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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  November 3, 2022 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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will speak with candidates dr. oz, herschel walker, j.d. vance, adam laxalt andd. lee zeldin who is in the lead d atand a few polls where he wil join us in the studio. you do not want to miss us. thank you and remember, it is american now and forever and greg gutfeld takes it all from here. ♪ ♪ >> todd: president biden ripping republicans in a divisive last ditch attempt to move the needle for democrats. but the man campaigned on you to make reunited the country and bringing americans together. the issues that matter to them most in the united states. i am todd piro. >> carley: president biden set to deliver remarks on student debt relief that adds to
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new mexico to campaign for democrat gubernatorial candidate michelle. nothing on his schedule and he plans to stop by the southern border while he is there. >> todd: in the meantime, we did not mention the border crisis one single time nor did he talk about crime, conflation, gas prices were many of the other issues boaters they actually matter to them. brooke singman wrapping all of it up for you this morning, good morning. >> hey, good morning, guys president biden will go the final days of the midterm elections as he heads to new mexico and california this camping trip comes after he blasted maga republicans in a dramatic speech last night, listen. >> week, the people, must decide whether the rule of law prevails or whether we will allow the dark forces to thirst for power.
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put a head of the principles that have long guided us. you know america democracy is under attack because the defeated former president of the united states refused to accept the results of the 2020 ele election. >> biden once again attacking former president donald trump supporters after a similarly fiery prime time speech in philadelphia this september. the president trying on the attack on how speakers pelosi's husband. >> where is nancy? where is nancy? those are the same words used by the mob for the storm of the united states capital in januar. it was an enraged mob that had been whipped up into a frenzy by a president repeating over and over again the big lie that the election of 2020 had been stolen. it is a lie that fueled the
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dangerous rise in political violence and voter intimidation over the past two years. >> malcolm according to rnc research, president biden did not mention some of the american voters top concerns including inflation, crime, on the border during that speech. biden making no mention of the economy, despite the skyrocketing prices since he took office. the year-over-year inflation peaking at 9.1% in june of this year and last night i spoke exclusively to house minority leader kevin mccarthy who had this reaction to biden's address, he is dividing instead of uniting and he's doing that because he can't talk about the policies where people are hurting and the pain of the cost of living and a new poll from cnn said americans up 51% believe inflation is the top issue heading into the midterms, todd. >> carley: and made the speech the same with the red background.
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the only difference is 3 million people have voted early, which is a record term. sounds a lot like democracy to me. >> todd: i don't know, it sounds like voter suppression of me. that is sarcasm. kellyanne conway who warned against this type of messaging. >> this president really isn't listening. this party is not responding to the concerns. they want optimism. they want hopefulness and even the more popular barack obama, where is the hope in change guy? it is bloom and doom and you have president biden sagging, we are under siege by the republicans. this is not people struggling to pay for their bills and crime, et cetera. this is not what they want to hear. >> carley: meanwhile president biden holding an event to brag about the administration's progress to combat loss of jobs. >> we have created 7,000 new manufacturing jobs. this is the first time having
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high-paying jobs and not enough people doing it. nice problem to have. but guess what i'm inflation is still hurting people. we are making real progress. we are reinserting ourselves ass a nation. >> the president's pat on the back comes the same day the federal reserve hiked interest rates yet again. yesterday an increase of 75 basis points this year and sixth increase since march of the fed scrambled to stop the soaring inflation. the stocks feeling the immediate impact of that rate hike as the dow jones plummets over 500 points. not what you want to see. >> todd: it is weird they originally liked it and then did not like it. with that let's bring in cory mills, congressional candidate and former dod advisor under president trump. focusing on the speech. that speech literally more to hurt democrats because like we have been saying for the first s
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joe biden and the democrats are focusing on completely the wrong things and not what the american people care about instead of focusing on the economy, crime, the things wearing americans. and still focusing on january 6. >> that is exactly right, todd, again, thank you for having me on. the democrats do not want to go by failed policies or talk about the soft-on-crime, novell reform, a record high, 40 year high inflation, the increase in cpi, the question whether average americans say to themselves do i fill up the gas tank or my grocery cart? these are the things that biden administration and democrats try to run away from. they want to try parallels or their narrative that that be what occurred with paul pelosi or january 6th incident. they want to utilize that as a scapegoat to run away from the fact that economically from an income perspective and
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criminality perspective, their policies have failed. >> carley: that is right, the news for the speech paul pelosi's attack tied to january 6th. on the same night john bull dock was almost attack right before s debate. so you can go back and forth with this political violence and all of it is bad, none of it is good. but this exchange between peter doocy and karine jean-pierre where he asked what the president might be thinking when he says people are voting for republicans and tying the threats to democracy. listen to this. following up on your comment there is an alarming number of republicans who are saying they will not accept the election results. does that mean president biden but thinks it is a threat to democracy if someone votes republican? >> no, that is ridiculous. >> why is that a ridiculous
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question >> because american people should have the right to vote for whoever they want. we are talking about maga officials and we have been clear about this who say, you know they are pro-police but then also pro's election this. >> carley: do you think it is a ridiculous question, if you cast your vote for republicans, you are voting to end democracy periods >> that is exactly the case, right? when it comes to the biden administration like he set himself voting for republicans that you are not black when he talked about minorities. when he talks about violence against paul pelosi and tried to tie it to republicans, even though the individual accused of this and assailant was known kind of a in san francisco. where were the same left went the same incident happened on steve scalise by a supporter of the left who nearly killed him in the softball field? where were they when it was
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maxine waters and cory booker and even nancy pelosi trying to instigate and trying to advocate for rioting and getting in the face of elected officials? these are the same people that want to try to victimize themselves but vilify everyone else. it is not working and they know that. >> todd: voters are seen through in your state, early voting member showing republicans edging out democrats historically blue miami-dade county. let's look at the numbers, 128,000 registered republicans voted there 127,000 registered democrats and no party affiliation. a look at this and say historically it is majority latino. isn't this what happens when republicans talk about the issue like the comic home act like crime on the party of the democrats literally tries to abavoid this issue up two weeks before the midterms? >> you are exactly, right, todd. florida up until 2 2021 had over
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200,000 plus more democrats than republicans registered. if you look to today, things, the great work ron desantis has done in florida, we have 300,000 plus more republicans meaning 500,000 person shift. you are seen where the npas nonaffiliation and independence leaning to the republicans and conservatives based on the fact they feel we are better for the economy. we are better for the inflation cost. we are better to ensure the we don't have attacks on fossil fuels and will secure our borders to ensure sovereignty whereas not to lower the criminality going on as a result on soft-on-crime policies. so when it comes to florida, we see great numbers here for the first time in my county in all counties. we see in equivalent and higher vote by mail early voting by republicans. i think we see not just a red wave, red tsunami in the state of florida.
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>> todd: you heard from cory mills on "fox & friends first." let's go to arizona. arizona democrats last night, to sell voters on their party's far left agenda. and some big claims about the republicans on top voter concerns like inflation, like crime, both of which the biden white house went spiral into crises. >> inflation is a real problem right now. that g not just here by the united states but the real world. the united states talks about it but when pressed for an answer, things get real -- they are not interested in solving immigration here they are not interested in solving crime. that way you may not notice they don't have answers of their own. is that the republicans want to flood the streets with more g guns? who actually voted against more resources for our police departments, or is that the
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democrats like mark kelly? >> todd: that is an interesting analysis there. fox news poll shows republican challenger blake masters closing in on income at mark kelly. and they are not by the end what barack obama selling while the reese's neck and neck favoring kari lake over katie hobbs by one point. in the meantime, a suspect with arizona campaign office in illegal immigrant want to buy ice. a portuguese citizen who entered the u.s. as a registered student for 2018 but i says overstating his welcome and an academic institution. he's already out on bond to an immigration detainer and for his release. you will recall hobbs blaming the break-in on her opponent kari lake in the campaign manager releasing a statement, "let's be clear kari lake for two years and i lays spreading dangerous misinformation and
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siting threats up against anyone they see fit." >> carley: white house press secretary karine jean-pierre when asked if the administration is working with social media companies to censor this information. >> can you tell us whether the white house is still flagging social media post for this information? speak with the biden administration fully to protect the security and resilience of our elections and infrastructure and that includes combating disinformation. we worked to protect that, protect americans from information that threaten the homeland with information spread by adversaries. i want to be very clear that the agency works to this day and don't want to get ahead of anything else. >> so you are flagging misinformation. >> i don't have anything more to add to. >> carley: that comes in response to the report that the
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white house allegedly has a portal to stop social media posts. podcast questioning the job of biden's press secretary put on the spot to respond to the president's embarrassing moments. >> when she had to explain why joe biden was bringing up a woman who was dead... >> top of mind. >> top of mind, she was top of mind. it was really like, it was like for what she had to work with. it was some incredible gaslighting. that is her job, just like a defense attorney. it is their job to try to get their client off. >> carley: says karine jean-pierre, must have the toughest job in the world defending her so-called client, even when it seems impossible. it is a really difficult job. difficult for others. imagine if... imagine if she was facing
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unfriendly media. i remember kayleigh mcenany's first take him with girl is going on the lines but she knocked it out of the park. >> todd: logan may be wrong on his lighting but he is right, it is a tough job. the biden administration literally pointing press secretary's position is to backtrack after this president says literally nonsensical things. sometimes it is lies. sometimes nonsensical and sometimes jibber jabber. the defense attorney is perfect, you have to defend your boss and the administration and the court of the public opinion. no matter what the boss abuse. but to your point kj p has been woefully unprepared for countless, obvious questions. all these questions she should know. the latest one on the story you read, she should have been prepared for the social media company questioning and she was. >> carley: yes, i feel a little bit out of her her because i feel like she's trying so hard that sometimes, she doesn't want to make a mistake, doesn't want to make a mistake, that is when she over things. but it is difficult job.
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and then when you leave office, it is very interesting to hear what some white house press secretary say. i mean, bringing up kayleigh mcenany again, she is obviously host of "outnumbered" has never said anything bad about the prior administration. she sticks to the record because it is something she firmly believes in. but then you have that moment, do you remember with jen psaki when she was on msnbc and she was talking about what this election could come down to. i think we have a clip of that. >> the election is about who is the most extreme as we saw kevin mccarthy touch on there with marjorie taylor greene. sitting over to the left side appeared then they are going to win. if it is a referendum on the president, they will lose and they know that. >> carley: a referendum on the president and the policy she was promoting for so long when she was the white house press secretary. it is interesting to hear her say that comment now considering the speech president biden made last night.
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>> todd: 100%. you can say what you want about jen psaki and she is a smart lady and she knows the policies of her administration were woeful. lead to 60 minutes after the hour. twitter's new owner elon musk doubling down on his proposal to charge for blue checkmarks. the self-proclaimed cheap twit shot back at congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez after she complained about the possibility of an $8 a month verification fee. can you see this? the governor "laughing at a billionaire trying to sell people on an idea of free speech is actually $1 a month prescription plan" appeared the feedback is appreciated but pay $8. firing back with a photo of the congressman's website. she charges $58 for a sweatshirt with her name on it. >> todd: i feel that we will have a comment on that later so stick around. dominating for the world series
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throwing to first ever combined in no-hitter in postseason history last night. >> a bouncing ball to third. the astros have a world series no-hitter! >> todd: six scoreless innings from javier, 5-0 victory over philadelphia in the series and the phillies will conclude home state citizens bank park for game 5 of the world series. it began 7:00 -- if you asked me who i'm rooting for. i hope this goes seven. so we get as much advertising as possible. >> carley: what a confident and you are. >> todd: go fox. a new law culminating cash bail will force citizens and crime victims to take matters in his own hands. he doesn't think you get punished for it. >> carley: we will talk to that sheriff coming up next.
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♪ ♪ >> todd: a chicago man getting charged with three felony offenses for threatening to mutilate and kill republican gubernatorial candidate aaron bailey. the prosecutor say 21-year-old scott lennox with threats on bailey's office answering machine including one that said, "i will scan for aaron bailey a
1:24 am
life. if he doesn't kill himself, i will. i know where he lives. i know where he sleeps. i know where his kid sleep." bailey is -- >> of the state over the last four years, the hatred that exist. you can threaten me. that is one thing but when you bring my wife and my family and my schoolchildren into bit, it was pretty full girl. >> todd: lennox is held on $75,000 bond. >> carley: resident speaking out against the safety act which critics say will let criminals run free. the share from jefferson county said this deal will force millionth to force themselves against criminals which could make the victims vulnerable to prosecution. sheriff, good morning to you. it is called the safety act, which is severely mislabeled because it eliminates cash bail. and i serious crimes too.
1:25 am
can you explain in layman's term what the law will do when it goes into effect in january? >> good morning, carley, thank you for the invitation to speak this morning. the safety act is going to, in essence eliminate cash bail. prior to this january, illinois has the best system that not only guarantees the return for court appearance by hosting cash bail but used to protect society from offenders that have more serious crimes. by elimination of that in illinois it will rely on retention screening model drastically reduced discretion of a judge who is remaining for trial and set free. what it will create is it will be similar to the new york model as you watch a revolving door and a good example that we use, my office and the police
1:26 am
department share a combined narcotic technical team. we hit multiple targets last week. we took several people to jail on multiple felonies for drugs, hole weapons violations. we are not finding any of those offenders, many with violent history that were qualified to remain at the trial. it would be released in 24 hours and that is a concern. >> carley: it is absolutely a concern. there will be no bail or automatic attention for serious crimes second-degree murder, kidnapping, armed robbery, accurate back aggravated dui and you are allowed to violate your pro 48 hours before it is considered a crime. how on earth could this get enough support to be signed into law? >> well, this is my 32nd year on the job and i watched the last three decades and progressive politicians push for criminal justice reform one bad idea at a
1:27 am
time through the while being processed, most organizations were able to defeat these efforts. and the 101st general assembly the democrats have a super majority in both the house and governor of the same party. and through their efforts in the 11th hour, the last official act at very early hours at the general assembly was to pass the safety act, which basically combined 30 years of bad police reform ideas into one act. and then, a few hours later, 101st general assembly was sworn in. >> carley: so sheriff, you say things will get so bad that people will have to take matters into their own ha hands and defd themselves and their property. that sounds like the wild, wild west. >> well, it certainly does. for years, we have told people when they have someone trespassing on their property, don't engage with them. call the police and we will take care of them. now, the problem with the safety
1:28 am
act is class b and c misdemeanors would only take offenses and the officer can no longer take them to jail. so, that would be if you have someone trespassing on your land and they won't leave when you tell them to leave, the standard practice we recommend you call the police. the officer will show up and they will write a ticket for trespassing which is a class b misdemeanor in illinois. the officer might leave. the problem is still there on the crime is still being committed. what is going to happen is illinois also has use of force laws on the books. one defense of property that says specifically in the statute someone can use reasonable force to stop trespassing on the property. of course, i'm paraphrasing the law, but that is when the system fails and the victim of crime of trespassing cannot get law enforcement to help because law enforcement's hands are cuffed. then they can lawfully take matters into their own hands. the government's number one job is supposed to be to defend its
1:29 am
citizens and protect them and keep them safe. that is certainly not happen here. things are about to get worse in illinois. jeff, thank you for joining us this morning and we are sorry for what is happening in your state. come thank you. we will keep up the pride. >> todd: democratic gubernatorial candidate stacey abrams over this controversial comment. >> i'm not a member of the good old boys club. no, i don't have 107 sheriffs who want to be able to take black people up at the streets, who want to be able to go without accountability. i don't believe every sheriff wants out, but i do know we need governor who both defends law enforcement and also defend the people of georgia. >> todd: jackson county responding to i don't care as a sheriff what color your skin is, we serve and protect the people and enforce the state of georgia. that is what we do everyday. eight assault on the georgia sheriff supporting
1:30 am
law enforcement and i've been in this 36 years and never done anything to tarnish my badge. sheriff waking up early to sound off next hour. looking forward to that. dr. oz and herschel walker gaining more momentum closing the gaps in both must win senate races but that's not the only interesting stories of polls are telling. >> carley: new hampshire where don bolduc said someone tried to attack him to take the debate stage. more on that and highlights from last night. coming up next. >> are we better off to take then we were two years ago? two years ago, we were not making choices between eating and eating. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> carley: we are just five days out from the midterm spirit a fresh round of polling reveals dr. oz and herschel walking closing the gap in the senate
1:36 am
races while senator ron johnson holds onto a narrow lead in wisconsin. >> todd: kevin corke joins us live from washington with the latest. >> carley and todd, four words heard over and over in g.o.p. circles as we get close to the midterms, "i don't believe polls." usually because surveys over democrats or so-called suppression surveys. those polls people talk about a lot. only now republicans are saying they want their voters to ignore the polls and get up there and vote like their lives depend on it. let me take you around the country and show you what is happening in the new fox survey, the great state of georgia, as you can well imagine, things are razor tight. i mean thin, the margin 44/43 undecided. and you think that is close, let me take you up to the great state of pennsylvania. interesting race there as well, walker is within the margin of error. you see dr. oz also within the margin of error cometh down
1:37 am
48-44. interesting among those voters in pennsylvania, if the debate weigh in on their decision-making, does that make a difference to you? is that a factor? well, 51% surveyed by fox news, it is a factor and 40% said not so much. stay away momentum shift to be sure and one that dr. oz says he can feel. >> i want to go to washington and bring balance. stop the partisan bickering and deal with the problems. john fetterman seems to take the extreme position on so many items. >> all right, so we have already been georgia, did a little pennsylvania but what about the great state of wisconsin? right there 50/48. what about new hampshire? very interesting, this one can turn on a dime. a lot of people talking about what happened before the debate with general bowl deck. a statement from his campaign as the general said on stage it is
1:38 am
time to lower the political discourse of the country prior to the debate. the individual and the crowd gathered outside and attempted to punch the general and quickly apprehended and erased the mic arrested. we are grateful for the quick response of law enforcement on the scene. that is what happened before getting a chance to have a debate. we showed you a clip of the debate but let me show you what is happening in the fox news power rankings. yep, still leaning democrats, but don bolduc right in the mix and gaining quickly. >> all of her votes in the senate have caused heating and eating issue that we have. retirees going back to work. she created it 100% support to joe biden's failed policies. >> don bolduc also proposes eliminating social security and that will check people's cost of. >> we need to reverse energy policies. going into the winter, not knowing how they will feed their children and heat their homes.
1:39 am
this is a moral imperative. >> he is singing the big oil song. big oil has record profits while checking a price is the pump. >> todd: he said she is lying about that social security th thing. social security, still, it will make for a tight and interesting race down the stretch. i will be here all week and can't wait until tuesday. >> carley: absolutely, new hampshire is a big story this morning. don bolduc will be on the show later this hour, actually next hour, later next hour. we will get his take on that scuffle before hand and also where he stands in the race on tuesday. thank you so much, kevin. >> todd: let's move to new york now, democrats join hundreds of thousands of dollars in the 25th district deep blue sea as one of the latest finds the party really does fear a red wave. for a single tear is the republican running for congress and joins me and it now. this is a district joe biden by
1:40 am
20 points in 2020 so why are democrats panicking so much flooding it with money? >> i tell you what, they are flitting with money because we have a message with people that is resident ending with people, democrats, republicans and law enforcement. we are giving kids a brighter future an economy that resonates with people. and the message even after he spent $1 million, this sunday, americans will turn their clocks back for daylight savings time. november 8th, they will go to the polls to get the country back. we will win 2025, the governor's race with lee zeldin. we will take many seats back across the country and take back the house with joe marelli and nancy pelosi. the last ten months, we have had chaos in the country. >> todd: crime ranking the first issue for new york voters.
1:41 am
as a cop and a chief how is it resignation being? >> it is raised segmenting a lot, crime and safety are on the ballot this year. people are seeing 20 years of law enforcement and to coyears as police of chief. a time such as this and what their background experience, we have what we need right now. we will go to washington to bring results back for the people right here in new york 2025 and my opponent joe marley has not done that. people's lives have not improved and the quality of life has not improved the two years in congress. he took two years in congress, the 1.1% inflation but now 8.2%. people are paying more for groceries and paying more for gas. and having a hard time to put food on the table. so that is why the messages resignation. we will be very successful this coming tuesday. >> todd: how much is kathy
1:42 am
hochul the new york governor and refusal to acknowledge crime is a big problem when both the state and new york city getting destroyed by crime every single day and how much does that drag down the democratic opponent? >> i tell you what commit is dragging it down a lot. they have a problem they don't want to admit that the ridiculous policies and ridiculous public safety policies they implemented in new york are not working. just here tonight in rochester, we had three teens shot, one fatally. it is utterly ridiculous they don't want to admit they have a problem and the policies they have created our cost people their lives. i tell you what on tuesday, november 8th, people will go to the polls and help to flip the seat by going to the website and help the police chief. >> todd: the power rankings have this as likely democrat win but ron laurent single terry says not so fast. thank you so much we appreciate
1:43 am
your time this morning. >> thank you, todd can appreciate it. >> todd: karly heath. >> carley: governor kathy hochul passing the buck for a tragic murder for a mom of three after kathy hochul said she should be charged with connection of the death of her daughter saying oh" the system has to work and orders of protection have to be granted. transition homes have to have to be available, and we have to make sure judges and prosecutors charge appropriately. the woman who did die had an order of protection against her ex-husband after he assaulted her. he was not held on bail because of new york's no cash bail laws. the police say she was murdered the same day he walked free. that woman's mother arguing that kathy hochul is the system and her policies did not keep her daughter safe. and lee sylvan says kathy hochul's attitude on crime is exactly why he's in a position to flip new york.
1:44 am
>> we have to wake up to video pictures and stories of people being pushed in front of an oncoming subway park or green goblin gang. people getting beaten on the street and not just inside the city we are seeing stores across the state. heck i had a gang-related drive-by shooting in my front yard a few weeks ago. it hits close to home for all the new yorkers who are hitting a breaking point. we are focusing on those issues and kathy hochul doesn't want to talk about any of it. she wants to look away and say there's nothing to see here. she's calling it a conspiracy and as you list factual data, she will say you are a data denier. she says she doesn't understand why that is important to me, she doesn't understand why it is important to new yorkers. she has really alienated herself not just republicans but democrats and independents too. >> carley: meanwhile vice president kamala harris and hillary clinton quite the dual heading to new york to save kathy hochul's campaign. the recent polls show lee zeldin is closing in on kathy hochul
1:45 am
trailing by six points. some polls have them even closer. >> todd: that duo sounds like a party. the white house getting fact-checked over victory lap on social security. so they went ahead and deleted the tweet. >> carley: wait until you hear how they tried to explain it away. that is coming up next ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> todd: vice president kamala harris touting over $14 billion in new funding to help low-income families pay their energy bills. >> by helping families pay the upfront cost for energy efficient upgrades to their homes, we are also lowering energy bills, bringing down household costs, creating jobs, and fighting the climate crisis. it is all connected. >> todd: by the raising rates is bringing energy woes early in a new survey shows 43 million households have to cut back on groceries, doctors visits, and other expenses to settle the energy bills. and 29 million households said they have not been able to pay energy bills this past year, carley. >> carley: let's bring in patrick kennedy, that taxpayer
1:51 am
protection alliance. patrick there is a shortage in home heating oil but in rather than increase the supply, $13 billion in additional spending to help people pay for their energy bills. what do you make of this plan? >> yeah, absolutely. the biden administration seems to be personally what i call paper straw on energy policy. it has fallen apart on them real quick. this is unseen mobile pout that administration is on. when you have explained in mary, you will drive the price is higher. they are not doing anything with addressing the underlying problem with lack of supply. this administration is primarily responsible for that. and then an antagonistic plastic since day one for canceling the keystone pipeline to rolling back the regulatory forms of the trump administration put in place. oil and gas companies have no confidence in this administration and we see that reflected in the gold markets. >> carley: sounds like this
1:52 am
falls under britain's terrifying words, "i'm here from the government." what will an additional $13 billion in spending do when an inflationary cycle? what do you think joe powell was saying. raising rates to combat inflation? >> yeah, absolutely. the administration and the fed seem to be at odds with each other. a completely sustainable path with $13 billion in the federal government a drop in the bucket but it's not helping. the administration is not doing anything sustainable till oil and gas traders that the price will come down. the price produced in the united states and other countries and is coming down here they are not doing anything about fracking or regulations. now sec regulations that are being promulgated to talk about climate related policies that are inhibiting oil and gas
1:53 am
investment. the administration is not doing anything in the long term touting oil and gas research and more affordable to produce in stable countries like the united states. you will see global markets reflect that and the price of gas will remain high. >> carley: a vicious cycle, you give people more money to pay their bills because it is high. that will increase the price of those bills, making it more difficult to pay them down the road. the president is also at war with energy companies. he is saying and threatening this additional tax on profits because they say they are making too much money off high gas prices. is that true? what do you make of that plan? >> yeah, the plan is totally ridiculous. it doesn't reflect the reality of energy markets, which is oil is traded on a global scale. and that these companies don't have the ability to set the prices themselves. it is set by commodity traders. the commodity traders are looking at long-term policies of
1:54 am
the biden administration, which is again come antagonistic to oil and gas. they want to cancel keystone pipeline. people see the trends are not what the administration is doing with gimmicks before to try to win an election. so the price is going to remain high until there is a sustained, long-term change in the administration's policies. i have a feeling right after the election, you will see the administration go back to its original policies of trying to produce oil and gas production in the united states. what they are trying to do to win back a couple of votes with the margin will not actually help in the long run. >> carley: when do you think inflation will go down to normal levels? this is the number one concern on everyone's mind right now. >> the problem with inflation, right, psychological problem as well. the administration continues to pursue policies that people expect will cause inflation. so you get this vicious cycle where they administration continues to spend and spend and spend. that is causing people to raise crisis in anticipation of what
1:55 am
they expect to have which is additional inflation. so until the administration and until congress is able to rein in spending, you will continue to have inflationary pressures. we have seen record levels of federal spending and until the government makes a significant commitment to reduce spending, you were not going to see folks to reduce prices or reduced price increases to control inflation. >> carley: the president will talk about student loan debt relief later today, which is another billions of dollars of spending, that is not needed right now. patrick hedger, thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> carley: stacey abrams and beto o'rourke have a completely gone from heroes to zeros. >> todd: democrats falling for the superstar losers. you want to stick around for this. ♪ ♪ eighbor? sure, he's the 76-year-old guy who still runs marathons, right?
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