispanics don't like getting applied to any more than any demographic group and democrats have been lying a lot nonstop frankly. during trump, they let about russia collusion. then they lied about how school shutdowns were it really necessary. then the lied? they have a problem telling the truth and all of it affects the hispanic community as much as any other perhaps even more so community in the united states. they lied about how soft on crime policies like failed reforms would lead to better results instead of a surge in crime. that hurts hispanic community. >> they lied about how the board was under control. don't you love that? that has led to hispanic deaths from fentanyl and overcrowded classrooms get difficult for parents and kids to deal with. they lied about needing to shut down businesses during covid. doing enormous damage to our growing class of hispanic
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entrepreneurs. and they lied about who is to blame for these particularly high energy prices. blaming poor gas station owners. that was nice, joe biden. democrats are so desperate to hold onto power that they will even like to conceal the true medical condition of their own candidates. joe biden and john fetterman. after last night's at performance by fetterman and the debate with matt matt odds fanatics at the view are still defending his fitness for office. >> it was strange that he chose to bully a stroke victim. right? he obviously was bullying him. he knows that fetterman's cognitive abilities have not been compromised. it is about expression that has been compromised. >> laura: now it is bullying to ask people questions. that is today's democrat party. why would anyone choose voluntarily today with their track record in that kind of
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commented be a member of this party? hispanic americans as diverse and multifaceted as they are, they want what we all want. they want a government that works for us not against us. the fact is more hispanics are beginning to see what reagan democrats saw in 1980. that the country that they love is better led by conservatives then by a party that deceives and disrespects them. day in and day out. on election night in 2020 when so many republicans were in distress, of course, about the results that were happening, i saw a positive trend. >> when we look at florida, the coalition that the republicans have been able to pick together in that state is really something that they should try to replicate as much as possible going forward. picked up and down the east coast with a strong intention of seniors, latinos, young professionals,
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african-americans. florida is the future for the republican party. >> laura: the florida model that the texas model, where republicans have been working overtime to engage hispanics one issues they care most about. but especially of on the border. the outreach is working. look at what happened in virginia last year. glenn youngkin made a concerted effort to reach the hispanic community including on the school issue, hispanic language radio ads, television ads. turns out hispanics do not want their kids to focus on gender fluidity in the classroom anymore than any other parents do. we are seeing similar efforts all across the country. but we are not yet finished. we have a lot of work to do. but the old canard that somehow populism and hispanic outreach don't mix well, that has been proven wrong. and the vicious like that published republicans don't want to work with hispanic voters has been totally discredited. our populist movement was never
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limited to rural america because it is designed to improve life for all americans of all ethnic backgrounds and all 50 states. for a long time, to meet it refuse to believe that published americans who support the maga movement would have anything in common with hispanic voters. they were wrong. i seca vamonos, si se puede. joining me now congresswoman mayra flores running for reelection and 34th district against congressman the center and cassie garcia running into 28th district and monica de la cruz running against michelle bill heyhoe. florez, let's start with you. the congressional hispanic caucus is officially rejecting your membership and that congressional hispanic caucus? because you are not a democrat?
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this has to be something from one of the comedy or sarcastic websites out there? you ask? or is it true? >> it is a true. i was born in mexico on june 14th i became the first mexican born congresswoman ever elected in congress and that is not good enough for them. and this shows that they are not for the hispanic community. they are just there for their political party. >> laura: how were you informed that you were not welcome in their club? >> over the phone. >> laura: , was it over the phone? >> it was their office. >> laura: , whose office? >> the hispanic caucus. >> laura: so no bienvenidos to you. >> i don't need them. we are the real voice. we are the voice in the community and we stand for the values that we were raised with. god, family, and hard work. that is what we are all about.
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dios, familiar, mucho trabajo. >> laura: not all betinho's are leaving the democrats, just one specific group of you. check this out. >> a conversation we had about men and male identity. he does not like we are shutting latino voters or we are shedding certain -- we are shedding men. >> young men, too. >> laura: it is just men leaving the democrat party? what? >> she is not part of the hispanic community. i will tell you this. hispanic voters, we are commonsense voters. we believe in the american dream and we are tired of the biden pelosi agenda. we are hard-working. we want a strong and secure border. we are seeing that shift in hispanic voters because the
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democrat party has left the hispanic community. >> laura: she is trying to make this out to be a gender saying that that it is the hispanic man, i guess they are the new white nationalist according to this kind of analysis. >> it is like dr. biden telling us we are as unique as a breakfast taco or calling us latinx i don't even know what that is. >> laura: does anyone recognize x? that was totally made up, right? so that is hispanic. [applause] monica klynt farmer obama had secretary was on msnbc claiming that this shift of hispanic voters gradually over the republican party is just temporary. >> i have been pulling my hair out as i have seen story after story acting as the latino vote is somehow firmly republican vote now. >> my worry is this becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.
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they think, okay, okay folks are going republicans now. there is a bandwagon effect at the idea happen. >> laura: does he think hispanic voters can't think for themselves, they are just bandwagon no better at what. >> and the end of the day, the biden/pelosi economic agenda has just destroyed the american dream for hispanics but it is also for all texans and what we are seeing as a single mom like myself, we are seeing that hispanics are voting with their wallets. single bonds like myself are taking two sometimes three jobs just their food on the table. they are concerned and that is why i think in november, we are going to see a huge shift of democrats continuing to leave the democrat party and permanently come to the republican party. [cheers and applause] >> laura: now, i want all of you to react to this new narrative that is being , the left is
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trying to set on this whole topic. watch. >> rarely is there is a lot of anti-black racism including within the hispanic committee. >> there's also this casual racism, the existence of anti-black bias has been a recurring trend, theme, dynamic, within latino communities. >> laura: so maira this is their argument. because latinos are beginning to slowly but steadily shift to the right on some of these commonsense issues that must be because of racism. how does this -- how do they think they are going to appeal to people with the racism charge? >> congresswoman flores: musique at the democrat party has walked away from the hispanic community because my father was a democrat all his life. he said they walked away from our values. they are no longer standing with
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god and family and hard work. they stand against everything i raised it with, everything i was raised with. and that is the reason why so many people are walking away but in reality, it is the party. now they are calling us racist? races for what?inour lives backt the life that we had two years ago? two years ago, we had more mey e to provide for our kids. now our families are struggling to pay their rent, groceries, gas, these are the issues that are impacting the american people and these are the issues that are impacting my district. at i'm 100% focused on my constituents and i want to the american people prospective eccentric gonzalez wants to put the government first and it is time we put all americans first and not be treated like second-class. >> laura: when we think about what has happened with middle-class wages, i mean, middle-class prosperity, people have lost about 7% of their net
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worth in the past year under this regime. how has that impacted the hispanic community, given the small businesses that were created, given all the two and three jobs families are looking to put food on the table as the congresswoman said. >> as a lifelong south texan and the life of a border patrol agent, people are hurting in south texas. with the biden/pelosi agenda. high prices. we talked about record inflation. unsecured border. people are hurting, every sigel day. i talked to mom's. they are having to make difficult decisions whether their gas in their car or food on the table. i met a mother lost her 17-year-old daughter to fentanyl two days ago because she thought a pill was -- all coming across our southwest border. and the incumbent has been awful. i have been in -- and he is under a criminal invest vision for corruption and people are fed up with this administration and they are ready for change
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and we are meeting voters every single day. cai'm voting republican for a because of the values of faith, family, and freedom. >> laura: i love it. [cheers and applause] >> laura: all right, monica, we have a question from michelle myers from the group known as knocks it. >> so we have found that many hispanics don't even know about just radical policies from the democrats. how do we better let hispanics know what their policies are because they are so extreme at many hispanics that we have spoken to said that they would have never voted democrat if they had known. >> what i think is that this is a pivotal year where the republican party has invested dollars into south texas specifically. and these dollars have gone
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towards educating and sharing the values of the republican party. which at the end of the day aligned with hispanics. we love faith. we love our family. and we believe in the american dream and hard work and that is why i think that hispanics are walking away because people like my opponent who is a socialist, she believes in big government. meanwhile, being -- we the republican party, we believe in god. >> laura: thank you all of you for being here tonight. best of luck on the trail. we can't wait to have you back on. thank you so much. and from drag queen story hours to the perverse lesson plans, will the left's attack on children and their innocence happened right here in the state of texas, in moments, we will show you what we found out and what hispanic voters are rejecting this. that is next from our retaking america town hall. [cheers and applause]
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♪ ♪ [cheers and applause] >> laura: what the left has subjected our children to is also something that has propelled hispanic voters. whether it is the sick lesson plans or the drag queen story hour shows or the push to normalize gender transitions. they have said enough. a recent poll found that 73% of hispanics believe that under age minors should be required to wait until they are adults to
7:25 pm
use puberty blockers or undergo permanent sex change procedures. texas has not been immune to this pushback it has affected schools in houston. at carnegie vanguard high school, students were originally shown in classroom holding a transwomen art women sign and it features a pride and diversity scholarship that helps children transition. and then there's the normalization of these pernicious and sick drag queen story hours which have exploded in the state. that in 2019, there were two instances of queens reading to children at the houston public library who were later found out to be sex offenders. one of whom was convicted of assaulting an eight-year-old b boy. now, here is a houston father speaking out about this issue in
7:26 pm
june this year. >> mr. patrick, it was his chemistry teacher. he took him to a drag show when he was underage and it was really bad. it was a really bad experience. he also put him next to this sex offender. he was out there with my son. >> laura: and here is what of the most disturbing videos of the genre. recently captured just 250 miles north of here in plano, texas. ♪ ♪ >> laura: what happened to us? what has happened to us? that was performed in front of kids as young as 3 years of age. sarah gonzalez shut that video
7:27 pm
and launched defend our kids, texas, an effort to get drag shows for kids shutdown. she joins me along with julie, who is a houston parent and a school board candidate. was it the drag show in plano that concerned you to start the group or was it building for some time? >> it was building for a long time and i said, i can't believe this is happening in texas of all places and especially the video you just saw it was not just happening in texas. this was taken where i grew up in suburbia, right? this is in -- an affluent neighborhood you would consider to be very conservative leaning. i think the left are taking their debauchery to conserve the places because they know if they can get it through in these conservative places that they can get it through anywhere in the country. >> laura: and julie at the response from the left to parents like you and others who say no, we are not doing this, again, running for school board
7:28 pm
like you are, you are a hater, you are intolerant. you are not letting people be who they are, et cetera. your response? >> our children belong to expect our children do not belong to the government. [cheers and applause] and so we have seen this radical agenda for the national school board association writing the letter to the biden administration, which by the w way, the president residential school board association wrote that letter right here from the houston area. so the counter originated in texas and we have seen it also with our state associations pushing this agenda this radical agenda with this transgender radicalization of our children and keeping parents out of the discussion. we have seen it in teacher professional development around the state of texas on teaching our teachers on how to transgender children to how to refer them for counseling and without informing the parent and it is wrong. our children belong to us.
7:29 pm
>> laura: sarah, the texas association of school boards recently hosted a presentation led by the aclu encouraging educators to consider the role of a student's gender decisions including pronoun use and access to public facilities. i got to remind our viewers that the texas association of school boards is a taxpayer-funded group. so why are texans sending their tax dollars to indoctrinate our children in medical gender theory and to propagandize the innocent little kids? why is that allowed here in texas? >> sara: it is a big problem. i think it is not just showing up in texas but in places across the country to conserve this for long have set, we are just goine want to take care of our families. we want to mind our own business. attempt to act and get off the sidelines was two to five years ago because we have seen the left and how they have infiltrated in every facet of america in our culture, in our schools, what you are talking right here with the school
7:30 pm
boards, i meant that they have infiltrated because they have been active and they have created activists and they have dentist for a very long time. they knew exactly what they were doing. it was a completely intentional and conservatives have just -- >> laura: they are afraid because if the question this, whether it is shaking in front of a kid or "the ingraham angle" explicit language -- "the ingraham angle" explicit language, 10 -- sexually's prison language, then you are called a bully. >> we do not have time for this. your network put out the national report card c. we now have 32% of a graders in america are illiterate. around hispanics, it is 30% -- 37%. we do not have time for this in education. we have to get back to the basics and keep the social agenda out of the glass room. >> laura: we have a question, sara. [cheers and applause] from andrew gomez. andrea? >> how to prevent the new
7:31 pm
movement destroying our society, our values. and the future of this country, which is our kids. i have 17 years old twins. they are about to graduate their senior, go to the and even then, they are so worried about what is going on in this country. i came from my country. i'm from colombia, south america. i left my country because of corruption. i left my country because of everything that is going on in latin america and they just elect a president from the left. i came to this country because this is the land of opportunities because this is the best country in the world. if this country falls apart, the whole world will fall apart. when i came to this country could not only because it is a better opportunity because i want to raise my kids in the best country in the world. and seeing what is going on the
7:32 pm
makes me sad, it makes me angry. and i cry so many times not only because of my kids. i'm 50 years old. but i don't know what is going to is going to happen to make it or the kids of my kids. >> laura: we have to fight. we have to fight. this is the -- these are the words of a mother who is hurting ffor the country that she loves, her country that she willingly came to because she loves america but this is where julie, others like her across the country say, i'm running for school board. i'm going to be brave and courageous and we need to encourage people from seam to shining seam to state no more. >> i absolutely agree. we have to show up in overwhelming numbers and i want to give some good news. the awakening is happening in the latino community. we see it the left is attempted to destroy all of these things that latinos hold in such high priority. they are looking to destroy religion. they are looking to destroy the
7:33 pm
family unit and latinos are hard-working americans, just like anyone else. they want their kids to learn reading, writing, arithmetic. they don't want their kids to learn what their teacher's pronoun is or what sexual orientation they want to experiment on. so latinos are fighting back and specifically you, the mothers in the community are fighting back and they are saying no more, you will not sexually indoctrinate my children. >> laura: all right, ladies, thank you, both by great to see you. we are rooting for you. we need more of you out there. now we know what repels hispanic voters. but what issues do they care about. well, or haven dora went to mcallen, texas, to help us find out. >> reporter: do think that the message the democrats are turn to send is not resonating anymore. >> i think the message of cat we will continue to fight for you has expired to some degree
7:34 pm
because we have given not only the benefit of the doubt to particular party but we have also -- it almost seems like our trust has been taken for granted. nothing has changed. >> we are americans first. so trump really opened our eyes to, hey you know, enough is enough. we have to protect america. we want to keep our freedom of speech and our freedom of religion. we want to keep our guns and you want to protect america and the borders. >> things have to change, you know? it has been a democrat leadership. at all levels of government and this county that have just kind of stifled that growth for jobs. they don't allow people to prosper. >> a lot of people vote based on custom that my grandma voted democrat. but i think as our community starts to become more educated on the issues, they start realizing that the values that align with hispanic community
7:35 pm
are more in line with congresswoman mayra flores. >> it is always democratic run all in south texas and i think now the people are getting tired. some of these democrats are saving bexley's changing. they want to see something more than just what has been going on. >> laura: jorge ventura joins me now. it seems to be that the key take away is that hispanics especially along the border, jorge, they are just exhausted from throwing their support behind democrats and looking at the ruling and the destruction of almost everything that the democrats have touched in this country, especially rough, in the past few years. is that what you found rex track eight the keyword that i get from speaking to latino voters is advantage. they have not been here in four years. one voter said what he goes to the congressional offices to speak to a candid about their
7:36 pm
issues that no one is there anymore and the reason for congresswoman mayra flores, is because she speaks to god and country, which they can connect. for all hispanics about america are overwhelmingly middle-class working class folks. they have been getting hit hard with inflation. and the border crisis. and it has been fascinating. all of these border towns are overwhelmingly democrat. we have seen these huge swings and we have three congressional races that they feel that latino "-- >> laura: remembered we were told that 2020 -- 2012 lost by mitt romney that there was the autopsy for the gop at that they had to be more pro-immigration amnesty, more open borders, more globalists. but that was totally wrong. i guess it was not. >> jorge: it was not even close. you talk to the working class latinos, they want a strong border and they want to protect their wages.
7:37 pm
all over the country. pack it is a true humanitarian crisis. law enforcement governor greg abbott had to call in the national guard. but you had texas on enforcement. everyone is trying to assist. >> laura: the ones i have met, a heart -- they are hispanic. track eight they are hispanic and they don't feel like they have any support from this administration. >> laura: it is great to see you. thank you for that great report. beto o'rourke was supposed to be in the great blue home, right, in texas but he was going to turn the whole state blue. but his second -- second state right run could be another dud. greg abbott joins me to reveal how hispanics are helping to drive that surge. that is next when we return to retaking america town hall. [cheers and applause]
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7:42 pm
>> i'm not really sure to be honest. >> reporter: no? >> no. i'm not the most political person on earth but he seems cool. >> reporter: you said you like beto because of the abortion issue. talk about why that is important to you. >> i dunno, i just feel like women should have a choice to have an abortion. >> reporter: do you hope that abortion is also an option for -- if you get a girl pregnant. >> , i guess. >> of course. >> reporter: i'm going to be -- >> i'm going to be voting for beto this time. >> reporter: how come? >> it is a lot of different -- it is very -- let me think about that. i'm a big pothead and i want him to legalize weed. >> reporter: beto? >> beto. it is more like a family thing. i don't know much of the stuff he is doing. [cheers and applause] >> laura: you feel that beto oh
7:43 pm
yeah. but now, remember, beto was the one. right? the former punk rocker that rockstar who could turn it all in texas. >> is the third time really the time, beto o'rourke hopes that it is. is the name or condition enough for texan to turn texas blue for beto? >> democrats want to lift texas from red to blue, they did candidates like beto o'rourke. >> laura: the only one feeling blue these days because a recent poll from the university of texas shows him down at the governor, great avid by 11 hours. but it was something inside the pope that really caught our eye, based in that reason we are here tonight. it is 2018 election win, governor abbott lost his -- hispanic vote by 11-point. in that university of texas poll, but he and beto are now tied at 48% among that slice of
7:44 pm
the electorate, joining us now texas governor greg abbott himself. great to be with you. [cheers and applause] now, that is a big shift. i think that is a double-digit shift for you. but what is happening? why are there hispanics coming to the republican party? >> governor abbott: we can't sleep reach out to the hispanic community. no governor has gone down to the rio grande valley more than i have. we are currently reaching out and connecting with hispanic community and like your other castanet kept the policies that are running on, are the policies that the hispanic community supports. they believe in hard work. entrepreneurs and yes, they want a state that create jobs and strong economy. as we gather here tonight, texas has the fastest growing economy of any state in the united states. also, texas, since these folks reelected me, texas has added
7:45 pm
far more new job than any other state in america. texas is the place for economic opportunity. but at the same time, hispanics, whether you are on the border or in houston texas or north texas, they don't want biden's or the democrats open border policies. he want a secure border and because biden is not doing it, they have to have a governor to step up and secure the border and that is exactly what i'm doing by taken unprecedented action to build a wall to this -- deployed the national guard and those who make it in are going to -- we're going to bust them up. century cities, new york, washington, dc, and elsewhere. >> laura: okay. [cheers and applause] now, we want everyone to get out and vote because i do want people to feel complacent like we got this. everyone is going to get out and vote. every american who is eligible to vote has to get out there and vote and zero one to play beto's pitch to msnbc last night. >> gun violence in the state -- [cheers and applause]
7:46 pm
restore a woman's right to choose. let's get behind public educators who are under attack by the thousands. that majority of texans art with us on this. we will get the job done. >> laura: he is anti-second american. he will talk a good game but he is against then rights in this state and -- >> governor abbott: he said he would confiscate your guns. he wants to ignore that second amendment to the artist's constitution and take your guns. dios, familiar, mucho trabajo is also pushing the abortion issue because the democrats for a long time thought that that was going to be their golden goose here after the decision came down in june, they thought that was going to turn, you know, this state blue and others like it. on that question, how is texas handling this given all the suburban women out there who do have a different view on this issue? >> governor abbott: very different than in other states. on the abortion issue, the recent polling that showed i think in that same poll that you
7:47 pm
made reference to, it showed who do you choose most on the abortion issue? either, among women. and so this is an issue where in texas, texas is a pro-life estate. >> laura: what is going to happen? other republicans are kind of running away from it. you are not. >> governor abbott: very importantly, what everyone in the state now knows because we have exposed mental illness issue, beto is in favor of just abortion but abortion of a child at the very last second before it fully developed child is born, even against providing medical care for a baby who survives an abortion. that is horrible. >> laura: so he is the radical on the issue? >> governor abbott: beto is the extremist. >> laura: on the issue of yesterday and what is happening to the equity agenda for corporate america and how the energy industry which is so critical and vital to this state is under she's. make a lot of money because the quantity of oil and so forth is down. so prices are up.
7:48 pm
but the attack on the ability to borrow money for companies that want to drill or i want to be, you know, exploring for oil to the extent that they can, it can be devastating. how are you going to fight back on that issue? >> governor abbott: like beto, i do support the oil and gas industry. texas max number one in the united states for oil production and we will continue to do so. but let me explain to you what we are coming about that. but we are going about that is last session, i signed a law that exists in texas now where we are providing -- fighting back against any business like blackrock or usb or ubs or any of these banking companies that discriminate against companies that do not lend them money. we are blackballing them. >> laura: they are all ready starting to -- >> governor abbott: they cannot participate in any -- >> laura: how about the pension funds? >> governor abbott: we are cutting them off. >> laura: okay, that is good. [cheers and applause]
7:49 pm
governor, i can't wait to talk to you after your reelection. but congratulations for everything you have done interstate and everyone, get out and vote for greg abbott. thank you so much. >> governor abbott: thank you, laura. [cheers and applause] >> laura: hispanic owned businesses in they are states, right here in houston, texas. the ceo of goya foods, i'm excited he is here, robert is here now on why latinos are rejecting the left. when our retaking america town hall returns live. [cheers and applause]
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♪ ♪ if you're on medicare, remember, the annual enrollment period is here. the time to choose your coverage... ends december 7th. so talk to unitedhealthcare... and take advantage of a broad range of plans... including an aarp medicare advantage plan from unitedhealthcare. it can combine your hospital and doctor coverage... with prescription drug coverage, and more, all for a low monthly premium or in some areas, no plan premium at all. take advantage of $0 copays on primary care visits,
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7:53 pm
fastest growing demographic in the united states, disapprove of biden's handling of the economy. >> of a lot of latino voters, the economy is such a huge issue. >> those folks who are most feeling the pinch get that is going to going to have a huge impact. >> latino voters, for example, where they are feeling the brunt of that economic impacts. [cheers and applause] >> laura: houston is home to the largest hispanic owned business privately held in america, goya foods. we are under to have our own friend where ceo bob, not the so see you. now, these policies are just at war with small business but medium-size business, business, period. why are big business giving so much money to the democrats still? why? >> robert: first of all, laura, congratulations on your
7:54 pm
anniversary, five years with your values and your faith, your incredible force for this country, our country has been hijacked and we need to take it back. what has happened over the last couple of years with the shutdown, with covid and all of that, we have declared war on the working class. it has given rise to the pajama class. we have -- they have attempted to kill our spirit. i like the genie in aladdin who says could never drink from that clip of power or money because he will never be satisfied and we got to fire these people who are using and abusing the working class of this country and all of us. this country is unrecognizable. within two years and we need to take it back. i'm very excited about the candidates you have on here, myra, monitored -- monica and they hold the values, god, family, work.
7:55 pm
and we got to work. josé martin, the cuban philosopher said, those who are born to love and build and those who hate to destroy -- and destroy. this administration has taken a path of hate and destroy. we need to love and build at you can't build unless you work. [cheers and applause] >> laura: bob, there's so many people here tonight who own businesses, run businesses, make payrolls, most people in washington don't know how to make a payroll, never did. and they are talking about the lack of work ethic that this shutdown and the biden box that sign -- were sent out to people, how concerned are you that we are conditioning a new generation to put me time ahead of actual responsibility? >> robert: we never stop working. we are an essential business, but all business is essential. we need a reason to get up every day, god, family, work. look what has happened, we -- look what has happened to our children. i have 12 grandchildren and six children.
7:56 pm
this, suicide, mental health, all of these things are happening because we don't have purpose. we got to move closer to god a and, you know, we got to work because, you know, working is so important because you need a reason. [cheers and applause] >> laura: thank you so much. great to see you. all right. we will have a pause. when we return -- 4 each, with a time and a place they've been promised to be. a promise is everything to old dominion, because it means everything to you.
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>> test. >> we had an amazing show an
8:00 pm
incredible crowd incredible tea america, we have a country to save we had an incredible power with the hispanic community across this country. it don't marginalize at them an certainly don't characterize at them as one building after another. amazing. thank you for watching. it's america now and forever. greg gutfeld and the gang take it back >> good night everybody so that was something. no sane person would hav


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