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tv   America Reports  FOX News  November 3, 2022 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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during covid i was in six states a day, i was on the campaign trail in 2020, i want a staycation to be home with my husband and daughter, like the idea of locking down. >> staycation, i love it. don't forget to keep us close. dvr us if you missed the show. now here is "america reports." >> john: i just take my revenge harley wherever i need to go. thanks, harris. just five days left until the election, two big name democrats coming to the big apple to help governor kathy hochul survive what has turned into a very competitive race. both hillary clinton and vice president kamala harris will appear with hochul this afternoon in an effort to mobilize voters. >> sandra: lee zeldin gaining ground, large part to crime. two all-star panels, sean and jessica on the prominent
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politicians campaigning here in new york. and rafael mangual and katie pavlich on whether rising crime will turn the state red. >> john: an attempted attack on a republican senate candidate happening the same night president biden blamed the gop the rise in political violence. hello, john roberts in washington. happy friday eve, sandra. >> sandra: and to you as well, john. this is "america reports." don bolduc, running in new hampshire, was talking to voters ahead of his debate with incumbent democrat maggie hassan. a man allegedly took a swing at him before police were able to step in. it happened within hours of president biden's speech to voters which he pinned the blame on maga republicans five days to election day. >> john: fox team coverage, peter doocy has the latest from the white house and marc thiessen is standing by, but
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mollie line is in busy ton. >> accused assailant was outside the debate venue as the republican was going in, but according to the campaign and the candidate himself, don bolduc, a retired brigadier general described what happened on scene, with the incumbent senator. he was greeting his supporters, spotted a man making derogatory gestures and profane language. >> i guess he could not contain himself, he charged from the sidewalk, i turned my side to reduce my profile and you know, he made slight contact with me, i would call it a graze as a result, but my supporters surrounded me very, very quickly. >> bolduc's campaign said an individual in the crowd gathered outside and attempted to punch
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the general and was quickly apprehended and arrested. we are grateful to the quick response from law enforcement on the scene. the the hassan campaign responded with kevin donahue tweeting disgusting behavior, they got aggressive with our campaign with volunteers at this debate and the lost. general bolduc was not hurt. he was able to participate in that night's debate. a robust, long discussion with senator hassan as they are locked in a very tight race with just a few days to go. back to you. >> john: more on all of this with marc thiessen. thank you. sandra. >> sandra: president biden claiming in his speech that democracy itself is at stake in next week's midterm election. he says more than 300 deniers, but some members of his own party. peter doocy is live at the white house, hello.
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>> and the reason, sandra, that president biden was not talking about inflation or immigration or crime is because officials here don't think those are issues that merit a warning. >> i think the president decided a few days ago that it was important to issue one final warning on this issue to make very clear, no doubt, that we have people out there still peddling the big lie, and now raising election denial in this election. >> the president and his staff are only referring to republicans as extremist election deniers. democrats spent tens of millions of dollars in the recent primaries attacking moderate republicans in hopes of elevating republicans on the record as denying 2020's result. >> you are using that word boost to be kind of cute. other people say funding their campaigns, it's ridiculous. we are attacking them, but you are absolutely right we thought he was an easier candidate.
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>> regardless of the warning, last night officials at the white house claimed they would be ok if republicans they call extremists take control. >> comment that there's an alarming number of republicans who are saying they are not going to accept election results. does that mean president biden thinks it is a threat to democracy if somebody votes republican? >> no, that's a ridiculous question, no. >> why is that a ridiculous question? >> american people should have a right to vote whomever we want. >> president biden did not elaborate on this to marine 1. we will see him next in new mexico, not a battleground state anybody has been focusing on but that's where they are sending him today. >> peter doocy, thank you. john. >> john: marc thiessen, former speech writer under president
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bush, an excerpt from the speech. >> the violence against democrats, republicans and non-partisan officials, just doing their jobs, are the consequence of lies told for power and profit, lies of conspiracy and malice, lies repeated over and over to generate a cycle of anger, hate, vitrile and even violence. >> john: if you listen to the actual text there, seems to be an attempt at bipartisanship or t tripartisanship. >> standing with racists, segregationists and traitors, that kind of overheated rhetoric. biden tried this tactic in september, and what happened was republicans started making even bigger gains than they were before. so what he basically did last night is go to the american people and say are you deaf?
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did you not hear me? i said republicans are a threat to the republic. that's not a very good strategy for a president to follow and then the other thing is, the choice of venue, union station. epitomizes exactly why democrats are losing. it's a beautiful train station, a hellscape of crime and homelessness, so bad that starbucks shut down the shop there. what's happening in union station is what's happening in democratic-run cities, happening in new york, zeldin is gaining. and he made it his platform to attack republicans. >> john: and he knows it from the good old days, too, when he used to go to wilmington every friday night. he was leaning toward republicans with his criticisms but certainly republicans do not have a lock on any kind of rhetoric like that. let's wind the clock back to march of 2020, when chuck
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schumer said this. >> i want to tell you gorsuch, i want to tell you, kavanaugh, you have released the whirlwind and you will pay the price. >> john: it was a while after that, but we did see the attempt on justice kavanaugh's life. >> absolutely. and joe biden and other democrats have said that illegitimate supreme court is taking away people's -- women's personal freedoms. are they responsible for the attack on brett kavanaugh? his rhetoric in september on maga republicans warning that they were a threat to our democracy, racist and segregationists coming back in power, attack on don bolduc yesterday, and a deranged bernie sanders supporter tried to kill steve scalise, and reality is,
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is that whenever it's a democrat who is attacked, they blame republican rhetoric. but if it's a republican -- republican who is attacked they say it's just an deranged person, no connection to what we are saying and what happened there. >> john: highlight your column in "the washinton post," you point out that president biden is going to arizona and california, but relying on barack obama as the closer and you write is obama the closer his party needs or democratic kryptonite? expand on that. >> so barack obama presided over the loss of more house, senate, state legislative seats and governorships than any president in american history. he was a two-term president but he lost, the exact number, net loss of 1,027 elected offices under obama, 12 senate seats, 63 house seats, 939 legislative
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seats, 12 governorships and of course the presidency. a total of 88.3 million obama voters after he left office switched their votes and voted for donald trump and democrats, when he left office, had fewer elected offices in the united states at any time since the 1920s. if barack obama wants to campaign for democrat, rnc should be paying for his plane ticket. >> john: great to get your analysis on all things midterms. marc, thank you so much. and of course, more on this in the next two hours here on "america reports." >> sandra: daron shaw will be joining us. his insights, and we'll have senator rick scott joining us as our guest today and a lot to talk to him about, about the direction that republicans will go if they do flip power in the house and/or senate. >> john: it's his job to try to get republicans elected to the senate. find out what his predictions are for next tuesday and also
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talk to him about being president biden's favorite punching bag when it comes to social security and medicare. >> sandra: obama is out there more than biden at the moment, so -- >> john: who is president. >> sandra: north korea launching a record number of test missiles toward south korea. could kim jong-un go further testing a nuclear bomb? >> john: kathy hochul is relying on some big name democrats to boost her chances. will hillary clinton and kamala harris really sway any voters? sean duffy and jessica just ahead. >> she's the last person i would want to bring in at the very end. she has a talent for making a news cycle all about herself.
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in the virginia town of pulaski are under a shelter-in-place order as police search for an armed and dangerous man. they say jerrod brown tried to run over two officers with a stolen police car before taking off with several stolen weapons from the cruiser. there are no safety issues inside the school but are warning residents not to approach the suspect. john. >> john: sandra, pentagon leaders will meet with the south korea defense minister as their northern neighbor inches closer to war. north korea firing a record 23 missiles into the sea of japan yesterday and u.s. defense officials say the kim jong-un regime may test a nuclear warhead. jennifer, the meeting between secretary austin and south
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korean counterpart just ended. what do we know about what they talked about? >> in fact, john, just had a press briefing here at the pentagon and lloyd austin warned that any nuclear attack by north korea against the united states or its allies and partners, including the use of nonstrategic nuclear weapons, those are tactical nukes, is unacceptable and will result in the end of the kim regime. one of the strongest statements ever from the pentagon directed at kim jong-un. south korean officials say the missiles that north korea fired failed during the second stage separation phase during normal flight. the launch sent panic across japan this morning. alerts were broadcast warning people to shelter-in-place and train services were suspended. but in the end, the missile did not fly over japan. icbm was fired at a high angle, altitude of nearly 1200 miles. north korea launched 23 missiles
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yesterday toward south korea, and three more today, as the u.s. and south korean militaries the first time since 2017, around the clock exercise, thousands on the ground, 240 war planes, stealth f-35 fifth generation planes now stationed in south korea. kim jong-un believes it's an exercise to practice an invasion of north korea. austin announced it will be extended past friday in the wake of the ballistic missile tests. he hosted the south korean defense minister here at the pentagon. >> we talked about the continued provocations and destablized actions. at this time of heightened tension, our alliance is iron
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clad. >> new intelligence shows north korea is sending missiles to russia, significantly number of artillery shells to make it seem like they are sent to north africa or the middle east, a sign of desperation, he thinks ukraine's military could take kherson in the coming days. >> john: in north korea, looks like somebody is eager for attention. jennifer griffin for us in the pentagon. thank you. >> sandra: democrats are bringing out power, hillary clinton and kamala harris will join kathy hochul on the campaign trail, as our power rankings from likely democrat to lean democrat. hochul's challenger focused on
10:20 am
inflation and crime. sean duffy, former wisconsin congressman and jessica, we have been chatting before we started. give us your thoughts, big names. is it going to sway any voters this close to election day, jessica? >> i early voted a couple days ago. we are in the middle of it right now. a poll came out yesterday i believe that had hochul up 11, which is much higher than it had been, kind of gotten down to the 4 to 6 points and one that had zeldin up a tiny bit, so that is the hope. it's not lost on my they are at a seven sisters school, and focus on crime and inflation, dobbs ruling is obviously something that has animated female voters especially college educated ones, they are on a college campus and i imagine that will be part of the tone. i expect hochul to hold on but the impact on the down ballot
10:21 am
cannot be understated, sean patrick maloney, other hudson valley districts on long island, etc., could be very bad for democrats. >> sandra: and watching the race with mike lawler, you said that's the race to watch for you. but why bring out hillary clinton to campaign for hochul when hochul is in trouble with crime. crime came to lee zeldin's doorstep, all around the state, this mother upstate new york, 30-year-old daughter was just killed execution style who is blaming kathy hochul's no cash bail laws in the state for her daughter's death and you have hillary clinton saying things like this on crime and the gop. >> when they talk about crime, you know, they are just trying to gin up all kinds of fear and anxiety in people. they are not dealing with it, not trying to tackle it, and so i view it as an effort to scare
10:22 am
voters. >> sandra: bringing hillary clinton in where crime is such a big issue when she says things like that going to help? >> i'm wearing a blue tie because jessica is going to see a lot of red on election night, i wanted to give her a play here. but you need to energize your voters, right. turn out matters in races like this, and these two ladies are very popular in the democrat base. you bring them in, get more voters to be energized to vote on election day. kathy hochul is better off saying listen, i'm sorry, i tried to, you know, do a different thing on crime, i tried to have no cash bail, tried to restructure the way we look at criminals and it didn't work. it's not working. i'm sorry, i'm going to change my ways or look at all the spending from washington, i'm going to push back on that, i don't think that is the right approach. it's driven inflation, apology would go a long way with voters in new york who lean democrat to say actually she might get it and she might try to fix it if we re-elect her.
10:23 am
but no one is really focused on abortion, but on the pocket book issues. >> sandra: the lack of empathy, they want to hear the politicians empathize with the situation, not just murder, violence is huge in new york city and the state, new crime statistics out this morning showing grand larceny auto, up 19%. grand larceny 9.6%, overall crime up 6% in the city when it was already sky high. this is the reality for so many. is this ultimately going to be the issue that can get in the way for kathy hochul in this state? >> if she loses we will point to this. obviously the inflation and economy coming out of the polls is the number one issue across the board but crime has crept up as the number two. for a while abortion was hanging around, and now it has been completely surplanted.
10:24 am
and focusing on hillary, it's very hard for people who are not fans of hillary clinton to understand how iconic this woman is. especially for younger women. people dress up as her halloween, her pant suits, her debate style, things that she has said throughout the years and i see you smiling but it's just true. >> sandra: wouldn't it be better if it was policies they are standing behind? >> her being secretary of state, people supported her campaign. >> policies today and i get that, i don't understand it personally, i'm not a fan of hillary clinton, but comes back to the issues affecting people's lives, and when you have people that come like kamala harris who was raising money to get people out of jail who committed crimes, that's the wrong messenger and i think again looking at your own statements, your own policies would go a long way for kathy hochul and
10:25 am
new york, 60/40 state. lee zeldin says crime is a major issue, that new york city is focused on because they don't feel safe and no matter how it turns out, it's going to be really close and that's a testament to democrats. >> sandra: five seconds to respond to hillary clinton, jessica, i think is really important what she just said. they are just trying to gin up all kinds of fear with crime and anxiety in people. do you find that shocking that she would say that considering this actual statistics in the state? >> it's not what i would have said and kathy hochul had a similar message over the weekend with al sharpton. these are you can see it issues, what inflation and crime are and obviously we need to do better on messaging on that. and women's rights are humans rights, hillary clinton said, and that -- >> sandra: see, the kitchen table debate all over the country and that's fair. >> post-mortem will be this messaging is all wrong. >> unless it was right. >> sandra: this is so good.
10:26 am
>> see you tuesday. >> sandra: see you guys soon. john. >> john: another issue people are dealing with, the cost to heat your home this winter expected to skyrocket. the biden administration is rolling out $13 billion plan they say will ease the burden. but will it do anything to bring prices down? republican senator john barrasso. >> sandra: and human smuggling in mexico, how long they say they were trapped with no way out. >> follow current law instead of figuring out the ways to allow the border to be completely open, to allow for illegal immigration to come into our country.
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10:31 am
chance to lead as prime minister with almost all the votes counted, current prime minister has conceded defeat. the election was israel's fifth in less than four years. benjamin netanyahu is noted is israel's longest serving leader, in office for 15 years two separate times. john. >> john: everything old is new again. the biden administration rolling out a plan that would use $13 billion in taxpayer money to bring down heating costs with winter fast approaching. this as biden continues to blame oil companies for an energy crisis critics say he created. john barrasso is a ranking member of the natural resours energy committee. what the white house is processing, 4.5 billion in additional assistance and $9 billion on top of that to make their homes more energy efficient. critics are asking the question if biden's energy policies had been different on day one when
10:32 am
he took office, would we be where we are now in terms of needing all this assistance to cope with high prices. >> well, this program is not going to help so many americans living the nightmare, john, of whether they can afford to heat their home versus fill their grocery cart versus fill their gas tank. that is the problem that this administration has from the beginning because their policies continue to keep the overall cost of energy high. they have killed the american energy production, brought on the inflation people are suffering under. question is what do they do, and their goal is not to produce more energy, it's to actually subsidize people who can't afford the expensive energy. they tried to do this when gas prices were higher than they are now with their gas card. so you are right, this is just for a select group of low income people. what they are proposing, all of this government money will not help the great, great majority of americans because it does not
10:33 am
do anything to bring down the cost of american energy. the way to do that is to unleash american energy, we have it here in the ground, but all these climate crazy democrats who vote with the president item after item after item, their vote to keep the energy in america affordable, reliable energy and keep it in the ground. >> it would not do anything to increase the supply of home heating oil and we know diesel is almost critically low levels. the president as we mentioned at the top taking aim in his favorite bogeyman, the oil and gas industry whacking them for not reinvesting profits they are reaping from the high price of oil and gas these days. here is what the wall street journal said about that. the president who has done everything in his power to limit u.s. oil investment is furious he succeeded. mr. biden is miffed in particular they are returning cash to shareholders rather than increase supply. but the progressive climate lobby and administration's climate policies have been
10:34 am
urging the opposite and the point is made by people in the industry, why would we reinvest profits when this administration has said they are out to kill us? >> well, this administration and the president just the other day said he wants a new tax, a winds fall profit tax. this administration and this wreckless tax and spending bill out of congress in august the democrats voted for and every republican voted against, that raised taxes again on oil and gas production in the united states. so of course prices are going to continue to go up. if you saw that speech last night that the president gave, to me this was a throwback or remake of "clueless". he never mentioned energy costs, never mentioned the border, crime, inflation, and what he did say this election coming up is about democracy. john, this election is about a report card on each one of these democrats who have voted for all these policies that have brought us inflation, brought us high
10:35 am
energy prices. when those guys came into power two years ago, inflation was not there and we were as a nation energy independent and not anymore. >> john: this question. if republicans take control of the senate next tuesday, you would become the chairman of the energy and natural resources committee. what would you do as chairman of that committee to bring down the price of oil and gas and increase u.s. supply? >> you know the 1-2 punch to deal with inflation and the energy crisis we have right now is to get rid of this wild washington spending and unleash american energy. the way we do that is produce more in the united states. as chairman of that committee we were going to hold this administration's feet to the fire, when they slow walk the issue of permits, making sure we have the pipelines, the drilling permits, all of those sorts of things. vigorous oversight over the abuses of this administration of the energy production in this
10:36 am
country. we will make sure they are not going to have any of their wild-eyed individuals who love american energy, we will block each and every one of them, but really the american people have a big say in this as well because the turnout in the election on tuesday making sure we elect republicans to take over the house and the senate is going to send a very strong message to this administration, they are on the wrong track, we need to change direction for the benefit of the future of this country. >> john: we'll find out in five days if you get your chance, senator john barrasso of wyoming. good to talk to you. >> i'll be in nevada tomorrow campaigning with adam laxalt in an effort to take back the senate. >> john: the mexican government catching a human smuggling attempts. 123 migrants were stuffed into the back of that tractor-trailer for over six hours. bill melugin is live in eagle
10:37 am
pass, texas. bill, another huge group crossed illegally this morning? >> sandra, that's exactly right, just like we do every day and cbp source tells us the last 24 hours, more than 1700 illegal crossings. we'll get right to that group we saw this morning. take a look at the stunning drone footage using our thermal capable drone before the sun came up, this was a massive group of several hundred migrants crossing into the normandy, texas areas for the third day in a row. you can see the migrants snaking through the brush after they have crossed the river. most were single adults. a chance to talk to a lot of them, telling us they were from cuba, colombia, dominican republic, uruguay. we asked several of them, do they believe the border is open or believe it's closed, the ones that answered us laughed, they all said abierto, none of them
10:38 am
believe it was closed as they were crossing illegally. and that's images of the bust in mexico, big rig truck, 123 migrants inside of it as it was heading toward the border. little or no ventilation, stuck in there over six hours and no means of escape. obviously incredibly dangerous. then take a look at this video, troopers pull over two human smugglers and several people bail out of the vehicle and go running off into the brush. troopers chase them down and take them into custody. they open up the car, and six illegal immigrants are stuffed inside, including a 9-year-old boy in the back of the trunk. the passenger was a confirmed gang member, the driver from houston, they were charged with human smuggling and lastly, warn the viewers some images are graphic, a human smuggling
10:39 am
rollover crash in the rio grande valley yesterday, texas dpa say there were 11 illegal immigrants, ran a red light, lost control of the car, everybody got ejected. one guatemalan man died at the scene. people from countries all over the world in the vehicle, including one person from poland and another from romania. three people still in critical condition as a result of that crash. and back out here live, cbp source tells us just in the del rio sector since october 1, 1 month, already 46,000 illegal crossings here in this del rio sector. back to you. >> bill melugin reporting from eagle pass, texas. thank you. john. >> the drone footage is just stunning. popular politicians raising their profile, stumping for candidates in the midterms. are they testing the waters for
10:40 am
a 2024 run? >> sandra: a dramatic shift in a coveted voter block. how suburban women could tilt the election and why. >> a little bit of rage and anger is not the way to attract women, they like to build consensus, don't like the extremes, and don't like somebody who talks about the problems but offers solutions.
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10:45 am
behalf of the incumbent government. praised nome, and called on voters to re-elect her. and also in oklahoma for governor kevin stitt. >> this is about liberty and freedom, liberty and freedom, and your governor chose liberty over lockdowns. >> ron desantis campaigned with lee zeldin, many expecting desantis will run in 2024. >> i'm so happy fob here because i think it's great in politics, don't have to choose between the lesser of two evils. you can support a very strong capable candidate. >> for democrats, it's a little more tricky because they are waiting to see what president biden intends to do about the 2024 race. but several democratic governors are laying out their vision for
10:46 am
the party. >> we are getting crushed on narrative, we have to do better in terms of getting on the offense and stop being on the damn defense. >> we are focused on the kitchen table morning, noon and night and part of that, we want new jersey to be affordable, number one. we want it to be the state of opportunity. >> it won't be long after the midterms until high profile governors need to decide their plans for 2024. >> john: we have to find out what former president trump is going to do. >> people on the right waiting to see what his plans are, and if he jumps in, a lot of them will jump out. >> john: if he wins, only the second president in u.s. history, other than grover cleveland, to serve nonconsecutive terms. >> he likes a good story. >> john: he would go into his second term as a lame duck, so you have to wonder, is that really something he wants to do. >> or he could be king maker, appoint somebody else.
10:47 am
>> john: we'll find out maybe on the 9th. >> sandra: president biden accusing -- we'll ask rick scott what is the truth about his plan. >> john: and crucial senate races neck and neck, just five days to go. daron shaw is one of the men behind the polls. he breaks them down coming up next. entresto is the #1 heart failure brand prescribed by cardiologists. it was proven superior at helping people stay alive and out of the hospital. don't take entresto if pregnant; it can cause harm or death to an unborn baby. don't take entresto with an ace inhibitor or aliskiren, or if you've had angioedema with an ace or arb. the most serious side effects are angioedema, low blood pressure, kidney problems, or high blood potassium. ask your doctor about entresto. alice loves the scent of gain so much,
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>> sandra: five days to go and the election is getting tighter and tighter in some key races that we are watching. another batch of polls out from the fox news team showing republicans closing the gap on democratic challengers. pennsylvania and georgia nearly deadlocked in the race for senate. i want to get to some top issues in a second, but dive into the state and show you sort of what is happening over the weekend with just days to election day, and highlight obviously where some of these key counties are being visited by some of the key players heading down to philadelphia on saturday it's going to be president biden and former president barack obama. they are heading there could
10:52 am
campaign downballot for their party. go to the northwest part of the state and highlight erie, he flipped this blue after president trump won it in 2016, that was a big surprise on election night, flipped what was traditionally a blue county there, erie county, pennsylvania, president trump is heading to erie county on saturday three days from election day. president biden flipped that blue in the last presidential election, 1.2% narrow win. we are watching that campaigning and diving no some races, watching closely, the race in pennsylvania, the senate race. when asked in the fox news poll who would you vote for, still looking at dr. oz, 42% of the vote, fetterman 45%. he's maintained, he's maintained
10:53 am
his here, picked up one point. flipping to the question who would you vote for among independents, key we are watching so many of these races, it is neck and neck, 31% fetterman, 31% oz. the next screen on the top issues, inflation, 33%. abortion, 24%. those are the biggest issues, crime 6%, border security, crime has emerged in recent weeks as one of the top issues in that race. daron shaw for fox news election decision desk as we see one of the biggest questions in these races is are these candidates laying out plans for top issues for voters. you saw me focusing in pennsylvania, some of the counties where the president is visiting this weekend, the former president barack obama and former president trump heading to the northwest part of the state. what are you watching,
10:54 am
especially when it comes to the senate race in pennsylvania that could be a deciding factor for the senate. >> it's a great question. right now since we are talking about the former president, the current president going there, making their case, i'm looking for the extent to which the democrats have a consistent set of messages. president biden has been talking about saving democracy, he's been talking about his economic accomplishments, also been talking about abortion. well, voters can keep a lot of issues in their minds but i'm not so sure that kind of multi-messaging is necessarily going to be particularly effective there. so i'll be interested to see if they close on what they have been talking about closing with, strong economic message about accomplishments. >> sandra: with the time that we have, inside baseball. you are just digging through the data, parsing through the numbers. i mean, you know every single race like the back of your hand. so, what can you tell us at this hour as we are just days from election day. >> brutal lead-in, sandra. way to diminish expectations for me. >> sandra: i love picking your
10:55 am
brain. >> i think something that we have been on here in the decision team for a while and seeing in some popular media, the motion of the fundamentals. president has relatively high levels of disapproval. mood of the country is very bad. but he wasn't losing all of the disapproving voters. the democrats were losing them in the generic ballot test and senate races but only by 50 points. people say biden is doing a bad job, in the last month or so the republicans are winning 60, 75% of biden disapprovers. so pennsylvania and georgia we talked about, can the republicans continue that trend and that's what you see driving the marginal increase of oz and walker. >> that is fascinating. now i wish i would have talked less and listened to you more. will you come back tomorrow? great to have you back. >> absolutely. >> john: coming up new at 2:00, is the nation's crime crisis
10:56 am
about to get even worse. d.c. city council voting to radically transform the city's criminal code. rafael mangual and katie pavlich. and senator rick scott for optimism retaking the senate. all of that as "america reports" rolls on.
10:57 am
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when pain comes for you, come back fast with advil liquid gels. at newday usa we give veterans the va cash out loan with no upfront costs for an appraisal or termite inspection. no upfront costs at all. let us get your family security of cash in the bank. >> sandra: new at 2:00, campaigns kicking into high gear, well they better be. five days out from election day now. fox reporters on the ground coast to coast covering the biggest races that will decide which party holds power in washington. if that's not a set-up for you, i don't know what is. happy friday eve, john. welcome back as "america reports" rolls into a second hour. i'm sandra smith in new york and i beat you to it, john. >> john: good to spend friday eve with you. i'm john roberts in washington. at this hour, president biden heading to new mexico, but he's not going to the border. the presiden


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