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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  October 27, 2022 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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rs of trusted care who understands the importance of family. a group that sees you for who you are regardless of your health history. offering values-based affordable health care cost solutions for people just like you and me. learn more today at your about healthcare that puts you in control. ♪ ♪ >> john f john fetterman holdina rally with dave matthew. >> what is going on in middle america. speak with a strong leaders. speak with only thing that matters to me now is security. >> there could be a new crisis brewing. >> lows not seen in more than a generation. >> what are we doing to increase the supply? >> the president has been working very hard. >> two senator sharing hunter biden's bank letters linked to
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china with u.s. attorney leading that criminal probe. >> even jon stewart is slamming... because that is corruption straight off the bat. >> speaking out about being rejected from the hispanic caucus. >> we are the real voice, the voice of the community. >> who doesn't love... >> trekked all over the country but what is the vice president focused on? >> raise your hand. ♪ ♪ >> brian: yeah, that is houston, texas. sam houston who played in texas history as everybody knows. but i also bring the home of the houston rockets a past guest of ours and a best-selling author. this is the song i requested.
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"generic electronics." i want to generic music. >> steve: you picked out the rockets but it is the houston astros in the world series and kicks off tomorrow night right here on fox. >> brian: who did they beat? >> steve: the yankees because they are not very good. >> brian: i am not on good terms with him. >> steve: the yankees? >> brian: the astros because the yankees. >> steve: don't you want the best team to win? they swept them and lost every game. >> brian: i do admire an organization that continues to win on a regular basis. one of the big stories in new york is what will happen to aaron judge? >> ainsley: who did you vote for the astros or the phillies? >> brian: everyone will watch because it is on fox. the phillies, came out of nowhere, fired the manager joe girardi.
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>> steve: of course the phillies are located in pennsylvania and this morning giving the big debate a couple of nights ago, we have dispatched lawrence jones to standing room only exeter family restaurant in reading, pennsylvania, designated by the local newspaper as the best diner and the best breakfast in town. >> it's true, it is true. and so many wonderful people here. but the reason why we are on this tour is we are going to all the swing states before the midterm elections. let me tell you, when you hear the stories, it is heart-wrenching. i was just talking to a teacher, she is going paycheck to paycheck. she decided it is so bad that she got a part-time job at mcdonald's because she needs to feed her children. they are blaming the united states don't like the president of the united states because of inflation. everybody knows it is coming down the line but when you look at the gas prices and when you look at the grocery bills, that is what is going to make these
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guys vote for republicans in this midterm election. they don't care about politics. they don't care about the nonsense in washington. they want someone who is going to fix the economy, fixed crime, and fix the border. why do the people here care about the border? because of the fentanyl coming across. not that they are anti-immigrant but the same channels they used to bring the illegal immigrants across the border is what they used to get to those drugs, which is the number one killer of young people right now in america, guys. i will be talking with these folks all morning and i will send it back to you guys in new york. >> brian: lawrence, it is so cool about this is the diner so crowded. you actually had to squat down two tables. nobody has offered you a seat, right? i've never seen a diner at this crowded, you are 6-7 and squatting at people's tables to talk to them. >> you know what, brian, i don't like to complain but having to
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squat -- >> steve: maybe you should plan ahead. [applause] >> another round of applause. >> brian: if you want your quads to ripple, you must do squats. >> ainsley: no, but you know what, lawrence, you know what this means next time you fill in for brian you will put another dent in his side to. >> brian: is unbelievable. did you fill in yesterday? >> ainsley: he filled in yesterday. >> look at this? >> brian: do you believe this? i have one more week. >> ainsley: they filled in the sofa. >> brian: new foam. >> ainsley: it is dipping again. lawrence has obviously leg muscles. >> brian, i apologize. somethisome god gave us muscle d
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some... [laughter] >> brian: thank you from the exeter family restaurant so much. >> ainsley: we have carley on the other side of the cameras. thank you, carley. >> brian: no kidding. wherever you are. [applause] we will be here all week too. >> steve: we sent him they are of the do dr. oz and fetterman debate. the legendary governor of the great state of pennsylvania said, "he probably should not have debated." do you think? because for the last number of months, the democrats have actively covered up the stroke impairment that mr. fetterman has had and the democrats are terrified they will seat someone unfit physically at this point. given his auditory processing problems, to serve in office. my doctor said, rather than on a stage, he should be in a stroke rehab center, but there he was
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opposite doctor all. he was reading the questions. he was reading dr. oz answers and he still struggled and tumbled and stumbled. it was awful. >> ainsley: he was last there last night with dave matthews musician campaigning at the rally. he said the debate is not easy after having a stroke after five months. he said, i might miss words and he did fail to complete thoughts. he also -- he did raise $2 million after that debate. sub is not worried about that. you feel sorry for him and you want to help him, but his issues, he is so progressive and he supported bernie sanders and he flip-flopped on fracking purity was not for fracking but after the debate, he says he was always for fracking. listen. >> i have always supported fracking and i always believe independence with our energy is critical, but we can't be held, you know, to somebody like
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russia. >> just a second, dr. oz, i want to clarify something. you say you support fracking and you have always supported fracking, but there is that 2018 interview that you said, "i don't support fracking at all." so how do you square the two? >> i do support fracking and... i don't... i don't... i support fracking and i stand and i do support fracking. >> steve: you know, if the democrats were really successful at something, it would be the fact they were able to push off of the fact that they only had one debate. and it was two weeks before the actual counting starts. and so, the effects of the debate may be minimal given the fact hundreds of thousands of people have already voted before the debate. it will be interesting to see exactly on the ground in pennsylvania and lawrence has been talking about how many
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people watch that with an open mind and after that said, he's fit for office question marks the nine in the world, perhaps. speak to that point you made earlier was great, going in for a job interview. >> brian: if you go in a job interview and have to have a translated device with the interviewer is asking you, you will not get the job. >> ainsley: this job, not this job, senator. >> brian: and with i understand from a practical standpoint and everybody is saying this, why did he debate? the bigger question is how did he get this far not knowing how betty was when the indications were that he was bad. he said the eagles have got to beat the eagles and he opened up the debate and said good night. i knew it was going to be a long hour for him. dr. oz, even i will get to you and you can have a translator, but i need extra time because by the time you read what i say, we will get five questions out.
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instead, he doesn't give so they only do an hour. then they say he is not ready for the job physically. his views don't tend to trend what pennsylvania has been in the past. they have moderate democrats be successful in there, and he is replacing a conservative republican. karine jean-pierre though was one of the coveted few who saw and according to the president giving an idea what the president thought, nothing but good reviews from his performance. >> i will say this with the personal conversations the president has had with lieutenant governor, the president is found him to be impressive and incredibly bright, talented person as capable as always to carry out his office and the duties of his office as we know lieutenant governor currently. and has great ability and heartfelt concern for the people of the commonwealth. that is what the president has served himself. that is, you know, is the case before and the case today.
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>> brian: don't like >> steve: obviously given the balance of power on this and is writing on that seat and three others, she had something from her big book of answers to read about it. but here's the thing, she would not answer whether or not the president saw the debate, whether the president thought he did a good idea. she was even asked if fetterman required a closed captioning device when he had a previous conversation with the president like a week or two earlier when they were campaigning together. so, you know, here is the thing. if he is elected senate, right, are they suddenly going to change everything where there is a closed captioning device on the floor of the senate? and what about a top secret briefing? are they going to come in and to closed captioning for a top secret briefing? >> ainsley: they will have to change everything. >> brian: what about his medical records, is there something wrong, is it just verbal, processing or something else?
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why won't he reveal his medical records has a lot. >> ainsley: he doesn't need to because he's debating. >> brian: he has a doctor who says he is a donor who says he's a-ok. dr. oz would focus smartly on issues, listen. >> running the clock out and i had been checking down john fetterman since the general election started. today, he has never entered on the campaign trail and has an answer to a group of reporters on the campaign trail. he never obviously talk to me before i met him for the first time last night. all i wanted to do was have him defend what i think are these eccentric and extremist ideas that would hurt pennsylvania, certainly out of touch with pennsylvania values, and he's not been able to defend his dangerous policies. so last night i put it out there. >> brian: exactly. >> steve: if the people of pennsylvania do elect him, at least they saw what is capable of at this point and apparently,
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they would be okay with it. >> brian: maybe. we will see the poll after the debate and what that means. but also, early voting, they did on purpose. that is what kathy hochul did to lee zeldin. they would vote before it gets exposed. >> ainsley: i hope you if you vote you know which candidate you want. if you are on the fence and not sure, you need to watch the debate. >> steve: they knew his policies and they liked his policies if they voted for him. >> brian: what policy, the one that says he likes fracking or doesn't? tough on crime or the old one? >> ainsley: i think we know where he stands. >> brian: thin people like authenticity and if you say come i change my mind -- he never says he change his mind. he's always been against it. i've never been weak on crime. we know you are weak on crime. we know you are anti-fracking. at least acknowledge that you are switching positions. voters are smarter than that. >> ainsley: we only have two
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weeks until midterms and actually less than that. how >> nancy pelosi attempting to rebrand democrats as "the party of public safety employees." >> steve: because people are afraid but is it too little, too late because the left spent last year pushing deep on the agenda? if jenkins live in washington, haik mcgriff. >> hey, brian, ainsley and steve. a hail mary on messaging and the defund the police movement. and defining law enforcement, she wrote yesterday in her dear colleague that at this, "as democrats we believe every american deserves to live in a safe community with a necessary foundation which american families can thrive. we have emphasized respect for those who serve for those whom they serve with accountability and transparency. that is why our house majority is taking strong action to honor our men and women in blue with the resources they need to prevent crime while building
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stronger, healthier relationships between law enforcement and those they serve." this has new yorkers are fed up with the out-of-control violence you see here, eight innocent bystanders shot in the last month. 25 people have been shot on subway tracks this year. governor kathy hochul addressing the fear of the city at a press conference yesterday, watch. >> statistically, we are the safest big city in america. people say they will lead peer that doesn't do anything. i can't change the feeling because it is real. and i accept that. i want to be the person to help lead them to a place where they have a sense of security. >> steve: meanwhile the challenger lee zeldin a victim of crime himself during this campaign is gaining momentum. you see here bearing the gap with four points of the quinnipiac poll and coming off of a strong debate tonight. >> the first day that i'm in office, i will declare crime emergency and suspend cash was pale and pro-criminal laws because there is an emergency. what we have through the debate,
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she still hasn't talked about locking up anyone committing crimes. >> everyone commits a crime under the laws, especially with the change made to bail has consequences. i don't know what that is so important to you. all i know is we can do more. >> steve: speaking of doing more, bill barr in "the wall street journal" said this, "the violent crime search was preventable. it was caused by progressive politicians reverting to the same reckless revolving door policies that during the 1960s and '7 is the greatest tsunami of violent crime in american history and we shall see how much crime factors into the midterms and just the final 12 days here, guys but in the latest fox polling, it ranks as the second issue behind inflation. >> brian: and that will change, thanks so much to mcgriff. >> steve: crime a big issue. we all have cameras and ring doorbells and stuff like that. and we get notifications when somebody is at the door.
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carley, you are starting with the story about somebody at your door with a pick ax. >> ainsley: we will show you the footage right now. the police say they arrested the woman seen in the shocking surveillance video smashing up a family's new home with a pick ax in an apparent random attack. she shattered several windows all while a 6-week-old baby girl sleeping in a cradle feet away. look at her there. this is the pass and that the infant was in. huge shards of glass landed inside appeared locally, the grandmother grabbed her moments before. the family moved on the block said this is not the welcome they had hoped for. >> we are not even done building the house and my wife and my kid can even come home. they are terrified and won't come home. >> ainsley: the suspect is charged with felony vandalism here at two the southern border 30 microns rescued from a locked
5:18 am
truck after it was chased by bo. this comes after two migrants pulled from the truck trunk of this burning car. the car crashed after they tried to pull the driver over for speeding. no word on the condition of the migrants. and we will get a first look at the cover of prince harry's highly anticipated memoir titled "spare" pier at title taking from the air and spare in the rl secession and that says it all, the tell-all memoir to hit shelves on january 10th. the original release date was pushed back after the death of queen elizabeth. and argue for astros a win away from winning $75 million? mattress mackey has come at the furniture super store astros fan laced big money on you student to win the world series but alexa making a different prediction ahead of this year's
5:19 am
fall classic. >> alexa, who is going to win the world series? >> this year i'm a phillies fanatic, the philadelphia phillies who are on a roll knocking out their opponents and strong pitching and timely hitting. houston, you will have a problem. >> ainsley: coverage of the world series began small 7:00 p.m. eastern only on fox. those are your headlines, guys come over to you. >> steve: i have a feeling philly fans unplugged. >> ainsley: how did they get her to say that? >> maybe it was in philly. >> steve: there you go with attitude. >> ainsley: alexa with opinion. >> steve: coming up supreme warning samue samuel alito and e safety of the court is in focus. shannon bream will join us on all high court matters coming up. >> ainsley: plus... be one winter is coming with
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heating, oil, and the white houe is scrambling for answers. stuart varney scrambling and this morning here to talk about unleash american energy, right? thank you, mr. america built. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> you have new york already rationing oil. what are we doing to prepare for the winter and to ramp up supplies of diesel? >> i will take the question on diesel because i just don't have the data on the other. but the president has been working very, very hard to make sure that not only are we ready for fluctuations that could come
5:25 am
and of course, the prices are going down and we think that is important. >> steve: the prices are not going down on the heating oil, which is the same as the sole peer of the white house press on fuel concerns as americans face soaring, heating and diesel costs during the winter. the president's economic agenda not touting his record appeared today he will visit the new $100 billion chip plant they will build in a couple of years in new york. joining us right now, american builds, stuart varney. it is great that we will build chips in the united states, but obviously, the president is linked to the party when it comes to inflation and the economy. now he will go up to syracuse, "hey, look a $100 billion plant to build chips and two years." >> his visit to this micron plant in two years is relayed to support the governorship of kathy hochul and another term as governor of new york. he is up there to support her ignoring what is going on with
5:26 am
the inflation and diesel oil and diesel heating oil as you point out. let me bring to your attention something in "the new york post" today. "the new york post" says, aoc, alexandria ocasio-cortez, she got rid of the amazon headquarters that was coming to new york 25,000 jobs, got rid of it. wouldn't have it. but we are building this micron plant with a huge subsidy from the government, and it will take two years to build to and only create 9,000 jobs. so, you kill amazon in new york city, but you subsidize micron up to the tune of $250 billion for two years worth of growth. >> steve: it is and "the new york post" and you're absolutely right. nobody has heard from her. she shut down amazon. amazon would have wound up with half of the government benefit as micron twice as much, and they are creating help as many jobs. so the irony is malicious but then again so close to an election and she can't blow up the president. meanwhile, let's talk a little bit about diesel fuel which is
5:27 am
the same as heating fuel. >> industrial fuel and it's vitally important. >> steve: so many people in this country, particularly in the northeast heat their homes with heating oil, which is diesel, the same thing. but here is the same thing, it has gone up 40% in the last year and there are a lot of elderly people that cannot afford to fill up their tanks. so, the guy comes with a truck and can you give me 100 gallons? a regular tank of 275 gallons, stuart varney $1100. and someone on a fixed income cannot afford that. >> hold on a second, as i understand 25 days on supply of home heating oil diesel in the northeast. so that means short supply, heavy demand equals price increases. i think that is what you will see this winter. people on fixed incomes will be really hurt by this. >> steve: we talked was a player a couple of days ago, they are rationing the fuel. so people will have to choose between heating and eating,
5:28 am
which that defies -- >> it gets worse if there is a cold snap in november /november, january, december, february. >> steve: i'm asking you to forecast the future. in 2 minutes and ten seconds the gdp numbers will come out and it sounds like it will be the number on its face will be rosier than what happens when you dig down and the numbers? >> first quarter, second quarter -- the third quarter, it should show a small amount of growth. as you say, it is deceptive because a lot of the growth comes from exploding exports. that masks underlying problems within the economy that we are seeing already. the economy is slowing down. it is expected to slow down a whole lot more in the very near future. that is what we are looking at. >> steve: it it looks the suggestion is that number will look okay, but the worst is yet to come. >> and i don't think the fed will react positively to a positive number of gdp as they
5:29 am
keep rates up. >> steve: let's go to commercial and 15. stuart varney inc. you very much. check him out on fox business. still ahead, lawrence jones catching up with voters in reading, pennsylvania, to see how they feel two weeks away from the midterms, lawrence. >> dave, we are in pennsylvaniad what matters to voters the most? that is coming up on "fox & friends." don't go anywhere. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> brian: all right, pennsylvania 1 of 4 key states with the battle to power in the senate this november. >> ainsley: what issues were motivating the voters to go out to the polls? >> steve: lawrence is motivated by a free breakfast and exeter family restaurant in reading, pennsylvania, hey, lawrence. >> i swore a date and the entire package of bacon. i'm all about the free breakfast. we have a lot of folks here so i will do rapid fire with the last minutes we have. so, what is the number one issue? >> the number one issue is crime here in philadelphia is unsafe. the neighborhoods unsafe. we need to address that and we need to address prison reform, which president trump tried to do.
5:34 am
that was stalled. >> thank you, sir. >> what is the number one issue? speak with the economy but i am going to tell you people think paycheck to paycheck, some of ue day-to-day for money. you know, it is hard and groceries and not to include the heating prices this year. >> you're getting hit every direction. >> we are and it's time for change. >> a lot of people agree with you, ma'am. it is the number one issue facing your state? >> education. it is a sad show in our country and this country lags behind compared to other countries. yes, sir, thank you so much. >> what is the issue? across the whole spectrum. >> and you are in the ad business. >> i did. i spent a lot of in the agriculture world and highly impacted by the cost of fuel, deed soul, everything they dodiesel, everything related to
5:35 am
diesel fuel cost and the product in the ground and operate on such a tha major, major impact on the success of farm operations all over the country. a lot of the small ones can't compete anymore. >> we see that in texas as well, thank you sir. what is the number one issue facing your country in the state? >> a lot of stuff went up. >> rent, medical cost, you get hit by inflation left and right. >> my retirement. been getting a rain check. >> thank you so much, sir. ma'am, what is the number one issue facing your state? >> definitely economy, gas, food prices. >> who do you hold responsible? >> our people in charge right now. it wasn't like that before this spirit it wasn't like that before biden took office.
5:36 am
>> thank you so much. >> you're welcome. >> what is the number one issue facing the country and your state? >> i think we are kind of living in an alternate universe. i think inflation, obviously, affects everything from fuel to food. it is really hard for people that lived on a fixed income to manage their wallet today. also, crime. crime is a big factor. you can't really feel safe going anywhere in the country today. >> wow, we hear that from a lot of folks, ma'am, thank you so much. guys come as you are listening to the morning and the way people feel about roe v. wade, you did not hear anything about identity politics or any of this other nonsense that you see on the other channels if you are watching. you heard the economy, you heard about the border. you heard about inflation. that is the number one issue facing this country. and i think that is going to be the determining factor in this senate race. it is great being in
5:37 am
pennsylvania. i will send it back to you guys. [cheers and applause] >> steve: you are absolutely right, they are trying to pin the issues that impact people. we have people high on coffee. >> that is right. >> brian: democrats beginning to panic. >> ainsley: thank you, lawrence and everyone there. >> brian: beginning to panic. all right, it is 24 minutes before -- actually 23 minutes before the top of the hour and carley we were talking to stuart varney. >> fox news alert the gdp report just really shows the economy grew 2.6% and the third quarter of this year. that beats economist projections of 2.4%. but that number is deceiving and downplays fundamental weaknesses. experts are still wanting the economy is, "treading water due to high inflation, raising interest rates, and falling stock and home prices." but the number is and 2.6%.
5:38 am
>> some of the analyst are suggesting the worst is yet to come here and carley, thank you very much. >> absolutely. >> steve: sam alito says the roe v. wade decision put his life in danger. speak with leak also made those of us who were thought to be in the majority targets for assassination. >> steve: we will talk to shannon bream from d.c. on that coming up next. ♪ ♪ our tr and sewnare grown right here in our hometown of moulton, alabama. from our heirloom inspired sheets to our super absorbent bath towels, to our 100% cotton quilts. every single piece is made right here in america. we believe in keeping our heritage 100% american made. enjoy our farm to home products and receive
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"from this day forward. if you prayed that prayer, call that number right now. god bless you! ♪ ♪ >> brian: wow supreme court justice samuel alito the dog's decision and him a target for assassination. >> it was a great betrayal of trust by somebody, and it was
5:43 am
shock because nothing like that had happened in the past. don't make that people are rational reason to prevent that from happening by killing one of us. >> ainsley: here to react shannon bream fox news sunday anchor and chief legal correspondent. good morning to you, shannon. >> good morning, ainsley. >> ainsley: not only was there a late to change the outcome of this ruling, but also that they are going to the houses of these justices and the justices are worried they will be assassinated so that a democrat will be placed in one of their positions. >> i mean, it is so dangerous. remember at the time to start at that weekly nightly schedule of going to the justice's houses. that continues today and you may not hear about it a lot but it is still a reality for the judges worried about their kids and grandkids. this is something that shocked all of us.
5:44 am
it is a real betrayal a lot of folks at the court itself because we didn't get the opinion until two months later at the end of june. all during that time, there were these threats. don't forget also early june, a guy was arrested outside justice kavanaugh with guns, ammo, tactical equipment. yesterday, these people need to remember that was a very, very real threat. >> steve: absolutely. shannon, we still don't know if they caught the leaker. i'm sure there is an internal investigation. we don't know the status but we hope they found the leaker. but also, nobody was prosecuted for what is a violation of the law. if you go and protest in front of somebody's house in hopes of intimidating them, that person, that is against the law. this doj has not prosecuted anybody. >> there have been people trying to get answers from the doj exactly what happened and what were they at communications.
5:45 am
heritage foundation sued for documents requested in response to that sagging, listen, what were you guys doing and what was the decision to what these guys protest when there is a clear statute on the books if you show up to someone's home to protest to demonstrate in a way to influence potentially the decision they are trying to make as a judge, it is against the law. i don't recall anybody facing consequences for that. obviously, that case just in cavanaugh's house really serious with an arrest, but some of the stuff still continues today months later. >> brian: shannon it would be great to see supreme court justice come out and say what samuel alito said to make this a nonpartisan issue. it should be something that we just believe in this country should not be intimidating justices. why do you think that happened? >> one thing that has been nice the last few months is to see how come out and talked about her love for justice and how
5:46 am
cares about people at the court. he is the one who knows everyone's birthday is and what's happening with their kids and if they have gotten married or sick. so i feel there have been justices trying to say, listen, we care about each other and we may see the law differently but we are generally friends and that is a good important message to send. whether a republican or democrat. >> steve: also, i don't think the protesters were outside of the liberal justices home. >> yes the movie we have no reports of that. >> brian: fox news sunday featuring shannon bream not only to a clock on our channel but on the network channel. >> steve: we will be watching. >> i will see you friend, yours is sunday night. >> ainsley: we all do. >> brian: that is great. >> ainsley: thank you shannon. >> good to see you guys. >> steve: let's check in with janice dean for fox weather for this thursday. >> shannon bering is on the janice dean podcast and i was on
5:47 am
her podcast "living the dream." hi, what is your name? >> giselle. >> pam. >> where you from? >> texas. >> high to high matt, danny. >> we have a good-looking day new york city. i will tell you that so enjoy the nice temperatures and across the map, we have what is it 57 right now in new york city, cooler air behind this front that moved down which is making it not as humid as it was this time yesterday. we do have a storm system across the central u.s. peer that is bringing snow to the rockies and potential for severe storms for texas, parts of texas large hail damage and went and isolated tornadoes. they need the rainfall which is good news but we see the stronger storms. we have a big world series game on fox on friday. we could see some thunderstorms between the houston astros and the philadelphia phillies. i got it right this time. all right, you guys, do you like
5:48 am
steve, ainsley, and brian? the best, right, and i didn't pay them. [laughter] >> brian: thank you so much, janice peered straight ahead, this p fox weekend, but first, let's check in with bill hemmer who watches every single game on red zone o over the weekend. >> how did you know? >> brian: i know. >> guilty. morning, guys, fallout from the big debate continues and the latest on that. what could be the new face of the republican party coming up shortly here. we have a new wrinkle of the hunter biden mess. breaking news on the economy. we will break down what that means and how do small businesses manage? we meet a mother/daughter team trying to navigate all of this. come join dana and me and the next two hours top of the hour.
5:49 am
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♪ ♪ >> brian: the nfl season and fox a full slate of games including the game of the week christian mccaffrey and his new team the 49ers heading to los angeles to the defending super bowl champions who aren't playing like that. joining to discuss this including her game fox nfl sideline reporter jen. let's get started.
5:53 am
can we start with your game? the commanders and colds. gets the job back from carson because of an injury and more affected but the colts have a new quarterback also. >> they sure do and if you are a texas fan, sam mellinger, one of the draft darlings and he looks great in preseason and now they are turning the reins over to him. matt ryan, he does have a shoulder injury but this is about even more than that, this is sam's job going forward. the first snaps, first passes thrown in the regular season ever and the pros. a big sunday for him. what does he have? can it reinvigorate the colts offense? big question marks. by the way, 2.5 according to fox bed. i think it will be longer and i would go more like 5 betting on this game. >> brian: jin, when do you meet with the teams, the broadcast? >> we will meet with home team
5:54 am
friday and visiting team saturday. >> brian: some of which -- >> all of the school. not until game day. >> brian: that the bears and the cowboys come up prescott is back on the bears against the p. what team will show up for chicago. >> that is a code in question. that is such a great question. bettors are asking that everywhere. and according to fox net is ten but i think that is too high. that bears/brown games, the rushing, they are on fire but unfortunately prescott is back but zeke elliott, a huge question mark for several weeks going forward and not just this week. trying to show that this will be closer than ten points. >> brian: and the cowboys might have thought for a week there season was over when prescott went down but they are looking strong and surprisingly a tough division. the 49ers... because they are ri right in th.
5:55 am
>> brian: 40 members play the reds. it did not deliver a w but will it be different this week? >> run cmc but let me put that in perspective last week. he just got there and extremely limited play book. run cmc is one of the smartest players i've ever worked with were ever interviewed purity comes from a football background, supposedly the whole playbook is open to him now. so you will seek christian mccaffrey much more comfortable in the offense. however the rams are coming off and all rested up so the question mark is will that help the rams reset or rust from that week off that they have to shake away? i will go a little bit higher than 1.5 spread that box that is predicting on. >> brian: the pants were tearing it down and mccaffrey doesn't deliver the w. we will see if the 49ers are stronger. how believable is it that
5:56 am
mccaffrey's dad played for his coach is dad? so, it comes down to generation. one is a receiver and one is a running back. >> exactly, and he grew up with his dad teaching it to him. >> brian: that is a great point. that is his bedtime story. let's read the playbook again, son. the feature with gin hail. and that is how i sell. thank you so much. >> thank you for having me. >> go get them. >> brian: more "fox & friends" in just a moment. should check out inspire. no mask. no hose. just sleep. (beeping) learn more and view important safety information at why is guy fieri in the neighbors' kitchen? it's slider sunday! sliiiiiiiiii-der sunday! these chicken parm sliders on king's hawaiian rolls are fire! slider sunday! i want that. everything's better between king's hawaiian bread. mmm!
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i wonder what stadium that is. here we go. beautiful. >> singing is jake stein field's dees from nashville. >> thanks for joining us. we'll see you on the couch tomorrow. >> go to the radio. >> bill: good morning. mid-term fears mounting for democrats 12 days until the big vote and growing fallout from a disastrous debate now rattling some voters as we say hello. i'm bill hemmer. >> dana: i'm dana perino and this is "america's newsroom." the headlines all across the board for the democrats today are not good as the reality starts to sink in for the democrats. bracing for the very real possibility of losing both the house and senate. top concerns like economy, crime and immigration are losing issues for the president's party. not th


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