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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  October 27, 2022 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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i wonder what stadium that is. here we go. beautiful. >> singing is jake stein field's dees from nashville. >> thanks for joining us. we'll see you on the couch tomorrow. >> go to the radio. >> bill: good morning. mid-term fears mounting for democrats 12 days until the big vote and growing fallout from a disastrous debate now rattling some voters as we say hello. i'm bill hemmer. >> dana: i'm dana perino and this is "america's newsroom." the headlines all across the board for the democrats today are not good as the reality starts to sink in for the democrats. bracing for the very real possibility of losing both the house and senate. top concerns like economy, crime and immigration are losing issues for the president's party. not the only things giving
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voters pause. >> bill: john fetterman giving a disqualifying performance in tuesday night's debate. without that seat the party will have a harder time holding onto the chamber of congress. that now prompting some major damage control from the white house. >> the president has found him to be impressive, incredibly bright and talented person who is just as capable as always to carry out his office -- the duties of his office as he is lieutenant governor currently and great ability and heartfelt concern for the people of the commonwealth and that's what the president has observed himself. >> bill: peter doocy reports from the white house. analysis from matt gorman. bryan llenas from philly and that's where we begin on this thursday morning. >> good morning. as anxious democrats express concerns lieutenant governor fetterman's tough debate
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performance -- appearance was a mistake, the fetterman campaign is doing all it can to shift the focus back to the issue of abortion. fetterman's campaign released a new ad attacking dr. oz on the issue. the campaign says they've raised $2 million since the debate. last night fetterman held a rally in pittsburgh in front of 3,000 head lined by the dave matthews band. >> not only are we still standing but winning. i may not get every every word the right way but i will always do the right thing in washington, d.c. [cheers and applause] >> i have a lot of good days, and every now and then i will have a bad day. >> after tuesday's debate democrats released an ad of former president obama urging people to vote democrat up and down the ballot. republicans are openly arguing
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fetterman's performance tuesday night was not only disqualifying but proof of a quote, cover-up to hide his quote unfitness for office. here is dr. oz last night on hannity. >> it is upsetting that there is an effort to hide his inability to defend his extreme positions. he raised $2 million yesterday after the debate from democratic donors who just want to support him becoming the 51st senator. >> while the white house has not said if president biden saw tuesday night's debate, some pennsylvania voters who did watch it are feeling concerned and confused. >> you have to feel bad for a man recovering from a stroke. he should be at home recovering and not running for united states senate. >> i don't think he is up to it. >> i think dr. oz won. but fetterman looked a little
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scary, sick. but i still like him as a candidate. >> tomorrow night fetterman will speak at the state democratic party dinner here in philadelphia head lined by the president and vice president just 12 days before the election. >> bill: thanks, nice to see you in philadelphia. >> dana: as democrats scramble to turn things around president biden is putting the economy front and center. now he is doing that trying to sell voters on the idea that republicans will make matters worse. peter doocy live at the white house. hi, peter. >> the president's new proposals are designed to only nibble at the edge of the higher prices and inflation. yesterday a big announcement billed as a way to give people more breathing room. it wound up being a way to target junk fees at banks. officials here would much rather talk about republicans. >> congressional republicans aren't hiding the ball.
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they've been very clear about what they are going to do if they indeed take control, right? put medicare and social security on the chopping block. if you do that inflation goes up. >> the republicans many lawmakers are looking to to set an agenda for a new congress aren't focusing on that. their attention is on energy production in the u.s., particularly now that we know the biden administration tried and failed to get saudi arabia to cooperate. >> i think they should use the power of the purse to demand the kind of regulatory changes, new permitting, new leasing on federal land, open the alaskan national wildlife region back up for exploration and to your point, larry, let's get back to authorizing the kind of infrastructure that will allow for us to develop pipelines. >> president biden hosted short
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30-minute long virtual receptions for mid-term candidates in pennsylvania, iowa and nevada last night. so as we run out of time for the president to get involved and help democrats more, he is not barnstorming, he is zooming. back to you. >> dana: who is zooming who >> bill: matt gorman, good morning to you. you are a communications guy and an appropriate topic to have you analyze. the last seven days the themes on behalf of the president. on thursday infrastructure, important. friday student loans debatable. monday administration's accomplishments. tuesday fight against covid-19, wednesday military and foreign policy. all right. does that say get out and vote to you? >> it says throwing spaghetti against the wall and seeing what sticks. it is a very desperate strategy.
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they can't talk about the economy. they spent trillions and inflation is high. they tried abortion all summer. voters rank it seventh as the most important issue nationwide and now trying this. voters smell the desperation very clearly, they aren't fooled. >> dana: one thing the white house continues to try to push out there is that the republicans would be worse on inflation. they keep saying that if the republicans even the house majority they are saying they'll cut social security and medicare. is that true and is anybody buying it? >> no, it's clearly not true. as you saw fetterman interject that randomly in the debate the other night. they are just trying to -- any issue that will find sail whence. as peter mentioned, energy prices actually could be an issue in the final weeks that could prove to be pivotal for republican's advantage especially in the northeast. i don't think the media picked
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up on it yet. republican gains up there. heating oil prices are sky high. my mom lives in northwest connecticut. watch that issue. >> bill: another issue is the money. follow the money. what do you see in the trends where republicans are spending cash late in the game and where democrats are forced to spend money as well? >> you're right. look where the battlefield is. where is it expanding and contracting. democrats just the other day took all their money out of a los angeles area house seat which was thought to be a toss-up. senate new hampshire senate race is coming back online. republicans are pouring money in there. this morning republicans are pouring money into a northeast pennsylvania house seat that joe biden won by 20 points. that shows the battlefield. >> bill: which race is that, matt? >> the democrat mike doyle, a race not on anyone's radar.
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>> dana: republican's name is also mike doyle, right? >> i think so, yeah. a hard to figure out. >> dana: the nrcc has been saying it's a possibility for a while and now maybe becoming a reality. based on your experience and the cycles where you worked as a national republican communications -- the head of the com team, i woke up this morning and we read all the news. it is bad for democrats. you are reading this going wow, they're basically throwing in the towel already. what could republicans do to screw it up in the next few days if anything. if the republicans win as much as they look like they are going to, will the democrats do anything to try to retool their party? >> first of all, republicans need to run through the tape. nothing is final yet. we need to make sure, vote on election day. we can't take anything for granted. what you see in the week or two after the election losing party,
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democrats this time. do soul searching and take office again in january and forget everything. i'm not really putting much stock into the fact that they will change too much. >> bill: all right. okay, matt, thank you so much. nice to start the day with matt gorman. [siren] >> dana: have a good day. stay in touch. >> bill: the city of pittsburgh where mike doyle is running. running against a progressive woman by the name of summer lee. if republicans are playing in that district it will be an interesting tuesday night. >> dana: president biden was on with jay leno last night. watch this. >> nice thing about this you can outrun the secret service. >> look at that. we just laid rubber. the launch button and voom. >> i am in so much trouble. >> dana: fun things to do for a president. what is interesting behind the scenes.
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nancy cook writes for bloomberg. the biden white house seems particularly intent on the press not asking any questions of the president 14 days out from the mid-terms with white house aides screaming in the faces of reporters who try to ask biden questions following each event today. >> bill: i was sharing a few pieces with you before we came on the air today about what is happening inside the white house. what we believe to be some of these conversations. if it doesn't go their way on election night, we can debate whether or not there will or will not be significant changes with regard to policy or with regard to direction of the democratic party or the white house. i would take the former argument there, you perhaps would take the latter argument. >> dana: i don't know what they'll do. many moderate democrats are warning them for several months and since the 2020 election. 14 republicans won in 2020 house
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seats they didn't anticipate. so it has been coming for a long time. the republicans i think have been smart. however, as matt gorman says it's not over yet. the abortion issue is very important to some voters. what you heard from the voters in bryan llenas's package fetterman for them is still their candidate no matter what. that one will be a nail biter. onto this as well. a new admission the left was wrong about hunter biden's laptop. is the media done running interference for the president's son? >> bill: corporate america teasing the possibility of major layoffs. could today's new gdp report help ease those fears? maria bartiromo will break it down. >> dana: terrifying footage of a woman storming a family's home with a pick axe with their newborn baby just feet away. we have what happened next. ♪ ♪
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>> bill: this just went on, right? surveillance video in southern california showing a woman armed with a pick axe trying to get inside of a home narrowly missing a newborn inside. jonathan hunt has got the story in l.a. what's up, jonathan? >> that video is terrifying looks like something to be from a halloween horror movie than from the leafy streets of pasadena. police say this is 65-year-old beverly baker dressed in black and the flowing green skirt
6:19 am
repeatedly swinging a pick axe at the windows of a home where the baby and baby's grandmother were inside. the six week old girl sleeping near one of the windows until her grandma grabbed her and ran to safety. >> glass shards from the giant windows went right in the bed with my daughter. if she was five seconds late my daughter wouldn't be with us. >> much of the attack was caught on film. the homeowner was a chiropractor. they believe they may have been targeted because they are armenian. >> three times she came back with the pick axe seeing my mother-in-law. no remorse. >> police say they don't know a motive yet but believe baker may have been having some sort of mental health episode.
6:20 am
either way the doctor says his family no longer feels safe in their home. >> this was our brand-new home. we aren't even done building the house and my wife, my kid can't even come home. they're terrified. >> baker has been charged with felony vandalism and due back in court on friday. >> bill: you have to really feel for that father. a bizarre story there. >> dana: breaking moments ago the commerce department announced the economy grew by 2.6% in the third quarter slightly better than expected. the rebound comes after two consecutive quarters of negative growth but signs the economy is still in trouble. what are they? maria bartiromo joins us now from fox business. thank you so much for being here. tell us what do we need to know about this? >> isn't it nice to see growth after two consecutive quarters of contraction, it is nice to see growth but i am unimpressed
6:21 am
with the numbers. the gain in the gdp this quarter is due to trade and government spending. let's also not forget the reading is july, august and september. so it is somewhat backwards looking. if you look at the durable goods number today, that is sales of items that are meant to last 6 to 9 months down the road. that was weaker than expected. in my opinion that's a much more accurate read of where we are right now. you have a gdp better than expected but largely because of trade. exports in the quarter were up while imports were down. exports out grew imports is the point due to exports of industrial supplies, materials and wait for it, petroleum products. >> bill: we were talking before the show. can you make the argument that we're not in a recession now? we broke the string of consecutive quarters. >> well yes, because you are
6:22 am
seeing growth. it is the first reading of the ggdp. we'll get more readings coming out but all expectations are we're doing a double dip recession. that we were in recession two quarters earlier in the year. we have growth this quarter but in 2023 the recession returns. i don't think anybody is expecting we had contraction and it's over. no, we're expecting a severe recession in 2023. we will now probably expect a double dip recession is what they call it. the ecb raised interest rates 75 basis points like the fed. the next fed meeting is next week november 1st and two. expecting another 75 basis points. everything is more expensive including borrowing cost. >> dana: can companies breathe a sign of relief or layoffs are coming? >> the job numbers will catch up
6:23 am
to a slowing economy. we hear it from ceos now. we're in the middle of third quarter season we're not getting good guidance. the job numbers will catch up with the recessionary numbers and we'll see those numbers change in a big way in the coming months. >> bill: back to your suggestion about petroleum, oil, gas prices here is the president on that. paints a rosie picture of sorts. >> president biden: gas prices are continuing to go down. because they are going down we're making serious progress in getting prices close to what they were before the pandemic. >> bill: okay. so $3.76 a gallon today. february of 2020, $2.45. >> and still much higher than where we were when joe biden first entered the oval office, i would point out. gasoline prices have been pressured lower because the
6:24 am
president is selling oil from the strategic oil reserve. and this is a very dangerous move. that's not an energy policy. it is unbelievable to me how many implications we've seen as a result of the energy policy out of this administration. the failure to deal with the drillers in america and failure to encourage fossil fuel companies and oil companies to do production. it's just not happening. >> dana: we had matt gorman talking about heating costs in the northeast and they are feeling it. part of the campaign for bolduc up in new hampshire running for senate. zbloots ing a big deal. we'll see heating costs continue to rise. it is also a supply/demand situation. also indirectly related to the energy poll cismd we are also talking about the potential for black-outs. not a good story. he can talk about gasoline prices looking better but they are still much higher than when he walked into office and also largely the result of these
6:25 am
manufactured moves like selling oil from the strategic. >> bill: we'll talk to a mother and daughter trying to navigate these waters next hour. consumer confidence is telling you what right now? >> it's telling us we're all worried. many people are living paycheck to paycheck. it is very difficult when you see that your wages are up 5% but the price of goods is up 8 1/2%. the stuff that we're buying eggs, meat, bread, etc. went up much more than 8.2%. i think people are feeling it and cutting into their wages and why we have such dire predictions. >> dana: lawrence jones was in pennsylvania. one lady said some people are living day-to-day, not just paycheck to paycheck. sad to hear. good to see you. >> bill: evidence continues to pile up in hunter biden's matter. how the feds got their hands on
6:26 am
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and help communities thrive. >> bill: it's about a year since the devastating christmas parade attack in waukesha, wisconsin. darrell brooks convicted for intentionally killing six and injuring dozens of others faces life in prison. the son of one of the victims killed in the attack thanking the jury this week. >> been praying for this day for a long time and this morning my 5-year-old daughter came up to me and handed me this necklace with my mom's ashes in it and told me to take my mom with us to the sentencing. so she was with us today. >> bill: strong stuff. brooks drove an s.u.v. during
6:32 am
the parade. the youngest victim that day was eight years old. >> dana: two top republican senators sharing hundreds of pages of documents concerning hunter biden's business dealings with the u.s. attorney running the criminal investigation into the president's son. the bank records shedding new light on his involvement with the communist chinese regime. we have fox team coverage. "new york post" columnist miranda devine is standing by and mark meredith has the details in washington. >> good morning. so much focus ahead of the mid-terms has been on the economy and crime but two republican senators up for re-election say they count for a gop majority to further investigate hunter biden. if the gop becomes the majority committee member chuck grassley and other senators including ron johnson would seek testimony from hunter and the president's brother, james biden. the republicans would have subpoena power and allow them to compel testimony and documents.
6:33 am
similar claims from house republicans including james comer. >> look, this biden family investigation is only going to ramp up in a republican majority. there are a lot of questions joe biden will have to answer with respect to his son and his brother's influence peddling that has happened over the past decade. >> any congressional probe would be in addition to the criminal investigation already underway. grassley and johnson shared bank records with the u.s. attorney investigating hunter. the documents relate to dealings with china. we don't know what impact any of this may have on the president, the first lady or white house overall. last week first lady jill biden appeared to brush off any concerns about further investigations. she sat down with nbc and quoted as saying everybody and their brother has investigated hunter. they keep at it and at it. i love my son and i will keep looking forward. earlier this month president biden made similar comments during a tv interview saying he has great confidence in his son.
6:34 am
this is an issue that we'll hear more about in the new year. >> dana: thank you. >> bill: on that note want to bring in "new york post" columnist miranda devine. you wrote a book about the laptop. more than 200 pages of bank records related to hunter biden, his uncle james and maybe more. pretty involved. what does it suggest, miranda? >> good morning, bill. well, i think we see here that senators chuck grassley and ron johnson are the unsung heroes of this investigation into the hunter biden laptop and the influence peddling of joe biden's family during his vice president. they were obstructed by the f.b.i. in the middle of 2020 when they were running this investigation and also obviously by the democratic opponents but also by republicans in their own committees. so that's a story that i think will come out fully next year.
6:35 am
but in the meantime, they have these 220-odd attachments being bank records, other material that they've managed to gather from the treasury department and elsewhere that show the money flow from communist china in this case into bank accounts associated with hunter biden, jim biden, the president's younger brother, and their various business partners in america. i think together that paints quite certainly a damaging picture and gives the republicans a basis to work on when they have their investigations that they are promising next year into these issues. >> bill: if grassley and johnson win, they're in tight races. if you get the majority in the senate to your point, yes, they will go forward. meanwhile, we have this from
6:36 am
john stewart reacting to the story. >> hunter biden being on the board of burisma, to me that's corruption straight up off the bat. the idea that nepotism would allow much larger amounts of money to flow into the hands of people unqualified because you think those countries are trying to buy influence. >> bill: it's an argument you've been making for a couple of years now, miranda. >> yes, nice of jon stewart to come to the party. he is really 5 or 6 years late. it was known that nepotism and the burisma money, i'm not sure anyone knew how much it was. it was a million dollars a year, $83,000 a month but still it was known then and sanctioned by the media. there was a little bit of an outcry but not much. so, you know, welcome aboard, jon stewart.
6:37 am
it is more of the same. it is more of what you can call a limited hang-up. i think people on the left are now acknowledging the obvious, which is that there was influence peddling going on. but they are very eager to quarantine joe biden from that. they just want to throw hunter biden under the bus and say he was a drug addict and couldn't help what he was doing and he is now reformed. >> bill: my sense is we'll be talking to you again real soon. miranda, thank you for your time, "new york post." >> dana: minority voters breaking from the democratic party and how it could have a major impact november 8th. right here in new york stray bullets hit eight innocent bystanders in the span of a month. why this keeps happening and how can we stop it? >> we should be going after the criminal who is committing crime after crime after crime with illegal firearms. what about the person pushed in
6:38 am
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>> bill: so if republicans are successful in flipping the house you will see a different face for the republican party. show it to you right now. a couple examples here about how things could change. this is down in florida. this is florida district 13. just west of tampa. the republican is anna luna, her mother is of mexican descent and running against eric lynn the democrat. if she were to win, first time office holder different face for the republican party. up in michigan remember john james? he ran for the senate in michigan four years ago and lost but back to try to get into
6:44 am
congress this year running in michigan ten right here just a little district here north and east of detroit, michigan here. african-american. we'll see whether or not james can -- he is favored to win. we'll see whether or not he can. a different face for the republican party. another key race northern virginia now, this is virginia district ten. the republican candidate has been on our program before, his name is hung cao born in saigon. his family fled vietnam and took up residency in the u.s. a tough race against democrat againfer weekston. we'll see if cao can win. if all three win first time political office for all three of them and with a very different background what many are used to seeing from the republican party. these are the candidates as kevin mccarthy has been recruiting for a couple of years and dana has more insight now. >> dana: those three candidates
6:45 am
join me now and thrilled to have you all on. what do you hear from your voters that they want you to go to washington to deal with? >> i keep hearing on a regular basis people are sick and tired of what is happening not just with the economy but also they feel that legislators are out of touch with the struggles they face every day. i am hoping to go there not to, you know, become some side show but to really work as a public servant and representative for my county and i'm very happy to have their support. >> dana: john james. we have had a chance to talk before and here you are. your polling looks like it is -- all these races are looking favorable for republicans. you look like you can pull it across the finish line. when you talk to the voters in your district what have they been missing and what you can bring that they haven't had in the recent past? >> my background is a supply
6:46 am
chain expert running a supply chain business. this district will be the number one manufacturing district in the nation. having somebody who understands what it takes to lower prices and to bring back jobs from mexico and china is what we need to build our economy. the three of us have served in air force, navy and me in the army and understand what it takes to keep our nation safe. we helped do it before. our nation is on the brink of war and competing with china in all ways, we need people who understand what it takes to keep the nation safe. we've done it before. we are not just colored but qualified and here to serve america. >> dana: a great point about the veteran angle here. hung, the top issues in different groups. for hispanic voters rising prices, asian voters saying healthcare, black voters economic recovery. i've been reading some of the press where you've done some interviews and education is a big thing for you.
6:47 am
>> absolutely, dana. we came to this country for opportunity, right? so i grabbed onto the opportunity with both hands and went to the best high school in the country, united states naval academy and now they are destroying what's going on in the education system in northern virginia and we want to stop that. >> dana: one of the things that has happened and it is not -- wouldn't be the first time but for example flores who won the election in texas the hispanic caucus said you're not welcome here. would you try to join that group if you came to washington? >> it's interesting. i was just talking to flores and other hispanic candidates. it has been a general consensus once we get elected november 8th we'll form our own caucus. unfortunately the progressive leftists don't want to acknowledge that minorities can be republican and so we have to push back in a very public sense come november 8th.
6:48 am
>> dana: put me on the text thread. i want to see that as well. john james, do you think the republicans have done a better job trying to recruit more diverse candidates to run for office? >> i actually think the democratic party has moved away from all americans regardless of race, color, creed. the democrat party is now taxpayer funded. democrats ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country and now folks are out there saying what can my government give me to stay home from work. people want to lower prices, bring back jobs and making communities safer. the green new deal elitist globalist agenda is pushing the american dream who were the son of immigrants from saigon in 1975 and someone like me raised by two parents raised as
6:49 am
democrats in the jim crow south. we believe in red, white, blue bringing people to accomplish tough missions and that's what we'll do in our new class on november 8th when we get elected. >> dana: hung, what did your family think about you jumping into the race? >> this is the american dream. we want to give it to everybody else, too. joe biden this morning with the huge inflation and $31 trillion in debt, he is talking about leg room on airplanes and how that is racist. we want to be americans. we came here for the american dream and want to be called americans and look at the panel now and also look at all the people running now. 33 hispanics, 28 african-americans, 13 asians and three native americans. this is the most diverse class we'll have. >> dana: one other thing, hung. it was pretty interesting. a lot of republicans have been asked their thoughts on the 2020 election and if it was legitimate and if you thought president biden was the president of the united states. do you remember what you said
6:50 am
and can you tell our audience, too? >> absolutely. i told them joe biden is the president of the united states. if you don't believe me go to the gas stations and the grocery stores and tell me who is in charge. >> dana: that's a good one. it got nods and laugher as well. anna, can i get the last word from you? you have a well-funded opponent. >> i do. my current opponent is being funded by a billionaire, $10 million is being spent against me. clearly they don't want strong minority candidates because we can absolutely shatter the stereotype of identity politics the left is using. we're fighters and here to serve our country in another capacity in washington, d.c. and look forward to making history on november 8th and joining our colleagues in the 118th congress. >> dana: john james, what did you learn from your previous runs that you have applied here that you think is helping you to win this race? >> don't run during global
6:51 am
pandemic. [laughter] in seriousness the republican party is the party of emancipation, criminal justice reform. civil rights movement. when we come with a story that the republican party is for everyone red, white, blue before any divisiveness that's how we win. excited to help lower prices, big jobs back and make our communities safer and serve the united states of america first. >> dana: thank you to all of you, it was an honor to interview you and i'm sure we'll see more of you. >> bill: pennsylvania senate debate is raising more questions than answers after john fetterman struggled at times to respond to questions plus there is this. exclusive video from the southern border stolen truck full of migrants leading officers on a wild chase and how this ended.
6:52 am
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>> dana: dramatic body camera video shows colorado first responders saving a toddler's life. a police officer firefighters and paramedics rush to help a mother performing cpr on her 1-year-old son. the little boy regained a pulse and now making a full recovery. the first responders were honored earlier this month for saving his life. >> to be honest i don't know if i want to see the replay. i don't know if i want to relive that day. quite honestly i don't. i don't like the recognition so much. pretty shy about that. >> dana: look at that smile of his and thank you to them and all the first responders. you do incredible work every day. we sit in comfort. >> bill: thank you for doing it for us. democrats crisscrossing the country making a final pitch to win over voters. will it work? many of them campaigning on student loan forgiveness, a plan now in limbo as legal challenges
6:58 am
unfold. aishah hosni is live on the hill following that today. good morning. >> good morning to you, bill. here is the honest truth. student loan debt relief could be in jeopardy in some states but democrats are still touting it as a big win on the campaign trail. in fact, telling voters not to walk but to run to go sign up for this program. but here is what is actually going on. a federal appeals court has temporarily blocked the biden administration from discharging any student loan debt until it rules on an emergency request by six republican states. arkansas, iowa, kansas, missouri, nebraska, south carolina. senator warren and representative presley in massachusetts didn't mention the litigation to voters they were talking to. instead they talked about how easy it was to sign up for the debt relief.
6:59 am
meanwhile senator pedestrian -- >> we have seen the appeals court is reviewing the challenge to the relief program. let's be clear. between the court and us, the application process remains open. so if you have a loan go to student between now and the end of 2023. you have some time to do it. the sooner the better. >> the sooner the better, he says. fox news asked the white house press secretary about all of this and she said that it was just pure politics. in fact, blaming republicans, she said, for not giving americans a little more room to breathe. >> bill: okay. aishah hosni watching that. we'll see what the courts decide. >> dana: last night on "the five" we did a segment how aoc was complaining the democrats had not done enough to help hispanics and hispanic voters
7:00 am
and student loan forgiveness versus entrepreneurs who are latino voters who started their businesses and didn't go to college and on the hook to pay for the student loan forgiveness. it's a sticky wicket. >> bill: a tough one to swallow. a lot of different crosscurrents. >> dana: crosscurrents in your brain. >> bill: i would suggest that is true. we played this clip. check it out. watch. >> dana: exclusive video of a tense police chase along the southern border as human smugglers put thousands of lives at risk on a daily basis. i'm dana perino. >> bill: i'm bill hemmer. you have anyone who lives within 50 miles of the border could end up getting hurt. officials are saying the danger is getting worse by the day. >> arizona and


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