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tv   America Reports  FOX News  October 31, 2022 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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ocrine neoplasia syndrome type 2, or if allergic to it. stop ozempic® and get medical help right away if you get a lump or swelling in your neck, severe stomach pain, or an allergic reaction. serious side effects may include pancreatitis. gallbladder problems may occur. tell your provider about vision problems or changes. taking ozempic® with a sulfonylurea or insulin may increase low blood sugar risk. side effects like nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea may lead to dehydration, which may worsen kidney problems. join the millions already taking ozempic®. ask your health care provider about the ozempic® tri-zone. announcer: you may pay as little as $25 for a 3-month prescription. >> john: all new at 2:00, herschel walker about at that take the microphone in georgia, crisscrossing the peach state. locked in a tie, just eight days away from the midterm elections.
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>> gillian: and republicans say they are so optimistic they are spending big in deep blue districts no one saw coming. democrats say abortion rights are on the ballot and still a top concern for their voters. is that gonna translate at the polls? >> john: congressman tom emmer is here. john roberts in washington, good to spend another 60 minutes with you. >> gillian: you too, john. i'm gillian turner in for sandra smith. right to the races now. >> john: final sprint to election day, the closing pitches. >> gillian: the senate race is anyone's game, toss-ups in pennsylvania, georgia, arizona, and will decide which party takes control. >> john: control of congress could come down to a photo finish. >> gillian: kicking off this
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hour with one of the most fiercely fought races of them all, and aishah joins us from cartersville, georgia. >> we are in cartersville, reminds me of home, a small town people are fired up about this senate race. herschel walker is about to take the podium behind me, he's running a little behind but take a look at this crowd around me. a lot of supporters here, 100 to 150 people, they are fired up, ready to hear from their guy. you'll probably hear today herschel walker spending quite a bit of time hitting back at former president barack obama, he was here friday campaigning for democrats. and obama really went after walker's character, calling him at one point a scelebrity that wants to be a politician. and he telling supporters no,
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i'm a warrior for god. >> i'm not a celebrity, he never hung out with me, go back to wherever he live at. >> every vote matters here in georgia. check out this new "new york times" poll out this morning, and you can see warnock has a slight three-point edge over walker. democrats astonished at how little walker's scandals have hurt him. even after a second woman accused him of pressuring her to get an abortion. he's, of course, denied that. has not really hit him hard in the polls. chuck schumer was caught last week on a hot mic, remember that, telling president biden the state where we are going downhill is georgia, i've been talking with voters here on the ground, guys, asking them about the abortion issue. they say even if it was true, we are willing to forgive him, now he is pro life, and that's all
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that matters to us. guys. >> thanks so much, john. >> john: redemption a big issue in this campaign. now to pennsylvania where tomorrow is the final day pennsylvania can request a bail-in ballot, over 750,000 of them already cast. this is the polls in the senate race, tightening, following last week's debate. rich is live in harrisburg, pennsylvania, what are you seeing out there, rich, how close has this race gotten? >> john, it is very close. you have a slight lead now for democrat john fetterman over dr. mehmet oz, the republican in this raise, and remember, fetterman had a substantial lead over the summer type. the latest from a poll shows fetterman up 49 to 44%. the times says the poll was largely conducted before last week's debate and the first session with fetterman after his stroke in may.
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the times says in calls to pennsylvania voters after the debate, a plurality said fetterman was not healthy enough to do the job. fetterman still had a slight lead over oz in calls made the day after the debate, that was wednesday. with this race getting closer, president biden is getting more involved. he has two rallies in pennsylvania saturday with former president obama, one in pittsburgh, one in philly, and talking up fetterman's campaign all weekend. >> this is not a referendum, it's a fundamental choice. a choice between two very different visions for the country and that's what it's about. fetterman is everything that he appears to be. you know where he stands, great courage, no reluctance to say what he thinks, my kind of guy, he's going to be fine. he's getting better and better. he had a stroke, he's recovering. >> dr. oz in his campaign say they welcome the fetterman-biden
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connection. his campaign communications director said joe biden and kamala harris refuse to fight violent crime, stop the flow of deadly drugs across our border and combat skyrocketing inflation and gas prices. no distracting from this dangerous agenda. another president has plans to travel to pennsylvania, donald trump will be in latroeb on saturday, closer to pittsburgh. to that, a fetterman campaign aide says they look forward to tying oz to former president trump. so that dynamic playing out in the commonwealth of pennsylvania. tomorrow is the last day to request your early mail-in ballot. if you don't do it by then, you have to show up the old fashioned way on election day. john. >> john: hometown of rolling rock. rich, thank you. >> gillian: arizona, republican candidates for the senate and governor are trying to sway
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independents. the number of voters tied with the number of registered voters there. >> we got word last night that former president barack obama will be here on wednesday, but it's interesting when you are talking about big headliners, it is the republican gubernatorial candidate kari lake who is just that. lake had been drawing big kraudz and other republican candidates are drawing on her popularity to help them. for example, republican senate candidate blake masters, in a toss-up race against mark kelly. >> we got to vote for blake. he's going to be great, he's going to send astronaut mark kelly back to outer space, he talks a big talk but he's just a shorter version of joe biden. >> as you mentioned, registered republicans are almost equal to the number of coveted
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unaffiliated voters. they both outnumber registered democrats and both sides are courting anyone who has not made up their mind. >> the structure for those republicans straight ticket republican, hey, we are making this choice of sanity over chaos and you should too. >> a progressive political organization has filed an appeal after a federal judge rejected a temporary restraining order against clean elections u.s.a. the group is accused of voter intimidation at ballot boxes. armed and watching ballistic vests. gillian, kari lake is encouraging voters to actually send in their ballots by mail or vote in-person. she has doubts about the ballot boxes here, however, katie hobbs, who is the democrat side running for governor and also the secretary of state insists the ballot drop boxes are
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secure. back to you. >> gillian: thank you so much. >> john: republicans are aiming higher than simply flipping the house. gop setting sights on some deep blue districts that once might have seemed impossible to win. making big investments in districts that went for biden in 2020, and some of them by substantial margins. a chairman of the committee is with us now. tom emmer joins us, good to have you in the studio with us. i want to put on the screen the clear politics generic ballot graph, tracks the polling as to who you would like to have in control of congress. and republicans had quite an advantage, and then starts to get closer together as we get into august. this is after the dobbs decision. democrats were leveraging abortion as an issue but take a look where it is in recent days. republicans have pulled out to a three-point advantage, as big pretty much as any advantage that they held earlier this
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year. what has changed? >> well, if you think about it, john, they did have a good august, you know. it was -- >> john: great august. >> good, i would say, it tightened dramatically. politics, you've been doing it a long time, professional baseball, a two-year cycle. 162 games, finds being out the messages. when you get to labor day before the election, you want to be ready to be in the playoffs and the playoffs start after labor day, that's essentially what you saw. we were not concerned but definitely watching it in august, because we went from like you say, having a much bigger margin on enthusiasm, on the generic ballot, to tightening. we never fell behind truly, if you think about this. >> john: you did lose a couple significant races, including new york 19. people say oh, that does not bode well for november. >> i think if you take a look at what happened in 19, they held
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that seat. anthony delgado won that in 2020 by double digits, so we bent the curve on that race. a couple structural issues. independents most upset with this administration, they can't cross over on primary day and the special election was on primary day. mechanical issues with that. did we try to win it, absolutely we did. but what we have seen to your point is since september it has been moving in republican's direction significantly. we are right now, if you look back two years ago, on election day two years ago, the generic ballot was d plus 6.8, and the national is now plus three, so almost ten points plus better than two years ago. and two years ago, every incumbent since 1994, and picked up 15 seats in a cycle we were
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told we would lose 15 to 20. a lot left to happen. >> gillian: looks like you feel so good and party headquarters is spending money in deep blue districts, and also, your response to this, and they say the spokesperson and tom emmer can chase wind mills. >> look at our money, 80% of our money is on offense and 20% on defense and 12 seats. amazingly, 80% of their money is on defense, 20% on offense in the same 12 seats. and by the way, they have been pulling out of the seats, whether it's in the l.a. suburbs or down in the rio grande valley, they have been pulling back resources because they see exactly what we see, and what we see, you talk about the seats that joe biden won by 20%.
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julia bromly has a seat outside of los angeles, her people were concerned it's a one-point race. and rochester, new york, another biden plus 20 seat. we have singletary running against morelli, it has tightened up. so a huge playing field and chasing wind mills, we are going where the numbers are showing us and we have the candidate, message and resources, we are going to take a shot at it. >> john: i made up the neat graphic in places you are playing where you typically wouldn't, california 26, new york 25, pennsylvania 12, interesting, too, the member of congress leaving is mike doyle and your candidate is also named mike doyle. and apparently democrats are saying we have all the early voters voting for mike doyle, it's not the same mike doyle, it's a different guy.
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if you can take out sean patrick maloney, your counterpart at the dccc, that would be a big symbolic victory for us. >> this is about making sure you offer candidates fit the people they are seeking to represent. and sean patrick maloney ran away from 18, you had colin on earlier, he went to new york 17. >> john: the first dccc incumbent to lose since 1980. >> he had a seat he went to, he moved to he has never represented 70% of the seat. more importantly, sean patrick maloney ran on cashless bail. this insane policy that literally arrest someone at 9:00 at night for committing a criminal assault on another law abiding citizen and they are back on the street in hours committing more assaults. >> gillian: that's picking up around the country. >> no, it's real.
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and mike lawler is a great candidate who knows the district, represented the people in the new york assembly. he's the right candidate with the right message and sean patrick, he's got the wrong message and not the right fit for the district. >> john: eight days left as you said, see how it goes. thanks for coming in, tom. >> gillian: we have been following a controversial highway stakes case argued before the supreme court right now this hour. it could ultimately bring an end to affirmative action policies across the united states in colleges. >> john: some of the justice's questions could give an indication where they may lean in this case. we will talk to our own constitutional scholar outside the court when disco was on the radio, and jimmy carter was in office. yes, ladies and gentlemen, he's that old. jonathan turley coming up next. , i'd like to thank our sponsor, liberty mutual. they customize your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. and by switching, you could even save $652.
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>> senate republican cannot win in new york and that's what they said in virginia last year. no republican can win for governor in virginia. suburbs are too blue, media is too strong. they forgot to do one thing, ask the voters. >> gillian: virginia's republic youngkin rallying with lee zeldin. he says what happened in virginia is about to repeat itself in the big apple. the race went from likely democrat to lean democrat in recent weeks. >> john: after recent reports and kids test scores plummeting after pandemic shutdowns, the teachers' union boss who pushed hard to keep the classrooms closed says don't blame her. critics accuse her of trying to rewrite history and appears she
11:22 am
is at it again with her latest tweet. claiming that students suffered whether or not their schools stayed open tweeting "the bottom line is, everyone suffered in the pandemic. because of the pandemic the disruption was everywhere, and bad regardless whether schools were remote or in-person. we are focused on the urgent need to help kids recover and thrive." no question the teachers' unions fought to keep the schools closed until they felt the teachers could be safe. >> gillian: and a follow-up yes to randi would be how is the school system going to help kids now set back as much as two years in math, science and reading, recover? there's no recovery from that. >> john: that is a big question. the effort that you would need to mount to make up for lost progress is monumental. >> sandra: are you going to cancel summer vacations for all students forever? no real plan to recover from
11:23 am
that. >> john: that's not going to happen. gives you something to talk about. >> gillian: certainly does. also this, oral arguments are underway at the supreme court. justices are considering the fate of affirmative action in college admissions. court could decide whether using race at all should be allowed in college admission processes. one of the cases, focusing on the treatment of asian-american applicants to harvard university. i don't know than turley is a fox news contributor and george washington university professional and constitutional law attorney. jonathan, when we talk about the case, something that has been revealed during the discovery process is that harvard uses the admissions team there uses very subjective criteria, they call it a personal rating. and what ends up happening for asian students who, asian-american students with high grades, gpa, good academic criteria, they rate them low on things like courage and then use
11:24 am
that as the basis to deny them admissions. does that kind of procedure have any legal standing? >> well, you know, harvard's counsel seth waxman was pressed on this by the justices, he was very combative, the chief justice had to tamp him down a bit and ask him to wait for a question by a colleague, but asked, there's only two possibilities here, right. either you are discriminating or asians as a class are less personnable, less courageous, less likeable, which is it, and he sort of stumbled and said look, he later admitted that race may be a determining factor in some cases but so is someone good at oboe, and chief justice roberts delivered a haymaker and said we didn't fight a war ore oboe players and it was quite a
11:25 am
moment and i think that in both of these cases you have had some of the most spirited exchanges i have seen from the justices and from counsel. we first had the argument in the university of north carolina case, and now the harvard argument is just ending. it will be ending soon. but these were a full contact oral argument on display in both of those cases. >> john: five years ago john roberts said the way to stop discrimination on the bases of race is stop discriminating on the basis of race. it goes back to 1977 and the bakke decision left the matter of race-based admissions uncertain, various interpretations, various institutions used certain things to their advantage so they could allow it to happen and skirting around it. do you expect that the conservative leading court in this case will add a lot of clarity to the issue?
11:26 am
>> i think it might, you know. as you mentioned, i was outside the court in 1977, yes, i am that old as you painfully noted, that it is astonishing we are still debating this question. and the reason is justice powell really delivered the decisive vote in bakke and wrote this opinion that said that harvard has an admissions process more holistic, and you can use race as an element but you can't make it determinative, and that has resulted in 44 years of 5-4 decisions, highly conflicted decisions and the one decision getting a lot of attention is a decision called gruder, and gruder came about three decades later and it was a 5-4 decision, and in gruder, the court said yeah, we are going to continue to use race but sandra day o'connor said but the court doesn't think we will be doing this indefinitely. we think about 25 years from now
11:27 am
there will be no basis to use race conscious criteria. that was almost 25 years ago, and some of these justices like justice kavanaugh have been repeatedly raising that with counsel for north carolina and harvard. and he's been saying look, that was a close decision and the justices agreed they are uncomfortable with using something that could be viewed as racial discrimination. hasn't time run out. and the solicitor general came back later and said we just don't think you should look at the calendar and the justices pushed back and said who is going to tell us, how do we know when we have done this long enough? and she said well, when we have meaningful progress, and that clearly did not satisfy many of the justices. >> gillian: jonathan, we could talk to you about these cases all afternoon, we have to leave it there. i don't think you are even that old to be honest.
11:28 am
>> john: thanks, john. [laughter] hundreds of staffers who say they care about free speech are uniting to silent justice amy coney barrett. penguin randomhouse asked the publisher to cancel her book deal. focuses on how judges should not let personal feelings sway their rulings, but the letter says that's what she did by ruling to let states regulate abortion themselves. >> gillian: president biden turned voter in the midterms and cast his ballot early, this past weekend. his former boss hit the campaign trail pretty hard. >> john: much more on the election strategy when david bossy joins us live coming up next. many of you have served our country honorably. one of the benefits that we as a country give you as a veteran is the eligibility for a va loan, for up to 100% of your home's value.
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lifetime. a claim that many democrats are echoing on the campaign trail, which may be why they are keeping their distance from him, instead of asking the current president for help, many are turning to former president barack obama. former trump advisor david bossy moments away on why president biden is still stuck playing second fiddle to his former boss. but first, fox team coverage, grady has the senate race in wisconsin and peter doocy live on the north lawn. which issue does president biden think he can elevate to help democrats. >> gas prices, on the way back up. two hours from now president biden will come out and accuse big oil of keeping gas prices artificially high. but don't consider this a hail mary. when it comes to the november elections, president biden says he's feeling confident. >> i'm feeling good, i mean, i've been in i guess now 36
11:35 am
constituencies, so i'm going to be spending the rest of the time making the case this is not a referendum, it's a choice, a fundamental choice. >> president biden also claimed in the brief chat after voting early that he's going to go and campaign in california this week, that is not an event the white house has advertised yet but are hyping up trips to florida, pennsylvania, and no big barnstorming tour in the final days. >> backlash agenda, the reason biden is in the basement. if somebody told you as a democrat joe biden is here to help you he would jump out the damn window, he's so unpopular, his ideas are not working. >> we expect him to do some glad handing when he gets back to the white house a few minutes from now with several dozen, maybe several hundred visitors, but none of
11:36 am
>> gillian: in wisconsin just about an hour north and west from milwaukee, grady, what's happening there today? >> hey, tim michaels, the republican governor's candidate will be here in about 40 minutes' time and all the candidates in the governor and senate races are crisscrossing the state right now, making their last-minute pitches to voters and are bringing in big names to do so. you mentioned barack obama in the badger state over the weekend at a time when democrats are struggling to connect with young voters. obama made his case for democratic governor tony evers and senate candidate mandela
11:37 am
barnes and tried to paint tim michaels and ron johnson as extremists, in trying to court young voters, obama talked a lot about social security. >> voted to raise the retirement age to 70, supported a plan that would put social security and medicare on the chopping block every single year. >> i caught up with senator johnson at a campaign event today. he tells me that line of attack is just not true. >> again, i want to save social security. it's pretty rich for the former president who divides his time between martha's vineyard and washington d.c. and call somebody who lives in oshkosh, wisconsin and drives all over the state to say i'm out of touch. i'm just talking about we have to start prioritizing spending,
11:38 am
we have to reduce deficit spending. >> on the topic of young voters, a recent marquette poll found only 38% of voters under 30 consider themselves very enthusiastic about these midterms compared to nearly 50% in 2018. that, of course, does not bode well for the democrats. gillian. >> gillian: grady in theresa, wisconsin, thank you. >> john: democrats pushing their candidates over the finish line, and latest power ranking forecast shows republicans inching their way to victory in the house. the next and final power rankings come out tomorrow from fox, be watching for that. meanwhile, the battle for the senate up in the air. our next guest says president biden's prior comments on inflation, the border, will bite him come election day.
11:39 am
david bossy, served on the trump campaign and co-author of "trump, america first." david, the statements in just a minute, but i want to get you to give us some analysis here on what we have heard in recent moments here on fox, and that is joe biden spent the weekend at his home in delaware. meantime, president obama, former president obama and former president trump were out on the campaign trail. what do you think the impact of trump and obama out there and what does that say about biden cooling his heels in delaware? >> joe biden is a drag on the democrat party and the ticket. he is hiding because no one wants him. let me just tell you, john, joe biden is going to campaign on election eve next monday, one week from today in baltimore, maryland. it's the deepest blue city in a blue state. he is not out there trying to win any of these marginal districts because he is dragging
11:40 am
them down. his radical agenda, his disastrous policies, and the effect they have had on the american people. from the economy, crime, open borders, you name it. the country is going in the wrong direction and that's why we are going to win the senate races. >> john: what's the effect of having obama and trump out there. obama is a rock star in the party as is president trump, but a huge shelacking when obama saw 63 democratic seats disappear and president trump lost the 2020 election. >> barack obama is clearly a very popular figure among democrats. but looking in the rearview mirror. he's not the future of the party. he's making you hearken back to fond memories, not talking about the reality of today's biden economy, today's biden crime crisis. so it's a little off and president trump is obviously a rock star on the republican
11:41 am
side, and he is continuing to be the leader, and really trying to get out there and enthuse, among the republican party faithful that will vote next tuesday. i have to tell you, i would much rather be in our shoes than in theirs. >> when you take a look at the clear politics, congressional generic ballot question, no question that republicans are doing better than a few weeks ago. we talked about the statements, and goes to call for number three for the control room, don't have time for all of them on the screen but you wrote an article, you highlighted seven statements that biden and harris will probably regret saying. o one from biden saying it's going to pop up and go back down, that did not happen. harris, far too long believe by putting more police on the street you have more safety and that's just wrong, that's not how it works, and then kamala harris famously saying we have a
11:42 am
secure border. those statements look like they were either completely out of touch or just flat out ignoring reality. >> they are both, john. that is the reason -- those statements right there are the reasons that no senate candidate wants to be on the same stage with either of them. kamala harris or joe biden. their unrealistic view of the world and of the american people. they -- they are showing that they don't care about the price of gas and the grocery store and that crime is infecting every american city, large or small. and that's what the american people are going to go vote for next tuesday, and we have the reality and then the biden ideal. it's not going to go well for them, and we are going to win these seats and impressive day next week, next tuesday. >> john: interesting night to watch and we will be doing that
11:43 am
here on the fox news channel. always good to see you. >> gillian: vladimir putin stepping up attacks on ukraine's infrastructure leaving people without basics, like running water and lights. we are going to go live to the ground in kyiv in just a moment. but first, take a listen, a close listen to this recording. >> john: a chilling audio of the man suspected of killing two teens recorded in their final moments. now a major break in that cold case coming up next.
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it's monday. dozens and dozens of russian missiles raining destruction down on the nation. vladimir putin is putting through hell. senior foreign affairs correspondents greg palkot is live in kyiv, a lot of missiles aimed at kyiv. what's the seen like tonight? >> john, quiet tonight but yes, heard the blasts this morning as russia has started this week here in ukraine in an ugly way. over 50 cruise missiles, as well as drones targeted kyiv and several other cities across the
11:49 am
country. many were knocked down by the ukraine air defenses but several did get through. civilian infrastructure here, electrical grid, water supply, heating systems in moscow's sites. take a look what we found in one kyiv neighborhood. >> it's a regular monday thing here in kyiv. at least one russian missile and a drone hit a nearby target. also knocked out the windows there, that happened around 8:00 a.m., certainly disturbing the morning routine. >> i saw a rocket flying over my house and heard another one. i feel bad, it's very dangerous. >> we spoke with kyiv's mayor, and he told us that in fact 80% of the 3 million residents of this city were without water. another 350,000 without power. there is some word tonight that some of that is being restored, but as he told us, he is very
11:50 am
worried about a long, cold winter while this war continues. back to you. >> john: no question, hard times ahead for the ukrainian people. greg, thank you. gillian. >> gillian: indiana state police have announced an arrest in the 2017 killings of two teen girls. richard allen charged in the deaths of eighth graders abby williams and libby german, believed to be the man captured in this chilling recording. take a listen. >> down the hill. >> alexis mcadams covered the case extensively during the initial faces of the investigation. alexis, you have to think five years later now the family may have been running out of hope that this day would ever come. >> gillian, that's what many would think but talking to the family members for years here, they really were amazing people. they have been through hell and back but kept that faith that this day would come and here it is, arrest in this case.
11:51 am
this was a nationwide manhunt for more than five years, and now the suspect was arrested right here in delphi, indiana. >> i think we both kind of felt that it was not real, you know what i mean, we have been down this path with different people and different suspects and names that come out. >> police have charged richard allen with two counts of murder, allen, 50-year-old indiana native and pharmacy tech, arrested nearly one week ago after neighbors say they saw police digging up his back yard, near a fire pit there. abby and libby were killed in february 2017, their bodies found the next day near a trail in delphi. they snapped a picture of the man as the suspected killer there, and libby recorded the
11:52 am
voice on the cell phone telling the girls to go down the hill. the family believes she helped close the case. >> i believe that she was steering all along, and i believe she's up there quite excited. >> richard allen pled not guilty, he's held without bond in this case. he'll be back in court in just a few months, gillian. >> gillian: did the family members of both girls ever think there was a real possibility the suspect was local? >> yeah, i mean, that's a great question. it was a nationwide search and if the person was local people thought they would find him quicker than this. five years and counting here. but it was a very rural area where this all happened. pull up the video, i was able to take a tour of the crime scene, it was a private piece of property, and the family thought it might have been a local person because you had to be familiar with the hills, with the river, with the woods to be
11:53 am
out there that day because it was pretty difficult terrain and quite the complicated outdoor crime scene, according to the superintendent, listen. >> this is not a 43-minute movie, no it's very complex and difficult. we can't explain what that's like. simply analogy, and nobody wants it to happen faster than us. >> and according to court documents, this is something a lot of people put focus on. the killer may have staged the bodies in the woods and taken something from the crime scene as a souvenir, as for what it was that the police found that tied allen to the case, the documents are sealed. >> gillian: police are saying the case is far from closed, a lot of investigating to do, talk to us about that. >> yeah, that was interesting today they said they are going to keep the type line open and they want to talk to people about richard allen. who else did he have contact with, who else was out in the woods that might have known
11:54 am
about this and did his family know about this. a question the family wants to know. how many people possibly were helping him hide in plain sight and if police find out anyone doing that, they will be arrested and charged in connection to this case, still active and ongoing, important to point out. >> gillian: alexis, thanks for bringing us the story. appreciate it. >> john: fox news alert, tragic word from capitol hill that a congressman's niece is among the victims killed in the crush of people at a halloween party in the taiwan neighborhood of seoul in south korea. brad winstrup's office saying his niece died when a crowd stampeded into a narrow alleyway where there were a lot of restaurants and bars, crushing people and leaving them unable to breathe. this happened over the weekend. more than 150 people died in that tragedy. the state department confirming
11:55 am
that two americans were among the victims. in a statement, he is writing monica and i, and our entire family are grieving the loss of our niece ann marie. she was a gift from god to our family. we loved her so much said the congressman. i mean, it was just crazy what happened there over the weekend. some 100,000 people were crammed into this area, this alleyway that really is just 11 feet wide, and people started pushing and pushing and pushing and people started running and that's when 150 people died in that crush of people just suffocated under the weight of people pushing forward. >> gillian: and the south korean's said the vast majority were under 20. they were teens. it's a terrible, terrible story and now they are investigating, thankfully, to see what happened with crowd control and management plans in the city.
11:56 am
>> john: unbelievable what happened. >> gillian: suspect in the attack on paul pelosi is going to be charged monday with threatening the spouse of a federal official, according to the associated press. he is charged with one count of assault of an immediate family member with the intent to retaliate. he reportedly ran into the house saying where is nancy. and one count of attempted kidnapping, a max sentence of 20 years behind bars. >> john: so don't is halloween, a lot of kids will be trick-or-treating and getting candy. a lot of buzz -- >> gillian: adults, too. >> john: and the current powerball jacket reaching $1 billion, how is that for a treat when people will get tricks. it's so high the prize money here, that even digital signs can't display the entire thing. >> gillian: that's great, i love it. if you are one of those people
11:57 am
joining, dreaming, excuse me, of joining the billionaire's club, maybe you want to join the ranks of bill gates and jeff bezos. whoever wins the powerball is not even going to be worth two-thirds of adam sandler. how is that? >> the real winner is the tax man. most winners chose the tax payout. the lump sum of the billion dollars jacket is $479,300,000 -- $479,300,000, better than a kick in the panhandle, right? the irs takes 37%, 313 million before state and city taxes take a cut, depending where you live, and it is dwindling down. >> gillian: and here in washington, about a quarter of the billion dollar prize. it's decent money. think more along the lines of steve harvey rather than steve
11:58 am
jobs. >> john: steve harvey bought that mansion not long ago. >> gillian: nothing to thumb your nose at. >> john: i think he paid 12 or $15 million for it. i'll take steve harvey. >> gillian: sign me up. and also tom braidy and giselle have called it quits after 13 years being married. now the multi-million dollar fortune will be at the heart of their divorce. a lot of assets to split up, jerry. break it down for us. we want the juice. >> hundreds of millions of dollars. sources say lawyers for both giselle and tom have been working with a mediator to hammer out property settlement and custody of those two kids they have. there is a lot to split up. some 26 million in property for starters, and lots, lots more. the terms of the split will remain confidential and sealed so we are not likely to get tons of details. but according to celebrity net
11:59 am
worth, bunchen earned 500 million between 2000 and 2020. and brady worth that much. she earned more and the highest paid model in the world from 2002 to 2017. but in recent years brady has made up some ground, he is the ninth highest paid athlete in the world and he is flush with endorsement deals like underarmour, subway, even cryptocurrency platform ftx and a production company called 199. now to be sure this is a lot of money to split, and the couple will have to figure out how to share that property, including their 27 million miami beach mega mansion they designed together. the construction on that home has been halted. buys, back to you.
12:00 pm
>> gillian: might call it bad news for them, good news for single folks around the country. >> john: my wife was taking tom brady will be the most eligible bachelor. what about giselle? and steve harvey bought the mansion for $15 million. so -- ok by me. thanks for joining us. >> martha: thanks. good afternoon, everybody. i'm martha maccallum. "the story" is what else, folks? elections are now just over one week from today. so who better than two people with deep experience in campaigns and in the white house, veteran pollster kellyanne conway and karl rove. both here with their predictions on what to expect next tuesday. ohio congressman jim jordan will be here ahead of our trip tomorrow to ohio. we'll be


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