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tv   The Five  FOX News  October 28, 2022 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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done on capitol hill period to make sure from chief justices to the highest ranking members all the way to the president of the united states are afforded the same protection and respect and calm. there's a big push for calm right now. see you tomorrow. "the five" is now. >> martha: he locally. i'm here with kennedy, tyrus, jesse and geraldo. this is "the five" in new york city. speaker nancy pelosi rushing to be by the side of her husband, paul as we get new details on this act of violence. paul pelosi brutally attacked with a hammer inside their san francisco home in the early hours of the morning. reportedly the suspect was
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shotting "where is nancy" when the speaker entered the house. she was not there. new video shows a smashed glass door. police responded to a wellness check. we're not sure if that is a home alarm or a call from paul pelosi. it happened around 2:30 a.m. when they encountered this. >> our officers observed mr. pelosi and the suspect both holding the hammer. the suspect pulled the hammer away from mr. pelosi and violently assaulted him with it. our officers tackled the suspect and disarmed him and took him in to custody and requested emergency backup and rendered medical aid. >> martha: so it's not clear from the chief's comments who was holding the hammer or whether the suspect brought it with him and used it to enter the home or whether mr. pelosi grabbed it after he heard somebody breaking in to his home. the a 82-year-old remains
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hospitalized. doctors are treating him and told he will make a full recovery. we don't have any updates. we know speaker pelosi is on her way to with with him. the suspect is in custody and faces several charges including attempted homicide and elder abuse. police are looking to determine a motive. people that know him had some bizarre behavior. the suspect was seen at times to be out of touch with reality. he had trouble with eye contact. they said that they cut off contact with him. one of them he was house sitting for them. he was creeping her out. she didn't want to be in touch anymore. so you know, the big question here is whether this is reflective of political violence that is happening in the country or whether it's reflective of serious mental health issues in the country and violence in
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general across the country or some comeback of both. kennedy? >> i think you hit on it. it's a combination of both. i think where we're at, the president promised to bring down the tenor of political discourse. that hasn't happened. people are more divided. there's people that see words as violence and there are people that it's very easy for them to cross the line and commit acts of violence like this because they are moved by their politics. when you combine that kind of rage, that sort of systemic cultural rage that we have that hasn't calmed down with untreated mental illness, that's when you have things like this happen. for anyone, whether it's a supreme court justice, the speaker of the house or anyone that holds visible elective office, it's a really scary time. especially in california where so much money goes to social services. they're not doing it right. they have failed the mentally ill, especially those violently mentally ill in that state. they have not created appropriate systems to identify and treat people like this.
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it's really sad that after the fact we're hearing about all of these symptoms when, you know, with all of that money and all of those resources, someone like this should have been identified and treated before something like this happened. >> martha: tyrus, i couldn't help but think of the woman on her way to the airport in new york city a couple weeks ago. she was thrown to the ground, kicked in the head. she was in danger of losing her eyesight. she knows what it feels like. a lot of people that have been pushed in subway tracks by similarly mentally unfit individuals in the country right now. >> the first thing, we wish him a speedy recovery. we have to say thank god for the police department. they were able to responds to a call, get there just in time to save his life. because as they arrived, he was being pummeled with a hammer. if the police weren't there, it would have ended up like a lot of those videos you just talked about where the criminal would
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have took his time and just continued to be pummeled. so one, this is why it's so important to support your police officers and your polices in your community so they can get a wellness call or a 9-11 call and be there in a rapid manner to help save your life. so good thing. let's just be happy that in his particular neighborhood, the police were able to respond and be theres because a lot of us in a lot of cities in this country, you call and they're not able to be there. so let's just be really happy that that happened. >> martha: good points. geraldo? >> i think sometimes things are as simple as they appear. here you have a guy wearing his underwear, clearly a crazy guy. his social media indicating that he's in to wacky conspiracy theories. he's screaming looked to me the way the back window was smashed out, he took no caution in sneaking in to the house. he was busting in.
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he didn't care who heard him. when -- i'm just surmising that paul pelosi hears this huge commotion, hits the button, goes downstairs to see what's up. picks up the hammer around hesitates before he uses it when he sees the nut job. this is a politically motivated crazy person. i think the discussion on mental illness is an important discussion to have. i think the danger is that by combining the two issues, the assault on pelosi and mental illness, you tend to absolve or mitigate or diminish the responsibility, the criminal responsibility of the person who attempted homicide. the person who attempted to kill the husband and the speaker of the house. the person that said where's nancy, where's nancy and would have performed as violently if the speaker was actually in there. how tragic would that have been, the number 3 ranked person in
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the american government assailed and killed by a nut job. >> martha: jesse, i'm struck because we do so many stories of people being attacked violently. a human being is a human being whether you're paul pelosi or the woman getting her head kicked in on the way to work. there's all of this concern about protecting our lawmakers. we don't want to see this happen to the leadership of this country but the problem is it's happening to lots of regular folks every day. >> jesse: it's happening to everybody. doesn't matter who you are. you have to watch out. i hope he's better. i hope he recovers quickly. getting hit in the head with a hammer does not sound fun at all. he's had a rough year. he almost died in a car accident and now almost died from a hammer attack. i wish him and his wife well and a speedy recovery. the guy that is the alleged attacker sounds like a homeless nudist. he was living in a storage locker and he was an illegal alien from canada with a rap
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sheet in san francisco. he should have been deported. but san francisco is a sanctuary city. there's a crime wave. it's now come to the speaker of the house's house. it came to zeldin's house. he's a congressman running for governor here. someone rushed the stage. karen bass running for major in los angeles had guns stolen. it's happening across the board. what i want is that i want this alleged perpetrator to be treated the exact same way if he had treated -- if he attacked anybody else. a lot of people get hit with hammers. a lot of people get attacked. a lot of the times they're out on bail the next day. so i don't know why this guy is being treated differently. he's facing what? attempted homicide? he's in prison right now? we've seen people assault people all the time randomly with all
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kinds of weapons. we see them released the next day. so i don't know why this guy is getting all of a sudden special treatment or different treatment because the victim was so high profile. remember, if you call on a welfare check, the left wants to send a social worker. what if a social worker had come to this call? you would have had a dead husband and a dead social worker. that's why you have to have police. i agree with tyrus, the police handled the situation. thank god the police were there and remember, the democrats defunded the police in san francisco. big mistake. they put the money back in. but these are the mistakes that we cannot keep making. >> this guy was trying to kill him in front of the cops. the cops were there. he's smashing him with a hammer. he's lucky he wasn't shot and killed. >> jesse: they used a lot of discretion. maybe they could have put a bullet in him.
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they do have security i have yeses. maybe we'll have a chance to look. >> martha: coming up on "the five," america's crime crisis on the minds of voters to be sure. we'll get more outrageous and horrific examples of what's going on across the country coming up. ♪ becoming a morning person starts the night before with new neuriva relax and sleep. it has l-theanine to help me relax from daily stress. plus, shoden ashwagandha for quality sleep. so i can wake up refreshed. neuriva think bigger. subway's drafting 12 new subs, for the all-new subway series menu. let's hear about this #7 pick, from a former #7 pick. juicy rotisserie-style chicken. you should've been #1. this isn't about the sandwich, is it chuck?
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>> tyrus: welcome back. america's crime crisis is showing no signs of letting up. its the wild wild west in philly. four masked men fired shots at a victim in an ambush-style attack. in california, a driver speeds off after plowing into a grandmother and a toddler in across walk. police are searching for the man that shoved a new york city commuter in the subway tracks. fox5 new york summing it up with the headline, not again, subway crime in 2022 looks a lot like the 1980s. speaking of the 1980s, geraldo rode the subway to see how riders really feel. >> i stand here so i don't get pushed in. >> that's a good idea. good idea. no crazy people. do you worry about crazy people? >> of course. >> how about you? >> born and raised in new york. yeah. i had to take the public transportation. i live on staten island. i was worried. i was worried.
2:16 pm
>> good luck, guys. >> tyrus: geraldo, start with you. how many centuries you've been in new york. you've seen it all. >> geraldo: since the dawn of time. >> tyrus: is it -- they compared it to the 80s. would you compare it to the 80s? >> geraldo: it's not as bad as the 80s. visibly. the subway celebrated its 118th anniversary yesterday. i covered most of that. you see a lot more in the subway. vigilante that shot four young guys that were assaulting him. you had the birth of the guardian angels, citizens getting involved. now the subways are much more appropriate business-like, but you have as martha has been reporting this -- the untreated mentally ill comes in to play here because the subway is a place with zero tolerance for craziness. in other words, it's too easy
2:17 pm
for someone to knock someone over. that is the nightmare of every school child in new york that goes to public school. someone that will knock them on the tracks. you live with that horrible menace. so the artery, the subway that is the great yuniter of the fiv boroughs, you can go to coney island, the bronx botanical gardens or shea stadium. now to see that a place of menace rather than facility. i have two kids that take the subway every day in to manhattan. and i worry about them even if they don't worry about themselves. >> tyrus: when you pick each one of these videos is a subject of tragedy. kennedy, you have children. when you look at -- the one that stands out to me, the grandmother and the toddler. it just seems like there's so
2:18 pm
much -- there's no empathy or compassion. like we have very selfish society right now. >> kennedy: a very good point. how did we get to the point that human being lives are disposable. i come back to that. we have a lot of conversations about abortion in ways that we haven't in a long time. you see videos like this where people mowing a vulnerable grandmother and a toddler and her stroller down indiscriminately. there's no respect for life. how do we reconnect with people? there has to be a way. i'm not willing to give up on human beings and society, but i see things like this, as a mom, it scares me. i identify with one of the guys that geraldo interviewed. that's where i ride. i ride in the middle of the platform. i will not go to the end like i used to when i was inpatient. >> tyrus: you know, jesse, you're known for being a connector. you bring people together. you bring on guests that most
2:19 pm
shows don't have. you'll get conversations out of them and close some gaps. with your expertise -- you've traveled. you see how aggressive people are to each other. is there anything we can get from water's mind that might bring us together? >> jesse: there's wide agreement that you have to put some people in straight jackets. you have to institutionalize the severely criminally ill. they can't go around preying on people like this over and over again. you're going to cripple new york city if you have a few more of these pushes in to these subway tracks. you'll cripple it. you can't have everybody riding taxis. you have to go underground and flow people through these subways. people are going to start packing heat, too. you can do concealed carry here. i'm sure the line is around the island for concealed carry. the guys that were just letting off rounds in broad daylight, i guarantee you they have rap
2:20 pm
sheets. they probably have juvenile records. they've been pushed along and pushed along. it's the same like 3% of people in these neighborhoods committing 100% of the crime. until we focus on that, you're still going to have like this crime wave. >> tyrus: martha, you cover the news and stuff. we hear this a lot on the right, this is a big talking point. when you talk to any politician running for office, the first thing, education and crime. we're not hearing it from the left. you'd think that this would be a unilateral thing where we all want to be safe. i don't care how you vote. we want to argue about our political picks or whatever. why is there such a disconnect between the two sides when we -- the proof is in the pudding. >> martha: in many ways, it goes back to what happened to george floyd. the backlash that happened after that horrific killing of george floyd was this sort of mass criticism of police.
2:21 pm
police were bad. police are beating up young people who they shouldn't -- who are not armed, all of this. there's obviously some truth to some of that. but the problem is that we left our police feeling like everybody thinks they're the bad guy. so in many cases, democrats couldn'ttalk about the increase in crime that they were seeing because a lot of it was due to the fact that we had fewer and fewer police. the police we did have were saying, i'm not going in there. i'm not going to talk to that crazy guy. next thing i know, somebody will whip out a phone and this will come back to ruining my life. we created an environment where they tried to pretend like it's not happening. now you have kathy hochul in a fight for her political life. lee zeldin is resonating with independents and democrats. he's telling it like it is. i spoke with him today.
2:22 pm
he said, you know, what would you do about the crazy people? like jesse is talking about. he said, you know, we have institutions. we have empty prisons. we have buildings that are not being used because we all know these institutions got shut down. geraldo is one of the first people to point to the decrepit horrible institutional situation going on. an then we shut them down. medicaided people and said everybody needs to be mainstreamed and out there in the world. we want to treat people like human beings. now we're at the other end of the pendulum. we have to have institutions. if someone is repeatedly disruptive in a neighborhood, we need to say we're going to put you in this institution. we're going to take care of you, going to give you what you need and not going to let you bother the people in your neighborhood anymore. >> geraldo: aside from adding tens of thousands of police hours, they intend to open two more 25-bed psychiatric hospitals just for the subways. so i think that will be helpful. i think that in fairness, we
2:23 pm
have to indicate that oakland and the democrats are trying to do something. >> martha: pretty late. >> tyrus: are democrats throwing in the towel on the mid-terms? that's next. ♪ (vo) give your business an advantage right now, with nationwide 5g from t-mobile for business. unlock new insights and efficiency, with leading ultra-capacity 5g coverage. t-mobile for business has 5g that's ready right now. i have moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. now, there's skyrizi. ♪things are getting clearer♪ ♪i feel free to bare my skin♪ ♪yeah, that's all me♪ ♪nothing and me go hand in hand♪ ♪nothing on my skin♪ ♪that's my new plan♪
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mercedes-benz is turning electric... completely on its head. bringing legendary design... and state-of-the-art technology... to a fully-electric suv. the all-new, all-electric eqb from mercedes-benz. ♪ >> jesse: democrats are wetting their pants over the mid-terms. hot mic just caught chuck schumer admitting things are going downhill. they have themselves to blame if they lose big and geraldo will have to fork over $1,000. my dad didn't think it was
2:28 pm
classy -- >> geraldo: the winner would donate -- >> jesse: we'll talk about that later. politco is highlighting the growing panic. democrats debate themselves. why do we suck? i asked myself that question sometimes. that's a good question. former top respospin artist jeni has more. >> people are worried about these races. there's encouraging signs like recorderly voting. numbers the house races are not where they should be. it's a reflection of the fact that democrats are kind of worried about where this is going right now. it's felt worse over the last week or so. >> jesse: it's no wonder the democrats are banking on barack obama to bail them out. he's in battleground, georgia. joe biden is now straight up lying about gas prices. >> we're down $1.25 from this summer and they've been falling the last three weeks as well. that ends up for savings for
2:29 pm
families. today the most common price of gas in america is $3.39. down from over $5 when i took office. >> jesse: geraldo, are you having regrets about our big bet? >> geraldo: what i was thinking, what if georgia does the same thing it did last time and you don't know who won because nobody gets 50%? then it's another month? imagine this agony being prolonged as in georgia's special election -- >> jesse: republicans might not need georgia at this point. >> geraldo: i still believe obviously that the republicans will prevail in the house. we'll have divided government. i believe that's why the dow is marching on. because what investors like divided government because divided government can't spend money the way the biden administration did on 26 votes. >> jesse: kennedy, what do you think about the mid-terms?
2:30 pm
>> kennedy: geraldo is right about that. it's very interesting watching this momentum shift so quickly so close to the mid-terms. because even a week or two weeks ago, democrats were incredibly confident about the momentum that they had developed from august onward. and you know, the president can lie about gas prices. he can say, well, inflation isn't the worst it's ever been so it's not bad. people know that's not true. people know they're paying too much for gas, paying too much for eggs and milk and bread and ground beef and everything else. they don't like being lied to. so their thinking is, this is your system and you're causing me pain. i want to be out of pain. biden is saying republicans will ruin the economy but he's not saying how. he's not saying what implicit lit about republicanism that will destroy the economy? so i think people are going to gamble and do whatever they can to get out of pain. >> jesse: martha, when he said he came in and gas was $5 a
2:31 pm
gallon, you think he's straight up lying or he doesn't remember? >> martha: i don't know. it's not true. it's not true. this is not opinion. this is fact. you can easily look it up where gas prices were, 3 something and went to $5 or six in some places in california, close to seven. the other thing is, inflation that he talked about inheriting was at 1.4%. now it's 8.2%. it's very easy to pull up this chart and look at it. we're in far worse shape in the economy than we were when the president took office. that's not my opinion. that's looking at the numbers. a recession is two negative periods of growth. we had this. then we had a redefinition of what a recession is. it kind of worked. people are still saying, let's see if we're going to be in a recession. we've heard from every leader on wall street pretty much that 2023 looks very rough. the gdp number was okay.
2:32 pm
it wasn't great when you peel away the top line number. he can -- one of the problems with the president is he hasn't met people where they are and where they're living. like kennedy is saying. you can't just keep telling people things are rosy and fine. people go wait, hold on. it's not. speak to me like i'm an adult and i know what's going on. i might want to give you another chance. but you can't tell people that they're not experiencing what they're experiencing. >> jesse: i'm almost curious what barack obama will say when he goes to these same states. he's got to say something difference than what joe biden is saying. >> tyrus: he's going to say hey, we have to stop act ago fool and stop listening. but obama couldn't save him. if he was running himself. number 1, let's break it down. you don't brag about how you love gasoline cars and you don't like cars and tell us all we need -- our president is so out
2:33 pm
of touch. if you can't remember the price of gas when you're doing a speech about the price of gas, you are unfit for office, period. point blank. if i came on here and my subject was crime and i started to talking about my score on x box, there would be stuff going on during the commercial. i would have to leave. finally, wasn't no hot mic moment. schumer positioned it just right so you got his good side and you couldn't see biden's facial expression of huh? he just leaned in and said -- even when he said is oh, it didn't hurt that bad. we're still going to be good. everybody sticks together. if everybody votes the party line, we'll be fine. oh, hot mic. did i say that? hot mic moment. i know a little something about simulated combat and messing with an interview to look serious, this is not restling. this is our lives and it's just a sham. hopefully the voters are seeing it's a sham.
2:34 pm
>> jesse: i found out that schumer has a good side. fox news alert. speaker nancy pelosi giving an update on her husband. her office says paul pelosi underwent successful surgery to repair a skull fracture and serious injuries to his right arm and hands. his doctors expect a full recovery and more breaking updates as they come. up next, liberals worst nightmare comes true. elon musk in control of twitter and he's already clearing house. ♪ (bridget vo) with thyroid eye disease... i hid from the camera. and i wanted to hide from the world. for years, i thought my t.e.d was beyond help... ...but then i asked my doctor about tepezza. (vo) tepezza is the only medicine that treats t.e.d. at the source
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>> geraldo: the bird is freed. elon musk now in control of twitter. heads are rolling. the world's richest man firing everybody. all of the top executives including guy that reportedly played a key role in the suppression of the hunter biden laptop saga and the banning of the former president trump from twitter. former president trump tells fox that he will stay on truth social. i figured he would do that when he has invested so much in truth social. the president added he likes elon musk. he said the closing on twitter is a freak-out of the left. >> the far right is rejoice. what are we in for? >> there you are. that says it all. >> buckle up for what's coming here on twitter. >> i think it's going to be a free for all hell scape. >> the guy has taken over a company he didn't want and he
2:40 pm
fired the people that were there. >> immediately. >> is he going to take it seriously? >> there's something dangerous when the richest guy in the world enjoys the most important political platforms in the world. >> geraldo: it's interesting that one of his most immediate functions would be the exposing of the nefarious practices. twitter, while projecting itself or pretending to be free speech is really about heavy censorship of one side against the other. >> kennedy: that's what it was. working with officials and government officials and crafting policies. so when giant tech and giant government get together, it's a dangerous and toxic recipe. so what he's done is examined these algorithms which allow for shadow banning of particular points of view. this is not across this board.
2:41 pm
so when people on the far left are weeping and pulling their hair out, oh, maybe this is a good thing. at least this is one equalizer in a world where it does tend to skew far left and you have these giant companies that are in control of so much information working with people in the government. so yeah, i think a little bit of freedom will go a long way here. you shouldn't be worried. you should be happy. people's views and thoughts should be challenged. >> geraldo: kennedy said something interesting there. working with people in the government. wouldn't it be intriguing if elon musk uncovers the scheme by which the top guys at twitter conspired with government officials to suppress stories like hunter biden? >> jesse: there's already litesgation now by attorneys general on the republican side to make fauci testify, jen psaki might have to testify about the covid and the lab leaks.
2:42 pm
is there will be hearings. elon will help the republicans with those hearings and have people testify on live television about what the conspiracy was with the laptop and everything. they're going to crank up those investigations big. geraldo, billionaires own "the new york times," "the washington post," facebook, google. so one moderately republican billionaire owns one social network and everyone is saying we're in a hell scape. come on. it's typical. they want 100% control. they can't have 90%. they have to have 100%. >> geraldo: because he's so independent, what if he goes after everybody? >> martha: he's a fascinating character in history. he doesn't care what anybody thinks about him. he said he's not worry about making money on this investment.
2:43 pm
it cost a fortune. the company makes no money. he said i don't care about the money. he said i'm doing it to help civilization. i think he's genuinely concerned about where we're going as a country. whether or not he's able to succeed in this. now he realizes i do need some council that will have some kind of governance over what is allowed and not allowed. he has to navigate that carefully. kennedy and jesse is right. when you look at the ownership of these media entities around the world, it's concentrated in the power of very few people and they're upset about this one. really interesting and ironic. the fact that they suppressed that story about hunter biden and you can track it back to the people that did it and the relationships at the white house is interesting. >> geraldo: on the other hand, you wonder how good a business man could he be if he pays $44 billion for a company that
2:44 pm
doesn't make any money and most experts say is worth half of the $44 billion? >> tyrus: very good businessman, geraldo. he can go to mars if he wants to. he parks his car in outer space. that's pretty good. what he's doing, he's not helping republicans. he's just coming in to a new high school and he walked up to the bully at lunch and punched them in the mouth. so the reign of terror is over. the woke, the virtual signalling that has plagued on twitter and done basically around 1,000 people. they have decided who will be successful, who will be cancelled. if waters and i are having a feud and they like what i say, i have 10 million people that like my tweet. so we have to cancel him. look at the people behind him. look at all the people lee and be hold and i said it on the "the five" after that i was a big wrestler when they said bots were 3%. no, it's about 30. looks like it's higher than that. it's not so much the hunter
2:45 pm
biden thing that is working its way out. it's the millions of people who have been attacked on twitter whose lives have been changed when they knew information was false but it fit their virtue. now those first 500 that quit because they knew the jig is up. so what he's doing, he's not doing anything for anybody else, he's making a regular playing field. they lost their power and lattes and little groups and they make videos about my day at work. >> geraldo: and he paid $44 billion and tens of millions of that are going to the former executives. so i love the guy. >> tyrus: don't get me wrong -- >> geraldo: so glade he did it but doesn't seem like it made any business sense. >> tyrus: i have a feeling he will be all right. there will be a twitter coffee shop on mars. >> geraldo: okay with me. sadly over. never envy anybody. tom brady and gisele speaking out on their bomb shell divorce.
2:46 pm
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>> kennedy: well, unfortunately, it's the end zone for tom brady and gisele. the power couple announcing their diverse via duelling instagram stories. tom calling it painful and difficult. he wished her the best. gisele said they have grown apart but they vow to work together as parents to their beautiful and wonderful children. i find this to be heart breaking. this story makes me so sad. you know, i think of their kids. at the end of the day, doesn't matter about your parents. that's their mom and dad. >> geraldo: as i say, i really believe that people could get this lesson that never envy anybody. everybody thought they were the picture perfect couple. everything doing for them. now he's lost his fortune, his marriage. he has to work out custody with the children. can't play football. he's lost three games in a row
2:51 pm
now. you know, awful. i feel sad about it. wish them the best. >> kennedy: you think we'll be seeing tom brady on fox sooner rather than later? >> jesse: that's how he gets his fortune backs. >> geraldo: what is it? >> jesse: it's a lot. he's losing a little pride. he's losing on the field. if he had just done back and thought before the season, if this was going to happen, if i go back for one more year, would i have done it? he's probably having regrets. maybe he's not. if you lose three games in a row, he's probably having regrets. as a future colleague of tom brady, i don't want to say anything untoward. best of luck, tom. >> kennedy: we're on team tom. >> martha: as a pat's fan, i have one thing to say.
2:52 pm
you should have state with the pats. end his career there. didn't need to go to tampa bay. it was bad karma. even though they won a super bowl. >> tyrus: enough of this bad karma. he won a super bowl with a franchise that won one time. they planthis. they're smart people. they have $600 million to divide. they'll be fine. by the time tom and his wife decided to speak to the media, they already had their child stuff worked out. they had the divorce signed officially. he's a planner. yes, the bucs are losing. but they just won the super bowl and played in an nfc east championship. he can play as long as he wants to. people say it's not up to him. it is up to the coaches. don't you think drew please would want to play or peyton manning? one day they got called in and said we love you but it's time. if there's a young guy in tampa that can take it spot, it will
2:53 pm
happen. it's none of our business. i'm a diehard patriot fan. i'm glad he left because we can see how overrated bill belichick was. come doing you, tom. >> martha: we're going to need more time. >> kennedy: counselling during the break. one more thing is next. stay with us. ♪ . . subway's drafting 12 new subs, for the all-new subway series menu. let's hear about this #7 pick, from a former #7 pick. juicy rotisserie-style chicken. you should've been #1. this isn't about the sandwich, is it chuck? it's not. the new subway series. what's your pick?
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2:58 pm
>> dana: geraldo? >> geraldo: it's pumpkin picking time and halloween my five grandchildren. that's vincent, the youngest, he is about 2. and he a wonderful, wonderful little boy. that's liam on the other side that's -- >> jesse: that's pressure. >> geraldo: that's the oldest. wonderful, wonderful. that's the only granddaughter i have. ella rose. they are wonderful, wonderful kids. they love the various seasons. they have great friends. there is desmond. great kids and they love their grandpa. they come visit me and in hotel and put them in the pool. >> dana: that's good. i want to be one of your grandkids. so, this is a duo from sydney, australia, trying to catch a husband spider which is very hard. >> oh my god. oh my god. '. >> settled in. he loves it. >> look at nails.
2:59 pm
that would happen. that would happen. >> martha: you have to have the lid ready kennedy. >> kennedy: tell your friends we're good. do you want to walk 250% faster i have shoes for you called moan walkers, 1400 bucks a pair. designed by robotics engineered. guaranteed to make you walk like i said 250% faster. act now, buy one, get one. it's a bogo sale here on "the five." >> martha: tyrus? tire tire november 4th critically officially acclaimed tyrus live standup show. special guest joe did he i havee toe open up for me. police officers and their families are free. >> martha: that's great. >> jesse: i told you my mother is a big fan of yours. >> yes. called me the next king of the
3:00 pm
media. >> martha: definitely. >> jesse: you know greg is watching right now. >> geraldo: critically acclaimed? >> tyrus: i haven't been on the earth. i will take them when i get them. >> geraldo: just a guy who can't say no. >> martha: have a great weekend. we will see you back here on monday. ♪ >> bret: good evening, welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. breaking tonight, the house speaker nancy pelosi's husband has just emerged from what doctors say was a successful surgery for a skull fracture and other serious injuries after a brutal beating at the couple's home in san francisco. authorities say the attack on paul pelosi came as his assailant shouted where's nancy? the speaker was not home. she was here in washington as was her security detail. a suspect is in custody facing numerous charges. chief correspondent jonathan hunt has all the


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