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tv   Hannity  FOX News  November 1, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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>> tucker: is a fox news will or it. joe from scranton started speaking southern. >> southerner from florida. i don't know where y'all been, boy expect sean hannity right now. >> hannity: oh, yeah, tucker, that's a real southern accent there. he's got rubio and desantis on the run, they're scared to death. we begin with a huge win for election integrity. they've now officially borrowed undated that misstated absentee ballots from being counted. in accordance with state law, both follow the law.
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shocking. good news for the critical upcoming election in the commonwealth of pennsylvania. one week from tonight, it'll be election night right here in america. and the critical midterms, you got it, are seven days away. we begin with good news tonight for the g.o.p. along with an important warning to all voters across the country. that's coming. first the good news. in a shock to many democrats, general don baldock has now taken a one-point lead over the incumbent, maggie hassan, new hampshire senate race. this would be huge republican pickup. two purple hearts for the general baldock by the way. he and governor sununu will be on the show together on thursday night. in the state of washington, tiffany smiley, republican, is not a dead heat with patty murray according to trafalgar. michigan governors race, get this, tutor dixon will join us
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in the moment, she has now taken a lead over gretchen. in arizona, blake masters is in a statistical tie with mark kelly. in arizona, a huge boost for blake mastered, third party candidate just dropped out and he endorsed blake masters for the senate. pulse had victor pulling out six points, in other words that's another six anti-marquel lee points likely to go to blake masters. he is heavily favored for pickup in arizona. more good news in pennsylvania, dr. oz is not following federman's disastrous debate performance. but if you're in pennsylvania have to be careful. democrats are not dumpy tens and tens and tens of millions of dollars in one smear out after
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another on dr. oz in the last week of the campaign. they're desperate to get that guy in the hoodie, the guy who never worked a day in his life, the truck stomach trust from brat who wants no restrictions on abortion, wants to release convicted murderers and make heroin legal. pay attentional in pennsylvania. in georgia, herschel walker is out pointing his opponent. in the blue state of new york, republican lee zeldin has now officially taken the lead in a brand-new poll by trafalgar, that's robert cahill lease group ed selden will be here as he is campaigning with florida governor ron desantis. that straight ahead. now the numbers are really encouraging. let me be clear and let me pause
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right here. these races are very close, most of them are within two points. it doesn't matter if your preferred candidate is in the lead, if your preferred candidates behind, if he needs it in a dead heat type. anything can happen. don't think a second this is a slam-dunk. in other words, everybody needs to do their part. take nothing for granted and don't forget what is at stake here. you have a record for the year i have could've been prevented. you have the highest gas prices we've overpaid in our entire history. we have wide open borders, almost 4.5 million illegal immigrants hunter biden. crime is up in small towns and big cities. we have woke education versus classical education. all caused by the liberal democrats and the radical
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socialist agenda, they control the house and the senate. they control the right house. they spend trillions on the new green energy, their pet projects. they've stifled all american production domestically of oil and gas. they'd rather pay countries that hate our guts like saudi arabia, venezuela, iran, and russia, rather than produce them domestically. they've raised prices on everything you buy in every store you go to. get the people kept their kids out of school. they opened up our borders like never before. they released file on phones from prison. they dismantled police departments and don't want by all laws in many of these citizen state. they don't just do not deserve your foot but they deserve to be fired. you have the power to fire them a week from tonight. collectively we have the power.
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with democrats in charge this suffering will only get worse. democrats cannot run on the record, instead joe biden, in a last-ditch effort, he tries to scare senior citizens with lies about republicans wanting to steal medicare and social security. this is desperation on display speak of the senator from florida going after medicare and social security? i'll tell you what. like they say in the south, i don't know where y'all been, by. every single year it should be on the chuckling stomach chopping block. congress doesn't vote affirmatively, even paying social security whole life. you earned it. these guys want to take it away.
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who in the hill do they think they are? excuse my language. >> hannity: hoodie think you are joey? that's a lie. obama's been spreading it on so is every democrat. there's not a single republican or conservative that is advocating for cutting veterans benefits, social security, or medicare. joe is malfunctioning yet again. marco rubio and ron desantis are shaking in their boots because joe is down in florida because that's probably the only place they want to send him because they know they have no chance of winning there. it is a rocking chair on the beach in delaware with his name on it. just listen to his lies about inflation. he says inflation is almost over, we have zero inflation. but we fed nothing but nine straight months of the 40 are high of inflation thanks to his energy and economic policies. >> and they talk about
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inflation. you know, inflation is a worldwide problem right now, because of the war in iraq, excuse me, the war in ukraine. i'm thinking iraq because that's where my son died. >> hannity: wow. the war in iraq? none of that is true. biden's son did not die in iraq, he said it over and over but it's not true. it's no wonder that within a week we're going to go to a pivotal election, democrats once again are trying to hide the leader of their party. he's not mentally fit to represent the party in any way. as uva professor mary sabado stated. to the extent that biden is less visible and may be even indivisible, he said, it's a plus for democrats.
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out of sight, out of mind. that's ways in florida, democrats election prospects there are pretty close to zero. and in maryland, where democrats will win every major race without a contest, obama is pounding the campaign trail very angrily. yelling, screaming, and lying in every single stop. he was in georgia for a rally with his fellow jeremiah wright lover, raphael warnock, a proponent of defund the police and critical race theory, endorsing fidel castro and louis farrakhan. he demanded america repent for its whiteness. obama then traveled to michigan where he praised whitmire for keeping kids out of school for
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years with some of the worst lockdown rules in the country. the former president also campaigned in wisconsin for mandella barnes, who of course wants to cut the prison population in half. what a brilliant move. he wants to praise the 2020 riots, 574 of them the congress never investigated. that's fine with obama who supports all of it. next up is no vat biden's rubber-stamp. then on to arizona for the cowardly katie hobbs. perhaps the worst candidate in the country, hobbs. entered pennsylvania for the socialist trust fund brat in a hoodie who never will work today in his life, john fetterman, the radical of all radicals. he wants a moratorium on fracking, wants to open up the prison population.
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he wants pennsylvania to be a sanctuary state. he wants tax payers in pennsylvania to have fun save heroin injection sites. at some point soon, obama might also want to take a special trip to new york. in pennsylvania, when obama gets there, don't forget that he referred to you as bitter americans that cling to your guns, bibles, gods, and religion. kathy hochul is not doing well and we have more on that race coming up in new york. lee zeldin will join us, he has been on the campaign trail with ron desantis. here's a new green garage first. i love when you're right, newt. i have to identify that you are ahead of the curve. you've been saying confidently for some time now that this is going to be a wave election. if these pulse pan out, and i'm urging people not to trust them, i'm urging people to keep that
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sense of urgency and resolve, but if it pans out you'll be read again. i'll have to say, newt gingrich was red again. >> first of all, your key point is, everybody is watching has to go vote. and they have to get their friends, the relatives, everyone they know to go forward. if that happens, if we get the kind of a turnout, were going to win a historical action, maybe the biggest republican victory since 1920, over hundred years ago. but that's can happen only if the american people turn up and vote. all the indicators of the last few days are that in fact, if you would get the recent gallup poll material, people are totally disgusted with biden and with the democrats who feel deeply that the countries on the wrong track. gallup said they had the worst data for an off year election since they began taking that kind of a survey in terms of the
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incumbent democratic party. your point is exactly right. everybody has to turn out and vote. if they do, i think you're gonna see a remarkable repudiation of a set of policies that are frankly a disaster. i could not have dreamed, when you and i took about this two years ago, i could not have dreamed how bad they would be. i couldn't have dreamed how dumb they would be and how radical and weird they would be. all those things come home. now, i think, it's like in a cave-in. the reason you're seeing people like obama be so angry is that they don't have any facts on their side. all they have less left his raw motion read because on every single issue they're not losing. is that sinks in over the next seven days, it'll just lead to
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tsunami of historic proportions. if you want >> hannity: democrats will run on january 6 and their hatred of donald trump. that is fizzled out. then they would run on the dobbs decision, that seems to have backfired on them. most of these radical canada gets we've discovered support no restrictions on abortion and would allow to have an abortion 10 minutes before their due to deliver a baby. that would be infanticide. then the old historical playbook, republicans are racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, and by the way they want to cut your social security and veterans benefits and medicare, none of it is true. that's her final message. will that work? >> first of all, the objective reality is that people go to the
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grocery store. you can't run enough ads for democrats to convince people that are not paying a lot more money. the good of the gas station. you can pay for enough ads to convince them though not paying all lot more money. in the northeast, we have a diesel fuel shortage that relates directly to heating oil shortage, people will be furious. i have someone who works with me who says that his wife's mat every sunday when she goes to the grocery store. when she gets home the prices are so high, she's just furious. i think these things are about real life. you go home, you turn in the evening news, you find out how many muggings, killings,, you look at this weekend in chicago. how can you possibly be comfortable? finally, you have all these illegal immigrants, one of whom attacked paul pelosi. the national media didn't want to start with that headline but
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he was an illegal immigrant who shouldn't of been here, that's the truth, he attacked pelosi. >> hannity: in a sanctuary city. i want paul pelosi to be safe, i concur. but i want every american to be safe. we've got more crime, more murder, more violent crimes than we've seen in decades. the facts speak for themselves. >> that's right. 82% of african americans list crime is their biggest issue, it is been reported. i don't know if that's a break for republicans because their pro-police and anti-criminal or they stick to the democrats out of loyalty. but when you get numbers like that, one of the great advantages the dr. oz has, in philadelphia, 76% of the voters say crime is a biggest issue. fetterman is probe criminal,
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anti-police, wanted to release murderers. all these things are coming together and frankly in terms of the race is just stomach racist and xenophobic stuff, how do you attack herschel walker for example? he's not sensitive about race smart it's absurd. and kevin mccarthy's done a brilliant job in the house side. they have more minority and women candidates and veteran candidates never in history. it's pretty hard to describe this new republican party is the way the democrats would like to describe it. they're becoming a narrow party of graduate school educated graduate radicals, in the process alienating latinos, asian americans, working-class whites, and, by the way, women. women after dobbs, there's been a 26% shift from democrat to republican in the last month. that's an astonishing number.
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>> hannity: last question. predictions, one week from tomorrow will be the morning after election night in america. what will be the net result in your opinion? >> you will be happy. >> hannity: [laughs] >> how about that? i personal guess is being conservative plus two to plus seven in the senate, plus 22 twice plus 50 in the house, maybe a little more than 50. house numbers plus 44. >> hannity: wow. great show coming up. you won't believe the latest ben bowden is trying to put on his economic crisis, senator ted cruz will weigh in. later florida governor ron desantis campaigning with lee zeldin, though both join us live. and could new york elect a republican governor? because alden is ahead in a
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brand-new pole. end. enter dixon is beating gretchen whitmer in the latest bull in michigan. dixon will be here tonight as well. ♪ ♪
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>> hannity: selden will be here with desantis, will also check in with ted cruz. we turn to alaska where republican kelly tshibaka now is in the neck and that raise with lisa murkowski. pay close attention, gets complicated. alaska conducts their elections through something called ranked choice voting where voters can actually rank the candidates by preference. it's a heavily flawed system.
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frankly it was written implemented to help lisa murkowski, the republican liberal. a sample ballot you have. if a candidate receives more than 50% of the first round of voting the election is over. if not, the candidate with the fewest votes is eliminated, then second choice votes for the eliminated candidate goes to the others, and told two candidates are left, the most wins. it's confusing, confounding, flawed, unfair, implemented to help murkowski i would say. but murkowski's awful record in the senate is being exposed, like voting for the second trial impeachment, against justice kavanaugh, against amy can he ferret, and with biden a
6:25 pm
whopping 66% of the time. she's backed by mitch mcconnell, the minority leader, unfortunately, but she's basically a democrat who will vote for mitch mcconnell. she supports biden's agenda. the sad part of it gets into mitch mcconnell territory. he took $9 million that could go to new hampshire and general baldock. he took it away from him and people like blake masters in arizona. why? to help elect basically a biden democrat only because lisa murkowski will vote to keep mitch mcconnell in power. this is $9 million wasted. republican against republican, that should be up to the people in alaska and them alone. this frankly, this one act of mitch mcconnell, abusing
6:26 pm
donated money like this, should end his reign as leader in the senate. kelly tshibaka is the only real conservative in the race. here she is. i've looked at the polls, its neck and neck. okay, there were four candidates, three republicans and one democrat. my understanding is one of the republicans dropped out, so it's you, lisa murkowski, and a democrat i think got 6%. correct chris bourque >> that's correct. you summarize the race perfectly. >> hannity: okay. let's go through the ranked voting system. i believe unfortunately, i have to study this to get in shape myself, the people of alaska have to take their first and second selection really seriously, don't they? >> yes they do. this is their murkowski voting system, but are correct on your instinct that it was her allies and campaign staff who put this in place because she wouldn't of
6:27 pm
had a chance otherwise. all parties have to run against each other in the primary, the four top candidates regardless of party move forward. she would've lost her seat in a primary. she's been censored by the republican party. i am the endorsed candidate. she's known badly in alaska. >> hannity: at looks as of now, the polls i've seen, you and lisa murkowski are basically tired. you have a democrat who will probably draw 6% of the vote. so that person will be out of the race. then it would be second choice voting. if there voting for a democrat in the choice is you is a conservative or liberal lisa murkowski, the democrats will tip the balance of power and vote for murkowski and that gives her the advantage or am i wrong? >> you're correct. then the race becomes a
6:28 pm
tiebreaker. round one i'm leading her by nine points are double digits. it's an round to win those democrat votes roll-up, the second-place votes, that it becomes a nail-biter, close to 50/50. it'll depend on voter turnout. but we've been knocking on do doors. my husband and i have hit 23 rallies in the last couple of weeks. we're doing the work to get out of grass roots movement. it doesn't take much to tip the scales. >> hannity: i would say to everyone in the state of alaska, every republican, that the system is flawed, fundamentally unfair. if, in fact, you don't get 50% in the first round of voting, which i urge people to vote for you first, in the first round, if you don't, then likely democrats will then flip to the biden supporting michalski and work her way back into the
6:29 pm
senate with mitch mcconnell's money and it got a little quid pro quo going because she'll vote for mcconnell, and she will also vote for biden 67% of the time which is a disgrace for alaska. >> she wears the churchy of the establishment. she's playing for pelosi in the house race. she's campaigning with the one who will choose nancy pelosi as the speaker of the house, that's not good for alaska. they flooded our state with millions of dollars in dark money, more than murkowski and i have spent combined. when mike caught dominic mcconnell said he do this, she said, mitch you've been there for me, i'll be there for you. we need to let alaskans know this is going on. sean, you're right, she's not standing up for republicans but for the establishment.
6:30 pm
career politicians like lisa murkowski, she is the reason why the term swamp was invented. >> hannity: this is in the most corrupt system in the country right now, and she's not even supporting sarah palin my advice if you're in alaska, i hope they vote for you. what they're doing is nothing short of disgusting, swamp and sewers style test stakes, pretty disgraceful. luck to you in seven days, one week from tonight. other breaking news, out of michigan, a new insider advantage poll shows michigan republican candidate to dixon is no ahead of failed far left incumbent gretchen whitmer. it's absolutely winnable for republicans, neck and neck. dixon has all the momentum now specially after the debate they just had. witmer is as radical as it gets in terms of being a governor. throughout the last two years,
6:31 pm
she went all in uncoated lockdowns, put sick patients into nursing homes, double down on far left lunacy. do not let witmer destroy her life anymore than than she already has, all you in michigan. the stakes can be higher. dixon joins us now. i believe the debate was a tutorial for challenging candidates how to take on incumbents. you have in every aspect of her failed record on pat. you never let her get away with lying. you challenge every step of the way. >> we were blessed because gretchen whitmer did agree to a debate. so many candidates can't get the democrat to debate. and it probably not going to know that they've seen witmer debate. she showed the people of michigan who she really is. she lied about how long she shut
6:32 pm
down the schools. we cut her in a couple of different lives. you're right about the draconian lockdowns we've had in the state. but going on finding how much of this to buy groceries, as you did at the start of the show. she hasn't help people in michigan with these issues at all. she brings up barack obama now, that means she's trying to get the base out still. she's bringing in the big guns. they have a lot of money, a war chest. we need people to go to her tutor so that michigan can be free again and we can return the american dream to her estate. >> hannity: this is a race where you've taken a slight lead. for the people of michigan, just what they realize that the days of gretchen whitmer can be over but it's all up to them. tutor dixon, great job of the debate, thanks for being with us and thanks for the update. big news tonight, lee zeldin leading in a brand-new poll, held join us next along with
6:33 pm
florida governor ron desantis. and we'll check in with senator ted cruz on the 17 state 17 state barnstorming across the country bus tour. that straight ahead. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> hannity: tonight a major political shocker in the state of new york, the deep blue state of new york. lee zeldin is now leading according to a brand neutral feldco pole. millions of voters in the empire state believe the incumbent kathy hochul is out of touch and for good reason. >> these are master manipulators. they have this conspiracy going on across america to convince people that the democratic
6:38 pm
states are not as safe. but guess what. they're not only election deniers but debtor canals. >> hannity: but there is a 40% increase in crime in new york. assault is up 18%, carjackings up 200%. last year, new york recorded the most murders in a decade and the most shootings in 15 years. the final crisis in the state of new york is totally out of control as well. kathy hogle's opponent, lee zeldin, was attacked by a guy with a knife. thank god he acted quickly at a campaign event, also a gang shooting in front of lee zeldin's long island home. so governor hochul, open your eyes, take off your tinfoil hat and look in the subways of
6:39 pm
new york and see for yourself. if it's so safe, you won't need your security with you. she doesn't care about crime, only about herself and her adherence to the insanity of defund, dismantle, and new york's insane nobel laws. joining us is new york gubernatorial candidate resulted in the long with governor ron desantis, who has been out campaigning. first for you, governor desantis, you might be hurting your great state of florida because a lot of the migration to florida has been coming from new york. and if lee zeldin did a good job as governor, i'm thinking that might keep people in new york and that's going to be bad for the people of florida, less income for your state. are you sure you want to support this guy? >> gov. desantis: well sean, have so many people move from new york and there are so frustrated with the poor government so there. florida is great, were a great spot for a lot of people.
6:40 pm
but i want all estates to do well. the effect of the matter is, from crime to fiscal mismanagement to covert restrictions, new yorkers got it wrong. lee zeldin will get it right. i think they'll be better for our country if he is elected governor. >> hannity: and a fin on the campaign trail with them, up in lawton island, minnick of the woods this past weekend. lee zeldin, a little of those are people behind you because i don't see faces only science. all their ego, real faces there. i spoke to you when you first got into this race and you asked me what i thought. i said it's possible but probably really difficult. here you are not on the precipice. you're leading in this pool, it's a very terrorist. it's the bluest of blue states. will you shocked the entire country the one from tonight? >> zeldin: we definitely will sean. were right here in staten island
6:41 pm
right now, great crowds here. when governor desantis came up, it was on 24 hours notice. we have more than 7,000 rsvps, it was amazing. we're grateful he decided to come up. we have all the momentum and energy on her side, as well as the issues. people are done with kathy hochul, this is republicans, democrats, and independence coming altogether as new yorkers to save the state. we stuck with the issues, we went security streets, we want to make life in new york more affordable and protect freedom, improve the quality of our kids education. kathy hochul has been trying to follow distractions and tell people there's nothing to see here, no crime going on. when i'm trying to talk about is locking up criminals.
6:42 pm
we just got to keep working hard. everyone needs to get out and vote. >> hannity: obviously she's not looking at the statistics. when you compare new york and florida, you have an amazing statistic. governor desantis, the population of florida no siren then new york but you work with half the budget of new york state. not only have the budget, you don't have a state income tax in new york it's 10% however. if you live in new york city it's another 3.5%. if you add that to the federal income tax, that's $0 $0.53 outf every dollar you're giving the government and that's before sales taxes, high property taxes, et cetera. how do you do it with so much less and less taxes as well in florida? >> gov. desantis: it's interesting because the people who move from there, they'll tell me, your roads are better here, your infrastructure is better here, your services are better. and we just finished third and
6:43 pm
fourth respectively for fourth grade reading in math, i think new york was in the 30s. in new york state there is nobody right now who is an advocate for the taxpayer. basically the taxpayers are treated does respe disrespectfu, the politicians give the money to special interests people don't like sullivan sultan's governor will mean the people of new york will have somebody looking out for taxpayers for a change. we respect taxpayers in florida. we want no income tax of course, tax lightly, spent reasonably. we meet the big priorities but were absolutely going to respect the taxpayers. lee will do that in new york and it will make a big difference not just for individuals but businesses. >> hannity: new york is really suffering hunter biden inflation rate gas prices are no more than
6:44 pm
$4 a gallon going higher every day. we have a real in terms of the illegal immigrant population. they're moving to new york in big numbers on that's part of the problem. law and order, safety and security for people, these are issues. new york is also dealing with woke education versus classical education, more in new york than in florida. will you be able to deal with those issues especially if you're dealing with a liberal legislature in albany? >> zeldin: . we have to. parents have a fundamental right to control the upbringing of their child. they don't relinquish that right when they said kids to school. as governor desantis was just pointing out come of the gaps are actually even wider when you look at black students, hispanic students, and low income
6:45 pm
students. you look at the fourth grade reading quality in new york and florida, the doing better in florida spending two and a half times less. we have to make the diploma worth more. some kids will go off to college. getting their hands on equipment, networking with trades, the technical injury patient, people need to understand that a diploma is the key to a good paying job. everyone deserves access to a quality education, regardless of race, class, gender or anything else. >> hannity: you had president from supporting you, ron desantis campaigning with you. are you surprised that this is garnered as much national attention as it has in new york and that when this bull came out
6:46 pm
europe in this race and how winnable it is? when you break down the math, you have a city like new york with a very high concentration of people in a very small geographic area. but then the rest of new york state, long island is now red. upstate new york is not read. what percentage of the democratic vote will you get do you think? what percentage do you think you need to get to win? >> zeldin: were cracking into the low 20s now and that's a good place. we can get less than 30% or we can't win. but if you get more than 35%, that it starts to become very difficult to lose. i'm seeing it on staten island. i'm seeing it in the middle of the village. chris got about 29%. were now pulling in the 30s.
6:47 pm
some of the polls coming out are showing us in the mid-to-high 30s. there are democrats who feel the parties got to for left. some registered democrats are voting for the most normal person if there is one in the primary. there are democrats who want safe street and oppose congestion pricing. their reason new yorkers are heading down to florida because they see that governor desantis respects freedom, he supports safety and reduces taxes. he welcomes families in their attempt to follow the american dream. the bad news for governor ron desantis is that he could lose his best real estate agent who will be fired a week from today. >> hannity: he may regret this decision in the end, as i joked before.
6:48 pm
joe biden was done campaigning against you in florida today and i'm sure that really upset you, right? >> gov. desantis: i think it's an in-kind contribution to my campaign. i just want to make the offer public. will underwrite him to stay in florida for the rest of the campaign. if joe wants to stay, it'll be on our dime. we love the people of florida to be reminded that the democrats of the state are with biden 100% of the time. >> hannity: this'll be a shocker a week from tonight if you win. lee zeldin is now the lead. thank you for being with us, both of you. ted cruz will join us on what is at stake one week from tonight's he has been around the country campaigning for candidates.
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♪ ♪ >> hannity: one week from tonight's election night in america, the most critical and crucial midterm elections in her lifetime. here's texas senator ted cruz. great to have you back senator. if lee zeldin wins in new york into dixon in michigan, as i look at the senate, tonight, where we stand, we could be at a much higher number than we thought we'd be possible at the beginning. >> i think that's right. i think we can have an election next week that is historic in the house, i think will win control of both houses of congress. we'll have a majority that could be 30 or 40 or 50 seats. were winning seat seats right now that are d+ ten, d+ 12 area
6:54 pm
democrats are spending a lot of money in districts that are d+ 20 because they are at risk in some of those seats in bright blue seats. if you look at the senate, ethical take the majority, were likely to be at 53 or 54 republicans are even higher. i think were liable to win nevada and georgia to. i was campaigning with herschel walker just a few days ago. i think we've got a great shot at arizona with blake masters, a great shop in new hampshire. those two are being outspent and i wish the party was spending more to defend those candidates but i still think will hold onto all of our valuable seats. dr. oz and j.d. vance and eric schmidt are going to win, all three of them. i've spent the last month on a
6:55 pm
nationwide, 17 state bus tour. i've been campaigning on the road with virtually all of these guys. the energy come of the enthusiasm -- people are ready to change the path were on. lee zeldin has a real shot of winning in new york, as does tutor dixon in michigan. >> hannity: and tiffany smiley in the state of washington, can you believe that one? >> she's a fantastic candidate. washington state is tough but the pulling has it as a three or four-point lead. >> hannity: great job by the way on the road, senator. you still doing more campaigning and we appreciate your taking the time to be with us. we'll take a quick break, more "hannity" after this.
6:56 pm
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♪ >> hannity: unfortunately, that's all the time we have left this evening. thank you for joining us and making the show possible. please set your dvr so you never ever miss an episode of "hannity," for news and laura ingraham and those costumes were the greatest costumes in the history of kids. it was great. >> laura: were they scary? i sent them quite late at night not knowing if i was going to wake you up. it was terrifying. i am glad you enjoyed it. >> hannity: i understand as a mom you think it is too dark and it is evil. it is halloween. it is just a fun day for kids. people -- you know? >> laura: i dressed up as kat kathleen all right, hannity,