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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  November 1, 2022 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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>> todd: can you believe it? we are one week away from the midterm, the nation's biggest races are tightening and democrats are sending barack obama back out on the campaign trail hoping he can keep their party from losing the house and the senate. you are watching "fox and friends first," i'm todd piro. >> carley: i'm carley shimkus. joe biden is heading to florida, biden's approval is lower at this point than his former boss or president trump. >> todd: ashley strohmier has high approval ratings, she joins
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us with more on the white house's main strategy. >> ashley: biden will stop in florida today, former president obama, the democrats are counting in places like nevada. biden is heading to florida and new mexico on thursday and obama will make apeerances in nevada and arizona, the two will finish the campaign trail in pennsylvania on saturday. it has been noted biden made far fewer campaign appear thinkas than sitting presidents before him. the sitting president has been absent from the trail in the final weeks of the campaign, nobody is more in demand than obama, he is the party's biggest draw. there is unmistakable fear, even he can't prevent what could happen on november 8th. democrats say it is a good strategy for biden to keep a low
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profile, republicans say americans are fed up with his policies. >> people are fed up with this madness, far left socialism. taxing and spending, raising prices because of joe biden's actions. >> ashley: laxalt says his opponent is purposely hiding biden. >> i have a hard time keeping track of which surrogates help cortez masto, she is hiding joe biden. bringing in barack obama in a few days. remembering 2014, i won attorney general's race, they tried the same thing, everybody forget he got shellacked in midterms, i can't believe this is best they have. carley on the heels of bide's job approval rating sinking. >> carley: there is new polling
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on the key battleground senate races, what does it show? >> ashley: all four toss-up races in margin of error. new poll shows republicans are building momentum in georgia, the latest poll has herschel walker narrowly beating raphael warnock in georgia by 1 percentage point. walker making his final push. >> let's not send somebody like raphael warnock to representative to represent us, i represent everybody. do you think we can take six years of this? we can't because they will destroy this country. >> carley: their mehmet oz got a big endorsement from the pittsburgh news gazette. mr. fetterman's health is not the issue, his lack of transparence and he refusing to release medical records, it is
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mistrust of the american people. all candidate should release medical records, as did mr. oz. oz says fetterman doesn't belong on the senate. >> pennsylvania is pretty smashing folk, looking at the results of the debate thinking why he can't answer simple questions about his radical opinions? it is great if aoc of the senates, which is his goal, i will not let him get there. >> ashley: president biden campaigned but did not make a public appearance with fetterman, guys. >> todd: pennsylvania, that endorsement from the pittsburgh post gazette is huge, turning out the vote in western pennsylvania is key if dr. oz is going to win. let's face it, fetterman, regardless of his pog, he will win inner city philadelphia.
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the key is the western part of the state and endorsement from the pittsburgh post gazette is huge to accomplishing that. >> carley: we spoke to the democratic mayor of carbondale, pennsylvania, where town close to scranton, where the president was born and he says he doesn't support john fettermans, going against his party. listen here. he really does have radical policies and can't back them up. he again, is just a figment of the imagination of the democratic party how to get people back to the party, the working class and it is not working. this is not just one candidate, like john fetterman, it is gradual progression away from the party because of radical ideas they keep forcing on everyone. >> carley: in that part of the state and entirety of pennsylvania, union vote is a
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big deal. think about joe biden and why he was politically popular at one time, he was union joe, those were his voters. now a lot of union workers feel like the democratic party has left them because of social issues and climate change and jobs going away because of green policies. >> todd: if dr. oz can mobilize the vote and get democratic voters to vote for him. this sounds like a joke, it is not, if dr. oz can turn out the suburban housewife vote, individuals that went to biden last election, who probably watch dr. oz on tv, if he can get those people, i know confused why he couldn't, it will help. >> carley: i think a lot of people from pennsylvania being felt he was out of touch with the state, dr. oz said so is john fetterman.
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odd president biden is going to florida today. desantis is up by 12 points and marco rubio up by 8 and democratic donors are pulling out because the party believes republicans are going to win. now it feels like sending president biden to state feels like giving the commander-in-chief busy work to do and former president obama is going to the real battleground state, the one republicans feel like they have the strongest chance of winning and i think obama brings excitement to the campaign trail. how effective will he be when he is not on the ticket and his message has been republican are going to get rid of social security and medicare, when it is not true and no republican is saying that. that argument falls flat. >> todd: that is the big thing republicans need to worry about,
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blunting that message, nobody said that, that is fouls, it is a lie. why obama? will obama bring down gas and food prices? no, he has no power to do that. will obama make your town safer? no. i wonder the impact barack obama will have on the campaign trail, maybe greater turnout, but we'll see. on florida, i think you are right, it is busy work, they are sending him there, he can't mess up florida because democrats have no clans there. >> carley: right now it comes down to the talk about this for the next hour and next seven days and six days. >> todd: and we will not have results. >> carley: georgia will not decide until the 6th. the atlantic says forgive the leaders who are wrong about
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>> carley: a political correspondent claims baseless claims. the problem is two days prior the same publication said police opened from the inside. beverly holburg is president of district media group and a fellow at independent women's forum and joins us now. beverly, you deserve a better introduction than i just gave you. about this politico reporting, what do you make of it? >> they are the creators of the conspiracy theory on this and meet the press incorrectly reported on friday a third named person who opened the door.
2:14 am
there is a place for inaccurate reporting as breaking news happen, you have to correct as it takes place, but there has been a concerted effort to paint the gop as the bad actor. saying first of all, because of the rhetoric, that is why this happened. now know he may be mentally ill. politico reported inaccurately on friday, big reason people do not trust the media, in inconsistent reporting shows they have an agenda. >> carley: "the view" celebrated halloween yesterday on the show and kids were dressed in political halloween costumes. watch this. ♪ >> the costume, what did he do, flushed him down the toilet. trump as toilet with fbi agent.
2:15 am
>> i love that. >> carley: what do you think about this? >> why do adults have to ruin the fun, i doubt any kid woke up and said you know what i want to be for halloween? a toilet. there was a child dressed up as oscar with a red hant print on their face depicting the slap of will smith. this points to the problem adultses have, making everything about politics. leave kids alone, let them have fun. we need something not about politics. >> carley: the kids doorable, the costumes unique. i like the day of firefighters and princesses. an article is declaring we amnesty, forgive one another for what we did and said when we were in the dark about covid. she is talking about school
2:16 am
lockdowns, we need to forgive and forget because we were working on information that we didn't have so a lot of schools were shut down. should there be pandemic amnest sne >> carley, this caused outrage on twitter, there is a place for forgiveness, there is acknowledgement of what took place. people's civil liberties were violated. people were not able to say goodbye to loved ones in hospitals. people lost their jobs because they were not vaccinated. we need to make sure we have accounting of what took place so this never happens again, this is skipping many important steps. this is the people who condemned us for asking reasonable questions about masking and mandates and many other things
2:17 am
related to covid. >> carley: maybe start with first responders and military members who lost jobs because they didn't want to get vaccinated and give them their jobs back. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> carley: this awful footage, frightening video yesterday, children running for their lives and making it out of their burning house at the last second. >> todd: so tough to watch, that family and the good samaritan who helped save their lives, joins us next.
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>> welcome back on the first day of november, looking at mild temperatures across the country. you are seeing a whole lot of spots in the 50s, close to the 40s. the system moving across the midwest running up in the
2:22 am
mid-atlantic caused postponement of the world series last night. things looking clear for this evening, temperatures mild for the time of year around 60's, even toward 10 p.m. and midnight. nice evening along the east coast and the warm air, mild temperatures, take a look at 80 degrees in kansas city and chicago. near record-breaking temperatures in the northern plain, isolated areas in the middle 70s, 77 in parts of iowa, 75. this is a warm air mass that settling in there and continues to stretch over, that is today into wednesday. it stays warm. temperatures climbing up to 80 degrees. first day of november, some spots feel like summer out there. >> todd: if you were shooting a movie about halloween, you could
2:23 am
not have scripted a better weather day yesterday, crisp and warm, kids had a great time and thanked you, every one of you, thank you, adam. with that, take a look at this shocking footage. look at that fire. a young man saving a family of four as their home was engulfed in flames. the young man pounding on windows to alert those inside. [video playing] >> todd: brendan burr, this is unbelievable. walk us through what happened. >> so i was out that night pretty late, 2 or 2:30 in the morning. i took a wrong turn trying to drop somebody off and ended in front of the house. everything was onir foo, the house was going down. i went to the side of the house,
2:24 am
started knocking on windows and yelling, i figured somebody was in there. i had to assume somebody was in there. i made my way to the front of the house, like you see on the video, they ran out and kendra heard me yelling. just a crazy night. glad they made it out safe. >> todd: my gosh. mom, can you put into words what brendan did for you and your family? >> there really isn't any words. i think that people taking their cell phones out and videoing bad things or tragic events is an epidemic in this country, the fact he helped and called 911 and then just decided, knew he couldn't wait for the police and firefighters and as hot as that fire was, for him to get that close to save my kids, i'm so
2:25 am
grateful, no words. >> todd: beautiful thing he did. brice, what was it like from your vantage point inside the home? >> i was in the basement, doing my thing down there, i heard the commotion of the kids panicking andun aring out of the house and i originally thought there was a home intruder. i ran up the stairs with my pistol ready to do what i had to do and i -- it is like i froze for a second when i hit the stairs and saw the fire and the heat. >> todd: then you were able to get out, thank god. spirit, kindred, is brenden your hero? >> yes. >> todd: when you saw him basically save your lives, what did you say immediately after?
2:26 am
>> well, i was in being sho. i didn't know, i didn't expect anybody to be outside of the house. he was like, thank god people are coming out. i was like, what? i didn't know somebody was outside trying to get us up. so i don't think i said anything about of the amount of adrenalin and shock. >> todd: understood. mom, you guys lost everything, a few pets were lost in the fire. how are you and your family holding up? >> we are sad and grieving, but we're not going to pack a scombag live there. we went and handed out halloween candy in front of our house last night. we want the community to know we are not giving up. by the grace of god, we'll be
2:27 am
able to rebuild and brendan is still a part of our lives, everyday he's detrimental -- i mean he's been a part of their healing process this entire time and we're so grateful for that. there might not have been words said immediately after the fire, but there has been words said everyday. he's still saving them. >> todd: that is even more beautiful, i didn't know that, absolutely beautiful. there is a gofundme page, what is that page? >> it's the lehman family fire fund, i believe. you can buy houses for that much money. >> todd: this story is amazing, brendan, i think you were put on this earth and in that neighborhood for a reason, to save that family.
2:28 am
you are an aspiring rapper, you did the exact opposite and saved the family. thank god that you are here with us this morning. thanks for joining us. best of luck. >> thank you. >> todd: colorado governor's race heating up, forcing the democrdet c ic incum bant to use this line sglchlts shein jos us now. ubrelvy helps u fight migraine attacks. u won't take a time-out. one dose of ubrelvy quickly stops migraine in its tracks within 2 hours. do not take with strong cyp3a4 inhibitors. most common side effects were nausea and tiredness. ask about ubrelvy, the anytime, anywhere migraine medicine. my opponent identified herself as a bad mom.
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>> carley: a fox news alert, several children shot on halloween night in chicago by gunmen who opened fire, leaving total of 14 people hurt. >> todd: brooke singman here with the details. >> brooke: police say the drive-by shooting happened in a matter of three seconds. 14 people were shot, including three children when two shooters opened fire on a crowd of people gathered for a prayer vigil. >> they are all in various conditions between critical and nonlife-threatening. we also have a person struck by a vehicle at the scene, as well.
2:33 am
we don't know if it was a gang conflict or a personal conflict. >> carley: this shooting is one of many that plagued the windy city with a total of 35 people shot between friday and sunday. it comes on the heels of a criminal justice reform bill, the safety acts, set to go into effect in illinois two months from today. the bill would eliminate cash bail and gop lawmakers are worried about what it will do to the city. watch this. >> safety act will be disaster for the town, not only the elimination of cash bail, which we're dealing with that with kim fox's policies, this will continue to happen and more so trespassing, you won't be able to put a hand on somebody and remove them from a property. when people realize people can't police, i'm worried about people taking the law into their own
2:34 am
hands and that will lead to anarchy. >> todd: thank you. in baltimore, woke prosecutors giving a 15-year-old accused serial carjacker a slap on the risk, after dropping 18 of 19 charges, among them crashing a stolen car into a house. his own father calling for his to be locked up. we spoke to the desperate dad earlier, take a listen. >> i've been begging for help for my child for 2-1/2 years, had petitions signed by judges to have him sent for mental eval. i have no idea what else to do, i've tried everything. >> todd: could our system be more broken? the father added that jail is his son's only hope of survival. >> carley: parents and rights are focal point in the race for colorado governor.
2:35 am
incumbent democrat jared polis. >> mad mom, i am a happy dad. >> i am a bad mom, we have a huge fentanyl problem killing our kids and our kids can't read, write or do math at grade level. >> carley: that is heidi ganahl and she joins me now, good morning. you say governor jared polis is ignoring issues that matter most to parents, how so? >> he's signed very bad bills that made crime go out of control here in colorado. we have one of the worst crime rates in the country, number one in auto theft. we have a huge fentanyl problem in colorado. he declared colorado a sanctuary city and decriminalized it in most cases. law enforcement are frustrated. families are frustrated. it is not safe in colorado.
2:36 am
>> carley: what would you do as governor to change this? >> thanks. i would cancel our status as sanctuary state so law enforcement can do their jobs and put drug dealers in jail and make fentanyl a felony so we can clean up the streets and give law enforcement tools and resources they need. we have a beautiful state here, it has gone downhill. i'm a mom on a mission, i have four beautiful kids, i'm a successful entrepreneur, i built camp bow wow, i have good well leadership experience to clean this up. >> carley: abortion is an issue democrats want to talk about, colorado, abortion is legal all stages of pregnancy, there are no restrictions on when you go
2:37 am
get an abortion. as governor, if you win, would you fight to change that? >> i would, carley, we have one of the most extreme abortion laws in the country. you can have an abortion up until the baby's birth date. i will put it to a vote of the people of colorado and do ballot initiatives and come to agreement and not divide further on this. i do not believe it is right for colorado to allow abortion up to the baby's birth date. >> carley: you look at six states, including colorado and make the argument in the other direction. clear politics average of polling has your poll up by double digits, 16 points, do you think that is accurate assessment? >> not at all. we are within seven and we're closing the gap, even after he's
2:38 am
spent $25 million with his dark money groups in the last few weeks, we're closing the gap and seeing the same red wave. we're excited and we will win this race in a few days and have the upset heard across the country. >> carley: heidi ganahl, thank you, we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> carley: he's been on the job less than 48 hours and elon musk is cleaning house as twitter's new ceo. cheryl casone has details. >> todd: week from election day, rachel campos-duffy talking to voters in staten island, new york. there is a carley and todd fan club ran by bob, bob loves us, they also love rachel campos-duffy. check in with her next. the face of millions of germs zapped in seconds. the face of clean. the face of whoa. some are of intensity, others, joy. all are of - ahhhh.
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>> todd: president biden calling on congress to punish oil and gas companies if they don't use profit to lower prices at the pump. >> carley: claiming corporate greed for tanking of the economy, cheryl casone from fox business has the latest. >> cheryl: this is the same administration that blamed candy makers for higher candy prices. success seems to be a dirty word
2:43 am
for the biden administration, the president calling on congress to pass law to force oil and gas companies to pay up if they make too much money. >> the profits are a wind fall of war, windfall from the conflict ravaging ukraine and hurting millions of people around the globe. time of war, any company receiving profit has responsibility to act beyond narrow self-interest, if they don't, they will pay higher tax on excess profit and face restrictions. >> cheryl: if this passes, you won't have more investment in a sector if there is no potential return, that is how capital markets work. this is lost on the white house chest pounding against a particular industry and millions of workers is weak closing argument for midterms not going your way. this as new comments from saudi minister this weekic maing
2:44 am
headline as rebuffs the cutting of oil production. >> we don't owe it to anybody, but us. it was done for us, by us, for our future and we need to commit ourselves to that. >> cheryl: that same conference, no signs opec would boost production, as americans face higher energy bills according to the energy department. >> todd: this story is impossible to believe, the swamp is alive and well. >> cheryl: the fbi agent who pushed to cnn our the hunter biden laptop story is working with the biden administration to suppress misinformation on social media. laura demlow saying in a march meeting, "we need media infrastructure that is held accountable, the department of homeland security curbing speech online, according to memos,
2:45 am
emails and documents." >> carley: what is the latest with elon musk and twitter? >> cheryl: he's cleaning house, we knew he would, he is doing it, latest move devolving the board of directors and naming himself sole director of twitter. about to lay off 25% of the workforce in first round of job cuts. musk has fired the ceo and cfo and some other executives at the top. there are some that are there working with his attorney, who issed welling the charge. he is taking no prisoners, doing what he said he was going to do. >> todd: no grass growing under his feet, he hasn't been there a week and cleaning house quick. >> cheryl: not sure if i want to pay $20 per blue chip, that is another day. >> todd: not happening, cheryl casone is happening.
2:46 am
democratic groups are bank rolling third party candidates, but can money give vulnerable democrats the edge? >> carley: interesting strategy, rachel campos-duffy joins us live from anendale terrace in staten island, new york. this is happening in the kansas gubernatorial race and trying to split the republican ticket, do you think this is going to work? >> rachel: it is happening in vermont, we don't know other places, the money is being traced back to outfits affiliated with the democratic party. in some races, it could make a difference to siphon off the votes, this is a sign of desperation. i'm in staten island as a diner and the number one issues here in new york city, for example,
2:47 am
inflation, jobs, the economy and crime is a big issue here, as well. speaking about inflation, we got some polling just yesterday and it was featured in the daily mail, 40% of small businesses were not able to pay rent in october. in new york 73, that is 45% of small businesses. that is a big issue. the poll shows kathy hochul is one point behind lee zeldin in the governor race. these races are very tight. i think the momentum is on the republican side. republican governor candidate winning a poll unless momentum is on the republican side. maybe these tricks will work some places, but overall, i don't think they will make a
2:48 am
difference. >> todd: in new york state, the number one issue is crime, people are scared for their lives. the gubernatorial race is heating up. "new york post" cover, this is pretty telling, shows kathy hochul calling her crazy cat because she says it is a gop conspiracy to convince people crime is criesing. you are talking to voters there, staten island is an area where people commute to new york city and they are scared for their lives, aren't they? >> rachel: absolutely, lee zeldin says vote like your life depends on it because it does. crime came to his front door, crime doesn't discriminate. this is an issue for working class people who have to take the subway and the bus and don't have sh chauffeured cars, like e
2:49 am
elites. huge issue. there is clear momentum on the republican side, it is a matter of whether people get out and vote and i think that things are looking pretty good for lee zeldin. lee zeldin is going to drop by this diner later on today during -- later this morning during "fox and friends," we're looking forward to that. this place is packed, a lot of "fox and friends" viewers in staten island. >> carley: awesome, you have lee zeldin coming, "fox and friends" fans, food, fun, politics, rachel and the team will be talking to voters from now until election day starting today with rachel in staten island. have a great morning, we'll check back in with you on "fox and friends." >> rachel: all right, love you
2:50 am
guys. >> todd: president biden taking a back seat on the campaign trail, stopping in all, but lost florida, while president obama. >> carley: weighing in on the dem's strategy next. ♪
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>> carley: just one week until the midterm elections and the democrats are hiden biden. >> todd: democrats hitting the campaign trail but avoiding the big battleground states. joining us live is outkick host tomi lahren. they are sending him to florida. is the reason to believe they are sending him to florida because he can't mess anything up there? >> well, and meanwhile, governor
2:55 am
ron desantis is so popular in florida he is actually going to campaign for other candidates that tells you everything you need to know about what's likely going to happen next week. listen, i actually -- you guys are going to be shocked by. this i'm actually feeling a little bad for biden right now. the democrat party has used him to bring in their dirty policies. they have used him to do their dirty work and now they are already in the process of throwing him under the bus like yesterday's trash. we knew this was going to happen. acting as if it's just joe biden and his unpopularity that's the problem when we all know it's their policies. policies that they still stand by, by the way that have made this president so unpopular. with the side, of course, of his inability to speak and all of his gaffes. i feel bad for him because he had use him to do all their bad work and now they want to get away from him. rnghtd president biden is calling out for making campaign appearances than sitting appearances before him. politico writing with joe
2:56 am
biden's poll numbers stuck in the low 40's. the sitting president has largely been absent from the trail in the final weeks of the campaign. nobody is more in demand than obama. even as stars of the party's biggest drew and chief based motivator there is unmistakable fear that even he can't prevent what may end up be inevitable blood letting on november 8th. it is former president obama going to all the battle ground state going to nevada today. do you think he can make a difference on the campaign trail? >> he is charismatic so he has the star power. people want to come out and see him. but what the democrats are failing to realize is that the american people are not voting right now for personalities. they are not voting for star power. they are not voting on what looks like social media. they are voting for policies first. and they know the democrats are standing by their bad policies when it comes to the economy, when did comes to the border and certainly when it comes to crime. the democrats are not moving away from their felon and thug
2:57 am
calling policies. they think bringing out the star power is going to help their case. that's why they don't understanded american people. they are going to find out next tuesday, can i tell you that because it's going to be a huge wake-up call. i have a feeling they are going to go ahead and blame joe biden and others in the party instead of really taking a look at their policies and why the american people don't want them. >> todd: next to pennsylvania we go. dr. mehmet oz getting a big endorsement from the pittsburgh gazette the newspaper writing from fetterman's health the candidate dr. oz is running against we are worried about his health. he suffered a serious stroke in may is not the issue. his lack of transparency, however, in refusing to release his medical records is troubling. suggests an impulse to conceal and mistrust of the people. all candidates for a major elected office should release their medical records as did mr. tomi, i can't tell you the last
2:58 am
time a mid to big city newspaper endorsed a republican in any race. i'm sure it's happened but i can't off the top of my head remember. how big a deal is this endorsement? >> it's a big deal because the media doesn't like to be wrong when they got the 016 election oh so wrong. trying to put themselves in the win column. >>this is a service to their readers and a service to the people of pennsylvania. we are able to talk about somebody's health and their mental capabilities. look at what we got in the white house. people should have asked more questions before that election quite honestly. >>this is a huge deal. this is saying you have to be honest and transparent with your voters but more importantly, yes, we talk a lot about john fetterman and his inability to speak and talk about that disastrous debate. all those things are fair game. let's not forget like i said with the first topic, it is about the policies. when you look at his policies
2:59 am
when it documents fracking and crime, i don't think pennsylvanians want that. so his stroke is one thing but it's more about the policies and the policies are a big loser. >> carley: tomi, next tuesday when we have you on is going to be election day. ahead of that what are your predictions on the house and senate? where do you think things will wind up. >> listen, i'm expecting a red wave and i know we have to be humble about it. but i do believe that the american people are realizing when they vote for democrats, they don't get anything this their backyard they want. they don't have affordability and gas prices where they need to be. they have a party that is actively lying to them. they have an open border and let's not forget the crime this the streets and major cities and small towns around the nation run by democrats. they don't want that. they are realizing the republicans are going to have to take charge again. let's get this country back and i have a feeling that's what going to start next week. the start of big things happening. >> todd: tomi tuesday next week but will it be a tomi take over with republicans taking over
3:00 am
congress we will see. >> carley: tomi, thank you so much for joining us. we brexit it as always. >> todded to. >> thank you. >> carley: going to come down to the final week of the news cycle. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> wait until the midterms. ntle biden hit the campaign trail battleground state. >> a former president is now handling campaign duties in nevada, arizona. >> belief by a democratic party you don't have to address the kitchen table issues. >> they are all in various conditions. >> halloween shooting in chicago. >> 14 shot including a 3-year-old, an 11-year-old and 18-year-old. >> the democrats cannot walk back defund the police. >> federal reserve is expected to approve their fourth straight interest rate hike to shoot down inflation. >> calling on the federal reserve to pump the brakes. this is going to b


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